Friday, December 19, 2008

The Flower Shop. PENS WIN


An 82-game season is what is used to weed out jobber hockey fans;
hockey fans who don't realize why the Pens were in a slump,
hockey fans who don't care about the minor-league system,
hockey fans who like hockey 'cause some girl does.

The Pens have had more injuries than Steve McNair, and they've been treading water.
Even bringing one of those players back from injury (MAF) ignites the team.
The Pens will be fine.
We've survived a tough part of the schedule while being decimated with injuries.

MAF showed you what being a number one goalie is all about.


The first couple minutes was the Fleury show. Good to have him back.
Making bigger saves than Dennis Eckersley.

The Pens caught a break, literally, when some joke broke their stick.
Eaton smartly pushes it up the ice quickly as the Thrashers start peeing on themselves.
Matt Cooke gets a step going into the zone and scores on an innocent shot.


Big goal. The entire building erupts.

After some back and forth, the Pens threatened again.
Malkin gets things going. Loose puck in front. Malkin's there, and totally out works some moron for the goal.
"Nearly insurmountable lead for the Pens here" -- Bob Errey.

The Pens had to kill a Tenk penalty towards the tail end, and it was harmony of movement. Killed.

The Thrashers are a chipping team. Some A hole flies through the crease and knocks Orpik's stick out of his hands.

Crosby pushes Marty Reasoner into Orpik. Reasoner gets his life destroyed.
You're watching that battle as you see the puck heads towards Orpik. Plinko Goal. 2-1.

Crosby and Orpik are in the box after an ensuing melee.
Orpik got pissed that some Thrasher rolled his leg. Too bad Crosby was the engineer. Bing undercuts some dude.

Kovalchuck gets accolades for taking an 8-minute shift.


We've all been there. You get in bed with a girl and go to town.
That's what the beginning of the second period was for the Pens.
We're starting to realize that there is a 5-minute stretch of nearly every NHL game that pretty much defines said game.

The Pens came out and scored a couple quickies to start the second, and it was lights-out.
Malkin with the boomer from the point. Staalsie. 3-1.
Jeff Taffe gets some time on the PP and sets up Satan for a layup. 4-1.

You could really only describe the Atlanta goaltending as shitty.

After the Thrashers scored, Boucher put the cap on that 5-minute segment. 5-2.

If you even had a half-ass excuse for not watching the rest of the game, it's understandable.
Because Hedberg was now in goal for Atlanta, meaning the Pens wouldn't score again.

Towards the end of the period the Thrashers start to mess with Malkin.
Godard steps on the ice and takes care of business.
He challenges some dude, but the guy chickens out.

As we go to commercial break for the intermission, Godard stalks down the bench like a watchmen. Big time moment for Godard.


Everyone remembers that girl we posted the pic of a few nights ago.
From the people that emailed us, everyone called her an attention whore.
Of course, she finally emailed us. But she didn't email us to ask us to take her pics down.

She sent us more pictures:

Weird times.


Opening up the third period, the talentless Chris Thorburn takes a run at Malkin and gets an elbow in the throat. We get back from a commercial and Thorburn is holding his throat/jaw. But not because of Malkin. He blew some dude in the stands. What an idiot.

Malkin got a penalty, but like Kenny Wu once said, "two minutes well worth it."

Nothing really happened in the third period.

Colby Armstrong scored late. 5-3.

Looked like an early Christmas present from MAF, eh?

MAF was still solid, and held the Thrashers at bay.

The Trash pulled their goalie. Sid and Geno team up.

  • We'll say it again. For the sake of hockey, get Kovalchuck out of Atlanta somehow.
  • Toronto let in 8 goals against Boston Thursday night. Saturday, here we come.
  • Thorburn sucks
  • Scuds: 1 goal, 8 assist this season, unreal.
  • woooooooooooooooooooo


Aron said...

what a game

P.O. said...

sounded like steiggy was politicking to get colby back in the offseason when he is a ufa.... get those army jersey-shirts now when theyre on sale and beat the rush!!

urban said...

That girl, by her own admission, is the last person on earth that should be wearing a Pens shirt.

thegenerel said...

oh snap, that girl is a wreck.

get her some sweatpants as those thunder thighs will be blowing up in a few years.

also, stick a file in her stocking so he can grind down those teeth.

6/10 at best. 3.50 by 35.

Jeff said...

During the game last night, Fleury made that ridiculous pad save and followed it with a diving glove save. Steiggy described it so perfectly:

"That was...that's...that was just...outrageous."

I must have this as a ringtone.

Does anyone have a sound byte?

Rob Brown said...

Great times.

The "Girl" should have left well enough alone. He stock went way down with the new pics.

Go Pens!

Ormiss said...

Hey hey, let's not be mean. :p The girl looks fine to me, and I haven't seen her bragging (to my knowledge) so whatever. :p

But jeesh, that tan is bordering on ganguro territory.

Stilly said...

Jesus you guys are a little rough on the poor girl aren't you? how low does your own self esteem have to be to job some woman on the interwebs.

Back to hockey..

Great to see Fleury back last night. You know after that glove save in the first couple of minutes that having MAF back was going to change lives.

The Pens play back to back games twice next week, Buffalo/Tampa and NJ/Montreal then home versus Boston. The game against Boston on the 30th is going to be epic. Botston hosed Toronto last night even as Tim Thomas was playing like a leaky sieve.

It will be interesting to see how the team handles this portion of the schedule. There are some tough games ahead.

blufftalk said...

  Fellas, we should be lucky that girls even talk to us... let alone good-looking ones.

KD said...

"But like Kenny Wu once said, "two minutes well worth it."

Totally made my day. Thanks, staff.

Matt Gajtka said...

I'd say six points out of these last four games before the Christmas break should be the goal.

Chalk up two don't let up against the wounded Leafs Saturday night. A quick early barrage like the one the Pens unleashed in this game should be sufficient.

Welcome back MAFer! Go Pens.

btumpak said...

more pics of this chick, but less clothes please...

go pens.


dying alive said...

Wow, you guys are pretty rough on the appearances of women. Granted, she put herself out there knowing it might happen, but there's nothing wrong with that girl. I thought us women were supposed to be the catty ones?

Colby, come back.

urban said...

From Wikipedia:

Although rare, it is possible for tanning beds to be a vector for infections of pubic lice, also known as crabs. If the surface of the bed is not properly cleaned or if towels provided by the salon are not washed in hot water, crab lice can survive for several days on these surfaces. Crab lice are difficult to see on the acrylic of a dimly lit tanning bed, and they are not killed by anti-bacterial or anti-viral cleaning agents used in salons. They can only be killed by physical removal or by the use of insecticides such as pyrethrin.

