Saturday, December 27, 2008

Like A Rock. PENS WIN.

We have a 2-11 in progress.
Fleury is stealing the show.

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Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again, but life goes on.

A few years ago, we had to live by that quote. And it might be time to go back to it.
Quote aside, this is a big win for several reasons.

A.) Much-needed division points without giving points away.
B.) MAF flexed his balls big time. Goaltending performance of the season for the Pens.
C.) Doesn't make tonight a must-win.
Still an important game, but looking at going 1-2 this week is better than 0-3.

Tylenol blog.

laura k.


alex b.


Trying to draw three periods of exciting recap action out of this game is like trying to think of a funny joke to complete this phrase.

Nothing really happened.

MAF drank Jamie Langenbrunner's milkshake all night.
Bill McCreary's mustache was in All-Star form.

If Mark Eaton's kicksave was in Hollywood, it would be the new Steven Seagal.

Big goal.

What a performance.

david s.




PittHockey said...

MAF played balls out all night.

Also, we're lucky the devils suck at hitting the net.


PittHockey said...

hmm, I might've been somewhere near whistler

pensfan871 said...

MAF=Solid Beast
So many amazing saves...still in shock over the one that hit his wrist as he dove from China to the other end of the net.

Schide said...

Flower leads Price in All Star voting now. Or at least in the current results, they've been kinda weird for me.

He probably doesn't really deserve to start, as such, but fuck that let's get him in there.

Stoosh said...

Quick thought on Stokes's last post in the previous thread...

I do agree that Fleury has left some rebounds out towards the middle of ice as opposed to kicking them to the corners as he was last year. That is one legitimate criticism of his play this year.

As you said, we're missing not just Gill, but one other guy who was very good last year at corralling rebounds from in front of Fleury and getting them moving back up ice - Sergei Gonchar. Gonchar was incredibly quick to get to any loose pucks in front of MAF last year and not just get them out of the crease, but actually get them out to a forward and turning into a transition up the ice.

dying alive said...

I think a lot of people seriously underestimate Gonch's worth to this team. It amazes me how many people I see advocating trading him (which would be nearly impossible to do this season anyway).

Is anyone going to be at the Pens/Caps game on 3/8? Some friends and I bought our tickets today and are going to spend the weekend watching the Pens and visiting museums & monuments like a bunch of nerdlingers. It would be kind of cool to meet up with some other Pens fans in hostile territory.

Flyer Hater said...

You won't find any trouble finding Pens fans at a Caps game in DC.

Heck Kleck said...

going to that quote...did everyone else know thats from blow?

great movie.

Heck Kleck said...

and also that quote would hit home with anyone who put big money on the celtics i did..


Steve In Denver said...

Jamie Langenbruner is definitely not getting laid tonight. Sucka.

coffeytalk said...

this recap deserves a posthumous oscar.

Raybin said...

MAF is a big deal. Has anyone ever mentioned that before?

If Fleury gives up rebounds, it's only because he's toying with the opposition like a cat about to devour a mouse.

Example. This was Jamie Langenbrunner's internal monologue tonight:

"Look at this rebound, I score! Oh, he stoned me again. I am worthless. I'm going to go to the bench and listen to Dashboard Confessional while I cut myself."

Fleury is approaching Evgeni Nabokov levels of brilliance. And I'm a bigger Nabokov fan than any non-Sharks fan should probably be. The dude is a robot. And so is MAF.

Thoughts from around the NHL tonight:

I watched the 'Hawks/Flyers game. What a show. It was like every NHL '09 game I've ever played:

-Quick early lead
-Annoying immediate goal by computer to cut lead
-Computer goalie stands on his head throughout the second period to further irritate me
-Goal explosion in the third as I score 500 goals in 2 minutes.

Fun times. I love Khabibulin too. Philly is a joke and it was nice to see that particular bubble burst. As the Staff mentioned earlier, hopefully the Pens can do that to the Bruins in a few days.

The highlight of the game had to be Mike Richards fighting Troy Brouwer. And by "fight" I mean "Duck his head in a vain attempt to not get wailed on and flail about ineffectually with one hand."

