Monday, November 17, 2008

Run of the Mill

A half-hour block of C-SPAN is more exhilarating than this post.

[Picture+21.<span class=

:: Philippe Boucher speaks about the trade. PENS

“I’m excited to join the Penguins and bring something to the team,” Boucher said. “It’s been a pretty crazy couple of days. I found out this morning. It’s always hard to leave a team you’ve been playing for but if you have to leave, there’s no better place to go than Pittsburgh.”

For now, Boucher becomes the newest Penguin and he’s excited about putting on the Penguins uniform.

“Who wouldn’t be?” Boucher said. “I have experience. I’ve played in almost every situation. I’m not sure of my role but I’m excited to join the team. I can’t wait to find out.”

The official suit provider of the seventh d-man in the press box.

:: A inside look at the shootout drill at Pens practices. PG

:: Interesting look into Pens prospect, Nathan Moon. FF


ICETHETICS has a look at all the new third jerseys that teams are unveiling this year.

The Thrashers are only wearing these against division rivals.


November 16, 2005

Matt Murley with a breakaway.
Lyle Odelein on the blue line.
John Leclair coming out of the box.

Let's give Ray Shero another standing O.


Guess who has been a catalyst of the ballot-stuffing?
A Montreal newspaper, The Montreal Gazette.

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It's basically Montreal's version of Empty-Netters over at the PG, but less witty.
Now, we are jackasses, but we would have never condoned this ballot-stuffing for the Pens.

Picture: Rocket Richard, after some man refused to make out with him.

Speaking of which, the NHL has stopped the javascript from being effective.
They've instituted a CAPTCHA, which is one of those things that prompts you type in a word you see, every time you vote.

Montreal fans can't read, so they don't even know what's going on right now.


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So as [PUCK DADDY] points out...
Barry Melrose is insane.

In the following interview, Melrose does the following as he is being interviewed next to a highway:

1. Refers to himself as Daniel Boone.
2. Appears paranoid.
3. Throws his players under the bus.
4. Throws ownership under the bus.

If there is one thing you do today, watch this.



An appropriations committee is getting together on Monday to determine the gayness level of the WHAM! GoGo music video.

A veritable who's-who of experts on the homosexual lifestyle will be convening.
The list of the members of the committee has been leaked:

Dan Rooney, an episode of FRIENDS, and Charlie.

Go Pens.


Angelo said...

Montreal = FAIL

diabeticsRcooler said...

I found a blast from the past that could serve as an alternate for when Goligoski scores:


diabeticsRcooler said...

On second thought... that video was so much more retarded than when i remember it

Feebs said...

Does Melrose get paid his full contract? If so, he was lucky to be canned so soon. Kick back and take a vacation.

Mike Georger said...

how about the japanese version of the speedracer song? worth watching regardless

the only words i can make out are 'go go go go' and 'mach'

fleuryous said...

Perhaps Melrose is on acid.
And is definitely NOT Frank Sinatra.

Pretty pumped to see Boucher in action.


PS. I still think TNTK>>>TK me Elmo.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

People that know how to hyperlink = cooler than you are

Nature Boy said...

The WHAM GoGo video is a Kevin Spacey level of gayness.

Mike Georger said...

tk to me is TK Mode, for you goldeneye addicts from the late nineties you know what im talking about. unless you sucked and couldnt unlock DK Mode

sh0ez said...

Staff link fail.

It's now, not blogspot! Ha ha.

Excited for Boucher. Sad for Melrose.

Do it.

[/semi-weekly post by me]

Allison said...

time machine video - Jonathan Sim - omg.

barry melrose - i'd give almost anything to know why he is conducting the interview from wherever he is. what the hell?

TheFandangler said...

Melrose walked into a bad situation. It's unfortunate but if you're involved with Tampa and you take yourself seriously, your days are numbered.

WHAM! video is disgustingly gay and I feel bad that it's associated with a bad-ass.

That Flyer jersey provokes my gag reflex. Maybe I'll get one to wear during the upcoming hunting season.

