Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tough To Swallow. PENS LOSE.

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This was bound to happen sooner or later.
Pens have been doing this to the Caps for years.

If you were watching his game with a loyal pet,
they probably pissed on your rug and ran out half way through the game.
Animals can sense shit like this coming.

For everything that was said about Sid and Ovechkin heading into this game,
Bing finished with a couple assists, Alex was held off the scoresheet,
and the Caps left town with 2 points.

Its only one game, so no one here is ladling out almond flavored koolaid,
but it's half a year from when we're looking at the standings and think back to games like this one.
You can't have a 3-goal lead and skate off the ice without a point.



Rob Rossi stuns the world by bringing out the first yellow mock turtle neck/suit combination since the Carter Administration.

Savran knows it.





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Some things never change. Malkin must have banged Ovie's girlfriend in Russia, because the headhunting resumed in this shit.

Both teams had to kill a penalty early on, and the Caps' PP was the sexier one.

Backstrom got what was arguably the best chance early on, but got confused when he realized he wasn't shooting into his own net.
Scuderi took advantage and made a big play that no one will write about.

The Caps started shooting themselves in the balls after their early chances.
First, Semin makes an ad-nauseam quip about semen and gets sent to the box.

And much like your first sexual encounter, 20 seconds later, something happened.
Gogo Bobby Orrs down deep and Lemieuxs it in.

-- coffeytalk --


After a couple minutes of waiting for the Caps to score a classy goal, the Caps were going to the box again.
A minute into that one, Malkin wrists one from the high slot.
It hit some joke in front of the net.

If you were content going into the first int with a 2-0 lead, you started taking your pants off when you saw the Caps take a too-many-men penalty at the tail end of the period.

i'm in

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Most guys haven't even broken in their skates yet, and we've already got the first coaching casualty. Apparently going 1-2-1 was enough for the Blackhawks to ditch Denis Savard two weeks into the season.

Who the hell are we to second-guess that decision?
But what does the front office know now that they didn't know in the summer?

And wasn't it the offseason idiotic moves of the GM that saw them have to place a $8 million goaltender on waivers?

What does that have to do with a game against the Caps?
The Hawks are still a team with a ton of potential.
Last year, after a piss-poor start, the Caps put another suit behind the bench.
Washington went on to win their division, and this year they are among the elite in the East.

[Picture+5.<span class=

The Caps suck. They job the puck out of their own zone on a PK, and they go down two men.
A PK on this 5-on-3 would change the world for Washington.

The Pens got some pucks to the net, but no one was throwing on the jumpsuit.
Finally, there was a loose puck, a whack of the pads, and Miro puts it home. 3-0.

The good thing for the Caps: They get to fly back to Washington for free, thanks to the frequent-flyer miles accumulated by Jokay Theodore's water bottle.

To even out the balance of life, Godard went to the box for slashing soon after Satan's goal.
The Pens kill it off, but a goal was looming.
Fleischmann puts home some poop. 3-1.

It was Biz Nasty's time to shine.
He takes on Matt Bradley. What a little bitch.
Biz goes to the box smirking, knowing he just ruined someone's life.


-- Jason S --

Somewhere in there, AO tried to line up Malkin again, still looking for the knockout.

Malkin felt the best way to get back at Ovechkin was to go job his boyfriend.
The deed was done, and Ovechkin comes flying over to the scene of the crime like they were giving away animal porn.
What a baby.

The Caps harmlessly went on the power play. Nothin.

Later, the U.S.S. got some penalty that made no sense.
Bettman wants Ovechkin to win. Plain to see.

Of course, the Caps ruined that chance by taking their own penalty.
And Ovechkin took another run at Malkin.
Definitely can't complain about one of your top guns getting hit.
We're just kind of disappointed in Ovechkin.
Most elite NHL players won't continously leave their position on the ice to take runs at people, let alone just doing it to one person in particular.

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If you thought this game was in the bag, you've never watched hockey before.
We've seen this episode before.
We've heard the deafening silence in the Mellon in the late stages of games.

A 3-1 Pens lead in the third period at home is about as safe as leaving your coke stash in the Hill District.

Semin nuts one in, 3-2..
And then the Caps score again. 3-3.
Unreal. You knew it was coming.

But you couldn't have expected the Caps to take the lead.
It still felt like a game where the Pens could job one in, probably in OT.

Nevertheless, after a high-stick on the Caps that wasn't called, they took advantage of it and went in on MAF with numbers.

Some dude named Boyd beats MAF, but the refs don't call it a goal.

Back To The Future joke about going back in time after verifying the goal was scored.


Last year's Caps would have given up a goal at the end of this game.
But they clamped down defensively, and that was it.

Bing and A.Hole exchange words at the end of the game.


  • Vomit city.
  • Karmablog
  • Yet another entertaining contest with the Caps.
  • You wouldn't complain if Ovechkin was on your team. No way. But he is still a dick.
  • It's October 17th.
  • USS and Scuds played unreal.


dave said...


Tough one to swallow, being that I'm from DC.

Whatev, Still 10-2-1 against the Craps in the past 13

sh0ez said...

Leafs are still winning the Cup.

The girl asked "what would you do if they actually would win it?" I replied, "nothing, because they will."

