Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Take The Long Way Home. PENS WIN.

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This was the definition of a seesaw game. You couldn't tell which team had the momentum from the second period on. As soon as one team scored, the other started mounting some pressure in the offensive zone. It was a great hockey game to watch.

It had a good ending, too.

As you can see, Crosby's stick was level with the crossbar.

Or maybe it wasn't. We'll never know.
The referee usually has a great view of a high stick when there's so little traffic in front.
But wait.

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The ref was too busy ducking from Malkin's slapper. What a mistake.
If Versus had Matrix bullet-time, we could rotate around to a good angle.
Could have went either way. Pens win.
The over/under on Crosby-related conspiracy post on various message boards/blogs On Tuesday is 200.
The only post we care about is when the NHL posts the standings with the Pens getting two points.
Suck it.

Versus is a joke.
We don't have HD, but can't the camera zoom out when the puck is kept in at the blue line?
No, we don't even see where the puck goes when it's shot on net.
Either Versus sucks or HSBC is where hockey broadcasts go to die.

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Black dude = not impressed.
Girl in front of him = a mannequin.
Yuppie woman on the right = a bitch. you can tell.
Red jersey = about to eat dude in front of him.


Apparently this anonymous pic was taken inside of a bubble.

matt s.

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Before the game, Crosby throws a grenade into the stands.

The NHL covers it up.

Before you can settle in, Buffalo gets lucky as usual. 1-0.
Shit, Sabres blow.

We were gonna put out an Amber Alert for Max Talbot, but then we found him in front of the Sabres net not ready for a centering pass from Matt Cooke.

Orpik took some penalty no one knows about.

The NHL clearly fixes games against the Pens.


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Per Versus, if you use Bod Spray, you will play a soccer game with your shirt off.
How many times can one station play the same commercial?

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Second period was nothing until the Pens committed a big-time Ben at their own blue line.
Kotalik's girlfriend is on her period. 2-0.


Someone out there probably muttered to fire Therrien.
10 bucks to the first period who can prove they said "FIRE THERRIEN" during sex.

Pascal Dupuis said not in my house. All he does is score goals. 2-1.
Just a big goal. What a pass by Orpik. No joke.

In the second half of the period, it was GoGo's turn. 2-2.
Or maybe it was deflected. Only Jesus Christ knows. We get to see one replay so whatev.

The Pens were sustaining pressure on their next shift. But it was penalty city.
Godard had something to do with it. Even though Buffalo committed seven penalties on the same play.

Peters and Gods fight. Nothing to write home about.

General MacArthur puts one home on the ensuing powerplay as the Pens penalty kill leaves MAF out of dry. 3-2.


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More items have been added to the event, including another pair of tickets.
For more details, go to the FACEBOOK INVITE or ask around in C-blog.

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The Sabres started the third period with their fifth power play of the game.
The Pens had still not had one. Is that even a sentence.

The Pens killed that penalty, though.
Solid performance that was to be expected.

The game dwindled into the tail end of the third, and the Sabres finally get called for a penalty because some idiot punches someone in the face.
A commercial break comes next, so Malkin spends the next minute loading up on ammo.

But it was Goligoski's SMG that found its way to the twine.
You see the Pens bench standing during the PP on a replay. 3-3.


Uh oh:

The momentum had swung until Boucher gets high-sticking for lifting his stick above his own waistline and hitting someone who is already on the ground because he can't skate. Get real. We thought Paul Stewart retired. What a horrible call.

Lindy Ruff calls a big timeout. What a move.
Did Joe Beninati say a player "went right to the cooker" when he drove to the net?
Killed. Send your wife to the cooker to bake us a pie.

Big third-period performance.

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The overtime was shorter than Keith Jones' penis.
The MegaPowers jump over the boards. Go-go gets it to Malkin.
Knuckle puck time. Crosby is in front.

Goal city. You can see Malkin talkin' shit to Miller, which is awesome.

You'd think it was game. But hold your ovaries.
Might have been a high stick.

Lets go to the NHL rulebook.
Rule 39.4 VI

Please recall that all decisions must be completely and utterly conclusive.
The play was called a goal on the ice.

If A.O scored this goal, its the greatest OT goal ever scored.
Crosby scores it: It is a conspiracy.

Go to hell. Game.

  • Ryan Miller after the game:
“I didn’t get a great look, but from my gut feel I thought it was a little high,” he said. “Let’s just hope they make the right call in Toronto.”

That's what she said.

  • Buffalo sucks. Get some more cameras in your rink if you don't think it's a goal. Idiots.
  • Whitney returns Tuesday night. Right?
  • Boucher had a solid game.
  • Tin Man.


From [DieByTheBlade]:
"NHL Golden Boy Sidney Crosby scored the overtime winner on a shot that he clearly deflected with a high stick. Is there really any reason to have a war room in Toronto if they can't see anyway? Is that the same video room that looks at supplemental discipline? Anyway, I digress. Hopefully that will be the end of my venting and I'll talk about the game."


From [Sabre Chaser]:
"Once again the NHL got the picture perfect ending to a nationally televised hockey game, Sidney Crosby scoring the game winner in overtime. Does that remind anyone of a certain Ice Bowl where said golden boy scored a shootout goal successfully clinching the game for Pittsburgh also on national television?"

Yeah, no question the Ice Bowl was fixed, too.

From [The Fanatical Fan]:
The recap title -- "That wasn't a goal."

"This isn’t sour grapes, I promise. If you look at the reviews, you can see that not only did Sidney tip the puck, but his stick was clearly above the crossbar. Even he knew that. If any other player had done that, you can bet your bobbleheads that it doesn’t count and they keep playing. It’s really unfortunate that this is a league where the rules are thrown out the window for one player."

"Sabres should have gotten two points tonight."

The fanatical fan lives up to his crazy name.
Would the Sabres have gotten two points if the goal was overturned? We're confused.

We could go on with post after post of complaining from Sabres fans,
but our computers keep crashing because they are flooding with tears.

If the Flyers, Caps, and Rangers weren't around, there wouldn't be a bigger waste of an organization and their fans than the Buffalo Sabres.

Go Pens.


meecrofilm said...

Gino city.

Gogo is really starting to make a strong case for hanging around once Whitney returns.

roachai said...

ya whos the odd man out tomorrow night???


