Wednesday, November 19, 2008




Remember that night back in college when you smoked up and watched a snail die?
This game was like that, except the snail was reading the Bible.

What a joke game.
But if you want to talk about the best of best in the West when it comes to the West's defensive/lockdown style, you talk Minnesota.

On any other team, Niklas Backstrom wins a Cup and maybe a super bowl.
But when you trot out Owen Nolan as your big scorer, it ain't happenin'.


The Versus announcers weren't fanboys and didn't think they were bigger than the game like Mike Emrick does.

Solid broadcast.




The Pens started the game in a big hole:

Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

Not even 8 seconds into the game, you knew it was gonna be mud city.
Before the lockout, every game was like this.
Gotta commend the Wild for playing a tight defensive style without taking Detroit-esque non-penalties.

The Wild started off the scoring about 8 minutes into the game off a faceoff.
What a crap goal. Zigomanis won the faceoff. Gill and Sabu were stunned. 1-0.

The Wild were stunned 10 seconds later when they asked directions to Sesame Street.

Go to Google Maps, bitch. 1-1.

That offensive explosion was all we were going to see for the remainder of the first period.
Kris Letang got an acid penalty late, but the Pens killed it off.
Sabu getting the job done.


Sykora -- Creeper -- Satan
Circa 1994-95
JVS with the find.


The second period started off like the first period ended.
But then Jordan Staal dropped the gloves with some no-name.
Staal started wailing on the dude and lost his balance.

If you were waiting for something else to happen during the second period, you wasted 15 minutes of your life.

Things you can do in 15 minutes:

1. Have sex.
2. Watch three plays of a football game.
3. Organize anthem pics.
4. Smoke two Kools.
5. Watch the rest of the second period.

Malkin got wrecked in the face somewhere in there, but he's a hockey player.

-- skank --


Christensen spotted at a recent WWE event in Atlanta.
H/T to DPW95



The Wild came out like beasts in the third.
Well, it was one solid scoring chance.
Sabu made the stop, and the puck fluttered wide.

A power play was gonna ultimately decide this game. You had a feeling.
Early in the third, the Pens got their chance.
Talk about bees buzzing around a hive.
The Goligoski Play™ was set up, but Crosby is the worst playmaker of all time.

Sabu goes to the box for using the steel chair.

What a PS.

Zigomanis basically saved a goal at the end of the kill.
Big-time performance by the unit.

Minnesota goalie Niklas Backstrom was in the best shape of his life in the middle part of the third.
The Pens can play defensively while getting great scoring chances.
Minnesota was just waiting and hoping the Pens made a mistake.

The Pens had another chance on the PP when someone jobbed the Tenk.
Malkin made a behind-the-leg kickpass that could end a relationship.
No dice in front. Killed.

The big shit there was Malkin not playing the point.
If Philippe Boucher scores one goal from the point on the PP, chalk another one up for King Shero.


The Pens lined up for the overtime faceoff thinking the only reason we're here is because of some anus goal way back in the first period.

If the whole game was four-on-four like it was in OT, good god.
It was like watching a snail bang a cheetah.
Unreal action.

Mr. Burns takes a big-time high-sticking penalty at the end of the OT.
The Pens with the possession arrow.

There was a huge showdown for the bulk of the PP.

Crosby with guns cocked on either side. Boucher is a huge addition. HUGE.
No dice.

Mellon Arena Production Team prepares the world for the shootout with Van Halen's "Right Now." What a move.

Sykora came down, remembered how he looked in 1995, and farted.
Marek Zidlicky stuns Sabu. 1-0. Was that Sabu's first shootout goal he's given up this year?

Go-go-goes for his move. Backstrom watches tape.
Mientten was up next for Minnesota. Vintage Sabu.

Sid Crosby. Game on his stick.
Backstrom = A machine.

  • Hey, we still have a 7-game point streak.
  • Malkin: now streakless.
  • Allison with the pic up top.


KISS FM ain't no joke.
They've recently acquired a signed Malkin Black Jersey to give away.
A winner will be picked this upcoming Monday.


We could have not linked it and just stuffed the contest box with our names.
But we're the best people of all time.


Stilly said...

Mud game. Good recap Staff. I know there was little to go on.

At least we only play these d-bags once a year.

slush said...

