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( This synopsis of Wregget's Penguins career WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. )

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He was originally selected 45th overall by the Maple Leafs in the 1982.
In 1992, he came to the Pens via the Recchi/Tocchet trade.

Apparently, the big deal with Wregget was the fact that he was always the bridesmaid, never the bride, during his 6+ years with the Pens.

Whenever Barrasso was hurt, Wregget was in net.
When Barrasso healed, Wregget was on the bench.

Barrasso had surgery on his right hand on January 20, 1995.
Curiously, that was the day of the first Pens game in that strike-shortened season.

Wregget stepped in and led the Penguins to a 12-0-1 record out of the gate.
He finished the season with a 25-9-2 record (3.21GAA -- .903 SV%)

Barrasso got healthy and helped dig the Pens into a 3-1 series deficit against the Caps.
Wregget was put back in net and won 3 straight.
Wregget and the Pens fell to the eventual SC champs, the Devils, in the next round.

But 1995-96 was the year that changed people's lives.

Barrasso and Wregget were goalie by committee during the season,
playing in 49 and 37 games, respectively.

And then there were the playoffs...


Barrasso started off the playoffs, and the Pens were quickly down 2-1 in the series.

In Game 4, Barrasso left after one period with back spasms.
Wregget stepped in and led the Pens to win a 4OT thriller.
He stopped Joe Juneau in that game on the first OT penalty shot in NHL history.

Wregget went on to win the next two games, and the Pens advanced.


In the next series, Wregget humiliated the Rangers as the Pens steamrolled them 4 games to 1.
He may have had an erection during that entire series, stopping 150+ shots in five games.


And now, the question must be asked:

Why wasn't Wregget in net for the Florida series?

After a 5-1 defeat in Game One of the Florida series,
Wregget did not see the net again.

Pens lose the series 4 games to 3.

Wregget's playoff stats going into the 1996 Eastern Conference Finals:

7W - 1L
2.00 GAA
.940 SV%

Luckily, we dug up an AP article written right before the Florida series.
[ The Sporting News article on Wregget's playoffs dominance ]

"Wregget, 32, is clearly making the kind of saves that could help the Penguins get back to the finals for the first time since they won the Stanley Cup in 1991 and '92."

"'We could see cracks in their game and tried to take advantage of them,' Rangers coach Colin Campbell says, "but every time it seemed like Ken Wregget was there to frustrate us.'"

"Even though Barrasso is healthy again, this playoff season has become Wregget time."


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