Sunday, December 14, 2008

Long Live The Joke, The Joke Is Dead

Per the himself at the [PG]

"I had been considering retirement and when the Post-Gazette offered a generous buyout, my mind, after some debate, was made up."

In some ways this is sad. Smizik was a huge catalyst in us starting this blog.

His dumb ass columns pissed us off, but we had no outlet in which to express our anger.

Farewell Mr. Smizik.

Go Pens


kstewy16 said...

Smizik sucks.
Go Pens.

FireFox said...

Good ridance. Suck it Smizik!


The Big K said...


fleuryous said...
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fleuryous said...

Using Sinead? haha, priceless.

I could stare at the Smizik penishead PS all day, and still laugh.

Go Pens.

Zigo and Whitney and MAF, oh my.
( least I hope Zigo is back!)

TheFandangler said...

This sort of makes up for losing to the Flyers... right?

meecrofilm said...

Caputi update: 12 points in his last 11 games (6G, 6A). Seems like he's starting to find his AHL game a little.

TheNWChica said...

Maybe Staff could send him a thank you card for not only giving them the reason to start the blog but for then finally going the fuck away.

It could say Bye Bye you Knucklehead!

holygoligoski said...

Sykora for FanFave of the Week

Takes maybe 10 seconds to register and vote. Plus you get a chance to win $100 for store. WOOOOOOOO!

Do it.

sven butenschon said...

Good Riddance
Fucking Joke
This will give him more time to devote to his No fighting/hitting in the NHL cause

rebecca said...

sinead made it.

stokes said...

Screw Smizik: look deeper in your PPG and you'll find this.

High praise from Stoosh last post. Thank you. I agree; from game one you've seen a lack of intensity and urgency from this team. I think they believe that with the talent on that team, they just have to show up and they'll win games. Well, boys, that's why they play the games.

I fully believe that they can, and will, get their act together. Make no mistake, they aren't playing bad hockey, but they could be playing better hockey. Maybe they'll play better when trying to come from behind in the standings.

fleuryous said...

MAFer is gaining on price. Keep it up!

Serena and Chuck said...

@ Stokes - "Maybe they'll play better when trying to come from behind in the standings."

That made me giggle.


debrisslide said...

Serena and Chuck, understated Ben Lovejoy avatar FTW.

Allison said...

Sean Avery: Dunzo in Dallas

fleuryous said...

When Modano calls you out, you should realize you're pretty much done. Sucks for him.

TheNWChica said...

Keep voting for Iggy and Kane... They can knock out both Hossa and Datsyuk.

J.S. said...

Avery: still a d-bag. Hey Sean, I hear there might be an opening in the LNAH since no NHL, AHL, or ECHL teams will be interested in your services.

Smizik: still irrelevant, but even more so now.

The Stiller-Ravens game so far sucks. I hate to play the official is to blame card, but these guys are calling stuff that isn't there.

Serena & Chuck, thanks for the link earlier.

Kat said...

I'm glad Avery got the boot. I did enjoy the Stars quite a bit last season and any team with Sean it hard to root for. Hopefully they can pull their shit together for the rest of the season.

fleuryous said...

@ JS
Ray Lewis makes babies cry. I hope we beat them so that'll shut them up a second time. Plus, with the Titans losing, a win today would be clutch, to say the least.

Kat, I really like the Stars too. I rooted for them in the Western Conference finals. I really respect/like Modano especially. Hopefully they get their stuff together because I'd like to see them as a contender.

I have a feeling Avery may be no longer be employed in the US as well. We'll see...

miche11e said...

He probably will be offered a job at Vogue again, so he can pimp out his clothing line, "Threads for Douches."

J.S. said...

I was half kidding when I made the LNAH comment. Caron, Brashear, and a few others played there during the strike, and a bunch of ex-NHLers who have spent anywhere from a handful of games with a team to even several seasons now call the LNAH home. If Manitoba wouldn't take him, what's saying other teams or leagues won't follow suit?

Hines Ward looks like he's all business today.

Stoosh said...

Avery should've been suspended from the NHL the very minute that this picture was made public.

Even Don Cherry and Pensblog Charlie think that outfit is bullshit.

fleuryous said...

stoosh...that picture leaves me in awe.

I have a feeling Jeff Reed is going to have be ALL business for the next couple hours.


J.S. said...

Stoosh, all I gotta say about that pic is wow. Speechless, in fact. The only words I can think of to possibly describe that pic are usually reserved for the likes of Charlie and Christopher Lowell.

fleuryous said...

I actually was semi-forced to watch his show in 6th grade, because my homeroom teacher was a Home Ec teacher.

He was intriguing, to say the least.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Weird to watch a Pittsburgh sporting event and not hear "Crosby Sucks! Crosby Sucks!" etc.

Kat said...

@ Stoosh, Plaid shorts and black sneakers? Is he kidding with that shit?

fleuryous said...

