Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday Night. PENS LOSE.


If the Bay City Rollers would have known what the Pens do on these Saturday nights at home,
they would have killed themselves.
That guy top-right probably killed himself anyway. What a haircut.

The story of this game was tits and Carey Price.

There comes a time when the pride has to be swallowed.
We'd rather do it now than after Game 7 of a playoff series.
If any of those Habs at lease deserve a starting position in the ASG, it's Price.

Carey Price won the game for the Canadiens.
And the Pens defense lost it for them.

In a tight game like this, a couple defensive lapses seals your fate.
And it's the only way Kosttyitsstsn gets a hat trick in the NHL.

Picture: All-Stars Kovalev, Koivu, Tanguay, Komisarek, and Markov making big plays.


Oh, hang on. Canada is watching.
Better delay the start of the game 10 minutes. Jokes.
At least we get to see Jeff Jimerson go to town on the TV side.

bobby t.


joey l.

big k.


alex b.

john w. gold

evan s.


Brandon C

Like 8 million people were there



The Pens should be in the zone here to start the g--
Goal. 1-0.

Next play, Malkin blatantly holds Markov's stick.

not a penalty where i come from

Dupuis had a chance on the Dupuis Play™ on the PK, but no dice.
The Pens do a great job killing off Malkin's penalty.

This was probably the best first period of action we've seen all year.
It was punctuated by Pascal Dupuis being everywhere on the ice.

He scores big goals. 1-1.

Easily the best game Dupuis has played in a Pens uniform.

Talbot hit somebody in there. Wooo

The Canadiens, no strangers to working behind other men, get their second goal of the game from behind the net with 1.6 seconds left in the first. 2-1.


Don't move.
Its vision is based on movement.


That goal at the end of the first was brutal.
The feeling was still lingering like a bad fart, when the second period started.

About 5 minutes into the second, Bing was able to wash it away.
It just goes to show that he can score goals even when under the wheels of a bus.


After that goal, both teams decided to not play the rest of the second.

The best scoring chance was on a play where the puck caromed off the boards and surprised MAF, but the puck innocently went wide.

McCreary again?
His mustache refuses to pixelate. Unreal.


The Habs suck the life out of the Mellon early in the third.
Tits with the HT on a shot from Carson Street. 3-2.

The Pens get some help right after with a PP chance.
They had some solid chances and then Lapierre had a shortie breakaway.
Fleury with a flop save.
There was still a minute left on the PP. Vomit.

Max Talbot and the youngsters had a solid shift after the power play.
He gets stoned point-blank by Price.

Crosby got tripped up again, and the Pens were on the PP again.
That power play lasted about an hour, it seems.
In case you wondered what we were missing when Whitney was out, he displayed it on that man-advantage.
Everything but a goal was scored, though, and that's all that matters.

5:00 left.
Sykora getting chances left and right.


Dupuis took a high stick to the face. What a play.
The beginning of the last gasp for the Pens.

Crosby has a wide open net. If you didn't jump out of your seat, you shouldn't be here.
It'll come.
Until then.



  • Blah
  • Going with the Macho Man was the wrong move. We don't want to burn splinter out. Either way we still need a go to.
  • Where did the year go?
  • Habs fan are lame, but man do they travel well. We need to get connections at the border patrol.
  • Least the Flyers lost.
  • Price's stomach might hurt because he drank Milkshakes all night.

Go Pens


runningfox said...


Anne said...

how did you fail to address the deranged old hag by sykora's right glove?

LargeTurkey said...

so close to first, like being so close to winning.

meecrofilm said...

"Don't move.
Its vision is based on movement"

Family Guy hooker reference to describe Habs fan = money.

Ken said...

Isn't the anthem pic by joey l from a different game? Looks like Buffalo and the Pens are wearing black.

I'll take this loss over a sloppy fluke of a win anyway...

Pensblog Staff said...

joey l. may have punked us. good eye.

the vision based on movement thing is from jurassic park and then family guy.

the deranged old lady needs no caption haha


debrisslide said...