FreeCandyVan44 said...

what a game.
what a post.

dave said...

this post is why the pensblog is a big deal

mel-mel said...

"wake me up before you gogo" has been stuck in my head all night.
and i dont mind a damn bit.

penstone said...

thank you pensblog.
always the voice of reason in a fucked up world.

KaylaJ said...

i like how after "that's what she said" my chop appears. nicely played!

anyway, gotta like the way flower rebounded from the toronto game and helped keep the pens in the game.

nikki said...

anyone know the deal with letaaaang?

meecrofilm said...

Oh, and a few other things...

The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick.

Indeed. People need to learn the fucking rules before they start bitching about everything. As you guys showed, the goal was legal. Barely. But hey, they're not gonna throw you in jail for banging an 18 year old, and they're not gonna disallow a goal if the puck hits the stick at a height level with the crossbar.

I forgot to mention, great recap Staff.

"Black dude = not impressed.
Girl in front of him = a mannequin.
Yuppie woman on the right = a bitch. you can tell.
Red jersey = about to eat dude in front of him."

How many times can one station play the same commercial.

How the fuck is this a real fragrance??

And that photo celebrating the OT goal is my new favorite picture, for so many reasons.

TIMKO said...

Your right...the NHL with it's godly powers told malkin to knuckle puck a shot at crosby at (Estimating) 50 MPH + and then told Crosby to deflect it in. Staged!

Go Pens. Turn this season around.
Don't want to start rumorblog but...who's gonna go down when Whit comes up?


Also, I'll try to be at Festivus tomorrow but I work at Fuel and Fuddle which is open til 1 friggin AM in the morning. I'll try to run over.

KaylaJ said...

meecro they sell it at wally world, but you know ads with sweaty shirtless guys and cheap is just the way charlie likes it

and nikki i thought letang returned in the 3rd?

nikki said...

he still looked kinda shaken up though.
who knows- i just don't want another d-man or ANY man for that matter to go down haha

KaylaJ said...

nikki you know how it's gone this season, one comes back another goes down. if they took the bus back to pittsburgh they could always stop for some snow so he can ice up a bit. luckily after tonight there is the holiday break so hopefully he's got some time and it is nothing major

Stephen said...

This website makes Pens fans look trashy and classless like every steeler fan already is.

I really try to respect the Penguins, but when people write a blog like this and think their cheap, childish humor is genius, I find myself laughing at the amount of misery they must be in.

I like the photoshops most times, but it never fails that this site is taken over board.

Keep scouting all the message boards for your opponents. You really good at making fun of someone over the internet..oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Kimberlass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberlass said...

"10 bucks to the first person who can prove they said "FIRE THERRIEN" during sex."

I'm shameless and need money all the time. Don't tempt me.

Jay said...

TPB with the money recap. Good stuff, guys.

Allison said...

Oh, staff I think I might actually piss myself from one of your reacaps one of these days. GREAT shit.

And I'm with kimberlass on that fire Therrien "shout out". Some people may be surprised what poor college girls would do for a little bit o' money. Others may not be so surprised, and might possibly know from experience.

And that last half of my comment was a joke... mostly.

TheFandangler said...

Eaton sucks...

KaylaJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen said...

Nah. Allison and Kimberlass proved my point.

Go wash your starter jacket.

TheFandangler said...

lol. Stephen...

hahaha.... stephen...




(Worst post in tPB history)

KaylaJ said...

dude, how did you know i had a starter jacket?! anyway, i deleted my comments simply cause i don't care.

but before i forget once again, for those going tomorrow have a good time, can't wait to hear how much fun i always miss!

Stephen said...

Yea that makes sense...

You can delete your last post too, I wont tell anyone.

Brandon said...

So apparently a one on one break away that Ryan Miller's stupid ass couldn't stop was a fix? Or maybe it was Buries It controlling the weather with his magic.

When will Buffalo get it through their head that they suck at everything?

meecrofilm said...

Yes... someone in the comments section of an internet blog calling other people in the comments section of an internet blog immature and acting like they're above the other people around them..... priceless.

"I find myself laughing at the amount of misery they must be in.

We actually have a great time, not only hanging around here, but because we get to watch the two greatest players in the game on a nightly basis!

Talk about misery... coming from someone who needs to talk-down people on the internet to make them feel good about themselves. Yayy for the constructive use of your time! Bye now!

nikki said...

even the guy on nhl on the fly is bitching
good lord

meecrofilm said...

What's that? You're going to type up a sophisticated response? And I'm going to bed now, so I'll never read it? And you're going to laugh smugly to yourself? Ok, that works for me.

Allison said...

Haha stephen- you're too funny. Everyone regular around here knows that was a joke. Kinda like how everyone regular around here knows you're a joke.

Nature Boy said...

Pittsburgh fans in misery? Your city is the definition of epic fail. Wide Right, going 0-for-4 in Super Bowls, Brett Hall beating you. I think you've got the misery market covered. If I were from Buffalo I would would wake up every morning and say, "Why God why do I have to live in Buffalo?"

Have fun rooting for the Bills when their in Toronto, and when the Sabers move from Buffajoke in the next 10 years.

Stephen said...

Welcome to Pominville
Population Douchebags

really? Holy shit THAT IS FUNNY.

Atleast Kris Letang isnt soft...

Oh wait he is.

Stephen said...

Thanks for reminding me. I really forgot about those.

The Pens are doing a lot of failing themselves too.

Total Choke in the playoffs
Total Joke of the NHL 1995-2007

The list is gonna get longer. Missing the playoffs in 2008


TheFandangler said...

lol. Stephen finds a new gear of suck mode with each post...

why are you even here?...

Thanks for the reassurance that Buffalo likes men.

jefe p said...

id say it was well worth going to the bar to see this game more clearly.

not sure what happened to the clearly part after that..

isnt it great to be on the team where the conspiracy works for you.

fuck you guys.

Stephen said...

Second period was nothing until the Pens committed a big-time Ben at their own blue line.
Kotalik's girlfriend is on her period. 2-0.

jefe p said...

@fandang -stephen is new gear of suck mode? i thought that was just fleuryous in disguise.

Stephen said...

Before you can settle in, Buffalo gets lucky as usual. 1-0.
Shit, Sabres blow.

