Friday, November 7, 2008

Disaster Averted. PENS WIN.


The Oilers will be walking with a limp on Friday
after shooting themselves in the foot all night.

Nevertheless, the third period wasn't pretty.
The Oilers can score in bunches.
Unfortunately for them, the Pens can, as well.

If you didn't respect the Oilers before this game, you probably do now.
But in April, all we'll see is the two points.

Jimmy Hugs



The Pens came out in the first period like your family at Old Country Buffet.
It was an unreal display.
Ironically, in a period consisting of three Oilers power plays, their best chance came on a Pisani shot in the slot early on, PP-less.
MAF was there.

The game couldn't get going early due to the Oilers repeatedly getting caught for offsides.
We didn't know the reason why the Oilers were in such a hurry to get into the zone until we started checking out the game pics at Yahoo.

Oilers goalie Garon was all business at the other end. The Pens were cycling, but Garon was shutting it down.

A little later, Godard and Mcynjoke dropped the gloves. You could almost see Mcynjoke's manhood escaping his body as he crumpled to the ice.

Somewhere in there, Sydor took one of the most obvious penalties of the 21st century.
The Pens killed it and used the momentum from the kill to put a ball in the sac.

Satan makes an ungodly play on the goal line to put it home. 1-0.

Letang was headed to the box later in the period for slashing.
The Pens decided to not wait till the penalty was over to put one home.
Crosby pokes the puck past some lamppost and cruises in with Talbot 2-on-1.

Shot, rebound, goal. 2-0.

The aforementioned Macynjoke hit on Letang brought Godard out onto the ice.
They make out for a while, and Godard goes to the box.

The Oilers, already covered in their own feces from their previous two power plays, didn't know what was going on during those last two minutes.
The Pens took the faceoff battle 12-2 in the first.



Mellon Arena Syndrome was in everyone's mind before the puck even dropped to start the second. We've seen this movie before. Mellon Arena is overrun with the ghosts of 2-goal leads.

If M.A.S. was gonna come out of the woodwork, it had an opportunity to do so when Hal Gill made someone dive.
The Oilers might as well have put that dead deer you saw on your way home on the ice for the PP.

The Pens were all business when the penalty was over.
Crosby took advantage of the Oilers dmen touching themselves and set the Pens up in the Oilers zone.
The Goilers took like 8 penalties on the play, and the Pens capitalized when pulling MAF for the extra attacker.
Satan taps in a Malkin blast. 3-0.

The Pens had a power play after the goal, and it was their chance to sweep the leg.
No dice. But wait.

Goal. 4-0. It happened that fast.
What a play. Good to see Sykora putting one home.

Fleury was quietly shutting the world down at the other end.
Then the Pens got another PP.
Sykora scores again. 5-0.

Garon hits the golden showers, and some dude who apparently plays goalie for the San Francisco 49ers takes his place in the crosshairs.
You gotta admire a guy whose last name is Drouin-Deslauriers while his first name is Jeff.

MAF tried to steal back the show that the Pens offense had stolen from him.
Chants of FLEURY rained down.

The Oilers scored somehow before the end of the second. 5-1.

The writing staff of OILERS NATION celebrates the huge goal.


Right before the start of the third, Kevin Lowe tries to pay Mellon Arena officials to take a goal off the board.

No dice

The penalty box extended Dustin Penner an offer sheet early in the third.
PP for the Pens.
Drouin-Deslauriers was all business.

The next 28 seconds had Rob Scuderi checking craigslist for a rock to crawl under.

This picture best describes the feeling:

The Oilers score one that caroms off of Scoods and into the net. 5-2.
And then Ales Hemsky jobs Scoods and scores an unreal goal to make it 5-3.

The Pens saw the early symptoms of M.A.S. creeping up, so they call a timeout to take some Airborne.

It started getting scrappy after that.
Matt Cooke turned Gilbert into a woman.
He went after another Oiler, and David Beckham goes after Cooke.
Dumb decision. The Pens jump onto a 5-minute power play.
What a mistake.

And then they start a skirmish in front of their own net, and they end up down two men.
It was a war zone for those two minutes. Big Ben vomiting all over himself.
It was clear something bad was about to occur.
The Oilers kill off the Souray penalty. He comes onto the ice and scores. 5-4.


M.A.S. Epidemic, Pandemic, every -mic in the book.
Okay, time to chill.