While I was thrilled to go to the game, it was so boring. And the homers sitting around me were the worst. Why anyone thinks its cool to spend the whole game on their cell phone telling people they are AT a game, I dont know.

Still good to be in the Mellon. Hope Saturdays game has a little more jump.

Stilly said...


You have tickets for the 'Nucks? Good deal.

For everyone who thought Backstrom was the most irritating goalie of all time. Wait til Loungo stands on his head and makes a few saves.

At least we'll see Hedberg and the hapless Thrashers on Thursday.

Matt Gajtka said...

Thought it was gonna be over with the OT PP, but the Wild did a decent job of anticipating passes. Lord knows they watched a good amount of film on the Pens' man advantage unit.

Still have a point in every November game.

Staff, agreed on the broadcast team. I was psyched when I saw it was John Forslund and Darren Eliot because they actually let the game breathe once in awhile.


dying alive said...

Last night's game was just boring all around. The Wild even managed to suck all of the atmosphere out of the crowd. I thought maybe it was just due to being a weekday game against an unknown opponent, but the Edmonton game was rocking from start to finish. This was like watching the Devils, only it drained your will to live even more quickly.

slush said...

@stilly- we did manage tickets to the canucks. Im stoked. Praying its a better game than last night. (And its the baseball cap game, I love those hats.)

@dying alive- you are so right, the crowd was mud too. The people in my section could have cared less.

Max Power said...

It sucks to lose a game like that against the wild. On a good note atleast we didn't gain a lead, blow it and then have to hang on for the last 5 minutes.


I would rather sit in a room with heat lamps and watch my ball hair grow before I watch the Wild try to play hockey again. snores.

Matt said...

That game was gayer than The Notebook. I can't hate the Wild, just like I couldn't possibly get excited about them either. Whatev, they'll get the 3rd seed in the West and then lose to a division rival in the first round of the playoffs. Yawn.

At least the Pens got a point. But that was probably the worst shootout I've ever seen.

Lastly, it'll be good to see the Pens back in black on Thursday. The blue got old halfway through this game.

Ja' Red said...

Is "Creeper" in the pic with Sykie and Satan Ravishing Rick Rude?

Robert Ullman said...

I literally fell asleep on the couch for most of the second period...and I was watching in HD! What an effing snooze.

Forslund's a pal's an Canes fan, and he's their regular guy, he loves him. Not sure what's going on with his coif, tho'.

Allison said...

Waking up and seeing my pic at the top of the post in tPB is the reason I got outta bed this morning.

Matt Gajtka said...

@robert ullman

That's hockey hair, baby! Every play-by-play guy should have to grow his hair out...although Steiggy might have some trouble.

team atwood said...

I dunno how im supposed to do any work when i can just keep clicking "register" to win a malkin jersey.

team atwood said...

I need to talk to some montreal folk and get them to make me win this thing.

Chubs said...

That game is exhibit A for people that think hockey is boring. Good lord.

Three plays of a football game in 15 minutes, Staff? I bet Roethlisberger could throw at least 4 interceptions in that time.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

i'm going to the game saturday as well slush :-)

first one this section D...

can't complain about that.


pops said...


you would think if they were giving away malkin jersey's they'd at least be able to spell "EVGENI" correctly

what a mistake

RaCHeLeYoS said...

lol......WOW......good catch pops.

Aubrey said...

"The Wild were stunned 10 seconds later when they asked directions to Sesame Street. Go to Google Maps, bitch."

That part of the recap just made my morning. Awesome recap, staff! Mud game. Whatev, we got a point. Screw the wild. and screw Hal Gill's freaking boat feet for always getting in the way!

Justin said...

What a day... I go to check the recap of last night's game and my Photoshop is sitting right on the top of the page. It only goes downhill from here.

coffeytalk said...

everytime i watch the minnesota wetnwild skate around, i have to picture this in my head to avoid the slitting of my very very bored throat.

effin' nhl elves...

kstewy16 said...

haha, nice pops, i didn't even notice that.
So I think I'll be sitting here all day clicking register. Thanks staff, you have taken my life away from me. But at least I'll win another Geno Jersey!!!

homesprout said...

I despise defensive minded, "let's win every game 1-0", trapping teams like the Wild!!

If I was Gaborik, I would want to leave too!! :-D

meecrofilm said...