Just saying.

Go Pens.

Matt said...

the attention whore, or oompa loompa, used to be on she's absolutely an attention whore.

kstewy16 said...

So how about those FAILS of signings King Shero made? Satan: 12 goals, 11 assists. Fedex: 8 and 8, Cookie monster: 4 and 10 but coming on strong. Godard: 1 amazing goal and 23 scared Trashers.


Shero sure does suck, huh.

Why is this girl sending you more pics? I mean, if she reads 1 post she will realize that the more she gets involved, the more she will be jobbed, and jobbing eventually leads to a tearful email asking you to please leave her alone.

Johnny Wrath said...

Godard is perhaps the Penguins' most effective enforcer since Mario Lemieux, who killed Gary Lupul very slowly in a fight beginning in 1984.

That was Mario's home debut, and Lupul needed the very not-hockey goalie intervention to prolong his life to the point it was. Goalie John Garrett was ejected for third-manning.

Speaking of third-manning, I still can't believe Sid served that Goliath Slovak in the balls, and I can't believe it was during a phase in which Letang had the 6' 7, 255 pounder in a secure half-nelson. If you're that big and not swinging Penguins around like a giant squid, thats what you get.

Don't forget Fleury making several key saves to keep the Thrash off the board during 2 sequences whereupon we turned the play around and embarrassed their fans.

Once was an outstanding use of the entire ice surface by Wallace/Staal/Cooke. Beautiful play, and I love Wallace's game. He's very quietly playing with controlled aggression, hitting hard, and staying in lanes.

The other, of course, was when Gino suddenly appeared from a self-manufactured dense mist behind the net to backhand the most incredulous rebound of the game for the 2-0. Yes, part of those famed "European skills" they teach is the very special, guarded Soviet technique of chemically altering electrons in the players' immediate proximity, causing the light to distort and appear as though its a floating smudge.

I mean, how else do you explain leaving Malkin that unchecked?

I second getting Kovalchuk on a real team, just not ours. He'll either be traded or sign somewhere in 2010... and continue to miss the net and not back check. In case he or Gaborik read this: I require back checking for my $10M.

You know who we need to sign in July 2010?

Rick Nash.

Love the Foppa move on Osgood. Also, its a nice gesture to make the people of Ohio suffer. Go Pens.

Rage said...

Watch out for the Leafs...those fuckers go hard the whole game every game, regardless of the score. Ask Akus...she's seen em play.

Matt Cooke was the best signing of the off season. Just my opinion, and unrelated to stats, but he should be signed for multi-years regardless.

The hooch is cute. Leave the girl alone you fuggin pasty goobers. 99.8% of yinz would hit it fer chrissakes. It would probably be the first time for at LEAST 25% of you jobbers.


Go Pens

Stoosh said...

Armstrong is a restricted free agent after this season, not a UFA. Getting him back to Pittsburgh is going to be tougher than just offering him a nice deal. It would require an offer sheet to get him back, at which point the Pens are forfeiting draft picks.

I'll have to get clarification on it, but I think Atlanta retains his rights with a qualifying offer of a 10% raise. Army's on the hook right now for $1.2M. A qualifying offer would take him to $1.32M.

I love Army...he's one of my top five favorite Pens players ever. But at that cost to bring him back, I'm not sure I'd want him unless we're getting

this Colby

THIS Colby (give it about a minute)

and this Colby. This last one is a collection of his AHL highlights and some of the 16 goals he scored in 2005-06 after he got called up (16 goals in 47 games).

Aubrey said...

"We get back from a commercial and Thorburn is holding his throat/jaw. But not because of Malkin. He blew some dude in the stands. What an idiot."

WOOOOOOOOO. nice one, staff!
Great game, Toronto will be destroyed on Saturday.

dying alive said...

Stoosh, I agree, if he's RFA it's too much to hope that we'll be able to get him back without giving too much in return. Steiggy & Errey kept saying last night that he was UFA, so speaking only for myself, that's where the confusion started.

Vanessa said...

I would LOVE to see Colby come back. I think you're right, P.O.... everyone does.

Obviously, I missed the post on the "Girl". Since I am one myself, and I don't want to be judged, I will not comment. I would like to know what prompted the initial posting of her photos? I guess I'll have to go back and look.

The game was good last night but I thought it was a bit of a cakewalk. How can a team with an overwhelming majority of their roster being complete unknowns actually win over the Pens? I think Hedberg should have started if they wanted a chance. It was enjoyable nonetheless.

BlacknGold66 said...

Scuds is a monster.

MAF is not from this planet.

And from a personal standpoint... it's not that girls appearance that makes her ugly. It's her willingness to whore herself out to the internets that does.

Rage said...

Oh BnG...we are ALL whores for the intergore, so in essence we are turning on one of our own AND she put on a Pens T-shirt! She knows what's up. The self-porn is SURE to follow. That makes her the official tPB Hooch, qualifying her for a game day appearance. Again, I say...


Vanessa said...

Maybe I do have to comment.


OKAY. I just went back and looked at the "who is it" post. One of your responses was perfect:

"2)Don't like ugly chicks that get classified as "hot" simply because they are fake-baked, skunk-haired, and decked out in makeup like a baboon."

I wish more girls listened to stuff like this when guys say it.

This is exactly the reason why chicks who may like hockey FOR THE ACTUAL GAME are labeled as Puck Bunnies.


Laura said...

I got a compliment from a Pens fan last night about how nice Atlanta fans are compared to Philly fans. Other than the fact Philly fans are the second coming of hell on earth, I think we are kinda cool. Because we suck. We have absolutely no right to rag on other teams' fans (except for Tampa) or other teams in general.

That was an awesome game last night - glad to see Fleury looks sharp and Malkin get the HT. Didn't appreciate Crosby's shot to the pills on Valabik, but I don't think he felt them anyways - it took 3 guys to bring the man down.

Honestly, if I weren't trapped in this hockey hell-hole, I'd follow you guys a lot more - Pens have always been one of my favorite teams. I'm not really too sad about the loss last night. It's not like we were gonna win anyway.

Rage said...

I didn't read all that before either, Vanessa, but they are indeed good points, but why should douchebaggery be confined only to guys?

Rage said...

@Laura-I think southern hockey fans in general are more polite. Carolina fans were totally nice to me every time I've been to see the Pens play them. YAY FOR US!

