Friday, January 2, 2009

Big Alex News


If you're like us, you pull out your phone while you're taking an immaculate dump and scroll through your e-mails. Sitting there long enough without having any turd action is rumored to be a cause of hemorrhoids., a website whose name speaks for itself, was the website responsible for the scans of that MAXIM article. If you recall, we didn't have the first part of the article because Caps fans don't know how to use computers.

Well, we were put in our place by Bruce Lee via e-mail on Friday morning:

Hey there - I feel dirty for even writing that email address of yours but whatever... I run ... you know, for Ovechkin, the player that PIT fans claimed they liked just as much as Crosby when OV edged your hero for the Calder. Just wanted to bring this to your attention...

"It's the overall tone of the article that has even the Capitals organization itself pretty upset.
Here's a SCAN of the second part of the article.
If Caps fans knew how to use computers, we'd have the first half of the article."
(Pensblog Note: Unreal sentences right there.)

This Caps fan works for the biggest IT company in the world doing web applications so I'm pretty sure I can use a computer. The fact that imageshack decided to remove or "lose" that particular image should have crossed your mind. It was fine the first few days it was there. I could scan the first page again... but I don't feel like it right now. Best of luck to you guys.


Wait wait. When did Pens fans claim they liked Ovechkin as much as Crosby when Ovie won the Calder over him? Unreal. He probably saw one person say it on a message board and then just made sweeping assumptions about the entire Pens fanbase. That kind of stuff is dangerous.

Bruce then quotes us saying that we question Caps fans' abilities to use computers.
Does this guy even realize we tried to initiate a league-wide movement to get Ovie into the ASG starting lineup? Of course, after that debacle, we are seriously questioning Caps fans' dedication to Ovechkin as well as their ability to use 20th- and 21st-century technology.

We had hate running through our veins when we read up to that point in this e-mail.
But this guy won us over when he starts his final paragraph referring to himself as "This Caps fan," which is how a professional wrestler would refer to himself. Unreal.

We sent along this e-mail while hemorrhoids were forming:

Hey man. We figured something like that happened with the scan. We
couldn't pass up throwing caps fans' computer skills under the bus,
though. We sure wish we ran a site devoted solely to another man like
you do. Have a good 2009.

The Pens play again in like 8 minutes.


Schaich said...

Seriously? His name is Bruce Lee? I don't buy it.

Raybin said...

About the best thing that can be said about Caps fans is that they're only the third or fourth most embarrassing fanbase in the league.

Philly and Toronto are #1 and #2 with a bullet. You can argue about the Habs and Caps for 3 and 4.

rob said...

caps fans:

also, if this guy works for the best IT department and can "USE" computers why does his site suck so bad.

Brad said...

...I read that article in Maxim. Wasn't a big deal.

pops said...

"We sure wish we ran a site devoted solely to another man like you do."

aaaaaaaaaand game


synr said...

BWAHAHA! "If you're like us, you pull out your phone while you're taking an immaculate dump and scroll through your e-mails."

immaculate dump? oxyMORON

I always knew Penguin fans thought their sh#t doesn't stink. But seriously, it must be hard for you to watch all the success the caps are having. If taking out your frustration by trying to insult our computer skills helps, then have at it. We don't want you to think that your season is over by the time we get to play you again. Where's the fun in crushing your dreams then?

coffeytalk said...

i like when people think that the word oxymoron is an insult when they all CAPS the moron part.

hmmm... all CAPS, lame insult...

you do the math.

TheNWChica said...

I'm almost missing those idiots from A2Y today.

Raybin said...

Yes, your fearsome goaltending duo of Jose Theodore and Brent Johnson will be just too much for any team to overcome in the playoffs.

It amuses the shit out of me that Caps fans as a collective have never got over what happened in the '92 playoffs. Since then it's been like some bizarre "Fatal Attraction" kind of thing with you guys in the Glenn Close role. We barely notice you except when your big star makes an ass out of himself. With you guys it's always the Pens and Crosby and conspiracy.

You wish there were a real rivalry, but that requires that there has been some actual competition in the past 10 or 15 years.

It's really not our fault that 66 singlehandedly owned your team for an entire decade and that you can't accept that our flagship player is more likeable and marketable for the NHL than yours.


synr said...