Just wait.

dave said...

Clever title by the way, I see what you did there. The Semin jokes never get old.

Jon said...

The Good: The Special Teams, GOALigoski continues to play well.

The Bad: Pretty much everything else.

Overall, I think I'd feel better about this one if it was just Ovie making Fleury his bitch. Sometimes that happens when you play against a top-5 guy. But Ovechkin was a non-factor, and the Pens were beat by roleplayers. That never feels good.

justinafi said...

How many 3 goal leads did the pens blow last season?.... Just sayin

Smo said...

how does ovie's bitch ass get away with that stuff? why was no one up in his face?

whatev i guess. as stated, it's october 17.

sven butenschon said...

Biznasty ruining bradley's life

What's up with Steve????
He hasn't looked like himself in a game yet this season

I wish someone would just get an elbow up in Obitchkins face next time he is head hunting
Take the suspension it would be worth it

millvalemauler said...

Gills roughing and the missed highsticking on the caps made me lose my shit. Gill came in stuck up for Crosby, thats the job of anyone on the ice, he did nothing but a little shove, but ok thats gonna happen once in a while when your 6'7. The highsticking couldnt be anymore obvious, it wasn't behind the play, it couldnt of been more in the play. It led to a goal, thats what sucks.

Can't blame anybody but the players for blowing a three goal lead.

There were however a ton of positives in this game considering it was a loss. Like all the missed opportunities (Satan staring at an empty net comes to mind), that shit won't happen come mid-november.

No one will get in Ovechkin's face, because 9 times out of 10 we'll get called on something. It sucks, but its true. Ovie hits Malkin (borderline charging, but could be missed) the attention turns to them two, Malkin hits him back it's seen very clearly. Retaliation penalties get called, thats the way its been in hockey since i've started watching it, going on about 11 years. Sometimes that 2 minutes is worth it, but it wouldn't of been tonight.

The Big K said...


We aren't Caps fans.

Don't blame the refs.

The Big K said...

MT better skate these guys until they through up on the ice today.

dave said...

big k, i don't think its necessary. losses like this hurt enough as it is. this isn't a case of "playing soff" and not caring, it was a mental lapse that they paid the price for. its over, time to move on.

they're big boys, they will learn from games like this one. better to blow a 3 goal lead now instead of april, may, and june.

Stilly said...

Yeah these losses blow. But here's the good news. The team is trending up. Three powerplay goals last night when the PP has been mud thus far. Sid and Geno had a couple of points apiece.

My issue is that during the whole third period, The Pens never pushed the issue. They were playing to "not lose", they weren't playing to win. I'm not calling for HCMT's head over this, but when you get a three goal lead by playing balls out and drawing penalties, why not continue to do that?

RaCHeLeYoS said...

"If you were watching his game with a loyal pet,
they probably pissed on your rug and ran out half way through the game.
Animals can sense shit like this coming. "

do I count as an animal? i pissed on my own rug. lol

demondg1 said...

Malkin blasted Semin on the boards. Had to have also blasted Semin on AO's girlfriend too. AO was doing some shady shit. Communist bastard. They should market his skates as Air Ovechkin's since he leaves his feet on every hit.

I'd still love to have the guy on my team. But Christ, the man isn't afraid to skate the width of the rink to land a knock out hit. What ever happened to the charging penalty?

And what was with the pissing match between Bing and AO after the game? AO looked far more jacked off than Sid did, and his team won the game. What's his deal?

AO is a hard guy not to like. But man do I hate him days after he plays the Pens.

No heart from the Pens last night. The irony is that the PP finally clicked and the rest of their game went to hell. Definitely didn't deserve this one. They had games like this early last season too. So hopefully they learn from this.

Stay low bitches.

slush said...

solid post staff.

just makes me hate ovechkin more. what a douche. glad to see our PP start to work. was tough to watch in the 3rd. looking ahead to the leafs.

demondg1 said...

Oh, and the Gill penalty was bullshit. I can deal with missing the Caps high stick. Missed calls happen. But phantom calls really chap my ass.

Biz hit the square button on Bradley. Way to drop em Biz. Clutch clutch clutch championship PS Jason S. Well done sir.

And can we please propogate the rumor that the Malkin-AO feud started because Geno plowed AO's girlfriend. Next time they play I want to see a "Malkin nailed your girlfriend" sign.

Paul Nichols said...

From DC:

Wow, we left Pittsburgh with a win. UFB..

And yes, I'll give you guys this - Bradley got his ass handed to him, but hey, you gotta give a credit credit for taking one for the team.

And I'd like to see Malkin and Ovie just drop 'em at center ice and get it over with.

Dan said...

grandma was at my house. the swear words were kept to a minimum. as soon as they said how good fleury was doing, i knew we were screwed.

P.O. said...

some opinions from section b-20 last night....

- i agree with paul nichols, they need to meet in an alley or something and just get it over with (Geno: bring a trident)

- rob scuderi played an unbelievable game. anytime AO tried to fly down the slot or pull some shifty move, scuds was there to knock it away.

- letang has got to stop turning the puck over in his own end. i counted atleast 4 turnovers again last night.

- the biznasty ass beating reminded me of the ruutu-tucker fight from last year. the crowd was in a frenzy and wanted blood and we got it.