TheFandangler said...


Allison said...

Umm, so since stephen can't come up with anything for himself he's just going to copy and paste from staff's post? Hmmmmm...very interesting trolling tactic. I said interesting, not effective.

Derek B. said...

Classless, huh? Obviously, you've never been to Philadelphia. Or Cleveland. All we do in Pittsburgh is win championships. If that makes us classless, fine.

Bing for the win. Go Pens.

TheFandangler said...

100% agree with Stephen...

The Sabres blow.

Stephen said...

This site is the funniest ever, omfg i love it. yayyyyyy.

Im gonna go chase the hockey playas around the bars on southside.

KaylaJ said...

Total Choke in the playoffs
Total Joke of the NHL 1995-2007

The list is gonna get longer. Missing the playoffs in 2008

...i give, who is he talking about?

Stephen said...

You guys won the cup last year.

Allison said...

@kaylaj- I was thinking possibly the islanders, but then I realized they could not fill the criteria of "total choke in the playoffs" since half their current roster probably wasn't even born the last time that team made the postseason.

Nature Boy said...

Did the Sabers make the playoffs last year? They didn't it must of been a leauge wide conspiracy. Oh wait they just sucked per usual.

Kimberlass said...

For the record: My "FIRE THERRIEN" sex will not be with Stephen.

...Oh my God I made another classless joke. Heaven forbid he comes after me and calls me childish or worse yet UGLY. I might have to stop watching the Pens to be cool and popular like him.

Stephen, seriously, you're the one that needs to grow up. Sure, sometimes tPB is a huge circle-jerk of immature jokes but you're the one who came here and jumped into the middle of it. We like the Pens. You are at THE PENS BLOG. Did you really think you were going to change our minds?

If you did, let me break the news to you; internet fighting doesn't change minds. It just makes everyone mad. Please go somewhere else where it's a "WE HATE THE PENS AND THEIR FANS" circle-jerk where people can re-affirm your ideas and you can feel better about yourself. While you are here, save it.

LargeTurkey said...

Stephen is in Charlie's bed room... and he just found the internet

biff said...

Don't worry about Stephen. He's still basking in the glory of the Sabres Stanley Cup years.

Oh wait...the Sabres have never won a Cup. In 39 years.

Shit. You really do suck.

BTW, the use of perspective in the pshop of Sid's goal is brilliant. I had thought it was just a bit high until I saw that. Epic.

Derek B. said...

What, this joke is from Buffalo?!

Don't even accost him with insults. There'd be no point. Let's just shine the Pittsburgh trophy case.

Steelers' Super Bowl wins:
1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005

Tied with DAL and SF for most ever.

Pirates' World Series wins:
1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, 1979

Only five teams have won more.

Penguins are at two Cups and counting.

Does Buffalo even have any sports teams? And I don't mean the Bills and Sabres. I mean REAL ones.

dhudzin said...

Great game.

Going back to the pregame post, who else noticed Gonch stunned in front of the net after the Nedved goal? Unreal.

dave said...

Total Joke of the NHL from 1995-2007?

Does that include the Kasparaitis Game 7 goal in 2001? Who was that against? I forget.

jbart321 said...

Those quotes are hilarious. I was waiting to see what some of those Buffalo douches had to say. The Buffalo Sallies need to stop crying so much and quit making excuses. Good goal. It was reviewed in Toronto and still a goal. Go to hell Sally fans.

Todd said...

Being a Pens fan, raised in Pitt, then transplanted to this upstate NY hell....Looking at SabresKings3623 post on Let'sgoSabres.com, seriously this guy voluntarily lists Marilla, NY as a location. If you don't know, then it plays out like this, Marilla is comprised of 4 rds, and 4 trailer parks. My question is when the fuck did they get cable?

Pensblog Staff said...

Stephen sounds like one of the usual suspects but with a different name.
That Brett Hull pic never brings out the best. Is Stephen even a Sabres fan? Probably not. We've been around enough to know that Stephen is a Pensblog frequenter who feels like stirring things up. Whatev.

Pensblog Staff said...

"Total Joke of the NHL from 1995-2007?

Does that include the Kasparaitis Game 7 goal in 2001? Who was that against? I forget."

Dave FTW

Todd said...

Sabres fans are innately bitter, it's slowly sinking in that Golisano didn't get rich by SPENDING his money.

J.S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sven butenschon said...

Solid recap you missed 1 thing

Black dude = not impressed.
Girl in front of him = a mannequin.
Yuppie woman on the right = a bitch. you can tell.
Red jersey = about to eat dude in front of him.
Jagoff in brown jacket just got done picking his nose

1 more thing tonight be @ Calico Jacks DO IT
Charlie is supposed to make an appearence and for everyone that shows up and doesn't bitch about the $1 cover can pose with the buries it jersey for a picture
Bring the kids bring the neighbors
hell bring the neighbor's kids

To all the Buffalo fans
I invite you to come to pgh and I'll take you to Gator's Saloon in Bloomfield and show what real wings are

J.S. said...

stephen, it's amazing you can get internet service on such a high pedestal.

Let me remind you that your town has a football team who failed to seal the deal for almost half a decade, a town who's most famous athlete is now remembered as a thieving double-murderer, and even God hated your miserable shithole city so much that he jobbed it when creating the Niagara Falls.

FireFox said...

I totally agree about Versus and their cameras at this game. I was wondering why the camera was so bad and they kept losing site of the puck. Then I realized they were catering to those with HD. BTW Versus, most people still don't have HD, dicks.

Was it a high stick? Did the ball cross the plane in the Steelers/Ravens game last week? The truth will never be certain which is why we have referees to call these things. Sometimes the call goes your way, sometimes not. That is just the way it is you Sabers bitches. If it was called against us, Pens fans wouldn't have been screaming that it was a good goal and it was a conspiracy against us.

Jesus. Where would we be without Go-Go? What the hell do we do with him if the defense gets healthy? You can't send him down or bench him, you just can't.

Speaking of, could you pick a less gay Wham! song to play....Oh, no I guess you can't. :)

Stilly said...

There is nothing on this planet more annoying than people who don their tinfoil hats and cry about conspiracies. The second most annoying people are those who bitch about officiating.

