Monday, January 5, 2009

Change Is Coming



:: Some joke from FOX SPORTS gets in on the Bash-Crosby party. Yawn.
Don't feel bad if you've never heard of him because even Fox Sports doesn't know who he is.

At this point, every time Crosby does/doesn't do something, some guy who thinks he's clever will job Crosby, thinking they look tough doing it. When people outside of Pittsburgh all of a sudden become "Crosby experts" when Crosby does something, it insults everyone's intelligence.

"Oh, Bettman won't touch his annointed one."
Are we still using this as a premise for an article, guys? Seriously?

We admit that our perception of Crosby differs from the other 29 NHL cities for reasons that are self-explanatory. But it's pretty offensive when people who don't watch Crosby on a game-by-game basis come out of the woodwork when he does something questionable and act like they're delivering an educated opinion. No, you're not. You can't bullshit a bullshitter.

As we've said, we have no problem with what Crosby "did." If you forget where you're at right now, this is a couple of Pens fans' blog about the Pittsburgh Penguins.
If Crosby would have attacked the dude in an airport or at his house, we still would not care.

It still amazes us how other people's jealousy about us having Crosby shows itself.

:: Speaking of fighting though. Check out some Baby Pens action. We miss Biz Nasty.

[Eric P]

:: And just to end on a depressing note, Mike Zigomanis is now on IR. PENGUINS.COM



For the record, we would have made a last-second push to get MAF in.
But Price came into Pittsburgh recently and was lights-out while MAF still hasn't shown up for that one.
That was the decider, for us, anyway.

We don't post personal pictures about the Pens, blah blah blah.
But JEANETTE K. and her sister, who are from Pittsburgh, are in NYC for the game tonight and saw Miro Satan in Times Square walking around by himself.

We'd end this with a snide comment about Satan underperforming this year.
But it's not worth it.


And lastly, we wanted to wish good luck to our good friend Kevin from Melrose Rocks.
He is leaving the blogging world for a while.
Melrose Rocks will still be up and running, though, and we wish Dave, Ryan, and Loser Domi the best.

Go Pens


J.S. said...

Monday games on Versucks = not cool.

(Prays for a good feed tonight)

sven butenschon said...

AO still a douch

penstone said...

shit that's right, it is Versucks. so you know they'll only be talking about this Crosby stuff too. glad i'll be getting shitfaced for the Staal Brothers Drinking game tonight. (allison, you in girl?) woooooooooo!

go pens

rebecca said...

maybe we'll be able to see the puck this time?

ah, go pens

BlacknGold66 said...

Chargers suck.

Rangers suck.

Let's Go Pens!!!

M. Vanderlasser said...

Nice S. Anderson article in the PPG today - sounds like Shero feels our pain but wants the boys to learn from this rough bridge jumping for him, yet.

25superstar said...

We do miss BizNasty. A lot. Go Pens!

jefe p said...

if i end up droppin thirty bucks at the bar again to see the pens lose that would not be cool. i hate blackouts. i hate not having sound. and i hate you Vershits!

the pens need to come out swinging like biz and boogaard.


Jess said...

Hey, was that picture of Elmo taken at St. Vincent College? It looks like the basement of Bonny lol.

Go Pens!

J.S. said...

bah, and I forgot that it's at MSG.

That place is so dark that it looks like the entire arena is lit with a 60 watt bulb

Rba said...

That rookie in the second clip, Boogard, wouldnt happened to be related to Derrick Boogard would he? If so, when God leaves, automatically this guy deserves a shot if hes anything like Derrick.

sven butenschon said...

Satan wondering around by himself???

Sounds like his time on the power play

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

J.S., they were talking about the darkness in the Trib yesterday, Fleury seems to like it like that, so maybe that's something. Also mentioned in a blurb was Crosby is the heart of the team, Orpik its' conscience, but the soul left for Tampa Bay this past summer. And I'm not talking about Mr. Roberts. And as another c-blogger wrote here earlier, I'm sure Sid is more pissed about Hossa leaving than he's letting on.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Shero has backed the idea of letting the team's young core of players grow together in good times and bad, expressing confidence that the lineup as it stands has the character and talent to win.

Speaks volumes. And I agree fully. This team has to be able to count on each other when the chips are down, and not wait for help to come from the outside.

Matt Gajtka said...


That's Aaron Boogaard in the second clip, and yes, he is Derek's younger brother. I saw him play a few games in Wheeling last year, so I assume he's developing at a decent pace if he's in the AHL now.