- malkin was absolutely flying, i wish he played like that against everyone. sid on the other hand looked very sluggish and missed badly on several no look passes.

- there is no bigger cherry-picker in sports than AO. NONE. there were numerous occasions where he was straddling the pens blue line when play was in behind his net and his team was playing 5-4 hockey. people were booing him when he was touching the puck and i was one of them, but not because he's good (because hes awesome) and not because he was going after Geno (because Geno can hold his own with him) but because he doesnt play a two way game and cherry-picks. and thats fucking gay.

- after reading the post gazette this morning, a photoshop is needed of the hanging elmo with bob smizek's head on him. or a photoshop of him and AO touching each other because they're both fucking gay.

- a guy in my section was boozed up (atleast i hope because a sober person cant be that obnoxious) and kept yelling pensblog references and my girlfriend turns to me and says "isnt that from pensblog?" apparently shes been secretly reading the site. me=stunned

tanya said...

does ovenckin's contract include a try to kill malkin paragraph or something? it's getting to be kinda pathetic...

Chubs said...

I was slightly confused when I happened to see a TV on my bar tour last night and the Pens were up 3-1, then two bars later had lost 4-3.

I'd put together more thought on this, but I'm having trouble staying upright.

Korn said...

I've been saying it for 2 years. Scuds is a legit stay at home d-man. He gets the job done without a lot of flair.

And did anyone notice Gill stand A-hole up at the blue line? Quality defensive play.

I hate to say it, but Sid can't make turnovers like the one he made that led to the winning goal. Mario did that "1 in 10 chance of working" stuff later in his career and it ends up going the other way in an odd man break too many times. He needs to start driving the net and shooting the damn puck. Back to basics Sid.

Biz is no joke. That was as one sided a fight as I've seen for a while.

Was the back to the future reference just a placeholder for a joke that was never written?

Tony Little said...

I think it's kinda cheap for Jason S to steal other people's photoshops and use them.

G-A-K said...

If you were watching his game with a loyal pet, they probably pissed on your rug and ran out half way through the game.
Animals can sense shit like this coming.


jovi said...

Its only one game, so no one here is ladling out almond flavored koolaid

great stuff ... i love how u just throw references out there; i'm sure 1/2 the ppl on here were confused.

keep it comin'

slush said...

Off topic: Order any RBK jersey from today and the customization is free. FYI! :)

KaylaJ said...

my dog wasn't smart enough to run. needless to say, if you see a small yorkie flying over your home, give me a call...and yes i'm just joking, we don't care where he lands.

but in all seriousness, i've never owned a small dog, never kicked a dog, and i still hate thursdays.

Jersey Bill said...

My man crush on Letang is fading. I think I'm going to have to see if Biz has any plans this weekend.

jovi said...

my dog wasn't smart enough to run. needless to say, if you see a small yorkie flying over your home, give me a call...and yes i'm just joking, we don't care where he lands.

gosh, some really good stuff today guys.

and i love the "malkin banged ovi's girl" sign too

Make It Work!

Rage said...

After a nice morning coffee and a light perusal of the intergorez, I can only hope that none of you fine folks are near any bridges today. You might get poop splashed on you from all the "Staal is Worthless/Fire HCMT" suicides. can people get this ridiculous so soon? I know I'm kinda preaching to the choir here, but I've seen where "Goligoski is a joke...he won't play the corners for the puck/awful in his own D zone", to "If Brooks Orpik is our #1 shut-down D-Man, then why is Scuderi always playing Ovie" and it actually gets worse. I'm embarrassed FOR you guys....well..and me too.

debrisslide said...

Even worse, the Red Sox pulled it out in the bottom of the ninth last night.

They were like the Washington Capitals of MLB or something.

Sometimes being in Boston is annoying.

wilsmith said...

Are people actually upset that AO goes after Malkin?

I WISH we had a guy that talented that would also take runs at the other teams big guy.

They were all legal.

debrisslide said...

@jersey bill - it's okay to have a man crush on Letang. Remember when he prevented the play from going offside but it was called anyway? Dicks.

Rage said...

@wilsmith-fuck yeah people are that upset..well..I am at any rate.

@debris-yes, but at least the Wangs got beat last night.

Staff- would the Social Darwinistic act of Revving up(see what I did there?) the Jim Jones Krazy Killer Kool Aid Machine be considered a humanitarian act at this point?

crusher524 said...

Now even you can buy "How to be a dick" by Tomas Holmstrom. Listen to what Alexander Ovechkin has to say.

I read how to Be a Dick, and now I leave my feet on hits and don't get caught, headhunt Malkin, and just and overall dick, thanks Tomas Holmstrom.

Ovechkin, what a dick!

Korn said...

Wilsmith has grounded perspective. Hard not to admire the way AO plays, even if its at our guys' expense.

We need more "old tyme hockey".

homesprout said...

There's nothing wrong with hitting's part of hockey.

Ovenchicken seems to go out of his way to make a hit (charging, anyone?). It's like he's trying to hurt someone (Malkin) seriously.

Oh well, as long as the Caps win 1 out of every 10 against the Pens, it will be ok. haha

Rage said...