If it's close enough for there to be debate about it, then the call on the ice should stand. That call didn't lose the game for Buffalo or win it for Pittsburgh. That is a goal every time, I don't care if Holmstrom is getting the call.

You just can't claim that the NHL wants the Pens to win, when the penalties were 5-1 in favor of Buffalo.

The point is that good teams aren't beaten by officiating. Good teams don't let themselves be put in those kinds of situations. It's obvious then that Buffalo isn't a good team.

J.S. said...

firefox, it may or may not be less gay, but I can really go without hearing their Last Christmas song.

btumpak said...

wooooo! buffasuck my balls

go pens.

Matt said...

In case you think the "nothing to do ever" and epic fail of its sports teams is enough to make Buffalo a joke, you're forgetting one thing:

The best thing to ever come out of Buffalo is the Goo Goo Dolls.

Matt said...

Oh, and can we call Buffalo "Toronto Jr." from now on? It seems appropriate.

Raybin said...

Someone bring some cheese, because the Sabres fans are having a wine party!


Whereas I really really detest Rags and Flyers fans, I mostly feel pity for Sabres and Leafs fans. Not that this makes them any less annoying, but they're just not worth hating.

Here's the cold hard truth, Sabres fans:

You had Dominik Hasek from 1992-2001. That's like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Huge advantage. And you still couldn't pull out a Cup. Think about that. Without him, your organization languishes in mediocrity at best for the last 15 years.


As for last night: It was Fleury's win. 100 percent. What a performance.

Raybin said...

You can't send him down or bench him, you just can't.

Yes, you can. Goligoski is clutch in the offensive zone. Most other times, he's busy turning the puck over at the blue line. He needs to go back to WBS to sharpen his defensive skills.

I'm sure Eaton will be scratched in favor of Whitney, but when Gill comes back, I think it's time for Gogo to, well...go.

Next season he'll make the team out of training camp and be a monster complete defenseman. Mark my words.

Brian said...

Put the highstick conspiracy aside.

Here are the facts....
1. It was over-time.
2. They were skating 4-on-4.
3. Crosby was in front of the net with only one other player.
4. Looking at the photo from the game on the Pensblog, the ref should have not been ducking because his arm should have been in the air for the choke hold that Lydman had on Sidney's neck.

Come on.... how doesn't that call get made?

Duff said...

Shaft deflection while eating Lydman's glovewich...


Stilly said...


Agreed. Goligoski goes back down when Gonch comes back and makes the team out of camp next year. Of course I don't think Gonchar will be back before the trade deadline, so depending on where the Pens are in the standings in the first week of March, a blueliner may be traded and it may be a non-issue. In Shero We Trust.

Contraversy aside, the team finally showed a solid work ethic. People were battling, winning pucks, and the team just looked more energized. That is the style of play that will win hockey games.

One lucky bounce and one turnover made this a close game. There is still improving to do, but what a step in the right direction.

Go Pens.

jasper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
urban said...

Screw Buffalo. That goal was amazing.

I don't understand how someone can say that "it was clearly a high stick". It wasn't clearly anything. That's why they had to review it.

If it wasn't called a goal on the ice, then maybe it doesn't count.

Them's the breaks.

sven butenschon said...

@ Stephen
I am surprised you can type with Charie's cock in your mouth

Speaking of Buffalo
I was there last year for the Winter Classic and after about a day and a half I was looking for a gun shop to end it all
How does anyone live there
I can't believe that they don't lead the country in suicides

By choking (sorry that just the Bills)

Matt said...

urban, truth. If they waved it off on the ice, the review would have said the call stands. The official might have missed a call by being too busy dodging Malkin's slapper, or he might have inadvertently made the right call when he pointed at the net.

Was anyone surprised when the Versus panel in hockey central immediately jumped on it as a missed call? Anyone at all? At least the game tonight is on FSN. Now we get to see what playing our 05-06 squad was like...

kstewy16 said...

Great recap. I love when people cry foul over something that is nowhere near obvious. I mean, if the stick was a mile over his head and they called it a goal, that would have been obvious, but most of the time in the NHL if its close, they go with the call on the ice unless they have INDISPUTABLE evidence. And considering the only camera angle we happened to have was 10 miles above giving us one shitty angle made it completely impossible.

wilsmith said...

whatever happened to the WHAM! trial?

P.O. said...


kstewy16 said...

From EN about the Bolts.
This is gonna be a fun game.

Ex-Penguins on the Lightning: (deep breath) Len Barrie, Owner; Adam Hall, RW; Jamie Heward, D; David Koci, LW; Greg Malone, Head Professional Scout; Ryan Malone (right), LW; Mark Recchi, RW; Gary Roberts, LW; Rick Tocchet, Head Coach. (Heward and Koci are actually former Penguins prospects and never played with the NHL team. We just wanted to make this list as long as possible.)

akus said...

Miller actually said that. ??
His comment made me laugh.
So the man has eyes in his gut?

Why didn't Versus show the angle from the camera that they had in the damn net?

And attention Versus camera people:
When i watch a game i want to see the WHOLE ice, not one player so close up i can't tell where he is going.
At least we are done with Buffalo, i hope we are done with Versus as well.

According to the Pens site
Sabu in net tonight &
i don't see a #19 on D.

I am sure it will be a lineshuffle till the puck drops

Matt said...

It appears that Talbot is starting on both the third and fourth lines tonight:


pops said...


if making it to the stanley cup finals is "choking" in the playoffs, then i hope the pens "choke" every single fucking year.

you, sir, are a fucking joke. kill yourself

Stilly said...


Definintely not. Especially when Keith Jones was the first to comment. Jones is TV commentator for Flyers games and is an incredible homo... er homer.

I knew that giant asswipe was going to disagree. He's such a bone smoker.

Victor Raison said...

Haha, Toronto Jr.

Try wrapping your head around this.

akus said...

After tonight's game, if fans from Tampa Bay blog here,
they will tell it like it is.

They at least admit the Bolts suck.


I enjoy reading other sites about hockey but after reading Puck Daddy, and just the comments from the Sabres blog on the recap, i think i will take a break.

Jesus, the hate. The jealousy.

Max, multitaskin
Is Taffe still up? I need a score card.

Matt said...

@akus, jealousy happens when the Florida Panthers are sneaking up on you. WOOOOOOOOO

Raybin said...

