Friday, November 14, 2008

GAMENIGHT 11.14.08


No real aftermath following the Flyers game.
We were hoping to get a positive I.D. on middle-finger guy.

But there is other aftermath to touch upon.

CRAIG E. spotted this article from the EDMONTON SUN.

The Oilers have a good one in Steve MacIntyre - big, strong, intimidating, and capable of squashing the odd opponent like a bug on a windshield.

But in the world of heavyweight enforcers, one punch can bring it all to an abrupt end, and MacIntyre was put on ice for the next eight to 12 weeks courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins enforcer Eric Godard.


SABO spotted Charlie's dad at the Wings game.



It's not even funny anymore.
Barry Melrose = Fired. PUCK DADDY


War zone this morning. Good times.

In honor of today's c-blog, we'll keep naming lines.
Every line PITTSBURGHLER types will be called the gayest line ever.


New Jersey heads to Washington.
Washington straight-up to win.

Carolina heads to Atlanta.

The over is






Five and a half.

We're taking the over.
Go Pens.


Annie said...

Haha, Count von Count. Good times.

Pensblog Staff said...

hahaah woooo
sorry burghler

nicholas richter said...


TIMKO said...

Pittsburghler = Joke

Barry Melrose = Joke^2

Tampa Bay Penguins = Joke^3 said...

The NHL is finally looking into the All Habs game voting.

spanky kane said...

i swear that guy next to charlie's dad is wearing an earpiece. he must be black ops. i think its a conspiracy. there is a dude sitting in the bushes man. does have a gun> I DONT KNOW MAN I DONT KNOW! said...

I wonder how Ryan Malone likes Tampa.

Ali said...

ha. Barry Melrose fired. Good times. A friend of my mothers (I know--- totally random) got me Barry's autograph in Philly the other day -- she ended up on an elevator with him -- she thought he was with the kidney doctor conference at the same hotel and talked to him about it for a few minutes before he corrected her.... stellar...

TIMKO said...

Penguins Experience,

Here is Ryan Malone interview

^ sorry don't know how to link can someone give me a rundown?

Also...Mad Max Superstar car commercial

^ sorry don't know how to link can someone give me a rundown?

Veshinfsky75 said...

I wanted to comment on student rush yesterday. Absolutely horrible! So unorganized, I got there at 11 and barely got in when last game I got there at the same time and got excellant seats. This game they decided they were gonna switch the line to the other side of the building around 1 so everyones spots were mixed up and a few hours before the game people from the back started funneling up thru the sides since the line got so wide. Organization needs to do something to keep it fair.

Jason said...
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Nulpher said...

To link, you'll need to use HTML.

(Note: Replace the '#' signs with the '<' sign to get it to work.)

#a href=''>Link text here #/a>

TIMKO said...
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TIMKO said...

New Talbot Commercial

Woooo linking

Hip said...

I actually feel sorry for Barry. But if I knew him, I would so be like, I told you so.

johnny said...

Count von Count is the man.

Nulpher said...

Habs fans read the blog:

Complaining about the staff's comments about how Canadian votes are .8

Chris said...

Looks like added a captcha to the fan-balloting. No more cheating from Habs fans.

Annie said...

Yes, but it won't really matter now unless they can get rid of the bogus votes.

debrisslide said...

I hate that Washington is winning right now against NJ. I know NJ is in our division and all but I fucking hate Washington. said...

"hey, I read on that our votes in canada only count for .8 of a vote while american votes count for 1

is that true? are we getting jipped votes?"

Nulpher, that's hilarious.

It also makes all Canadians look bad. Trust me, we're not all that dumb.

Joose said...

Is Ben Affleck the boyfriend of Charlie's dad?

Matty said...

Barry Melrose....canned, wow.

akus said...

Today i was reading the Buffalo News about how Miller will start against the Pens and Lalime against the Jackets. It went on to say, how Lalime basically "owned" the Jackets, he’s 7-3 in his career with a 2.64 goals-against average.
Well change those stats Mister.

Jackets 6- Sabres 1 @ Buffalo.

akus said...

I guess the Habs fans would rather throw Hartnell Hissyfits( thanks @crmzak) about ASG voting, than discuss their team getting their ass's spanked the last week.

Stoosh said...

@ Joose -

I think you're on to something.

Ben Affleck & Charlie's dad at the Wings game need to find a way to get hitched.

That means O'Bannion would be Charlie's stepdad.


fleuryous said...

I don't even think there's a possible way to catch up to the Habs at this point.

Ridiculous. haha.

And man, that sucks for Melrose.

And I heard about student rush yesterday--I'm sorry that happened. I know some people that were there since 9:30 AM and they had standing room only seats at the end, because of the whole line change.

WOOOOOOOOO so excited for the game tomorrow.

Go Pens.

poneil2005 said...

Geez...What did Godard do, exactly, that hurt Macintyre for so long? I saw the fight but it was on at the other of the bar so I didn't see it real good.

Chubs said...

So, uh, the Mullet Experience in Tampa. That's just an impressive amount of fail.

debrisslide said...

I read that Godard broke the guy's orbital bone? He broke someone's orbital bone recently. . .

akus said...

Yep it was an orbital bone


"Godard has one of the heaviest punches in the league,..."

KaylaJ said...

charlie's father is burt reynolds? i guess if my father posed naked on a bear skin rug my brother would be named charlie as well.

can't be too shocked about barry. i doubt he was really coaching anyway with tweedledee & tweedledum sticking their noses in everything. truthfully, i bet barry is happy to get out of that sandtrap before it takes him under

anyway, can't wait to see the 3rd jerseys in action tonight. go pens, beat the emo cutter!

Russ Tundra said...

Who thinks we should have a WingBlog after the Sat. 22nd against the Canucks??

I fucking do!

Pittsburghler said...

Hey, I can cross "get jobbed by the Pensblog Staff" of of my list of things to do before I die.

Being the square root of Barry Melrose does have its merits, wouldn't you agree?


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