Friday, November 28, 2008

Black and Gold Friday

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Sorry. We can't actually make news up. We ate to much.

All that's going on is Pesonen has been called up.
Talbot is day-to-day. TRIB

:: EDDY SPAGHETTI looks at the Pens 20 games into the season.

Macy's Parade gets Rick Rolled.

Imagine some old dude watching this and wondering what the hell is going on.
[Thanks to Aaron K.]

How sick was MAF in Game 5. Unbelievable.


Go Pens


the Rocket said...

Happy Thanksgiving from all your Canadian friends at All Habs!


Pensblog Staff said...

hahha thanks boys

jovi said...

is anyone else sitting up waiting to go shopping? Dam holiday gimmicks!

hope the pens murder tomorrow.

Nulpher said...

Well... that Internet meme has jumped the shark.

Back to Duckrolling.

KaylaJ said...

balloon, you are NOT the father!!

and thanks for the curry pie interview. i missed it and def wanted to see it.

KaylaJ said...

ps, thanks a lot staff, i'm now watching paternity test results on maury. classics

Allison said...

ok, that rick rolling thing was too weird. I wonder if my aunt was watching the parade. I spent about half an hour last month trying to explain rickrolling to her. If I heard, "but I don't get why it's funny" one more time....

Anyway, I just stumbled across the most awkward picture of Petr SykoraPetr Sykora.

And I swear that's a legit link. I realize that it may seem like a trap cause of the first part of my comment.

Allison said...

not sure why that says Petr Sykora twice, it's probably cause of his awsomeness.

and staff, good to see [Flash:2BallSac] now on the blakberry instead of just 1 ballsac. 2 is just so much beter than 1.

BlacknGold66 said...

That "Top of the Page" photoshop is SIIIICK!!

Wilsmith is a hater like me so he'll probably agree that since "Rick Rolling" was 'commercialized'... it will finally die after a year and a half. (or it won't die because I mentioned it dying on here... either way... whatever)

Gay for Turk, and Carroll(love you babe)

Gay for J.S. (the photoshop KING)

Gay for HIP!! (You have your own religion!!)

Gay for Coffeytalk(Tits MacGee)

Gay for Stoosh

Gay for Wil (J-town in the house!!)

Gay for FH (I love you honey)

Gay for Jonny V (aka "Big Deal")

Gay as all get-out for Stokes and Scoods.

Gay for the Pens

(No, "HAHA" Flouryeousououssssousousos")

Totally gay for Rocco... you're my man-crush (outside of Stokes, Scoods, Jonny V, Turk, n'at)

Happy Thanksgiving and Go Pens!!!

Hater's in the House!!!

meecrofilm said...

Gay for myself.

Back to business. Go Pens.

Pensblog Staff said...

Allison, you have no idea how funny that is to us that ballsac shows up in a browser status bar.

M. Vanderlasser said...

I wonder how Yvonne does around condoms?


Meat said...

That LOD picture with Geno and Sid is siiiiick.

M. Vanderlasser said...

P.S. GreatGlam!

Pittsburghler said...

That Road Warriors/Geno-Bing photoshop is epic. Best one yet.

jefe p said...

gay for alcohol.

blackout friday! said...

I have a friend who is afraid of balloons, honestly.

That video was great though.

Carroll said...

@M. Vanderlasser

I love your obsession with GreatGlam, I now expect a GreatGlam comment everytime I see your name. SO I was a little worried when I saw your comment at 8:45am and no mention of that site but then at 8:48am you made everything alright with the world.

@BNG - i love you too.

penstone410 said...

i love you

J.S. said...

can't remember if I posted here yesterday since I hit a few sites and was in bed by like 9, but I'm not sure if it was another level of awesome that Rick Astley himself rolled a nation of millions, or if it was lame that whatever that creature was said in some cartoony voice "I love Rickrolling."

I'm leaning towards the second, but will give Rick the JS Seal Of Approval© for being in on the act.

Rickrolling may have officially jumped the shark, but does that make this cooler than the Rickroll again? (thanks to Nulpher for bringing it up)

J.S. said...

and since Puck Finn got recalled, it has to be posted

nana na na nana na na na...

Ernie said...

staff: is it by accident that your headline and's headline are both Black and Gold Friday??

coffeytalk said...

man, a lip-synched macy's rick rolling....

the foster's imaginary friends should not have even mentioned the 'rolling'. same with nbc announcer guy who sounded like Joel Godard from Conan O'brien.

that guy is a freak show and a half but hey, last name, Godard, he's the real deal.

bng, i'm always gay for you.


tits macgee

Jersey Bill said...

Pretty Ron = greatest photoshop ever posted.