Ovechkin is a knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, piece of cossack filth who should have been dealt with by the Pens. He does the same shit against Kovalchuk and any other Russian "elite" level player in the NHL, and at some point he's gonna have to get dealt with by somebody who has the knackers. The sooner, the better. Just because he can score goals doesn't preclude him from being called what he is...a dirty fucking player. I say take him out for good.

But that's just me. I fuckin hate him

Kimberlass said...

This is a really tough game hangover to wake up with.

I'll just keep remembering Malkin screaming obscene things on live television to keep me going.

Sigh. At least the game review always makes it a little bit better.

Feebs said...

"If you were watching his game with a loyal pet,
they probably pissed on your rug and ran out half way through the game. Animals can sense shit like this coming."

Just after the third period started my cat ran out of the room and puked all over my hall way. No lie.

I should have just turned the game off at that point. That cat is smarter than I am.

J.S. said...

tony, if you're gonna call me out, know the shot before calling it.

I'll admit to not doing much to an already photoshopped pic, but I did change something on it.

exit: wwe logo
enter: pens logo

J.S. said...

I've seen AO take similar runs at Kovalchuk and wondered what his deal was. Now that Rage mentioned it, it does seem like he takes runs at any Russian players who are termed "elite". I think he's a hell of a player, but there's a huge difference between throwing a hit and the levitating act that he was on last night, where he seemed to be off his skates vs on his skates when he was within 5 ft of Geno.

DMG said...

If you were watching his game with a loyal pet, they probably pissed on your rug and ran out half way through the game.
Animals can sense shit like this coming.


Ovechkin is a knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, piece of cossack filth who should have been dealt with by the Pens. He does the same shit against Kovalchuk and any other Russian "elite" level player in the NHL, and at some point he's gonna have to get dealt with by somebody who has the knackers. The sooner, the better. Just because he can score goals doesn't preclude him from being called what he is...a dirty fucking player. I say take him out for good

I don't really think it's fair to call someone a dirty player just because they're willing to hit the opposition, especially the opposition's star players. That's just hockey.

Rage said...

@dmg- I agree with what you're saying, and I understand that hitting is part of the game, but this guy "loads up" to try to headhunt. THAT is playing dirty. Ever check his point totals when he's playing against teams with "elite" Russian players? I think you'll notice a drop-off. He's too busy trying to hurt people to score.
You can say whatever you want to try to justify it, but just because the guy can score goals doesn't change the fact that he's a goon.

tanya said...

"it does seem like he takes runs at any Russian players who are termed "elite"."
that should be entertaining if he expands that to apply his teammates

fleuryous said...

Dude, Scuds WAS unreal.

WHY were people saying to trade him? Jesus H. Imagine the position we'd be in.

That's why Shero=$$$$.

And I really hope Ovechkin gets a knee to the crotch, although I don't know if anything's there.

Malkin played better than Ovechkin.
Wait...did Ovechkin play?

P.O. said...

if Geno doesnt like what AO is doing maybe he (or Godard or Biz or someone with a mean streak) should do something about it (i.e. hit him back)

other than the fact he is a one dimensional cherry picker i have no beefs with AO, the dude has skills (in the other teams end only)

Rage said...

Can you imagine what he'll end up doing to somebody like Nikita Filatov?

Rage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rage said...

I'm guessing HCMT kept them off him. He's HC and I'm not for a reason, but from a fan perspective, I hate it, and I hate him as well.

@Tanya-if you've ever met guys like Ovie, I'm sure you can imagine what it's like for his Russian teammates in practice, etc. pffft kossacks

Victor Raison said...

Now that you mention it, my coffee this morning did have a hint of almond in it. Hopefully that was just the flavor of the bean.

It's still October and while that might mean something to one of those baseball fans, it really doesn't mean much right now as far as hockey goes. There are some good things the Pens can take away from this game, and like it or not, they still are a maturing team. Especially with the larger role the younger, less experienced defensive players have to take on. I'm not throwing anybody under the bus yet.

Ovechkin, meh. Let him head hunt, if he's still doing that in May/June, the role-players aren't going to win a series single-handedly. Besides, comeuppance is a bitch.

kstewy16 said...

I'm definitely not happy about this game, but at the same time, I'm looking forward with a smile on my face. The PP looked great. It's about time. The defense played solid until the offense shut down. Once it was a one way game, they just couldn't hold it. Like Bing said, the Pens best defense is puck control. If they are busy raping theo, then semen can't blow a load past Fleury. Reading around the pens website I saw some odd comments by the players and coaches. Eaton kind of implied that they were purposely trying to shut it down in the third, and that is why they lost. But Therrien said they were never told to let up on offense, that it was the players who decided to play it like pussies. So my question is, if the players decided to stop playing offense, why didn't Therrien call a fucking time out, set them straight, and start putting pucks toward the net again?

Oh well, its october, we've got a shit load of time. Hopefully the pens and Therrien learned from this and next time they will just keep up the capital raping pressure, stop Semen from blowing his load, and then make ovechkin suck his big blue balls.

Tony Little said...

JS, I noticed that you put on a logo, but I did say you used my photoshop. I don't mind people using my photoshops, but it'd be nice to ask first.

brett said...

Where's that chicken?

The sky is falling one?

Oh, and I told you guys that the Caps are good.

