Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sabu-yeah. PENS WIN.


Okay, it was the Islanders.
But a come-from-behind win is a come-from-behind win. Especially in a place that has not been kind over the years.

Dany Sabourin has quieted the detractors who said during the offseason
that Shero getting rid of Conklin was a mistake.

What a backup goaltender.
What more can you ask for?

Big-time performance.
(Anxiously awaiting the YouTube of him getting jobbed during his Potash interview.)

Bring it



Nobody knew the Islanders even had a head coach until we were introduced to Scott Gordon.
Nice name.


Malkin gets jobbed by a slapper from some Islander joke.
The season could evaporate that fast. It's no joke.

If you want to know what slowly dying feels like, we're guessing all you have to do is watch a hockey game live in Nassau Coliseum.
Then again, that's what people were saying about Mellon Arena a few years ago.

This looks like a photo from practice, but it's actually from the first period
of a tilt between the Pens and Thrashers in 2003.

Talbot went to the box for something balls, and the Islanders' 25th-ranked power play goes to

[Ian D]

The power play disappears faster than Carlos Mencia's career.
The Isles power play doesn't plagiarize and steal plays from other teams, though.

Nothing was going on for most of the period.

At the tail end, the Isles get a bounce.
A loose puck falls on Doug Weight's stick.
It flutters in off of Petr Sykora's stick. 1-0.

Jordan Staal worked really hard in that first period.

So do washing machines.


The Isles broke out the vintage unis for this one.
Solid uniform.

If you somehow thought LSD didn't exist on Long Island,
here's what their uniform was for two seasons in the mid-90s.



No one knew where this game was headed at the start of the second.
Would the Islanders eek out a bizarre 3-2 win?
Would the Pens eat the Islanders' lunch?

No Malkin to begin the third. Oh God.

While you were still looking for the answer to that, Tyler Kennedy enters the Isles zone with more patience than Alan Alda.

Nice little give-and-go with Ziggo, and it was tied.
Beautiful goal. 1-1.

Almost as beautiful as when BECKER went off the air.

The Islanders take a penalty after that.
It was time to stop messing around with New York.

Willis Malkin returns from his hand situation, but no dice.

And then there was another Pens powerplay. Nothing.
Doug Weight comes out of the box to help set up the Isles' next goal.
No one knew what was going on. 2-1.

Again, nothing happened for a bulk of the second period.
The Isles changed that by scoring another boob goal. 3-1.

Life sucked.
Nothing was good.
Sabu made a big save when the Isles could have made it 4-1 and swept the leg.

Man Jordan Staal really can't do,vmvd-


One of the bigger goals this season.

And then the Pens had another power play right after that.
No dice.
The best chance came when some joke had a shortie breakway.
Letang thwarts the shot for the most part, and an orgy ensued.

The Isles took a late-period penalty that would touch itself into the third.


The Pens took advantage of the power play early in the third to get some scoring chances.
Ronald McDonald made a huge stop on Tenk.

The Pens were flirting with a goal for most of the first half of the third.
Their rhythm got disrupted when they had to kill a penalty, which they did.

After the PK, the Pens resumed taking it to the Isles.
What the hell were the Islanders doing?
On the Pens' 17th shot of the period (compared to zero for NYI), Goligoski fires it to the net.
Acting as if he were a CIA operative, Goligoski shoots at Kennedy.
Deflection. Goal. 3-3.


Is it sad that we haven't been that pumped after a goal since Talbot tied it in Game 5?
Just a big goal. No reason to not leave the Dump without a point at least.

Sid had a chance in the waning moments of the third to send the Islanders home without a point.

Guess who would bury that.

The Islanders almost score with 5 seconds left. If that would have happened we wouldn't have watched a game for a month.


The overtime had poop written all over it.
But then the last 2 minutes of it was insanity.

Back and forth.
The Isles were getting the best chances.
Sabu was making some huge saves, poking the puck for Billy Guerin when you thought it was lights out.
Crosby makes the worst turnover since your mom tried that Rachel Ray recipe.

Weight had the first chance on Sabu. Nope.
Sykora puts one home.

Billy Guerin is too old to even make moves anymore. Nope.
Satan could have ended it, and it would have been fitting. Nope.