Sabu in net tonight? Well, fuck. There goes Fleury's eligibility for the All-Star game.

Didn't he need to start the rest of the December games to make 20? Or am I smoking crack?

Of course, since Talbot's apparently starting on 2 lines, I suppose the starting lineup isn't exactly a done deal yet. We'll see.

Victor Raison said...

A little known fact about the war room in Toronto. They didn't actually need to watch the replays of the goals last night. Once they heard the Versus "anal-ysts" saying "no goal" they knew what the correct call was.

"I dunno, it's pretty close. Wait, those guys are saying it was a high stick? Since when do they know anything about hockey? Goal!"

It's actually laughable that Buffalo bloggers are using Jones and Engblom as credible sources in their arguement for a no goal.

j.s.22 said...

Anybody else get the vibe last night that Beninati was anti- Penguin and Jones and Edzo were going to make out about Crosbys stick being over the crossbar?

akus said...

*nine game streak

*48 assists tops in the league

*on pace for an 100 assist season, only 3 others have done that in the NHL, i am sure you can guess who they are.

*58 points, league lead

* +22, league lead.

What more can we ask for.

kstewy16 said...

Wow Victor, I just read that for a solid 15 minutes, and I think I know understand the sentence. Kind of. Sort of.

debrisslide said...

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that Goligoski will be sent back down once our defensemen stop being so fucking injured. And yes, he will make the team out of training camp and become abso-fucking-lutely nasty. But. . .you know. I'll miss the kid. *sigh*

Matt said...

@raybin, Fleury's been in 17 games this season, and including tonight, the Pens play 5 more before Jan 2. So if Fleury gets 3 more games, he's eligible.

Now here's the question: does 20 games for goalies mean starts, or just any appearance?

holygoligoski said...

The HSBC after the goal was called last night = stunned. Probably the greatest thing I've ever witnessed.

And if Gogo does get sent down, I really don't think we'll see him in a Pens uni next season.

Dubs said...

nice post ... so much whining it makes me appreciate my own life, in which I'll go home tonight and NOT clean the bathroom, and hear whining not even almost as bad as Nancy Sabres douches ...

Aubrey said...

I knew that people liked to whine about Sid, but I never knew it was so bad until yesterday's game and reading all these blogs where they're just hating...seriously? seriously? don't be jealous that we have two of the best players in the world.

with that said, great recap staff.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Last night's game winning goal off of Sid's rigid, erect shaft left me with a full, robust, confident feeling that I thought I could get only through once-daily tablets for natural male enhancement.

RedWings said...

The overtime was shorter than Keith Jones' penis.

Brilliant Staff!!!! Hilarious!

Stilly said...


That's completely possible being that he's an RFA. I hope it doesn't happen, but hell you can only have so many offensive minded defensemen. When Gonch returns that would make Gonch, Whit, Legame, Goligoski.

If you ask me, I say move Gonchar who is UFA after next season and keep Goligoski. If you have Whitney, Orpik, Letang, Goligoski, Scuderi, and Gill (if he re-signs) to pick from, the pairings aren't bad. Gonch clears the most capspace.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Buffalonians tears cause the water main break in Maryland this morning.

It's true

akus said...

i was hoping to see an appearance by Charlie at the HSBC, sorry that they got puck confused with fuck. It's easy to see why they did though, i did google for HSBC and this is what i found:

Buffalo, New York. Home of the NHL Buffalo Sabers.-


A wink to Flueryous for her original line of,
" That OT was shorter than Miller's penis"

Damn now i wish we played Buffalo again, all the lines we can use!!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Gill and Scuderi (please don't go Scudsie!) are both UFA's after this season. Gonchar has one year left. U lock up Gay Wham! Song for as long as you possibly can.

Erik J. Barzeski said...

The goal was close. It's at Crosby's armpits, and something tells me Crosby's armpits are higher than four feet. He was bending over only slightly, plus he's on skates.

But whatever - a win's a win and sometimes you get the breaks. 5-1 in the penalties was a time when we weren't getting the breaks.

As for the Versus Hockey Central gang, it was Keith who kept saying that they must have "inconclusive" visual evidence to overturn the call on the ice.

Apparently he doesn't know that "indisputable" and "inconclusive" aren't the same thing.

Christine said...


letang out, whitney in

kstewy16 said...

Holy pieces of shit!!! I never realized Gogo is a RFA after this season!!!
Get that man signed pleaseeeeee!!!
If we lose him half of pittsburgh is jumping off the Vets bridge.
Seriously, he and Letang have been our best defenseman lately, both defensively and offensively.

The Goon Blogger said...

Eaton in over Letang?

Mind blowing.

The Goon Blogger said...

Or...perhaps I should actually read the article and see Letang is out with an undisclosed injury. Good times. Me=Joke.

holygoligoski said...


I know. I've known Alex from our years at UMinn and I hope they put an offer sheet out there. I wish they knew what gem they had in him before the resigned Eaton. Who is decent and all just.. leaves a lot to be left desired IMO.

HSBC = lame. It was maybe 4 minutes before the game when some security guard that looked roughly 65 years old came and took it away saying it "gave off the wrong message Versus is trying to give to viewers." If they have a problem with it, don't pan to our section of the arena.

Is Gary Roberts playing tonight or is he out still?
Either way, I do NOT want to see a bottle of Fiji anywhere near the Tampa Bay bench.

Mark said...

Awesome game, awesome night. The NYC Pens Meetup raised $1,000 for the Mario Lemieux Foundation! Unreal.

Ormiss said...

Did anyone else notice how the Pens had way fewer powerplays than the Sabres? I'm telling ya; Gary Bettman wants the Sabres to win!

Wait... is the conspiracy against or for the Penguins...? I forget. :(

The Goon Blogger said...

Can I just say I hope Gary Roberts and Tim Wallace drop the gloves? It would be amazing. I also hope Whitney fights Malone shouting "YOU'RE A MEDIA WHORE!" while he punches him in the face.

holygoligoski said...


That made my day. Such a media whore!

xocharmedchildox said...

psst, ha just let the buffalo ppl whine and complain. I mean, I would be bitter too if the only city championship win came in the movie Anchorman [great movie]

Matt said...

Man, if the game was in Tampa Bay tonight, the arena would be emptier than Buffalo's trophy case. I'm sure Malone will enjoy hearing the sound of fans again.

