Monday, December 22, 2008

State of the Union -- NYC Pens Meetup

Boston has been ridiculous this season.
They have snuck up on everyone and currently hold a 23-5-4 record.
That includes a 13-1-1 home record.

People want to know why they ain't a joke, and they point to their goals against total, which is tied with Minnesota for lowest in the league.

But Boston has combated that by scoring the second-most goals in the league.
They got their playoff experience under their belt last season by taking Montreal to 7 games.
Sentence you thought you'd never hear: They'll be in trouble if Tim Thomas goes down.

The Rangers have played 36 games this season, which is at least 4 more than 95% of the league.
It makes their perch atop the Atlantic Division less exciting.
Not to mention there's some ridiculous stat floating around out there about how many games they've won in shootouts.
Shootouts don't exist in playoff hockey.

Finally the Southeast Division champ won't look like a bitch when they get one of the top three seeds.
Washington has that invaluable playoff experience from last season.
But as has been the case with the Caps the last few years, where they go this season depends solely on where and when they get hot.

Philly sucks.
Nothing will ever change that.

New Jersey is peeing in the odds' mouth.
They're more likely playing the underdog card in their locker room, not to mention any other games they play with each other during intermissions.

This is all setting the stage for Brodeur to come back to a top-flight contender in the East with Clemmensen holding down the fort.
And Brodeur's ego will get in the way of New Jersey. Bank it.

Montreal thinks this is their year because of all the Centennial stuff. It isn't.
Montreal newspapers are still waiting for Carey Price to show up in last year's playoffs.

An injury-laden team toiling in mediocrity is usually good news because, later in the year, it lets you creep on teams that forget what your team is capable of when you're fully healthy. But coaches don't let a team with Crosby and Malkin creep on them. The target's been on the Pens' backs since they decimated the Eastern Conference in the playoffs last year.

Buffalo doesn't need the Yellow Pages. They already have the Pens' number, for whatever reason.
This may all go out the window Monday night. Or maybe not.
There's a reason they're currently the 8th seed.


The battle of which of these teams should be contracted in a money-strapped hockey league.
The Panthers aren't helping matters by still being able to sniff the top 8 spots.

One of the many things we didn't bother touching upon in the Maple Leaf game recap was how coach Ron Wilson called that timeout somewhere in the second period to gather his troops after a long shift and an icing call. Big-time move. And Nik Antropov is bigger on the ice than advertised.



Pens fans in the New York area:

The NYC Pittsburgh Penguins Meetup is holding a great event to raise money for the Mario Lemieux Foundation on Monday, December 22 at 7pm at Foley's located at 18 W 33rd St. between 5th and 6th in Manhattan. The Pens/Sabres game will be on tons of television screens with game sound and they have great beer specials for our group. Also all the money we raise at this fundraiser will be matched by Foley's!!! There is a $10 raffle for the Mario Lemieux signed puck, which was donated to us from the MFL ... so if you're in or around the NYC area and are interested in watching the game with some awesome Pens fan and a want a chance to win a signed puck then check out the site below for more information about our group and the event! -- Cara F

LINK for more information.


J.S. said...

Versus sucks.

That is all.

jefe p said...

agreed. is there an internet feed tonight even tho its on vershits?

just finished the leafs game this morning. vomitorium.

jefe p said...

Philly sucks.
Nothing will ever change that.
Philly sucks.
Nothing will ever change that.
Philly sucks.
Nothing will ever change that.

debrisslide said...

It is too fucking cold in Pennsylvania. I hope the Pens carried that coldness with them in their hearts to Buffalo and they use it to make Ryan Miller's life extremely difficult.

Kierstan said...

It took me from Saturday to today to finish watching the Leafs game (partly because of work, but still). Ugh. Ok, boys, time to get the ol' intensity working.

akus said...

Baaston is hot, but only time/injuries/luck will tell if they are still around for the big tea pahty.

Gill is back???

Taffe on Sid's line?

Question on the Maple game. I thought MAF was suppose to wear those old school pads with the Baby Blues and later auction them off.
Maybe it was just a third period thing and since MAF did not see the light of the 3rd...

Buffalo aaaagain, is almost as bad as Versus, aaaagain!
Best thing i read today=wrap up the season series!! Yesssss.
Does this mean no more Versus?!

Time to end the drought.

[Hat Trick]

A flying P and Cooperall's, enough said.

rebecca said...