J.S. said...

I back BnG's comments about the girl. I also back my comments about tanning beds giving chicks a complexion of a catcher's mitt 5-10years down the road.

Is this the year that Rob Scuderi scores more than Ryan Whitney?

JohnnyD said...

Amazing game good to have the Flower back in the net!...I don't care what any of you guys say I think that chick is HOTT!

Vanessa said...


I suppose women could be classified as the "original" douche bags, douchettes?

Our gender, after all, was the reason why this implement became famous.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

Of course, she finally emailed us. But she didn't email us to ask us to take her pics down.

She sent us more pictures:

She rules. Maybe someone should start a Hot Chicks with Pens Gear web site? Just saying...

Now, if I could bear this chick's kids, I'd be in Fat City.

dying alive said...

I don't understand the allure of a tan, but that may be because I am so white I'm nearly transparent. I'll be 90 and still have the skin of a 15 year old because I avoid the sun as if it were a soul-sucking worm hole.

Rage said...

@Vanessa- and without chicks like her..who would love THIS GUY?

Just sayin

Vanessa said...


OHHHHHH YES. Nothing like "Growing Up Gotti" mixed with Long Island Townies mixed with Bronzer.

He even plucked his eyebrows.

Gawd, I love HCwDB.

crmzak said...

MAF's kick-then-glove save was sick. It made for a very awkward moment when I yelled out, "Oooh! His groin!" in front of my young children.

"Mommy? What's a groin?"

And as far as the girl goes,
let’er B.

As long as tPB doesn't start some gay PenguinsBabesMafia page, cuz that would quite frankly put me over the edge.

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

Actually, an offer sheet of say, $1.5M or so for an extended-year deal wouldn't be outrageous for Armstrong, especially not when you consider that Cookie's making $1.2M this year and next, and that Dupuis is making $1.4M over this and each of the next two seasons.

Army is better with the puck than both of those guys. The problem is that we didn't see enough of the same Colby Armstrong over the second half of his Pens career than we saw over the first half. Over the second half of his Pens tenure, he looked hesitant to lay some of those hits, he wasn't battling for the puck or flying into the corners as much. The physical element of his game wasn't quite there, and to top it off, he wasn't scoring the same way he was when he first came up in 2005-06.

Some people said - and I think Army even admitted at one point - that his open-ice hit on Letowski early on in the 2006-07 season messed him up because he didn't intend to hurt Letowski.

If you watch that highlight film that I linked (the third clip), he scores some goals there that aren't your typical power-forward-garbage-goals...even some of the ones at the NHL level. He's got a decent amount of skill. I'm not saying he could ever be a top-six winger. But when he's on his game, he could bring a nice balance to that third line alongside someone like Jordan Staal.

crmzak said...

@DarthAggie - NOOOOOOO!!! ;)

Wow, I didn't realize how close we were to that being mentioned.

p.s. And I'd like to say sorry, Birdnose, for the pic. You will be rescued soon, don't worry. Give us your email and in the interim, we'll send nudes.

dying alive said...

@ Stoosh - Good points, all of them. And most of the Pens fan base loves Army, aside from a few odd haters who penalize him for being put on the top line by the coaching staff when he should have never been there in the first place. I think given the choice, he'd probably like the come back. I heard Madden interviewing him not too long ago and Colby was really coy about it and said that right now he's a Thrasher and who knows what'll happen in the future, but he didn't exactly dismiss the idea either. I realize that Sid is not making personnel decisions, but I wonder what his input on the situation would be and how much weight it would carry.

I don't think it'll have a huge impact on the team either way, I just love the guy. He's one of my all-time favorite Pens, and to me, watching players I like is just as important as watching them win. I doubt I'm alone in that, either. There's no other explanation for those of us who sat through some of those mid-2000s seasons.

Vanessa said...

@ Dying Alive,

I totally agree. I think that's one of the things that makes the Pens so special to a lot of us-- we become attached to the players. I mean, I don't know anyone who is a die hard Dick Tarnstrom fan or anything, but if someone comes along that has the personality like he does, the fans are going to become attached.

Rage said...

@crmzak-THAT is a disturbing photoshop. The existence of that original photo...shudder inducing.

I would love to see Armstrong back in da 'burgh, but not for much more than he makes now. Would he take less to be back? I don't think so if it's a significant amount(Ryan Malone)

@vanessa-the fact that you know of Dick Tarnstrom is hot. That kind of shit will always put women like you ahead of the female Fungs of the world.

Rba said...

Just remember folks

If she's a 2 at 10.
She'll be a 10 at 2.

Vanessa said...

What if she's a 10 at 10?

I don't know guyspeak.

KaylaJ said...

Rage i agree about toronto. don't want to get too excited just yet since they did keep it close for awhile esp vs some hot boston goalies. and no i don't mean physically hot, seriously, tim thomas is drew carey in goalie gear.

dying alive- i have the same color of skin. i basically glow in the dark. i could never tan even when i tried, but that's probably best since i don't want to look like my grandfather's favorite pair of shoes at 40

finally, seems like whenever we play ATL one of their fans shows up to comment and i have to say i love it. its always nice to get some sane fans of other teams around, so laura feel free to come back even if we're not playing ATL. and remember, you don't have to have room to rag, just ask flyer fans ;)

urban said...

@Vanessa - Then by 2 she'll be on HCwDB.

G-Lyn said...

Beer goggles...

ce by22 said...

bing goes over a million votes today!

i feel like general patton typing that. a much wimpier version, but hard assed nonetheless in the fight against the les inhabitants.

Stilly said...

I've said this before, but I'll say it again..

That girl is proportioned about perfectly. I do find her attractive because of that feature alone. The deal breaker generally comes when a girl like that opens her mouth... well to speak anyway.

Girls that are anti-sports, anti-hunting, or anti-country music are automatically disqualified. And judging completely from her style, she is probably against one of those three things.

Luckily I found a woman who is good with all three of those criteria.. and I married her. haha.

jc said...

Im not gonna lie, Id still hit it.

Rage said...

Anybody hear how much Max got for his 2 year extension?

Rage said...

Whits at wbs for conditioning...Fire up the trade Whitney bandwagon so folks can hop off Staal


Stoosh said...

For those who may not have heard...

1. Ryan Whitney has been assigned to WB/S for a conditioning stint. Post-Gazette says he'll play just one game there tomorrow night and will be in the lineup for either the Buffalo or Tampa game.

