Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Over-Analysis Begins...NOW

PUCK DADDY released the transcript of an interview Malkin gave in Russian which was translated to English.

Here is what everyone is making too much of a deal about:


Sidney Crosby is following right behind you [in points].
Why is this player hated by a lot of fans?


"Maybe because of his behavior? But I think that Crosby is the best player.
And those who are in the spotlight are always not liked."

OMG!!! Malkin called Crosby a diver!!!11
No. Idiots.

"Behavior" is such a loose term here. Unlike journalists and bloggers who only pay attention to Malkin and Crosby when they have to phone in an article or when they want to throw Malkin under the bus during the SCF, we've seen pretty much everything Malkin has ever said that's been put in print.

The "behavior" here is referring to the way Crosby holds himself off and on the ice.
He's the face of the NHL.
Fans don't like that being stuffed down their faces.

Keep fishing, media homos. There's nothing here.


Kat said...

Holy shit that video...I can't stop laughing. Does that make me a bad person?

Allison said...

from the last post regarding this Gino interview-

@meg- I don't think there's anything to worry about at the moment. It's not like Sid's off acting like a jerk / fool / douche. The media would hear about it .25 seconds after it occured, so when Gino says "behavior" I dont think he means "bad behavior". I think he could pobbibly be refering to some hockey fans not liking Sid because of his reputation for whining and diving which originated when two opposing coaches made comments to the media 4 years ago. Hockey fans are apparently unoriginal and just spew whatever insults they've heard someone else say, therefore "whiner,diver" has never died.

And "behavior" could also be his way of saying "performance", meaning opposing fans hate on good players that don't play for their team.

Remember, this is a translation so
a) it could have been translated incorrectly
b) Russian to English doesn't translate perfectly, so the engligh word "behavior" may just be the closest thing to what he said.

Allison said...

The ONLY reason I find that video funny is cause it's a Lindros jersey and the kid's making such a big deal about wearing a helmet to protect his head. The unintentional hilarity of some things...

PittHockey said...

"because of his skill/ abilities / talent" will probably end up being more accurate.

google can't translate spanish decently, so I doubt it's russian is any better.

Stoosh said...

At least some of the people in the comments seem to get the fact that this thing translated from Russian to English about as clearly as a four-year old's attempt to rewrite "War & Peace".

The rest are just part of the Great Unwashed who are still harping on Sid about his rookie year antics and are convinced that Malkin is still on his way to being traded to Los Angeles because the Pens can't afford to keep them both.

Hand of Godard said...

Wow. Lindros' career has really taken a decline since Stevens gave him brain damage.

[shoot everyone]

FireFox said...

I was thinking that the translation was done correctly but what was lost was possibly the sarcasm behind the comment. He immediately followed it up with the "greatest player" comment. Why would anyone say he is a diver and then say he is the greatest player?

Go find Sean Avery because there is nothing to see here.

Serena and Chuck said...

I can't even begin to assume what Geno's response meant.

He never even indicated what behaviour the fans of these less dynamic teams don't like. Don't opposing fans usually chant "Crosby sucks" after he has a break away and smokes some D but doesn't score or when is ruining some goalie? And Geno made one of those statement questions. I can't wait until Crosby gets asked like 50 times about this by reporters!*sarcasm*

I laughed too hard at that video, so I had to turn it off. I'm not going to hell.

Ormiss said...

I don't think there's even any need to blame the translation. There's no controversy there even if this were the exact translated meaning.

As long as Geno admires Sid and Sid admires Geno I'm good. We need those guys to be good friends for a long time.

wilsmith said...

I had a dream last night that the Pens traded TK and Dupuis for Avery and Modano.

this morning I saw it was an e4 already.

dying alive said...

Must be a slow day for news at Puck Daddy.

That said, Malkin gives a really good interview.

jefe p said...

lindros is looking good. helmet works. comeback city.

[only on fessen]

Michael said...

I was born in Russia and just read the article from Russian's sovetski sport site. That was a correct translation if you go word by word. What it really means is how Sid conducts himself on and off the ice. A lot of people do not like the fact that Sid is the face of hockey and he is the best player.

sven butenschon said...

Good find a video of Hartnell as a kid
He still plays with the same "passion"?

Maybe the kid went to Darien Hatcher skating camp ???

Matt said...

The theory that Malkin called Sid a diver is so ludicrous (attention internet, that's how the word is spelled) I can't even take it seriously.

Two meh opponents, followed by Buffalo, who I'd love to see the Pens destroy. Finally, the long-awaited Tampa Joke game in 7 days.

Is the asshat who injured Gonchar still getting ice time? Godard needs to crush this guy's life.

Serena and Chuck said...

@ Matt - Koci isn't playing because he broke his hand. Maybe fighting Orr? I don't know.

