Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snuffleupuckis. PENS WIN.



Another come-from-behind win in the third period.
What a night to be alive.

The Sabres were on the second of a back-to-back.
Kotalik and Connolly are hurt.
But excuses are for jokes.
Their third-period game plan was a mistake.
Don't take stupid penalties and give the Pens' PP a chance to get back in the game.

Buffalo, we thought was going to be a test for the Pens, test passed. Buffalo can't skate with them. Not being homers, just stating the facts.





Thanks to HIP


It was flashblack city when you saw the Pens in the powder-blues.
Is Daniel Powter even alive anymore?

If you had to take a turbo-dump in the early going, you probably crapped yourself.
No stoppages in play until Jason Pominville puts one home. 1-0.


The rest of the first period was a parade to the penalty box.
Malkin with the ol' slew foot in there.
There's really nothing else to say.


Stunned pic came with no credit.


The second period picked up where the first period left off.
Fleury gave some Sabre a DDT, and the Pens killed that off.


But that's when shit started going down.

First, the Pens get jobbed with a quick whistle.
The Pens were on the other end of that in the Rangers series last year. Whatev.

Right off the ensuing faceoff, Matt Cooke gets slashed and goes to the box 'cause the dude broke his stick when he slashed him.
Cooke politely asked the refs to check the video replay.
No dice on that request, and no dice on the Sabres PP.

Matt Cooke comes out of the box, and Buffalo's Stafford comes flying in from the top rope.
The Pens set up shop.
Goligoski, who is not playing like a rookie, conducts the orchestra.
Shot stopped, back to Gogo. Malkin with the one-legger.
Deflection. Nobody cares how it goes in.




The Pens had another power play a little bit after. Poop.
The period was winding down.

But business was about to pick up

TK goes to the box for a hook.
The Sabres get the chance on the PP.



Before the period ended, the Sabres were headed to the box.
Pens completely outplayed the Sabres, didn't seem like they should be down 2-1.


The Pens started the third on the power play. Big chance. Big fail.
But let's face it. In the third period in Mellon Arena, you don't want the Pens in the lead until the clock is all zeroes.

Just like the Flyers game from the other night, the third period was a waiting game.
Some douchebag trips up Satan. Power play on the way.
Early on the PP, Ryan Miller stabs Staal in the scrote. Classless play.
It looks like they only give warnings now.

The Pens don't care. They score anyway.
The Whitney Goligoski Play™ in effect.

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One of the top 5 comments of all time

The next time the Sabres came into the zone after that, it suddenly hit you that MAF had barely seen a shot all period. He may have been cold as ice.

But ice was running through his balls when Derek Roy gets a good chance on semi-breakaway.
MAF keeps it out. Hell, it wasn't even on net.
Big play nonetheless.

MAF continued to be tested after that Roy play, though.
The Sabres were waking up, but...

Can you tell us how to get...
how to get to Sesame Street

Cookie Monster with a sick pass to Big Bird.
What a line.


The tables were turned that fast.

As you're looking through Google Images for a solid pic of Big Bird, Malkin leads a 3-on-1 rush.
He makes a pass to Fedotenko that could run for a seat in the Senate.


What an explosion

JULIA T. arrow-stuns a 5-year-old.

Father Time was in town.
Miller races to the bench like Lindy Ruff was naked.

Malkin gets the puck. Staal puts it in the dryer.

5-2. GAME.

  • Malkin: 13-game point streak.
  • Staal: First star against Detroit
  • Crosby: First star against Philly
  • Malkin: First star against Buffalo
  • Montreal sucks.
  • Matt Cooke is nasty.
  • We never respected Ryan Miller, never will after tonight.
  • Buffalo is goon city.
  • PIC CREDITS: The one at the top of the recap goes to JESSE AND ALYSSA




Per [RDS]

The Penguins have traded Darryl Sydor to the Dallas Stars for Defenseman Philippe Boucher.
Not a shock Sydor got dealt, but it is a shock the Penguins were able to get Boucher.

Judging by some reading we have done, Boucher has fallen out of favor in Dallas.
This is a vintage Shero move: low-risk, especially high reward.

Right-handed. yummy

Boucher was an all-star two years ago.
He is also a year younger than Sydor.

Sydor is making 2.5 million.
Boucher is also making $2.5 mill.