P.O. said...

Stilly said...

Ovechkin is a bitch. He got all pissy when Gill stood him up at the blue line too. It doesn't matter how many runs he takes a Geno, Malkin had a goal and 2 assists. Ovechkin did dick.

The only thing that worries me about the Caps is that Semin put the team on his Vas deferens
and shot them to victory, while the teams best player did nothing. If Semin plays at that level all year long, the Caps will be real tough.

Dan said...

and for the record, it wasn't my dog that shit on the carpet last night after that 4th goal.........

jefe p said...

matt cooke should play on genos wing, just to call it the Malk and Cookies line..

BlacknGold66 said...

Remember a few months ago when people on here were saying that it'd be interesting to see who won the position "battle" between Sydor/Scuds?

Hell, remember a year ago when people were bitching about Recchi?? Mark fucking Recchi!

This time last year lots of us were unsure of MAFer.

This time last year someone on cblog said "Malkin has looked good so far, but isn't he also looking somewhat AMAZING?" Who knew he would do what he did from Jan-June?

It's easy to forget how young this team is and how they surpassed all expectations from last year by a longshot.

We weren't supposed to be in the Finals last year. We were supposed to make it to the playoffs and get bounced out for being too young/inexperienced/etc. etc.

We were supposed to start making the turn towards powerhouse this season.

But the Pens shocked the world by going bat-shit crazy in the playoffs. (Not-too-mention what happened after we lost our goalie, one of our top d-men, Lord Gary, and that Steve guy...)

So losing a three-goal lead to the Caps on Oct. 17th is fine with me for now.

We'll be fine.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Raybin said...

Well rather than type out all my profound insights, I'll just copy and paste an email I wrote this morning talking about the whole sorry mess:

Man, that was heartbreaking. It was an awesome game for 2 periods. I didn't get really mad until we were walking out and I heard them announce the 3rd period shots.....21 to 6, Washington. How does that even happen?! Jose Theodore is still worthless, though.

Letang and Orpik looked lost out there. What an awful game for both of them. That Scuderi/Gill defensive pairing is unreal, though, and Goligoski is going to be a superstar in the league in not too many years. The powerplay also seemed to get its groove back last night. Bissonnette knocking out Matt Bradley was a thing of beauty.

Really, there was a lot of positive to take away, except, you know.......that whole blown lead thing. Crosby especially and to a lesser extent Malkin are just trying too hard I think. Staal seems unable to take a pass to save his life.

I hate Ovechkin too. At least he did nothing last night. Scuds especially made his life miserable. Did you see when he took a run at Gill and bounced off? What a dope.

The Mellon crowds are not in game shape yet. Tried to get a "Jose" chant going, but no dice. Even John Barbaro seemed to be half-assing it last night.

Also, Jordan Staal can't seem to take a pass to save his soul right now. Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis are all business this season. I hope Fedotenko decides to join the team at some point, because I don't know who the doppelganger is skating around in his uniform. I hope Cooke is never scratched again. Now that Sykora is back on the second line, a Cooke-Talbot-Kennedy line will be change lives forever.

I hope Fleury starts Saturday and gets a rest next week sometime. If Sabu starts, I'll be forced to hear "ZOMG! HCMT HATES FLEURY AND WANTS SABU TO BE THE STARTER!" again like I did last season. And then innocent people will have to suffer.

Raybin said...

Commit to the BNG66.

Raybin said...

Oops, I see I included my Staal comment twice. I'm a joke.

Also, I made this and sent it to the staff to hopefully use after a victory, but....well, y'all know

Here it is for your edification though

tanya said...

somewhere in washington poor jose is crying...

Raybin said...

somewhere in washington poor jose is crying...

Yeah, I'm sure I could ruin his life if he saw that. :)

wilsmith said...

I still don't think any of AO's hits were illegal. He's doing exactly what he should be doing to another star player. Hitting is legal, even when they're hitting the guys on your favorite team.

He's a winger, not a centerman, so he can take more of a run at a guy without fearing being terribly out of position. The hits mostly came on the back-check and while Malkin was leaving his own zone. The best time, really.

If any left winger on the Pens team played a game like that last night, where he just took the body on some star player every time they touched the puck, we'd all be praising him.

The difference is that our left wingers aren't depended upon to score all the goals. So while it's great he hits like that, he has to worry more about the points.

Of course, it didnt really affect Geno since he ended up putting some points on the board, but it's easy to see why Caps fans love Ovechkin so much. He definitely has elements in his game that are missing from Malkin and Crosby's.

I know, I just blasphemed, but it's true.

If anyone wants to be mad at someone about last nights 'rampage', they should be mad at the other players on the Pens' roster.

Stilly said...


"Ovechkin is a great player, but every time he hits me — I don't know why," said Malkin, who outdid Ovechkin on the scoresheet with a goal and two assists."

Geno has no idea why Ovechkin is being a dick. wilsmith I see what you're saying, but it's pretty obvious that it's a personal thing. He doesn't look to hit anyone else the way he looks to hit Malkin. Ovechkin taking pot shots because he's a bitch is almost as gay as Sean Avery jumping up and down in front of Brodeur waving his arms. It's just bush leage shit.

Stilly said...

league.. it's bush league.