Well, I can see how you Pens fans are linguistically challenged. I wanted to make sure that nobody in your fanbase got left out of that particular joke. :)

synr said...

Dude, that was 17 years ago...

And personally I couldn't care less who the NHL markets. AO dominates on the ice. You can have the commercial breaks.

TheNWChica said...

Linguistically challenged?

I speak 4 languages, bitch... how many do you speak?

Raybin said...

AO dominates on the ice

Perhaps you've missed what Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin do on the ice.

coffeytalk said...

me cant reed or speek good.

o nos. whatz a gurl 2 do?

whatz linguistically meen? big werd 4 me.

ah flame wars. another sad day in c-blog...

synr said...

Yes, linguistically challenged. Unless you really think your shit is clean. If so, then I completely misunderstood.

Raybin said...

And it's not just what happened in '92. Look at the history:

2001 -- defeated Washington, 4-2, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

2000 -- defeated Washington, 4-1, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

1996 -- defeated Washington, 4-2, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

1995 -- defeated Washington, 4-3, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

1994 -- lost to Washington, 4-2, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

1992 -- defeated Washington, 4-3, Patrick Division semifinals

Complete and utter dominance. And y'all can't stand it.

Come back with a Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe for AO after you've beaten us 4 playoff series running and then we can be bothered to really give a fuck and a half about the Capitals.

TheNWChica said...

Hay Koffee! U speek reel gud! ;)

akus said...

Bruce Lee and Ovie, that combo is pure photoshop heaven.
Purple lipstick & Prince

Amazing how the big (t)IT man site's shows up at tPB twice in one day. ( Ovie's boarding)

For the record Bruce Lee, from this Pens fan," Ovechkin, the player that PIT fans claimed they liked just as much as Crosby ", those thoughts never ever, entered my mind.
And to borrow a quote from Kathy Griffin,"Screw You Buddy, i don't go to Your job and knock the dicks out of Your mouth".

Wow, for a IT guy(well anyone, can be anything, online) i was expecting bells and whistles at that site...

Pensblog Charlie needs to school Bruce Lee.

He feels dirty for typing the addy to a Pens blog? Rat fuck.
How does he think some of the bloggers felt voting Ovie @ the ASG.

He must think he is "king shit of Fuck Mountain"

Go Pens.

synr said...

Perhaps you've missed what Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin do on the ice.

yeah, lose hockey games.

Raybin said...

ah flame wars. another sad day in c-blog...

As usual, the voice of reason.

I'll stop feeding the douche.

wilsmith said...

"it must be hard for you to watch all the success the caps are having"

angry at a "rival" teams success? we're sure you can relate.

Caps fans are probably just bitter that no one really considers them any kind of rival, yet they think they're everyone's #1. Call me when we're playing the Flyers.

As for dumps, I took a giant one at work today. I walked out of the john and just knew right away that people in the adjacent room had already been affected. I almost felt bad but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. dumps can, in fact, be immaculate.

synr said...

nom nom nom

coffeytalk said...

In other news, The Baby Pens play the River Rats tonight at 7pm.

You can watch the game on-line.

I still wanna get a trip out to Scranton going sometime soon.

Also, don't forget about the Nailers. They have great game/hotel/dinner packages plus we can gamble.
Long weekend anyone?

Raybin said...

yeah, lose hockey games.

Indeed. The Pens got eliminated in the first round last year and had to sit on the couch and watch the amazing run the Capitals had to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Oh wait. That was you.


Oka, I'm done.

Raybin said...

If someone wants to organize Nailersblog, I will be the first in line to go. I'm ashamed I haven't made it down to a game yet.

Alex Thomas said...

I read this post while taking an immaculate dump.

TheNWChica said...

In case you were wondering, BabybabyPenguin Casey Pierro-Zabotel is having a great season in Vancouver... 18 goals and 43 assists and is a +40

synr said...

Indeed. The Pens got eliminated in the first round last year and had to sit on the couch and watch the amazing run the Capitals had to the Stanley Cup Finals.

And this year you are 12th in the league. Learned alot form that run huh? It's also funny to see that your road record is better than your home record. I guess you fans are really getting the job done!

pops said...

the last time i checked, the pens are still defending eastern conference champs. when the capitals actually accomplish something, then i'll actually bother to read the bullshit that their fairweather fans spew...