Richards is such a fucking douchebag. The little girl from "Poltergeist" could probably beat his ass and I'll bet a T-Rex could throw more effective punches.

I also watched the Kings/'Yotes game. Fun teams to watch, both of them.

Alex Ovechkin is and forever will be a dick, but Jesus tapdancing Christ. Watch him ruin Ryan Miller's existence. Then watch it 100 more times.

jefe p said...

when they showed the fleury diving save replay, bibs and i simultaneously said "SICK", hah. that should be added to the comment-Errey soundboard.

Raybin said...

Dammit, that was Patrick Lalime.

My powers of observation are weak at 2:45 a.m., it seems. I should sleep.

Nulpher said...

Can you please photoshop the cop to be gay with a strap on on his head?

That would unbreak my balls this weekend in addition to the Pens winning.


debrisslide said...

Oh, can we mention how Miroslav Satan actually did some solid work along the boards once or twice tonight? It was insane. I thought I was hallucinating. . .eh, stoosh? ;)

Raybin said...

John Tavares making a case for being the #1 pick against Slovakia at the World Juniors

Apparently this happened a couple days ago and y'all have probably seen it a hundred times already, but it's new to me.

Raybin said...


I noticed that too during the game. He even got into a bit of a shoving match once or twice too.

Wonder who swapped his Charmin with sandpaper.

(No, I'm not stoosh, but I play him on TV.)

(Okay, I don't do that either)

dave said...

@ dying alive

Asking if there will be Pens fans in DC is like asking if you can find homosexuals in Ottawa.

No matter how hard Leonsis tries, he will never keep us out of that arena.

Bryan said...

The picture showing the save with Elias in front of Fluery has my sister to the left side. Her first game and got some help to be able to sit glass over Fluery's shoulder for 2 periods. Fun to come home and watch highlights and getting to see yourself smacking the glass after the goal, as well as the last saves to end the game.

Go Pens

FakeDannyStag said...

MAF = 4' x 6'

Stoosh said...

@ Debris -

I had to do about two or three separate double-takes watching Satan and his willingness to work along the boards. For a minute there, I thought someone snuck Gary Roberts back into a #81 Pens sweater, but upon further review, it was in fact our dear little Unibrow.

He needs to keep it up. Maybe Shero sat him down over the holidays and reminded him he's on a one-year deal with the best set-up guy in the league. It's in Satan's monetary best interests to do everything he can to translate this season into a nice deal - whether that deal comes from the Pens or someone else.

Rage said...

For today's games, some Happy Thoughts from some jagoffs

I loathe the Habs

NHL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Long Island Pens Fan said...

First and foremost; MAF was a madman on a mission from the hockey gods lastnight. Was he a solid player....YES! Were there too many rebounds given....VERY MUCH YES! His timing is getting better, but if it weren't for Mark Eaton, that game would've gone to OT and the Dickbag Devils would've gotten at least a point in the division on the Pens.

I was watching the NJ feed of the game and the announcers were stating that they don't even think that the Pens are going to make the playoffs this year. They said that they lack depth and the ruggedness that they had last season with the likes of Ryan Malone, Gary Roberts and Georges Laraque. I say, that NJ can go fuck their collective hands on that one!!

Is there any validity to the rumor that the Pens are looking to trade the Lightning for Gary Roberts? I sure as fuck hope so!! Say what you want about Roberts, but he brings grit to the team, and leadership and maturity to the dressing room. We were all in love with him last season, and he would fit back in fine with the current roster.

The Pens do need to make a trade soon to put someone on the line with Crosby. Satan is solid, but not the sniper that Hossa was. There are some out there that believe that Hossa will be making a return to Pittsburgh after July 1, 2009 when he's a UFA. My opinion, Detroit will throw some big money at him and he'll be a wing for the rest of his career.

That all being said, lastnight was a solid win for the Pens, a true confidence builder for MAF. Let's all hope that these winning ways continue for our boys in Black and Gold.