Raybin said...

He definitely has elements in his game that are missing from Malkin and Crosby's.

Agreed, they both lack douchebaggery.

BlacknGold66 said...

Dupuis has the hunger...

debrisslide said...

If you watched Therrien's postgame presser, you know that they got punished in practice today.

He'll make them wake up if he has to beat them half to death, haha. The man was PISSED.

jackrabbit said...

Dont know if anyone at the game last night noticed, but during a tv timeout they played a Pens Greatest Hits video or whatever on the jumbotron, and the montage ended with the hit/bump between Malkin and Ovechkin from last season that resulted in Ovie into the boards, which the fans in attendance(including myself) began to applause... I happened to look down at the benches and Ovie was on the ice near his bench and watching. Maybe it inspired him to take a run at Malkin? I dont want to draw that hit out, just saying something I had noticed, wondered if anyone else had as well.

Also, I know that game was hard to take but it makes me glad that the hockey season is long- you can get off to a rough start (i.e. last season) and still have time to redeem yourself, which I still have faith that they will. Go Pens!!

p.s.- Hi all, long time reader, first time poster love the blog

Raybin said...


Is that really Dupuis?

tanya said...

looks way too much like the dude from heroes...

Dan said...

i have a bizzo the clown photoshop to make. it's gonna be sweet.

raybin - do u think we will see sydor in for letang saturday?

Raybin said...


No way. He just had a crappy game, it all. He's still a beast. It's happens to the best of them!

J.S. said...

tony, I'm not asking to get into a pissing war about photoshops. I've seen other people use my stuff on here and I haven't said a word about it. If it means that much, then staff can (a) either yank the 'shop, or (b)give you credit for it too. I really don't care. It was a very minor add and you're making that much of an issue about it. If you must know where I even found it, I found it on google images last night and it wasn't mentioned on TPB either, hence why no other credit was given.

I've be sure to check the worldwide internet log next time I do a photoshop.

Patrick said...

The Penguins need to get it out of there head that if they give up a goal, they're going to lose. Honestly, do you see how much different they play after giving up a lousy goal? If they have that mindset all season, it's going to worry the crap out of me.

Notes: Staal got his wish to be on the second line, why hasn't he stepped up yet?

Why all the unnecessary passes? I feel like the Penguins are trying to be too "fancy" sometimes and lose focus on just getting pucks to the net.

P.S. - This was my drinking game for the game last night. Chug every time Sid makes an unnecessary pass, AO shoots, Malkin turns it over, Theodore lets up a soft goal, Mike Green rushes the puck, and Bob Errey says something in his fake deep voice. I was wasted. :)

Stilly said...

hahaha photoshop dispute...

I'm just curious if Tony Little asked WWE's permission to use a picture of John Cena and the WWE Title.

Victor Raison said...

Perhaps BnG needs to start a Pensblog Photoshop Copyrightlawblog in addition to the never updated Dictionaryblog.

debrisslide said...

patrick, you would have ended up more wasted if you'd counted Ovechkin's hits.

Stilly said...

Waive Staal! He's worthless!

I wish people would lay off individuals until the offense gets rolling. There isn't a one forward that is playing better than anyone else. It looks like they're all still getting used to each other. Please people, we're five games into the season.

This isn't the NFL, players don't need to be benched after a week. The Pens weren't going to go undefeated or 80-1-1 and they probably won't go 79-2-1 either. Chill and let some things work themselves out.

Rage said...

boys, boys...we're all friends here!

"The only thing that worries me about the Caps is that Semin put the team on his Vas deferens
and shot them to victory"

Sheer brilliance. Vas deferens, indeed.

Malk and Cookies line-keeper

Man, I love youse guys

Stilly said...

According to the PG, Therrien is shaking up lines for Saturday:

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will be linemates when the Penguins face Toronto Saturday night at Mellon Arena. Coach Michel Therrien had Crosby between Malkin and Pascal Dupuis during practice at Southpointe Friday. Also, Therrien overhauled all of his forward lines. The rest look like this: Ruslan Fedotenko - Jordan Staal - Petr Sykora; Miroslav Satan - Max Talbot - Tyler Kennedy; Paul Bissonnette - Bill Thomas - Eric Godard. Center Mike Zigomanis missed practice because of an unspecified injury, but said he expects to be able to play against the Maple Leafs.

Victor Raison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victor Raison said...

I don't understand what the obsession seems to be with Ovechkin hitting people.

A) Last night was the first of a four-game regular season series, Ovie was setting the tone. Like it or not, Washington is an up-and-coming team and they know it, of course they're going to go after the team who is the top-dog in the Eastern Conference, based on the outcome of last season. I can think of no other way to do it than to step up bash them on the mouth (in this case, literally) in the first game. It's just a surprise that the rest of the team was able to win while their star-player was removed from his traditional role.

B) Call it douchery, or whatever, but Ovechkin may be trying to add another dimension to his game. He's already hard enough to contain when he's putting the puck on the net. It will be that much harder to plan for him when you don't know which version of him is playing that night.

Also, I've seen the word "Cossack" thrown around here earlier. If he really is a Cossack, that might explain why he's specifically targeting other Russian players. If that's what he's really doing and it's not just a homer's perception.

BlacknGold66 said...