...that or when the caps fans actually start outnumbering pens fans at the verizon center.

coffeytalk said...

alright. i'm going to try to put something together for Nailersblog.

i'll get word around to see how many i can get interested and i'll contact the organization about their group rates.

c-blog mini road trip wooooooooooooooo.

coffeytalk said...

dude, a party box for a Nailers game is only $325 for 16 people.

we would also receive a PA announcement welcoming our group to the game.


Raybin said...

Holy shit! Only $325 for 16 people?!

DO IT. My lady and I will be there with bells on.

theol'29er said...

"I saw something white coming at me. I thought, 'Damn, he got me.'"

-An actual quote by Ovie on

nicholas richter said...

leave Staal and Miro in Florida for Booth or Horton and a minor leaguer...

btumpak said...

AO is still a serious douche.

hahha I work at the biggest IT...blah blah blah

go pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Speaking of shits...

I took the nastiest shit yesterday after making the mistake of downing a few Great Lakes Christmas Ale's on New Years Eve. Talk about clearing a place out. I think I even offended my dog.

That's saying a lot since my dog farts Jonny V style... straight face, as serious as cancer... letting them rip.

dave said...

Penguins record vs. the Caps in their last 13 meetings: 10-2-1

Penguins playoff series record vs. the Caps: 6-1

Pens fans invading the "Phone Booth" on a yearly basis, causing tantrums on message boards and by their Dan Snyder wannabe owner: Priceless

Bruce Lee, synr, and Caps fans everywhere can suck Peter Nedved's balls.

Go Pens

holygoligoski said...

BnG.. beershits are the worst. Espically in the form of Great Lakes.. oy.

OOCally said...

Being a Janitor at an IT Company does not make you computer savy.

TheNWChica said...

Americans are down 4-2 to the Slovaks with about 7 and a half left in the game.

pops said...

BeerButt is pretty lethal, i won't lie

Angelo said...

Since this is another AO topic, I'll bring my comment here.

So, remember a couple weeks ago when Crosby was practically crucified for 'ball-tapping' that dude? Well guess what, that nut-punch didn't leave a guy unconcious on a stretcher.

If everyone wants to villify a superstar, where's all the attention for AO's hit on Jamie Heward? He clearly led with his elbow and drove the Tampa Bay defenseman's head into the glass. Yea, it happens fast, blah blah, but the NHL has stated it wants to cut down on hits like that, ESPECIALLY hits to the head.

So where is everyone that wanted to lynch Crosby? Where is all of the hate for AO? Oh, it's not there. I guess because it's just more b.s. blind Sid hatred. Pisses me off.

TheNWChica said...

Hey Angelo...welcome to the party that started about 6 hours ago.

pensfan871 said...

synr = bitchy joke

Looks like he fled the scene...good job dude.
I'm so sick of people thinking Sid is this terrible person for the ball punch while AO gets away with nothing for that hit...whatev.
Venting over...

I'm still calling a win for Saturday.

Go pens!

Beav said...

@ Stoosh

Can you believe that Jaroslav Janus just stood on his head against the USA team? 46 saves from a guy who has a 4.14 GAA and 870ish save percentage for the Erie Otters this year. What an amazing game for him. All the more reason for you to come up for the Tavares game on the 30th.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Pure jealosy, Angelo my friend...

Preaching to the choir on the gassy-ness of new years day, BnG. I heard somewhere that the ozone loses a couple of layers from all the methane from beer farts around this time of year. And most dogs I encounter usually look apologetic when they fart in the presence of a higher mammal. Your pooch definitely possesses confidence. Dogshow material. He'll clean up.

Caps' fan is of itself an oxymoron. No one likes the Capitals. They are the hockey version of the Cleveland Browns, irrelevant and not taken seriously. Lamer than Bret Michael's cowboy hat. It's kind of cute that they think they can sit at the grown folks table. Not this year guys, maybe when you're a little bit bigger...

dying alive said...

When did ANY Pens fan claim to like Ovechkin as much as Crosby. I have never seen that in my life. I myself have said that OV is fun to watch (when he's not running around like a neanderthal retard trying to board people), but that doesn't mean I like him even an little bit.

Seriously, Caps fans must know how to use computers. All ten of them have enlightened us with their wit and charm today. And please, please tell me that a Caps fan is not jobbing Pens fans. You know, the ones who completely take over the Verizon Center every time the Pens play the Caps to the point that Leonsis has to resort to schemes to keep us out?

