Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bang The Drum Slowly

This is not the easiest of times.
But when all else fails, make fun of the Washington Capitals.

Watch this fight between Semin and Marc Staal:

Now that's embarrassing.
It is a cross between a bitch fight and someone beating a bongo drum.


Thanks to [Puck Daddy for the assist.]


coffeytalk said...

hahaha. it's like donkey konga.

coffeytalk said...

also usually, where there's bangin', semin usually follows.

ooooooooooooooh snap(ple).

Joose said...


Allison said...

Oi vey.

PittHockey said...

wow, tantrum fighting style.

The Goon Blogger said...

I am not amused.

Actually, I really am.

What a fucking joke.

coffeytalk said...



BlacknGold66 said...

And this is the guy that made fun of Sid.

Ian McLaurean fights harder than that...

...and he's been dead since 4pm this afteroon right folks?!?!?!


Kat said...

Whoo. Just got back from the Kings/Flyers game. It was my first NHL game and man it was a goody.

The Kings are a pretty good team to root for (although any team is when you're playing Philly.) There was a fatty section of Flyers fans in my area and they kept trying to job me but all they had was "Pittsburgh Sucks!" They left me alone after I told them I couldn't hear them because there were 2 Stanley Cups in my ears. All the Kings fans seemed really great too. We had each others backs. Then a bunch of that shitty Flyers group got kicked out because of some sort of Philly shenanigans and were almost in tears. HA.

I'm also naming my first born Dustin Brown. Good lord, the man is a machine. He hit everything that moved. What a beast.

All and all, a really great experience. Nice to chat with actual hockey fans in LA.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Kat: Not naming your son "----" Quick = biggest mistake of your life.

How can you not love a goalie named "Quick?"

Allison said...

BNG... Your series of drunken posts about this made up dude might be the best drunken cblogging I've seen in a while. And major props for being able to type... When I drunk cblog it looks like I passed out of the keyboard.

Flyer Hater said...

Semin makes Crosby look like Rick Tocchet.

Δεν ζητάμε. said...

Hahahaahahaha omg.

I happen to like Semin. ;)

meecrofilm said...


We already knew Semin was the most feminine player in the NHL because he gets hurt every other game, but this just cements it. Wow is that funny.


Flyer Hater said...

Commit to Semin.

Kat said...

@BNG, True true. He was awesome. Totally came out of nowhere.

And wow, that Semin shit is hilarious. I wish Marc (Jordan's brother) would have just laughed the entire time, because I know I would have.

coffeytalk said...

sorority slap and tickle fight.

TheNWChica said...

Semin looks like he's mad RedStaal stole his favorite Barbie and won't give it back.

Caps Nut said...

A couple of things.

#1. Even us Caps fans are laughing about it.

#2. At least he didn't deal blows to the gonads from behind while somebody else is holding Staal bent over for him...

Flyer Hater said...

"A couple of things.

#1. Even us Caps fans are laughing about it.

#2. At least he didn't deal blows to the gonads from behind while somebody else is holding Staal bent over for him..."


coffeytalk said...

man oh man.

all caps fans can think about are balls.


Rach said...

My goodness do I hope we can get our shit together [*BEFORE*] we play Washington on the 14th- I'd love nothing more than to crush their asses, and still have a functioning Geno.

Fuck you Ov.

Go Pens.

Raybin said...

Might as well post this here too since Caps fans are still showing up.

AO's longing

Raybin said...

I think Marc must've told him that AO was looking to have pillow and banana fights with other people.

meecrofilm said...


That must be a home game against someone who is not the Pens, considering there is no one in the arena.


GoCapsGo said...

who cares. at least CAPS are not cowards like crosby and not losers. I bet you'd like to have Semin on your team, maybe you'll stop losing, losers :)

meecrofilm said...

Pass. He's only healthy for half the season, and he clearly couldn't weather the playoffs, since they're a much more physical brand of hockey.

Plus, when, in the heat of the moment, during a fight, your gut reaction is to bitch slap someone? That's too much.

I don't think the "nedved" insult works with gocapsgo because he clearly only started watching hockey when Ovechkin started playing.

coffeytalk said...

so great to see you again gocapsgo!

Flyer Hater said...

"I don't think the "nedved" insult works with gocapsgo because he clearly only started watching hockey when Ovechkin started playing."


Flyer Hater said...

"who cares. at least CAPS are not cowards like crosby and not losers. I bet you'd like to have Semin on your team, maybe you'll stop losing, losers :)"

I've seen 5 year olds on the short bus with sharper wits than you, loser.


TheNWChica said...

Maybe it's a boy thing; but can someone tell me why everyone is so damn obsessed with the punch to what's his face's balls??? Do I not understand because I don't have any?

Flyer Hater said...

"Maybe it's a boy thing; but can someone tell me why everyone is so damn obsessed with the punch to what's his face's balls??? Do I not understand because I don't have any?"

You just don't do it. It was a stupid move on his part and I was embarrassed on behalf but the morons who wanted him to get suspended for the rest of the season for it shouldn't be allowed to watch hockey again.

TheNWChica said...

So, FH, is that one of those unwritten man rules... you just don't go near the goods unless you're Charlie and especially in a punching motion?

coffeytalk said...

have you ever been tit punched before? it's not exactly the same but it hurts like hell.

i've never been punched in the vajay but i can imagine it wouldn't be pleasant.

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm with FH (big shock)....

GoCapsGo is Adam or Derek drunk trying to spark something.

It's been done before.

[Parade Blogger]

TheNWChica said...

Yeah, I have had several things make painful contact with my chestal region; and yeah, it does hurt but my bra is not made of hard plastic either. lol

GoCapsGo said...

i'm not trying to be witty, it's just plain truth :)

it's getting boring here. all you got is stories of pens winning cups 17 fucking years ago and stuff. whatever :) you suck now

BlacknGold66 said...

Coffey.... Someone could try punching you ANYWHERE on the body and accidentally hit you in the titty, so you're excluded from this conversation.

coffeytalk said...

they don't call me tits magee for nothin'

snickerdoodles said...

Capsgogo, we don't want semin on our team. All the crying ovie will do if his main love squeeze thang became a Pen would be most annoying. I mean, who wants to hear ovie howling outside the mellon crying for his boyfriend? Sending love letters (written in crayon), chocolates, and flowers? And the kidnapping plots he would come up with to get semin back? No one has time for that.

