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Years from now the Penguins will lose a tough game , and someone will say that the loss hurt worse than Game four of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals.

And they still won't be right.

These are the type of losses that stay with you, and haunt you.
Shades of Jiri Hudler could be a phrase you hear when you blow a huge meeting a work.

Did Wings really win, or did the Penguins lose it?

It doesn't matter.

All that matters is that the Red Wings got it done, and Lord Stanley will be in attendance on Monday evening.

We're not going to lie, the situation is dire.
The chances of winning 3 straight games against the Red Wings are about as close to not possible as it gets.

But there will be no concession.

You can throw Malkin under the bus.
You can make posts about Ty Conklin starting in net on Monday.

The last eight months would mean nothing to us if we did that.

Monday is a nation of Pens fans, against the world.

The ship is sinking, but we are going down to the bitter end.

God, help us all.

:::::::::::::::::: PREGAME :::::::::::::::::::

NBC refuses to show the national anthem.
NBC = hates America


All business

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[ 6470 ]


[ JOEY L. ]

[Alex B]

[Adam H]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

NBC got their wish with an early icing call.
They get more time to throw more graphics at your balls.

Early on, you couldn't feel the urgency that was prevalent for all of Game 3.
The Red Wings were getting chances like it was their job.

Dallas Drake, the wily vet, makes a horrible play and cross-checks Whitney.
Pens jump onto the PP.

After surviving a scare with Zetterberg lurking, the Pens got it done.
Hossa and Roberts cause trouble in front, Hossa fakes a wrap around and keeps it shortside.



[ 5031 ]

Hossa almost made it 2-0 right after, but he hit the crossbar. The goal could have changed your life.
That Game 3 urgency. It was there.

Everything was going well. And then Bing's stick broke in his hand, and he couldn't get the puck out of the zone.

Dupuis hits Cleary from behind.
The Wings jump onto the power play.

Orpik got crosschecked from behind early on the PK.
But it was apparently legal.

The PK was a thing of beauty.
But the boom came right after Dupuis got out of the box.
Lidstrom with the slapper.
Just a huge goal.

After some jobbing, Adam Hall draws a penalty.
The Pens couldn't get it done.

In the second half of the first period, it was 1-1, and it really didn't matter who scored the first goal.

Jordan Staal drew another penalty on the Wings.
The Wings just couldn't keep up.

That PP went to the wayside.
As that shift continued, Talbot gets crosschecked and goes off for diving.

Franzen and Candy went off at the end of the next shift.
Great 4-on-4 action ensued.

And that was it.
A solid first period.

[ KOZ ]
:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The second period started after what seemed to be the longest intermission of the season.

Staal interferes with someone.
It was a Red Wing, so it was a power play.
The Pens kill it. Just a huge kill.

What followed was some more unbelievable hockey.
The Wings sustained some decent pressure, but couldn't get a shot off.

Hossa led the charge the other way, but Osgood was there to make the stops.
We were now getting to the point of the game where the next goal would win it.

The game came back from commercial, but the tempo stayed the same.
Then another commercial, then still a feverish tempo.

After more great work from the third and fourth lines, the Pens draw a penalty.

And it was here, that season may have started to unravel. The powerplay that has been so clutch, just could not get set up. And frustration began to set in. Roberts tried to fight some joke as the period ended, but the joke was scared.

Weird feeling going into the third.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

After the second longest intermission of the season, the third period started.

Something just wasn't right. It is like a scene in a movie, where you know something really bad is about to happen.

Two minutes in, that scene happens.
The Pens couldn't get the puck out, Jiri Hudler backhands it home and into your nightmares.


If you had to give up a goal in the third, the earlier, the better. Whatev.
Just a crushing goal.

The snowball had its chance to roll at Mach 10 when Fleury knocks it out of play.
The Pens killed it.

As the Red Wing begin to put their choke hold on, someone jobs a Dupuis.
As the Pens break into the zone during that powerplay, Bing gets interfered with.

This was the season, everyone knew it.
The Pens got some big chances.
Zetterberg makes an unreal play on Crosby to prevent him from scoring, by tying his stick up.
[David Staples] from the Edmonton Journal says it was a classic case of obstruction.

After some more unreal chances, a heartbreaking flicker of a goal light, it was over.

The 5-on-3 should have its own blog.
Should HCMT called a timeout before to set things up?
Should Malkin be taken off the point and put back where he belongs on the wing?
Should Roberts have been on the ice?

Father Time grudgingly walks down Center Avenue.

After the final commercial break, this was it.

The Pens took it to the Wings, as if you expected anything different.
Hall-Staal-Talbot work down deep just to get a chance. But no dice.

Time just ticked away.
The Pens got MAF off, but it wasn't meant to be.



