Saturday, December 20, 2008

Every Year. PENS LOSE



Yea, like we're recapping this game.

This was Toronto's last trip to Mellon Arena this year.
Since the Pens won the first meeting in Pittsburgh, you knew what this game was gonna be.
Every year, the Maple Leafs storm into the Mellon like little boys are on sale and take over the world.

You got to despise their fans, but they are a loyal bunch.
Too bad the 8-dollar souvenir cup they bought in the Mellon is the only Cup they'll ever see.

This was taken by us after Malkin's goal. These dudes were three rows behind us.
When the third period came around and the Arena start emptying out, they weren't friendly.
We even had stunned pics taken of ourselves.
Humbling experience.

We guess when you play the Leafs on Hockey Night In Canada, the refs don't call penalties on them.

But let's face it.
The refs didn't have much to do with the beatdown that took place in this one.

And there is nothing worse than getting served with your own medicine as Leafs fans invade the Mellon Arena.

Tough night.

Malkin with more turnovers than Arby's.
His juggling of the puck in the first period was about as necessary as a box of condoms at Acid Queen's house.

Santa better bring us a consistent hockey team.
Ryan Whitney will do.


Somewhere during the third period, a Pensblog Jersey made its way onto the jumbotron in the form of a guy who was doing a KISS FM game.
Identify yourself.

We were in attendance and were too busy dealing with Leaf homos to get a pic of it.

*Apologies to people who sent in anthem pics and photoshops.
We're not in the mood. :(


Therrien's presser after the game.
"It's Sidney's team."
[That quote is per Empty Netters]

Therrien is strangely calm.

What is Crosby looking at?


P.J. Stock from HNIC is an ass.




That said. Go Steelers.

Go Pens.


Brashear vs Cote from tonight:




mattb171 said...

Whitney cures all ailments

debrisslide said...

Clearly we're never losing again.

Nate8724 said...

BOO If my computer wasnt so slow i would have had 1st

Allison said...

Oh boo I was informed that the jersey on the jumbotron was worn by none other than PB Adam himself. This is dissappointing news.

Annie said...

Dammit, didn't see the new post. Here we go again:

[Ugh, I didn't realize there were 250 other comments I didn't read before I wrote this all out. I think Stoosh and others already expressed this far more eloquently than I ever could. But since I went through the trouble, what the hell, here goes...]

Seriously? Fire Therrien? I'm sorry, I must have stumbled into LGP.

Goon said it @ 10:41 - the team has had starts like this in past seasons, but at the same time that doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels and expect to automatically get better come January or so. That's Naivete with a capital N.

Nevertheless, keep in mind who we're still missing, and who will be returning sooner or later:


As Goon pointed out, we're doing a bit better this year than last year, and this is while we've had our top two defensemen on IR all season so far, AND with various other key players in and out with injuries, AND with a whole lotta minor-leaguers being called up to play at the NHL level, some for the first time, with not a lot of time to build a really solid chemistry and brotherhood, which I believe all great teams must have. One thing in general I noticed tonight was that there seemed to be no communication between each other, no system, and no solid plan of attack.

Take a deep breath and think back to how we exploded the second half of last season with so many core players out, and then think of the players who will be coming back before the second half of his season. (God willing no one else gets seriously injured for a prolonged time).

[In Shero/Buries It I Trust]

PS, what Stoosh said @ 11:12 - FUCKING COMMIT. You want to come here spewing a lemming mentality, better to go to LGP or jump off a bridge. Dare to come up with an argument for firing Therrien after a 9-2 win, or a win like the Wings game earlier in the year.

Stoosh, Raybin, Goon & the other regulahs - good night and God bless.

debrisslide said...


Can we also talk about how Scott Hartnell deserves nothing tonight? He gets hat tricks on a platter for being one of the most classless players around. I despise that fucker.

Stoosh said...

That kid in the middle and the one on the right are the personification of every douchebag Leafs fan I've ever encountered at the Arena.

Hopefully, that fuck on the right got his Jay Leno-sized jaw broken and then had his neck wrung with his scarf.

The Goon Blogger said...

Whitney was awesome in his WBS according to cblog post earlier (forget who it was, apologies). The sweaters WBS was wearing tonight continue to be majestic.

Whitney has 4 PP points his first game back, including a goal on the Whitney Play. Bank.

jaos said...

oh i get it... see if i ever take the time to send in anthem pics again

debrisslide said...

jaos, go get a handle of whiskey and drown your sorrows in the woods behind Wal-Mart. Saddest day of your life.

dd7 said...

dd7 said...
quiteprolific said...
I must admit...I am one of the often watching not posting people...with the additional cover of a large amount of new posters I felt tonight would be a decent night to commit to posting

Thats what I did also i have tried to pick and choose my times to post like dipping my toe in water to test its warmth. before i leap in.