Up until there were 5 minutes left in the game, both teams were in survivor mode.
Edmonton starts pouring it on shortly after. Survivorblog.

But then Lubomir Visnovsky throws the puck into the stands.
What a gift.

Father time rolls in to see the last faceoff. Oilers just ran out of time.


  • Two t-shirts for the taking. Send your thanks to OILERS NATION. Details coming.
  • Satan season stats: 8g/4a/12p =solid
  • Malkin is nasty.
  • Petr Sykora has the most two-goal games in NHL history without ever having a hat trick.
  • Two brutal losses for the Oilers. Have fun cleaning that up.


We were THIS close to laughing our ass off at your demise

Well Pens fans we tip our hat to you on the result of the latest hockey match. But we also demand that you recognize how close it came to being a monumental collapse. No matter how many ex Oilers got on the scoresheet, no matter how big of a third the Oilers had - a loss is a loss and a bet is a bet.

Oh how we wished we lived in Pittsburgh! We would drive across one of the three nearly identical bridges - the 6th, 7th, and the 9th Street - that connect Downtown with the North Side. We would eat a regular hearty evening meal at the elegant William Penn Hotel and then retire to our bed chambers and let the sexy Sonni Abatta serenade us to sleep with her nightly newscast on KDKA TV. Once asleep, we would have a nightmare that Roethlisberger fell off another bike and cracked his coconut in two. But when we awoke we would quickly calm down after a few deep breaths of Pennsylvania air and all would be well again.

Yes if only we lived in Pittsburgh. We could really envision a life there. Provided we could stomach Pirates baseball, shitty traffic and taking our life in our hands every time we ventured over to the Igloo for a game. We wouldn't live our life reflecting on the glory years of Gretzky anymore, we could fondly remember Lemieux and take comfort in how he classily maintains a stall in the dressing room though he hasn't suited up in years. Yes, we can see why players wouldn't want to play and live in the snowy hinterlands of Edmonton when they can play and live in the snowy hinterlands of .... Pittsburgh.

If it were up to us, you would all be receiving one of these:

But instead we will let the local web czars decide what you get and how you get it.
5 Cups to 2 Pittsburgh.


- Lord Wanye von Gretz IV


Matteo said...


Satan is sick. and didn't geno remind you of lemieux on the faceoff win-dish to sykora???

ceby22 said...

MacIntrye PWNED

debrisslide said...

Malkin is completely unreal.

Sykora's hat trick AND Scuderi's first multi-goal season will happen in 2008-09. Mark it down.

Free Candyman said...

Did anyone else have HD problems?

FSN HD was a joke tonight.

PavlovianT said...

The first two lines are looking sicker than the retirement home.

Talbot earning that AL Motors service with his performance on Sid's wing.

Chubs said...

Those first two periods are what wet dreams are made of.

That last period was what mud is made of. Mud, in case you didn't pick up on that.

fleuryous said...

Reposted from last post:

One of my good friends made his facebook status "TRADE FLEURY."

I was dreadfully close to defriending him.
...yep, THAT serious. haha


That dog picture made me literally piss myself.

Staff, I goddamn love you, and I can't wait to see these shirts. haha.

And the first two lines are more money than sex with your mama...and let me tell you, your mama (and her vag) is clutch.


pops said...

satan...on pace for a 50 goal season. wooooooo

osheak234 said...

<3 potential free shirts, thanks Oilers

BlacknGold66 said...

That dog picture is a fucking riot.

MAF should've stopped 2 of their goals tonight easily. M'eh, whatev. He's allowed to do that. He's MAF.

Malkin and Sid are both disgusting and Cooke was on acid at one point.

Good running into Turk again. Helluva human being.

Go Pens

jhorn said...

2 observations from the game tonight:
1. Top line is SICK
2. Trade Staal... right now

jammer jagger said...

good plan. trade staal before he developes as the best defensive forward in the league.


fleuryous said...

Agreed jammer. hahaha

Stop the jokes--they're not funny.

Staal is having some good games, so SHUT IT. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

People always want to trade Staal.

I say no.

fleuryous said...

THANK YOU for that post.

I think it would be a bad idea to trade Staal, and I really don't think it'll happen.

So keep on dreaming, THANKS.

wallflower said...

I'm still firmly planted on the Staal bandwagon.

I think he's Whitney's replacement as the Official Penguins Fan Whipping Boy. Everything good he does is written off as what he's supposed to do and everything "bad" he does gets over-analyzed and criticized.

