Thursday, November 27, 2008



Nassau Coliseum is such a joke.
Such an enigma these last few years for the Pens.
Any time you can win a game there, it will be enjoyed.


Hockey is the strangest sport you'll ever see. The first 39:44 of the game, it was all Isles. But a big goal by Brooks Orpik made it 3-1 going into the third, and you just knew.

This third-period-comeback thing has officially passed the irritating, annoying phase where we ask why the hell the Pens can't play the first 40 minutes.

It's now reached the point where you're not concerned at all when the Pens get behind.

Chalk this one up to HCMT making some moves to turn the tide?
No. Chalk it up to Sid and Geno.
Paired with Sykora, they were nearly unstoppable. They were reaching this point just before Bing got hurt last year. It was actually scary at times.

And let's face it.
Geno has shown more of a penchant than Sid to take over a game.

The game changed on Orpik's goal, but it was helped out just a little bit before that.
During a penalty kill, Malkin just went to another level on both ends of the ice.
Flying into the Isles zone, the ping of the goal post on Malkin's shorthanded snapshot in the woke up the entire team. Another Malkin break into the Isles zone laid the foundation.

The gam- tying goal and go-ahead goal are why the phrase "Buries It" exist.


Bob Dole



The Pens got an early power play. Some decent shots.
But McDonald's was closed.

So, after some crap, Phillipe Boucher takes a penalty he had to take or else a goal would have been scored. Kind of ironic.

The Pens had a 4-on-whatever rush while on the PK, and Mike Zigomanis heads to the net.
Joey McDonald acts like he was shot in the anus. 5-on-3 for the Isles on the way.

Goal. 1-0. What crap.
Thankfully, it was during the 5-on-4, so it was evened up after that.

The Isles flip into the Pens zone a little later, and Isaac Newton gives Letang the Razor's Edge.


Max Talbot got jobbed by the puck somewhere in there and was out for the game.
Morale on the Pens bench was lower than whale shit.

But Eric Godard and one of the bad guys from the 1996 Kurt Russell thriller Breakdown drop the gloves. They eventually give up.

underrated film

The rest of the first was like driving your car down a road filled with poop and reruns of MASH.
And Sykora didn't have his shirt tucked in all game.


In honor of the Montreal joke who threw the puck into his own net,
Robert S. (DayWalk3r) brings us the top 10 own goals in hockey.

Number 5 is bank.

We might be high, but if you listen to the beginning of the play call on the number-one play in the countdown (the Steve Smith own goal), is that Mike Lange?

The joke has even made its way to newspapers in the Netherlands.
Thanks to RHONDA for sending this in.


If you were falling asleep in the second period, you were probably woken up when Crosby-Satan-Dupuis had a solid shift, reminiscent of a Kenmore washing machine.

Malkin took some garbage high-sticking penalty.
The Islanders jump onto the PP.

If you didn't know it was coming, you haven't been around hockey long enough. 3-0.

And if you've known HCMT for longer than a week, you almost knew what was coming next.
Sabu heads to the runway. John Rocco Curry comes out.
A quick flashblack of Peter Skudra and the Moose with the #1.

Can you imagine back before the season started what you would have said if someone told you that on TG eve, the Pens would be down 3-0 on Long Island and John Rocco Curry would be in net?
Oh, and Joey McDonald is net for the Isles.

Curry made some saves to break the ice.
Then Dupuis went to the box.

And then things changed.
Malkin had a shorthanded chance with Matt Cooke.
Post city.
Before you knew what was going on, he was on his way back into the Isles zone.
What a move. No dice.

It was Crosby and Staal's turn at the tail end of the PK.
What a pass by Bing. McDonald shuts the door.

At the end of the period, the Pens score a huge goal.
Orpik shoots it from the point through 80 people.
It hits some shit. 3-1.



It looked like the Pens got that big second goal when Bing charged to the net.
It was called no goal on the ice.
Retribution for that Sabu "save" in the shootout a while back.

The Pens got it another way.
Crosby and Malkin take over the world on a shift.

Malkin sets up Crosby back door. 3-2.
Hopefully Doug Weight gets his jock back by Christmas.

All of a sudden, Rocco Curry was no longer a punchline.
Welcome to the NHL. Your team has fought back into the game.
Don't choke.

Father Time was on his way. There was no question about it.
But Crosby and Malkin take over the world again. and again.
Crosby puts the brakes on, and Malkin appears out of nowhere. 3-3
Big deals score that goal. And Malkin is a big deal.
Before you can catch your balls, Andy Sutton turns it over, Bing city to Malkin.


Words don't do the goals justice. Watch the highlights somewhere.
Malkin flew in out of nowhere for the game-winner.
What a turn of events. Father Time shoots himself.