Allison said...
New post's up

Ty Allison reposted here just in case quiteprolific did not read the old posts

nikki said...

awww not a sad face :(

Stoosh said...

@ Quiteprolific (from the previous post) and any new c-bloggers/lurkers/readers -

I didn't mean to come off as some sort of elitist or something like that in my post. If I did, I apologize because that's not what c-blog is about (trust me...we dealt with that issue enough this offseason).

It's just a trend I've noticed. Most of the people who post during losses like this are nowhere to be found when things are swell.

I don't want this place to ever seem like it's above bringing new people into the fold because we were all new to the fold at some point.

One thing I like about c-blog is that we're a fairly even-keel bunch. No one was predicting a trip to the Cup after we beat the Islanders and the Thrashers, or even after we beat the Red Wings earlier this year. In the same respect, many of the c-bloggers here don't subscribe to the "sky is falling" alarmism that I've seen on other boards after bad losses, or with other local (pro football) teams. The latter is where we are today.

Sorry if I came off too strong in some of my posts. I don't want new c-bloggers to not feel welcome because of some perceived elitism that I didn't mean to convey. said...

Stoosh, I live in Toronto.
Half of the guys I went to school with look like those Leaf fans.

I received quite a bit of harassment on a daily basis for being a Pens fan.

nikki said...

my MOM is a leafs fan. im not going to live this down
...well not until april anyways when the leafs are golfing

eddie said...

anyone see...fleury made it to number 1 in all star voting

quiteprolific said...

@ Stoosh and the rest of the regulars from the other post...

It's totally ok...I don't feel unwelcome in any way. I have been following c-blog during the games this year, and as an out of town fan for years and grad student I only get to see about 3/4 of the games, and when I do its often on a small crappy computer screen from god knows what team's feed, so I turn here for insight and educated comments about the pens and the season. Like I said, I think I just picked a bad game to get in on here. I will definitely be back on Monday enjoying the game thanks to VS and enjoying the insight on c-blog, and perhaps throwing in a (hopefully) valuable comment or two.

nikki said...

thank you toews

Allison said...

@ the person in the last post who said there's a rags game on the 5th with my name all over it- damn straight. If I'm not there and fucked up (which honestly is the only way I can handel MSG), which I might be, ill be at home or at my pens fan friend's house playing my fave game in honor of thoes boys from Thunder Bay.

dd7 said...

Stoosh I personally was not put off by your posts just at how your so much better than I on how to word things alot of times when i read your posts i am like ok this guy said what i had going on in my mind but i could not put to words tonight was my first attempt to share what i thought was wrong with the team and i felt like since i was new i was getting pushed into the fan.
And i promise you i am far from that type of fan.
In time you will all realize that but till you all accept me my comments will be few and far betwen but in closing thank you all for alot of some of the best and funniest hockey talk i have seen involving this team said...

Hopefully Chicago fills the role of "beating teams I don't like" this year.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

There are no rules here, don't feel bad and stop posting if you get jobbed, try not to use this place as an Instant Messenger (gameday threads are a whole 'nother animal), and feel free to dip the phalanges. Make friends over facebook. Come to c-blogger events. Ask Flyer Hater about his hockey jersey collection. This place changes lives.

What's the punchline when you get your asses handed to you by a joke of a team?

Kat said...

I really hate the Canucks fans sad ass sense of self-entitlement.

Suck on that empty net...This eases the sting of the loss a little. For hockey being a Canadian-heavy sport, I really dispise all the Canadian teams. Odd...

I believe I'm starting to feel the same way about Jonny Toews that Allison feels about Tangers.

Allison said...

Holy spelling errors but I'm too sick to care.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Stoosh I personally was not put off by your posts just at how your so much better than I on how to word things alot of times...

It's what he does...c-blog HOF credentials said...

Kat, the only Canadian team I somewhat like is Edmonton.

I used to like Montreal, but their fanbase (especially recently) annoys me too much.

Allison said...

@kat- if you really feel the way about toews as I do about Tangers, you should see help. It's a hell of a strong sickness. said...

CBC just showed two girl Canucks fans in Sundin jerseys saying "Toronto, thanks for the gift!"

I'm not sure how to feel. My original thought was to hate those girls, but then they were insulting the Leafs, so I'm torn.

Kat said...

@ Allison, it is indeed the kind of thing that needs some form of rehab. My goodness.