2. Max Talbot signed a two-year contract extension. No word on dollar value yet. He did practice with the team today.

3. Jon Filewich was traded to the Blues for a conditional pick in the 2010 Entry Draft. Filewich's ice time has taken a huge hit at Wilkes-Barre and he had been passed by several other wingers on the organizational depth chart.

Stoosh said...

Rage -

Sorry about that...I was typing some of that out as you were posting your updates.

dying alive said...

Whoo! The Whitney and Talbot news are nice early Christmas presents!

It does kind of make me giggle to think about Ryan Whitney playing against AHL'ers. If he doesn't have at least 10 points per game, can we call him a bust?

Rage said...

@d.a.-yes you CAN

Vanessa said...

lol. Thanks for the info, Rage/Stoosh.

It's nice to know that Max will still get to do his A&L commercials for the next two years. But he does have to learn to enunciate when he says "BMW".

RedWings said...

Hey, I just wanted to say congrats on MAF's successful return. And now Whitney nearly back as well. You guys are getting healthy and scary again.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Osgood's groin, Ty lead us to a 6-0 beat down of the Sharks last night.

Man, I'd love a rematch, eh?

smithda said...

Puck bunny fake and bake,oompah loompah tans NEVER look good especially in Pittsburgh in friggin' December. Oh and lose the frosty pink lipstick (gag!)

Otherwise...Love the pic of Sid and Letang...very Clockwork Orangesque.

Joose said...

It sounded like there were a shit-ton of Pens fans at the game last night. It sounded like there were more cheers when they scored than when their own team scored.

And white lipstick is so 2006.

Allison said...

@joose- ehh, 2006? When the hell did that ever look good?

ce by22 said...

We went to the thrashers game vs. the pens last year after the rex trade... Yeah the game where he scored in a shoot out to beat us.

Easily more Pens fans at CNN center last year, so I don't know what would be different this year! Sounded like a a faint lets go pens to me!

G-Lyn said...

Someone should tell her not to dye her roots dark...her blonde hair is so beautiful...

ce by22 said...

CNN Center / Phillips Arena / Braves Stadium, whatev, still drunk on Friday "working from home" blog...

Vanessa said...

I thought white lipstick was something you'd only ever see at Deja Vu.

dying alive said...

RedWings continues to be our classiest opposing team cblogger.

Mr. Plank is cool too, but I'm still not over the Hacksaw thing.

dying alive said...

Am I on another planet or something? Granted I don't wear a lot of make-up, but I have never even seen white lipstick.

G-Lyn said...

@ DA

I wore that color's like a pale as can be pink...when I was in like 7th grade. I think my school picture is lying around here somewhere.

I have no idea what I was thinking, then again, that was in 2000. There's just something about the pale dead-looking lips that doesn't work.

Dr. Turkleton said...

for all you Scotty Ferrall fans:

here's a couple vids from NHL TV...

Ferrall's Man Cave Part 1.

Man Cave Part 2.

Kaner & Tazer's politico ads for ASG votes

has there ever been any word as to what the Future Considerations are for getting Ziggy from PHX?

Vanessa said...

I was thinking the white lipstick was more Cher Horowitz in the 1995 classic "Clueless".

Although I am no expert (I don't wear much makeup myself), A quick google search came up with the likely source of her supply.

Vanessa said...

@ Dr. Turk-- Awesome! My husband will love to see that Ferrall stuff. He is a huge fan of him and BTLS.

urban said...

It's the inverse-goth look. Vomit.

In regards to RedWings - I will say that when I went to Detroit for the SCF last year, (most) Wings fans in Detroit were some of the nicest people I've ever met, unlike Wings fans I've come across in Pittsburgh. Those people are idiots.

Rage said...

Damn ladies...sharpen them claws. MEEEEE-YOW!!!

@Vanessa-props for having that link(chik-a-pow chik-a pow-wow)

Since Max and TK are signed, does that mean $hero is trading Staal for Sundin or sputnik or something?

Which is worse...LGP or the goomers at Buzz on the Turd?


Go Pens

dying alive said...

Oh right! I remember growing up, they made lipstick and nail polish that matched and it was always these bizarre frosted pink shades. I never bought the lighter ones because they would have been flesh-tone for me. I had a set in a color that my friends and I now refer to as "ignorant fuschia." If frosted lipstick is a requirement for being hot, I'll be single forever. I'm not wearing that shit for any man.

And to keep this hockey related, let's go Pens.

Vanessa said...


You should come up to NORTHERN Michigan and meet some wings fans... it will change your mind about them. There's just something that happens when a geographically isolated population, basic cable, beer, and hockey mix.

@ Rage

Thanks. I don't necesarrily think that the cblog ladies and myself are being catty. None of us have been cutting down her physical characteristics, only the Garyawful accoutrement she chooses to apply to herself. That's open season, for sure.

crmzak said...

@Rage, this is the original pic. I saw it online and initially used it as a twisted version of I Spy/Search & Find type of game.

My favorite parts: My Little Pony Butterfly Island (top shelf) and the lego dudes set up in the front corner.
And, of course, the handmade Pikachu(?) beaded necklace, which was probably given to him by Mike Richards.

Vanessa said...

Is it just me or is there a "Large Farm" size container of Udderly Smooth on his desk? Right next to the lego sculpture? Thought so.

RedWings said...

@DA - Thank you.

urban said...

In regards to RedWings - I will say that when I went to Detroit for the SCF last year, (most) Wings fans in Detroit were some of the nicest people I've ever met, unlike Wings fans I've come across in Pittsburgh. Those people are idiots.

Yeah, why is it that it seems a team's sh*tfans are the ones that always seem to travel? I've encountered some Chi-town fans here that I wouldn't even wipe my a$$ with. Must be the Ugly American Syndrome.

crmzak said... the last time we played ATL and the comment was made that Colby was 'dying alive' I immediately thought of this eerily sad photo.

kstewy16 said...

That picture was disturbing.

Can we get back to PENSblog and leave this lipstickblog/orangegirlblog behind?

nicholas richter said...

Hossa is about to go to 4th place in the ASG... less than 300 votes..

crmzak said...

Vanessa, you may be right. Ew.
My original guess was marshmallow fluff.

Stilly said...

I'm not sure why women are convinced they have to tan and wear an ass-ton of makeup to impress guys. I can't speak for all males, but personally I correlate tanning beds and tons of makeup to maintenance.

Just like in vehicles, stay away from high maintenance fees in women. My Silverado and My Wife = Low Maintenance Fees.

