Saturday, November 29, 2008

Buffalo Sucks. PENS LOSE


Hey look, it is an 82 game season. Some nights things just don't end the way you want.

What is tough about tonight is anytime you lose to a hack team, and their little bitch fans, it hurts.

And we are not saying this because the Pens lost, but Ryan Miller did not deserve to win. He was outplayed by John Curry all night. Miller, though, made one more save then Curry, and gets the W. But whatev.

The one thing you learn about being a Pens fan, is that at least five times a year, some complete waste of space will play the game of his life and beat you.

Meet Paul Gaustad.
He has two goals this year.
He won't score the rest of the season. Mud city.

The Pens played a solid road game, but anytime your road powerplay [8%] matches some type of loan rate, you ain't winning. By the end of year it will be 20%.

You have to take positives where you can get them.
  • Bing is starting to take over
  • Orpik is a monster
  • Malkin is sick
  • Your third string goalie played a big time game
  • Winning faceoffs
  • blah blah blah
The lines were kind of everywhere, but Therrien is still trying to figure out whats going to work.
Life could be worse you could be a Stars fan.



Like we said, we are enjoying our Holiday, so this recap will be brief. In fact, instead of recapping the game we'll just make fun of Buffalo.

If there is a town that needs a championship more, we haven't seen it. You couldn't hear the game because after every whistle Sabre fans were complaining about some shit.


Good first 20 minutes.
JFK scored his 6th goal.
All six have been on the road.





Bing was everywhere.


[Picture+8.png] is a joke. Whoever is running the Pens page is clearly a trickster.[Click to enlarge]
Thanks to [Sam D.]


Pens up 3-2 going in.
Wind up losing 4-3.

Never fun.

Curry made some big time saves, Miller got bailed out by the Refs because everyone feels bad for Buffalo fans.

Go to hell.


  • Gotta see what Malkin-Crosby-Sykora can do for a whole game.
  • Don't give up on Satan yet.
  • If Maxim Avignjokov could shoot, he would be a 3rd liner player. Its to bad Orpik didn't destroy him.
  • Is Patrick Kateta serious? Idiot.
  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Go Pens.


Allison said...

Wow, I speant a good 45 minutes trying to figure out how to paste a screen shot of that Tampa shit on into an email to tPB. Good thing Sam D. isn't as retarded as I am.

Good to see Jarkko Ruutu still knows how to piss off his opponents.

megz590 said...

buffalo succcks. sid is a beast.

go pens

Predsboy18 said...

There's never been a team go 82-0, tough one, but ya bounce back against the Devils Saturday! (It's SO much easier to despise them now that MB is gone for most of the season!!)

Osgood lets one in from center ice! Tyutin couldn't hit the broad side of a damn barn from 5 feet away in NYC, but puts one past Elroy from the red line! GOD I LOVE IT!

Predsboy18 said...

This is the center ice goal from Fedor Tyutin

Nulpher said...

Conklin will be starter by mid December... I'm calling it.

e.mirchich said...

Seems like the refs always pull a quick whistle in favor of Miller. Last time they were in the Mellon, the ref blew the puck dead even though it was no where near Miller's glove and was bouncing around near his pads in plain sight of everyone in my section. Sid found it and buried it, only to have them waive it off because they quick whistled the play dead. The ref then had the audacity to go back and ask Miller if he had it frozen, and Miller seemed to gesture with his mitt as to say he had it covered. Perhaps the refs are just blowing the whistles quickly to practice fellating Miller post-game?

Jeff said...

Is it just me, or did Sidney Crosby just figure out how to score?

Hip said...

Miller is a complete and unequivocal, authenticated, consummate, toolbox.

There, I said it.

I had a patient ask me why I was trying to kill her while simply listening to her heart earlier tonight. My confidence is shot.

Todd said...

Did Kris Legame have a powerplay goal waved off last night? The Yahoo! boxscore said that he scored an unassisted PP goal at the end of the second and the Pens were leading 4-2. I got back to watch the game late in the third and it was tied 3-3. So confused...

J.S. said...

unless it happened mid-2nd, then no. Leaving a friends place to get back to my house, I pretty much lost all reception of the X.

Fact: Ryan Miller's mom is so ugly, the plastic surgeon sued her.

powerhouse said...