Any points against WC teams are good points.

Now time to forget that game ever happened and move on. Fucking Jacques Lemaire.

dying alive said...

I have often wondered about Gaborik. Is it that he didn't take the $8MM or whatever was offered to him because he thinks he's worth more than that, or did he refuse it because he just wants to get the hell away from Jacques Lemaire's system and he'd take that amount elsewhere?

I still don't really see where he fits on the Pens while allowing them to remain under the salary cap unless they make a major move. The Hossa deal surprised me, though, so who knows what Shero will come up with?

J.S. said...

Sykora's mullet circa 1995 = HOF

To those in the chat yesterday, if you noticed me chatting less and less yesterday, it was because I was fighting sleep about 5 min into the 2nd. When you talk cures for insomnia, you talk Wild hockey.

Re: Christensen in the WWE. I recognize Crusher, but what is Len Barrie (center) doing in the pic? If that's not him, then whoTF is it?

fleuryous said...

I missed a lot of this game, because I had a class that I basically HAD to go to. haha.

From what I heard, most of the game wasn't too worth seeing, anyway.

I got home just in time to see the OT/shootout, though.

Sabu is a beast. He technically was only scored on once, because that goal was a joke. The fact that Minnesota even celebrated it makes me laugh.


PS. Gaborik is a ghost--we don't talk about him. haha.

Just kidding, he's not a ghost...just a liability.

akus said...

A Wild fan that got his/her wish,( from a Wild's blog)

"I almost hope that this is the most boring, low scoring game that Pens have seen in a long while...

I am glad the Pens did not play @ the Xcel, my eyes were spared the home colors of Iron Range Red, Forest Green, Minnesota Wheat, Harvest Gold.

dying alive said...

If any team trades for Gaborik, they should definitely make sure that a lifetime supply of bubble wrap is included in the deal.

Randall said...

I was at the game. Snorefest, but some good hockey. I'm too lazy to read the comments, but was anyone near the fight around section C22 or D22 or wherever, midice penalty box side... that dude was laying in a pool of his own blood. I don't know if it was a fight or he just fell on his face. It was crazy awesome.

Also, does anyone have the Pens theme song as a ringtone that they'd like to share? It'd be much appreciated.

Stilly said...


"Re: Christensen in the WWE. I recognize Crusher, but what is Len Barrie (center) doing in the pic? If that's not him, then whoTF is it?"

That's not other than the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Conicidentally his dad played pro hockey I'm pretty sure. I'll have to look into it.

Raybin said...

Staff's recap is more entertaining than the game by a factor of 20.

Thought the tidbit the Versus announcers offered about Sabu saying he wasn't mentally ready for a starting load last year was pretty interesting. He apparently got into Zen Buddhism over the off-season. Clutch.

My theory is that Jacques Lemaire hates the game of hockey and wants to drive people away from the sport, so he forces his teams to be as boring as humanly possible. I apprecate a good goaltending display, though, so watching Backstrom can be fun for me at least.

Really, though, the last word on this game belongs to stoosh from the game thread:

Officials who wouldn't know an obstruction or interference penalty if one walked up to them, banged their wife and then shot them in the nuts? Check.


Should be able to run over the Thrashers tomorrow, anyway. Famous last words.

Going to the Canucks game. Section E16, row A. Stop by and bring beer.

Stilly said...

Addendum to my previous post:

Chris Jericho's real name is Chris Irvine. His father is Ted Irvine.

From Wikipedia:

Ted Irvine (born December 8, 1944 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a former NHL hockey player. He was a left winger. He amassed a total of 331 points in 774 games played over a 15 year professional career. In his NHL career, Irvine played for the Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues between 1963 and 1977.

dying alive said...

@ randall - Yeah, I sit right near there. I didn't see it, but apparently some guy got blasted in the face. No idea what it was about but apparently it was pretty bad.

Also, I just read this on a Wild blog:
I don’t see what all this hype about Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby is about.

Really? You really don't? One's the league's leading scorer and the other one is like third. Between them they've won the Calder, the Hart (and been runner up), the Pearson and the Ross (and been first runner up there). They're pretty impressive when they don't play against a team that strangles the life out of the game of hockey. I guess when you root for a team that looks like they're trying to win every game 1-0, you learn not to like offense?