Our O-line is shitting all over the field.


Annie said...

I don't think anybody's ever worn short dress pants since 1965, and even then it was only little boys under the age of 8.

J.S. said...

That's our Ben

holygoligoski said...
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holygoligoski said...


J.S. said...

you mean ROFL-isberger?

Bryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fleuryous said...

Moral of the story: Don't trust Santonio with your newborn baby. haha.

Allison said...

@JS- nice jersey.

J.S. said...


JS = stunned!

fleuryous said...

I will admit, I am too.

Sorry for knocking you, Santonio.

Despite a few problems, Ben did well today. He really did.

eileenover said...

That's my little pothead!

kstewy16 said...

Pens should sign Jeff Reed as their enforcer.

Jeff Reed > Eric Godard

fleuryous said...

Like I said...
I hope we beat them a second time to shut Ray Lewis up.
Did you see him on the sideline?
Cry me a river, douchebag.


Allison said...

OMG the bar I just walked into has the Steeler game on and I got MONDO excited. I feel like I'm back in the burgh, and it's amazing.

meecrofilm said...

Is it any surprise that when the offense switched to no-huddle offense, they drove right down the field?
The no-huddle has produced great results pretty much the whole year, because Bruce Arians isn't calling the plays.

So the recap should say the Steelers won on a game-winning drive, utilizing the no-arians offense.


Awesome game! Fuck baltimore.

Hip said...

All my old peeps in Baltimore can suck it.

Go Pens.

Dylan said...

Woo Stillers!

But fuck, GO PENS!

Flyer Hater said...


People this stupid shouldn't be allowed to live.

fleuryous said...

I honestly think Ben is a good QB.
School me all you want, but there's a reason we're 11-3.

Obviously, our D-line is BEASTLY (uh-oh, I said it), but we need points up there in order to win as well.

AND he had some pretty great throws today, including some clutch ones to Ward.

He reached 50 wins today. Good for him, Man.

I'm still too excited for MAF to return!

stokes said...

Meecrofilm: Word. Arians is pretty awful.

eze3484 said...

Being a former Baltimore resident, the joy this win gives me cannot be measured

holygoligoski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nulpher said...

The Steelers and the Pens both are doing well...

Now if only the Pirates would stop being jokes. Starting with getting rid of the current management who believes in signing Indians who have no baseball experience.

holygoligoski said...

I'm glad you can make snap judgements on people. That remark alone put you on the ranking of Flyers fans in my book. Funny how you posted that AFTER the Steelers won.

I posted that after Ben practically placed the football in a Ravens players hands. It was in the heat of the moment. christ.

fleuryous said...

Actually stunned.

Stilly said...

This just in..

Gary Bettman also wants the Steelers to win, so he's ordering the NFL referees to overturn all plays that negatively impact the Steelers.

If I have to listen to one more douche on NBC bitch about how there's no way they can over-turn it.

John Harbaugh apparently is also an NFL referee.

rico said...

read smizik since the old pgh press days. as an ex-patriated pittsburgher he helped me keep in touch with the local sports scene. but because of his columns on hockey fights he can suck it all the way into the sunset. the nixon shop is priceless.

akus said...

Joke must be the word of the day.
Staff posted this July 22,2008.
Talking about someone called, Big Joke!

You know it is close to Steeler training camp when the Big Ben jokes start flying.
Check out some action of Big Joke hitting the crowd with a golf ball at some tournament:



fleuryous said...

Malsby...that never gets old.

The fact that someone spent $200 to look that ridiculous humors me.

Or maybe they really like Coffey, Crosby, and Malkin.

Who knows?

akus said...


The fact that someone spent $200 to look that ridiculous humors me.
-Those were my thoughts when i seen the " actually stunned" picture.

that is one ugly woMAN.

Who would win in a contest, The Raven fan or,

fleuryous said...

haha, akus.

Is that a cupholder or a "Hartnell Handjob"?

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say it's the wig that's holding her back.

Billkamm said...

Good riddance

SteelPensBucs said...

Being stuck in CT, I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching the Patriots destroy the Raiders. Belichick had the audacity to challenge a call when leading by 29 points.

A solid win for the Steelers. NBC's commentators pissed me off, especially Olbermann. Here's something that makes sense: hire someone who doesn't like football to be on a football show. Sort of like having Smizik hosting a show about the Pens.

The Bruins and Rangers are the top two teams in the East. Old Whalers fans are shuddering at the thought.

debrisslide said...

fleuryous, Hartnell would get lost in a hole that big.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Concerning Serena and Chuck's article from last post, it mentioned one of the reasons the Canadiens are behind in the voting is because text messaging is still not popular or widely available in the country. You might want to join the times, canucks.

Stokes, I noticed that in the comics today, u beat me to linking it. Get Fuzzy rules me.