His stats since 2001:

If he returns to his 2006-07 form, wow.

MIKE GEORGER in C-Blog with the clutch memory and YouTube find.


It is never easy to say goodbye to players.
Sydor was a solid signing, brought in to provide leadership to a young team.
The Pens winning a couple games in the SCF when he was brought in for Game 3 is what it is.

Good luck.
Go Pens.


jhorn said...

4 goals in 7:53

pops said...

fedotenko is quietly playing more and more solid hockey

debrisslide said...

Regulation wins are gorgeous.

Malkin is pretty much the best active player in the league. The points don't even prove it. Man just doesn't quit.

TIMKO said...

Penguins on a roll...and like I said. Major Credit to Malkin for giving that empty netter to Staal a couple weeks ago...Staal has become a man on a mission. Lovin' the sesame street line

Mike Georger said...

oh man thats just a kick in the balls since he was in the booth tonight.

he served well, sucks to see anyone go, but hes going back home i guess. best of luck

gpclay said...

Solid recap of a big win. This team reminds me lot of the 1988-89 Pens. Able to score goals in buckets but not as dominating as, say, the 1992-193 squad. said...

I'd say we're on our way back to the top of the Atlantic Division.

Ernie said...

boucher is a huge move for this team, it brings the pens d depth chart into another dimension.

gonchar orpik
letang gogo
boucher scuds


AlanClique said...

boucher is quite a steal. looks like alot less time for eaton

Mike Georger said...

oh man is he the guy that had that nasty eye injury a few years back?

AlanClique said...

"boucher is a huge move for this team, it brings the pens d depth chart into another dimension.

gonchar orpik
letang gogo
boucher scuds


you forgot about whitney

Mike Georger said...

oh yeah hes definitely the one im thinking of

brutal brutal injury

who the hell is the color guy with emerick on that? sounds gin soaked for lack of a better term

pops said...

i was about to say, where does whits fit into all this?

Ryan said...

Boucher is a good pickup.

Hey guys...Goligoski scored...where's the WHAM song???

Pensblog Staff said...



Mike Georger said...

god i cant stop watching that video. hes really lucky he didnt die. and he only missed ten games, thats fucking absurd.

Ernie said...

you forgot about whitney

sorry dude, just got back from the bar --- i even alluded to him earlier in my post , but yeah --- adding to whitney to that chart is even nastier, and for the record, I am not ready to give up on Eaton just yet

Gill can

nate diggity said...

where's the wham! song

nate diggity said...

ah, there it is. way to go staff... that song gets stuck in my head for days at a time

aunt penny said...

I love snuffleupuckis...too cute!

So did Miller at least get a yellow card for that spear???

All hail! Staal's sophomore slump is over!

Saw the clip of BGL smacking a flyer, so disappointed it wasn't Hartnell.

@Steve in're brutal, honest, but brutal. Nice to see you put your legos down to watch the game.

I'm going to get you an alarm clock with the wham song as your wake -up call

Chubs said...

So, uh, anyone still want to contend that we need to trade Staal? Bueller?

nikki said...

aaaaand i've downloaded that song to keep me sane while studying...ish
it would be killer for them to play it at the igloo

The Goon Blogger said...

The Pittsburgh Penguins have more solid defensemen then they even know what to do with.

AlanClique said...

"So, uh, anyone still want to contend that we need to trade Staal? Bueller?"

i wouldnt say we need to trade him, but it definately could be a good option for the team. i dont think anyone can argue that he is a very inconsistant player, but if he remains hot, its only gonna up his trade value and if ya figure we package him up with a gill or eaton, we can bring in a pretty damn good forward in exchange.

but i like him, so my argument is not that he should be traded, just stating that its a possibility.

Mike Georger said...

i think whitney is a more likely candidate to be traded but who knows what will happen. god forbid anyone else gets hurt and we cant afford to move two players for one. said...

So it looks like Phillipe Boucher can take a slapshot to the face for only $2.5 million a season.

You hear that Ryan Malone?

Allison said...


PatricktPB said...

Anyone else think Fedotenko has the most round head you've ever seen? I mean that picture almost looks photo chopped, or I don't know, maybe he needs a bigger helmet.


eileenover said...