Matt Gajtka said...

Great interview! I like how Geno says he's boss of the house. Good to see some personality; I wish his English was a little better so we could get this stuff more often.

btumpak said...

Since when did Special Ed become a Flyer fan...

go pens.

fleuryous said...

"behavior"=having sex with their mom, sister, and girlfriend simultaneously.

I guess I'd be pissed too.

brett said...

Iginla has fallen out of the top 3 in West forward rankings. It's Kane, Ketzlaf and... Hossa.


kstewy16 said...

WOOOO, Let the Pens Rangers trade rumors begin!!! The Rags are lookin to make some cap space to sign Sundin.
I'm guessing here, but there is probably already a "Gomez to the Pens?" thread at LGP.
And since some rumors came out about the Pens wanting Prucha before, I KNOW there will be some Prucha to the Pens rumors within the days end.

Here is the article about the Rags dumping salaray.

dying alive said...

Too late. There's been a Prucha to Pens thread on LGP since at least yesterday.

kstewy16 said...

Yeah, DA, you're right. I'm busy now reading all the Horton to the pens rumors...
These people are complete retards.

Nate8724 said...

Was at RAW on monday and Malkin was put on the kis cam during the show he kissed sum blond chick

Rage said...

I'm not seeing anybody saying that Geno called him a diver except for some sister-fucking retard(i.e. Fucktard) who said it in the comments section.
@Matt-thanks for the spelling refresher. Seeing people spell the word with the rapper's name drives me insane. In the membrane.

Tom said...

I've watched a couple games from ice level and i'll tell you this. Crosby seems to be a big shit-talker. He reminds me of a young Kevin Stevens in that regard. When someone messes with him on the ice (and they do just about every game) he doesn't waste any time in giving it right back. That "behavior" might be what Malkin is referring too. Malkin is quite the opposite on the ice.

wilsmith said...

Malkin was on the kiss cam?

Does anyone know if Staal has any brothers?

Can Larry Brooks be trusted, even when he's writing about the team he's supposed to cover?

wilsmith said...

Yes, Tom.

One of the best parts of Sid is that every time the camera zooms in on him you can see "you're a joke" or "f- you" coming from his mouth. He lays the f-bomb non-stop.

I'd probably hate him too.

Annie said...

The best was probably "You're fuckin' dead!" from last season.

Playing Read the Players' Lips is so entertaining, even more if they're near a mic and you can actually hear them.


Steiggy: And we hear Malone call for interference there...

meg said...

@ Tom, i totally agree. Crosby does seem to talk alooot on the ice haha My guess was that Malkin was referring to that or his complaining to the refs? I read the article and knew the media would make a huge thing of it.

kstewy16 said...

Read the players lips is especially easy in hockey because they say words slow and over exaggerate the mouth movements. Why? Well cus half the people they are yelling at don't understand english too well, and people think that louder and slower helps somehow.

I think the "behavior" that pisses people off is the fact that Sid does talk a lot of shit, but what makes it even worse is that he backs that talk up.
For instance, he hates Philly, he talks shit to every philly fan and player in the arena, but then he goes out and scores goals, and that just makes it even worse for them. After he does that they have no other shit to throw at him except the BS about how he's a whinny diver.

Matt said...

@serena and chuck - thanks for the Koci update. I was really hoping Free Candy or Godard would make him pay, but the fact he can't cheapshot anyone else on the Pens makes up for it.

God I hope Tampa puts Olie the Goalie in net. That would be the perfect Xmas present.

dying alive said...

Based on what I've seen at the games, Geno does his talking with a friendly facewash or a push. My friend and I always crack up watching him in those little scrums. He is ALWAYS the first guy dishing it out.

He does kind of the same thing when someone strips him of the puck. Any time it happens we say, "Wait for it," and inevitably before the shift ends he gives the player who did it a sneaky little slash to the shins. It's hilarious.

johnnylaw said...

I remember the "fucking interference" that was great. When was the "you're fucking dead" comment uttered? I think I missed that one.

I'd love to hear Geno call someone a douchebag or a fucktard just for the hillarity of it.

Docciavelli said...

To be read from Crosby's lips during the next Flyers/Pens tilt:

"How was that skanky Temple slut the other night, you bead-wearing fucktard?"

The Goon Blogger said...

I think it's interesting to consider the words used in the Russian word for behavior. поведение I believe (and mind you I only have 4 years of Russian under my belt) comes from повеctuь which can mean story or tale. Shrug, now this is totally conjecture from me but it could be the use of behavior in that how he has a strong reputation already and continues to behave as such. A stretch I know, but that's Russian.

Furthermore, Malkin uses поведение instead saying something like his attitude towards (отношение) this or that is whatever.