Stilly said...

Yeah the friggin wild are like Lunesta on ice. Just a horrible style of hockey. Maybe they'll learn after a few years of really boring futility, because that is NOT a championship caliber system anymore.

wilsmith said...

can we get lemaire?

Jawsh said...

At least Dr. Grant keeps his point streak alive.

Raybin said...

Forslund is good. Darren Eliot should be beaten to death with hammers.

At least Beninati wasn't inflicted upon us. Although the Joe Beninati drinking game is fun

Drink every time he:

-says "No worries for [goaltender]"

-mentions what color sweaters the team are wearing

-says "[shooter] tests [goaltender]"

-uses a stupid euphemism like "netminder" or "backstopper"

-asks the analyst a stupid question to fill time

-mentions the time, the period, the score, the teams, and the fact that you're watching Versus as if you couldn't tell all those things by looking at the screen

-talks about a player's personal life

-verbally blows Kimmo Timonen*

*-For the sake of your liver's health, do not watch any replays of last year's Eastern Conference finals

Raybin said...

Super stoked to be sitting right behind Luongo on Saturday.

He's been just ungodly the past couple of weeks. So whether he stands on his head all game or the Pens score 7 goals in 2 periods and chase him from the net....myself as a hockey fan wins either way.

Lloyd said...

saved byyyyyyyy zerrrrrrrrroooooooooooooo,8599,1860403,00.html

M. Vanderlasser said...

Sweet Jesus on a dinosaur, that was a tough game to watch.

Robert Ullman said...

@ raybin

I have the misfortune of living within the Caps home territory, and am too cheap to spring for Center Ice, and so therefore forced to endure Beninati whenever I want to just watch a hockey game. Christ, he's awful. His little catch phrases and nicknames. I don't know a single Caps fan who can stand the nasally little turd, or his dipshit partner Craig Laughlin.

Matt said...

Should have mentioned this earlier, but the ps of Oscar the Grouch interviewing Cookie Monster made my life worth living this morning. Fantastic job!

Randall said...

I know we are all over it, but if for no other reason to go vote, do it for the ridiculous "facts" this guy gives in support of AhOle.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I thought I was back at the Ralph on Jan. 1 last, not because I was seeing the Pens in their Blues again, but because the ice was craptastic! Was the Wild ice guru in town? The ice conditions were like a 6th man for them. I'd never seen so many players falling down on their own, horrible stick handling and terrible pass reception [not the players' fault] since the late 80's when I was playing shinny on a frozen lake in Irwin.
Wonder how the ice will be Saturday afternoon after the Eagles [the band, not McNabb + his OT knowledge] play at the Mellon Friday night @ 800p?

•That may have been the worst Sid & Geno played as a duo, in their 2+ years together. Some of it due to the Wilds system, a part of it: the ice...the rest of it: just trying to do too much. Sid seemed to be getting increasingly frustrated by the shift...especially when he set up Talbot with a nice scoring chance in the slot in the 2nd period and all mad Max could muster is a Backstrom belly shot. Hella-weak.
Mario had his Warren Young, but even he had the mad skilz to score 40. Maybe Sid will have to figure out a way to set himself up with sweet scoring chances... [the Pittsbugh Goal, scored by #87, Sidnneeeey Crosssssbeeeee, assisted by #87, Sidney Crosby and #87 Sidney Crosby]

•The most emotion the crowd showed last night was when Barbaro made an announcement 'Welcoming' the Vs. crew --- and in fine Picksburgh tradition, were BOOOOOED. [guess that replaces Booing the Win Mark Madden's Money vid on the jumbo from last year]

A close 2nd was showing James Harrison on the big screen for an uncomfortably long time.

Saved by Zero Kills

•rabyin...I'll be flicking nacho cheese covered peanuts and spilling beer on you this you prefer regular or lite beer down your back? :)

•RIP: Mark Eaton...unless an injury to a defenseman happens, Eats played his last game v. Buffalo on Saturday.

•Boucher might not have the hardest shot...but, it's a HEAVY shot...which is nice to see from the Penguins' point....I can just see it now: Whitney, Boucher, Sid, Geno and [insert anyone here] as the #1 PP unit...

• there were more scoring chances in 3 minutes by the Mt. Lebanon Mites during the intermission than in 65 minutes with the big boys.