Rage said...

"eerily sad" doesn't even begin to describe what that picture is. Cool retro gaming systems though. Someone should seriously kill that guy right now. Seriously....before he finds your children.

Stilly said...

Oh right.. Hockey...

Um.. It's too bad Whit won't be playing for WB/S when they come to Hershey in January. It would've been fun to see him humiliate The Bears.

RedWings said...

Stilly said...
Oh right.. Hockey...

Um.. It's too bad Whit won't be playing for WB/S when they come to Hershey in January. It would've been fun to see him humiliate The Bears.

We just had Chelios in Grand Rapids for a two game conditioning stint a couple of weeks ago. The Wings needed him to get in shape so he can now wear a suit in the press box.

Joose said...


I never said it looked good... just that it was a horrific trend that still appears now and then. It was probably started by Sean Avery. I'm not sure, though.

dying alive said...

For Chelios, that was probably the equivalent of playing a pick-up game against his grandkids.

BTW, since we're already off-topic beyond the point of no return, here's a story that filled me with mortal terror:

It's not a clown car.

urban said...

@Allison - Man, I'm an ass and I only have two of those four things.

@RedWings - I'd probably attribute it to the amount of crap they take from locals for not liking the local team. Then, they go somewhere where they assume they should be accepted with the same attitude. Doesn't work.

urban said...

@DA - I didn't know, until now, that there were that many names that began with the letter 'J'.

I think "Jinger" is a bit of a stretch.

crmzak said...

Yeah, Stilly, and I'm not sure why men think they have to collect an insane amount of Pokemon cards and wear Maidenform granny panties to impress us women. Jeesh, talk about high maintenance. *heebie jeebies*

I don't know the AHL rotation specifics, so how come WB/S doesn't play the P-Broons this year? LAME.

Well, I'm off so I can adequately worry about my husband driving home in this snowglobe weather we're having here in New England.


fleuryous said...

Rba said...

Just remember folks

If she's a 2 at 10.
She'll be a 10 at 2.

And those Chelios comments were golden as well.

Last night was so exciting. To see MAF come back made Christmas come earlyyyyyyy. He played phenomenally--I think he added momentum/confidence to the guys' game.

Glad to hear about Talbot.

And I'm hoping for Whitney to get a ridiculous amount of points in WBS. I hope Whit plays Tuesday so I can see it live!

Sid and Geno...nothing needs to be said. Dream team.

Go Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...

don't know if this had been posted amongst all the lipstick talk:

Max's new salary

what a bargain.

and just a slight raise from the 675k he's currently earning.


is it safe to say that my outfit of pale lip gloss and a bedazzled pink girly-girl Pens jersey won't clash with yours on Saturday?

dying alive said...

@ Turk - We're safe. I'll be wearing my bronzer and Alyssa Milano ruffled Pens peasant top. Whew, that could have been embarrassing!

TheFandangler said...

C-blog suck mode.

RedWings said...

fleuryous said...
...Last night was so exciting. To see MAF come back made Christmas come earlyyyyyyy. He played phenomenally--I think he added momentum/confidence to the guys' game.

I think that is sooo true. It's no secret that your favorite villain, our own Chris Osgood, has been soft all season long so far. I think he's given up the first goal of the game on the first shot something like four out of his last six games, or something like that. The team has really played differently/less aggressively with him in net trying to cover for his expected oops. Likewise, when MAF comes in and solidifies the last line of defense, it allows everyone else to go out and play their game. There's a real luxury not having to worry about bailing out your goalie. I'm glad to see MAF giving that to the Pens. (I hope Ozzie can get that back, but right now, Conklin has been solid.)

fleuryous said...

I hear Talbot gets a bonus for every SCF GWG he scores.

Just what I heard...

pops said...

whits assigned to wbs for conditioning? expected to play in mon/tues for the bug club!?


ce by22 said...

I'm not going to lie. I never thought conkblock city would be detroit.

pops said...

i meant big club. hehe, "bug" club.

Serena and Chuck said...

The Nutcracker starring Sidney Crosby.

I'm so mad I missed this game and MAF's awesomeness.

roachai said...

that girl is a babe! schwing!

ce by22 said...

PRICE, Carey - 731929

FLEURY, Marc-Andre - 717201


Adrienne said...

Amazing game after another way too long break. It was nice to see Hedberg play again :)

Sometimes seeing comments post game makes me mad I can't hear the TV at work, stupid fucking bar noise :( Sounds like I missed another bunch of epic quotes.

Colby will be back with the Pens July 1st.

This is going to be a long ass fucking weekend. Tampa Bay on Tuesday, I. Am. GEEKED!

Everyone remembers that girl we posted the pic of a few nights ago.
From the people that emailed us, everyone called her an attention whore.
Of course, she finally emailed us. But she didn't email us to ask us to take her pics down.

She sent us more pictures

Someone explain where that ISN'T the definition of being an attention whore?

ce by22 said...

Who cares about said girl.

Guy Carbonneau is going to give Price a spanking when MAF'er passes him for the ASG voting league. Bet on it.


Bing is going over a million. That pass to Gino last night on the open net made me remember why he is my hero. Classy Bing is the best Bing.

jc said...

I think we need another collective push to get MAF in front of Price. Gigitty?

G-Lyn said...

I'm game...we're getting closer!

Hossa's out of the top 3.

Allison said...

@urban- "Man, I'm an ass and I only have two of those four things"

Wait, what?

BlacknGold66 said...

Someone mentioned this before BUT...

Keep in mind that when your voting don't just send one text to 81812

Put 81812 into as many slots as you can for one text (10 for Verizon for instance)... the put the players name (or just PENS) and hit send.

That one text alone is now worth 10 votes.

So for every ten text you do that way it's actually 100 votes.

So simple even an Ouellet could do it.

[Mango Salsa]

hockeygrl said...

ew. attention whores. nasty just nasty.

ce by22 said...

@ BNG66

I vote PENS because it keeps bing, gino and MAF rolling. I know it votes for whits and sarge, but so be it, I know they aren't going to the big dance but seeing them with that many votes does make me giggle.

Hell, I hope guys like Redden, Timo, and Teppo look at that list and feel well, the utter feeling of, FAIL, knowing the injured get more votes than they do.

Annie said...

I've been doing the 10-for-1 text voting for Fleury (and a few for Iginla) for the last few days.

I think I voted Fleury in 30 times that way in the last 60 seconds.

Don't stop now!

When does the voting end, btw?

ce by22 said...