Raybin said...

Further proof (if such was needed, which it ain't) that Mario is a beast of an owner:

Pens will not charge season ticket holders extra fees at the Consol Center.

What a human.

Serena and Chuck said...

M. Vanderlasser, your joke was great. I have that stupid male enhancement whistle song stuck in my head. I need to counter it by singing the HNIC song really loud.

We buffalo'd the Buffalo buffalo.

quiteprolific said...

I think the movie is actually Bruce Almighty when everyone in buffalo wins the lottery...sorry...just sayin.

xocharmedchildox said...

Ah, your right. My badd... I completely just effed up my own terrible joke.


dying alive said...

The only good thing to come out of Buffalo is Brooks Orpik, and I'm not sure he even counts since he wasn't born there.

Tonight. Whitney.

fleuryous said...

Beautiful recap.
Thank you for the "props", akus. haha

Great game--I was never disappointed in the way that Pens played.
Their play along the boards gave me an erection.

Gogo will gogo back to WBS, but I'm pretty sure that Shero realizes to trade him would be more than sillyyyy. SCUDS BETTER NOT GO :(.

Kris Letang may be soffer than yo mama, but he is NOT soff.

Go Pens.

dying alive said...

Raybin, thanks for the info on the PSLs. Mario & Burkle = solid human beings.

Matt said...

It appears Mike Smith is starting for the Lightning. I was really hoping Olie the Goalie would make an appearance...

fleuryous said...

Oh, and speaking of Tim Wallace...

I REALLY like him. What a pickup. I like Taffe and Stone, but...he has played balls-out EVERY game. Keep it, Man.

KaylaJ said...

i hope tonight has no penalties, no fights, no one going into the corners, all clear goals, and no cameras in the arena. i'm getting crosbyied out at puck daddy

speaking of, he's asking if it should or shouldn't be a goal, but doesn't seem to understand why some people are upset at another crosby article. i added my 2 cents (where is he when this happens any other time?), but feel free to do the same if you can stand going thru the "buffalo was robbed!!!".

fleuryous said...

They were robbed...of their shorts.


coffeytalk said...

Festivus tonight.

Do it.

Come for the game. Bob Errey's voice will ring gloriously through the bar. Hopefully he will tell us more stories about big animals eating smaller animals...

If you're headed to the Mellon, come on down after the game.

I've got an awesome chinese auction you don't want to miss.

Also, there is a cover tonight. ONE DOLLAR gets you in. That money goes directly to the MLF and at the end of the night, Calico Jack's will match it. woooo.

bring your ID for adult drinkers. get your mind right for some beer pong. and get your dancin' shoes ready.

Tonight, this ones for you, 66.

go pens.

fleuryous said...

ESPN Sportscenter just quoted "WHAM!"

I kid you not.

sven butenschon said...

"Last night's game winning goal off of Sid's rigid, erect shaft left me with a full, robust, confident feeling that I thought I could get only through once-daily tablets for natural male enhancement."

Could be in the top five funniest things written in cblog! I spit my coffee all over my keyboard.

Stilly said...

It's pretty hilarious that the pussies crying over at Puck Daddy are using how tall Bing is to argue the goal.

Last time I checked, the height of a player has nothing to do with anything. I don't care how tall he is on skates and how far his armpits are away from his waist, you CANNOT tell me from the video replay that the part of the stick that deflected the puck is above the cross bar. That's why the goal stood.

What a bunch of whiny girls. If it had been Vanek instead of Crosby, i'd have called him gay and moved on with my life. Grow up whiners.

Allison said...

@goon- I am DYING from your media whore comment. Brilliant!!!!

dd7 said...




damn its changed 3 times today now MAF is starting

dying alive said...

The Crosby obsession is pathetic. I actually kind of get it with Puck Daddy, Crosby brings in readership and that's his goal. But the fans of other teams who would rather talk about Crosby than their own players or boo Sid than cheer for their own team are sad, sad little people.

meecrofilm said...

@Stilly, 11:46- I've heard a lot of people advocating moving Gonchar for cap reasons (and the return he'd probably bring), but what many people are forgetting is that Gonch has a no-trade clause. He'd have to waive it first, and I don't see why he'd want to.

Stilly said...


You're absolutely right. Those no trade clauses are pesky. It will be interesting to see what happens.

thefanaticalfan said...

The fanatical fan lives up to his crazy name.

try HER crazy name.

Kat said...

"If A.O scored this goal, its the greatest OT goal ever scored.
Crosby scores it: It is a conspiracy."

EXACTLY. Seriously, if that was anyone else it wouldn't have been a big deal. The conspiracy theories are ridiculous. We'd be at the top of the damn standings if everything was rigged so precious Sidney could win his cup.

Put the haterade down and suck it.

Resputan said...

I have no christmas shopping done at all....

...Im heavily considering watching the game over shopping, is that bad?

Allison said...

Ok, so I'm watching one of those greatest songs of the 80s shows on vh1 and they just showed a clip of Tainted Love by softcell. And I am dying because I can't help but seeing Colby Armstrong in a black wig and sunglasses staring at me.

quiteprolific said...

and its promptly followed by wham and gogo...

Allison said...

Oh jesus and now they're playing Wham wake me up before you gogo. And shit, I've never seen the video before. I have never seen anything so gay in my life. How bad is it when you can't do anything in life without thinking of cblog lol?

Allison said...

Oh shit quiteprolific- you beat me to it

quiteprolific said...

Yeah it was a huge coincidence I caught VH1 and c-blog at the same time....i mean...ok I love VH1.

me=almost as gay as wham.

quiteprolific said...

Just to save any face that may be left...i only enjoy the countdowns...eff that reality stuff.

Allison said...

My excuse is that I'm home sick and can barely move. And how the fuck is welcome to the jungle not number 1? Grrr

kstewy16 said...

haha Allison, I'm watching that too.

I can't even put into words how excited I am for the Pittsburgh South game. It sucks that we don't have Letang for this game though, he would embarrass Smith if it went to a SO. I really hope Malone cries after the game. I want tears. I want to see him ball.
Oh, and if somehow, someway, they played "hey there malone" during the game, I would seriously cry.

Annie said...