Haha... yeah I'll get right on that.

CblogDictionaryblog died by way of force.

Patrick said...

debrisslide, I'm going to have to do that for the next game ha

J.S. said...

stilly, the only thing that's missing so far is "This team wouldn't be playing like this if Janne Pesonen wasn't with the big club."

As far as I'm concerned, there's enough blame for everybody on the club right now.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I noticed OV, sitting on the dasher, peering thru his tinted visor, at the Mellons Watchman™ Jumbo....but he was going after Geno or denting the boards the whole game. I don't think he needs any more inspiration other than seeing #71 is on the opposite bench.

They can't clinch a playoff spot in October...but this might make it tougher come April.

Who knew that the reduction of fan giveaways this year would be compensated by the Pens' players giving away points to Eastern Conference foes.

Whadda bunch of nice guys!

[Rate My Vomit]

jefe p said...

pesonen = season savior!

dpo701 said...

"Malkin must have banged Ovie's girlfriend in Russia, because the headhunting resumed in this shit."

I said that to my dad last night when I was watching the game.

geezer said...

Crosby needs to shoot more. Staal needs to try to shoot soon. Pens apparently need to relearn how to play with a lead.

Tony Little said...

JS, I simply made a comment saying I thought it was cheap that somebody would take another photoshop and you took offense to that. Chill. I've said my part and I'm done. No need for the sarcasm bro and no need for a pissing war.

Sorry if you haven't noticed it being my profile pic on cblog randomly throughout the summer. I didn't take that into account I guess.

Lets Go Pens.

Free Candy/Potash '08

kstewy16 said...

I'm not complaining about Ovechkin hitting malkin a bunch. But to say he is "doing his job" or that "he's setting the tone" is dumb as shit.
Ovechkin's job is to score, he is paid a ton of money to get that little round rubber thing into that big white net thing. Ovechkin focused so much more on hitting malkin than playing hockey, and because of that, OV didn't do shit on offense.

And are you serious about Malkin on Crosby's wing? Wow. I didn't really think we would ever see that again. I'll hold off judgement though until we see it. Perhaps it will work out much better than we expected, and even better than Crosby and Malkin on seperate lines did last season.

DMG said...

I'm not complaining about Ovechkin hitting malkin a bunch. But to say he is "doing his job" or that "he's setting the tone" is dumb as shit.
Ovechkin's job is to score, he is paid a ton of money to get that little round rubber thing into that big white net thing. Ovechkin focused so much more on hitting malkin than playing hockey, and because of that, OV didn't do shit on offense.

I agree with that. Ovechkin's led the league in shots every year he's been in it but he didn't register one until the last minute of the second last night because he was so intent on being near Malkin rather than looking for offense. I think it's cool to have a guy with Ovechkin's talent who's also willing to hit (Malkin's no slouch in this department either) and it's good for the Capitals and exciting hockey when he gets someone. But no one should be getting that far out of position to try and nail an opposing player.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Kstewy: It is not Ovie's job to JUST to score. He does so much fucking more for that team. He IS a physical player regardless of what team he plays against. Sure he was going after Malkin a lot, but he usually doesn't go after one player the entire game. He checks a lot for his job, he plays wing, that's like saying it isn't Dupuis or Malone's job to check. If you watched him play another team besides the Pens, you would know this. Of course his purpose is to get the goals considering he is the best forward on the Caps and needs to be offensive but in no way are they paying him strictly to score. He is a locker room presence, he is a goal-scorer, a hitter, and everything to that team.

I may not liked what he did, but Wilsmith is right, it wasn't dirty.

Victor Raison said...


I think they're getting paid to win the game, not score goals. Losing 14 - 12 doesn't get you anywhere.

Stilly said...

Hey I'm not saying that Ovechkin broke any rules. I'm just saying he's a bitch. I'd believe that's just how he plays everyone if he did it to anyone else. Defend him all you want. He's a fucktard.

J.S. said...

tony, are you serious? Read your two quotes:

"I think it's kinda cheap for Jason S to steal other people's photoshops and use them."- 10/17/2008 9:17 AM


"I simply made a comment saying I thought it was cheap that somebody would take another photoshop and you took offense to that."

You didn't call "somebody" out. You called me out by name. A big difference. Could that be why I "took offense"? I give the reasoning behind it, and it still isn't suffice. I have seen quite a few pics used on here that were either based or even used the original 'shop, and not a word was said about it. This has to be a c-blog first.

Just remember everybody, when doing a photoshop in the future, be sure to email/phone/fax/telegraph/sky-write/send a telegram to Tony Little in the future for his permission, because the pic or photoshop might be his.


jovi said...

can someone please u-tube the hits ovie did ... i missed the game and i want to see what he did to malkin...
(so that I can visualize my hate)

Hip said...

Karmablog is right. As Dr. Turk, that's what I said when the final buzzer sounded.

Huge win for the Caps. Huge disappointment for the Pens.

But is it really time already to put Malkin back on Sid's wing? Frack.

eileenover said...

I would just like to say that I called him Goaligoski right after he scored last night. I have two witnesses.

J.S. said...

Do I have your permission to use it? ;)

eileenover said...