And it was me who mentioned the Rangers game. I can't wait to participate in my first Staal Brothers shot extravaganza. The last meeting with the Canes was mildly disapointing.

Beav said...

Well I'm glad I went to the Erie Otters game and just watched this travesty now. Jared (AKA Baby) Staal had two assists tonight and played a solid game. Otters ended up winning 7-5 and Justin Hodgman had a hat trick on the empty net. Cost me my old beat up Pens hat but definitely an awesome game. Keep your chins up Cblog. Mama said there'd be days like this.

Pensblog Staff said...


Beav said...

Oh and thanks to Center Ice, a DVR, and tickets to the Otters I pulled a very rare Staal brothers day. Watched Eric Staal and the Canes this afternoon, saw Jared live at the Tullio Arena, watched Jordan and the Pens off the DVR and currently am catching Marc Staal and the Rags against the Sharks. Mom and Papa Staal have nothing on me today

Kat said...

Therrien kind of scares the shit out of me. That presser=yikes...

BlacknGold66 said...

That pic of the stuffed penguin had me rolling in laughter. I don't know why.

Maybe it's the beer.

The Pens themselves... they're about to go on a tear. I can feel it.

Finally, Kerry Collins: 2 INT's and sacked 5 times tomorrow. Mark it down.

Allison said...

Therrien's presser: hmmm thought provoking, for me at least.

Jenna said...

As gigdmb in the comments on Empty Netters pointed out, I think he says "we'll see next game" not "it's Sidney's team."

Allison said...

@jenna- upon further review, i might have to agree

Stoosh said...

@ Beav -

You must've seen a good one. Hodgman with the HT. Biggers with four points. I think Ryan O'Reilly had two or three.

I really like what I see out of this Yogan kid, too.

How much ice time is McKegg getting and how does he look? I've been told he's eventually going to turn into a phenomenal sniper for them, and they're trying to bring him along slowly.

I'm going to be heading up there for a game one of these weekends in January or early Feb. I'll let you know ahead of time.

miche11e said...

I'd like to add that I also believe he said "We'll see next game."

dd7 said...

dead on jenna

Dr. McSham said...

I'm pretty sure HCMT said "We'll see next game," not "It's Sidney's team."

Not trying to call out the staff, though.

Dr. McSham said...

Sorry, just saw Jenna's comment. She beat me to the punch.

Go Pens.

miche11e said...

All-Star Goalie Update:
FLEURY, Marc-Andre
PRICE, Carey

ce by22 said...

somebody call chicken little, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the sky is falling.

that said, fuck it, every team takes a few games off.

Allison said...

Also, that brashear pummeling is crazy. I saw him from about 2 feet away last week and
A) he looks OLD as hell.
B) he looks SCARY as fuck.

Would shit my pants if I ever ran into that man on the street.

meecrofilm said...

Could we really expect anything less, considering what this day marks?

Couldn't have been a more fitting tribute to two years ago.


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Therrien clearly did not say "We'll see next game." He said "We'llseenessgame..."

Kierstan said...

And, of course, I didn't notice there was a new post when I posted on the last one. Done like a true blonde...duh. To recap:

"Hopping out of the lurker treehouse for a bit...

Sweet holy kittens, look at all of the solid Stoosh posts around here tonight. To paraphrase Yoda, "Committed to the Stoosh am I." "

Bmetzer66 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fleuryous said...

The Pens were disappointed in themselves tonight--it was obvious.

I don't know what happened to the energy, but it will come back--it's been done before.

Man oh man, Zigo and TK can't get back here soon enough. Their energy value is indescribable. The "AHL" line was getting it done tonight. Wallace is great.

Whitney will hopefully play on Tuesday too...that'll be awesome.

And congratulations to MAF in regards to the ASG voting race.

I'm hoping the Steelers pull out a huge win later today, because, frankly...I want them to. haha.

Not worried.
You shouldn't be either.

Go Pens.

Serena and Chuck said...

Staff, stop trying to make up controversies. Woooooo... I agree with others, HCMT said, "We'll see next game."

Sid was looking at reporters, they are all around him.

That Brashear/Cote fight was the business! I hope Brashear and Hartnell share such an exciting experience next time they meet.

I really missed TK the whole game.

Go Pens

Serena and Chuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serena and Chuck said...

Stoosh, I read your comment from the last post and for the very first time I think I have to commit.

I try to read c-blog for a few game day posts every few weeks, and wow, I just wanted to shoot myself after the first page of comments yesterday.

That rant was great.

Joose said...


I like the hostility. Keep it up.


BlacknGold66 said...

Seriously Cote? SERIOUSLY??