Jan 2. I think...

urban said...

@Allison - I was referring to the fact that I have the beer and the hockey, and I'm a jerk most of the time. I can only image if I were geographically isolated, and only had basic cable, what my life would be.

Allison said...

@urban- o ok I think someone else made that comment not me that's why I got confused lol. But yea I hate to imagine my life if I was geographically isolated. I'm not sure I would survive if I didn't live within 40 mins of three NHL teams.

Vanessa said...

@ Allison/Urban...

That was me, commenting on Northern Michigan Red Wings fans... Did I miss something?

urban said..., I think everything just got screwy for a moment. Like everything on here today.

GO PENS. (Gotta keep it relevant)

Stilly said...

Yeah we gotta get MAF in. Carey Price is an overrated tool. He absolutely wilted in the playoffs last year. It was horrifying to watch.

Allison said...

@vanessa- I just think urban wrote @allison instead of @ vanessa that's all.

dhudzin said...

TSN is reporting Max is going to make $1,050,000/yr.

Congrats Max!

ce by22 said...

PRICE, Carey - 734840
FLEURY, Marc-Andre - 722573

The gap is getting smaller. WOOT!

Vanessa said...

Will someone please tell me how to do the 10 text thing for iphone?

Chris Miller said...

MAF was beastly. Pens lucky ATL started basically #3 depth in goal. 6 goals in 20 shots is great but won't happen too often - any team above .500 and we'd be looking at a much different box score from last night.

Alas, it is what it is, a fat W.

Go Pens!

urban said...

@Vanessa (I got it right this time!)

My iPhone won't let me, because it won't seem to allow me to enter the same number more than once.

...Maybe if I add/save 10 different contacts with the same number it will. Haven't tried that yet.

AceWilde said...

Regarding the chic... Let's be honest here... I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but i wouldn't take her home to family dinner.

Annie said...

As of right now, Flower is behind 11,254 votes.


sven butenschon said...

I wouldn't take her to dinner either
My dad loves young skanks
Thats how he met my mom

Annie said...

Me and my dad = going to the New Years Day Penguins/Bruins game in Boston = goooooooooooooood times. :D

J.S. said...

max's 2 year extension = SUPERSTAR TREATMENT

RaCHeLeYoS said...

lmao at urban's comment from wayyyy earlier.

guess who's back,
back again.
racheley's back.
tell a friend :-)

sven butenschon said...

@ Annie
I am going to
Where are you sitting?

Annie said...

sven - Balcony 326, Row 7. We need to make some Pensblog-related signs so we can find each other. :D

meecrofilm said...

Fucking Ottawa. Why must they suck (various objects) so bad?

And Patrik Elias is good again. That came outta nowhere.

Hip said...

I am exhausted and broken, but something as little as Sid and Geno sitting on Santa's lap is enough to make this day worth it.

Thanks tPB and Cblog.

Allison said...

woah, holy NJ explosion.
wooooooo, Zach Parise 4 assists and 3 on the pp (Fantasy team!0

and how funny is it with ottawa's "awesome skilled scorers" and such, that its Ruutu with the lone goal...shorthanded. lol

Stoosh said...

@ Racheleyos -

Welcome back!

Stoosh said...

RedWings -

Nice to see you back around.

Question for you, as this pertains to a discussion I was trying to have as intelligently as possible over at (there's a bit of a groundswell over there in support of the idea that the Pens should pick up Avery)...

Did the Wings ever have any problems with Avery when he was there? I certainly remember Avery when he was with the Wings; good role player/energy guy. In the same respect, I don't remember him being the character in Detroit that he's become infamous for being now, either.

I'm just curious because he was only there for a couple of years. Holland is one of the league's better judges of talent and while Avery is one of the biggest douchebags to ever grace the NHL ice, he's also good at his job.

I know they dealt him to get Mathiew Schneider, so maybe it was the Kings demanding a decent young player back for a veteran. Not sure.

Was Avery already a problem when he was with the Wings, or did Holland rid himself of a potential problem before it became one?

Stoosh said...

Allison -

These may not be the same old Devils. Maybe with Uncle Daddy on the shelf, they actually realized they have to start playing real hockey.

Dr. Turkleton said...

stoosh said:

These may not be the same old Devils. Maybe with Uncle Daddy on the shelf, they actually realized they have to start playing real hockey.

but...they played the Sens tonight: The Dallas Stars of the Prince o' Wales Conference. Only 68 goals scored for Sylvester's Crew !!!!! Sixty-Eight!!!!!


Allison said...

a)I never cease to lol when I read "uncle daddy"
b) yea, I know about those devils.
I wish I wasn't apathetic and would go back and find the post from the day it after it was announced that Brodeur was out 4-6 months or whatever. Everyone here was having a party that the Devils' threat level had just fallen to that of the Islanders. I came on here and warned everyone, and said something along the lines of just you watch, don't count them out yet, everyoone chalks them up to be nothing but Brodeur, but you're going to be surprised. I made some reference to the MAF injury. Anyway, I was pretty much tarred and feathered and laughed at for hours. Called a few things like crazy for having the audacity to bring up the MAF inury like it was comperable.

Well, here we are Devils with 39 points in 30 games and Pens with 38 in 31. While I was never saying the Devils were winning the Stanley Cup, I did say not to count the out of giving us a run for our money.

It kinda reminds me of the day after Satan was signed and everyone wanted the poor guy dead almost, and I came and told of how excited I was to see my favorite Islander now a Penguin, and was laughed at and told to enjoy wasting my money on his shirt. Well, that aquisition has turned out pretty nicely, no?

/stuckinsidewithfamilybecauseof snowblog/

Stoosh said...

And the Tampa Bay Lightning's quest to wrestle the title of "Worst Run Major League Sports Franchise Ever" from the Pittsburgh Pirates continues...

NHL Network is reporting that the Tampa Bay Lightning have placed Jussi Jokinen on waivers.

If someone picks up Jokinen, that means the Lightning will have dealt Brad Richards for Jeff Halpern, Mike Smith and a fourth-round pick.

Jokinen makes $1.8M this year, so perhaps this is an attempt to unload about $900,000 in salary by the Lightning. Then again, they're currently almost $7M under the cap right now.

But can you even imagine what Gary Roberts is thinking right now? Ryan Malone? I've said before that $4.5M a year is an awfully nice consolation prize for putting up with the circus down there, but at what point do some of these guys start throwing up their hands in disbelief?