TheFandangler said...

This song is crap but maybe if someone took the time to do a little edit on it, it would be a decent choice. In my opinion we might wanna let the GoGo video or song thing die.

Ja' Red said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ja' Red said...

My past pensblog photoshops

newest: malkin in the middle

Allison said...

@Ja' Red- amen to the 33days/ugly

dhudzin said...

Solid pic of George and Men's Wearhouse. I worked there for 2 years. You're gonna like the way you look.

habajca said...

What's gay about guys wearing short-shorts hugging themselves and singing in high-pitched voices about cuddling?

Plus the jitterbug is totally hetero.

KaylaJ said...

i gotta admit i think barry has some points (unlike TB, HA!) i may have only seen a few TB games this season, but when they lost they didn't seem to be too upset by it.

truthfully i think barry is lucky to get outta there before the stench made a permanent home in his mullet. you have a group of guys who've never played together, no real goalie, and owners who are playing a real life game of fantasy hockey. no coach in any era is gonna be able to pull that crap together and make it look pretty considering what kind of game are you gonna play?

finally as for stamkos, whenever i watched TB games he never did anything to show me that he deserved more time on the ice. not calling him brian lawton just yet, but the kid just got into the league and needs adjustments to the bigger players & the quickness of the game, esp considering they want to use him as their next workhorse behind vinny (since by then they won't be able to pay anyone else). we may sometimes forget it, but being that young, you're closer to a kid than a grizzled vet. but i guess gosh forbid the L&O show have any kind of patience

Dennis said...

every time i hear the jitterbug i think of the Freak Gasoline Fight Accident in zoolander...

100% not gay

Max Power said...

Melrose has reached a level of Don Cherry insanity. Once he starts wearing the suits its time to put him on an icefloat. The hair + a DC suit = too much.

Aron said...

considering this interview was right after he was fired, i think he conducted himself pretty well. Did he throw everyone under the bus? sure, but they deserved it. He was the final piece to the circus in tampa...he should have known better than to walk into that situation. It all comes down to the players, if they quit whining about having to play hard...they would have a chance to be pretty decent.

Susan Burghart said...

WHAM! Go Go video = FAIL.

It's not even a matter of gayness level. It's just obscene. Poor Goligoski. As if the idea of him being sent back down wasn't bad enough, we have to heap WHAM! on him. Talk about a shit sandwich.

Stilly said...

I gotta address the 'who goes down to WB/S when Whit and Gonch come back' talk, namely because I started it.

Here are the names:


Ok so Eaton is sent down when Whitney comes back. Who is next? Boucher? Gill? Scuderi? Who goes when Gonchar comes back? I agree that Goligoski should never hit waivers. I'm wondering now if the Boucher move wasn't to have a guy to waive when Gonch returns. Guess we'll see in March.

dying alive said...

Canadiens fans seem to want to confuse "passion" for "borderline retardation." Anyone read the comments on that article? None of them really see a problem with the auto-voting and at least half of them blame the NHL for making it possible. Nice logic.

This was my very favorite comment:
The situation is laughable, but it just proves our dominance as a hockey market.

Yes, having someone who is able to write a simple script and enough losers who are willing to implement it totally proves your dominance as a hockey market!

Grégoire said...

Hmmm, you're jobbing habs fans, and that's fair enough. But your reading skills don't seem too impressive either. Did you actually read this article: "Bleu, Blogue, Rouge: All-Star ballot-box stuffing embarrassment to Habs players, organization", and conclude that Habs Inside Out condoned what happened?

read again:

Bacon077 said...

where did Melrose give that interview from? a back alley?

Matt said...

Did anyone else vomit a little when they saw the Senators' third jersey?

And staff, I appreciate Shero even more now that I've seen that video. Ugh.

dying alive said...

The article doesn't condone it, but the comments from the fans at the bottom most definitely do. Habs fans are making a mockery of a game that doesn't need any help in being a mockery.

I'm not watching that video. I prefer to pretend that the mid-2000s did not exist.