You don't go starting shit with the nephew of Master Chief (Master Diver) Carl Brashear (I'm sure J.S., Jonny V, etc. will agree with me.)

Staff is "GAY" for The Price Is Right videos more than I am gay for Scuds...


Stoosh said...

@ BNG66 -

I never knew that was Donald Brashear's uncle.


"Goddammit, Cookie! Move yo ass! I want my twelve!"

["Men of Honor": Chief Billy Sunday]

Not ashamed to admit that I break that quote out from time as applicable to Matt Cooke.

No way I mess with Carl Brashear. Dude would break me in half quicker than he shattered his leg. That was one of the most cringe-inducing injuries in movie history (ok, horror movies excepted).

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

Anyone else having issues trying to log into Facebook? I keep getting an error message saying they're working on it.

Katy said...

The guy wearing the Pensblog jersey who showed up on the jumbotron in the 3rd is a friend... Adam Swetz. I got a text confirming so before I saw it here. It was his first game of this season. Biggest highlight of the game. Sad.

Stilly said...

It's pretty funny that some people will get on here and post about firing Therrien for lack of a system and the team's lack of intensity, and then get indignant when someone calls them a joke.

It's just hilarious how people claim they're some sort of hockey information repository, when they write the same garbage as every stupid sports fan regardless of sport. Firing the coaching staff for lack of effort and intensity is retarded. You're not talking hockey, you're looking for a scapegoat for this loss.

The system works fine when the key components are healthy. Getting Whit back will be a step toward that.

If someone is fired, it better be the team for lack of effort. No trade or coaching change is going to help the players' attitude. Teams have figured out that you will beat the Pens if you out-work them.

As soon as the team buys into winning battles, they'll start to win consistently again.

I expect people to be critical of the team, but don't bring baseless weak-ass arguments like 'FIRE THERRIEN'. That's pretty alarmist.

Beav said...

@ Stoosh

Yeah Ryan O'Reilly had two goals and perhaps an assist. I thought he was going to cost me my hat right before Justin took care of business. Yogan looks pretty good except for a few miserable turnovers that the whole team is guilty of from time to time.

They really outhustled and sped through Sudbury's trap last night. They went down by a goal two or three times and just kept coming back. Tons of fights and chippiness as well as Sudbury's captain getting tossed in the first period arguing a five on three against Sudbury. Gazdic was in the Wolves' bench at one point. A great game from start to finish.

McKegg is coming along but he is certainly not seeing big minutes yet. He had a couple of nice opportunities but was fairly low key other than that.

I would recommend the January 30th game as I believe that is when Johnnny Tavares makes his lone trip to Erie this year. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see Baby Staal and I certainly wouldn't want to miss the (projected) #1 pick.

Sorry for the book Cblog

Rage said...

I think he was making polite and trying to look towards the reporter asking him the question and/or keeping an eye on his protein drink

Thanks for the presser embed as I am far too lazy to look it up myself without more coffee. He said it just like Jonny van M.put it.

Facebook will not commit to the Stoosh

Hip said...

Good teams still win when they loose some key players to injury.

This team will be fine, but it's not because Whit and Zigo and TK are coming back.

They will find some heart I hope, and that will be that.

Bullshit game last night.

M. Vanderlasser said...

I didn't like the game last night but I like Soul Asylum - that "Cartoon" song is pretty good. They're no UFO, but still.

Have a good Sunday, Pens fans - like last weekend, we're relying on the Stillers to save our Pittsburgh sports weekend!

Billkamm said...

That guy in the Kendrell Bell jersey is at like every Pens game too. I don't understand it.

urban said...

Fire Therrien.
Trade Staal.
Get Malone back.

50 games left. Calm down. We're 8 points out of first in the Atlantic, and the Rangers have 4 games on us.

We play better from behind.

Go Pens.

holygoligoski said...

Stunned at that game after watching it this morning.

@Beav.. I was at the Otters game as well last night. Saw the Staal parents there as well. Probably the best game I've seen them play all year next to the Windsor SO. The Generals/Tavares game will definitely be up there too if the Otters keep this rolling..

christina said...

How did Andy Dufresne crawl those 500 yards to freedom??

One step at a time.


jbart321 said...

I was in a box last night next to a box full of Leafs fans. I was seconds from tossing beers at those turds. What a joke game. 4 goals from the circle? 3 turnovers by Malkin? I think it was a Twilight Zone episode.

wilsmith said...

A little losing is a good thing. It will clear out c-blog a little bit.

The Pens just aren't a hard team to play against. That's worse than anything in hockey.

OOCally said...

Can someone tell me were to send Photoshops for the site?

Stoosh said...