Buffalo again, and god damn it Versus.
also, I question myself when I leave Versus on and then get a glimpse of Versus Sports Soup. vomit.

Kierstan said...

Oh hell, I forgot tonight's game was on Versus. Buffalo on Versucks...double puke.

Kierstan said...

Hm...anyone else notice the major push the Ducks fans are making on the ASG voting? Giguere's top goalie, Getzlaf's the top forward and Niedermayer and Pronger are 2 and 3 on defense and making a strong push to knock off Lidstrom (Niedermayer's less than 20k votes back).

Kierstan said...

...and Price is about 7k up on Flower again. Blah.

Johnny Wrath said...

I don't like Versus for many, many reasons. I would, however, prefer it to watching, say, Atlanta's FSN production. That was like being punished for supporting the Pens.

Comcast "You're watching the home of your Flyers, so shove it up your fattened ass" SportsNet comes to mind.

Or Jersey. I hate Ken Daneyko.

MSG makes me ill with their almost euphoric slack-jawed Garden worship. Brothel for sellout hockey players? No, no - the Garden is a shrine.

When we do play Buffalo, I never mind watching Rick Jeanerette. You can't diss the enthusiasm and the love. I think he owns several Rob Ray jerseys.

Go Pens.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

"Sentence you thought you'd never hear: They'll be in trouble if Tim Thomas goes down."

Except that Manny Fernandez has been our (Boston) hot goalie recently, including when he got put in that 8-5 game for the third period and just shut it all down.

btumpak said...

so glad you posted this NYC thing! Finally some other pens fans in this shit city.

tecmo said...

btumpak - I'm part of that NYC Pens fans group. Solid human beings in it. The meetups are always kickass

holygoligoski said...

So they took a bus from Pitt to Buffalo yesterday.. hopefully that did something to the team that a hour flight would not have provided.

I just hope they make it back to Pittsburgh safely after the game. Nothing worse than being on I-90 during lake effect snow storms and 45 mph wind.

strakasguitar said...

nice little "state of the union" address there, staff. seventh place in the east ain't such a bad place to be, considering the quality of the play of a lot of the teams languishing behind us (and ahead of us, for that matter). we've got a lot of season left, but now's the time to reel off a few wins before the end of the month and get us on track for the New Year.

am i the only one that's not such a huge fan of online All-Star balloting? is the lineup determined by these ballots alone? i mean, i'm all for us peons having a say in who gets to play, but what about those players on shiatty teams that are pretty much the only ones carrying their team night after night, folks that may not get as many votes because of said team's record? just sayin'. if anyone else knows, please share.

looks like a grainy online stream for me tonight for this game...

Docciavelli said...

Hey Staff, et. al.:

Any chance of putting together a tPB meetup in Washington, DC? I'm pretty sure there's a sizable group down here.

Just a suggestion--maybe we should do an MLF fundraiser at a pub near Verizon Center before or after a Pens/Caps tilt on 2/22 or 3/8 (both Sun afternoon games)?

I'd be more than willing to help out with the organization of it.

Fleury29 said...

I miss reading this blog every morning. I need to get a computer again.

akus said...



kstewy16 said...

Yeah Akus, I saw that a couple days ago. NYC as best NHL city has to be a f'in joke. Any city that boos their own team that often cannot be taken seriously. Not to mention anyone thinks that Montreal is not the best NHL city is just plain dumb.
Brooksie didn't get ANY votes for biggest hitter!!!! Thats a shame.

Stilly said...


The media asked MAF about his brown pads before the game and he said he wasn't wearing them yet. I can't remember the reason, but he was holding off debuting them. Obviously Sabu had no such reluctance.

The pads are pretty lame though. MAF and Sabu were going for the throwback dark brown pads, and that's what Reebok came up with? I'm pretty sure that Carey Price rocked a sweet set of throwback pads earlier in the season, but I'm not sure what company he got them from.

kstewy16 said...


The ASG starting lineup is determined by voting, but the rest of the lines are decided by other things. I may be wrong but I think its a mixture of coaches and writers.

PittHockey said...

I'd be at that nyc meetup if I had more notice, pensblog.

oh well.

brett said...

I'm back in Pittsburgh from NYC for the holidays and can't go to the festivities!!


meecrofilm said...


per the Pens website.

Gill cityyyyyy

Raybin said...

USS Hal Gill is out of drydock and back on the high seas!