Has he been spectacular this season? No but he hasn't been even half as bad as some seem to believe.

Nick Saia (usa) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Saia (usa) said...

So did anyone else catch barnaby on espn tonight?


nikki said...

this MAS needs to be stopped. it's bad enough that it happens to the pens.
then i turn on the flames game at 5-0 and almost see them squander that. dear god

meecrofilm said...

@ free candyman -- My FSN HD worked just fine. (I have Verizon)

Sick game. Nobody gives a shit about the third period. All that matters is that it looks like the Pens' O is here to stay. Bing is putting one in next game, mark it down.

The Oilers have been irrelevant for a long time now. Hemsky needs to play for a team that people at least care about.

TheFandangler said...

FSN HD was crap city. I went to SD and had no problems other then it looked like crap.

Call and complain tomorrow, they'll probably give you HBO for 6months free.

TheFandangler said...

I'm talking comcrap.


TheFandangler said...


He doesn't want to be a defensive forward. I agree he's going to be a great one but it's quite clear he doesn't want to be. He's been sloppy at best in the D zone and I don't think he's touched the puck yet in the O zone.

I'm not some idiot looking for someone to complain about on a good team. Jordan Staal isn't working here. He'd be great somewhere else. If the right deal presents itself he's done.

I say that assuming Satan doesn't continue to be a monster. If him and Sid keep tearing it up and we can roll two solid lines there's no need to change.

It's still too early to trade Staal away but if he keeps declining, and our top lines become a mess, I don't see any choice. Go ahead and jump on me but I know what I'm watching every night, it's a struggling hockey player.

BlacknGold66 said...

You all do know that Staal is only 20 right? Just checking.

Btw, Turk and I saw Jeff Reed at the game. He was wearing a shirt for once in his life.

TheFandangler said...

Staal is only 20...

...Doesn't mean we can't get something we need for him.

Annie said...

Staal's in a slump. I have very strong faith that he'll come out of it. He's a twenty year old kid still. My 22 year old brother is playing college club hockey in Ithica on a 1-9 team. Have faith in the guy!

Trading him at this point could be the biggest mistake ever. Fandangler, I absolutely agree that he's struggling - it's obvious. But don't think he isn't doing all he can to snap out of it. And he will.

[Keep the Faith, Save the Motherland]

TheFandangler said...


Don't trade Staal *yet*...unless something you can't pass up comes around.

It's still very early in the season and there's more than enough breathing room for him. I just hope he realizes what he's doing and starts to show noticeable improvements. Making excuses is dumb. He's an NHL forward that had 29 goals his rookie season. He took a big step back last year offensively but was still a very solid defensive minded forward. This year he's looking lost at both ends. With each solid play he makes he'll make 2-3 bad ones.

TheFandangler said...

Not sure if anyone else noticed but the Pens' website short changed the oil.

Aftermath: Penguins 5, Oilers 3

Hand of Godard said...

I agree, I say we trade Staal. Maybe we can find the next Alex Stojanov out there. At least we didn't draft that Jonathan Toews guy. He has no goals this season, what a joke.

Honestly, Staal has the skills. I think his problems are strictly mental. He just needs to relax and he'll be fine. He is going to develop into a great two-way player over time.

Comcast's FSN HD last night was a complete fail. It was like watching a horribly scratched dvd. I wish FIOS was available in my area.

[Staal Apologist]

stokes said...

Satan makes an ungodly play on the goal line to put it home.


I liked the second Satan goal. Unless you keep your head in your ass, you knew exactly what Gogo and Geno were setting up. The Oilers knew it was coming and still let them set it up. What a mistake.

tanya said...

in a perfect world beckham would stay in usa and ljungberg wouldn't go to usa...

satan rulez

dying alive said...

It was nice of the Pens to give the Oilers a sporting chance in the third period. Any time they have a lead of two or more goals in the third, I cringe.

The penalty box extended Dustin Penner an offer sheet early in the third.

Nice to see that the guys over in Oilers Nation aren't sore losers or anything. Someone from Canada's equivalent of Idaho is jobbing Pittsburgh? Mmmmkay.

Craig said...

Eric Godard is MacIntyre's biological father.

Matt said...

Who's this "Wanye" Gretzky?

And I really wanted an empty net opportunity so Malkin could dish it to Sykora and let him get his first hat trick. I don't think it would mean any less to him coming on an EN.

AceWilde said...