Matt Gajtka said...


I think the only D-man in the group you listed who could actually be assigned to W-B/S without clearing waivers is Goligoski. Mark Eaton and the rest of the guys all have too much NHL experience to simply be sent down. Just makes things a little more difficult when the time comes, but...IN SHERO WE TRUST.

Also, I don't see what Melrose said as being out of touch with reality. From what I've seen and heard about Tampa this year, his assessment of the situation seems to be on point. I second the opinion that he's lucky to get out now. LOL at the fact that he was hired to take some of the load off Vinny and Marty and his spreading the ice time around a bit is probably one of the reasons he was canned. Sad state of affairs in TB.

tanya said...

the designer of thrashers' third jersey should be thrown under the bus

and the wham song isn't nearly as gay as this

Matt Gajtka said...

Upon further review, I think Letang might have an option or two left as well, but you can't send either him or GoGo down. Not with the way they're playing.

lis said...

Quick question:

How long of a drive is it from Pittsburgh to Penn State?

Grégoire said...

@ dying alive:

that was my point. It's ok to blame the stupid fans who did it, and those who support them. It's not right to say this site has been a catalyst for it if they just said that was an embarrassment.

Anyway, I'm just nitpicking here. I'm a habs fan, and I agree this was disgaceful...

Stilly said...


About three hours by I-80.

Stilly said...

@ Matt Gajtka

Are we entirely sure that Goligoski wouldn't have to clear waivers to be assigned?

Bissonnette had to, so I'm wondering that since Goligoski has been with the big club for the start of the season, that he might have to clear waivers.

Same with Letang I would assume.

wilsmith said...

take 22 to altoona and 220/99 to state college and it could be around 2 and a half.

now that the road to state college is mostly open, it's real quick once you get out of the pittsburgh construction areas.

Rage said...

@fandangler-let me make sure I got this DON'T approve of the Wham song?

@tanya- wow...that wasn't just supremely gay, it was so horrifying I couldn't stop watching it! Truly evil!!!

NHL All-Star Game=joke

Stilly said...

Ok I've done some sleuthing on the players to waivers rules..

I get all my info at NHLSCAP

There is a table stating who is exempt from waivers. I'm not going to post it here, you can follow my linky. For Goligoski though..

Goligoski was drafted in 2004 but didn't sign an NHL contract until 2007, and he was 22 at the time he signed. According to the exemption table Goligoski is exempt from waivers for three years or until he plays in 70 games. Neither of which is true, so according to the table, he would NOT have to clear waivers. Sweet.

As for Letang. He was drafted in 05 and was 21 when he was drafted. I can't find when he signed his NHL deal, but he's played over 80 games. Assuming 2005 as the contract year, I don't believe that he would be exempt. He'd have to clear waivers.

Lady Jaye said...

...hasn't voted for the all stars until today. Why are Gonch and Whitney on the ballot? They haven't even played a game this season. That kinda makes the ballot more of a joke to me. I'm sure somebody has already mentioned this at some point in time, but I am sometimes slow on the uptake.

Stilly said...

Sorry for everyone hoping Goligoski sticks around after Whitney comes back..

Unless they want to offload a player, Goligoski is the only defenseman who doesn't have to clear waivers. Sending him back down is probably a no-brainer unless Shero is ok with parting ways with a more experience player.

Stilly said...

@lady jaye

They aren't even going to be elidgable since a player has to have played 20 games by the all-star break.

The people voting for Gonch and Whit need to be slapped.

Lady Jaye said...

@stilly > To me, that says the whole thing is a joke because the NHL shouldn't have even put them on the ballot knowing the length of their injuries. That would seem logical in my mind ;) And yes, the people voting for the two of them need slapped because they obviously know nothing. j/k

It's to see Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury near the top ;) Wonder how long that will last.

Stilly said...

@lady jaye

I agree. I put absolutely no merit into awards that are fan decided. These teams should be decided by players and coaches. Leave the fans out of it. We're really biased and will vote for our favorite players rather than the best players.

justincredibleh said...