Sabu faced Trent Hunter with the game in the balance.
Hunter walks in, takes a shot.
Sabu slides in the net. Where is the puck. No one knows where the puck is.

Julie the Cat Sabu pulls the puck out of his pads.

It is a scene straight out of MIGHTY DUCKS 2, thus legitimizing what we have always felt to be an unrealistic ending to a hockey movie (who brings in a cold goaltender anyway to face a huge penalty shot?)

[Kevin E]

A 9-year-old could tell you the puck was in, but that 9-year-old didn't write the NHL rulebook.



  • Detroit on Tuesday.
  • Leaving Long Island without a point would have been a crime.
  • Staal, nice.
  • Thank god Malkin is okay
  • Big time third period.


And we're cold. St. Louis is the worst team in the NHL.

Go Pens


anthony black said...

woo solid game, big game for staal, and first post!

anthony black said...

well, i say solid game and mean it wasnt a total blowout. a win is a win and i cant complain too much =]

TheFandangler said...

It was nice to see Staal contribute but it was hardly a great game.

one step at a time.

..I'm hoping Bing is a little hurt. I'm saying that because he just doesn't quite seem to be himself. He's still dominating people's lives but not in his usual way.


Allison said...

@ Staff- I think you meant no Malkin to start the second, not third... at least thats the section you had it under.

whoooo for my anthem shot!

And... Pictures from Pens / Isles game

meecrofilm said...

I'd say Bing probably is indeed a little hurt, since he missed most of yesterday's practice, and seems to be sort of -day-to-day for like the past week And probably this coming one too. Weak, but what are ya gonna do.

The Islanders almost score with 5 seconds left. If that would have happened we wouldn't have watched a game for a month.

True that, yall.

Islanders are bitches. You knew before hand that it'd be a dogfight. It always is there.

The line of Cooke-PreyingMantis-Kennedy was fucking SOLID, but if you keep it together, what are the other 3 lines you roll during 5-on-5 play? I'm interested in what c-blog has to say.

Well-earned 2 points right there.

meecrofilm said...

Oh, and I remember saying after one game the Pens lost, that the other team just got more bounces, and the Pens just weren't as lucky, and someone got all high and mighty and completely ripped me on that

Well, to anyone who doesn't think winning hockey games has a LOT to do with getting some bounces and a little bit of luck, I direct you to Jordan Staal's goal. Big momentum changer, and it was 100 % luck it takes that little bounce over the d-man's stick. Gotta love it.

[suck it]

Allison said...

meecrofilm that reminds me of the trade deadline, when the Pens picked up Satan, and I came on here and said what an awsome pickup it was, and how Satan would be great for this team, and Shero really knew what he was doing. I got shat all over faster than you can imagine by most everyone, and told how stupid I was, and that I would see, it would turn out terribly. Well, here we are, 14 games in, and the line of people worshiping Satan just keeps growing and growing. granted, he might not stay on pace for the redic numbers he's on target for at the moment, but still, solid fucking pickup.

vital beach said...

I guess those of us who went to the games in 2003 must not have just been dedicated, but also fucking psychic if they were wearing Malkin jerseys.

Luis Mendoza looks like he's wearing the Isle's new third jersey. Learn to stop, joke.

Kat said...

"Acting as if he were a CIA operative, Goligoski shoots at Kennedy."

HA. Also, Mighty Ducks references? Solid.

Nulpher said...

Wow... that Sabu City pic is old. Needs an update... very low res and old pads...

So, I made a new one.

Kimberlass said...

Anyone watching the one feed that we got, which was FSN without commercials so we could hear them dicking around during breaks, heard Steiggy and Errey saying that there was no way Crosby isn't injured. Also, fun fact, the entire staff is high. Seriously...the things that went down during commercial breaks = completely drug induced.

Someone in the feed chat when Malkin was playing with a hurt hand: "Man, Therrien is going to have to have a Bombay/Adam Banks speech with him in the locker room."

I wish this many Ducks references could be fit into all games. Or some mentioning of the Hamilton Mustangs. Just sayin'

Dan 2 said...

Did they only use 4 D-man in the third and OT? I didn't see Eaton at all after that awful goal.

caramia said...