I can't fucking wait for Boston. Just saying.

johnny said...

Damnit, King!

Possibly the only game that I'll get to attend all regular season. Hope the Habs fans make it to their NAMBLA meeting okay. The Pens need to work on finishing for the next few practices.

Serena and Chuck said...

Anne, is that baby Iggy?!

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

I liked Steiggy/Errey's comment about this being the last Saturday night game at home for the year. They went on to say that the Pens had to schedule those Saturday night games when times were tough for revenue or what not. Then they said that now they could schedule a Monday morning game and there would be no problem selling out. :)

Tough one to swallow especially when there were so many shots on goal and scoring chances.

kstewy16 said...

You can't be too upset about losing that game after some of the ones we've seen. Play like that every night and we'll make the playoffs easy.
Pascal Dupuis looked like he deserved to play with Sid for the first time in his career. Keep it up.

I don't care what anyone says. Scarey Spice blows. Next Patrick Roy my ass.

Sweet Trav said...

I suggest using Severen from Near Dark.

Do It

fleuryous said...

Dups played lights-out. I was very happy with him. WOOOOOOOOO.

Basically my thoughts are a reiteration of what everyone else is saying--great play, it just didn't work out.

And like I said in the last post, that third goal is usually stopped by MAF, but it just wasn't last night. It happens. MAF is still amazing.

Bay City Rollers are pretty good.
Just saying.


PS. I bet you that old lady is yelling "SHOOT."

Long Island Pens Fan said...

Things are getting way to dicey.....I'm really beginning to fucking HATE Jordan Staal. My nickname for him is CryBaby. He always has a puss on his face like the little bitch that he is. The Pens obviously got the wrong Staal brother.

Once again, a solid performance by Fleury...can you say 'holy shit' about that save he made on the breakaway short-handed attempt by Montreal's Lapierre!!

Malkin was a beast as usual...he seems like he was trying to carry the entire team on his shoulders and force a win lastnight. Bing was solid and Mad Max is simply the heart and soul of this team.

I guess not being from Pittsburgh, I had to suffer through the announcers from Hockey Night In Canada on the NHL Network. If I have to hear Don Cherry bad mouth Bing and Geno, I'm gonna track that old prick down in Canada and shove my New York American foot up his ass. All we heard was that Geno is a selfish player (when he leads the NHL in assists) and that Bing has a lost a few steps since he lost Malone, Roberts, and Laraque.

Anyways, defense needs to step the hell up...welcome back Whitney...we missed a solid QB on the powerplay, but it'll be even better when Gonch comes back. Whit should take lessons from him, after all, Gonch probably won't be back next season. (Just my opinion)

Sykora = Beast
Malkin = Psycho
Bing = Solid
MAF = Inspirational

Stoosh said...

@ LongIslandPensFan -

The Pens obviously got the wrong Staal brother.

Not sure what that's supposed to mean. It's not like they had a choice to take one of the four when they took Jordan in 2006.

Eric Staal was selected 2nd overall in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. He was selected one pick after the Pittsburgh Penguins selected Marc-Andre Fleury. Eric Staal is swell and all but all things considered, I'm not asking for a re-do on that one. Fleury has been just spiffy.

Marc Staal was selected 12th overall in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. He's probably the best defenseman on the Rangers' blueline. In order to take Marc Staal in 2005, that means we would've had to have selected him first overall. Plain and simply, that means no Sidney Crosby.

Jared Staal was taken 49th overall this past summer by the Coyotes and in all honesty, he might not make the NHL. He's considered a much bigger project than any of his three brothers.

As far as Jordan goes, I'll be honest...I wanted Toews, but that was long before we could've imagined that Malkin would emerge into the dominant force that he's become. The only other pick that makes sense in hindsight was Kessel, but his stock took a HUGE drop in that 2005-06 season and there wasn't a player with more boom/bust potential.