I know it's been "tough" at times to watch this Pens team this year, especially given the ride this team took us on during the playoffs and the dominance they showed in so many facets of the game. But next time you want to scream at Miro Satan because he's just not as good as Hossa, or you want to put your fist through the TV as Dupuis misses another feed from Sid, just think about what's going on in Tampa.

And the next time you say your Penguins prayers to the hockey gods, thank your lucky stars for King Shero and an ownership group like Lemieux & Burkle. It could be much, much worse.

Allison said...

@stoosh- whenever I catch myself about to complain about something "bad" one of the Pens does, I ust remind myself that their not owned by Charles Wang, and it makes me feel better. If that ever fails, I'll be sure to think of Tampa.

Stoosh said...

@ Allison -

After seeing what the Pens did without Crosby last year, nothing like this surprises me. I admit...I thought "da Devil" (as HCMT eloquently calls them) would take a step back because Brodeur is so good.

But in hockey, I think injuries to just one player - even a high-profile player - can be mitigated because it's not entirely difficult for the rest of the team to adapt their style of play.

It's a series of injuries to significant regular personnel that cause problems for teams. When you have to start calling up several AHL'ers because of injuries and before you know it, you've got minor leaguers taking regular shifts on the second line and taking up your lower three spots on the defensive depth chart, that's when you see teams tail off.

Stoosh said...

@ Allison - Isles are much closer to home and have sucked for much longer, so yes, I think you know what I'm talking about (poor Chris Campoli...awesome, awesome kid).

I'm not saying fans can't be critical of this Pens team, either. I don't want to give that impression.

As I've said before here, though, the memories of 2002-03 and 2003-04 are still way too fresh in my mind, so I don't take anything for granted. When we were at the Pens-Devils game a few weeks ago, I found myself just watching Crosby and still shaking my head in disbelief that he's playing here.

We're very lucky. When you look at players of their generation, the league's best goaltender and the best two forwards may be playing here right now.

meecrofilm said...

@Allison, 10:49pm-
You've inspired me to dig up an old quote of mine. I don't remember the specifics, but I was discussing the Devils with my friend, and I was saying something about how Jersey continues to win in the regular season and the playoffs, more specifically, why they continue to be successful. I kept it around as a constant reminder of what the Pens are up against and how to be successful in the playoffs. And I quote myself...

"nah man
jersey is too good
they're so gay
we could never be that gay
i mean, once in the playoffs hopefully , all bets are off
jersey has attained a level of gayness that just... defies all logic"

Proof? When Brodeur went down, you just KNEW that Jersey wasn't going anywhere, especially since so many people were talking about how they were finally going to fade. That's that amazing level of gayness that the Pens need to somehow acquire in order to make it all the way through the playoffs. The "Playoff Gay" if you will. It shows through the regular season and takes full effect in the playoffs.

When Fleury went down, the team struggled? Why? They haven't quite yet obtained a sufficient "playoff gay." Jersey won 3 cups with Brodeur, so now, his gay reverberates all through out the franchise. Even when he's not playing, his gay manages to carry the team. I think Brodeur will have to retire before we can judge the Devils without him.

But back to the Pens.... what's the real reason Shero wanted to lock Hossa up long-term? The "playoff gay" of course. It would financially cripple the team long-term, but Shero knew that, in the end, 7 years of guaranteed gay would, in the end, produce more results than a "balanced roster.

Why do you think Shero picked up Hossa at the deadline last year? Rewind to the 2006-2007 season. Shero picks up Roberts at the deadline. What a solid human. Unfortunately, he is the opposite of gay. And the Pens faced Ottawa in the first round. Ottawa. Spezza. Heatley. Alfredsson. Too.Much.Gay. Bounced in 5 games.

Now look at last year. Pens have Hossa now. Gay city. Even if he wasn't putting up a lot of points, his gay propelled the Pens past Ottawa's gay (much like Brodeur's is carrying Jersey right now). With out talent coupled with Hossa's overwhelming gay, we rolled through the Eastern Conference. But then came Detroit. The Pens had no chance. They were totally out-gayed. Franzen, Osgood, Kronwall, Zetterberg, Lindstrom, Chelios. No team in the league had the gay to match that, which is ultimately why they were the cup champions in the end.

So right now, I don't think the Pens have a Stanley Cup roster. Not yet. Shero knows they're not gay enough, and so at the deadline, I'm looking for him to pick up that one X-factor (or xx-factor if you will. wooo), to put us over the top. Fans all around the league always say how gay Crosby is, and we say "No!" But they don't specify (nor do they even know!) what kind of "gay they're talking about.... if you catch my drift. Could be a blessing in disguise...

Wayne Gretzky. The Great Homo. So dominant, so many cups. Why? Gayest player there ever was, and ever will be. It's a testament to how insanely good Lemieux is that he was able to accomplish what he did with 0% gay in him.

Anyways, yeah. uh. Jersey is gay because of Brodeur. Wow, did I just write all of that? Sheesh. Guess I'm that passionate about that stuff, haha

meecrofilm said...

And Stoosh,

Always a pleasure to read what you have to say. I agree. Not only are we so lucky to have not one, but TWO generational talents playing on the same team, but we also have among the most shrewd, responsilble management anywhere in the league running the team around them. It's a great time to be a Pens fan, no doubt.

Allison said...

Tampa Bay does hold the spot in my head for fastest fall from grace in my recent memory. Jesus... it's quite sad. I have the ticket stub from a game of Tampa @ Isles from March of 04 (right before they won the Cup) and I remember how STOKED i was to go to that game and watch St. Louis and Lecaviler, cause they were my fave two players that season. Now, this year, I'm planning on going to see those two teams again in early April, and I'm just excited to see shit on shit. lol (and watch so many ex Pens, and one of Robert's last games if's he's lasted till April)

Matt said...

Nash is awesome. If we ever need someone to make Osjoke or all the Phoenix Coyotes players on the ice look stupid(er), we know who to call.

dying alive said...

The idea of the Pens picking up Sean Avery makes me want to walk across the room and throw up on the baby Jesus in my nativity set.

The guy is a CANCER. Not just with a capital C, with a capital everything. And something tells me that with his latest chicanery, he's committed pest suicide. He will get away with NOTHING for the rest of his career, if in fact he has a rest of his career. He's not completely without skill, but he made his living as a pest. Take that away, and he's just another third line jobber. He's Matt Cooke without the big hits or Tyler Kennedy without the heart. Tack on the fact that he's at least three times as expensive as those guys and by all accounts a completely rancid teammate, he can go fuck himself.