Were there a few backhanded compliments in Lord Gretz's letter? I can't really tell as i'm still reeling from last nights near debacle.

Stilly said...

Nice recap staff.

A laughably awesome game for about 50 minutes. That kind of offensive output is what this team can put together night in and night out. This team needs to be just a little more mentally tough, so they don't continue to blow late leads. Good win tonight men.

And to address the trade Staal conversaion. He's our third line center and his cap hit is reasonable. It doesn't make ANY sense to trade him. Due to last year and the beginning of this year his trade value is down, and moving him doesn't clear up a significant amount of cap space. His upside is worth more than his trade/cap value right now.

He's scheduled to become an RFA. If his troubles continue, bet your ass that the Pens will sign him on the cheap if they can. If he breaks out and starts to dominate, he will be gone around the trade deadline. This team can't afford to pay a thrid line center a large amound of money.

Angelo said...

Rip on Pittsburgh all you want, rip on Lemieux or the team all you want. It doesn't matter, you have to spend your hard-earned money on US! Thanks for the merchandise, dicks.

Mosh Pitt said...

Not to be off topic, but... Did anyone else see the two chicks in the first row of B17, maybe 18, right behind the net? Oh. My. God. I missed 2 goals last night because of them. Both were wearing mini-skirts and 6 inch heels. Every dude on that side of the ice turned and looked when they walked in, the guys who they sat next to looked like they won the lottery when they saw them coming to their row...anyone? anyone?

Docciavelli said...

Trade Staal, MAF and Fedotenko for Doug Weight. Whatever.

On a serious note, yeah, I wish the Pens would've chosen Kessel given the fact that they have a greater need at wing right now. But hey, in 2006 we were taking the best player on the board. The Blues were even considering taking Staal instead of Johnson, and the Caps would've taken him if he fell to them.

Staal wants to be a top-2-line center. That probably won't be happening in the Burgh for 5 years or more. So the likelihood is that he will be somewhere else sooner rather than later. Does that mean his rights are moved near the trade deadline in a Cup run deal for a Gaborik, Sullivan (if healthy) or some other rent-a-winger? Maybe.

But my feeling is that if Shero can lock him up for a few years at under 4 million, he'll do it. Who am I kidding--Kevin Lowe will give Staal a $50 million signing sheet. said...

Staal isn't a superstar. He's a solid player going through a slump. Trading him would likely be a huge mistake, unless we get someone amazing back.

Despite the near collapse, the game was quite good. The offense is back and Sid-Satan-Talbot works out very well.

I'm Canadian, but I've never been to Edmonton. The closest I got was Calgary. Calgary is beautiful, but I hear all Edmonton has is a huge mall.

Seriously. It's like their tourist attraction.

bxf4636 said...

Does anyone have a link to the video that the Penguins played on the jumbotron on opening night vs Devils? said...

Also, I think the Oilers Nation should be buying "66 Buries It" shirts.

Nothing upsets Oilers more than praising Mario.

christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

The only thing worse than the 'trade staal' people are the people who 'have faith he will turn it around' or seem to defend him for no other reason than he plays for the Pens...or they the think he's a looker.

Hey, I like him and I don't want to see him go because he is only 20, but if you can get something for a player that might be valuable, why not? It's something to consider and shooting it down because you have a hunch he might one day score a goal sounds just as dumb as screaming for the trade.

We don't want to be the team that hung on to someone because "he was good that one time, remember?" but at the same time, he is only 20, so who knows.

That's why we're idiots on a message board and not GMs.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

The one thing that really needs to stop is leaving the Crosby/Malkin line out for the duration of a powerplay. The Pens have gotten burned for multiple goals now because Malkin didn't have the legs left to chase down a player on a breakaway. This is a coaching issue, and it needs to be fixed now.

I need to just quit watching Pens games because every time I watch, they play like absolute shit. I turned on the game last night right as Syko scored to make it 5-0, and we all know how the rest of the game went. Guess this means we'll win on Saturday night, because I'll be at the Caps-Rangers game while the Pens are playing the Isles.

dying alive said...

Staal screwed himself by having such a great rookie year. I suspect that he is always going to be the solid defensive center guy who chips in with 15-20 goals or so a season. Since he scored so many his rookie year people now expect that out of him on a consistent basis and I just don't think it's going to happen.

But to discuss a positive instead of a negative, how about that Miroslav Satan guy? I guess all of those people who pooh-poohed at the idea that playing alongside Sid and/or Geno would revitalize his career are feeling pretty stupid right now.

debrisslide said...