@ Beav & Holygoligoski -

I'll have to note that Jan. 30 game on the calendar. I'm not sure Tavares will still be in Oshawa, though...lots of rumors going around that the Gens are going to trade him. If he ends up in friggin' London, I'll puke.

It's nice to see the patience that the Otters faithful have had over the last three years or so being rewarded. They've got a good young team now that's going to be tough to play against this year, and they should be a big factor next year. O'Reilly is going to be a heck of a good player for them over the next couple of years.

Rage said...

@OOOCaally-email em to staff.

kstewy16 said...

I said this last night but I'll say it again. When the game was still 5-1 it was so much closer than it looked. Take away a dumb penalty by Godard, a giveaway in front of the net by Geno, and a lame goal by Fleury, and its 2-1. Take away the amazing save by Toskala on Satan, and its tied 2-2.

The pens played alright. They just made a few mistakes here and there, and Toronto was getting the bounces and took advantage of the mistakes.

Anyway, I admit I said I'd rather have Tortorella coaching the pens. Well thats my opinion, and its just because I really like John Tortorella. I <3 John Tortorella. Shoot me for it.

mitch said...

Crosby broke jagr's vote record

Kimberly. said...

When i turned up my volume, it seemed like he said, "We'll see next team."

Brandon said...

The guy in the Pensblog jersey for the Redbox game was Adam Swetz. He and I were up in E32, behind a few Leafs fans (and a foul-smelling dude in a Steelers jersey)

Swetz and I were walking through the PIHL (high school hockey) hall of jerseys, checking out our high school jersey (Latrobe represent) ;-)

Some guy from KISS came up to Swetz and asked where he got the jersey. Adam told him about the site, blah blah blah, then the guy gave him a card to fill out, saying that Adam needed to be down at B32 with 18:00 left to go in the third. He went down, played the game, won some free rentals.

So, even though the outcome of the game was depressing, we at least got to go home and watch Tropic Thunder for free. Woot.


kstewy16 said...

Tropic thunder=best movie in years

Kirk Lazarus for gameday.

BlacknGold66 said...


Anyone have a link for the Steelers game?

I'm stuck with the Browns vs. Bungels game as the only one on tv. Kill me now.

sven butenschon said...

@ Katy & the rest of tpb
I incorrectly assumed that the guy on the jumbo tron was PB Adam not some random AdamI did have like 20 people come up to me and give me props for the Buries it jersey All were great except the dude that wanterd to take to me while I was getting rid of my beer in the mens room

Anthony said...



BlacknGold66 said...

@Anthony: I found a link. Thanks man.

Steelers game online

kstewy16 said...

@Sven, I think that man wanted to give you a new meaning of "Buries it"

J.S. said...

Riley Cote is to the NHL as the Brooklyn Brawler is/was to the WWE.

What a joke.

fleuryous said...

I would just like to say that I'd probably trust my newborn child with Heinz Ward.

snickerdoodles said...

What was Sid looking at?
1. another reporter
2. someone had something shiny!!
3. someone had cake. (which is better than pie)
4. making sure no one steals his drink.
5. or he might have just been exercising his neck.
6. or all of the above.

Allison said...

hhmmm, putting soundclips on tPB=cool stuff.

That price is right clip- HAHAHA.
My mom's boss's name is Gay and my mom had to give me a stern talking to before I met her. But she was prety funny about it "Hi, my name is Gay. See, I have a problem I have to be careful how I introduce myself to people. I can't just say Hi! I'm Gay"

I later was informed that Gay is a nickname for Gail, but I think there's something seriously wrong with someone who voluntarily calls themself Gay. (as a name)

Natalie said...


Jonny Toews adoration is nothing to be ashamed of. He's got the same kind of personality as a guy like Sakic or Yzerman--you hate to play against him, but you can't hate him, because he's just a great guy all the way around. And I'm pretty sure that he and Bing went to the same "boring interview answers" school.

BlacknGold66 said...

Allison that sounds alot like my second cousin Chuck that likes to go by "Takesitintheass"

sven butenschon said...

@ ALlison
How in the hell did you not bust up laughing???
We had one of our vendors come into my office and introduce himself to me and he said "Nice to meet you I'm Hung"
I responded with so am I but I don't walk around bragging about it
Then I looked behind him to see our VP
me = almostunemployedblog
It would have been worth it

TheNWChica said...

@Kat: I really hate the Canucks fans sad ass sense of self-entitlement.

True Canuck fans are not like's usually the fucking bandwagon fans that act just like LGP when things get rough.

TheNWChica said...

JohnnyDakota is the love child of Sakic and Yzerman.

J.S. said...