Buffalo fans are a combo of whiner + asshole = Whinehole Not to be confused with drugaddict who can sing as is Whinehouse.

Seriously our PP sucks so bad right now. I want to go bitch slap Mike Yeo. Pass quick and shoot stop freaking slow pass reset slow pass reset slow pass reset. Oh PP time running short take bad shot miss net and watch team go other way. Or lets hold onto it too long and take illadvised shot and team goes other way.

When a team makes quick decisions and realizes he who hesitates is lost all is well. The openings of seams on PP are there for miliseconds you can't think too much. It's set up properly, pass quickly and open guy shoots. Work hard, that's it. You score sometimes you don't but you don't go 3/56 with the fucking talent this team has unless

a) you have a team of morons
b) you have a moron of a PP coach

I am inclined to go with b) how about you?

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

This rant is at least in part the result of me nearly choking to death on my breakfast after reading Jeff's 4:40 AM post, but it's built up as the season has gone along. So Jeff, if you were indeed being sarcastic, then please know that I agree with your sarcastic sentiment, OK?

*Deep breath*

*Commence Rant*

There isn't one thing that's driving me more insane this year than some Pens fans who are claiming that Crosby is "seriously underperforming", as I heard some caller argue on the postgame show about a week ago.

Seriously. Underperforming.


Have we become that fucking spoiled as fans ALREADY? After three years of Sidney Crosby, it's now not enough that he's second in the league in scoring and the only person he's fallen behind is ONE OF HIS FUCKING TEAMMATES?

I hope that every time we have a player who has been underperforming so poorly for most of the year, HE'S SECOND IN THE FUCKING LEAGUE IN SCORING.

22 games. 30 points. 1.364 points per game. Projected over an 82-game season, that's 112 points.

Again, are we THAT fucking spoiled as fans?

Pay attention to the rest of the league for a second. Do you realize that there's a team that calls Henrik and Daniel Sedin their franchise players? There's a team that calls Nathan Horton one of its franchise players? There are teams that are paying Daniel Briere and Scott Fucking Gomez to each be one of their respective franchise players? Has this occurred to half the Penguins fanbase yet?

And we're crying over Sidney Crosby and his 112-point pace?

Look, I will be the first to agree that at times - at least until recently - he hasn't had the same jump he's had in the past and that he kinda looked to pass first a little too often.

But I have to wonder what we're comparing him back to when a pace that will result in a 112-point season isn't enough for some fans? I thought maybe it was because the last time we really saw Sid play, it was the playoffs and he was helping the Pens treat the Eastern Conference like it was on the "amateur" setting of NHL '09.

But then I looked at Sid's playoff numbers and guess what I found?

20 games. 27 points. 1.35 points per game. Over an 82-game season, that's 110 points.

Yes, he's actually producing at a BETTER rate now than he did a in the playoffs last year with the alleged Second Coming of Christ (or at least Jari Kurri) on his wing.

(See what happens when you pair him with Satan instead? Bwhahahhaha. OK, sorry.)

Is it just the way that he looked over the first couple of weeks, and people still haven't been able to let that go? And if so, what were the realistic expectations for him this year, especially given the supposed regression he had to deal with in terms of talent level of his linemates?

I'm at a loss.

And Jeff, if you WEREN'T being sarcastic, it's you, buddy.

Stoosh said...

@ Powerhouse -

I mostly agree. The problems with the PP seems to stem from a few things, all related to each other.

1. Too much of trying to force a tic-tac-toe pass, which may be the result of a few too many playmakers thinking pass first in an attempt to set up a wide open shot.

2. Not enough effort in terms of getting to the front of net, paying the price and trying to hammer home a rebound.

3. Too much deferrence to Malkin at the point (teams know it's coming).

4. Younger pointmen (Letang, Goligoski) who don't seem to trust their shots enough at this point.

Yeo isn't helping matters because he seems hellbent on forcing things to run through Malkin at the point/half-wall just like he did forcing it to run through Gonchar at the point last year. Teams are picking up on it.

Doppler said...

They seem to be too a bit unsure of themselves on the PP at times. Not sure why. Maybe they should shuffle it up and put some different guys out there.