Pens aren't out the woods yet though.
John Curry. Do it.
Malkin. Do it. 5-3. Naturalhatrickblog


  • Somewhere Badger Bob is smiling.
  • Huge win. Curry > MAF
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Malkin-Bing-Sykora could do some things
  • Islanders got burned out.

Go Pens


Dixie Normess said...

thanksgiving first!

eileenover said...

I love the old guy from Home Alone!

Mike Georger said...

after the 'goal' was confirmed to be a no goal i texted my roommate saying 'sid is pissed. four point period coming'.
i was pretty damn close.

when these two are inducted into the hall twenty some odd years from now, those three goals will be on the highlight real. how the fuck sid got to where he was for the first is beyond comprehension with what we know to be the laws of physics. the pass from geno to the blueline and sids awareness to draw in the defender then dish back on the second was the stuff of legends.

i honestly could not stop laughing the whole third period, it was like a fucking videogame.

worth noting that the thanksgiving game against ottawa last year was when the team turned things around. while they are in a better spot this year, maybe its something about this week of the season that makes everything click.

wilsmith said...


IceCold... said...

urgh, thankfully i missed the first period and some of the second. i might need to just make that a habit. by God, when this team looks good holy hell. could you imagine if everyone had a good game on the same night. for all 60 minutes. un-fucking-real. what a great night for a comeback like that though. badger bob def is smiling down on us :)

poor sabu though. i still have faith. not necessarily a bad idea to pull him when his team is playing like that around him, even though i was PISSED initially.

happy thanksgiving c-blog!!

jefe p said...

happy happy
joy joy

some thanksgiving stuffing at mcdonalds.

sids spread eagle stick handling was perty cool too.

meecrofilm said...

Super Geno World photoshtop is freaking legendary.

Allison said...

I <3 you, staff.

rebecca said...

what a comeback.
why the guy from home alone tPB, why?!

you know where it was headed when Free Candy came along.

mallori said...

In that picture of Geno/Sid/Tang celebrating the goal (right before the anthem pictures).....I can't tell if the person in the crowd above Geno's head is a man or woman...

Kyle said...

Not to knock Bing or anything, and I do figure that he'll be one forever anyways...

Geno NEEDS to play as a Penguin for his entire career, and have #71 be retired to his legacy.

You need a pass? Geno's got you...
A hat-full of goals you say? How do you say "Coming Up Paesane" in Russian???

Russ Tundra said...

You know NY is a shit town whenever there is a Billy Joel banner up in the rafters.

Last picture in the post.

Mike Georger said...

wow gave first star to ovie. what a crock of shit, without even seeing that game i am 100% confident his four point performance pales in comparison to geno's

penstone410 said...

PuckDaddy gave first star to ovie too. and second to Sid.

ESPN (which you can begin the groans now..) top 10 plays from last night:
#7 is the craps, who know how to pass the puck. *begins slow clap*
#6 blackhawks vs sharks, thornton goal.
the rest, basketball plays.
then some jobber says ovechkin most exciting player in hockey after tonight's game. yeah, geno is just a fluke right? did they see both games tonight?

am i the only one who didnt think the Craps game was all that?

Mike Georger said...

on espn's nhl page geno is the top performer though, ovie is third.

BlacknGold66 said...

Rob Scuderi is the greatest defenseman of all time.


You disagree?

Raise your hand if you've ever wished me a Happy Thanksgiving...

...Not so fast Bobby Orr and Paul Coffey.

Happy Thanksgiving Scuds

M. Vanderlasser said...

'appy Thanksgiving to you too, Flower.

Andrew S said...

billy joel in the rafters?

bfarrell said...

WOO sitting with 5 islander tickets, they were buying the beers and I was getting shit on.....As soon as candy scored I said its as good as tied...Third period was just hilarious......saw E from Entourage and Pat Sajak who while being interview receives a fake text that says Rangers Suck

powerhouse said...

Yes Malks and Sid made some magic and yes Bager Bob was smiling. Great comeback wow.

John said...

Pretty sure that was Mike Lange in highlight #1. I definitely remember him doing national games every once in a while for ESPN.

He also did play-by-play for the Pirates for a year to two in the 80s.

bmont84 said...

MacDonald is asking himself, Wheres Rick?!

Mike D. said...

I don't think that's Mike Lange. While he did call some games for ESPN in the 80s, the game with that goal wasn't on ESPN. If you look in the lower right hand corner, there is another local sports network there, and if a game is on ESPN Classic, as this was, they usually use the whole broadcast, announcers included.

And other that leaving the Pens briefly in the 70s as the Pens couldn't afford to pay him, he has always been a Pittsburgh announcer.

satownsend said...