1. LOD Sid/Geno

2. Little Danny/Demi Moore nude pregnant, IMO.

coffeytalk said...

also, did potash say "stunned by a pie" or "stung by a pie"?

way to go curry. and way to go fsn for encouraging on-air pranksting.

wilsmith said...

I don't know how I feel about Sid and Geno as the Legion of Doom.

The quality of the photoshop is great, but there is something seriously wrong with putting them in that.

and if rickroll has finally passed on, then I guess we'll just go back to goatse. that will never get old.

Hand of Godard said...

Curry gets the nod tonight

mallori said...

@coffey, he said stung by a pie

and i know it stings, but it still made me laugh that he conducted the end of the interview (at least until the last question) with his eyes closed

BlacknGold66 said...

I really have to stop drunk-blogging.


urban said...

I've been meaning to say this for quite some time, and the mention of GreatGlam earlier prompts me to do so.

Now, I enjoy looking at half-naked chicks wearing those wristbands as clothing as much as the next guy. The thing that I have an issue with is the "Plus size available" tag at the bottom of the ad. It forces me to picture a 500lb woman wearing those things.

I go from turned on to vomiting in about .01 seconds.

Maybe it's just me.

Allison said...

@urban- now, I'm a female, so I don't have the problem of loosing my turned on-ness, but I do always wrinkle my nose when I see the plus sizes available line at the bottom. It's just not an image I care to have cross my brain. And I've often wondered if that had a negative effect on some of the guys.

coffeytalk said...

yikes. plus size doesn't mean 500lbs. the dresses on great glam only go up to a size 10 so anything over that equals plus size on that particular site.

rude much?

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

BnG, drunk typing will getcha, and while i'm flattered beyond all hell, I must quote Jay from Clerks, "I hate guys, I love WOMEN! What u want, Grizzly Addams?"

Tryptophan is a helluva drug...

I heard some wal-mart worker got crushed by a stampede of shoppers who busted through the doors just as he was opening them. Totally fucked up. Who wants that on their tombstone? "Here lies so-and-so...crushed by a herd of thrifty white trash...He will be missed..."

There is no way you could convince me that Bill Stull is not trying to throw this game. Or maybe he's just this horrible.

'Sup, baby? 'Sup, sluts?

TheTick said...

Heh, I used the rickroll comment about the parade as guys are facing a Sabres team tonight who may be down the only player worth a shit all season. Ugh.

urban said...

@coffeytalk - I'm well aware of that. I'm just saying that that's the first thing to pop into my head. I gathered that there would not be sizes available for 500lb women, it was just the combination of slut clothing and "plus size" that seem incompatible, be it on an advertisement or at a South Side bar on a Friday.

I'll be honest and say that I'm not a fan of the slut clothing in general. That was just something that sparked an unfortunate mental picture.

bayonetwork said...

Staff, any chance you can make a ringtone out of the nananana song?

Allison said...

@bayonetwork- someone in cblog already made one, maybe they'll post it again. It's been my ringtone since it was created. I needed something to replace rex guildo. Never in my life did I get more awkward looks than when my phone would start screaming HOSSA HOSSA HOSSA.

stokes said...

Yo, BNG, Thanks for the Shout out. Much love.

i love to rickroll bars.

bayonetwork said...


if they dont, any chance you could send that to me?

Allison said...

yeah, sure.
I dont have the link through the Internet for you to DL it, can you recieve it through a message to your phone?
Casue if you can, add me on Facebook and messsage me your number. I'll send it right away.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

bayonenetwork and whomever else wants it, I totally forgot I bookmarked the page for the Janne ringtone.

Na Na Na Na Na etc.

Steve In Denver said...

I was getting ready for work this morning and I was telling my wife about the Macy's Parade getting rick rolled, and I hear this familiar shit coming from the tv, and it's Barry Manilow singing the song live on the today show. I've had enough.

Tonite, Peso with 2 assists. He's a playmaker, baby.

Go Pens

Docciavelli said...


Did you really mean to use Balloon Lady as the Gameday starter? Christ. If we win this one, let's just use Corky from Life Goes On next game.

Raybin said...

Rickrolling is dead

The wave of the future


All hail debrisslide now and forever more for making that. Unreal.

KaylaJ said...

woot, i have a new if only i had someone to call me :(

KaylaJ said...

raybin that would be cooler if it said clutterbucked

Raybin said...


Be careful what you wish for because THE CALLS ARE COMING FROM UPSTAIRS!!!

SteelPens111 said...

LOL @ Eddy Spaghetti Penguins Blog..."The third period of the Islanders game was like watching youth hockey where the two kids with mustaches just decide to dominate." classic.

KaylaJ said...

actually raybin i don't have an upstairs. but you were close, they were coming from northward direction, specifically north side of town. wouldn't you know it, peso & curry and my friends are taking me out.


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