Sunday, November 2, 2008

Money Shots. PENS WIN


Games like this serve notice on what the Pens can do.

St. Louis is trash.
Maybe if the Blues would put more effort into playing and less time trying to injure players, they would actually win a game.
Get a goaltender then come talk to us.

What a performance.



We know everyone is sick of this Blogger vs MSM thing. But it is everywhere.

For instance: The Semin story, a day later, made it to FSN.

In a bizarre segue, right before the game, we head back to the FSN studios.
Paul Alexander gives the info about the Semin quotes.
Paul Alexander credits "Yahoo Sports" for finding the story. That is factually incorrect. Puck Daddy Blog, run by Greg Wyshynski, is the only source of the story. FSN is at least the fourth major media source to make the mistake.

The Semin quotes were huge. It is the biggest off-ice NHL story all week. It might seem like a mistake, but come on. For all these media outlets to blatantly not credit the story correctly because the word "blog" is used is a joke.

We thought FSN would be better than that. Whatev.


[SebastianCP]--------[Russell S]

[Charles K]

[Picture+4.<span class=

4 minutes in, Eric Brewer takes a penalty.
Solid defenseman. Perry Mason is in net for the Blues, and he makes a few saves.


The Pens don't do anything with the opportunity.

After some crap, Barret Jackman drains one from way downtown. 1-0.
30 seconds later, Candy was headed to the box for playing hockey.

The vaunted Blues power play, the best 5-man unit since the 1995 Steelers offensive line, comes up empty.

After some more jobbing, the Pens were headed onto their own power play.
No dice at all.
But the Pens first goal was waiting in the wings. Letang sends the puck ahead from his zone with a great pass to Bing, who one-touches it to Satan.
Satan skates in, loses it, gets it back, beats Perry Mason to tie it up. 1-1.

In recent games, shots have been hard to come by, let alone goals. It was such an uplifting goal for the Pens, to tie it up bef--

T.J. Oshie, who sounds like a Japanese disk jockey, was in front to put home a sweet pass from David Perron.
That was it for the second. That goal hurt.

[Picture+8.<span class=

Every time Tkachuk's name comes up, we're reminded of this story we found on CURTISWALKER.COM, which is an old school Geocities-esque site.

Prior to the Jets first game of the season in Hartford, Keith Tkachuk throws a temper tantrum in the visitors' dressing room after seeing his jersey without the familiar 'C' on it. Tkachuk confronts Head Coach Terry Simpson who informed him that Kris King will remain the team captain. Tkachuk storms out of the meeting and draws a 'C' in chalk on his jersey, then puts on the jersey and goes out for the warmup. The Jets go on to drop a 4-2 decision to the Whalers. Teemu Selanne has a goal and an assist for the Jets, while Tkachuk registers no points and no shots on goal. He is noticeably out of shape as the game goes on and does not see the ice in the final ten minutes of the game. Tkachuk offers only a terse 'no comment' to reporters after the game.

[Picture+5.<span class=

Let's be honest. Given recent woes, you were waiting for Paul Kariya to score a hat trick in the second and end it.
But we're still trying to figure out if Paul Kariya even played in this game.

The next goal in the game was gonna be a big deal, and thankfully the Pens put one home.
Goligoski wrists one from the slot. 2-2.
That was a big-time goal. Coming from people who play defense on our EASHL teams, that goal is a thing of beauty.

The second half of the second, the Pens started to distance themselves from the Blues.
Eric Brewer takes another penalty.
Malkin buries a sick slapper. 3-2.

30-some seconds later, Tyler Kennedy jumps on a loose puck near the net and banks one in off of Perry.


[Russell S]

After Mason nearly backhands one into his own net, things get heated.
The Pens are buzzing in the dying moments. After a chance in front, Crosby catches an errant elbow. Sykie isn't having any of that.
Sykora and the joke get into it at the end of the second.

[Picture+8.<span class=

Manny Legace's Injury.
Click on that pic to see what that lady is reading.

[Thanks to Russell S, what a performance tonight.]

[Picture+6.<span class=

Early in the third, the Pens got a power play out of nowhere.
The Blues pick up a Delay of Game minor for trying to buy time before the faceoff.
On the advantage, Gogo tries to pull the Whitney. No go.
The PP unit finally starts to really click. Good puck movement. Talbot fans on a sure thing in front. Advantage over.

About as good as you can get without fondling the twine.

The USS Hal Gill heads the box near the middle of the period for trying to hit some St. Louis scumbag sitting in the stands.

If the Blues power play is all business this year, they would put one home here.
Whoops. Wily veteran Keith Jajoke slashes Scuderi for the second time of the game.
Somehow it was a hooking call.

We're just surprised Tkachuk could take one hand off his walker without falling.

The Pens don't put the nail in, and it's killed.

Father Time was on his way to St. Louis.
But hold the balls. The Blues put one home with 5 minutes left. 4-3.

The Blues come rolling in again, and as a puck is sitting next to MAF, Candy slaps it away just as a Blues player was about to knock it in. What a play by Orpik. This all sets up
Max Talbot, as he peaces out any fears that Pens fans had 40 seconds later.
What a shot. 5-3.