He seems to be the same as his bro, a lumbering beast with a nasty disposition.

Aubrey said...

Commit to Sven....nice Satan job...

On another note, I'm ready for the Staal brothers drinking game. I really hope we win, this would be a huge one against the Rangers...could be the game to right the ship...hopefully.

Raybin said...

Did anyone happen to see the Molinari Pens Q&A this morning on I don't know how keeps his patience with these people.

Check this out:

Q: Should the Penguins trade Sidney Crosby while they can still get top value for him? It is obvious that his skills are diminishing and his turnovers have cost us many games. This team needs a leader with some grit!

Message to Donny Roy of McKeesport, if you read this blog, unless you intended this as a masterpiece of ironic satire: You are an idiot. Never watch hockey again.

Molinari's response is pretty solid:

Absolutely. Even though Crosby has been pretty ordinary for most of the first half -- no doubt leading teams to conclude that, at age 21, his best years are far, far behind him -- you have to believe Ray Shero still might be able to steal a late-round draft choice for him from some club. Well, a conditional one, anyway. If he acts quickly, that is.

wilsmith said...

jonny v - adam hall?

sven butenschon said...

Donny Roy of McKeesport almost as big a Douch as AO

sven butenschon said...

Remind me again the rules of the Staal brothers drinking game?

I hope it isn't take a drink everytime they mention they are brothers


Might be my 21st birthday all over again

Rba said...

Good, if God ever leaves (hope not!) we have a Booger in the system then. Boogaard family is full of beasts. I betcha their mother used to be a Lumberjill or something. Jesus christ, what in the hell do they feed those kids, Baby Fetuses and Rage?

Travis said...

Pens win, 4-2.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I was actually thinking Mark Recchi

penstone said...

that's exactly what you do in the Staal Brothers Drinking Game. and that is why it is oh so fun. Shitfaced 5 minutes into the game.. woohoo!

kstewy16 said...

I also have a good feeling about this game. I don't know what it is, but I'm feeling a win here tonight.
Also, I'm calling it now, Tyler Kennedy and Marc Staal will throw down. I guarantee it.

dying alive said...

Did anyone happen to see the Molinari Pens Q&A this morning on I don't know how keeps his patience with these people.

It's really the only unfortunate result of the Pens being successful. All of the yinzer bandwagoners come out of the woodwork and show up at the Pens games in their Polamalu jerseys and act like they have even the slightest bit of a clue what they're talking about.

The upside is that after this month's slump, they've all gone back to watching Stiller football exclusively.

Weird as it sounds, there are times when I miss the black hole of suck that was the mid-2000s Pens. The only people who were interested in the team were legitimate fans, not front runners. Oh, the days of thinking that Lasse Pirjeta and Konstantin Koltsov were going to rescue our team from mediocrity!

dying alive said...

OH! I've been meaning to ask this for a while - a couple of games ago I saw someone wearing a Phillipe DeRouville jersey at Mellon Arena.

Confess. Which one of you was it?

dying alive said...

Oh, the days of thinking that Lasse Pirjeta and Konstantin Koltsov were going to rescue our team from mediocrity!

Ahem...I probably should have said, "lead our team to mediocrity." Mediocrity would have been a big step in the right direction.

[/cblog spam]

J.S. said...

I wish I could lay claim to that jersey.

I'm still hoping to land a Rob Dopson jersey.

fleuryous said...

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
"Also mentioned in a blurb was Crosby is the heart of the team, Orpik its' conscience, but the soul left for Tampa Bay this past summer."

I agree with the Crosby and Orpik comment...but I'm not entirely sure about the soul part. These boys have soul, I just don't know why they're not showing it. You see that shit in every Kennedy shift ever, though. SCUDERI.

wilsmith, I literally spat out my drink. Thank you very much.

Go Pens.

kstewy16 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rage said...

I still say Lasse Pirjeta didn't get a fair shake. I liked him, dammit.

Lady Jaye said...

If I end up in jail, it's going to be for assaulting band wagoners. I can't tell you how many "Malkin is the worst passer EVER"s I've heard this weekend. I could tell it was a Steelers bye week.

And as painful as it is, I agree with the assessment that these guys have got to learn to work it out through slumps like this. It sucks watching it so I really hope they do work it out soon. Haha.

sven butenschon said...