Freakin' sweet game, but did anyone else notice the group of kids that jumped around and waved their hands EVERY time they were on camera? Annoyed the piss out of me. If I was sitting behind them I would have murdered them.

akus said...

I seen those jumping beans satownsend, i would have done the same thing or maybe this would have worked better,

Some T-day Pie


Stoosh said...

That is Lange in that clip.

I've seen at least a couple of broadcasts of old games or those "Classic Series" shows on NHL Network from some of the playoff games in the mid-to-late 1980s - mostly involving the Flames - and it's clearly Lange's voice doing the play-by-play.

I'll have to find the link to it, but I read somewhere that he did some postseason work on the radio or TV during those years when the Pens either failed to qualify for the playoffs or were eliminated early.

It's definitely Lange.

debrisslide said...

Coming into this game, the phrase "red hot Islanders" was thrown around.

I knew laughing like a child at that shit wasn't a mistake.

Hip said...

Yeah, after the no goal and the post shot, you just knew Sid and Geno were going to explode.

Don't piss those two off. You will be FUBARed.

And I saw the highlights of Ovie's hatty... the second goal was a look what I found rebound - so kudos for having good positioning buddy, but it's not like he was flying in all the way from Russia and sniping the puck home like he was protecting the motherland. Nothing like that at all.

Malkin was first star in the league last night. We all know it. That's all that matters.

The Super Geno PS is unreal.

Can someone capture Orpik's intermission interview for me?

Finally: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. This is a great little internet community, I'm so thankful to have stumbled upon it and for the opportunity to chat with you jagoffs regularly.

Go Pens.

Matty said... the fuck, can we continue to listen to Steigerwald. I have the oppertunity through web browsers to watch the game. But I choose not to. Those highlights just show how pathetic of an announcer he is.
Best Mike Lange quote back in the day... "I'm not sure about that one, Steiggy."

Jimmy said...

Did they just rickroll the macy's thanksgiving day parade?

Kicksave said...

"During the mid 1980s, Lange also broadcast several NHL games for ESPN."

It's entirely possible.

kaity said...

Curry is NOT greater than MAF

ArnCityWiseGuy said...

Can anyone answer why the fuck there's a Billy Joel banner hanging at Nassau? I mean I know it says "9 Sold Out Shows" or something, but am I the only only one that thinks its disrespectful to Mike Bossy, Brian Trottier and and all the other Islanders who had their names raised to the rafters?

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Happy burd day everyone

Hat trick with some free candy photoshop > Super Geno World ps. Not even close

Regular season media first stars are worth jack squat. When the playoffs start nobody here will remember Ovechkin got some first star over Geno

I'm thankful that this country doesn't have pussies storming hotels and restaurants shooting up the places. Say a little prayer for our troops over there, and for those hostages.

Matt said...

I think Lange worked for SportsChannel in the playoffs back in the day when the Pens were getting 46 points per season and Mike's season ended April 3rd. That being said, no matter what network it is, that is him on that clip. No doubt.

Michael said...

anyone remember another pen getting a natural hat trick? jordan staal did against a better team, also winning the game for us.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Billy Joel is from long island and has sold that place out many times. So they gave him a banner. And you are the only one who thinks it's disrespectful. They were friggin' hockey players, not saints.


Matt said...

Philadelphia has Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and the Grateful Dead sellout banners up at Wachovia Center. What a joke.

Matty said...

Want an even gayer banner?
In Atlanta they boasts 8 straight sold out shows for Wide Spread Panic. It hangs right next to Dominique Wilkins banner. Nothing like a bunch of stoners cramming into your home. Hell, the Thrashers didn't even raise a banner for Dan Snyder. The guy who got killed in the car accident with Danny Heatley.

pride85 said...

Super Geno World gets serious props.

I was waiting for Geno to turn water into wine at the end of the game. He's already made those blind to his talent see that he is one of the greatest players in the NHL.

SteelPens111 said...

arncity - i totally agree's like "Bossy....Trottier...Smith...JOEL!"

jammer jagger said...

malkin and sid on a line together is like having game geanie.

meecrofilm said...

@Michael. Staal's Hatty against JokeTown wasn't a natural one, Hudler scored in between them.

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Let us all remember what we are thankful for.

Bing and Geno.

penstone410 said...

holy crap
for real
macys parade
rick roll'd> all of us!

LJ said...

@ Michael - Nils Ekman had a natural hat trick in '06. Although I'm not really sure why I remembered that...

violator said...

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Eric P. said...

Speaking of own goals..

I remember a while ago some Islander went to pass the puck to his point with the goalie pulled. He sent it all the way down and it went in. Pittsburgh won 3-1 I think.