I'm not a HUGE fan of Jordan Staal and to be honest, if bringing in a top-line winger that fits the core means dealing him, sign me up.

But I'm not going to forget that Staal was an absolute beast in the playoffs last year. He's the kind of player who is built to excel in the playoffs because he does so many little things, and his style of play is much more geared for the style of play you see in the postseason.

The Goon Blogger said...

Back to throwing J. Staal under the bus? Good times.

Macho Man deserves another go. Pens played balls out for the Madness but just couldn't get that equalizer past Price. I mean, it's not like we're talking about Howard the Duck here.

Anne said...

Serena and Chuck - hells yeah its baby Iggy

holygoligoski said...

Getting to talk to Malkin last night more than made up for the loss.

Sure, it took him a good minute to think of how to respond but I learned some new Russian profanity.

debrisslide said...

Why is anyone mad at Staal? I don't understand what that means.

kstewy16 said...

I REALLY don't understand why people are mad at staal right now. He's been solid for weeks. His line is probably our most consistent, even without TK. Every night they come out and play solid both ways and throw their bodies around.
And even more impressive is that he hasn't even had 1 job. Every time Malkin and Sid get put together on the same line, they throw Staal on a 2nd line with any combination of Sykie, Satan, Cooke, Dupers, Talbot, and Tenk. He plays the PP, sometimes. Sometimes on the 2nd line and sometimes on the 1st, sometimes not at all.

Sorry, but you missed the bus by about 3 months. The time to hate Staal was when he hadn't scored a goal in 20 games. Now you just look like a jackass.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

dear zigomanis,

please come back soon.

yours truly, a pens fan.

eileenover said...

Billy Mays is the obvious answer.

TheFandangler said...

Guys need to step up.

Whitney still gets the pass because of just coming back. Although he looks the same.

Staal is typical Staal. C-blog will tickle his dick bag when he's noticeable and then try to rationalize him disappearing for long stretches of time.

Talbot?...have you seen him?

Satan is on a one way ticket to Staal town.

Crosby has been working his ass off and has been getting nothing. He scored a sick goal last night and I hope it goes up from there.

I'm sure the rest of you will jump on me for being a band wagon fan or some other stupid thing that gets said around here.

The pens played a solid game yesterday and it was nice to see a guy like doopwee have a good game. Guys like him have to step it up because 87-71 can't do everything... I take that back. They can do everything, it just won't always work.

stokes said...

I sit with Joey L. Obviously, he sent the wrong pic. Kids, let that be a lesson: don't drink and email pictures.

Thoughts from last night, Stoosh-style:

-If the Pens have to lose, i'd rather them lose while giving an honest effort and not completely looking like crap.

-Satan went back to being Satan.

-I do think that Jordan had an off night, but so did Sykora and Malkin. The puck seemed to be a polar opposite of Malkin's stick.

-MAF had another solid game, but that third goal was garbage. That being said, 3 goals should still be enough to allow the Pens to win.

-Lots of shots is good, hitting the net is better. And when is someone going to be a pain in the ass in front of the net? I didn't see enough of that last night, especially on the PP.

-Staff, any movie Batman(besides George Clooney) should be considered a Game Day Starter Go To becuase its fucking Batman. Nuff said.

christina said...

that Bing/Buries It photoshop is still clutch.

meecrofilm said...


Unlike the past few games, Talbot made his prsence known last night by throwing a lot of noticeable hits. And he actually got himself in scoring position a couple times. I tink this'll be the start of a much better stretch of play for him.

My only criticism of Staal is that he shouldn't be carrying the puck in on the PP, cause it seems that everytime he does, he either turns it over or just gets muscled off the puck. At least until he puts a little more muscle on, it's definitely not one of his strengths.

The problem with Whitney is that, eeven if you don't mean to, everything he does is magnified times 10 for some reason. You notice every little thing that he doesn't do perfectly. We did it all through last year too. When you do this with any player, the result with ultimately be a negative impression.
Once Whitney fully regains his skating, he'll be beastly. This was his best game of the season, as he really got involved in the offensive zone, had a few fantastic breakout passes, and looked good on the last couple PP's.

fleuryous said...