Kat said...

Sifting through youtube and found a random Jack Johnson vid where he talks about how he and Sid took on a whole baseball team. Wonder if he nailed anyone in the balls.

Michael said...

LOL, oh man... you pens fans are so predictable. as soon as it seems you may be (finally) coming to terms with the fact that you're not as good as you think your "amazing sid" and "geno" are, you fall back into your defense mechanism of making fun of other teams. I can't wait to see how these blogs look two weeks from now, (aka 5 losses later) Hey, maybe you'll stop posting articles about the pens entirely, and you can just continue posting giant photoshopped homo-erotic pictures of OV and Semin, and that can be the entire substance of your blog.

Hey, whatever makes you feel like you have a good hockey team over there in the burgh

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Been browsing the gift FH left us, and BnG, you would totally appreciate this one Haha "Scuderichar" Those were the days...

And I drank a couple of Elliot Ness' down Fatheads tonight, in honor of your friend, Ian. He will be missed.

We all have nipples. If I had the choice between a swift slap to the 'nads or the worst purple nurple ever dealt, I'm taking the titty twister.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Funny, last I checked, we're still one of the top 8 teams in the conference. We lost to one goalie with the top save percentage (Anderson) and another goalie twice that's top three in save percentage and GAA. We'll be alright. Thanks for your concern though.

coffeytalk said...

flame flame flame

troll troll troll

meh meh meh

no one cares.

meecrofilm said...

"So, FH, is that one of those unwritten man rules... you just don't go near the goods unless you're Charlie and especially in a punching motion"

It is, except it in this case it doesn't really matter because, hockey. players. wear. cups.

Whatshisface from the Flyers got a slapshot to the balls. That legitametly hurts. If Crosby intentionally shot a puck at someone's nuts, then there'd be an issue. But he didn't. It's a punch through padding into a cup. Volajoke probably didn't even feel it.

Michael said...

johnny van... top 8 teams in the conference? maybe you should check again

ce by22 said...

Listen to these cave man nut swinging caps fans coming to our board.

I was looking for A-hole fights on but NOT A SINGLE FUCKING THING COMES UP FOR 2007 or 2008. Some 2006 stuff comes up but thats like telling everybody at work how cool you were in first grade.

Me thinks AO runs people down and then hides with an empty fight card like that.

penstone said...

@jonny v
thanks for the date tonight
uh.. i mean.. nevermind

i'm glad i'm not the only one who was wondering about this fascination with the balls thing. but then again last year i wrestled my mother, and she decided to practice her kick boxing skills by kicking me in the vag region to which i yelled out "you dislodged my vagina"! if that is anything like getting punched in the balls, i think i can understand.

penstone said...

to MCLAUREAN! anfd i shave ghraet typindsg skisllz whenn i anm druinkn too! (just wait til Monday night, you will see typing skills from Allison and me like you have never seen before..)

Allison said...

@johnny V M- uhh not to be the complete killjoy but our Pens are actually not exactly in the top 8 at this exact moment.

Allison said...

Johnny V- Ehhh the troll got to ya first.

Anyway...penstone...I don't know how I'm gonna live monday. The last time I ventured to MSG the pens got shut out for their first loss of the playoffs, and I drank an absurd amount of the vodka that I'm smuggled into the garden. Now, I still don't know if I'm gonna go monday, but either way, there are gonna be some retarded posts up here that night. I apologize in advance. And if I ever start spewing "fire so and so" or "trade this guy", someone have the courtesy to call 911 for me as I am most likely on the verge of death.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Yes Allison, in the words of the great Don Adams as Agent 86,"Missed it by that much..."

Kierstan said...

Did anyone else look at that fight and think of Blazing Saddles? You know the part...The sissy-slapping and "You brute, you brute, you brute, you brute!"

nicholas richter said...

Semin fights like Ralphie from the Christmas Story...

sven butenschon said...

@ Coffey....Well played my friend well played

I was thinking that's not the 1st time semem has exploded on some guys back

Dr. Turkleton said...

Each time I read BNG's drunkblog posts...

I pictured him as a cross between Alec Baldwin + Will Ferrell, decked out in a suit with loosened up tied, and sporting oversized teeth.

[To Bill, er Ian McLaurean!]

Coffey.... Someone could try punching you ANYWHERE on the body and accidentally hit you in the titty, so you're excluded from this conversation

Commit to the [drunk] BNG!

[Lee P. > GoCapsGo]

sven butenschon said...

@ B&G66

Back off no one put baby in a corner and no one makes fun of Coffey's girls

coffey I got your back or front whatever I protect you/them

Hip said...

Caps fans should just stick with making signs of Crosby to hang in all the Phone Booth urinals. Because that is just so god-damn humorous I can't stand it.

sven butenschon said...

am I the only one that when I read the title I can only think of Family Guy when Brian went to Hollywood and was directing a porno and the guy told him it like bang the drum slowly but instead of a drum it's a chick

Dubs said...

LOL! Flamer

Erik J. Barzeski said...

Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen for Game Day!

Watched "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and it's set in Pittsburgh. Elizabeth wakes up wearing nothing but a blue Pens jersey and Seth wakes up beneath a Stanley Cup banner.

Terribly lame movie, but the Pittsburgh parts were great.

A half-naked Elizabeth Banks rivals the Winter Classic for top "blue-jersey" moment.

Stoosh said...

Pens have played 16 games played since the beginning of December.

Crosby: 2 goals, 14 assists, 16 points. Could argue you need more than a goal every eight games from Sid.

Malkin: 5-16-21. If you're going to nitpick, he hasn't scored a goal in seven games.

Sykora: 8-8-16, but only 1-1-2 in his last seven games.

Satan: 3-5-8; no goals in eight straight. Sorry...a point every other game playing alongside either Crosby or Malkin isn't going to cut it.

Staal: 4-6-9 and a -9 in those 16 games.

Talbot: 0-1-1 since December (missed two games); no points in eight straight and a -11 in those 14 games he played. His effort has been much better the last few games, but he needs to get it to translate into more production.

Cooke: 2-3-5 and a -9. Hard to complain too much because he's one of the only players who is a presence at all along the boards.

Fedotenko: 7-6-13 and a +7, which is funny considering the shit he gets here sometimes.

Dupuis - 7-1-8 and a +3. The lack of assists is a testament to his one fault - not being able to really create much offense.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caps Nut said...