Kasparaitis was credited with the goal.

Good times.

GodILoveHockey said...

That Hat trick with some free candy 'shop might be the best picture on the entire internet.

fleuryous said...

I'm did a nationally televised parade get rick roll'd? haha.

Unreal game last night.

Staff, I'm waiting for the Geno Jesus Photoshop to make a comeback, because that shit was gold. haha.

Rewatched the Winter Classic and am now rewatching Game 5. Dude, Conklin was an actual BEAST in the Classic...just...unreal, Man. I kinda miss him, I'm not going to lie. haha.

And Kennedy was pretty beastly in the Classic as well. He's going to be a big deal.

I laugh every time that I see Crosby's playoff "beard." I'm a terrible person.

So, is it safe to say that we should just trade MAF and Sabu and keep Curry as our sole goaltender? hahaha.

Sabu's a beast, we all know that., doesn't need to be said. Watch Game of the SCF. It's on RIGHT NOW.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


fleuryous said...

Why I love Orpik and Tanger.>

I love that Orpik is Tanger's support/motivational coach.

I love our D in general, but still...

You can tell the guys love each other.
Unreal man love.

fleuryous said...

nanana recalleddddddddd.


jovi said...

u guys better feel fourtunate that u can re-watch Game 5.

I'm soooooo sad that i can't ... i keep checking my guide in vain.

how sad am i?

stokes said...


A natural hat trick can be three goal without anyone scoring in between or three in the same period, which Staal did against the Flying Tires.

akus said...

Nana means no fu manchu.

for future references on the jersey, what size is 49855860?

MAF, gives me goosebumps [SCF]

KaylaJ said...

if you want to watch game 5 without having fsn pittsburgh, check out go to channels-sports-games. relive not only the cup finals, or at least the good games, but also taking out philly & the rangers.

and happy turkey day, and don't choke on your dry food

Allison said...

@akus- superstar got rid of his fu manchu before last night's game:(
that's why he's injured. Or actually I think he's taking one for the team and sitting out a few games to regrow it after realizing his lack of fu manchu handicapps the whole team

akus said...

Thanks Allison, i had to work so i missed the 1st period and 99% of the 2nd.


pops said...

is it just me, or does the 2008 rick astley look like one ruslan fedotenko?

what a mistake

snickerdoodles said...

Happy Thanksgiving, c-blog!

akus said...

Some more thanks

Nice to see some familiar names @ Puck Daddy.

That Gun `n` Roses Utuber is old school hawkey, Baby.

Thanks staff.

satownsend said...

Going to Saturday's game. Maybe I'll get to see Jannanana's first goal!

MizzPenz said...

Late to the game here.. but I just have to say that I swear I thought I saw Malkin say something after he scored his hat trick:

I'm Sorry.

Did I miss someone else saying that earlier? Who knows. Too hungover to tell.

But 71 has dished some nice hat trick passes and I swear he looked guilty for keeping one to himself... even though he deserved it so much after that incredible game.

Apologies for those who saw it first. I'm just seeing double right now!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Steve Dangle is money

Greg Goldberg in net and Emilio Estevez to coach the all-star for me!

Carroll said...

JonnyV - that guys makes some very valid points. Too bad the NHL doesn't run on common sense.

jhorn said...

Anyone else notice this on

"Alex Ovechkin had a hat trick and three assists, leading the Capitals to a 5-3 win against the Thrashers."

How do you get 6 points in a game when your team only got 5 goals?


nicholas richter said...

buries it

jayness said...

Repeat, but:

Anyone happen to be from either the Wilmington or Raleigh/Durham, NC area that knows of any bars that carry Center Ice? I'll be down there for the holiday/weekend and feel like i'm going to end up having to sit in my hotel room streaming the next few games online instead of drinking "socially" like a normal person.

fleuryous said...

He got an extra point for the unreal fellatio, jhorn.

fleuryous said...

PS. It's MAF's birthday.
Happy Birthday to him.

SteelPensBucs said...

@ LJ: I was at that game that Ekman got his natural hat trick (11/08/2006). 6 goals for the season and half of them came in a 4:10 span in the second period of that game.

Those own goals, especially the Japanese player, hideunderthenearestbenchblog. You hope that he didn't meet the same fate of Escobar in the 1994 World Cup.

Allison said...

the best hattrick I ever saw was Ryan Malone's against the Islanders a couple seasons back.
He scored in the opening minute of each period. Pretty fucking cool.

What was not cool was the outcome of that game. Pens lost 5 - 6, ending a 16 game point streak. Fucking Islanders scored with under 30 seconds left in the game. I will never forgive them for that.

Still, Malone was unreal that night.


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