DeRouville jersey


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Fleuryous, it's developing with every loss. I'm an eternal optimist, and I still think this will be good for the team, as painful as it is to watch. That's why i'm not getting my boxers in a bunch.

No one ever said it wasn't gonna be a bumpy ride.

fleuryous said...

Totally agree, Jonny. You can see the confidence slipping with every loss. Obviously they have to make it a point to somehow strengthen their confidence after each loss, because it'll just be a downhill regression (that's so hard to do, though, but they HAVE to). The talent is there, and I'm sure they know it.

Like you, I am an eternal optimist as well. I have every belief they can turn this around...starting tonight, boys.

Jon, I feel like Shero should acquire you to give them a swift kick to the pants. haha.

(Who's saying Malkin is a bad passer? Dear Lord, have you SEEN some of his passes? Sit and spin, hos.)

dying alive said...

jvm - I'm with you. As much as it sucked for the team to lose in the SCF last season, let's be honest. Aside from guys like Orpik and Scuds who have been around long enough to remember the "glory days" of the X-Gen Pens, how much adversity have some of these guys faced? Some of the bigger talents on the club - Malkin, Staal (yes, I include him) have never experienced a losing season or even a really prolonged slump. Last season, frankly, they made it look easy.

IMO, a little crunch is good for these guys. Their confidence will slip but it will come right back up when they start winning again. And we all know that they're going to start winning again. I mean, losing 6-1 to Florida? You can doubt a lot of things about this team, but we all know that's a total anomaly and all psychological. They'll right the ship. In Shero we trust. And because he's been taking a beating lately by retards far and wide, in Sid we trust.

penstone said...

"And because he's been taking a beating lately by retards far and wide, in Sid we trust."
haha FTW. seriously!

penstone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penstone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penstone said...

i have no idea why that posted three times. shit.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Lineup Shakeup

kstewy16 said...

wow, did you guys see Chris Neil fuck up Nick Foligno during the Ottawa Jersey game?
If you somehow don't know, the bad thing is they both play for the same team.
Neil tried to hit Greene but Greene fell and instead Neil leaped shoulder first into Foligno's head.
Seriously, the Flyers should think about trading for Chris Neil. He'd fit in perfect with the puppy drowning, man love, and general dumb goon acts.

theol29er said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kstewy16 said...

I really don't understand that line shakeup. Gogo has played well, has 6 goals, and is a +7. So he sits while Letang, who is a -4 with 1 goal gets to play.

theol29er said...


Stilly said...

Crosby bashing has heated up over at Pierre LeBrun's question of the week is about big stars fighting. Obviously the conversation in the comments is about how Sid 'attacked' McLean. Oh and the butt punch was brought up a few times.

Why do people insist on beating Eght Beles and harping on the same shit over and over? Stupid.

@dr turk

Those line shakeups are interesting. At least we know that Therrien thinks Satan sucks as much as we do.

Stilly said...

I wonder if putting a couple of guys who aren't very good finishers on Sid's line is an effort to get him to shoot more.

I guess it can't get any worse, so why not see what happens.

Kevin said...

Those girls were probably the only people in all of NYC who recognized Satan.

christina said...

@ stilly

just my opinion - but Bing always seems to play better and create more when the guys he plays with can wreak havoc in the corners as well. i'm loving that line - hopefully good things can happen.

penstone said...

i really wish people would shut the hell up about that crap already. the fact that people are still bringing up the ball bashing is just lame

as for the line changeups, i think TK on a line with Sid will be real interesting, seeing as how by tonight TK should be out of that just-come-back-from-injury funk.
and demoting Satan to 4th line makes me laugh, maybe that'll wake him up. or he can just go hang out in Times Square waiting for random Pens fans to recognize him. that picture is pretty hilarious.

johnnylaw said...

I would almost like to see Fedex with Crosby as he's probably been their best offensive player the past few weeks. Dupes would be a good finisher if his rocket of a shot hit the net more than 5% of the time.

They really need the win tonight, it'd be a step in the right direction and I'd hate to see them lose another one to the Rags. TK or Cookie need to throw down, and do so early. It's great that Crosby would try to fight to rally the troops, but it's hard to rally when you're best player is in the box for an extended stretch.

I hope all those jizz moppers that pass as hockey writers at Fox and ESPN quit with the Crosby shit. It's getting old and if AO beat some guys ass off the faceoff, all the Crosby haters would be jerking off to the youtube clip.