Bobby Gould.

Rage said...

mmmmmmmmm....smells like fresh stats cooking in here....tasty


akus said...

Between SIS Wiki,
(Cole is/was the play x play for HNIC)
" Bob Cole. is legally blind"
an elbow in the face does not qualify as a hook.

And a famous quote,
"Sundin skates down. He passes it to Sundin. Sundin back to Sundin, who gets taken down by a hook. Sundin scores!" — Bob Cole, describing a play involving a crosscheck and several players who are not Sundin "

nicholas richer,
Semin fights like Ralphie from the Christmas Story

Great Rx.

Semin's vid > Hartnell's vid.

Eh, nevermind they are each in a league of their own.

I watched the Kings game last night, agreed, Brown is beastly.

Hip said...

Stoosh -

It's totally fair to call out the offense. With the guys we have, putting up one goal per game is downright ludicrous.

But let's not forget that the D has been shaky at best. Constantly being out of position and giving away 2-on-1's can be demoralizing to a team when you're struggling to begin with.

Pens haven't been getting many early leads this year (minus the horrific meltdowns that we all remember). Before our O would manage three goals in the third to come back and win it. Now we just crumble.

J.S. said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

hip said:

Before our O would manage three goals in the third to come back and win it. Now we just crumble.

per the Dec. 15 the Hockey News, the Pens had an AMAZING 7-4-0 [.636] record thru 21 games when they were trailing after the 2nd period...just to put that in perspective, the next best team at rallying in the 3rd was DET at 3-3-0 [.500]...20 of the 30 NHL teams were running below .250

Who knows where the Pens would be today if they didn't have those sweet rally games thru the end of November.

Dr. Turkleton said...

speaking of THN...the most recent edition features the 100 People of Power + Influence [Crosby on the Cover]

#1: Sid.
#2: OV.
#91: Geno
#100: Mr. Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski

missing: Mario + King Shero.

There was also a nice article about the Pens goalie prospect/draftee: Alaska Nanooks, Chad Johnson. [6'3" - 200] the time of the article, he was 6-3-3 with a 1.31 GAA and .954 SV% with 3 Shutouts...leading the CCHA in SV% & GAA.

Hip said...

Rather than just talk out of my ass about what it feels like is happening, I decided to look it up.

In Oct, Pens scored first 6 out of 11 games.

In Nov, 5 out of 12 games.

In Dec, when the shit hit the fan, Pens lit the lamp first 7 out of 14 times.

And thus far in the New Year, it's been 1 out of 2.

That actually depressed me.

Stoosh said...

I love this notion advanced by the Craps fans that we have one bad month and all of sudden Malkin and Crosby are a bunch of frauds. I guess leading the big, bad Southeast Division in January while we have one bad month is cause for beer muscles all around in Craps Nation.

But just to set the record straight...

No, um...we're perfectly aware of how good Geno is. 60 points in 39 games speaks more than enough on its own. Geno and Sid are still among the top three in scoring and that's with a powerplay that's been mud all year and no real consistent secondary scoring. Imagine what'll happen if that gets better.

You'd think Ovechkin should be aware as well, seeing as how he's been looking up at him in the scoring race for more than a month and a half now. Then again, maybe Ovechkin hasn't noticed...maybe he's too busy taking himself out of the play to settle personal vendettas with headhunting checks. Or maybe he's too busy lining someone up to hit them from behind again. See? We can rag on your superstar for his dirty play, too.

As far as Sid goes, yes he's in a slump right now. He needs to make better decisions with the puck, shoot more and stop trying to force things that aren't there. But he's on pace for a 105-point season and more than 30 goals. Most teams - Caps included - would kill to have a player in that kind of a slump.

And really...deep down, the Pens aren't nearly as bad as the legions of the Great Misinformed down there in Caps country would believe us to be.

And deep down in the dark areas of their little Caps-cheering heart, they know that's the case.

They know that the Pens team that they'll potentially see in March and April will not look anything like the one they saw in December.

They know the goaltending tandem of Jose Theodore and Brent Johnson will be lucky to get them out of the first round, especially if Theodore can't manage to get that save percentage up above .900.

They know that at the end of the day, our team is still capable of rolling three decent lines that are all contributing like we did in November before a few guys got hurt, and that their team is still a two-line squad. At best.

They know that when their top stay-at-home defensemen are guys like Milan Jurnica, Jeff Schultz and Shaone Morrissonn, they're not really scaring anyone.

They know that bragging about leading the Southeast Division in January is pretty much the college football equivalent of winning the Big East.

If things go badly and I'm wrong, I will happily admit that come May.

But if I'm a fan of a team that's not playing well now and has a half-season to right the ship, there isn't anyone I'd rather have on my team than Crosby and Malkin at forward, Orpik, Whitney, Gonchar and Letang on the blueline and Marc-Andre Fleury in net.

Sorry for the lengthy rant. I can only read so much of their drivel.

penstone said...

i love thee.
rant all you want, i could read your musings all day long

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

In fairness, I should've pointed that out. I was mostly looking at lack of secondary scoring, which we got in bunches last year, especially when Sid was injured.

The defensive deficiencies are tougher to quantify. Plus/minus really doesn't do it. You almost have to watch the games and see how often we've given up 2-on-1' often we've left people standing around unchecked in the crease. Like Zednik, who had time to go up to the concession stands in E, get a beer, a pretzel and a Super Dog and finish them all before he scored his goal.

ce by22 said...

I just want to chant STOOSH like the boys do in 300.

dave said...

@Caps Nut

Backstrom / Calle Johansson

The Peerless said...

Uh, Stoosh?

Ovechkin has almost as many goals as Crosby and Malkin...combined.

He has more game winning goals than Crosby and Malkin...combined.

He has more power play goals than Crosby and Malkin...combined.

He has almost twice as many hits than Crosby and Malkin...combined.


As for the Caps leading the mighty Southeast, the Caps have a 15-2-1 record against Eastern teams NOT in the Southeast Division. Pittsburgh is 12-10-3.

The bottom line...

Washington: 26-11-3, 2nd in the East
Pittsburgh: 19-16-4, 9th in the East

J.S. said...

Sid and Geno: playmakers who think pass before shoot.
AO: sniper who thinks shoot, shoot, where am I gonna shoot, shoot, shoot, then maybe pass.