Nathalie said:
And I'm pretty sure that he and Bing went to the same "boring interview answers" school.

(from wiki) Prior to joining the North Dakota Fighting Sioux, he (Toews) played 2004-05 at Shattuck-St. Mary's, a boarding school in Faribault, Minnesota.

Any word on how Jordan Parise interviews?

kstewy16 said...

Sid should start taking interviews in a mix of russian and english. It works for malkin at least. No one even cares what he says, they are too busy laughing at his "Sykie pass me, me pass sid, sid shoot. good goal"

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Gotta love the Shawshank reference, Christina.

I never put two and two together that Brashear comes from a long line of hard asses, BnG. Nice info...

J.S., other alumni of Shattuck are Drew Stafford, Jack Johnson, Kyle Okposo, Conkblock, and Ryan Malone. Crosby even was a pitcher for the baseball team while he was there.

A minimum of two more games at Heinz Field this year. I'll take it.

BlacknGold66 said...

So can we get a pic of Steely McBeam hanging himself up next to Dicky?


I'm going to bed.

holygoligoski said...

Well, I'm glad to see the Steelers took over the turnovers the Penguins had yesterday..

The Goon Blogger said...

Steelers aren't making the playoffs.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

LenDale White can ask T.J. Houshmandzadeh how that whole desecrating the Terrible Towel thing went for him. You're gonna regret doing that, fatboy.

Natalie said...


Shattuck also bred the Sabres' Drew Stafford (incidentally Jordan Parise's BFF), and his interviews are quite a bit more entertaining than Bing or Toews. I don't think Jordan Parise's been interviewed by enough people to actually show up online anywhere, though if someone finds an interview, I'd love to see it. His facebook wall posts are always entertaining.

Zach Parise's also an SSM alum, I wonder what his interviews are like...

fleuryous said...

Jonny, I saw that, and it really pissed me off.

It wasn't even a genuine Terrible Towel--but I think it'll come back to bite him in the (voluptuous) ass. I do think Peyton will hand Kerry's ass to him on a plate next week.

Can we just talk about how The Titans' schedule up to this point was not particularly difficult? I mean, that's not a good excuse for losing today, but whatever. haha

Ben was playing really well these past few games--today he fell into a rut, I'd have to say...

Just show that video of the Titans stomping on the Terrible Towel to the Steelers before every game. Harrison will perhaps sack and eat the QB.

Rage said...

@NWChica- much love to you dear, but I hope the 'Nucks lose every game for the rest of the season and that CockSmoker Sundin is the chain around that franchise's neck. I'm developing a serious hatred for goddamn faggy swedes. Could just be me.

Stoosh said...

LenDale White just about ate his way off the Titans roster (he was down to his last shot with the club last year), despite being drafted into a situation where he had almost no direct competition for a roster spot AND the added incentive of, you know, making millions of dollars playing professional football. It's asking wayyyyyy-y-y-y-y-y too much to get him to recognize let alone respect a piece of tradition like the Terrible Towel. In response, I'd love to see LaMarr Woodley take a crap in a USC helmet and mail it White's house.

I'd like to point out that this season might never have happened for the Titans had Vince Young not gone batshit crazy earlier in the season.

That said, this is not sour grapes. The Titans are a good squad that has earned the home field advantage and #1 seed in the AFC. I don't care how easy your schedule is...there's enough parity in the league that you don't win 13 and possibly 14 games by accident.

At any level of football, you will typically win if you force three turnovers in a game, or lose if you turn the ball over three times in a game. Steelers turned it over what, four or five times today? Not good.

Oh well. Take care of shit next week against Cleveland and get ready for the playoffs.

Stoosh said...

I didn't watch the game because I was out finishing up Christmas shopping (surprised by how many people were out shopping given the fact that the game was on), but I had the pleasure of listening to Hillgrove, Tunch and Wolfley on the radio for most of the time.

I love Hillgrove. Hillgrove is great.

Listening to Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley, though, is kind of like listening to a 10-year old try to explain quantum physics, or perhaps the ins and outs of chaos theory. Tunch's intermittent "oooohs" and "whoas" and "uh-ohs" during the middle of the play (and Hillgrove's call) make me wonder why Hillgrove hasn't punched him in the face in the middle of a broadcast yet. And Wolfley sideline reports sound less like reporting and more like someone who still hasn't come to grips with the fact that he retired like 20-some years ago.

It's over, Wolf. You're not on the team anymore. It's time to give up the dream.

miche11e said...

Don't mean to break up the football talk, but there's a blurb about Gonchar in the trib!