My wish for the New Year: Staal/Eaton traded to Atlanta for Armstrong/Kovalchuk

meg said...

Hey guys, this is my first pens game in about a year tonight. Anyone know if section C30 are any good? Row B

pops said...

@dying alive

i live in dc now. ill be at that game. half the arena will be filled with pens fans, dont you worry

pops said...

oh and detroit has half a team to sign this offseason. they're fucked. they're going to lose some talent unless everyone takes like 50% paycuts

Flyer Hater said...

Suddenly Fleury's GAA is below 3.00 again at 2.84 and his Save % is approaching beastly levels at .911

dying alive said...

The Pens don't have the Cap space to re-sign Hossa. I'm pretty sure that bride has been set on fire. And burned to the ground. And the ashes gathered and thrown into the sea.

Ha, I realize that there will be tons of Pens fans in DC. I was talking specifically about c-bloggers and wondering if there was anything planned. I thought I saw someone (Docciavelli?) mentioning something about it a few days ago.

Stoosh said...

Braveheart back up with the big club.

debrisslide said...

Tim Wallace saves lives. I love that man.

Ashley said...

I was at the game last night, and, even though nothing really happened, it was an exciting 60 minutes of hockey. Plus, Devils fans hate me, so mission accomplished.

Stoosh said...

@ Long Island Pens Fan -

I don't expect to see Roberts back. For one thing, he's making $2.4M this year. If they acquire him at the deadline, that still means they'd be on the hook for almost $1M for him, and with the team close to being up against the cap as it is, I can't see them paying that much for Roberts at this point.

I'm thinking Roberts has finally reached the point where his body is beginning to break down. He hasn't played in a month because of groin and elbow injuries, and he only played in 11 of their 20 playoff games last year.

I think there are other "proven playoff veteran" types that they could acquire for less money at the deadline who could contribute more in terms of on-ice

I do think they'll make another higher-profile deal, depending on how the rest of the Eastern Conference looks over the next six weeks or so. But unlike a playoff rental, I think they're going to deal one of the younger defensemen for a younger winger who could fit more into the core - perhaps a lesser name like Bobby Ryan from Anaheim. I'd also pay attention to someone like Nathan Horton from Florida or Nik Antropov from Toronto. I think there's an outside chance you could see someone like Kovalchuk, depending on what happens over the next six weeks with the Pens and the Thrashers.

If they wish to acquire someone like Horton or Kovalchuk, they'll have to move Whitney and someone else in the deal to clear enough cap space. Antropov would cost less given his $2.05M cap hit AND pending status as an unrestricted free agent after this year. Ryan is a cap hit of $1.9M, signed through next season.

(Ryan, incidentally, was Anaheim's consolation prize for being the runner-up in the Crosby lottery.)

But those would be my top targets:


Stoosh said...

@ Debris -

Yes, I've heard. Tim Wallace kills men by the hundreds. And if he were here, he'd consume those Canadiens with fireballs from his eyes...and bolts of lightning from his arse!

Flyer Hater said...

If I could choose one winger in all of hockey to play Sid, it would be Kovalchuk. I would give up almost anything to get him.




I'd really like that lineup heading into the postseason

Your Habs said...

Do you guys know your lineup for tonights game against the Habs?

Stoosh said...

@ FH -

Completely agree. That lineup might very well push us over the top and make us the favorite in the East. Acquiring Kovalchuk AND keeping him long-term isn't as much a "head in the clouds" idea as it might seem.

I've been a huge fan of Kovalchuk since first hearing about him during the 2000-01 season as they built towards the 2001 Entry Draft. I grew up a huge fan of Pavel Bure, and Kovalchuk's explosiveness reminded me so much of Bure, only he was doing the same sorts of things in a body more akin to Kevin Stevens.

Kovalchuk is exactly the type of winger that suits Crosby best, even moreso than Hossa did. Kovalchuk is a shoot-first, shoot-second type of player and he has the elite skill levels to take advantage of all the different ways Crosby finds to get his linemates the puck. He sees the game at the same speed that players like Crosby do. And on top of that, he plays a very solid game on the boards - something none of Crosby's current wingers do.