•scoring during the Big Mac Attack and winning a Free Big Mac has ended it's streak at: 3.

[/My Monthly Musings]

fraer40 said...

Does anyone else want to kill themselves when the see Bing line up in the shootouts these days?

I completely called what he was going to do before he even touched the puck. He's too damn predictable. I mean Backstrom is an excellent goalie but it didn't even look like Crosby was a challenge to him at all.

Casey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

As long as it's Labatt Blue light and not Bud Light, bring it on!

And any extra nacho cheese ya got would be much appreciated. The lady is something of a cheese hog. Not that she'd admit it.

dying alive said...

Wonder how the ice will be Saturday afternoon after the Eagles [the band, not McNabb + his OT knowledge] play at the Mellon Friday night @ 800p?

Oh man, how will that even be possible? Groin pull city.

stokes said...

While this game certainly was boring, and the Wild didn't do much to win, i really think the Pens had an off game. it didn't seem like they were skating that well, or working hard in the corners. I felt they didn't win a lot of pucks they normally would have. Or maybe the Wild just had the answer for the Pens.

Either way, I'm taking the blame for this loss. I changed up procedure and wore Geno's jersey with a new hat instead of the old MAF and crusty powder blue/green hat i always go with. My bad, ya'll. I won't do it on saturday.

Susan Burghart said...

It's beyond me how Minnesota fans can stand to sit through game after game of that boring ass hockey.

Stilly said...

Some good points turk. The Pens were due for a let down game. They've been playing crazy games for a while. Hopefully with Atlanta coming up, the guys can get a little swagger back.

meecrofilm said...

Wonder how the ice will be Saturday afternoon after the Eagles [the band, not McNabb + his OT knowledge] play at the Mellon Friday night @ 800p

Yeah I don't know what the hell the NHL was thinking scheduling that game then. You'd have to imagine the Pens will request the game to be moved back, cause I don't know if that's enough time to physically get the ice ready by around 130-ish when they do pre-game warmups. Ridiculous.

Frank said...

Found this earlier today. Apparently a writer in Minnesota thinks the Penguins' locker room is the size of a "port-a-potty" and just doesn't get why you can't step on the team logo.

Dr. Turkleton said... and stokes are probably right: an off game for the Boys of Winter.

couple that with:
•Playing the Wild.
•Bad ice.

= Perfect Storm for a least they got a point...and I don't expect them to win all of their 31 remaining home games, so may as well get this 'bad' one out of the way and giving 2 points to a Clarence Campbell Conference team doesn't hurt so bad anyways...

stokes said...

Dr. Turk: With winter being here and the Eagles back on tour, i'm sure that the ice will be just fine come saturday. it'll be cold in the arena.

Please tell me you get that joke.

Just for shits and giggles, i fucking hate the Eagles. vomit city.

Raybin said...


Hell Freezes Over!

What do I win?

(Yes, I know I'm not doc turkleton. More's the pity)

wilsmith said...

Trade Staal.
Buy out Satan.
Cut Sabourin.

problem solved.

I'd be happy to be a Minnesota fan. You hear about all these superstars in the east then your band of no-namers rolls in and shuts 'em down.

KaylaJ said...

you know what i don't get, people who say "i don't get the hype over so and so". really? are you trying to be THAT person or are you really that stupid?

as for john shipley, its called tradition. other teams have the same rule of not stepping on the logo, but considering they're winning teams, people in MN wouldn't know that. now don't lose a team to Dallas, maybe make it consistantly past the 1st round, and we'll talk

willsmith, sorry, but lemaire's coaching doesn't work with scorers so i don't see the pens looking for him when he needs a job.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Commit to the Raybin.

or should you be committed for knowing that?

BTW, if stokes is at the Mellon Saturday, he'd have an Oswald-ish shot of you in that front row...mine is more like Skippy Reed's 51 yard attempt this past Sunday.

Good one, stokes! + I hear ya: never liked the Iggles and don't think I ever wil[smith].

[Fire Therrien]

stokes said...

Ding ding! raybin FTW.

You win- me not joining Dr. Turk in throwing stuff at you on sat. I'll be in E16, row K, (kinda)right behind you!

seriously. Nice one, bruva!

wilsmith said...

