Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times Bad Times

Where were the Pens through 12 games last season and this season?

07-08: 6-5-1 (13 pts.)
08-09: 6-4-2 (14 pts.)

07-08: 36
08-09: 32

07-08: 38
08-09: 29

07-08: 29.1*
08-09: 26.5
*07-08 number includes a 52-shot performance against Toronto
07-08: 30.1
08-09: 32.4

The Pens are giving up more shots and giving up less goals.
Thank you, MAF.



Malkin interview from the Blues Game.
ANNA from CBlog comes through...if this is the interview people are asking about.

:: Thanks for playing. PENS

:: Joe Starkey and Rob Rossi did an unreal breakdown of NHL shootout stats. TRIB

:: EMPTY NETTERS is all business with some sweet pics from San Jose.
:: Staying with sweet pics, RUSS was at the Blues game. PENSBLOG AAA

:: GOING FIVE HOLE tracked down the newest Talbot A&L Motors commercial:

Double M's blog at THE X is becoming a daily stop for us.



If you're still up in the air on who you're voting for,
just remember what side of the aisle these guys are on:

U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy

The laptop of Jesse White at a big-time state meeting during the Flyers/Pens series last year.
It was against the house rules, and he was given some hell for doing this during session or whatev.

When Jesse isn't defending his title in the 46th district,
he's busy helping to coin nicknames such as USS Hal Gill up in Section F.

And he gives out free candy.


Martin Brodeur bruised his elbow and will miss a game. YAHOO

DiPietro is out 4-6 weeks. TSN.CA
He only has 30 years left in his contract.



nicholas richter said...


Aubrey said...

Sykie good pass me...priceless!
Great Talbot commercial, too. Gotta love our foreigners! :)

BlacknGold66 said...

That video at the end was so fucking disturbing.


Max Power said...

I'm not even going to speculate as to what you guys entered in the search engine on youtube. Just a heads up... the FBI might take a peek at you guys.

Joshua said...

Nice. That shit is above and beyond.

The Goon Blogger said...

What the fuck staff!

Joshua said...

Can we get this dude on the gameday inspiration team?

azrael882 said...

that is seriously the most disturbing way you guys have ever ended a post. that old man seemed a little too into the re-enactment. ick. uh... thanks for that...

Nick Saia (usa) said...

video=not cool

make new bracelets.

Kierstan said...

I'd forgotten how many "adult superstore" billboards and establishments there were on I-70 between St. Louis and KC. It amused me greatly. This had absolutely nothing to do with hockey (well, except for the great segue from the Casino Queen "loose slots" ads at the Blues' rink), but I figured y'all would get a laugh too.

SteveThePirate said...

that superstar dance rocks, and thanks for scaring me with that last vid. little late for halloween, ain't it?

Max Power said...

Did anybody catch the asswhoopin that the Leafs put on the Rags in the 3rd period on Saturday?

Tim said...

Mr. Mac is symbolism for Alex Ovechkin....... weaksauce.

TheSteelPen66 said...

Little known fact "Mr MAC" is Alexander Semins Grandfather

Ryan said...

i didnt get it i kept thinking when i was watching mr mac whens the funny part gonna get here where the lil debbie or semin joke gonna come in but it never came i dont get it

KaylaJ said...


an old man with a special workshop. really, how do parents let their child read this script and figure "hey billy, that sounds like a part made for you!". can you imagine the director "ok billy, in this scene you're gonna talk about how the perv touched you, but emphasis it didn't hurt, take your places!"

speaking of creepy, anyone else expecting the boom chica boom porno music to show up in max's ad?

oh well, all in all, it was good, eh geno?

KaylaJ said...

ps, i know its not directed by speilberg or anything, but why does max have one sleeve up and one sleeve down?

Joose said...

I like how Max has one sleeve at normal length and one rolled up. It's almost as cool as when it's done with pant legs.

Joose said...

I guess I should read all of the comments before I post. ha

M. Vanderlasser said...

I'll bet Sean Avery is no stranger to Mr. McGregor's workshop.

Favorite goal Saturday night?