The Goon Blogger said...
Back to throwing J. Staal under the bus? Good times.

Amen, brother.

Staal has been playing well.
To "HATE" Staal...that's rather harsh.
He's playing hard, you can see it.
Just because he's not scoring tons of goals, is he worthless?
He's one of the more physical players (especially on the boards), and we more than need that.

Any words you can give us? haha.

Stoosh said...

RE: Staal

I think the Staal hate comes from misunderstandings about what kind of player he is and what kind of player some fans want him to be.

Staal is not a playmaker, so he's not going to create offense the same way Sid and Malkin do. He's not a sniper - almost all of the goals he scores are from within five or ten feet of the cage, and most of them are dirty, garbage goals.

In essence, from last season through this season, he's been exactly what he was projected to be - a two-way center that is going to get about 35-40 points a season AT THIS STAGE of his career. Staal is likely going to max out as a 60-point-a-year player who will play terrific defense.

I think the instant impact that Malkin and Sid made raised artificial expectations that every young player should have something close to that kind of impact when in reality, that's just not the case. It's not just Pens fans...look at the expectations created for guys like Stamkos and Kessel. Kessel is just now beginning to live up to his billing as a scoring winger, and he's more than a full year older than Staal.

Staal's role as a third-line center doesn't lend itself to big-time point production on this team. In fact, most teams don't expect much more from their third-line centers than 40 or so points a year.

So it's interesting then to look at Staal's current numbers - 10-11-21 in 36 games - and realize that it projects out to a full season total of 25-23-48. That would eclipse his career high by six points.

I can't think of one GM who would turn down a 48-point season from his third-line center.

Yes, I'd still deal him if it meant getting in an elite winger that fits into the core, but that's the only way I'd deal him.

TheFandangler said...

Talbot has been hitting because he's been getting smoked by the other team. For every hit he has... there are at least two against him that put him on his ass.

Sykora is in a funk. He's getting mad chances and it just isn't happening. Chances is all you can ask for because that's usually followed by good things.

Geno has been too much of the "go-to-guy"... I think your Whitney theory applies there as well. It gets magnified because he's suppose to dominate lives all day every day. That's hard to do when the team as a whole is slumping.

It will get turned around. Zigo-primanti's and TK are the biggest injuries right now. They killed our 3rd and 4th lines and this is a time when the line depth can help.

Bring on Boston and a true test.

J.S. said...

but he scoooooooored 29 goals his rookie yeaaar!!!!!!!

Staal will be fine. Most kids his age are still trying to figure out their game while in juniors. Yeah, he might not be scoring but his D more than makes up for it.

anthem pics: by chance is alex l. a goal judge?

NATE DOGG!! TD Steelers....fuck, it's coming back.

Billy Mays for starter.

urban said...

I'm still laughing at "Its vision is based on movement". Amazing.

Was it just me, or did Jay Caufield basically call out all the idiots who yell "SHOOOOOOOOOT" in the postgame show?

Caufield = Best shape of his life. Just saying.

kstewy16 said...

Straight from Ovechkin- He and Semin are gay.

"Once, in San Jose, we messed up a hotel room, had to pay a hundred dollars extra for it. There were bananas everywhere, we were throwing the peel at each other. Had a pillow fight, destroyed all the pillows. Poured Coca-Cola all over the floor. "

What straight men have a pillow fight and play with bananas?

fleuryous said...

kstewy16 said...
What straight men have a pillow fight and play with bananas?
I literally screamed/laughed, and my dad thought I had a heart attack.

kstewy, I do enjoy your comments.

dhudzin said...

Holy hell... was that a Pensblog jersey I just saw after the Parker TD?

fleuryous said...

Dear Lord, I hope Ben's okay...

The Goon Blogger said...

