Monday, November 24, 2008

GAMENIGHT -- 11.24.08

Check out this metoer/UFO that lit up the sky in Canada last week:



If you haven't heard by now, Life Magazine has made its photo archives available on Google.
There are some amazing pictures.

Pittsburgh pre-anything.

What a joke time to be alive.


It is tough to find good bets right now, because take for instance the Islanders. At the beginning of the season they were dead. But now they are playing some unreal hockey.
Montreal, was red hot, and now are coming back to Earth.


The Habs own the Islanders, and they need a win in front of their fans or it is going become panic city.
Taking the Habs to win.


The Coyotes lost a tough one to the Flyers.
Rangers need a win after dropping two straight.

Blue shirts to win.


Go Pens


btumpak said...

First! Nice bets... going with the house on these said...

That Pittsburgh photo is pretty cool.
I love historical photos.

curtO. said...

Historical photos are so awesome. Especially ones from downtown, or places you recognize.

stokes said...

That pic is really cool. I also enjoy looking at old ass pictures of The Burgh.

I'm going to post my ill fated comment from last post. Lucky you.

One more comment on the Defense "problem" or speculation:

Who's to say that its an automatic that Gonch and Whit are going to be 100% when they return. (and what is Whit's actual 100%?)

Eaton was supposed to be a beast this year and play an entirely healthy season, but so far, he's looked terrible at worse, lost at best.

I'm not saying, by any means, that i want this to happen to Gonch or Whit, but it is a possibility that should be considered.

Gogo will gogo back to WBS. Sometimes life sucks. oh well.

Those jerseys do look sweet. I am envious for being a lazy ass.

Hand of Godard said...

These photos are awesome.
Position Fail

Docciavelli said...

I'm taking the Isles plus a goal and a half. No way Montreal blows them out.

Docciavelli said...

Definitely taking the Over on that Isles/Habs as well at even money.

akus said...

I should have set up house for the over/under on the "first".



Luongo to be out four to five weeks.

fleuryous said...

Yikes, poor Luongo.

Like I said, goalies are dropping like flies. Sheesh.

debrisslide said...

Sucks for Luongo indeed. Things are about to drop off for the Canucks, I think.

Rooting for Phoenix because I fucking hate the Rangers. Like I say time after time, so glad I don't bet.

Some of the best historical photos ever are from southwestern PA. It's one of those areas that has done a complete 180, followed by another, followed by another over the past several hundred years. "Historic Fayette County" is hilarious but also bomb.

Speaking of goalies. . .no word on MAF yet. *blush*

debrisslide said...

btw, Eaton to the St. Louis Blues for a Lunchable and a Heineken.

coffeytalk said...

just picked up my jersey from the great and mighty stephen s.

they are beautiful and true and if another order is done, DO IT.

Reebok Edge jersey's can suck it.

stokes said...

Rub it in, Coffey, you jerk.

eileenover said...


Yzerman is leading this week's Greatest NHL Captains bracket on Get on there and vote for Buries It.

akus said...

No surprise here, now they say:

Luongo listed as week-to-week with strained groin.

Next it will be game day decision, with an undisclosed lower/body injury.

sven butenschon said...

@ eileenover
I couldn't find that on

eileenover said...


jefe p said...

alright finally get to start the pens/nucks game. this is going to be awesome. no spoilers please.

brett said...

taking the Caps to win tonight. Just feelin it.

KaylaJ said...

remember this night, clutterbuck has scored his first goal

neat pics. gonna have to go thru those later for sure

akus said...

I had trouble also finding the captain's poll, i did find it, but now it won't let me register.Meh.

Go Mario.

From The Pens board;
The Penguins practiced crashing the net with all of their lines at practice. Shots were taken from the blue line while the three forwards circled around the crease against two defensemen. In a particularly entertaining scrum, Crosby and Hal Gill were getting after each other.

“Whenever we do that drill there’s always intensity,” Crosby said. “That’s good. He needs to get used to it and I need to get used to it.”

Even though Gill, who stands 6-foot-7, has an eight inch advantage, Crosby managed to score two goals during the session. The two players playfully traded barbs after the drill.

“There aren’t too many with his size out there,” Crosby said. “There’s not a better guy to practice on than him. I’m not moving him around as much as he’s moving me around but it’s good to go through that at practice.”

Stoosh said...

NHL Network was showing the 1997 Pens-Flyers quarterfinal series.