Comparing a to b is a failed argument. But as a Caps fan, you should know enough about fail. It usually happens in late April.

akus said...

Almost? no points there bucco sorry.

game winning goals? NO shit, that is a no brainer.

power play goals? No Shit, our PP is MUD.


I guess Jamie Heward did hit his head,

"On Friday Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman and ex-Cap Jamie Heward, upon learning that it was Alexander Ovechkin who freight-trained him into unconsciousness the night before, dismissed any and all controversy with the hit, calling Ovechkin "One of the cleanest players in the NHL."

Shower or baths?

dying alive said...

It's funny how the Caps fans come here and want to criticize our team for being losers. Remind me what the Caps have won?

Oh yeah...nothing. Come and see us when your team has actually accomplished something. Anything.

dying alive said...

* I should have added...winning the Southeasy doesn't count. Nor does getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs, no matter how many times they've done it.

dying alive said...

And to complete my hat trick of posts, why are Caps fans still hanging around here? They whine about Crosby more than they talk about their own team, but you don't see us overtaking their huge online communities. Or at least, we wouldn't if they actually existed.

wilsmith said...

There's irony there, michael.

Caps fans, for a couple seasons now, have been more concerned with complaining about the Pens and Crosby than they have supported their own team. It's odd you notice other people do it.

Also, cups dont really do anything. At all.

dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dave said...

Bottom Line:

The Craps have advanced past the first round a whopping 3 times since 1990-91.

The Pens have appeared in 3 Stanley Cups in that same span of time, winning two of them.

Ovechkin has not taken his team to a Cup, yet Sid and Geno have.

Caps fans are garbage fans in a garbage hockey town. They are more interested in individual statistics rather than team results. I guess thats what happens when you spend years rooting for a shit hockey team.

meecrofilm said...

Caps fans don't even deserve the time of the day most of you are giving them.

Rba said...

AO is the Jordan Tootoo of the Eastern Conference, hits someone cheaply, then runs away very fast before someone better can get there.

But atleast Tootoo had a semi-hot (yet indeed, airheaded) woman, in Pickler (btw, was she on like X during her new years eve bullshit?)

AO has Semin.

I rest my case.

holygoligoski said...

I think we should stop giving these Caps fans the time of day..

We already know they're all a bunch of loads their moms should have swallowed..

Hip said...

Hi Peerless!

I don't believe Stoosh was trying to compare Sid or Gino to Ovie at all. He was just arguing that despite the Pens recent slide, those are still two of the premiere players in the league. The absolute vast majority of people here would of course include AO in that grouping as well.

Here's the thing though, as others have said. Ultimately, stats don't mean dick. You either win the Cup or you don't.

Caps fans always seem to confuse beating the Pens (or having the better, more exciting player) with drinking from Lord Stanley. Get your priorities straight.

Stoosh said...

@ Peerless -

I'm not going to argue with you that Ovechkin is a better goal-scorer than Sid or Malkin. Any hockey fan with half a brain knows that.

Brett Hull scored 741 career goals; Lemieux scored 690. Hull was a great player, but if you're starting a team from scratch, would anyone really take Hull over Lemieux just because he scored more goals? There's more to playing hockey than finding the back of the net.

As far as having more hits, well, no shit. Sid and Malkin are centers; Ovechkin is a winger. By the nature of their positions, Sid and Malkin aren't going to rack up as many hits because they aren't the primary player going into the corners to get the puck on the forecheck.

Sid and Malkin are physical in their own rights when they need to be. Malkin plays a lot like Jagr on the boards...he isn't looking to light anyone up, but he's stronger than hell and very difficult to move off the puck.

As far as Sid goes, I can think of two and only two franchise-caliber forwards in the league who backcheck harder and better than Crosby does and their names are Zetterberg and Datsyuk. And his play on the boards speaks for itself; in fact, one of the things that seems to be missing from his game this year was his tendency to carry the puck right at opposing players in attempts to draw penalties, as well as getting the puck along the boards, digging it out and then creating offense from there.

As far as the records go, I will admit that I didn't look at the Caps record against non-SE division teams, so point duly noted.

As I said, I'm not going to say the Pens have had a good year or that the Caps have done it all with smoke and mirrors. Both teams deserve the record they've currently got (although I do wish we could play Atlanta, Florida, Carolina and Tampa more often than we play the Rangers, Flyers and Devils).

But divisions are not won or lost in December, so it's awfully premature to start throwing dirt on our season. If ANYONE should be aware of that, it's a Caps fan given your team's turnaround under Boudreau last year.

That's especially the case given that the Pens take the ice every night with players like Crosby, Malkin and Fleury in the lineup. There are few players as capable of getting this ship righted quickly.

I will say this, too...kudos to you for actually bringing hockey to the discussion and not just the run of the mill "Cindy Crysby" stuff.

fleuryous said...

Stoosh, Raybin, and FH--your posts are rather epic.

@ meecro:
"Caps fans don't even deserve the time of the day most of you are giving them."

TOUCHE. I wanted to completely disregard these people, hoping they'd go away. It's a pretty fun game. WOOOOOOOOO.

Stoosh, seriously--thank you for that post. You are a wonderful human.

I hope the Pens rock MSG like I rocked your mom last night (no mom in particular, keep in mind).

Go Pens.

(My home computer is ancient, and I can't see that video--I'm pretty upset about it.)

christina said...

according to the Pens' website - Zigomanis is being placed on IR. fuck.

meecrofilm said...

Rumor is that Zigo's shoulder hasn't been responding well, and he'll need surgery. Very unfortunate.

@fleuryous- you need to see that video. it's incredible.

wilsmith said...

I'm glad we dont play in the southeast, you know, since we cant beat any of those teams.

akus said...

Poll @The PG


J.S. said...

another d-bag with a keyboard and a column, so he decides to blast Sid for his fight yesterday.,-Sid

and I quote....
This is the second time in as many weeks that Sid has gone punk. Remember his cheap shots to Boris Valabik's nether regions in Atlanta? Crosby got a whopping two minutes for roughing for that stunt. One can only surmise that Sid lacks the anatomical requirement to fully comprehend the pain associated with such an event, otherwise he never would have attempted it.

and it all goes back to the Valabik shot? Can't we get past this? This was a shot that was landed because he - say it with me - TWISTED before Sid's shot landed.

