Thursday, December 18, 2008



The Mario Lemieux Foundation has been kind enough
to donate some things that will be raffled off at the Festivus Pledge Drive.
  • An autographed Mario Lemieux puck
  • An autographed Mario Lemieux Celebrity Invitational Hat
  • A Mario Lemieux Celebrity Invitational gift bag (with nifty gifties on the inside)
  • A Gary Roberts practice-used stick
Also, TWO tickets to the Penguins/Caps game on January 14th have been donated by the everfamous Lowell.

SERIOUSLY. Your chances of winning one of these items will never be better.
The raffle will only involve those attend the event. SERIOUSLY. UNREAL.

We will be announcing the winners around 10:30pm. So make sure to stick around.

Besides the traditional Festivus activities, there will be beer pong and corn hole (just for you, Pensblog Charlie) set up throughout the night. After the Pens game, put on your dancin' shoes and shake it to the groovin' tunes provided by me and my lil bro.

Our drink specials for the entire evening include:

$3 Captain Morgan & Captain Morgan Tattoo
$2 Domestic Drafts
$2 Labatt Blues

This is not a 21-and-over-only event.
Just please remember your ID if you'd like an adult beverage.

So, this Tuesday, December the 23rd, from 7pm-2am, come on down to Calico Jack's to celebrate a ridiculously awesome holiday and to support the incredible MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION.

Many many thanks to Andrew over at MLF for his generosity, Lowell for being THE MAN, and to all the Pensblog boys for all of their help.

Don't forget to FACEBOOK INVITE yourself and others if you haven't done so already.

This is truly the beginning of a LEGENDARY tradition. 'Til Tuesday, folks.


-- annie "coffeytalk" lawry


bayonetwork said...


Allison said...


PittHockey said...

and this is when living elsewhere sucks.

have fun, burghers.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Makes me almost wish I lived in Pittsburgh. Boston's pretty great, though.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


Take a picture of the whole crew in PensBlog Jerseys (duh) for those keeping score at home.

Victor Raison said...


J.S. said...

I might have to fly in for this one. Off the clock by 330 should have me in pburgh by hopefully 6. I may or may not have Christmas eve off, but this sounds like a good time (not to mention for a good cause too.)

crmzak said...

Sounds badass. Man, I wish I could attend and hang with you guys. In fact, it's sad how much.

(ok, that last sentence is awkward, but you feel me.)

BlacknGold66 said...

BNG66's pledge raised $400 some dollars then hit a wall.

Then Coffeytalk grabbed it by the nuts and it jumped to about $776 in a heartbeat.

Coffeytalk = Biggest deal since the purchase of Manhattan Island

So which one of you bastards is going to offer myself and my girlfriend a place to crash that night so we can make the drive in?

Allison said...

@crm- nah, it's not sad. I'm pretty sure all of us out of towners understand because we feel the same way.
I propose that there should be a ceremonious shot taken by every one of age there in honor of all us out of towners... and pictures posted!

coffeytalk said...


what more can i say? said...

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but Gary Roberts will retire after this season.

Carroll said...

@coffeytalk - that's amazing that you wer able to get MLF to donate some stuff.

Have fun! I too wish I lived closer so I could attend, but unfortunately my partying with cblog will have to wait until Feb 8.

BlacknGold66 said...

In case I don't make it...

Someone needs to bring a laptop to start up chatblog for us out of towners.

Nothing like chatting while getting shitfaced.

eddie said...

i dont know if anyone has seen the all start results so far...but fleury has made a holy comeback...hes only 30,000 back now

Allison said...

@BNG- holy hell someone does NEED to bring a laptop!

"Nothing like chatting while getting shitfaced."- AMEN

coffeytalk said...

live recap blog haha. i will be taking photos for sure and will send a link to staff so yinz outotowners can catch up on our shanigans...

dying alive said...

Ack! I may try to make it after the game. I am supposed to be going to a Christmas party that night, but Festivus sounds like way more fun.

Plus I've been around tPB since dinosaurs walked the earth and I have yet to meet a single cblogger.

Allison said...

and so it's over. I just recieved an email from the Vancouver Canucks, and they have signed Mats Sundin.

Thank God that's over, I was so concerned where he was going to play the second half of this season i could barely sleep at night.

Stoosh said...

@ Allison -

Thank God he signed with the Canucks.

Reason Number One: That makes Detroit's life all that more difficult when it comes to getting out of the Western Conference.

Reason Number Two: He told the Rangers that their money wasn't good enough. I don't care how washed up Sundin is; anyone who tells the Rangers to go fuck themselves is aces in my book.

That'll be even sweeter when the Pens acquire Kovalchuk to officially make them the favorite to win the East.

Stoosh said...

Kovalchuk gets his first look tonight at what he could be a part of come February or early March.

A new Kovy in town would make a swell late Christmas present, King Shero.


(I don't know if Kovalchuk is going to be traded here because so much can happen between now and then. If the Thrashers go on a run - I know, big "if" - Waddell won't be sellin' at the deadline. But it's Christmas and my Penguins wish list to Santa Shero starts with Ilya Kovalchuk. If I can't get him, I'd love me some Nathan Horton.)

Allison said...

Reason number 3- I don't have to hear about it from the uberannoying NY hockey media.
And the Rangers' didn't even have enough money for him. They would have had to do some salary dumping. Which brings me to
Reason number 4- I dont have to hear about what a waste of all the wonderful young talent the Rangers gave up in order to sign him after the first game he doesn't score 2 goals.

and, I love Kovalchuck. As a player. I always have. I do not let myself consider that man in a Penguin's uniform. I could not handle the mental image. said...

Anyone know if there's a FSN Pittsburgh feed of the game?

All I can find is the Atlanta feed.

Rba said...

Kovy will be traded, count on it. But it will be out West, like a Minnesota or a San Jose, not to Pittsburgh unfortunatley, speaking of ex-trashers. Marian Hossa is knocked out of the top 2, he's 3rd though, but he's like only 6k votes ahead of Iginla. So lets get rid of Snake and put in Iglina, the OV and 3 Habs thing is over, no way he can get the 30k or so vote he needs.

Also amazing cause, shame i live in Georgia with no way to get to the Burgh, go Pens though, show them what it means to be a Burgher.

Allison said...

damn it ATDHE has the georgia feed.
I guess I shouldnt complain, beggers can't be choosers.

Allison said...

hehehe i can almost picture Fleury squirting water at Crusher during warmups. I love this team.

meecrofilm said...

where the fuck is the gameday post?

Docciavelli said...

I have to say, Mark Eaton's been playing much better D lately. I hope his current level of play continues...

And a Boulton/God tilt would be nice.

Docciavelli said...


I thoguht the same thing, then realized that Festivus for the MLF is more important, given that gameday posts don't save lives...other than ours.

Docciavelli said...

WOOOOoooooo. MAF bitches.

Docciavelli said...

Num-num. C is for Cooke.

Rba said...


Allison said...

i take credit for this goal because i am eating cookies for dinner... no joke.

Rba said...

Depends, are they Chocolate Chip or something else, otherwise you'll get no credit.

Docciavelli said...

Gameday now up. Mr. Rodgers for the win.


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