I nominate the Porcupine to start tonight. He was there for the good times earlier in the season and we need him to get us out of the shitter.

johnnylaw said...

Shit, I meant hedgehog. Back in school today and didn't get enough sleep last night.

strakasguitar said...


gogo gadget stupidity.

wish i could play the staal drinking game but - alas! - i have business to attend to tonight (read - drinking and playing music). besides, my cablepersons don't carry versus for fear of being pulled into their vortex of suck.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I'm guessing that Satan won't be skating on the 4th line for long and this is just HCMT's version of 'punishment' for a forward, like how Whit & Orpik got 'punished' by having to skate on the 4th line for a couple games...

These could be the greatest line combos of the year, and they score at will against the Rags...or they could get shutout and it'll be back to the drawing board...

They just need to get moving in a positive direction before it becomes too much of a mountain to climb to get into the top 8 or...get burned out playing 'playoff-style' hockey in March & April, they have nothing left in the tank come the REAL playoff time [see: 07-08 Capitals, Washington]

I don't mind TK and Dupuis on Sids line...TK can go into the corners to dig out the pucks...get them over to Sid...and set up the Super Duper Play™ from the top of the left faceoff-circle.

Raybin said...

Satan getting busted down to 4th line sends quite a message doesn't it?

I hope Gogo and Gill aren't healthy scratched because they're in trouble too.

Stilly said...

I was just over at Faceoff Factor and Jesse Marshall posted regarding the line changes..

I don't know if Jesse will read this but..

He says that Kennedy has a good shot. Now I haven't been watching hockey too long, so my perception may not be 100% spot on, but it never really occured to me that he was a good shot. I think of him as a high energy guy who is fearless on the boards. Never really thought of him as a shooter.

Is that perception way off?

Rage said...

Unrelated, but WTF?

"Jesus christ, what in the hell do they feed those kids, Baby Fetuses and Rage?"

Delicious AND nutritious...rage is taaaaaasteee


Go Pens

christina said...

well, he does know how to pick a corner on The Kennedy Shot, but what I like more is that he isn't afraid to shoot - seems to always get the puck on net. with the way we're going, at least that's a start.

fleuryous said...

The lines look rather interesting.
Sid being flanked by two high-energy guys...YES. I really like Dups, and he has been playing lights-out, so hopefully he can get at least a goal tonight. Kennedy...well, he's one of my favorites for his unrelenting play. Love that dude.

Putting Talbot on the third line I think could be a good idea--maintain the energy on that line. I hope they clean up. WOOOOOOOOO.

I'm assuming Fleury is starting...

And scratching Gill AND Goligoski? Hm....I hope it works out for the best.

Go Pens.

fleuryous said...

And to christina...that's how I feel too.

He at least gets one shot a game. May not seem like much, but as you said, with the way things have been going, it can't hurt.

meecrofilm said...

@stilly- I'm thinking that sooner or later (probably later), Kennedy will be a permanent fixture on one of Sid's wings (The other wing TBD..) Not just because the speed and tenacity of his game meshing well with Sid, but because his shot can and will be a weapon if he can just develop it a bit further. He's got some power and velocity not doubt, but he just needs to fine tune it a bit--start picking his spots more and actually hitting them. And I think he will. So that's where Jesse is coming from I think.

@kstwey- Stats can be decieving. I'd take Letang over Gogo right now. Letang has been playing Top-pairing minutes against the opposing teams' best forwards (or at least he was before he got hurt) . Gogo for the most part always plays sheltered 3rd-pairing minutes, aside from his PP duty. So that's where the discrepancy in +/- can be attributed to. He's been a little shaky in his own end recently. Letang's one goal isn't for lack of good play in the offensive zone. It just hasn't happened as much for him. He'll ge there.

Tears Crosby said...

Captain Sid loves to slap sack.

Something to be proud of Pittsburgh.

floridapens said...

Maybe the pensblog staff should get out of the 90's and come back to current events.The steelers jobbing is getting old,there is no cowher,slash,bam morris or neil o'
and the pens have not won anycup
of late...soo,please just give it a rest.It is bad enough watching the pens stink it up right now,without having to read such
negative silly blabber about good things happening black and gold.


kstewy16 said...

I don't know if I'd say Kennedy has a good shot, but he's certainly not afraid to take shots, and thats at least a step in the right direction. But beyond that, I like TK on Sids line. I think of the guys we have at our disposal right now, he's one of the best options. He's fast, he's gritty, he battles on the boards and in the corners, and if we play the Flyers while he's still on that line, their entire team will be pissing themselves scared that big bad TK might kick some ass again.