I'm pretty sure it was just a throwback Pens jersey.


fleuryous said...

I thought Leftwich would give that ball to a fan.

He's probably saving it for Ben.

Aw, how cute.

Did anyone see that one-almost-sack to Ben before the scary one? The dude was literally cupping his balls. I knew the poobrowns were gay.

Kevin said...

I hold a belief about what I call owed goals. This is where a missed opportunity waits around to be used in another game down the road where it counts.
By my estimation, looking at the season so far, either Crosby, Malkin, and Sykora have double hat-tricks coming or they will be the difference in games come March, April, and Beyond.

Erik J. Barzeski said...

As of right now, defenseman totals for the Eastern Conference:

Markov: 1045070
Gonchar: 1003693
Komisarek: 974443
Whitney: 963462

In other words, since Gonchar isn't even close to eligible, Whitney is now 10,981 votes behind. We make up 11k votes (and keep him there) and Whitney's an All-Star Game starter.

Let's Go Pens!

Docciavelli said...

re: Staal--

Simply because the guy isn't producing like a top-flight 2nd-line NHL pivot, people are giving him shit. Back off the kid. He still can't drink a beer, and people are pissed that he's only scored 10 so far this season? Look, his job isn't to light the lamp every night. His job is to not make mistakes in his end of the ice, and to provide a moderate threat between Matt Cooke and whoever plays on his other wing (TK when healthy). Those three have a combined 21 goals between them. That's pretty much what you'd expect from a third line in the NHL after 36 games. Staal's +/- is only a -2.

Does Staal have the talent to be a #1 NHL center? I don't think so, based on what I've seen. But could he be a good #2? Absolutely. Do the Pens need a #2 center anytime over the next 4 seasons? Not with 87/71 locked up. But is it nice to have a #2 in the lineup so that Therrien can go Mega Powers when they need a spark? Yes.

So the real question becomes this--what could the Pens get for Jordan (given his upcoming RFA status), and is that worth it?

Let's start with what Jordan can expect to get on an offer sheet. I think he'll see roughly $4-4.5M/yr.

Could they get a Rent-a-Gaborik? Probably. Minnesota's desperate to get a good, young C that can play two-way hockey, and first crack at Staal would sure help. Is it worth it? I don't think so.

Kovalchuk has another year on his deal for $6.4M. Is he worth it? I doubt Atlanta gives him up for Staal alone, but yeah, a year and a half of Kovalchuk at less than Hossa money is absolutely worth whatever the Pens pay. I'd definitely toss in Pierro-Zabotel and/or Nathan Moon to make this deal happen.

Let's also entertain the possibility that the Pens team we're seeing right now is the team we'll see in March. If they're in 6th or 7th place, what's the point in doing anything to hurt the future of the team?

Bottom line? Staal stays unless there's a huge deal that's worth it. If Kevin Lowe offers him $5M+ in the offseason, then I'm fine with him high-tailing it. Otherwise, he's worth the same $4M we're paying to Whitney.

roachai said...

a great go to would be petunia, the tattoo on little petes arm, from classic nickelodeons tv show pete and pete

Annie said...

Erik J. Barzeski - Not true, I'm afraid. Whitney has to have played 20 games before Jan 2, and though he's back now, it ain't happening.

The Goon Blogger said...

Re: J. Staal

Personally I can say that while I like the style of game Jordan Staal plays, it isn't going to kill the Pittsburgh Penguins if we get rid of him.

Jordan Staal is a lot like a forward version of Rob Scuderi if you ask me. Your average Penguins fan only notices him when he fucks up. Take the game against the Red Wings, no one would've been shouting about Staal lifting Datsyuk's stick if it hadn't lead to a goal. They should though because that's the kind of game Staal brings to the ice every game. Much in the same way your average Pens fan doesn't stand up and go crazy for Rob Scuderi laying his life down to block shots (I hear he signed a 4 year deal with Obama) but will call him terrible if a puck goes off of him and into the net.