Max's? (ee-ee-ee-ee)
Inspector Gadget's?
Mr. Scrappy's?
Geno's? (thank God Sykora stayed out of the way)

dying alive said...

My favorite goal is always a Malkin goal, unless it's a Scuderi or Orpik goal.

Will DiPietro's contract end up being the worst in NHL history?

pops said...

wow. that video really bummed me out. fucking disturbing.

Katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MizzPenz said...

Peter King this morning on Monday Morning Quarterback -

"He blew it! When I get the apology letter I'm not gonna feel any ------- better! I'm not gonna feel any better!''
--Atlanta coach Mike Smith, caught by NFL Films for Showtime's "Inside the NFL'' show last week, after getting jobbed on an official's call at the end of the Philadelphia-Atlanta game. The official called a muffed punt by a Falcon return man, recovered by Philadelphia, and replays showed the Falcons clearly did not touch the ball.

So when exactly do you think it will make Webster's?

wilsmith said...

Sexual assault is not a joke, staff!

millions of families suffer every year.

dying alive said...

I don't know about anyone else, but these four day layoffs with no game make me cry.

slush said...

what was the deal with that last video? good lord. creepcity.

team atwood said...

anyone know if that interview can be found somewhere else? works got that site blocked.

and yeah.. 2 hours have passed and i still feel weird inside after watching that video.

dying alive said...

For those who are interested, there's a Fall '08 photo series up over at

That pic of the Cathedral during the Festival of Lights has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I wish he'd get rid of that giant watermark, though.

brett said...

What the french am I supposed to do until Thursday night?

Bet on the Devils to get stomped by Buffalo tonight, and then rake in the moolah, that's what.

Bacon077 said...

that video....really?

hyzdufan said...

With regard to that video at the end...did you all know that is actually a Boy Scouts training video for adult volunteers? No joke.

Rage said...

In regards to the "Uncle Dirty" (every family has one) video, I think we just got jobbed by staff...that said...get over it.

FH-still not making the playoffs this year

NHL Center Ice, baby...DO IT

@Akus-Seen my batteries? W00t!

Go Stillers

GwinTheEskimo said...

in the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man...

Stilly said...

I was hoping others would pick up on the Zeppelin reference. I'm not sure if it was intended or not, but that's what I thought of instantly.

BTW they're running an all Zeppelin Sirius channel (ch. 12) for a while.

Is it just me, or has cblog gotten really pissy and whiny lately? Bitching about ads, betting sites, and even youtube selections.. there's so much crying that people might start mistaking cblog for rags fans...

[save the motherland]

jbart321 said...

WTF? That was messed up.

crmzak said...

During the game Sat, did anyone else hear it when Errey said...

"Talbot was ovulating at the chance to play on Sid's line..."

Ok, he did in fact catch himself and change it to "salivating", but it made me LOL, I tell ya.

Allison said...

@Crmzac- haha oh man, I'd love to see a clip of that on youtube

crmzak said...

Not that I'm referring to ol' Maximus as girly in any way. If it weren't for him crashing the net, Satan doesn't get that goal.

akus said...

Ok, watching NHLN Live! and Don Lawhateverhisname is says,

Brodeur drove himself to the hospital, because there were no ambulances?

Something has to be missing from this story......hmmm.

kstewy16 said...

What am I doing untill thursday? Betting.
I'm taking Sabers over Debbies, especially with no Marty. Also taking the over 5 1/2 on that game, both of those teams have somehow found their scoring abilitiy this season.

akus said...

I don't know kstwey16, they ( the media) first was reported, he was out 1-2 weeks,now they say only one game.

I call bullshit and if we didnt see the injury in the game ( I dont think he hit the post for it to be a bruise anyway) but if we didnt see it, they would say out for undisclosed injuries.

stokes said...

Thanks Anna for sending in, and Staff for posting, the Geno interview.

No thanks to Staff for posting Mr. Mac Touches Me video.

Nulpher said...

Am I the only one who got an AdultFriendFinder ad popup from that video of Geno?

Anyways, adding on to Max Power's post: use a proxy staff... atunnel is solid (I use it all the time at work.)


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