I dont actually want lemaire, that was my reply to people bashing him for being a good coach.

If he was dealt the Penguins, I'm sure he could find a way to win with them. To say someone's coaching doesn't work with scorers is just not right, especially when that guy already has one cup ring. I'm sure he can adapt.

If his teams do well without a real scorer, what makes someone think they would do worse with one?

wilsmith said...

damn you and your brackets, turk!

KaylaJ said...

the only difference between this MN team and the NJ team he won his cup with is MN will play a whole season.

i'm not saying he could never win with scorers, but they have to change their game to adjust to his coaching. his trap focuses more on defense and it all starts with the forwards on his team whose lines are shifted the whole game.

cougar said...

Does anyone know a live feed for tonight's Caps -Anaheim game?

dying alive said...

I like watching teams that play defense. I dislike watching teams that play only defense. Therefore, I dislike watching teams coached by Jacques Lemaire.

Seriously, I know this is all hypothetical, but please don't bring up the idea of Lemaire coaching the Pens. It makes me queasy. Like, actually physically uncomfortable.

dying alive said...

I don't care if the guy has a cup ring on every finger and he coaches the team to an 82-0 record en route to a sweep of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Winning doesn't make boring any less boring.

wilsmith said...

Lemaire will be the next coach of the Pens.

book it.

meecrofilm said...

Fuck. That.

Rebecca said...

I sat across this Wild fan and dear god, ugh.

plus the little kid's mom behind me kept calling Geno Crosby...

um, yeah...

SteelPens111 said...

wow. on yahoo's NHL main page it has the fantasy "who's hot, who's not" top 3. besides the fact gary roberts is #1, check out the goalies. henrik is both hot AND not.

J.S. said...

stokes proves once again that anytime this link is posted, JS is sure to click it. nice one bruva!!

@stilly, that is Chris Jericho (smacks head). Aside from a very causal channel flip because of the quality of crap on the tube on Monday, I haven't watched WWE since it was the WWF. The last I heard, he was retired or semi-retired or something or other and still had long hair. Yeah, that long ago. The Barrie Cut that he now has kinda threw me off.

re: that jobber from MN. If he thinks the Pens locker room in Mellon, what does that make the visitors' locker room? The visitors' locker room is probably smaller than some of the locker rooms used in the ECHL or even one that you might find at your local rink. Yes, it's that small. And why can't you step on the logo? Two reasons: (1)tradition, as it was already mentioned on here, and (2)how about because you were asked not to step on it? On second thought, be ignorant and step on the logo again. Hope you like the feel of your wallet getting lighter. $100 fine for stepping on the Penguin, and it has been enforced.

J.S. said...

let's try this again. It's times like this I wish there was an edit button.

If he thinks the Pens locker room in Mellon is small like a "port-a-john", what does that make the visitors' locker room?

mike2081 said...

After watching that game it makes me so happy that we play in the Eastern Conference. If we had to play Minnesota more than once a season I will have to buy stock in Red Bull because it would take a case of them to keep me awake the whole game. Their type of hockey is worse than New Jersey's.

fleuryous said...

Yikes, Sabres aren't getting a break.

Poor Miller. haha. I'll never forget the fans yelling "MILLER" after (I think) Staal scored on him. Too funny.

It's karma for that Staal nutsack hit.



fleuryous said...

Sorry, I put "WOOOOO" twice, but I'm just that excited. haha. said...

Tuesday's game was my first live experience with the blue jerseys, and I wasn't feelin it. How is Orpik to give out free candy, when he feels like a pussy, cause he's wearin Powder Blue. How can i look at myself in the mirror, when i know I just spent 60+ minutes cheering on a powder team. Other than that, I do think Fedetenko would have been good for the starring role in the 1990 hit movie POWDER, about an albino genius with superpowers or something, and also starred Jeff Goldblum representing Homestead. What it do Homestead. Lets go GREYS.

KaylaJ said...

miller will be fine after he listens to some emo music and cuts himself.

jefe p said...

aside from the boucher debut, it sounds like this this was the game to miss considering i did miss this game. oh well.

go pens. go steel.

lis said...

well we're leaving tonight for the long drive across the turnpike and going to the game on Saturday. If anyone wants to to stop by and say hello we'll be up in F 15 Row A.

dying alive said...

Douchebag is suing.


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