The "journalist" here is really the one at fault because he didn't give Malkin a follow up question asking about Crosby's behavior, whether it be хороший or плохо (good or bad). Though I imagine this is because of this article being for Russian readers, and they really could care less about Crosby.

Fact of the matter is, Gino and Crosby are very close friends (I mean, secret hand shakes don't come easy, do they?).

wilsmith said...

"you're fucking dead," was actually 2 seasons ago, when Blake speared Crosby.

I wish I could remember who it was but I distinctly remember him calling someone a "fuckin joke." That also was probably 2 seasons ago.

Geralyn said...

That video just made my day!

It's like watching The Other Sister, only ten times more amusing.

Allison said...

So, here's how my trip to the mall just went while wearing a Pens' t-shirt:

Store A-
Guy worker says, "Oh wow, you're a Penguin fan?"
me- "Yupp" *big grin*
him- "Huh, you're from around here? How come you like them?"
me- "Well, I've been following them since I was 4 when I thought they had pretty colors. You like the Rangers or the Isles?"
him "I'm a Ranger fan. Sidney Crosby's pretty sick though, I love him. Just not when we're playing him."
me- "oh, that's cool. Usually Rangers' fans are all whiney about him."
him- "Nah, he's great to watch."
me= I spend over 50 bucks in that store.

Store B-
Guy worker says, "You like the Penguins?"
me- "Hell yeah"
him- "Why would you like the Penguins. Is it cause of Sidney Crosby?"
me- "Um no I've always liked them"
him- "Oh good. I hate Sidney Crosby."
me- "Oh, that's nice. I really care."
him- *starts to talk*
me- "JUST SHUT UP CAUSE YOU'RE JUST FUCKING JEALOUS" *turns around and walks out*

Guess what, you just lost yourself a customer DICK.

/end rant on what it's like to live in NY/

The Goon Blogger said...

Ha, it must be terrible to be a young female Penguins fan these days.

"You only like them because you think Crosby is cute."

100 Hundred Times a Day.

Allison said...

@ goon- if I had a dollar for every time I heard that EXACT quote, I would be one rich women.
And if I was allowed to deck every dick who ever said that to me in the face, there would be a lot of bloody, confused men.

Geralyn said...

@ GB

That's EXACTLY how it is...

I've been a Pens fan since my Mom got remarried when I was step-dad introduced me to hockey.

Even being from Pittsburgh, guys give me crap all the time. I'll admit I think he's cute, but the fact that he's a phenomenal player is really why I have his jersey.

fleuryous said...

The only reason I like the Penguins is because Therrien is a fucking stud.

Fuck a Sidney Crosby.
Therrien= breathtaking

Allison said...

@geralyn- yea, whenever i get that and i'm at a game, i usually say, "no actually i think he's doofy looking, but he's still better than your whole team"

cause seriously, up until recently, he was reallllly doofy looking. now he's just regular.

and fleuryous- mmmmm Therrien... yummmy lol

Stilly said...

I'm suprised by the sheer amount of people that will randomly yell GO PENS! when I'm walking through the Colonial Park mall here in Harrisburg. I've been yelled at a few times in the mall, once at Sam's Club, and a few times at Bass Pro Shop.

The Flyers and Eagles fans down here are about the gayest people you'll meet. One guy was trying on a Westbrook jersey, all the while asking the salesman (guy) and his buddy (guy) if they thought he was hot or would consider having sex with him in that jersey.

Gayest. Moment. Ever.

Kat said...

@ Goon Blogger,

Yeah, I hate that "you only like hockey because of the players looks" stereotype. Which is why it's fun for me to pop off with some actual knowledge and watch that stupid look on their face when they realize you aren't some hopped up puckbunny.

But then again, it's hard to find anyone in LA to converse with hockey about. I could walk around all day with my Geno jersey on and no one who say 3 words about it.

Allison said...

OK, I have just stumbled upon some VERY bizzare, hysterical, gross, homo, douchelike, NSFW, drunken pictures of a certain Paul Biz Nasty Bisonette on Facebook.
And they're deffinatly him.
I'm CRACKING up right now. He puts the Flyers at the frat party to absolute shame.
I'm creating a photo bucket account just so tht you guys can see all the pictures.
He has a few that belong on douchebags with hot chicks or whatever.
h/o, photos coming

Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

Last week a guy came into the Victoria's Secret where I work wearing a Crosby jersey and Pens hat. I could only say, "Hey, the Pens, all right!" before he looked at me like I was crazy and ran away.


Aron said...

that was you?

Kimberlass said...

I'm careful with my jersey choices because of all of the hatin' on female pens fans recently.

You wear a TK jersey, and people don't say shit to you about cute boys. They know you're too busy campaigning to get the present re-elected for three consecutive terms to give a fuck.

anthony black said...

no credit for sending the last video in?! thats cold gentlemen. =[


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