Goodbye Darryl. You helped out this team so much last season, especially in the Finals, and I will always appreciate and thank you for that.

Allison said...

And has anyone looked at the pens arena cam lately? It looks like they're building "The Joe 2.0" ...There's like 100 steps just built into a plot of dirt. Looks very strange at this point of the process.

Allison said...

@patricktPB- YES!!! It's not just you being drunk, I had to scroll back up and ask myself why they photoshoped Fedo's head onto his own body. Then I realized it just must be a weird angle.

jbart321 said...

Where did you find the Sydor trade info? I haven't seen that anywhere. Good trade, though. Boucher will be good here.

TheFandangler said...

The baby blues suck...

I was just talking to a friend a few days ago and said if we want another old guy D-man... Phillipe Boucher would be solid.


TheFandangler said...

RDS and TSN have the trade buzz...

Julia said...

...Not scared top arrow stun a 5 year old..haha

and sydor..woooow saw it coming but still wow.

KaylaJ said...

bet other players who are in suits for games avoid the booth interviews for a bit. but hey, since sydor is going back to dallas, at least he'll know the roads

but considering i liked boucher and he made the stars a bit watchable, it comes as no shock as he's traded. he's def a pretty up & down kinda guy, but he'll give you his all. basically if he fails, nothing lost

Sean said...

Goligoski would shoot himself if he found out you guys associate that video with him. Honestly how good does the LSD have to be for you guys to rationalize that.

TheFandangler said...

Sean is right...

That video is fag city.

...So are the "Go-Go" T-shirts.

They won't be associated with Goligoski but rather with people thinking you like guy butt. (ladies excluded)

J.S. said...

Sydor for Boucher?

J.S. = stunned

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

I would imagine that Gogo goes back to Wilkes-Barre when Whitney comes back. I still believe that the plan with Whit is to have him replace Gonchar after Sarge's current contract expires.

christina said...

can't believe Shero got Boucher for Sydor straight up....farewell Darryl....

We still have too many D-men, but I can't imagine anyone else getting dealt until Gonch and Whits are back. Sydor was unhappy with sitting, so it made sense to move him now.

Regulation wins make me happy.

Stilly said...

It's going to be interesting when Whitney and Gonchar come back. Two guys are going to have to go down to WB/S and I'm pretty sure they'll have to clear waivers.

Anyone want to see Goligoski attempt to clear waivers?

Didn't think so.

Dan 2 said...

Two comments:

Emerick spent 5 minutes explaining how a goaltender can have a great game despite giving up 6 goals while calling NJ/WAS last night.

The only reason Godard should ever be taking shifts with Malkin is if the other team has a gun.

Pete said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Big K said...

It's official. We just got Phillipe Boucher for fucking Darryl Sydor.


Kicksave said...

Wow. What a kick in the nuts to me. You used my All the Right Moves photoshop from the trade deadline last year and don't give me credit.


Hip said...

Staal has been taking goal celebration pointers from Geno. The arms spread wide/huge yell is really catching on for the team. And I'm absofuckinglutely loving it.

Malkin has been grinding it out down low. Gotta love seeing him do that. He didn't wear that A last month for nothing. He's been stepping it up.

2-0 with the powder blues. This streak must continue.

Every hockey team needs a dude named Boucher. I'm sad to see Sydor go, he's the only player I've ever bumped into in real life. But whatev. Classy player - best of luck to you.

And no way GoGo is sent down when Whit and Sarge come back. I honestly think we'd dress 7 D men before that shit happens. Dude would never make it.

Eaton continues to struggle. I'm willing to be patient since we're putting up the Ws.

norojo said...

Good win, good trade. Can't wait to hear the Phillipe BOOOOOucher cheers at the Mellon. Good to get a right handed shot in there and good to have someone replace Eaton who's been mud

fleuryous said...

Dude, Goligoski CANNOT be sent down--he's done too well, Man.

Last night was UNREAL. My dad took me to the game for my birthday--WHAT a present. haha. The sweetest thing was I was in the section where Jordan Staal hugged the glass. He loves us. WOOO.

Sydor--I'll miss you, Man. He did a lot of great things for us. Good luck in whatever you do. And tell Avery to fuck himself.

My GOALigoski jersey should be here sooooooooooon. And if he IS sent down, I'm still going to wear that shit, because I believe. haha.