D Sergei Gonchar is cautiously optimistic he can return to the lineup by early-March, though he remains under doctor's orders not to use his left arm. Gonchar's left shoulder was separated in the club's first preseason game. He is "doing (his) best to stay in shape" despite limited upper-body movement. Not having use of his left arm is no picnic for his wife, who is pregnant with the next addition to the Gonchar family - another baby girl.

Gonch's been busy!!!!!! Wooo congrats.

holygoligoski said...

Aww.. glad to hear about another little Gonch on the way. I'm espically glad to hear he's hoping for a March comeback..

We need you, Sarge!

kstewy16 said...

Wow, now I know why Geno wants to move out.
Every night he goes to sleep hearing the "clunk clunk clunk clunk" of Gonchar's bed slamming against the wall...

stokes said...

My take on the Steeler's radio network is that Hillgrove is mostly money. I really don't have a problem with him, even though he tends to go all Paul-Steigerwald on everyone and call out the wrong name. But that shit happens from time to time

Tunch and Wolfley are awful, I agree. Wolf sounds like an 8-year old on the sidelines, like he never played pro football before and is just happy to be standing next to the player on the sidelines. And Tunch is such a homer that it makes me sick, and i'm rooting for the Steelers! I think sometimes there's an attitude about him that makes me want to punch tunch. I can't put my finger it on though...
I can't even imagine what their morning radio show from a few years back sounded like. Maybe nails on a chalkboard?

Honestly, i think the loss was good for the Stillers. Taking a (presumed) 7 game win streak into the playoffs kind of made me nervous in a way that maybe they're getting a little too big for their britches. A loss stops that mentality, brings about a winnable game against The Turds and starts them off on the right foot again going into the playoffs.

I know its Tomlin's team now, as it seemed like Cowher's problem, but i really wanted to see another home AFC Championship game like i wanted to see my cat run over by a car when i was 13. No. Way.

On the same note, someone on CBlog made a great point and i forget who it was, but i liked it. The Pens need a streak like this to remind them how to play hard-nosed, gritty hockey. Only two things can come out of this shitty-ass December: 1)More losses. 2)A team that realizes that it HAS TO WORK HARD every game regardless of the amount of talent employed.

sorry about this long post. I'm not posting much anymore so i'm making up for it with long-winded bullshitting.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

That's huge for Sergei, good to hear for him...

Wolfley personifies the dumb jock stereotype. He gets overly excited and it sounds like he slobbers when he talks. He probably laughs at his own farts.

stokes said...

whats so wrong with laughing at your own farts?

meecrofilm said...

Bruins are freaking ridiculous right now....

Rage said...

I'm watching Carolina/Montreal on NHLN and all I can think of is Allison's Staal drinking game. If she were a Hurricanes fan, she'd be frikkin dead because she'd have to incorporate the multiple references to the whole Sutter clan as well as the Staals. Instant alcohol poisoning.

J.S. said...

just looked at the B's boxscore and never noticed the amount of high uniform numbers they have. 45-49, 60, 73, 81, and 91. 9 players, not even including Bergeron who is #37.

If they didnt have the record that they have, I'd job them about their roster looking like something from a pre-season game.

sven butenschon said...

Dude farts are funny
Except wen girl do them then it is just gross
You don't think Gonch's kid looks anything like Geno??

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

There is nothing funny about farts. I'm all business when I let 'er rip. I'm talking Robert Palmer video back-up-dancer-chicks serious. Not even so much a smirk.

That's funny in itself.

BlacknGold66 said...

I fucking love this blog.

Picturing Jonny V farting with a straight stone cold face.

Fucking classic.

stokes said...

Farts will be funny until i die. But they aren't as funny until someone smells it. Then its hilarious. In fact, if i had photoshopping skills, i would make a sweet motivational poster about farting.

Stoosh said...

There is nothing funny about farts. I'm all business when I let 'er rip. I'm talking Robert Palmer video back-up-dancer-chicks serious. Not even so much a smirk.

That's funny in itself.

Not just funny. I damn near just choked to death I was laughing so hard.

This post and the two immediately following are the reasons why this blog is so awesome all the time.

Where do you get this kind of discussion on LGP? You don't. They're too busy yelling at each other about who the next Penguin to get traded will be.

akus said...


Spiced Rum does a heart good on a 12 degree night, with 40 mph winds.

Go Pens.

Jersey Bill said...

When they are longer and louder than you expected, even when you're alone = very funny.

ben said...

Malkin had a housewarming party on the 19th, the night before the Leafs game. He talked about it in the interview on Puck Daddy..

Were they all hungover from too much Vodka?

The Goon Blogger said...

Robert Palmer reference. Too. Amazing.

cblog, you have my heart.

akus said...