The Blues pull their goalie with almost 3 minutes left.
Can't argue with the decision. Should have pulled him the whole game.

Everyone is waiting for the Blues to dump it in and see Fleury take another shot down ice.
No luck.

Malkin gets the puck, and dishes it to Staal.

Go Cardinals.

  • Pesonen ain't Pavel Bure. But he ain't Dave Roche either.
  • Gill and Scuds wearing the A's.
  • Daylights saving timesblog.
  • No good pics of the game from the media. Terrible
  • As good friend B.G. points out; Pens were 6-5-1 last year after 12 games. They went on to lose 5 of 6, and were 7-10-1, so right now things aren't as bad as last year
  • Weird slogan for Casino Queen:

[Adam S.]

We always thought your mom's house was one of the loosest slots.

Go Pens


Ryan said...

great recap guys...i was thinking of a free agent that really goes under the radar for a couple games when things really need to be shaken up and man is hooch why? bottom line hooch is crazy

Cody said...

Bah, being from Nevada ruins the loosest slots jokes for me. I thought they were funny for the first 20 years of my life, but sometime after that I must have gotten old.

Good game by the Pens tonight. Kinda makes up for the crying fit I had to go through on Tuesday when I went to the Sharks game. The only good to come from that is that my son got a big smile from Satan and MAF tapped the glass at him in the pregame warmups.

As they say, Let's Go Pens.

Nulpher said...

I think Mr. Jeremy is a keeper.

Another selection to consider as a backup would be Peter North. He too is quite famous for his money shots.

The Goon Blogger said...

Great work staff. Nothing caps a win like a Pensblog recap.

TheFandangler said...


Good recap...

Second party in a row... and coming home to this is money.

Joose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joose said...

Holy balls.

I just watched the Rangers/Leafs highlights. Valiquette's dignity just committed suicide.

What a horrible loss.

Aron said...

big FAIL on my part, i should have been at this game...maybe the Pens will be back in town in 2 years.

Feltes said...

Imagine not being a hockey fan and seeing the following written on a blog - "the only good to come from that is that my son got a big smile from Satan..." LOL!

My gf calls him (MS) "The Uni Browler." This same girl told me she was a Flyers fan when I met her in Jun 07. After resisting the urge to punch her in the mouth, I took her (home for a money shot then) to a few Pens games, plus she sat with me and watched some broadcasts. A few weeks go by in the season and I ask her to name 3 players on the Flyers. She got one. Then pens... she named half the team. I bought her a baby blue winter classic shirt and the rest is history. She's a loyal Pens fan.

Proof's in the puddin' -- we went to FL for a brief vacation and she says, "Let's go to Malone's house to spit on his door." Not only does she show disdain for those who leave, but she knew where the guy lived. Fantastic! I told her Ryan's still a hometown boy and we should wish him the best, losing in other cities. She also disowned her sisters on hockey nights (both Phucking Philly Phans).

Go Pens!

Docciavelli said...

Before last night's game, I predicted Keith Tkachuk would eat three chili dogs and a plate of nachos before the third period. What I left out was the contractual obligatory Anheuser-Busch drink--which, because St. Louis is such a joke, is now Beck's.

He looked three sheets to the wind after the slash on Scuds.

tanya said...

refreshing to see that at least in one league a team i wish to be successful bothers to show up and play

if satan keeps playing like that he will have more goals before christmas than he had last season in 80 games

kstewy16 said...

Satan really is a goal scorer. It's enough games into the season to get a good idea of what he can do, and he's good. He isn't that great of a back-checker, he's not really a grinder, he shies away from hits, but he can score. He puts puck in net. He needs to stay on Sids line, with a guy like Talbot on the other wing to make up for his shortcomings. That is one solid line.

Jawsh said...

If it means anything (and it doesn't) looking at Puck Daddy's site, if I were FSN I would probably have cited yahoo sports too. I doubt it was an intentional slam on blogs or anything, it just looks like someone who has their own page on the site, like a bill simmons or something. whatev though, i'm bored by even typing this.

[save the motherland, save the world]

dying alive said...

Can all of the Satan haters who insist that he has done nothing this season and that we should buy out his contract STFU now?


wilsmith said...

buy out Satan.

Dan said...

i saw the casino queen board, and immediately thought of wilco. what a band. i would like to note i was dressed as a giant penguin during the game, this is something i may need to wear to the games i go to this year.

Brandon said...

Janne Pesonen = Subway Sammich of the Game.

SteveThePirate said...

great game, solid recap. i stayed up after a 15 hour night shift to watch the game online, well worth it. geno's becoming more of a leader every game. nice to see superstar bury the blues' hopes and dreams after their second goal made me vomit all over my compy.
japanese disk jockey, lmao

Flyer Hater said...

Satan=On Pace for 40 goals

LargeTurkey said...