See you on 3/8!

holygoligoski said...

@Beav.. fellow Otters fan here and what an amazing game that was to watch. JJ has been pretty unreal this whole tourny.. and that's definitely flowing down to the Otters. Hope they can continue that win streak tonight.

But I do keep hearing Tavares will be dealt to London after the Jr's, which I'm hoping doesn't happen. Go figure.. if any team in the OHL were to get him, it would be the Knights.

kstewy16 said...

Caps fans are all douches too.

Anyway, as I got on the gore a minute ago and skimmed through the posts on the last blog, I realized that Caps fans still don't seem to understand this. So here it is again.
Ovechkin was a douche before the heward hit. Ovechkin is a douche after the heward hit.
Ovechkin is a douche.

And seriously, are you sure this guy even runs a blog? Does anyone have proof? If the Caps fans have this supposed blog that is dedicated to their big douche, ovechkin, then why the hell did OV LOSE votes on the Habs when we were even trying to help them?
Hello, caps fans, are you out there?
I still think its a farce. There is no Caps blog. This guy just registers a bunch of names and comments and makes it look like the caps have fans.

M. Vanderlasser said...


"Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar is back on the ice for the first time in three months. The All-Star blueliner skated with strength and conditioning coach Mike Kadar prior to Pittsburgh's practice on Friday afternoon."

mary the ice cube said...

Anyone watching the WJC's? Russia plays the Czechs in like 20 minutes on NHL Network.

curtO. said...

Oh crap...where's my phone. New Year's dinner needs to make a call.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Mary!

mary the ice cube said...

@ M. Vanderlasser

No problem! Should be a good game. I'm really expecting Filatov to tear it up tonight, but we'll see.

sven butenschon said...

I think Caps fans are knowledgeable like last season when I got into an argurment with some cow @ the Irish Channel after the game and she claimed that Buries It was the most overrated player to play in the league

They are full of Hockey knowledge

OV = Douchebag
He could have let up on that hit or @ the very least he could have kept his elbows down but I think that is hard for him to do because he has never hit someone & kept his elbows down

sven butenschon said...

I read the Maxim article and it was a good thing I was on the crapper when I read it
He is a supreme Douch of Vagina Mountain

eileenover said...

Go to and click where it says Thrills. Absolutely disgusting.

I might be making a trip out to WBS in March if anyone is interested. And I definitely want to see a Nailers game, so count me in for that.

M. Vanderlasser said...

A road trip to WBS sounds fun...we caught a game there last year during Flower's conditioning stint and had a great time.

Cold tasty beers and numerous bad-for-you, Homer Simpson-ish food options, as I recall...

akus said...

i was hoping to see "Buries It" on FSN last night.


I can say with a straight face, OV is NOT a yeoke.--

Anthony said...

Carey Price overtook maf in all star voting.

pensfan871 said...

They used "A Great Day for Hockey" for the WINGS?! There goes my breakfast...nope i was wrong, it was my lunch. No wait...nevermind there is my breakfast now...

Just sickening

debrisslide said...

Man, Caps fans are annoying.

Stoosh said...

@ Beav/Holigoligoski -

Very happy for Janus. He's a good kid who has spent the last year or so getting absolutely shelled some nights behind some of those awful Erie teams. Nice to see he's finally getting a chance to play behind a competitive team in Erie. It's just too bad that he's going to be an overager next year and may not be back, because Erie should feature a good squad.

As far as Tavares goes, we'll know soon as the OHL trade deadline is right around the corner (Jan. 9). I've heard it was Mark Jeanneret (Otters broadcaster, Rick's son, good guy) who said the other night during the broadcast that the deal is done in principle and he's headed to London, which I'm not sure how to take.

I don't know if London is good enough to beat Windsor in a seven game series this year even with Tavares (then again, Erie's beaten Windsor like twice this year, so who knows?). I wouldn't mind him winding up there because it'll take a king's ransom to get him and I'd love to see London lose a couple of prospects and draft picks.

Stoosh said...

I'll have to make sure the finances are in order, but I'd love to do either a trip to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (Caputi) or to Wheeling.