PS. I was trying to get a picture of this douchebag Sabres fan who would linger after a Sabres goal--physically and vocally. haha. After the 3rd goal and even worse, the 4th, it was the best stunned picture I've ever seen...but people's heads were too big to get around. It would have a been a beaut.

And Miller's got something coming his way. Staal's going to have sex with his mama and never call her again.

demondg1 said...

God speed Mr. Sydor. I feel you deserved better than what you got in Pittsburgh. You were a consummate professional and a solid defenseman. Penguin fans respect you as such. I wish nothing but the best for you. So long as your interests do not interfere with the Penguins interests.

akus said...

I really thought Buffalo would bring a different game, especially since they got whooped the night before.

highlights of the streak;

1) Beating the Wings

2) Flyers and their sissy boy(s)

3) Malklin's streak, fueling the streak.

4) Staal

5) Goals,goals,goals and Goligoski

6) Baby Blues..

6a) The teams streak starting a few days before Charlie's birthday.
Birthday suit + streak = WOOOOO

Boucher's stats from the last 5 games...


I wonder if Sydor requested to go back to Dallas?

Tampa Bay @ Carolina, 3:00 today. Should be interesting.

Staff, if one needs financing or inside info for Gameday/night bets, maybe You could give Tocchet a call.

(Operation Slapshot)

Chubs said...

The great thing about picking up a guy named Boucher? Waterboy references. wooooooo

Steve In Denver said...

Kicksave = stunned.

Meeting performance review item #4, getting published in peer review journal, check.

Getting fired for having the wrong peers = fail.

Trade Letang.

Pensblog Staff said...


Sorry I it was saved on my desktop, and i had no clue who sent it.

Updated now.

make sure you use you credit yourself next time by putting your initials on it.


TheNWChica said...

Maybe since this may or may not be the last season for both Syd and Modano in the NHL, that maybe Hullie wanted to try and get the band back together from '99.

debrisslide said...

Eaton is going to be the odd man out when Whits and Gonch come back. Hell, he's the odd man out now.

stokes said...

i think this team likes playing from behind.

kinda like Charlie.

6 in a row and i still don't think the Pens are playing the hockey that they are capable of.

Are you kidding me?

Russ Tundra said...

Fuck calling him Phillip... I'm calling him Bobby Boucher.

He's gonna Fuck People Up!

TIMKO said...

Pensblog staff with the updates = Clutch.

I played varsity hockey and got hit in the back of the knee with a slapper and I buckled...I could only imagine how that shot felt.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Gotta agree with matt and even consider that yinz associated anything Penguins with George Michael and/or Andrew Ridgeley is horrendous. What the hell happened to you guys?

Steve In Denver said...

Props to Sydor. He was a solid veteran. More props to King Shero. Unbelievable move.

I'm going to use Shero as my inspiration today, and trade my kids dirty hamster cage on Craig's List for a twelve pack of Fat Tire Ale.

The Hamsters are staying though. You never know when Richard Gere will drop by for a Fat Tire and some strange rodent action.

BlacknGold66 said...

It's been mentioned a few times already but... What happens to the Pens when they really REALLY start clicking? Scary.

WHAM has got to go.

Stan Potash said...

not to be a jerk, but i noticed they also said during the broadcast that the buffalo goal was the first stoppage in play. it wasn't. there was actually an icing call against the pens a couple shifts in.

eshrum6 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eshrum6 said...

"I also wanted to include a note in the headlining section here for you to head to your league page and check Philippe Boucher's availability. The defensive swap of Boucher and Darryl Sydor between the Penguins and the Stars might be the spark Boucher needs to get his season going. Although he has been plagued by injury this season and last, it was 2006-07 when he had 19 goals and 51 points as the power-play catalyst for the Stars. He was also a plus-28 player with 16 goals the season immediately after the lockout. With Ryan Whitney still out for a while and Sergei Gonchar's return a long way away; Boucher has a chance to really light things up in Steel Town. He's owned in 87 percent of ESPN leagues." - From Sean Allen's Fantasy Hockey blog,


aunt penny said...

Denver Steve.

Take your hamsters to cosmic bowling and use those funky hamsters balls to race em down the alley. Dip em in that glow in the dark paint first.