Janne has go to get more playing time. I understand this is his first game, and he most likely will, but he does not belong on the 4th line with Goddard and Zigomanis. I think Janne only got 1 shift in the third. What a legend he is though. First game, he is rewarded subway sandwich of the game? I can't think of a more amazing first nhl game ever.

PittHockey said...

photos are up at

maybe the photogger just decided to call it a night early

PittHockey said...


akus said...

Nice to watch some PengWIN hockey.


I ran across the St Louis blog this morning,(St Louis Game Time) they gave some love to the staff.."Those dudes got issues, which, of course, is why we like them.

Some funny c-blog comments there, my favorite,
# Chris D. Says:
November 1st, 2008 at 8:14 pm

what’s the difference between the penguins and the Blues? The Blues can’t beat Detroit.

And of course, the love that all c-bloggers have for the commercials,

Dooks Says:
November 1st, 2008 at 8:52 pm

I HATE this fucking “saved by zero” commercial


Time to bring on the jeanshorts and baggedmilk........Damn Thursday is far away.

Last thought,
I can't think of a more amazing first nhl game ever.


Go Pens.

Kierstan said...

It was nice to see that Tkachuk still knows how to take stupid penalties. Yay.

About those Casino Queen billboards, they're all over the place here in StL. I've been channeling my inner 12-year-old this weekend, so they make me giggle every time.

Oh well, time to hit the road back to Omaha...definitely a good road trip. Now to see if I can take another one in January for the Pens-Avs game...

akus said...

Na Na, No More.

WB/S Pens

2008-11-02 Chris Minard (LW) Returned on loan to Pittsburgh (NHL)
2008-11-02 Janne Pesonen (LW) Returned on loan to Pittsburgh (NHL)
2008-11-01 Janne Pesonen (LW) Recalled from loan by Pittsburgh (NHL)
2008-10-30 Chris Minard (LW) Recalled from loan by Pittsburgh (NHL)

Sykora_17 said...

Finally Jordan Staal gets going..hopefully that empty -netters will give him a spark in the ass...

Go Pens!

karri said...

Thanks for the recap, guys!

I can't believe Ron Jeremy pulled it out...FTW

I loathe Tkachuk, but love Talbot and Satan.

Like to see Pesonen get more ice time.


bennybobandphantom said...


Nick Saia (usa) said...


wilsmith said...

Fabian Brunnstrom had a hat trick in his first game up.

Allison said...

holy game till thursday???
what am i gonna do?

nananananaanananananaaa said...

talbot should always be on crosby's line

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Wasn't Tkachuk disciplined in St. Louis after the lockout for being too fat?

I can't think of a more amazing first nhl game ever.

This kid named Mario Lemieux had a pretty good first game. Scored on his first shift I hear...

dying alive said...

Random observation from last night, how fucked up is it that a guy named Hinote plays for the Blues? I kept thinking that I was hearing it wrong.

wilsmith said...

Thank you, dying alive, for also noticing that.

dying alive said...

I ran across the St Louis blog this morning,(St Louis Game Time) they gave some love to the staff.."Those dudes got issues, which, of course, is why we like them.

I skimmed through the comments and it was almost all posts about how the refs were screwing the Blues (I guess they missed that penalty on Orpik for the hip check and the non-call on Backes' tomohawk chop). Also, many many uses of the word vagina in reference to Crosby and European players. I'll pass.

TheNWChica said...

We have another reason to hate Edmonton...their WHL team beat my baby boys last night and I think they had paid the ref with not only bagged milk but other favors. *sighs*

fleuryous said...

YEEEEEEEEEES! My Photoshop made the cut. hahaha.


I hope we make Edmonton cry for their mommies.

PS. That Casino tagline is disturbing.

Solid Post, Staff--as always.

diabeticsRcooler said...

I can't believe no one commented on Malkin's interview

I have it as my status on facebook:

"Sid good pass sykied, Sykie good pass me, and i shoot... Good powerplay"

^beautiful stuff

debrisslide said...

Yeah dying alive, I was IMing with a friend during the game, every time they said "Hinote" I thought it was some kind of Blues fan slang that I didn't understand. Then I saw the back of the guy's jersey and CRACKED UP.

ynototter said...

I really enjoyed talbot on the crosby line. maybe coach will stop playing boggle with the line sheet... I also imagine max saying [in a robotic voice] I AM TAL-BOT I SCORE GOAL. Lets Go Pens

ynototter said...

I really enjoyed talbot on the crosby line. maybe coach will stop playing boggle with the line sheet... I also imagine max saying [in a robotic voice] I AM TAL-BOT I SCORE GOAL. Lets Go Pens

ynototter said...

I really enjoyed talbot on the crosby line. maybe coach will stop playing boggle with the line sheet... I also imagine max saying [in a robotic voice] I AM TAL-BOT I SCORE GOAL. Lets Go Pens

homesprout said...

Pittsburgh Sports Insider is reporting the Pens signing of Kariya is imminent. Just sayin'..... :-)

What's up with those dirty tomahawk chop slashes!?

Hail Satan!!

Go Pens!!

ceby22 said...

this recap was MONEY.


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