For those that don't remember, the Flyers won that series four games to one, sent Lemieux off to his first retirement and sent Pens fans spiraling towards an era of uncertainty because no one knew how the city would support a team that no longer had Buries It on the ice. On top of that, Howard Baldwin had brought Roger Marino into the ownership and Marino had already started batting his eyes at Kansas City. Not the best of times.

But not before giving us the greatest Gary Thorne goal call ever.

As someone who first came to Pittsburgh cheering for another NHL team, the Pens were slowly growing on me. This was the moment when I knew for a fact that I was officially a diehard Pens fan. I was in E balcony at the opposite end of the ice from the net where Buries It buried it, and when he scored, I don't think there was a dry eye in the arena. We were bawling like a bunch of three year olds.

They just replayed the highlights of Game Four about an hour ago on the NHL Network. It's been eleven years since that game and damned if it still didn't get awfully dusty at Chateau de Stoosh when they showed that goal and the celebration afterwards.

Stoosh said...

Repost from the previous thread (as I attempt to drum up interest in another Pensblog jersey run)...

I was at the original Wingblog 1.0 when Stephen unveiled the design for these and I came through like Roethlisberger against the Patriots - which is to say that I failed. Terribly. Because those things are some triple-quality jerseys. As Raybin said above, at the time the cash was due for the jerseys, I was running poorhouseblog.

If another run of these is ever done, I'm in. In fact, I might even try to get Nancy Stoosh to go in as well. Most married couples get his & hers towels; we'll get Frank and Nancy Stoosh Pensblog jerseys.

Yeahhhhhhhh, boy-o!

Stoosh said...


Back in the day, I was as big a Guns N' Roses fan as I am a Pens fan.

Seventeen-plus years of waiting for original material are over.

Chinese Democracy. Thank you, ITunes!

Granted this is Axl and whole bunch of guys who aren't Slash and Izzy Stradlin, but but this isn't bad.

Very Nine Inch Nails-ish.

BlacknGold66 said...

Hey Stoosh,

Doesn't this mean that the Islanders will win the Cup now? (See: Chinese Democracy comments you made about a year ago)

(Then again, maybe it was another team... either way... I think of the Stoosh saying some poor team will win the Cup, Series, Super Bowl, Paris Hilton will rid herself of Ghonnapsiphilherpalaids "when 'Chinese Democracy' is released.)

debrisslide said...

Cal Clutterbuck = possibly the most unintentionally hilarious human being currently in the NHL. Just type his name into Google and start cracking up at his face.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I thought Stoosh said:

The Buccos would sign a Help Desk/Pitcher from India first...


This is a joke, right?

Contest Winner?

I'm thinkin' someone in the Pirates front office was just tired of being on hold for a Dish Network™ representative.

[Great Googly Moogly]

Hip said...

Hang on... He scores!! You gotta love it!!

Unreal call by Thorne. The fact that he's withering away in Baltimore and not lead announcer for Versus is one of the great travesties of our time. Stoosh - that video makes me cry as well. No shame in that.

Tearblog at Hip's Pad tonight.

I was earlier watching the damn video of the Project Bundle up and had moist eyes then too. Reminded me so much of the kids I worked with in Cleveland.

Hip said...

Great Googly Moogly might honestly be my most favorite phrase of all time.


BlacknGold66 said...

I'm offering Ryan Garko and the naming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium (National City Bank) for Hip straight up.

What? One of those was already sold to PNC??


Stoosh said...

Scratch that Nine Inch Nails comparison. Trent Reznor is going to break down my door and yell at me for that one.

BNG, I can't believe you remember that. I think it was the Isles. Maybe it was the Pirates winning the Series. Maybe it was the Tampa Rays going to the Series. Hmmmmmm....

Great Googly Moogly is awesome.

debrisslide said...

Project Bundle Up makes everyone misty-eyed.

Stoosh said...


Just wait another week. The Pirates are going to sign Tarbash the Egyptian Magician to back up Ryan Doumit behind the plate.

stokes said...

i can't see how the new GNR record could be relevant when it's taken this long to release.

But i haven't heard any of the songs all the way through, so i can't judge it yet.

Axl is still crazy as a loon. EOGMANIAC.

jefe p said...

i said great googly moogly the other day. good stuff. classic commercial.

man, pens down 2-1 to the nucks in the 3rd. oh i have faith, im sure they will comeback..