On top of that, he's gonna call out Sid for not having "the anatomical requirement"? As he likes to ask in his poorly written article: Really? You're really putting that in print?

Stay classy, Steve. With columns like that, your work will never be considered credible.

sven butenschon said...

@ dying alive

The caps have some banners hanging @ the phone booth
They have the WNBA Attendance Champion banner
And show me another NHL team that one of those hanging in their rafters

meg said...

• Sources say Crosby misses Ryan Malone and Jarkko Ruuttu to look after the talking in the Pittsburgh room while he leads on the ice, and he’s more upset about the Penguins not signing Marian Hossa than he’s letting on.

Edmonton Journal

sven butenschon said...

ladies and gentlemen

that's why he has his own t shirt in storeblog

Commit to the Stoosh

meecrofilm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.S. said...

and a columnist over 3000 miles away has Sid figured out?

got it

meecrofilm said...

Sources say the Edmonton Journal gargles my balls.

Flyer Hater said...

I'm pretty sure he's more upset with the Miro Satan signing than he's letting on.

meecrofilm said...

Yeah, that's a point there. You think you'll be playing with Marian Hossa, but then Satan gets slapped on your wing. It would definitely get to me if I was in the midst of a garbage losing streak (not saying that it's actually affected Bing, necessarily).

RaCHeLeYoS said...

" has learned that forward Mike Zigomanis will be placed on injured reserve. The Penguins are expected to make an official announcement later today.

Zigomanis has been sidelined with an undisclosed injury he suffered Dec. 3 at the New York Rangers. He missed the team's past 15 games and hasn't practiced or skated in over a month. The IR designation will keep him out for at least another week but it isn't clear when he'll be able to get back on the ice or how far away he is from playing."

MMEEEHHHH why did it take so long for him to be put on IR? or maybe that's how it always is...

but damn.

akus said...

Sources are bullshitters with a fancy name.

Another take on Sid's Fight.

M. Vanderlasser said...

I think that the Pens are still tired from Sweden and I think that they should travel everywhere by bus from now on.

And I think that we should chip in and buy Geno's mom a one-way plane ticket from Magnitogorsk to PIT.

I'll be watching tomorrow night's game from between my fingers.

Great Glam.

dying alive said...

But divisions are not won or lost in December, so it's awfully premature to start throwing dirt on our season.

You have to cut them some slack, they forget how long the hockey season actually is. It starts at the end of the NFL regular season when the Redskins are eliminated each year and generally ends in early April. That's only, like, three months and change. It's easy to see why they'd think that one bad month meant the end of a season.

J.S. said...

sven wrote:
am I the only one that when I read the title I can only think of Family Guy when Brian went to Hollywood and was directing a porno and the guy told him it like bang the drum slowly but instead of a drum it's a chick

you're not the only one, but each time I refresh this page, I think of this post and keep laughing.

Not much luck trying to find that clip on youtube though.

fleuryous said...

Flyer Hater said...
I'm pretty sure he's more upset with the Miro Satan signing than he's letting on.
Don't hate Satan, but that gave me a hearty chuckle.

meecro, if what you say about Zigo is true, that blows a big one.

Speaking of blowing a big one, Ray Lewis stabbed a guy. DOUCHE.

strakasguitar said...

wow. way to throw self-respect out the window.

Kimberly said...

@ akus (I think). Here is Corey Perry video.
Look out Giroux>

coffeytalk said...

nice to know that while i passed out last night, my tits were heavily defended on here. thanks guys.

up yours, bng.

go pens.

Stoosh said...

@ DA -

You have to cut them some slack, they forget how long the hockey season actually is. It starts at the end of the NFL regular season when the Redskins are eliminated each year and generally ends in early April. That's only, like, three months and change. It's easy to see why they'd think that one bad month meant the end of a season.


Then agaim, I think this is the case with about half the "fans" that I've encountered at Mellon Arena this year, too.

Stoosh said...

@ Kimberly -

Where are the legions of fans acting like Perry's elbow to Giroux was a travesty and he needs to be suspended?

Amazing thing to me about that video?

Not one Flyers player - at least in screen shot - confronts Perry in the aftermath of that elbow.

akus said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I seen it over @ EN.

I liked what Seth had to say about it,..

So to review, if you spout off about an opponent's girlfriend it's six games. Intentionally attack an opponent's head and it's four games. who ever said this was a garage league

Andrej Meszaros(TBL-D man) took a puck to the face last night, it took 64 stitches to close it.

akus said...

Perry did not get called for elbowing.
He got a double hi-stick minor........and he was the #1 Star.

Karma is a bitch.

fleuryous said...

per SAS:

"Evgeni Malkin
Incorrectly believed to be of Russian descent, is actually just a highly-functioning autistic savant, whos main talents happen to consist of two things: Scoring goals, and fucking bitches."

Clearly I love Gino, but...this brings back memories of the "Rain Malkin" PS. Where do these people live? haha.

fleuryous said...

And on Jagr's page, under "related searches":

Teammate Killer (see also: Dany Heatley)

coffeytalk said...


Ziggy Palffy:

*had soul crushed by pittsburgh penguins in 2006
*sweater connoisseur

sven butenschon said...

@ Coffee
just for the record I was the only one that jumped to the defense of you three

@ JS
Therenis a sports bar down here where I go catch the Steelers games that has that movie poster in the mens room everytime I go to piss I bust up laughing

coffeytalk said...

Maxime Talbot:

*Talbot likes his oatmeal lumpy
*Sidney Crosby thinks he looks like Teen Wolf

cougar said...

In light of MT's preference for shuffling line pairings, why not try Sid and Geno paired together at even strength (not just on PP).

I realize that Geno is a center and has good chemistry with Sykora and Fedotenko, but the team has depth at center. Staal, Talbot, TK and Zigo are all centers.

There is so much talk of getting an elite winger for Sid when we could look to the other superstar we already have.

Maybe the powerplay would be more effective too if Sid and Geno were better able to set each other up.

sven butenschon said...

@ Akus NHL network kept replaying that
It hit him right under the nose

see also dany heatley
Great I spit Diet Dr pepper all over my keyboard

coffeytalk said...

Jarkko Ruutu:

Jarkko Ruutu was the Goodwill Ambassador of the Vancouver Canucks. He, however, has left Canucks Argument Stadium heartbroken by signing as a free agent with the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the summer of 2008, the heartbreak kid struck again, this time leaving his home on the 3 rivers to go back to Canada somewhere. Some say he plays for the Ottawa Senators while others swear you can see him on a moonlit night traversing the moors of Finland...or so the story goes.