That pic from Mellon arena is from when they were filming that dumb movie.

Longest 15 hours of my life.

kstewy16 said...

I really like the Isles Fisherman jersey. I collect jerseys and have been looking for a good fisherman jersey for a while, I think it's pretty cool looking.

Also, Mark Eaton is not playing anywhere near the level he did last season. Is he still not 100%? who knows. But either way when Whitney gets back, Eaton and Sydor are both on the bench and Sydor will probably be traded. When Gonchar gets back, Eaton should be traded/cut. Those two would save us 4.5 million.

dying alive said...

Christmas Vacation reference? Shut down the blog right now, you'll never top that.

debrisslide said...

Kim is right, the entire FSN broadcast (and probably the Pens' entire game last night) was entirely marijuana-induced.

They even had a TK-cam going during commercial breaks. Just a camera on his face while he stared at nothing and chewed on his mouthguard. It was hilarious.

nofxpunk48 said...

that pic against the thrashers cant be from 2003. Two people in the crowd have a malkin and a crosby jersey. How can they have there jerseys before they were even drafted?

Joshua said...

Did anybody else think Kennedy said "holy fuck Ziggy" in the closeup after his first goal of the evening?

Joshua said...

And thank you for telling it like it is about Carlos Mencia. Bigot ass motherfucker only got a job because some shithead at Comedy Central didn't understand Dave Chappelle. Carlos Mencia has made a living telling unfunny versions of other peoples' jokes.

71crush said...

Allison, thanks for sharing your pics!

cposty20 said...

Dr. Alan Grant 2-0-0. There isn't a T-Rex that could intimidate that guy...what a beast.

fleuryous said...

Solid post, staff.

Can I say that I never doubted Sabu? Thank you very much. haha

Nor did I doubt Staal--and I still don't. PRO GRONK.

SOOOOOOOOO excited for Tuesday--I'm pretty much skipping class to watch it, because I'd be stupid not to.

TK+Goaligoski=Dream Team.


And TK chews on his mouthguard voraciously. I laugh everytime I see it.

fleuryous said...

Oh, and I'm going to have to second the Grant comment--he's clutch.

Aaaaaaand I forgot to mention how MONEY Zigo is.


debrisslide said...

"holy fuck Ziggy" = just another reason to love TK.

Jennie said...

the TK interview in all its shaving cream glory.

go pens.

christina said...

TK is the fucking man.

Silky Smooth said...

Potential trade alert:

Pens send Jordan Staal to Iceland for sniper Gunnar Staal.

Gunnar would look good on Sid's wing

Pensblog Staff said...

yeah that Mellon arena thing was a joke :)

Brando said...

TK getting pied is up on Empty Netters.

meecrofilm said...

Gunnar is too one-dimensional for this team. I mean, hell, he only has one move: Shoot high glove! Those shenanigans might work in the soff, non-existent Iceland pro leagues, but not in the NHL.

slush said...

What was the deal with Steigy trying to call Sykora 'Petr Gun'? He needs to stop with the shitty nicknames. He sucks at it.

J.S. said...

"The power play disappears faster than Carlos Menstealia's career.
The Isles power play doesn't plagiarize and steal plays from other teams, though."

Ari Shaffir and especially Joe Rogan approve this message.

Chubs said...

Solid recap. Exceptionally solid recap.

J.S. said...

and I agree with slush.

"Petr Gunn" = awful nickname. Maybe I didn't hear it, but at least Steigy didn't use Little Tiger last night for Kennedy.

mallori said...

@dying alive

I agree about the Christmas Vacation reference.

AlanClique said...

Someone said we should have a new Sabu boredom made me do it....

Aubrey said...

Dr. Alan Grant was a solid pickup...nice call whoever came up with that one!

e.mirchich said...

Haha, Kimberlass. That was me in that feed that made the Bombay-Banks reference, I was under the name Malkamania. I thought it was hilarious when I came on tPB to check the recap and saw that the Staff had already incorporated another Ducks moment in the post. Boy, we love our Ducks.

e.mirchich said...

By the way, j.s., Steiggy did bust out the "Little Tiger" TK nickname at least once. So shameful.


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