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I've yet to read a positive review of Chinese Democracy, each pretty much says that every song goes on for one or two or even three minutes too long.

kstewy16 said...

I've heard some of the chinese democracy songs, they are OK. The best one i've heard is "Better" it was actually a great song, but some of the others i've heard weren't very good.
I'm still looking forward to my free Dr. Pepper thanks to the CD coming out before 09.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Tarbash the Egyptian Magician

is that the guy who called MM all the time with 'insightful' Penguins talk???

MM, "Hello, My Friend!!!" [in his best Arabian accent]

Stoosh said...

Want to see EPIC FAIL at its finest? Wait until you see how Montreal managed to get to overtime tonight.

coffeytalk said...

what's a guns n roses?

Stoosh said...

There's no way the new Guns album could possibly live up to 17 years of waiting and hype.

I've given it one good listen all the way through and I do agree that a lot of people - especially people who were lukewarm to Guns to begin with - are probably going to go, "Ummmmmm...OK?"

Seems to be a lot of introspective stuff on the album, which doesn't surprise me. VERY piano-heavy, which kind of did surprise me (I was expecting more of an industrial/synth sound).

That said, "Better" is a good song. "Shackler's Revenge" isn't too bad as up-tempo songs on the album go.

"Madagascar" reminds me a bit of "Estranged" from the Illusions albums and could be a good single off the album. I can be a sucker for ballads and "This I Love" is incredible as those go.

All in all, I can't say I was blown away by the entire album, but it's definitely not a bad album. Easily worth the $10 I paid to download it.

Now get Slash, Izzy, McKagen and Matt Sorum back in the fold and do the tour the right way.

Stoosh said...

Turk -

Yes and no. The guy who called Madden was using the name as an homage to a Jerky Boys character.

fleuryous said...

Sorry, but without Slash, I'm just not wholeheartedly into GnR. haha.

Call me a bad person :(.

Stoosh, how disheartening was the Pitt loss on Saturday? Man oh man.

We've GOTTA get WVU this week. I'm going to the game, I'm so pumped!

Great googly moogly=beautiful.

eileenover said...

Did anyone get USS Gill or Geno on their jersey? If not, one of those is mine next time.

BlacknGold66 said...

That's all you Eileen

"Gay For"
With the number 4 underneath is all me.

I challenge someone to take that from me.

stokes said...

What a great idea, BNG!

You know who i'd be "Gay For"

eileenover said...

Yeah I was thinking about getting Scuds, but I thought you might kill me.

debrisslide said...

Why does insist that the Crapitals are #3 in the East? They've played more games than the Pens and the Pens clearly still have more points.

fleuryous said...

Who isn't gay for Scuds?

Even if you're a female, you know that if you were a male, you'd still want him.

Ovechkin is fellating the entire staff, Zoe (that's your name, right?!)--THAT'S why they're so highly ranked. A brownie point per money shot.


Beav said...

ummm because the three division winners (leaders in this case) are automatically the top three teams in the conference. Until the Pens top the Rags the highest they can be is fourth.

shmaiken said...

Yes, that pic is Pittsburgh pre anything. including pre- america-gone-to-shit like we are currently experiencing.

fleuryous said...

True, Beav...but I hypothetically like my situation more.

debrisslide said...

*smacks forehead* Thanks Beav. I forget these things when I'm hating the Caps.

BlacknGold66 said...

It looks like we'll be marking Stokes down for TWO jersey's in this next round.

"Gay For" 29


"Gay For" 71

(Unless he goes all out for "Gay For BNG" 66... you never know... it could happen... McWORLD!)

meecrofilm said...

Damn. The only thing more painfully bad than that own goal by O'byrne is TSN's headline:

O'byrne-d by own goal

If all it took to be a good journalist was thinking of terrible puns for headlines, then my dad would be the fucking Ron Burgundy of journalists.

fleuryous said...

Man, it was a fluke goal. I wouldn't boo, but maybe that's just me.

For example, I didn't boo the fluke goal off of Zigo's faceoff.

Laraque came to his defense, though--gotta love that guy.

Canucks beat Wings.

And Selanne is still a beast.


Allison said...

Who the hell officiated the Wash / Wild game? Three "closing hand on puck" calls in the same game? When the hell was the last time that happened?

In other news, Nick Baskstrom scored on Nick Backstrom... And it wasn't an "own goal" this time...WOOOO.


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