Glowing hamsters will sell better with Craig's anyway.

wow-wee-wow....Your pun'kin got got headlines and now a top five comment. You won't associate with us mere mortals much longer. (Sorry I've failed you as a peer)

Did the powder blues bring on the winter classic weather??? We're getting pounded up here!

My son said some cases of labatz have pens hats in them. In case yinz want to know.

akus said...

Not to be a hartnell but, if someone ask me when was the first stoppage of the Buffalo game was i would say......ahhhhhh..............WHAT??

The PWO, sorta looks like, yeah.....something creamy white on the lips,or is it just me?


WHAMOHNO.(look close.. h o m o )

There has to be a song reference to "13" somewhere in Gore land.

Pensblog Staff said...

Who cares about George michael

Pensblog Staff said...

Who cares about George michael

Yazdaddy said...

I move to rename Kennedy on the Sesame Street line as TK-Me Elmo

TheFandangler said...

George Michael

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I see your George Michael and raise you a George Michael...

Susan Burghart said...

Everything is the devil to you, Mama! Well, I like school, and I like hockey! And I'm gonna keep doin' them both because they make me feel good!

TheFandangler said...

It's not Devil... it's "Debil"...

stokes said...

she showed me her boobies and i liked them too!

Ernie said...

“I’m excited to join the Penguins and bring something to team,” Boucher said. “It’s been a pretty crazy couple of days. I found out this morning. It’s always hard to leave a team you’ve been playing for but if you have to leave, there’s no better place to go than Pittsburgh.” - Boucher

that is sweet.

can we begin the Bobby Boucher nickname now?

M. Vanderlasser said...

Dear staff, thanks for the scoop on Boucher...and a bigger thanks for your help with my Christmas shopping - Mrs. VdL is going to LOVE her new wardrobe from!

J.S. said...

...and I'll see your two George Michaels and raise you a George Michael.

TheFandangler said...

I'm going all in with another gay George...

This is dumb...haha

J.S. said...

now that is gay.

TheFandangler said...

It's still not gay as subjecting our up and coming rookie D-man to WHAM!...

I mean, Andrew Ridgely is ok... but not Joke Michaels.

Pens_MINI66 said...

I have to say I like the trade that was made, but I did like Sydor. He was a great player without a doubt!

Also if anyone goes to the games and would like to share your photo with everyone to see, check this out!

Steve In Denver said...

Staff, can you do a survey/vote to either go with Wham or exile Wham forever?

Seriously people, this is hockey, not a phallic romp through frosted pubes and tight pink satin shorts.

In fact, I think Charlie would even call George Michael names we couldn't even fathom.

Eric P. said...

Biz Nasty returns to Wilkes-Barre and drops the gloves with Nasty Mirasty

Matty said...

Let me expalin how big of 'tards Atlanta's fans are. (1) Illya Kovalchuk is good, but not great. And, he's kind of an ass hole. (be sure to read his little interview with puck daddy) (2) There plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of tickets available on Craigs List from season ticket holders in the lower level for $50 a pop. Myself, 4 rows off the glass. Amazing. So if anyone feel like having a roadtrip to Atlanta for a cheap ticket, check out Craigs List. Unreal. Sometimes, I'm glad I had to move to this crum town.

PatricktPB said...

I first realized George Michaels was a "druggie" when we were talking hockey and I asked him to "give me his best lines" and he handed me a straw. What a jerk.

I second the name change to TK-Me Elmo by the way. ITS SO CUTE

cdubbs29 said...

vote orpik into the all-star game...

pops said...

matt cooke scares teh shit out of me

meecrofilm said...

Haha, check out


of all the names to misspell....


fleuryous said...

I do enjoy this Cooke video:

WOOOOOOOOO. I love when he sings ACDC. haha.

About the whole "sending Goligoski down" thing...

To be perfectly honest (and Eaton, I love you), Goligoski is outplaying Eaton--he really is. If we send him down, I'll blow a clown. I really will.

Rage said... sure to link that video if the eventuality ever arises. I think you would become a cblog legend immediately.

meecrofilm said...

Those tools finally corrected it. durr.

fleuryous said...

And may I point out that the Detroit Lions are STILL winless?

Based purely on records,they're actually the worst team in the NFL.


Chubs said...

TK Me Elmo- epic win.


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