"Tainted Love" always reminds me of a great game to play on road trips/when you're bored/in a silly mood. I think I mentioned it a few months ago, but it's worth bringing up again...

Think of every song with the word "love" in the title and replace it with the word "knob".

"Tainted Knob" is the best, but there's also,

I Will Always Knob You
I Don't Want Your Knob
Knob Hurts
Knob You Gently
Knobbers in Japan
Knob Shack
Knob Bites
Knob Me Tender
Knob Stinks

Search the word Love on lyrics.com and go to town!

quiteprolific said...


bayonetwork said...

am i the only one who thought about that game with a dirtier word?


Allison said...

@bayonetwork- nope, you're not the only one.

millvalemauler said...

no way does fleury deserve to be in the all star game let alone start. the nhl voting is horrible. as far as goaltenders in the league fleury falls about in the middle. i know a lot of you will disagree and call me names, but it isn't fair to a lot of guys who are having a great year.

2 things i want for christmas from fleury
1. for him to play like everyone thinks like he does.
2. not to become an injury case every year.

i might be the only pens fan who doesn't think he's this spectacular goalie, and yes i watched the playoffs last year, if he played half that good consistently, he would be up their in the ranks with roy, brodeur, belfour (he had a couple falling out years). just can't make an amazing save and then let one squeak by.

^^no relation to this game specifically.

and there's no way they can send goligoski, boucher, scuderi, or letang (when he comes back) down. im glad im not the one making the decision.

kstewy16 said...

Millvalemauler. Who would you want to start instead? Carrey Price? Because he's the only other option at this point. Fleury and Price are miles away from anyone else in the voting, so its piece of shit scary spice, or a goalie who hasn't played tremendous all season, but at least we all know he CAN play tremendous. Not to mention, its just for the starters, other guys like Thomas will still make the game. And you're right, they CAN"T send Boucher, Scuds or Eaton down. those three all have 1 way contracts and would have to go through waivers, and even if they cleared waivers, they would then have to go through re-entry waivers to be called back up.
As bad of a choice it may be, Gogo is really the only option to sit unless ownership wants to really piss off someone by making them sit the rest of the season, or trade them.
But again, this is all a dumb conversation right now, cus as soon as we got Whitney back, Letang got hurt. Gonchar is still months away, and who knows what could happen by then.

sven butenschon said...

If you knob something set it free. If it comes back to knob you its yours. If it doesn't it was never yours to knob in the first place.

sven butenschon said...

Knob in an Elevator

Allison said...

So if quiteprolific and kstewy stuck around for this vh1 fest- thinking of tPB all the way at number 2 with the close up of the defleppard drummer.

quiteprolific said...

so what has 7 arms and sucks...?

stokes said...

there's 5 guys in Def Leppard, not four.

That just makes them suck more.

@ Millevalemauler: I agree that maybe Fleury doesn't deserve to be the starter, but only because he missed a month of the season. His play has certainly warranted an all star selection. The first month of the season he was money. He was one of the brightest spots of the young season. Sure, he'll let in some weak goals, but the guy is money and will be for years.

I agree that i'm worried about him becoming a injury case every year.

quiteprolific said...

damnit...sorry never was a fan.


M. Vanderlasser said...

Since the Pens appear to play better after a bus ride, are there any plans to bus the boys from game to game this year?

And for home games, maybe pick them up at bus stops, like school kids?

...and if the drive to the Igloo isn't long enough to trigger the "Bus Ride Response" maybe they can drive out to Greensburg and back or something.

sven butenschon said...

Props to Barry White:
Knob is Back
Just Another Way to Say I Knob You
The Message Is Knob
Walkin' In the Rain With the One I Knob
Share a Little Knob in Your Heart
I'm Gonna Knob You Just a Little More Baby
Can't Get Enough of Your Knob, Babe
Sha La La Means I Knob You
Knob Makin' Music

J.S. said...

this sucks. I had plans on making the trip down, but I'm not sure if it's gonna happen now. Long story short, too many things to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

Another bit of a downer, especially for those who follow the ECHL: Fresno, a six year ECHL team who was currently 1st in their division and 2nd in their conference, has ceased operations, effective immediately. Fresno joins Augusta as the 2nd team to fold in the E this season.

Spencemo said...

Hellooooo cBlog...

I used to be a regular around here, but then I got all tied down with two jobs and 14 hours this semester. I know, absolutely no dedication...

You know, the last time I saw that Wham! video, I was about 12 years old, and had no idea George Michael was gay. Ah, innocence...

As soon as I saw about Sid's goal, I knew there would be a metric shitload of conspiracy theories roaming around the Gore... Whatev...

I didn't even get to watch the game because I was blending up Frappuccinos until 11PM.

Damn holiday shopping season...

Stephen said...

@ Sven,

Im pretty sure the reason we dont lead the nation in suicide is because Pittsburgh is already at the top.

Constant Rain
Acid Rain
Soot depositing in its citizens lungs
STDS galore @ Mellon Arena
Traffic Jams
Shitty neighbors
Asshole inhabitants, the list goes on.

More Rain

Spencemo said...

Bonnie Raitt:
I Can't Make You Knob Me

The Beatles:
Knob, Knob Me Do

Dolly Parton:
I Will Always Knob You

dying alive said...

Spoken like someone who has never been to Pittsburgh.

This is what we're all about.

If there's a similar site for Buffalo, by all means I'd like to see it. And pictures of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls don't count.

Really disappointed that I'm going to miss Festivus tonight. :(

sven butenschon said...


We didn't have an STD problem until your mom came to the 'Burgh.

Everyone in Buffalo should kill themselves because they couldn't win a championship if their lives depended on it.

Anchor Bar + Duffs = Fail

I had better wings at Hooters

pensfan871 said...

This is pretty late in the postings, but back to Crosby's OT goal.
I have 3 reasons as to why it was called correctly:

1. The photoshop explains with the red line showing that the stick was EXACTLY at the crossbar at the time of impact
2. In the 2 pictures above that, it shows Sid's stick before the puck hit it (it was maybe an inch or so high) and then after it hit where it was lower than the crossbar. So therefor, he was also moving his stick downwards which means that there is no way it could have been high sticking.
3. The refs called it a goal, get over it!

holygoligoski said...

Why would anyone in Pittsburgh commit suicide?