MAF hurt. Sabu time?

Carroll said...

Fleury listed as day-to-day for Pens

Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury did not practice today. He is listed as day-to-day with an undisclosed injury.

Fleury did play in the Penguins' 5-2 win against the Buffalo Sabres Saturday night. He played the entire game making 21 saves on 23 shots.

fleuryous said...

I REALLY hope Fleury is okay...

but I have faith in Sabu.

And I'm thinking Goligoski will probably stay in the NHL until the end of the season, because who knows if Gonch will be 100% when he returns, you know?

Plus, Goligoski is a beast, and he's scored more than any other defenseman on the team, and I know that it's early in the season, but he's tied for sixth in terms of scoring defensemen...and he's a rookie.

And he can solve the Rubik's Cube.
Gotta respect that.

Go Pens.

TheFandangler said...


I'd rather eat your vomit then hear that song.

Rage said...

From personal experience I can say without flinching that MY vomit is indeed foul. Thanks for that clarification...

On a totally different note: Razor's Edge guy(whoev) says this about the trade: "The Penguins win: They get a quality person with a need to feel wanted and ability to impact the game on the power play. Phillippe Boucher, if he can stay healthy, should fit in well with the Pens’ French-Canadian influenced club."

French-Canadian influenced?!?!?!?! Someone help me out here?

dying alive said...

@ Rage - Mario? lol

Rage said...

@d.a.-Mario is a damn Amuurrrican!!!! Don't talk treachery! lolz..I know, but it's just so UGLY to see that in time you feel sorry for yourself, read this:


Angelo said...

Yea, there needs to be some announcement that says 'Voting for Gonch or Whit is stupid'. The ballot was obviously created sometime during the summer.

If you're hell bent on getting Pittsburgh Dmen in there, vote for Gogo or Tang or Orpik.

For me, I vote for players that I think deserve it and haven't made it to the all star game yet. Of course, I vote for Malkin and Sid and Fleury, but after that, I'll vote for Semin or Parise.

Stilly said...

I can't bring myself to swallow a vote for Semin.

I hate the hell out of that guy.

BlacknGold66 said...



The only way I want him going is so he can tire his ass out.

Tang or GoGo?

SCUDS and Orpik.


Rage said...

From the same Universalsports site, some news from a familiar face:

" man Kris Beech scored on his CHL debut. The ex-NHL player converted a pass from Pasi Puistola in powerplay, negotiating his way past three Swiss opponents and firing into the far corner of the goal."


crmzak said...

Cot dayum, I am so high from these recent wins! The lines are lookin solid.

I just hope this last week equates to the preparatory wad you blow in your gym sock before a hot date.

That sucks about MAF. I thought he played rather kickass, especially in a game after being pulled.

meecrofilm said...

Wow, Staal isn't one of the three stars of the week?

NHL's a fucking joke.

akus said...

Hot List

debrisslide said...

I wish I voted for NHL awards because I'd vote Gogo Boots for the Calder.

btw, Fleury may be healthy enough to dress as Sabu's backup, so I'm not too worried. Go Sabu.

Sean said...

Rooney - "I don't know if i would call it gay, all the guy like to watch it while they play shower football after practice."


Friends - Everyone is sitting around central perk, and you don't notice WHAM cuz they fit right in.


Charlie - "I LOVE IT!"


J.S. said...

Beech negotiated his way past defenders?

Negotiate, as in "I got two litre bottles of Stolis if you let me past you on the next breakaway?"

wilsmith said...

Not every player has to have some horrible forced joke about them. Wham has got to go.

People are trying to way too hard to be "the guy that coined that joke."

and while we're on the subject, could we further examine the appropriateness of Free Candy?

BlacknGold66 said...

Commit to the Wilsmith

jefe p said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raybin said...

99 percent commit to the wilsmith. Agreed on the people trying to hard force nicknames and fads on players.

These things just have to happen. Otherwise it's lame.