Did you guys also notice that Elroy only had 13 shots against him with 3 goals including that one from mid ice. I have said for years how overrated that assclown is.

Nulpher I don't think you will see Conklin as the starter yet, since the Wings are still getting wins with Elroy in the cage.

dying alive said...

That center ice goal against Elroy is hilarity. He is the biggest sham in hockey and anyone who denies it is either delusional or a bald-faced liar. He benefits from the system he plays in more than anyone in the history of the NHL.

I'm a little disappointed that nobody got Miller back for his little job on Staal last game, but whatev. It's a long season.

I still loathe Buffalo fans. What a bunch of goddamn crybabies. The ref calls a blatant trip, they boo. The linesman calls a blatant offsides, they boo. Oh well, at least I couldn't see them getting drunk and spilling beer on little kids this time.

For the first time ever, I'm actually kind of looking forward to going to a game vs. the Devils. Without Uncle Daddy in net, they'll actually have to play offense rather than try to win 1-0.

dying alive said...

Oh, and Stoosh, I agree with you on people who are complaining about Crosby's performance. I wonder what those people thought when the Pens' leading scorer was Dick Tarnstrom.

wilsmith said...

Whitney and Gonchar can't come back soon enough.

blue-line turnover city.

Allison said...

@stoosh- that Satan joke was killer

@dying alive- good call. Any reference to Dick Tarnstrom immediatly puts the world into perspective.

Predsboy18 said...



If people are so concerned about Sid's performance this year, I'm sure there would be 29 teams willing to trade for him, and would give pretty much anything to get him. I hope that was sarcasm, or else I pity him.

But, Sid has 8 points in the last 4 games, so maybe he's finally performing to "his level?"

If there's people on here that are coming to the Pens game in Nashville in January, let me know!

Here's another great center ice goal, this one by the Preds Jordin Tootoo on former Columbus goalie Marc Denis:

christina said...

Commit to the Stoosh.

Flyer Hater said...

Pesonen blows.

Chubs said...

So, today was a bad day to be a Pens fan and a Bills fan. Baaaaad memories.

Commit to the Stoosh. Nothing more needs to be said, man.

Flyer Hater said...

Gore invented the internet with that Stoosh rant in mind, what a performance.

Hip said...

Here's the thing I think. With Crosby and Malkin and the Cup run last year there's a shitload of folks here and about that are Pens fans, not necessarily hockey fans whose favorite teams are the Pens. If you're the former (and I don't necessarily have a problem with that, the more the merrier), you can't necessarily put things in a greater context and understand the specialness of even being able to debate 110 points vs. 112.

This is not a rip on new fans, just a point that others have alluded to. There's no way you sat through the early 2000 seasons if you weren't a true blue hockey fan too because there was just nothing bandwagonable about some of those years. Most of those of us who did really don't give two shits about whether Crobsy scores every game or not because we know something special when we see it. We're awed by it even if it doesn't result in goals. And at the risk of sounding trite right after Thanksgiving, we're damn thankful for it too.

This team, and these players... this is special people. It's a long season. Just enjoy the ride.

Daily Su said...

I am SO HAPPY that I took the time to read this blog.
I confess I cannot contribute anything intelligent to it. I'm just smiling for the first time in days and wanted to say THANK YOU.

Predsboy18 said...

@ Hip

Good point!

The greatest players had bad nights, Lemieux had nights where he couldn't get anything going, and even Gretzky had scoreless nights. It happens, it's hockey, guys go through rough times, but really, you're gonna bitch cause he may end up with ONLY 110 points? Or he may ONLY have another 30 goal season? Right now, he's on pace for somewhere around 40 goals, I'll take that!

And to those that whine about the scoring on the Pens, Dick Tarnstrom should be the start and end of EVERY discussion about scoring! I remember watching some of those games, wasn't pretty, when Tarnstrom had 2 points, and you called that a great night for the Pens, there's just something wrong with that. So my message to those that whine because Sid isn't scoring like you THINK he should, Dick Tarnstrom.

fleuryous said...

If you're say Crosby is underperforming, I'm not going to reiterate what Stoosh and others have said...but you're a joke.