Allison said...

@meecro- that was a whole lotta gay... you'd make charlie proud. (but seriously, you might just get the award for "most gays in a post ever"

meecrofilm said...


Well put.

If you thought the "2 minutes for being Ruutu" penalties were bad... If Sean Avery ever plays for an NHL team again... forget about it.

je2ms said...


Best post ever.


I seem to recall the Red Wings GM saying something awful about Avery. Its on Wiki. (No Linki).

And I think he and Chelios maintained a friendship, but during the lockout, when they both played for Grand Rapids, Chelios ended up kicking Avery out of his house.

Being a prick on the ice is one thing. When your friends can't even put up with you off the ice... thats an indication of trouble.

go pens

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

Keep in mind that the message board hasn't exactly been a bastion of rational thought when it comes to the Pens fanbase the last couple of years. Some of the luminaries over there make me wonder if they can separate the real hockey world from their NHL '09 franchises on their PS3.

Avery's track record speaks for itself. There is absolutely nothing he brings to a team that outweighs the problems he causes in every locker room he's ever been in (save maybe that of Detroit). He's played his way off of at least three of the four teams that have employed him professionally, and I wouldn't want him anywhere near the Pens locker room.

KaylaJ said...

if you heard emrick's podcast the week avery made his comments, he quoted a club official from one of the teams avery had been with saying "after he left, it will never be made known some of what we dealt with here". calling avery a cancer is being nice, this guy is beyond screwing up a team.

but anyway, whoooooo jussi is no longer a lightning! yay! i miss him being on the stars getting to see him play whenever our fox station decides i can watch hockey. i mean unless he goes to somewhere like philly, its only a win situation for a fan of his.

and bummer gary decides to retire after this season instead of last.

Annie said...

meecrofilm - Now you've got me all curious to hear your opinion about the gayness (or lack thereof) of the 91, 92, and 93 Pens teams.

Inquiring minds want to know... ;)

meecrofilm said...


I'll take that award with pride.

Also, I have a conundrum for c-blog:

What differences, between these two things, exist, if any? Can you tell the difference?

Exhibit A Exhibit B.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...


Allison said...

@meecro- oh shit, i just went back and found that day with the devils posting and it was you and travis that went against me ... uhhhoh, i'm not so sure i wanted it to be you two lol. oh well, whatev... GO PENS.... (uh, yea i just starteddrinking and im about to heard out and drink more.. maybe some drunkin cblogging when i turn up again at 6 in the morning)

Stoosh said...

I've said it before...I wouldn't trade a bag of pucks for Gaborik because at least I can know I can use the pucks on gameday.

Stoosh said...

@ Allison -

uh, yea i just starteddrinking and im about to heard out and drink more.. maybe some drunkin cblogging when i turn up again at 6 in the morning

The prospect of some drunken Allison c-blogging is absolutely fantastic news. The only drawback is that I might be asleep; some of us old folks can't keep up.

Allison said...

haha thats ok chekc it tomroww i might not even com home til then im not too sure anywayz... if i remember ill post on your facebook wall stosh just cause youre" on old guys" or whatever you calledd yourself

jefe p said...

just finished this game. goals are good.

so, im hoping osgood breaks a nail in time for conkblock to start in the Classic.

go pens.

p.s. ill have what shes having..

meecrofilm said...

Annie- I'd happily oblige!

For the cup teams.....
Like I said, Lemieux was/is just a freak. He defies all universal logic pertaining to human beings and existence in general. His talent (if there's even a word for what he possessed) was so overwhelming he was almost singlehandedly able to fight of other team's playoff gay with it (Current Pens have Gino working this factor for them right now).
But people are fooling themselves if they thought that Jagr wasn't chipping in a little gay on the side, no doubt about it ;) That's critical right there.

But the '93 Pens? Let's actually look "forward" so we can undestand what happened in the past. Teams who first face an unknown gay are almost certain to fail. But once they get accustomed to said gay, they are then more equipped to deal with it. That's why the Pens (+Hossa) were able to dispatch the Sens so easily the second time around, and is also why I like their chances should they face Detroit in the finals again this season.

Rewind to '93. Pens met an unsuspecting playoff gay in the form of the new york islanders and DFV (david fucking volek). They assumed they would dominate, they weren't aware of the gay, and thus were caught completely off guard, and lost in 7 (it even hurts to type that, haha). The Islanders were somehow outgayed by Montreal (actually not that farfetched) who unsurprisingly won the cup that year. But back to the point: Who would bet against the Pens if those two teams played a 7-game series again? No one would. 'Cause they'd have been accustomed to the Islanders playoff gay, and would have crushed them. So there ya go.

Another musing, like last years playoffs, just to prove that my "theory" is more than just a theory. Last year, the Devils couldn't match the gay of Sean Avery + The general aura surrounding the Rangers' Franchise. Caught off gaurd. Their key gay component (Brodeur) lost the matchup with the other team's source of gayness (Avery). Whenever teams' respective 'gay' go head-to-head, the team's loser will result in the team as a whole losing.
Then the Capitals (not gay enough last year, that could change this year) get outgayed by Philly. Pens beat the rags, Philly outgays Montreal (not too farfetched, right?) Pens beat Philly. And then of course, Detroit, the perfect storm of gay in 2008 won the cup. Need I say more? =p

And @Allison-
If I said that, it's only because I was in denial. Deep down, I knewthe truth... Plus, the next day I told staff not to bet against Jersey, when gamblingblog was in full effect, for those exact reasons. Guess who won the game that night.

And your descent into drunkeness has indeed already started. If I didn't have to get up at 630 for work, I'd definitely stay around and enjoy the show :)

Allison said...

uh, yea mmecroo- i havent left my house yeat and i have to teach gymnastics at 8 should be a hell of a monring.

and jeffpp- its a combo of 151 and mieks hard. yea lame, but its goets the job donre

jefe p said...

@allison -nice i might have to try that never.

i was feeling that good at my office xmas party last night. open bar on a thursday night = mistake. i half slept with a deep hangover for the first 3 hours of work today. still not right.

Biff Wexler said...

Why did Crosby fist punch that prone player in the back of his head helmet?

He isn't meant to hockey fist punch people. He's meant to score shot goals.

meecrofilm said...


ce by22 said...

this shits getting deep tonight.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joseph burrell said...

6-3 in my humble opinion I think they deserved to win the game since the first score, they played better no doubt about that and I made money due to the victory and to pay per head services :D


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