BUT...I will challenge anyone to a cage fight to defend Free Candy. (Note: I name Brock Lesnar as my champion.)

Got tickets to the Canucks game this Saturday. E16, row A. So stoked...always wanted to see Luongo live.

Because God hates me, they'll start Sanford.

jefe p said...

Free Candy is nothing more than Orpik crushing opponents like a piñata. he does not, in fact, molest underage piñatas.

[sesame street]

Raybin said...

Kris Beech torches three Swiss opponents and beats the goalie out of his jockstrap to score?

Who knew the Swiss were so bad at hockey?


Raybin said...

Fleury has apparently been reading the "Mark Eaton Guide to Health and Wellness" these past two seasons.


dying alive said...

Fleury is out for tomorrow night according to TSN.

Also, this is hilarious.

dying alive said...

Should have mentioned - per TSN the injury is not serious and HCMT says that Fleury is sitting as a precaution.

Raybin said...

We should all chip in and send Penner a crate of Twinkies and a 50dollar McDonald's gift certificate.

Kevin Lowe reportedly in talks to sign Denise Austin to an offer sheet.

Kyle said...

I think GoGo should actually stay UP until Gonch Returns... why you ask?

Because it's always nice to have an even D-split... 3 hard shooting, pinching offensive D-men... and 3 checking, rough, back checking defensive D-men...

my D lines would be;

Orpik - Gonch
Gill - Whitney
Boucher - Letang
7th - Scuds

Now, the rotation I could visibly forsee is that when Gonch DOES COME BACK, you can either trade Boucher or Eaton, maybe both, for a GOOD winger.

Then Scuds is #6 and you can call Richmond, Lovejoy or someone up to be an effective #7.

Shero needs to do something with Eaton, guy makes a pretty nice 2 mil cut, and he's mud. Same goes for Boucher if he can't play at least a little better than Sydor... Mark and Darryl had hardly a future on this team's blueline.

Steve In Denver said...

Somewhere above, more than one person cited the scenario of Letang clearing waivers. Seriously?

And Craig MacTavish is my new hero. Great link to that article about Penner. Wow. What a loser.

justincredibleh said...

Any of you ever see this? I was watching Sharks/Preds online and they had this on a commercial. Check it out around 42 seconds in:

Stoosh said...

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "Free Candy" actually began as a reference to Orpik's psychotic-looking media guide photo from last year, and then gained steam when his picture was photoshopped into the van picture. From that point, it kind of morphed into a reference for him throwing his trademark checks. But I always thought "Free Candy" was more a reference to the "serial killer" look he had in his media guide picture last year than anything else.

But that's just me.

Stoosh said...

Dear Kevin Lowe,

Caveat emptor, homes.

No one had a gun to your head and forced you to give Penner that offer sheet. Thanks for driving up the price of mediocre free agents around the league.


Stoosh said...

@ Kyle -

Not to jam you here, but if we're going to get a "good" winger, it's going to take someone like Whitney, Gonchar, Letang or Goligoski to do it.

Outside of the opposing team's GM on NHL '09 with the "fair trade" feature turned off, no one's giving up even an average winger for Boucher or Eaton, or both.

Boucher had a terrific season two years ago, but he's had a tough time with injuries since and he just got traded for a guy who's a 5-6-7 d-man on most teams in the league. There are no guarantees that he's going to revert to 2005-06 form, or even close to that.

Eaton isn't much more than 5-6 d-man on most teams in the league. The fact that we're playing a rookie, a kid with just one full season of pro experience and a guy with absolutely zero puck skills (Scuderi) ahead of him speaks volumes about where his game is at right now. Eaton was a low-cost gamble by Shero that would still pay off if he recaptures his pre-injury 2006-07 form, but he's not there yet. Until he gets there, his trade value will continue to be down.

Like I said, I'm not trying to be a smartass, but I don't think anyone would give up anything of any real substance for either Eaton or Boucher.

coffeytalk said...


your history of free candy is correct.

before that began, i always referred to Orps as crazy eyes magee.


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