Satan was with the Islanders for three years. If your point production isn't down when you're with the Isles, you might as well become your own one-man team because you don't need any of those other guys.

Satan is money. End of story.

Kimberlass said...

Satan = on fire.

Kimberlass = never drinking whiskey again after crying over gonch still being out for about an hour last night.

PavlovianT said...

Staal could get back to his rookie goal numbers if he went back to his rookie year role: creating traffic and redirecting shots.

TheFandangler said...


Chubs said...

Evidently I missed the part where Staal is supposed to be Jesus. He doesn't need to be a number 1...or 2...or even 3 guy for the time being- why not give him the time to develop (or not)? Trading him now is like selling a lottery ticket before you scratch it off.

Stilly said...

You won't get anything if you trade him now. His performance has caused people to undervalue him... (including all of you).

Buy low and sell high kids. He'll be staying unless he catches fire.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Staff = mid-season form in November? Yinz are crazy! [I wear an XL/XXL]


nice, as always, to chat it up with you at the Mellon...

I'm sure its not as nice as talking with FH at the Olive Garden™ with a glass of $2 Zinfandel in one hand and an endless breadstick in the other....

You saw Reed?...ME TOO!!!!! [small world]

as I was left the C/D26 corridor...I went over to 'em and slightly slapped him on the shoulder and wished him 'Good Luck', that means that Skippy is good for missing two PAT's v. Indy on Sunday! Mark it down.

Dude, you would've had some nice pics for tPB/cblog if EDM came back and won that game of me doing my best 'Jumper' imitation from the Eeeee Balcony.

Crazy ass action at my end [more chances than Charlie at a Cali Prop 8 rally, a 5 on 2 with two Oylers playing with themselves in the Pens' zone, Jeff Drouin-Desadfkjkoyoysdfjskjhys in the 2nd/3rd doing his best Grant Fuhr imitation: complete all the way down to being coked up for the game]....even crazier at your end: Hemsky with the 'gift' and then the sweet goal...Guido Souray beating MAF on a breakaway????...he was probably stiffer skating in all alone right out of the penalty box, than when he was bangin' Angelica Bridges.

end result = everyone still went home happy...even the EDM jokes in attendance had smiles on their faces as they got to watch a good hockey game instead of their usual evening search for a 'hot spot' to place their cardboard box-houses.

[Downtown Robbie Brown's hairplugs > Joe the Biden's hairplugs] said...

Sillyballs now wants to buy the Habs.


I R A Darth Aggie said...

But we also demand that you recognize how close it came to being a monumental collapse.

We Americans have a saying...close, but no cigar. Or, if that doesn't rankle your feather enough, you can always try Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda. Didn't.

Satan makes an ungodly play

I fully expect that "Satan" and "ungodly" go together... ;-)

dying alive said...

My guess is that Canadians are going to find Balsillie a whole lot less amusing now that he's messing with their teams.

I call shenanigans on the Big Mac Attack. I just took my ticket to McD's to collect on my free Big Mac (thanks, Petr Sykora!) and got denied. WTF?

Jonathan said...

That's why we're idiots on a message board and not GMs.

No, we aren't GM's because we weren't lucky enough to be Rick DiPietro's backup and total BFF.

Good game, and as an Oilers fan, I've got to say that the biggest surprise for me was that the colour commentary wasn't bad at all - I watched the Fox feed of EDM vs. CBJ, and it was awful, but Bob Errey was both insightful and level-headed. It's good; a team with both Crosby and Malkin certainly deserves somebody knowledgeable calling the game.

If only Edmonton had been a little more irrelevant from 2000-on they could have drafted 5th, 1st, 2nd, 1st and 2nd overall. Pittsburgh has a laundry list of exceptional players, but only because they were so brutally lousy for so long.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

I don't know, the Habs would probably be the best team for Balsillie to buy from the league's perspective. There's no way in hell the Habs would play anywhere except in Montreal.

So if he buys the Canadiens, Balsillie gets a team, and the league doesn't have to worry about him moving it into the Leafs' market and siphoning off fans from Toronto and Buffalo.

Victor Raison said...

It's good to see the team starting to come together, Satan is emerging as a beast and Talbot impresses me more everyday.