It IS the most livable city, afterall.

That being said..
Go Pens!.. and may Bob Errey gush about someone drinking the waaaater!

G-Lyn said...

This is random, but I had to share this with you guys.

My friend had a baby last night and his name is Sidney. He was due December 15th and decided to stay in a little longer.

I think that he was waiting for Sid to get out of his scoring drought to come out.

Oh, and he was 9 lbs 15oz and 22 inches long. I'm thinking we're going to have a new hockey player on our hands.

sven butenschon said...


I do actually like to go watch games at the HSBC arena. They don't have any of those pesky Stanley Cup banners to get in the way.

Remember when Mario scored that goal in game 6?

That was awesome

BlacknGold66 said...

Messing with Sven = Big mistake.

Kimberly said...

Stephen is the best thing to come out of Buffalo since Leon Czolgosz.

J.S. said...

constant rain? What do you think we are, Seattle?
acid rain? technically it's better than buffalo's rain. see for yourself
STD rates? Damn, looks like Buffalo has Pittsburgh beat again. Looking at numbers per 100k that are carrying full blown AIDS, we have Pittsburgh with 5.7 and Buffalo with an 8.4. Oh noes, wrong again.

I'd disprove the rest of the crap you have posted, but you've already bored me enough that I have moved on.

Matt said...

Let's stop pretending every little town like Buffalo matters. Focus on the half of New York that matters...

...speaking of which, FUCK.

As an O's fan, this is simultaneously devastating and bearable. It reeks of the Hossa situation for us. Tex, I mean Traitor, always said he wanted to play for his hometown favorites, the Orioles. So naturally he cashes in with the fucking Yankees. I plan on booing him at every chance I get.

Fuck the Yankees, and hard.

Rage said...

Fuck the Sabres, fuck Ryan Miller, fuck Stephen, and lastly , fuck any SPORT/team who pays some douche-rag asshole jerkoff 22.5 million fucking dollars a year to P-L-A-Y a fucking game and anybody who perpetuates that shit by being a fan. Fuck em all; fuck 'em hard...

bayonetwork said...

J.S. and Sven, your my heroes for the next hour.

ce by22 said...

PRICE, Carey 894499
FLEURY, Marc-Andre 890063

I don't know what the this jobber from buffalo is doing here, but I know we need to get on the horse for FLEURY!

Look at that C-Bloggers. I am calling you all out on this.

Leave buffalo alone. Thurman Thomas still ties up a noose from time to time when thinks back about the *cough cough* good days.

bayonetwork said...

and Rage.

stokes said...

Hey Sven: Remember when Kasparaitis scored that goal in game 7?

That was awesome.

Matt said...

Amen. The only plus side is that ESPN has been reassuring their needy bandwagoning Boston fanbase that Teixiera would come to the Red Sox for a week, and now he goes to their archrivals.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good time at Festivus, I have to drive home tonight. Go Pens.

kstewy16 said...

DA, those were some awesome pictures of Pittsburgh. I really do love this city. The only complaint anyone can make about it is the lack of nightclubs. But being that I'd rather be at a bar than a nightclub any day, I'll take Pittsburgh. And I guess the traffic one as well, but since I live north of the City, I've got an easy drive in. Anyone east west or south, its a bit tougher.

Fuck yeah Pittsburgh.
Go Pens.

Buffalo sucks.

KaylaJ said...

i've come to realize, i no longer like the MLB, but i do like a few teams, does that make sense?

KaylaJ said...

kstewy you been to one nightclub you've been to them all, they're pretty yawnfest.

kstewy16 said...

Yeah nightclubs blow, I'm kinda glad Pittsburgh only has a couple. But I have to hear my sister bitch about it every day. But hey, she's dating a guy from Philly, what the hell does she know.

kstewy16 said...

I like how every other FSN commercial has Nate McLouth in it. Too bad he's going to be gone in a season or two. Like Pittsburgh would possibly keep a gold glove outfielder whos under the age of 40.

The Goon Blogger said...

Hal Gill skated this morning, no contact but he should be back fairly soon as well.

Blue line is getting healthy. Good problem to have.

I'm totally biased towards Russians, so keep Gonchar, he's a nice veteran prescense on the blue line, and I think for sure he has a calming effect on Malkin. (Insert Malkin and Gonch Finishing Pic)


The Goon Blogger said...

Fishing pic even. Though I'm sure there's plenty of pictures of them finishing as well.


kstewy16 said...

Wow Adam Berkhoel is destroying down there. 11-5-1. Between he, Curry, and Brown, there seems to be no reason to bring in a new backup if they don't resign Sabou.

kstewy16 said...

Wow Malone is slobbin the pens knobs in the interview with Potash. Someone realizes he made a mistake!!

Docciavelli said...

Well, since Staff may mail in the Gameday post today (deservedly so, given the recap), I'll provide my own Gameday Starter FTW.

Make my day, Malone.

kstewy16 said...

Linky not workin Doc.

Docciavelli said...

Okay, try this.

Make my day, bitches.

kstewy16 said...

WOO, Looks good Doc.

Malone is dead to me.

Docciavelli said...

Nice to see Whits moving the puck up ice on shift #2. So, does he point the PP tonight?

Rage said...

did I say FUCK RYAN MALONE? Sorry, I meant to. I hope he gets a ruptured spleen. Rat bastard.

Go Pens


kstewy16 said...

Wow, nice two hand hack on Fleury's stick.

Whitney lookin good so far.

Docciavelli said...

Ryan Malone = Not worth $4+ million/year. Not even close.

So, tonight the referees are from Buffalo? I suppose it's not a trip when Malkin's yanked to the ice by a stick, but Stamkos falls with a stick anywhere near him and it's two in the box? Just another example of the NHL looking out for their golden boy.

[buffalo tinfoil hat]

Allison said...

So even though a part of me will forever love ryan malone, he needs his life ruined tonight.

Docciavelli said...

You know, I still have a soft spot for the Recchin' Ball, but man, it says something about how sad the Lightning are that Recchi's their 60-year-old PP QB. Vomit.

kstewy16 said...

And thats where Whitney comes in.

Media Whore.

kstewy16 said...

haha Vinny wants payback for the shoulder surgery.
Good time for a Cooke turtle, he'll get him back when the pens are winning by a couple.


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