PP needs work, but in all honesty, they just try to make it too pretty. I'm going to be one of those annoying people and say shoot the puck more. Not every goal can be pretty--ask Gaustad.

Curry was great last night. That goal that Elroy let in...all I'm going to say is he only faced 16 shots, and he let that one in. That is all.

In other news, I'm not too worried about this loss. As said, 82 games. The Devils will pay tonight. We want a win.

Go Pens.

fleuryous said...

PS. Does anyone know when MAF is expected to return? I know it's at least another week...I've heard two weeks, I've heard four.

dd7 said...

I know this is off topic but thought it might interest some Luca Caputi got into a scrap last night and looked pretty good in it.


Ernie said...

I'm watching the Burke P.C. in Toronto --- the dude is a badass.....

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Plaxico pulled a Cheddar Bob and shot himself in the thigh at a night club. That's precious.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

And what the fuck is a burke p.c. in toronto?

Annie said...

Let's not forget Max Talbot's first NHL goal.

What's even better is that it was against the Flyers.

Kyle said...

@ Flyer Hater

Pesonen isn't TRULY NHL caliber yet, but what do you expect of someone who's only played in euro leagues, two fistfulls of AHL games, and some Pens practices.


other than roughly 6:00 of ice time in 2 games, and might I add he got the subway sandwich in that first 6:00 of NHL time he ever played.

I have high hopes for him, and to be honest, I hope that as long as talbot is out, NA NA NA IS IN!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debrisslide said...

Kyle, Talbot isn't out. They both played last night. Fedo was a healthy scratch.

Flyer Hater said...

Burke PC interrupting Kings vs. Leafs from 1993=Joke

Aubrey said...

and I quote from the video of Tyutin scoring from center ice:
"From center ice, he scored, it went off MARIAN HOSSA's stick and beats Osgood"

That makes the situation even more hilarious...hack.

luvnmypens said...

@ Stoosh

Nicely said. Agree 100%.

That being said though, I find myself being slightly disappointed after games. Even the ones we win. I just feel like they are not playing quite up to their potential yet.

Seeing Gino and Sid at the top of the stats page and to know they havent even hit top gear yet....
That is a very scary thought.

BlacknGold66 said...

I'm 99% sure I saw a guy behind the Pens bench wearing a Scuds jersey last night. At first I thought it was a Free Turkey jersey... but upon further review with DVR I'm sure it was a #4.

The Scuds Army is growing.

We're now at 3 strong.


Johnny Wrath said...

Didn't see the game. Irritating. new Post on Epic Backhander, because everyone knows I love New Jersey.

I have to work tonight, Irritating.

There is nothing more to be said about the "we're unhappy with player X" crowd. Start Conklin, they said. Trade Whitney. Trade Staal, they said. Trade them for who? Theoretical Winger X, they said. But he has to sign first, and also we're pretty gay for Rob Scuderi right about now. I think there are some misunderstandings regarding the difference between the other major sporting leagues on this Continent and Hockey; ones which will, in time, be learned so that it doesn't appear that we have Leafs fans at the Igloo.

By the way, now that Burke is in T.O., expect roughly 340 articles published this weekend linking Toronto to our Jordan Staal. Toronto loves to create trades to see if they gain any traction, and to free themselves of their garbage. Garbage like Bates Battaglia.

Just laugh to yourselves, Pens fans. Its all you can do to not get in your car and drive North with the intent to skullfuck Damien Cox. Go Pens.

Carroll said...

@Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
And what the fuck is a burke p.c. in toronto?

11/29/2008 2:53 PM

That would be Brain Burke's press conference that happened at 2pm saying he is the new GM for the Leafs. (or saviour if you listen to some local media)

When will this media circus end? And does anyone really f'in care? Nope.

btumpak said...



Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

I sincerely hope that Johnny Wrath isn't implying that being gay for Scuds is a bad thing.

J.S. said...

"other than roughly 6:00 of ice time in 2 games..."

I felt that this had to be mentioned again. Kinda early to call him a bust or whatever, esp when HCMT did the shuffle again. I'm not saying the guy is gonna be the 2nd coming of Jari Kurri, but can he play at least a handful of games where he's getting more than 6 min before we start burying him?

lolz @ jonny v for the Cheddar Bob reference.

PatricktPB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PatricktPB said...