In his natural habitat, Jarkko Ruutu survives on a diet consisting entirely of hockey skates and rage.

meecrofilm said...


Did you just start watching the Pens a week ago?

It's been done numerous times before. You must just be messing around.

sven butenschon said...

@ cougar

I Have Kasparaitis said...


Andrej Meszaros got hit by the puck when a Carolina D-man shot a puck and it hit off of Ryan Malone's stick deflecting into his face. He got stitches on the inside of his mouth and upper lip, and Bugsy helped him off the ice especially since he was bleeding everywhere.

Poor TB had to deal with 3 out of the 5 defensemen being rookies, and 1 getting his first NHL start because of Heward being out.

TB of course lost the game (I watched it, WOO! Along with the damn Canada/Russia game), but they played a good game.

I saw Perry's hit ... man, that was nasty, he deserved his suspension.

kstewy16 said...

You know, even with the Pens blowing the big one lately, I still love hockey as much as I always have. But you know what I've learned to hate? The internet.
Hockey blogs, hockey writers, dumbass puck bunnys and fanboys. I hate them all.
Between people going crazy with "fixes" for the Pens, to faggots from other teams enjoying the fact that the Pens are sucking and dumb fucks who think Sidney Crosby's a whiny bitch who hits guys in the balls and is a dirty player.

Seriously, I feel like going postal after reading a few comments on here. People honestly think that this is 1 specific players fault, or that if we trade for 1 specific player that we'll be 1st in the conference.

I've got news for you people.
Go fuck yourself, you don't know shit.

Unless you can tell me at least 5 players from every team, the names of the last 5 stanley cup winners, and someone who you think is a good player who doesn't play for the penguins or name is hossa, ovechkin, kovalchuck, or gaborik.

End of rant.

biff said...

^ Bravo.

Allison said...

Commit to the kstewy16.

sven butenschon said...



pensfan871 said...


Thank you sir.

Johnny Wrath said...

Therrien needs to go, as do the assistants. Staal has roughly as much PP time as Orpik, and the whole overload thing is turning any PKer who can read a play at all into Guy Carbonneau. 5 times did Whitney turn the puck over forcing it to Sid. Most of the time Letang was open for the one-timer, with shooting lane. Is Mike Yeo telling them "Shoot it, I guess..."?

Pulling Fleury was yet another typical poor alternative for not being even a decent tactician.

Why take Sykora away from Malkin? Was the one proven commodity we have too much? Keep that second unit intact, keep the potential to score at even strength spread across 2 lines, and...

Put Staal on the top line. Seriously. Therrien doesn't match lines, so the idea that Staal is a shut-down center isn't a reality. He can't and won't score goals to his potential centering a line with 2 agitators. Plant him in front and look for deflections, make more room for passing lanes, screen, etc.

Let Dupuis/Talbot/Cooke keep the tempo up. At the very least it will keep those three in the action while not PKing, and the PK unit can only get better if our primary PK guys are line-mates. You don't need to "roll 4 lines" when you can instead opt to ice Malkn and Sid all the time.

That line would have the potential to become a great grinding line. Some of the best grinding lines didn't have a Staal on them. Maltby/Draper/McCarty are just some guys who know each other's game and don't get scored on. Pandolfo/Madden/McCay. These aren't dynamic potential first-line players, they're NHL caliber skaters who play a simple, strong north-south team game.

Satan is a disaster, and I'm feeling very force-fed with Dupuis on the top line. Time to allow Sid some newer, if not better, options while making the team a little more accountable through well-defined identities.

Finally, I really need Ryan Whitney to figure out how to run a power play. Its making Goligoski look like Scott Niedermayer. If he can't, trade him. I'm the last guy I thought would say that, but I haven't been able to determine exactly what else makes him valuable if there's no zone-gaining, puck-shooting, or play-making going on with the man advantage.

synr said...

If you are going to try to make fun of another team to take the sting away from sucking so bad, why would you pick the Caps? I mean, they have everything you wished you did. It must burn you up. Best player in the world, record setting point pace, awesome home record. Maybe try some of the less skilled teams in our division: like Tampa (oh wait they beat you), maybe Florida (oh yeah, that one really sucked!). Ok, well maybe just pick a team in a different division. Maybe make fun of a team on your half (that's the bottom half) of the NHL standings.

PS - Semin sucks at fighting. He scores goals. For fighting, please see Donald.

pensfan871 said...

Going back to what i wrote a while ago...
No one knows what is wrong with the Pens, no one knows what they need. Seriously, I don't think that they know what they need. They obviously need "something" but no one knows what this "something" is. We will never know what the something is, even when they begin to play better.
I said previously that something needs to change, and I still stand by that. I don't think that HCMT should be fired, this isn't his fault. It is no one players fault either. There is just something that isn't right. Perhaps some lines to be moved around. Perhaps they just need an intense game to get themselves hyped up again. Really, I have no idea other than I think that something needs to happen soon. Until then, I watch my team play hockey.


Go Pens!

TheFandangler said...


You don't watch Jordon Staal do you?...

He's been on the top lines before. It's a farce.

You want to see goals?... get a guy that can score them.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Teh failz R epic

71crush said...

Sorry for the dumb question, but what is SAS with all these entries?

akus said...

I can name 5 teams that never danced with Lord Stanley....

Ummm, Atlanta...Nashville....Columbus.. ahhh,Florida, and....

give me a minute

Oh yeah,

The Washington Capitals.

thanks to all on the 64 stitches, to the face/lip/mouth/
I didnt see it so i wasnt sure where.
64 is alot of sewing.


SIS Wiki

dying alive said...

why would you pick the Caps? I mean, they have everything you wished you did. It must burn you up.

It's funny how the Caps have half of a good season, have proved absolutely nothing in the post-season and suddenly they're the team that everyone wishes they had.

We're perfectly happy with Sid and Geno, thanks. I don't think you'll find a Pens fan who wishes they rooted for the Caps, but the idea is pretty damn funny.

Also, since when does having a slump equate to "sucking so bad"? I am starting to think that there are a lot of people who just started watching hockey last week. It's a long season, junior.

akus said...

Is there one SIS wiki that does not make You bust Your gut laughin??