Stilly said...

Sorry my troll feedbag is empty. Better luck next time.

Rage said...

Check out the big brain on Meecro!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Dupes would be a good finisher if his rocket of a shot hit the net more than 5% of the time.

I know there's some sarcasma in that sentence...but for shits & giggles, I figured out what % some of the guys are: Hitting The Net.

Sid: 72.29%
Geno: 72.63
Sykora: 71.19
TANK: 77.53
Satan: 68.10
Dupuis: 77.38
Staal: 66.06

Maybe Dupie seems like he misses a ton o'shots cause they usually his misses are fired off the glass behind the goal and make a loud noise! [whereas, Staal's are just shot along the ice wide and make a soff dud sound against the corner boards. :( ]

nicholas richter said...

heh, Miro wondering around aimlessly by himself... go figure.

TheNWChica said...

BabyBoogaard's goal in life is to beat people up, plain and simple. lol

I watched him for several years in junior; and he regularly tried to beat my boys into small piles of matter.

dying alive said...

@ penstone - love your avatar. When they played Max's little holiday greeting thing on the jumbotron my friend and I turned to one another after it was over and said in perfect unison, "did he have a bear on his sweater?"

Dr. Turkleton said...

Our good friend, Larry Brooks, chimes in about the Plight of the Penguins.


penstone said...

@dying alive
thanks! when i saw it for the first time, my brother and i looked at each other with the same "WTF?!" faces and then burst out laughing.
if you ever need to explain Max to someone, just show them that picture.. haha

holygoligoski said...

Gill and Goligoski potentially "healthy scratched?" Oy..

Probably for the better that I'll watching Canada win their 5th gold tonight in Ottawa.. and hopefully Slovakia getting bronze. Woo Jaroslav Janus!

Rage said...

Where is that shitbag getting all his information from? Is Steve whining about management? I can't even see that...not even in the quiet confines of Buries It's wine cellar(pun intended)

Rage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penstone said...

@Dr Turk
holy shit where the hell did that dumbass get his info from?!

kstewy16 said...

@Larry Brookse's article.

Yeah I'm sure the team was real upset with Therrien last season while the Pens were beating the rags in the playoffs and getting to the SCF.

akus said...

Oh i want "Brookies" to ask MT about that at a presser.

Dr. Turkleton said...

rage & penstone...


why let facts or quotes get in the way of a good story, eh?

Funny coincidence that it's 99% Atlantic Division teams' writers that always stir the shit [even if there's no real shit to stir]

[Larry 'Pot' Brooks, meet Kettle]

Raybin said...

Brooks has even less credibility than that douchebag in Edmonton who wrote in his paper that Sid is still pissy that Marian Hossa didn't re-sign here.

How a reporter no one ever heard of from a frozen villiage that no one outside of its residents gives a damn about has such expert "sources" inside the Pens locker room remains a mystery. I suspect his sources dwell somewhere up his ass near the joining of the small and large intestines, except when he pulls thme out as necessary.

Anyway, back to Brooks...he makes Don Brennan look like Bob Woodward. If there were any justice in the world, he'd be blowing drunks and leather freaks for 5 bucks a pop behind the dumpster of some seedy mob run shithole in Queens. He's proof that anyone can have a sports column if you give handjobs to the right people.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

fleuryous, I'd take that job in a heartbeat. There would be soccer played in the halls before every game.

Baby Boogaard was part of the inspiration to my screen name.

It's been bothering me for the longest time, I knew that Talbot reminded me of someone, and it just came to me. Henri from Cheers (the french guy that was always trying to steal Kelly off of Woody).

floridapens, I think that was just the guys way of reminding us of the history between these two teams. They've had an animated Franco Harris (if I remember correctly) get pooped on by a ninja. Jobbing knows no limits.

dying alive said...

Larry Brooks has a history of just making stuff up. He's also a rabid homer and hates the Pens (specifically Crosby). Nobody cares what he thinks outside of NYC, and nobody who is hockey literate in NYC probably gives a damn either.

You have to love the fact that he spends the entire article looking for ways to passive-aggressively slam Sid ("The Chosen One"...oooh, snap!) and the Pens organization and then ends the piece with a backhanded compliment to the Pens/swipe at his own team. What an assclown.