Sabu back in net tonight I presume?

Check out my Andy Sutton photoshop from the other night. :)


powerhouse said...


Yeah I agree with your comments on Letang and less so Gologoski reluctant to shoot. The way to do it is to do it quickly. The other teams knows and senses they are afraid so they can pressure them knowing we won't score from the point. I appreciate Gonch's skill more day by day. The COACH needs to tell Letang to fucking shoot.

Recently Letang said no one is asking him to shoot more. WHAT? Again I come back to Yeo. As PP coach he needs to give them the OK to shoot off the rush or when they see a seam. In hockey he who hesitates is lost. They look lost.

Johnny Wrath said...

Nah, not a bad thing at all. I was implying that there are those who would have liked Whitney's trade announced due to Scuderi being a better player. I'm pointing out a lack of understanding, not trashing pro-Scuderi fans.

Is Steigy still gay for one Johnny Oduya?

wilsmith said...

Kyle, are you lost?

Do you know who you're yelling at?

Nothing he says can be taken seriously.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

When our power plays had Lemieux, Jagr, Francis, Lang, Kovy, and Straka, there were the same complaints that there weren't enough shots, they each kept looking for the perfect play. Given, their power play percentage was just a teensy-weensy bit higher, but something gotta give here. Too much talent to have this problem. And that it's more a problem on the road is even more puzzling.

dying alive said...

As the official poobah of the "I <3 Rob Scuderi" fan club, I will wholeheartedly admit that I am gay for Scuds. And I'm a woman, so that's saying something. I have a self-imposed ban on buying any more Pens merchandise - particularly jerseys - but if Scuds re-signs for next season I'm buying myself a #4 baby blue.

I suspect that many of those who complain about Crosby's performance thus far are spoiled because they weren't around during the Tarnstom years. It's not really a knock on them because everyone has to start being a fan at some point, but people who have become fans in the Sid & Geno era really don't have a lot of perspective what it's like to suffer through bad teams like the early 2000s and the first few years of the Mario era. Basically, they don't understand how good we have it right now.

Stephen said...

Sabres played well last night and deserved the win. They fought hard and it paid off.

Im sick of this site and its stupid fans bitching about other teams. Saying Buffalo fans are whiney and pathetic is ridiculous, considering you have a whole fucking website dedicated to belittleing nhl stars and whining if your team loses.

case in point: Last thread titled

Buffalo Sucks, PENS LOSE

Real classy.

Cindy Crosby is a bitch. REMEMBER THAT

Doppler said...


As a Pens fan living in upstate NY, I can verify that Buffalo fans are crybabies.

Not only in hockey but in football. They are bitching about the roof being closed next week against Miami in Toronto.


Stephen said...

Its not really bitching, rather trying to support something that should happen.

The roof should be open, Its a home game for us and if it were in the Ralph, weather would make a difference.

Pens fans are bigger cry babies, just look at this site..

Great analysis of the game..

"Malkin is sick"
"Buffalo sucks, Pens lose"
Bagging the refs... The refs are so far up Crosbys ass its not even funny. They were most definitely against the Sabres last night.

Doppler said...

sorry guys don't mean to turn this into a football discussion, but I have to respond to this.

The roof will and cannot be opened at the Roger Center.

It is not designed for bad weather, due to poor drainage.

Oh and you are saying they need the roof open to beat the Fins? Oh just an excuse if they lose.

Can't wait to hear the excuse's if the Bills lose to the 49ers tomorrow.

As for the refs they sucked on both sides friday night.

What happened tonight in Montreal? Was it the refs again?

Jeff said...

I see I struck a nerve with some of you guys.

First of all, I will defend myself by saying that I have been a hockey and Pens fan since the late 80's. This is not my first adventure through the NHL schedule.

Second, all I meant by "Is it just me, or did Sidney Crosby just figure out how to score?" was that his game had evolved sooooo much since his rookie year and that his recent goal production might be a sign that his finishing touch is catching up with the rest of him. That's all. I did not say anything about him not living up to expectations or whatever. I just think it's awesome to watch him mature as a hockey player right before our eyes.

That said, Stoosh, your rant was what every lifelong hockey fan wants to say to a newcomer. Thanks and go pens!


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