People have gotten spoiled by the talent of our first round draft picks and are expecting way too much of every single one now. Let's honestly look at some of our other first rounders before this orgy of talent in Fleury, Malkin, Crosby, Staal.

GP include Playoffs.

Ryan Whitney - 131 Games in WBS, STILL getting shit from people despite his toughness and vision on the ice.

Colby Armstrong - 512 Games in WBS, surprisingly enough was a fan favorite and never dumped on that much for not being a crazy awesome goal scorer despite being a 1st Rounder.

Brooks Orpik - 182 Games in WBS. JUST came into his own last year when paired with Sergei Gonchar. Was the whipping boy as recent as last season when he was playing LW.

Konstantin Koltsov - Joke.

Milan Kraft - Mud.

Robert Dome - VOMIT.

Even MAF spent some time in WBS (60 GP) before coming into his own.

The point of it is, Jordan Staal is fucking fine. He does all the little things well and still go show offensive prowess that makes us forget about Sid and Gino (Come on now, even you haters were ready to play Staal's "long stick" after the Detroit game.)

What's so great about having a talent like that is that we don't need him per say with all the centers we have not only in the system but with the big club already. Because of the Staal name being sexy these days if we aren't able to sign him to a solid deal like doc mentioned we should get a good return for him. I'm not totally behind getting Gaborik for Staal, but I would totally be paying attention to discussions about Kovalchuk.

The scary thing of it is is that Jordan Staal is far from his peak. He's only going to get better, a lot better. Eventually he'll be playing games like he did in the playoffs last year and the Detroit game this year all the time. Hell, even Sid and Gino are still developing.

It just seems a little ridiculous to me that we think we have Staal pinned for his career output when he's only 20.

Serena and Chuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik J. Barzeski said...

Annie, right on, and my bad. Plain plumb forgot. I got overly excited when I saw friggin' Gonchar had moved ahead of one of the Habs.

I blame Ben's concussion for my forgetfulness.

Serena and Chuck said...

Eileen, I'd like to see Billy Mays as a Gameday choice again, too.

Anne, Iggy, what a man.

fleuryous said...

I never dog Scuderi--he's a beautiful human being. haha.

Pro Gronk.


Stoosh said...

@ Goon Blogger -

Good post.

In terms of his defensive play, Staal is so far ahead of the curve for a player his age, it's ridiculous. This may be a tribute to the system he played under when he was in juniors at Peterborough, but chances are it's also a reflection of how smart a hockey player he is.

When he was drafted, Staal's projected to be a Keith Primeau type (Malkin was believed to be a player along the lines of Lecavalier, while Sid was most favorably compared to Yzerman). Keith Primeau was a very good third-line center early in his career on those 1990s Detroit teams and then later a solid second-line center on the Flyers.

If Staal maxes out as a new generation Keith Primeau, I could live with that.

As you said, though, I don't think it would kill the Pens to deal him. He's one of their most marketable players and in the cap era, they need to find a bit more balance to their depth chart. Shero may determine that they're better off having two elite centers with an elite winger to go with them, as opposed to two elite centers and one great third-line center. If so, it makes sense to me to explore what they can get for him.

The Goon Blogger said...


Don't even get me started on my love of Sir Robert Scuderi. If it wasn't for my superstition about him changing his number back to 5 the second I buy his sweater, I'd be all over that joint with the "A" and everything.

fleuryous said...

Absolutely nothing against you, goon blogger. I know you were just making a point, and a rather valid one as well.

Seriously, though...I do love that man. I don't know if we'll be able to keep him next year, but that would be awesome. He's a veteran, to say the least.

And I haven't mentioned it, but I love your avatar.

The Goon Blogger said...

Keith Primeau also scores big goals. You know J. Staal will too.

Kill yourself, I know I am.

wilsmith said...

I was really hoping the picture of the Habs fan would merit a "man the harpoons!", but a Jurassic Park reference works just fine.

The Goon Blogger said...


Have I got a FB group for you...