  • Vomit
  • Someone threw an Octopus on the ice.
  • Shooting a broken stick at a player is grounds for a penalty shot--- just saying
  • Is the Western Conference the Old NHL?
  • Chris Osgood actually looked like a real goaltender. Whatev
  • Vomit again.

Hacksaw went down swinging.


This is all we have for inspiration:

Go Pens



[ ] -- Highly regarded.

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[ Sports Talk World ]
[ Yahoo NHL ]
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[ Here ]


Yahoo and AOL are also doing liveblogs

[ PuckDaddy ]
[ Fanhouse ]


Lineup is the same as Game 3.

If you want to get even more jacked,
read this article by Bucci. [ ESPN ]


No word on Jokestrom, game-time decision. []


Jokestrom is out. []

We left it up to the man himself.
Playing hurt, tired, and left for dead.

He said he wants the call.
And who are we to argue.


Ron Cook Likes Pee

The new cool thing to do in the media?
Blast Mario Lemieux for no reason.

Next up, the wildly untalented Ron Cook.

[The return of Jschiff]

He throws Buries It under the bus in a column about Bing. [PG]

Scott Burnside, a national columnist for, chided Mario Lemieux in a piece Tuesday for hiding in seclusion and not doing more to sell the NHL during the Cup final. Burnside took a beating from Penguins fans, but he was right on with his criticism. Lemieux's public-relations stance always has been a matter of convenience -- his.

Ron Cook writes for the Post Gazette every week. And all of sudden because ESPN blasts Lemieux, he does the same? Why say something like that?

You'd think Cook would stick up for Lemieux.

After all, he sure gave him stuff to write about over the years. Like this [600 word lovefest] back in 2001.

But no, Ron Cook is a coward. Cook also blasted 66 in a TV appearance to drive the point home.



We don't know what the big deal is about Mario not acquiescing to media requests.
Pensblog's own Marty the Chicken put in a request on Friday, and it was granted.

You are a beast

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I know.

So, how does it feel to be on the owner side of the SCF?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Any SCF I've been in, I've owned, so it's nothing new to me.

Sidney Crosby lives with you. Tell us it's like a sitcom.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
It's more of a reality show called "He Lives With Me. The Media Covered This Two Years Ago."

That's a pretty long title.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Listen, Buries It, this interview isn't about you.
It's about me touching myself when I tell my colleagues that I interviewed you.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

As a player, you were always available for interviews.
In your retirement as a non-player, you haven't been as available.
What gives?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The operative word is "retirement."

Oh, but you were available when you wanted an arena for your team.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Yeah, that was kind of a big deal.

And the SCF Finals isn't a big deal?
You're a hockey legend. Why haven't you had more of a presence in these Finals?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I'm the owner of the team now.
Yeah, it's a good story and all.
The ironic part is all you got to tell people is that I'm a former player who is now the owner.
Anything following that, I look like I crave the attention.

Then why did you agree to this interview?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Because chickens don't get much respect in the journalistic community.
And I was hoping I could get some free candy out of this.

A-ha! So it is all about you!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
You would be surprised what some people would do for free candy.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Listen, chicken, you media types can't play both sides.
You call me out, saying I only grant media requests when it benefits me.
But then you conveniently ignore the thought that me granting requests during the SCF would benefit me.
I've raised a lot of money for my charity during these SCF by opening the Mellon for away games.
You can't say that I'm all about myself when I say I don't want any piece of the spotlight.
It doesn't make any sense.

That rant just cost you a Tootsie Roll

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Colonel Sanders just called.
Your mom is dead.



[Jon M]

:: Jokestrom Is in. [TSN]

:: [PSI] is usually dead on, and they are saying Jokestrom is out..

:: Rumor has it that the Wings were forced to move to Nemacolin Woodlands,
because some Pens fans unleashed the jobbing squad at the Renaissance Wednesday morning.

They went into the garage across the street from the Renaissance with airhorns.
They used duct tape to rig the horns so they blew until they ran out of air.

The Wings were upset and changed hotels.
But they are back at the Renaissance today.


Not a lot of Pens news going on. If you don't know whats going on at this point, you are worthless.

:: The meaning of Game Four. [Going Five Hole]

:: Game Four is a battle of the TV ratings. If people in Detroit even have TV's. [Puck Daddy]


Alan Muir from Sports Illustrated says why even play any more games. [SI]

We'd respond, but we fell asleep trying to read it.

Muir needs some Candy.

[Nick V]

With the Penguins' prospects getting the job done in the AHL Finals,
it has forced us to look ahead to next year.

Hacksaw has had a masterful run.
It makes sense, considering this is the final year in his contract.

Red and Andy are secured through 2010.
So is Ed Harris.

President Whitmore may retire.

Others in the system:

2007-08 record: 0-2

2007-08 record: 0-1

Top Prospects:


Some other shit probably happened.
But whatev.

8:10 PM tonight is all we are worried about.

Go Pens


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