Ring the bell and splice the main brace, motherfuckers!

Whitney on Wednesday?

A doubtless riled up Sid tonight?

Color--nay, COLOUR--me optimistic about the future.


Raybin said...

And by "Wednesday" I of course meant "Tuesday." Management regrets the error and blames someone else.

Raybin said...

I also see that Taffe is slated to be on Sid's left wing tonight. Interesting.

holygoligoski said...

Good news.. Doops is back tonight!
Bad news.. no Gill.



Raybin said...



They get my hopes up and then they make changes.


Still...Whitney tomorrow. (Maybe)


akus said...


This morning i read on the Pens site that,
Gill was back.

Dupris is/was out,i thought that was why Taffe was on Sid's line.

Now it's "updated" and

On D,

Someone may be itting the egg-nog early

Mark said...

For any Pens fans in NYC who can't make it tonight, join the group anyways. We usually meet twice a month to watch the game at a bar. Last year for the playoffs we had a Meetup for every game. It was insane.

akus said...

You still can join in the FESTIVUS

dying alive said...

Ew, Versus. Crap.

Regarding Leafs fans, I've never had much of a problem with them...until the other night. Some drunken assclown a couple of rows behind us acted like a complete dickhead the entire game. Screaming, making fun of the middle-aged woman sitting in front of him, dropping the f-bomb at the top of his lungs with a couple of little kids near him, and basically acting like a complete retard. People were actually getting up and leaving, and I don't think it was entirely because of the score. There was some discussion amongst the regulars in the section about taking up a collection to give to the first person to punch him right in the snot box.

So if you happen to read this, assface guy who sat in the last row of D23 with three ugly girls, fuck you. I never thought I could be more annoyed by ANYONE than I am by the shitstain Sabres fans, but you managed. So, congrats?

dying alive said...

BTW, anyone have an update on Zigo?

kstewy16 said...

Hmm, well the latest story on the Pens website has no Gill in the lineup and lines look like...


Allison said...


I got so fuckin excited when I saw Pens Fans meet up in NYC...only to scroll down and see it's tonight. Blah. So incredibly mad at my tonsils right now I feel like ripping them out myself

HOwever, I will be joining that gropu for the futire once this godawful sickness goes away.

Go Pens!

akus said...

Is it to late to ask Santa for some Sabre tic's and have a sign with Stephen's "Go Puck Yourself"?

Miller would enjoy that.


kwstewy, let's play who is playing on D.

Today, 01:41 PM

Updated Lines:




( not a shock)

Allison said...

haha, so sick and weak that i type as if im drunk.

KaylaJ said...

rebecca you think its bad catching sports spew on vs, imagine my shock and sickness when i was watching the soup on E and afterwards before i had a chance to escape, they started the sports soup!

fleuryous said...

I have a feeling that MAF is going to be huge tonight.

You can't let Ryan Miller outshine you.

Ryan will not win...

holygoligoski said...

@Akus.. depending on how I90 looks, I might be attending the game tonight and may have to bring a sign with that on it.

That being said, I'm pretty sure Gill is out for tonight. On the Dupuis article on the main site, they have updated the lines and Eaton is in.

Stilly said...


The newest pre-game article has Gill in the lineup. They edited the pre-game after the Dupuis article came out to include Dups. We'll have to wait and see I guess, but I'm really holding out hope.

Allison said...

@ Docciavelli-
i'd be so down for that fundraiser on march 8 if only i weren't making the trip with my grandpa :(

meecrofilm said...


Me too, although I thought that Gill was projected to be out longer, which I why I was surpsrised to initially see him in tonight's roster. Who knows.

bayonetwork said...

why wont it let me on the pensblog!

holygoligoski said...

Probably forgot to update the D-men lines but either way I'm confident for the game tonight with or without Gill.

I just wish Zigomanis would magically appear.

Heading out now to Buffalo now with "Go Puck Yourself" sign and Cooke jersey in hand.

Matt said...

Hi everyone--anyone know of a GOOD bar to watch pens games at...closer to the north shore or downtown? I've lived here my whole life, and i'm still having trouble finding a nice place for beer/food and pens on this side of town....

M. Vanderlasser said...

Matt, perhaps the Red Ring, across from Duquesne? Good beers and food and nice people.

Enjoy the game!

captjameson said...

crosby should have gotten 2 for fisting. pens blog charlie is proud. he also loves getting punched in the balls.


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