Do it.

fleuryous said...

Thank you, goon blogger. Definitely joined it.

Are you on facebook?!
Search Kelly O-ski--that'd be me.

meecrofilm said...

Add me to the list of c-bloggers who are for all intents and purposes gay 4 scuds (for female c-bloggers, this implies that they would be willing to have sex with another woman in order to do have sex with scuderi).

Hopefully he'll stay after this year. It'll be completely up to him.

And fleuryous-
some free time has made it aware to me that you're friends with Guy R. and Zander F. I graduated high school with those guys. How'd you come to meet 'em?

powerhouse said...

Pens home record falls to 8-7-2. I have not personally seen them win at home with the A Plan in a month. As a fan i am disappointed and want these guys and coaches to buckle down. At least last night some effort but I ask who are these guys playing for? The ship looks like no one is steering the rudder.

BlacknGold66 said...

Ok, Ok, Ok...

Why the FUCK am I just finding out about this Scuderi Facebook group now??


Do you REALLY know anyone more Gay 4 Scuds than me?

Jesus Christ.... {shakes head}

Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

If I was Jordan Staal, I'd be insulted being compared to Keith Primeau. Jordan Staal doesn't seem like the kind of player who packs his bags and goes home in the playoffs like Primeau did his entire career (with the exception of a highly overrated run in 2004)

J.S. said...

Horatio Caine gives his opinion about the Cowboys:

here, here, and here.


The Goon Blogger said...

I'm pretty sure the name of the group itself makes it all the better.

Docciavelli said...


I don't think Staal's gay enough to wear a warmup sweater that says "Staalov" to make fun of Russians, either. Fuck Keith Primeau.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Jordan Staal = Keith Primeau?

Flyer Hater said...

I don't hate Keith Primeau just because he's a Flyer, I hate him for how much press he got during the Flyers 2004 cup run. Every five seconds, you heard about the miraculous performance, this one's for the ages, you'll never see something like this again.

9 goals, 7 assists, 16 Points
In 1992 Mario Lemieux had 17 points in one series against the Caps.

meecrofilm said...

the 11-5 patriots don't make the playoffs, and the 8-8 chargers do. hahaha boston.

Flyer Hater said...

Who's next up on the Bruins schedule, Kazakhstan?

meecrofilm said...

I concur. The Bruins schedule recently has been softer than Clay Aiken's asshole.

Flyer Hater said...

It's just a shame that Kazakhstan didn't have Azamat in goal for them, he would have held Canada to no more than 10 goals.

SteelPensBucs said...

Well, tits happen. Games like this happen. Flower stole one on Friday, so karma was bound to change.

I attended the Leafs-Islanders game on Friday. I forgot how much of a dump Nassau Coliseum is.

Being in New England, I find it absolutely terrific that Belichick goes 11-5 misses the playoffs, while Norv Turner makes it at 8-8. The Patriots wound up beating the Cardinals and missing the playoffs because of them. Oh well, chowdaheads.

I will be in attendance in Boston on New Year's Day. At least I won't have to listen to Jack Edwards.

SteelPensBucs said...

Sorry, should be "and misses the playoffs.

What a way to finish the regular season for the Steelers. The Browns are horrendous. At least the Lions tried to win games. I'm surprised that Roethlisberger hasn't suffered concussions more often. Hopefully he is alright for January 11th.

Natalie said...

A few days ago someone (I don't remember who, and am too lazy to go looking) in Cblog mentioned using Phil Collins as the clutch guy.

In going with that theme, what about something/someone from the incredibly creepy Genesis video for "Land of Confusion"?

That video horrified me when I was a kid, but it could be gold for the Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Me = Guy who said to going back to using Phil Collins.

Talk about clutch performances.

And what ever happened to Andy and Redd?

khani said...

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khani said...

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joseph burrell said...

OH MY GOD!! look at that ancient picture, what a weird hair cut and clothes of that time LOL I think that my friend who was not a cost per head writer at that time wore like that!


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