Where Can You Find Daniel Briere??

* Behind a Hockey all times.
* Philadelphia, sharing a room with Martin Biron

FH, prescribed the laughter we all needed.
Thank You.

Let's Go Pens.

kstewy16 said...

"Daniel Alfredsson's regular season glories do not adequately reflect his ineptness in all manners of playoff hockey. But he's loved all the same. <3"

Wow, SAS Wiki is amazing.
How have I not seen this before? My life was not complete before I was shown this. Thank you all.

Hip said...

synr - oh dear God that was funny what you wrote.

I'm actually a huge Caps' fan... probably have rooted for them longer than you even. And I can't think of one thing the Caps have ever had that the Pens would be jealous of. Horrible post season meltdowns, inexplicable trades, laughable off season additions, and being swept in their only Cup Finals? Hardly.

If you'd been a fan before Ovie came on board you'd know how frustrating it is.

The Caps will have their day soon - Ovie will hoist the Cup - but until then, there is no real comparison between the organizations.

But nice try.

synr said...

the point I made was that, they could pick a better target to make themselves feel better than the caps. We are having a record year. Pens "slump" is about to be "season". So, have fun watching Capt. buttpunch pass back and fourth all day long with that guy who doesn't score and end up 9th in the East.

TheNWChica said...

Commit to the KStewy!

Hip said...

And my point is, until the Caps beat the Pens in the post season and go on to win a Cup, they will always be laughed at and have a inferiority complex.

Caps record year means dick right now. We'll talk more in June.

PS - if you didn't notice, we make fun of everyone here. Equal Opportunity Jobbing.

meecrofilm said...

"If you'd been a fan before Ovie came on board you'd know how frustrating it is."

Ah. There's that one snag. He obviously hadn't been a real fan before Ovechkin came.

And no. There's sucking at fighting, and there's resorting to a hissy slapfest IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. That was his first instinct. His go to. Slapping.

J.S. said...

and it all comes back to that stupid punch? Can't think of anything else to talk about?

meecrofilm said...

But he punched him in tEh cup, I mean, tEh balls, becuz hockey players don't wear cups!!!1

Oh wait, they do.

akus said...

I got to wonder how many Cap fans are trolling at the Rangers site and calling out Staal....hmmmm.


Holy hell, i did not know the season ended and the Caps won their division, the Eastern Conference and the freaking Stanley Cup.

Shame on You Bettman for changing this to January and only telling the Cap fans..

What i find funny is not ONE, Atlanta or Florida fan came here whining.

They have moved on........(hint)

Stoosh said...

@ Synr -

Again, congratulations on your team's

Maybe once your team actually wins a Cup, you'll realize that's about all a record-breaking half-season is worth when there are still 40+ games to play, plus the playoffs before they hand out the real trophy.

And usually the Cup is what people tend to remember. No one remembers who was leading each division or conference at the midpoint last year. Or the year before. Or ten years ago.

The road to the Stanley Cup is littered with teams who have had tremendous seasons only to come up short when it really matters in the playoffs.

Your team has taken 55 out of 80 available standings points. Keep that pace up over the remaining 42 games and you'll finish with 112 points. Outstanding year, no doubt, but let's not pretend you guys are the 76-77 Canadiens (132 points) or the 1995-96 Wings (131 points, who also failed to win the Cup).

As for us, as I said...43 games left to play, with 86 standings points on the table in conference that is quickly becoming a race between 12 teams for 8 playoff spots (Ottawa is currently 12th and they're 12 points back of Buffalo for eighth).

Just as they don't hand out Cups for a great first half, they don't bury you for one bad month of hockey. The Pens just played their worst month of hockey since October of 2005. We're still showing up every night with Crosby and Malkin, who are still scoring despite an asstastic powerplay and little consistent support.

We'll get the ship righted. Don't worry about us. We'll be there in April and May to break your postseason hearts again.

Now go on back with all your Caps buddies and have your little circle jerk over your half-season.

Stoosh said...

I'm a Pitt football fan.

Listening to these Caps fans jizz in their pants over the first half of this season makes me realize how Penn State fans feel listening to Pitt fans give them shit about the Pitt-PSU rivalry.

It's like an annoying mosquito that won't go away.

wilsmith said...

McCoy thinks the Panthers would blow out Penn State.

jefe p said...

fuck those candianne wussies in the asg.

synr said...

I wonder what you'll be saying in April...

synr said...

Hey, you wanna post about a complete d bag who fights dirty? Here's a good article:

Flyer Hater said...


meecrofilm said...


Rage said...

Doucheweasels in cblog AND...

ARMAGEDDON WEEK on History Channel...coincidence? I think not!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Some gems from the SAS site:

Chris Drury America's greatest hero. Wins faceoffs, kills terrorists, scores huge goals, is the greatest captain of a sports team ever. Has earned immortal fame in the annals of Buffalo Sabres history by bringing an astounding zero Stanley Cups back home to Buffalo.

Alex Tanquay: Was traded to the Montreal Canadiens due to excessive Frenchness

Stephane Yelle: Nicknamed "Sandbox". This has nothing to do with grit, and everything to do with an incident at a Calgary player's party during which the bathroom was tied up for hours. The cat was not pleased

Alexei Kovalev: On March 13, 2004 he was traded to the Montreal Canadiens for Jozef Balej and a second round selection in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. After the trade, Alex (now dropping the last 2 letters of his name on account of the recent descent of his testicles) exploded for 3 points in 12 regular season games.

Alexander Mogilny: "I have hemorrhoids and they're two inches long." - when prodded for details of an injury in 2002

Spezza: Spezza holds the honor of being the best Ottawa Senator not to kill someone, Daniel Alfredsson of course being disqualified over his own private Chappaquiddick.

Jim Paek: Known as "Rice on Ice" by friends and acquaintences

J.S. said...

synr, of course not. He knew damn well what was gonna happen, regardless of what he's trying to sell to that reporter.


:35 - Brett throws off gloves. Where I come from, this is a sign of you are willing to fight. Those who aren't willing to go keep their gloves on. I've seen it before. It happens, trust me.

:36-40 Brett attempts to throw at least two punches at Sid, as he's just getting handled at this point. Watch his left arm carefully. There's a difference between trying to grab his opponent, which he would have continued to keep his arm extended, and trying to land a few shots.

You can believe what you want, but I'll believe what I see on the video.