One thing that really stands out to me though, is Cooke's brand of pestering; now that we are no longer blinded to what were, essentially, cheap shots by Ruutu. Instead of weaseling his way under your skin with little, passive aggressive nit-picks, Cooke will just line your ass up and take you out. And he doesn't turtle after the fact. (Not that Ruutu did, I'm just saying.) It's just nice to see Cooke's physicality in the games. Especially when he goads some AHL call-up into taking a stupid penalty at the end of a game when your team has all the momentum. (ahem, Peckham) said...

I love that Ballsille couldn't buy a team and move it to Canada, so he decided to try and buy one that was already there.

At least we know he won't try and move the team.

jayness said...

Mosh Pitt said...
Not to be off topic, but... Did anyone else see the two chicks in the first row of B17, maybe 18, right behind the net? Oh. My. God. I missed 2 goals last night because of them. Both were wearing mini-skirts and 6 inch heels. Every dude on that side of the ice turned and looked when they walked in, the guys who they sat next to looked like they won the lottery when they saw them coming to their row...anyone? anyone?


I saw those two puck bunnies waiting out by the gates for Legame/Talbot/anyone else who would have them to drive by. Eesh.

dying alive said...

Canadians like to murder polar bears

This article reminded me of the classic "Wings fans and players hate animals" post from last year. Good times.

fleuryous said...

HEY--don't diss the GM profession. haha

Ray Shero looks pretty good right now, I'd have to say. Sure, we're not coasting through the season...but we're also not Atlanta or the Islanders right now. haha

And he didn't pay an arm and a leg...and a vital organ for anyone.

I love you, Ray-Ray.

Satan, for the win.


jackrabbit said...

Yeah, Lemieux isn't classy because he has an unused stall in the locker room.
Even though he saves the team from financial ruin, goes around in circles to save the team from relocating and, of all things, is probably one of the most charitable people in the area and probably the game- he's not classy because he still claims a single stall with maybe some old equipment and a nameplate. Based on just those (and the little role he played in winning the two cups) he can have a whole damn locker room if he wants.

dying alive said...

The irony is that Lemieux doesn't "claim" anything. He asked them to remove his nameplate from the stall and the locker room staff refused.


By the way, the "Bid for 66" online auction that his foundation for cancer and neonatal research is holding starts on 11/10. What a classless clown that guy is!

cposty20 said...

You gotta use Dr.Alan Grant for HUGE games...what a beauty of a choice that was.

The Goon Blogger said...

Mmmm...those sour grapes taste so good.

jefe p said...

that game was sick, man. fucking sick!

i say dont trade staal. we need to keep his lonnnnnnng reach.

BlacknGold66 said...

I have to make things personal for a minute as an act of goodwill towards those that sat around him.

The guy in D25 Row J in the second, third, or fourth seat towards the isle near D26...

You're an obnoxious asshole. Thanks for screaming "This is why nobody watches hockey!!" For 60 minutes last night. I know you are a Pensblog reader. Chill the fuck out and shut up.


A majority of people in D26

wilsmith said...

Go Rangers.

Rage said...

@wil-while I can't help but come away from that article with a "what a bunch of shitbags" vibe, it's the old cliche's that pop up so often after a death:

Life is for the living.

Life goes on.

What can you do? The NHL is a business. Still doesn't mean they ain't shitbags though.

Just sayin.

meecrofilm said...

I'd expect nothing less from the Rangers.

Actually, I didn't even expect that, so.

What a bunch of fucking cockmongers.

Stilly said...

Good insult Meecrofilm

cockmonger is all business

The Goon Blogger said...

Crosby left practice early today, may miss tomorrow night's game.

eze3484 said...

so does anybody want to be my hero and make the the last 6 seconds of this video into a ringtone?

skip to 3:05 for the audio

Adrienne said...

That dog pic almost made me piss myself laughing.

Apparently I'm the only one to think that we didn't deserve to win last nights game. Blowing a 5-0 lead is fucking awful, and the fact that they almost scored off the last faceoff of the night is atrocious.

The Pens need to quit getting into a comfort zone and slacking off. Therrien needs to start lighting people on fire if we're not going to play a full 60 min of hockey.

That aside, we shouldn't trade Staal. He's a good player, even though he's in one hell of a rut. His rookie season was abnormally good, so now that he's playing average, people are looking at him like he sucks dick. I'm still supporting him.

Nulpher said...

Trade Crosby, Malkin, Staal and Satan to Oji for Shane Endicott.

Do it Shero. DO IT!

(This message = sarcasm)

eddde said...

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