"Threads for Douches"...destined for huge sales on the Jersey shore.

I don't know what game you were watching Fleuryous, but our O-line (save Willie "From Hofstra" Colon) did a pretty damn good job against the number two defense in the league. "Tiffin" Washington also had me pulling clumps of hair out with some of those drops.

I actually didn't mind reading Smizik's articles. Didn't agree with him alot of the time, but he was a good writer. I'm just glad it was him leaving and not Gene Collier.

Buries Its

Big Buries It

Olberman is the worstest person in the world.

fleuryous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fleuryous said...

I wrote it in a rage of the moment, after Colon took stupid penalties and Ben had been sacked.

and after a couple dropped passes that SHOULD have been caught.

I think we did well overall against a Number 2 defense.

Santonio definitely redeemed himself with that TD, though.

I feel like our O-line needs to be more consistent, but they have improved.

How about the Panthers, Jon?

Steve In Denver said...

After the Broncos deep throated the penis on Smizdick's hat I actually got to see the end of the Steelers game out here. Wooooo.
There's nothing quite as special as going to work on a Monday after the Steelers win and the Broncos lose. Sports talk radio out here is insane....this town needs a good bridge or two for all the potential jumpers.

Also, was watching Elf with the fam last night and Will Farrell totally throws out a "free candy" reference. Priceless. I was looking for Orpik's creepy van in the background.

Last, I missed the Flyer game, but hope Godard crushed Shartnell with a heavy right before he turtled. If he didn't, don't tell me, cause that picture looks like he was getting bitch slapped like Tina Turner.

Serena and Chuck said...

Debrisslide - I'd tap that Lovejoy booty.

Jonny V - Yeah, exactly about the texts. LOL @ Guy Carbonneau.

Stoosh said...


I can't watch the NBC show on Sunday night. I've tried to watch it, but I usually flip over to ESPN and catch the highlights with Chris Berman.

The NBC show just has about five too many people on it. I'm not sure how many people really remember the old Patrick-Olbermann duo from their Sportscenter days, but that ship should've left back at its ESPN docks as they both just look uncomfortable now.

Costas creeps me out. I noticed this during the Olympics coverage and it's continued over to the football show. I'm not sure what happened to him, but he has a tendency to talk really loud, has this crazy look on his face most of the time and he tries to make everything he says into some sort of enlightening, poignant statement. Maybe he spent too much time yammering on his holier-than-thou opinions on the sanctity of baseball records, and he can't get out of preacher mode.

Tiki Barber has bionic eyebrows.

When asked to deliver an opinion on something, Jerome Bettis seems about as comfortable as a 10-year old in front of the camera.

I'd love to say something about Peter King, but it's tough to see him behind his constant hard-on for Brett Favre, Tony Romo and the Patriots.

That pretty much leaves Collinsworth, who is solid.

SteelPensBucs said...


FNIA's first year was its best. Since then, too many hosts spoil the show. NFL Primetime with Berman and Jackson was the gold standard.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Fleuryous, sailors would blush if they heard my mouth in the heat of the moment. Totally understand haha. Our O-line has come light years from that embarrassment in Philly. And the Panthers are looking good for next year. I can't believe I was just starting my G.I. Joe collection in '82 the last time they had this many wins.

SteveinCollie, at least you saw some good football tonight. Happy gloating tomorrow.

Couldn't agree with you more RE: NBC's studio team. Costas is synonymous with "poignant" and I can't get past Olbermann's seething hatred for half of America. Patrick is good, but Bettis is clearly not cut out for being in front of a camara. I can't take him seriously after that bank commercial quote, "They handed out these big toasters, and boy were those toasters biiiiig." Good grief...

Katie said...

So this sort of took me for a surprise. But, not losing any sleep here. Had an interesting conversation with a fellow hockey fan here in Portland about the Pens. He was all "the Pens are doing awful, not making hte playoffs, etc," line of bs. I reminded him that it's a marathon at this point, the sprint doesn't come until May. He relaxed.

Also, just wanted ot thank my fellow Cbloggers -- I'm finally returning to Pittsburgh after several years on the west coast. Looking forward to meeting you all at whatever event comes up and getting to attend the Pens games at the Igloo instead of finding a bar and begging for them to put the Pens on. You are all a tremendous group of people who have helped me understand the statistical end of hockey. Even though I don't post much, I read alot and take what BNG, Dr. Turk, thenwchica, fleuryous, sooska, Pensgirl and others have posted to heart. I'm indebted to you all.

Apologies for the sappiness, but it's been a strange day. The Steelers won and we have a snow day here tomorrow in Portland, OR and there's about amybe an inch of snow on the ground. Still find all of that bizarre.

Annie said...

Stoosh - I re-watched the Ken Burns Baseball documentary over the summer (from 1994-ish, I think), and was noticing how different Costas looks now from then. He's definitely had some work done.


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