In fact, I like Coffey's idea of the roadtrip to Wheeling because of the proximity to Wheeling Island. C-bloggers + hockey + gambling + drinks = wooooooooo

Serena and Chuck said...

ATDHE has the Russia-Czech Rep. game.

Stoosh said...

And this year you are 12th in the league. Learned alot form that run huh? It's also funny to see that your road record is better than your home record. I guess you fans are really getting the job done!

Washington plays in the Southeast Division. Winning the Southeast Division is kind of like...well, it's kind of like what Mitch compares Monty to.

And you - a fuckstick Caps fan - can lecture us Pens fans on being better fans when you and the rest of Caps Nation start preventing us from outdrawing you in your own fucking building.

akus said...

Yay! on Gonch.

Yay! on youth @ WC.

Yay! @ ASG, err, scratch that.

Yay! @ TK coming back, sometime next week or as soon as TOMORROW. said...

i'm a day late on Shanahan blog. I watched a few other videos and I was surprised to find out how often, and under what circumstances he dropped the gloves. I don't know how he would fit in as a scoring winger, but it would be nice to see someone drop them for something other than a prearranged fight between heavyweights. I think this is where we are missing guys like Malone, Colby, and some of what we've seen from Talbot and Kennedy in the past. There is one of Shanahan fighting Adam Hall after they scored an empty netter. Solid.

Stoosh said...

I've always kind of been a fan of Shanahan despite some of the douchebaggery he pulled when he was a Ranger. I can't say I'd entirely mind seeing him in a Pens jersey. I just wonder if the guy can still play.

akus said...

This is what Molinari had to say about the issue back in October,08..

While Shanahan's leadership skills and other intangibles are unquestioned, he is 39 years old, and it is a bit of a reach to describe him as "a goal-scoriing winger" anymore. Not one of the caliber that the Penguins would like to have on Sidney Crosby's left side, anyway.

Of course, the whole issue probably is moot because, even if the Penguins were interested in adding Shanahan to their depth chart, and he were interested in coming here, they wouldn't be able to fit him in under the salary cap unless they were willing to trim someone off their major-league roster. That could be done, obviously, but even if Shanahan could be slipped in under the cap ceiling, management would have to consider the impact of relinquishing another spot on its 50-player list and taking on another salary, from a bottom-line fiscal perspective.

Plus Shanahan lives in the Boston area so it is no surprise he was working out @Harvard.

akus said...

Going to watch the Devils/Habs game, i forgot it was on..

And the Habs are losing, ugh.



sven butenschon said...

come on guys commit to the flower
we need to get him some votes
if you have verizon you can vote for him 10 times per text message
just keep putting 81812, 81812, 81812, in the to section

Let's embarass those dick bags from Montreal

Ovie is still a douche

pops said...


Gaborik out for the season. Opts for season ending surgery.

AAAAAAND just like that minnesota lost any opportunity to get anything for him, what fucking fools

sven butenschon said...

@ Akus
It wasn't for lack of trying
I was walking in and some guy walked past me and said woooo pensblog we exchanged the obligatory high fives and after he walked past me he yelled @ his buddy holy fucking shit that is the guy eith the autographed Buries it jersey
I wanted to go back and buy that guy a beer

OV still a douche

Stilly said...

Wow Caps fans get really pissed when you call their best ugly Rooshan asshat a douche.

They're just glad they have something to talk about. And no self respecting IT professional cocks off about being employed by the best IT company in the world. That guy is a total cumdumpster.

Stilly said...


Now we can get Gaborik for pennies on the dollar!!1

If anyone is surprised that Gaborik is out for the season I want you to raise your hand... No one? Didn't think so.

Kevin said...

Now entering the ring "This Caps Fan!" He'll be wrestling [insert crazy wrestling name here].

pensfan871 said...

"This Caps Fan" vs. "Buries It"

This should be interesting.... ;D

Kevin said...

Hey, did anyone notice that whenever the Pens play the Caps in the playoffs, it's as if the Pens are taking an immaculate dump. Then we leave the bathroom for the next round of the playoffs. But of course, we flush and wash our hands of the Caps.

pops said...

BIG ALEX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pensfan871 said...


wow...that was...random yet very funny.
I was expecting to be Rick Rolled, I guess this was better than seeing Rick Astley's face again.

mistyrain786 said...

okay seriously guys, it is pathetic that we spend so much time here bashing the capitals and ovechkin.