J.S. said...

Pacman Jones - Pacman's Finishing Move: If it's not a leap off the turnbuckle named The Rainmaker, someone's head needs to roll.

Teemu Selanne: Once crashed a car while speeding much like Dany Heatley, but did not kill Paul Kariya in the process and has another hundred or so cars that he can crash
# Is gay for Paul Kariya (but is the pitcher, not the catcher)
Hobbies: Pushing the Anaheim Ducks over the salary cap.

Hartford Whalers: spent several years boycotting the NHL playoffs.

akus said...

SIS wiki entry about the HFBoards and Mike Milbury as one of the top posters.


I wonder what you'll be saying in April...

Wow Flyers beat the Caps, again

dying alive said...

Pens "slump" is about to be "season".

I don't suppose I could talk you into giving me next week's Powerball numbers, could I Miss Cleo?

dick said...

you shitsturd pendick fans seem all too consumed with the caps and should try supporting your team instead of each others balls on your forehead!

Flyer Hater said...

"you shitsturd pendick fans seem all too consumed with the caps and should try supporting your team instead of each others balls on your forehead!"


Annie S said...

you shitsturd pendick fans seem all too consumed with the caps and ov.

And who is visiting whose blog to point out this fact?

For the last two days straight?


wilsmith said...

Are one of you guys going to the Caps fan-sites and starting something up?

Unless you are, I cant figure out why these caps people would be coming here, to a pens site, and saying we should be more concerned more about our team than theirs.

I mean, isn't that like, backwards, or something?

So, whoever is doing it, fess up.

wilsmith said...

seriously, FH, do you even think they know who Nedved is?

Capitals history only goes back to the second half of last season.

pops said...



akus said...

TalK about balls on forehead,


dick said...

not a caps fan.just pointing out the obvious.and by the way the division the pendicks are has won one stanley cup in 13yrs! and the souheast has won two and been in more finals than the pendicks "elite" division!

pops said...


Flyer Hater said...

"not a caps fan.just pointing out the obvious.and by the way the division the pendicks are has won one stanley cup in 13yrs! and the souheast has won two and been in more finals than the pendicks "elite" division!"

I would highly suggest the English version of Rosetta Stone.

Flyer Hater said...

They have no idea who Petr Nedved is.

dick said...

all of sad sacks are so easy to berate! you should stick to working at your brainless and worthless jobs and lives.i mean c'mon you live in shitsturd!that must truly suck!what do you have to live for?????????? oh yeah thats right going home and doing one of many inbred holes!long live the shithole they call the burgh! you all suck!!

pops said...


J.S. said...

so, dick, we're going by divisions since we can't use teams? OK, we'll play you're game, as dumb as it is.

You said 13 years. Since we can't include this year, 13 years would include the years 1995-2008. I believe the Cup came back to the division three years (1995, 2000, 2003)

Thanks for coming.

Kat said...

Hooked on Phonics, works for me!

Flyer Hater said...

There's no doubt in my mind that dick is either Adam or Derek.

dick said...

when you punks come to hockey town there will be an ass kicking coming the pendicks way!!!

cheese said...

Just found this.......remember that weird kid from Toronto w/ the flashlight in the kitchen singing the Anthem?

I think he's running the camera.

Caps fans contract out to Leafs>

Rage said...

I was thinking the exact same thing F.H. No way it isn't. Real humans don't act like that if they're over 5 years old, and all of them are worried about sitting in their own shit, not trolling

dick said...

typical shitsturd--95 colorado 2000-colorado then jersey in 03 youdumb fuck inbred!

Flyer Hater said...

Umm, New Jersey beat Dallas in 6 games to capture the Stanley Cup in 2000. You're thinking of 2001, fuckstain.

Stoosh said...

Outside of the Jimmy Paek SAS Wiki page (God bless you, Jonny V, for putting that one up), here some of my favorites...

Pavel Bure

Ray Emery. Love the Career Highlights section.


Pierre McGuire

Chris Pronger

kstewy16 said...

Dumb Dick, the 94-95 stanley cup takes place in 95, making the Debbie cakes the winner in 95, not the avs, who won in 95-96, otherwise known as 1996.

I guarantee that Sidney Crosby and Geno win the cup before Ovechkin, and they win more cups than Ovechkin.

Caps have more holes than Jose Theodore does in net. No way they go the distance this season.

dick said...

silence is golden just like the shower you all use to get from your mums and dads.

dick said...

kstewy in 95 were you not still sucking on your inbred sister's the way i am not a caps fan you motherless tool!

J.S. said...

Using your logic or lack thereof, you're saying two of the years listed should go back a year, but for some reason 2003 is OK? Wow, I'm....stunned.

Little advice to you, only because I don't want to see your embarrassed any further: don't submit that app to Mensa. Ever.

wilsmith said...

Planet Earth is the best thing on TV right now.

Does anyone else watch Planet Earth?

I could watch this lemur eat nectar for three hours, as long as it's in HD.

TheNWChica said...

when you punks come to hockey town there will be an ass kicking coming the pendicks way!!!

Hey...Marian! How are you? Nice to see that hanging with Datsyuk has made your English almost as bad as his.

The Goon Blogger said...

Am I the only one who finds the trolls adorable?

nikki said...

anyone else find it ironic that he goes by the name 'dick'?
just sayin'

ce by22 said...

In the summer of 2001, the Capitals landed five-time Art Ross Trophy winner Jaromir Jagr, one of the best players in the NHL in the 1990s, by trading three young prospects to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Jagr was signed to the largest contract ever in NHL history - $77 million over 7 years at an average salary of $11 million per year (over $134,000 per game), with an option for an eighth year. However, Jagr did not live up to expectations, as the Capitals failed to defend their division title and missed the playoffs in 2002 despite a winning record.


One guy doesn't win championships?

Does history repeat itself? Karma and Murphy seem to think they do.

ce by22 said...

Lindros -

Most recently signed with the Dallas Stars, but hit his head walking out the front door. He'll be out with a concussion for the first month of the season.


ce by22 said...

Pierre McGuire

Known as 'Cue Ball' to his friends because of how strongly they desire to smash him in the face with a pool cue.

Tears are streaming down my face from laughing. I even called the wife unit into read that one and she stated "that fucking midget pisses me off every game he does"

meg said...

KDKA just alerted me to the fact that the pens are number 9 now in the east. haha thank god!


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