I'm hoping this season has shown Shero that the need is there to acquire a higher-profile, stable winger to pair with Crosby. If it means sacrificing one of the younger defensemen and/or even someone like Staal, I'd do it.

dying alive said...

Admittedly I have considered quitting my job to stalk Ryan Whitney full time so I may be slightly biased, but he is a bargain at his salary. It makes him appealing trade bait to be sure, but with the Pens cap situation, it also means they may find it wise to keep him around. Especially since he got his foot repairs and should be able to finally play to his potential and especially since they only have Gonchar for one more year (unless he re-signs).

dd7 said...

Tonights line up



i_usedtolovekoltsov said...

gameday for tonight---

ben stiller as tony perkis.

write it down.

meecrofilm said...

Godard's obviously still feeling the effects of the blocked shot.

WBS line.... solid.

TheNWChica said...

@Stoosh: I totally agree with your comparison of Kovy to Pavel; and Kovy isn't afraid of kicking someone's ass.

My only question would be how would he get along with Captain Steve since they have not always been the best of friends?

Oh, and MAF last night? Was a stud! And the rest of the boys actually played like they gave a shit, which was not so apparent against the Bolts.

Stoosh said...

@ NWChica -

I'll have to dig up the link, but there was an interview Kovalchuk did earlier in the year in which he briefly discussed playing with Crosby. It was a Russian-to-English translation, so it didn't translate cleanly, but Kovalchuk said in the interview that playing alongside Crosby "would be very good for me" or something to that effect.

He seemed complimentary of Sid. In a previous interview, I remember he discussed the pointing incident and said it was water under the bridge.

coffeytalk said...


8 years ago, on this very day, the great 66 returned to the ice:

take a trip down buries it lane...

tonight i say, lets get another return.

pens top line tonight:

the 'ol two-niner, BURIES IT, Bob Errey

Lange, Steigy, and the Bob Errey Soundboard for the broadcast. Do it.

meecrofilm said...

Kennedy skated with a conditiong coach. That's at least something, but it does mean he'll be out for a couple of weeks more, at least. The initial evaluation was too optimistic. Bastards.

holygoligoski said...

I hope we don't put the Pens logo on our toilets in the new arena..

Gill could return for the Bruins game according to HCMT.
D-Men dilemma.

fleuryous said...

Last night made me happier than I was on Christmas morning.

Fleury shutout=beautiful. I'm used to texts from my "hater" friends saying the SAME thing every time:
"That was such a soft goal that Fleury let in."

Haven't gotten those texts in a while, and I don't miss them.


Tonight's game:

"Battle of the Stuffers."
Please make it happen.

Go Pens.

PS. I feel like Holik's nickname should be "Assholik." Not only is it a rather disturbing thing to picture, it's ufortunately true.

meecrofilm said...


To me, sitting Boucher is the no-brainer decision, at least right now. Now when both Gill AND Letang are in... things get tricky. Either Eaton or Gogo sit. It's definitely a tough call.


Assholik. Very nice. I usually go with Toolik (just cause the syllables match up), but I like yours too. Very fitting indeed.

Flyer Hater said...

Boucher blows.

fleuryous said...

From previous thread...

pops said...
my dream is to one day have malkin know enough english so that when he makes some ridiculous play he can turn to the crowd and scream

Aaaaaaaaand my drink shot out of my nose. Thank you. haha.

Eaton played well last night. He wasn't lucky--he saw that puck and stopped it. I'm glad he had a big play. I don't like dogging on players, so I'm good for him.

TK and right back, kay?

fleuryous said...

"so, good for him" is what I meant to say. Balls.

Jeffrey Paswick said...

penguins are dick touchers!! MARTIN WILL CHANGE THE DEVILS!

joseph burrell said...

haha I loved the runs is lose image it is hilarious and I got my friend next to me and he liked it a lot as well, maybe you know who is, I have mentioned before he is a Pay per head bookie, do you remember him?


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