I've been a reader of this blog for a while and I am a die hard pens fan.

but really it is quite annoying that you all say that you don't give a shit about the capitals/ovechkin/caps fan yet we all take the time out to thoroughly discuss those idiots. if we're so indifferent to the caps then why is our blog filled with caps related stuff?

seriously, the last few blog posts have had something caps related in it, and it's sad because last time i checked it was called "pensblog"

I just think that we should spend less time talking about the capitals, etc... when our team needs our support more than ever.. let the caps worry about themselves.. we'll worry about them when we finally play them in march, till then who really gives a crap about them??

meecrofilm said...

Savran says TK and God(ard) will be back for tomorrow's game. Great news if he's right. Kennedy in particular.

big TC said...

fuck you, asshole.

mistyrain786 said...

^who was that directed towards?

Stilly said...

Wow Scott Neidermayer just ate Biron's lunch. It's always fun to watch the Flyers lose on their own network.

rachel-alyse511 said...

I don’t read Maxim magazine, but what I do know about it leads me to believe that they have NOTHING to gain by making Ovechkin “look” like an ass. This isn’t Britney Spears we are talking about. He isn’t the biggest celebrity in the world where if a magazine like Maxim purposely wrote a bad article about Ovechkin it would make sales sky rocket.

If you actually read the beginning part of the article the writer says nothing but good things about Ovechkin it isn’t until the writer actually meets him that things go south. Its not the magazine or the writer of the articles fault Ovechkin acted the way he did. The Caps organization/fans are just butt hurt because the article shows everyone who doesn’t already know that Ovechkin is a bit of a douche. Instead of getting mad at the article, writer, or magazine maybe the Caps should tell their star player to get some manners and learn to treat the people around him with a little respect.

KaylaJ said...

speaking of magazines and hockey players, wayne gretzky is on the cover of outside's go magazine, whatever that is. i didn't pick it up though cause it said travel & style for men and a)i'm no man and b) gretz wasn't stylin'.

and since someone else mentioned shanny i'd just like to stick my fingers in my ears and go LA LA LA LA LA, which probably gives away my take on that.

Rba said...

Man, I think I called it though on Shanny-blog. The whole valajoke/crosby shit. Man i'm psychic.

Anyways OV's a douche, nuff said.

Anyone watching Utah own the Crimson Jokes?

meecrofilm said...

Good times.

We need some Pens hockey to get everyone back on track.

rickyaustin33 said...

The nerd in me wants to remind this guy that he built his site with 1999 web coding. Noone worth their balls in web design designs a whole site in tables.

I realize that's kind of gay but whatev. It's true.

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

Just got done watching the replay of the US-Slovakia game and I'll echo the sentiments expressed earlier about James VanRiemsdyk.


1. What a douche.
2. Definitely has Hartnell, Jr. potential whenever he joins the Flyers.

J.S. said...

You guys did what you could to get one of "their" guys in. To me, his opinion is worth slightly less than what I throw out in my recycling bin every first Wednesday of the month.

Just because he works for the "world's biggest IT company" doesn't mean that he knows the difference between TCP/IP and TP. I vote that he's a janitor for AOL, which means he should know what TP is.

May he end up in Dany Heatley's passenger's seat. Amen.

TQ said...

"a site devoted solely to another man like you do" - HAHAHA. In-fucking-credible. Laughed my balls off. Well done.

Reed-CK said...

I might be the only Caps fan who saw what you wrote and laughed at it instead of going "omg I totally haev to leik E-mailz him and tellzhim Of!"

The Dude said...

What the hell who cares about douche caps fans yea they got a solid team but ovechkin can come across like an arogant dick who chews, heard that story before when the last name was semin and he was chewin the fat over sid bein overrated. I say as far as best player between the teams i think time will ultimately tell *coughs* ((malkin)) but its friggin emarrasing that caps fans couldn't get the "dominate" ovie into a popularity contest allstar game. So easy a caveman could do it.

Hip said...

He just had to defend himself. He just had to.

I'm shocked he didn't end it by saying he was going to go bang his hot girlfriend too.


Some people just do not get it.

dick said...

you shitsturd fans seem to have a "closet" afeection towards the ao.he seems to dominate your board as much as he does the are truly sad fucksticks with nothing better to do than fuck your sisters!


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