Food for thought:
L00k @ this before climbing on the ledge, or the bridge, whatever poison you choose.

Tampa Bay has lost 17 of 19 games.

The New York Islanders have scored only 17 goals during their current 0-8-1 winless streak.

Indeed we are blessed/lucky to watch a team like the Pens and the players.

I would not trade em for any other team.

The Goon Blogger said...

Pens take both games from Boston week after this in Pittsburgh on the 30th and in Boston on the 1st. Everyone shuts the fuck up. Bank.

stokes said...

@ Stoosh: Agreed.

@Jersey Bill:
ABSOLUTELY. Or when you stink yourself out of your own vehicle.
Don't act like its never happened.

I accidentally gave the Ol' Fiancee a Dutch Oven last week. Awesome.

Tonight, Family Guy had a song about farting on it and it goes like this.

@ the Goon Blogger. I have to respectfully disagree. Although i would welcome that outcome immensely.

G-Lyn said...

Fleury's back to 2nd in the ASG.

PRICE, Carey 826843

FLEURY, Marc-Andre 819667

Don't forget to keep voting!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Goonblogger, that's gonna be a monumental home-and-home.

I just read today an article by the inimitable Dave Molinari in the PG that the salary cap is probably going to be going down the season after next, and Staal states that he hasn't even thought about if he wants a short or long-term deal. With what we know about Ray Shero, I don't see any major trades happening with this team this year. He WILL have this team set up nicely to face such a situation. So us fans will have to deal with watching this team as it currently is assembled. It's gonna be rough. What's this? I seem to be sitting in a puddle of sarcasma. Gross...

There are a number of teams that are going to be in the situation we are concerning salary caps (Rangers, Red Wings, Bruins, Lightning to name a few), and can any of us honestly say they would rather have those teams talent above ours? If the answer is yes, you're more Out of Touch than Daryl Hall & John Oates. Combined.

Rba said...

Everyones gay for tPB and Bob Barker

Allison said...

@Rage- I nearly died when I read your comment. Holy crap the Sutter brothers/offspring/CLAN would absolutly be the death of me. Its a good thing I'm young, cause I can imagine the announcers most likely talked about the Patricks all the time back when GMCP first came around.

Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SteelPensBucs said...

Neither Pittsburgh team showed up this weekend.

The Pens had a bad game, which happens. Unfortunately, it was against the TML.

The Steelers beat themselves, to a extent. Tennessee is a good team and was coming off a bad loss. Trent Dilfer made an interesting comment on ESPN. He said that the Titans have no class, alluding to the Terrible Towel thing.

I had to suffer through watching the Patriots again. What's funny though is that they could beat the Bills and miss the playoffs. Couldn't happen to a better team.

Meanwhile, the Chargers will make it at 8-8 if they beat the Broncos.

mary the ice cube said...

Anyone watch the Habs/Canes on NHL Net tonight? Those fans really will boo just about anything up in Montreal. And, just because it's great making fun of them, thought I'd pass these along

Kat said...

@ Natalie, you are right. I'm not sure if it's the stigma of young Captiancy or what, but Tazer and Sid are very similar in their seriousness and interview stature.

@ Chica, you're right, I don't mean to generalize. It's just when the fair weathers go all nuts it's hard to widdle out the true fans. I suppose every fan base has 'em.

Johnny Wrath said...

Honestly, Therrien only does one thing for the organization, which is stave off potential free agents who are coasters. You think at this stage Paul Kariya actually wants to work hard?

He makes poor in-game decisions. He isn't a decent tactician. He doesn't place his players in a position to naturally succeed. He favors one-dimensional types like Dupuis time and time again. He's a poor dresser and a drunk.

He likely also polarizes the dressing room, which in its own way creates morale, but in other ways defeats the purpose of the players governing themselves.

The primary responsibility of a head coach is to prepare his team to compete and win, and Therrien is poor.

I would have fired him the instant he scratched Gary Roberts in Game One last season. He got an extension, but thats why I'm not our GM. I wouldn't have thought of Mike Zigomanis, and I would have told Satan to "go fuck himself".

Seriously, though, when Mike and Andre, whatever he does, and Mike Yeo (wherever he came from) are shown the door, I think we'll take another step forward, even if we start winning the Cup during their tenure.

Also, J.S., that is a quality Jan Hrdina icon. Go Pens.

Nulpher said...

Johnny, nice comedy routine. ;).

Anyways, several points:

*We need to make a huge offensive push to seal Fleury in the ASG. Price has regained the lead. We'll have to make plans for a D-Day.

*Chamberlain again for the game against the slugs? He got us a 9-2 win last time. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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