Rage said...

What Meecro wrote was both more insightful and based on FACT. One of us should kill brooks and replace him...a Pensblog Coup D' Etat, if you will...

dave said...

Donny Roy is probably Derek and Adam

debrisslide said...

Brooks just wants to make the NHL into a soap opera. It's fun for him. I think he misses Dynasty.

debrisslide said...

btw, Staal brothers drinking game

Sweet Trav said...

They have the talent and it is time to show that contrary to the belief of the uneducated masses they have the heart as well.

Big win 4-3 in a shoot-out.

J.S. said...

floridapens, staff uses more than pics from the 90s to job the Steelers.

Maybe it's the fact that the Steelers are 0-fer against the Chargers, and that both times they played in the postseason, it was in the.....ooh, oooh, yes, the 90s!

akus said...

They have the talent and it is time to show that contrary to the belief of the uneducated masses they have the heart as well.


We need to be dark and ruthless tonight for game day.

Dark and Ruthless

Let's go boys!

M. Vanderlasser said...

@debrisslide, according to your rules, what is the drinking consquence of seeing the Carrie Milbank commericial about the Staals (the one where she lumbers through the field and harasses the Staal parents)?

meecrofilm said...

@sweet trav- The shootout is like air, water, food, and sleep to the Rangers. It's all they need to survive. No thanks.

@rage- coup d' etat = word.

"Sidney Crosby, who has expressed how unhappy he is with Penguins' management"

The reason none of us has heard anything about that is because none of our heads are up Larry Brooks' ass.

Can you guess where his is?

Sweet Trav said...

I know that the Rags base their whole existence on shoot-outs. That is exactly why I see the Pens turning things around with an outrageous win in the shoot-out to stun Henrik and the rest of those asshats.

Steve In Denver said...

Putting God and Satan on the same line could end all of our lives tonight.

Peace brothers and sisters of c-blog.

debrisslide said...

If the Carrie Milbank commercial shows up, the drinking game can be postponed to drunkenly yell at the TV about what a whore she is.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

If whore means beeeeutiful...then yes! What a whore!

TheNWChica said...

@m. vander: I love that commercial with Mama and Papa Staal mostly because they look so irritated that they have to do this commercial since it is pretty fucking retarted, as is that stupid chick.

Mama's tone of voice is "whatever skeezy, just don't touch my babies!"

M. Vanderlasser said...

Yeah, sod farming is hard work. I'd be pissed if someone was clomping all over my fescue, too.

Be sure to note how C. Milbank runs the next time you see that commercial. My guess is that she isn't Kenyan.

Jeffrey Paswick said...


TheNWChica said...

Hey Jeffrey, have some more sugar baby. :)

Letang Buries It said...

For today's game day, I think it goes without saying we need to be inspired to snap out of this slump.


It can't hurt, we're rapidly approaching 'living in a van, down by the river' status.

Go Pens

Schaich said...

Why does everyone here hate the Steelers so much? Seriously. Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh and you gotta support everyone.

Even if the Steelers can't win at home in the playoffs.

pensfan871 said...

This is gonna be a good game. Something good is gonna be coming from Geno and Sykora.

Go Pens!

kstewy16 said...

Who said anything about hating the steelers?
You people are such babies. Hockey is like the black sheep of the sports family that gets made fun of every 2 minutes. The Pirates have blown dick for longer than most of you have been alive, and people make fun of them daily. But god forbid anyone cracks a single joke about them ther Stillers. Then all yinz start going crazy.

Everyone else is game, including the Stillers and big Bitch.

nicholas richter said...

I say staff should go with Godard Guy for inspiration..

johnnylaw said...

@ doc turkelton

I didn't even know that they kept stats on hitting the net. I guess it seems like he misses more because they're such booming shots. I'm also kind of surprised Geno was above 70% as it seems he misses a lot of shots, but maybe that's just lately.

dying alive said...

Yay, a visit from Jeffrey Paswick!

dying alive said...

@ Doc - do those numbers include blocked shots too? Or are they just flat-out missing the net?

ChEwKs said...

i'm just saying... is it time to think about trading to get hacksaw back??

André said...

Of course he's alone. No one wants to be his friend.

Matthew said...

what's with all this steelers bullshit?

in the words of rabbit, "same team! same team!"

go pens, and LETS GO STEELERS.

joseph burrell said...

I am such big fan of the Steelers since I started working for and I try not to miss any game


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