Of course j.s. I won't call you cheap for using it either =)

fleuryous said...

haha, not like we're having a pissing contest, but I called him "Goal-igoski" after his goal in Sweden.

I semi-met him today. He seems like a chill dude.


debrisslide said...

Therrien's line-shuffles are a never-ending process. He's just trying to generate offense. I kind of expected this after watching the top line look lost during even strength hockey. Malkin on Sid's wing will either be really amazing, or really bad. If it's bad, he'll move it around again. I think it's a natural decision for HCMT to make.

Trying it this early is probably better than trying it later in the season and blowing the rhythm of their system. I'd rather do it in some random October game against Toronto than, say, when we're really battling to determine playoff standings. Dig? If it works we're golden, and if it doesn't, we still have a few more games to find something that does.

eileenover said...

Well aren't you special fleuryous. I was just joking around, but I guess you are the all-knowing Pens fan right?

Tony Little said...

wow, 35 going on 3.

KaylaJ said...

i'd be happy if someone else used my photo chops to add something else, i mean unless they were a flys fan. it would mean i did a good enough job that someone else would consider using it.

and from now on if you really care that much about credit, best to put your name in the corner in big bold letters.

as for AO, it is amazing how he only goes after certain players but vs some other teams (even ones he has a rivalry with), he's got no one and barely makes a hit.

fleuryous said...

Dude, I'm so excited for the game tomorrow.

I'm interested to see this
Dupuis-Crosby-Malkin line.

Tony Little said...

I guess you're right kaylaj.

I should've probably took it like that too when I saw it.

I'm not trying to make anybody mad, but I woke up this morning and saw someone taking credit (whether unintentional or not) for barely tweaking my photoshop. I never would think they would be so defensive if I called them out on it.

A simple, "Sorry, I didn't know" would've worked for me, but instead I get sarcasm from JS.

I really don't care if people use my PS's. Many have been made into bumper stickers by some of you on facebook and that's fine.


Free Candy/Potash '08

brett said...

So's store is having a free customization day for all RBK jersies.

I'm thinking a FREE CANDY #44 jersey.

Either that, or just a Letang jersey.

Thoughts? Bear in mind, this will be my first official jersey, and I'll be wearing it mostly to away games as I love in the NY Metro area.

Rage said...

HI Eileen! Great to see you again!

Anybody watching the Battle of Alberta tonight besides me?


brett said...

dude I'm HUGE on the Northwest division in general, and definitely any Oilers/Flames/Canucks matchups. That's what hockey is all about.

Rage said...

@Brett-sweeet. Be careful with jerseys. The good folks on here say that they use iron-on lettering, not stitched. Just sayin

millvalemauler said...

@ the big K
I'm a pens fans from the Milan Kraft days. I wet myself when kaspar scored on hasek, just like everyone else. i have not once blamed the refs for a loss. but i will bitch about bad calls, which may cause confusion. "Can't blame anybody but the players for blowing a three goal lead." i did say that to try to stop the confusion.

just had to defend myself, after being called a caps fan. haha

You start letting stupid calls go, the NHL turns into the NFL, and then what will we do?

KaylaJ said...

well tony, its not like you're being too nice, you didn't even know the whole story before you called JS "cheap", which i'd be defensive at too. plus he's already given you credit, but just because you didn't receive a hallmark card in the mail, you're still calling pot shots.

many of our chops have ended up in other places, i've seen a few of mine on LGP with no credit or even where they found it. one day someone could be doing a search and find it and they won't know where it came from and sure not who did it. its just something i'm gonna deal with and move on from cause i made them to get a laugh from someone not because i'm looking for interweb fortune and fame.

again, if you're that big up on credit and that upset when people touch up your chops, then put an x in the corner next time.

The Magic Sea said...

Ok I think I get this, Crosby is a whining Bitch, Malkin is clueless, no one on the Pens can hit, so Ovechkin is an A-hole. Sorry guys hockey includes hitting, it is part of the game, Malkin should hit back and Crosby should quit crying about it and take someone on, the whole team needs to get some balls!

slush said...

@brett I ordered an Orpik practice jersey today. Was debating back and forth, the free customization sealed it for me. I almost went for Letang at the last second. haha

eileenover said...


I'm not back for good. I'll just comment when it seems necessary.


Go suck Ovechkin's dick, joke.

J.S. said...

A simple, "Sorry, I didn't know" would've worked for me, but instead I get sarcasm from JS.

(because you won't stop beating the barbaro...)

right. If you have two working eyes, you would see that I explained everything. Instead, before I had a chance to say a word, you would rather insist that I was "stealing" from you. No dude, I added a logo to your fucking precious photoshop (retail value $0.00, plus tax where applicable) and sent it in. Again, this photoshop was found - say it with me - elsewhere. Even if you did have it as an avatar, there is no definitive notation that says "YES, I CREATED IT!". For fuck's sake, I had a pic of Vladimir Vujtek as my avatar. It doesn't mean I took the pic. It, like most avatars, are there to fill space and key in on certain posters.

Yes, THAT is what you are spun up about. Re-read that. You are spun up over an addition, a modification to something you spent anywhere from 15 min to 45 min on. The Staff here are a great bunch, and I'm sure they'll be more than accommodating if it means that much to you. If you want cred with the Pens logo on it, take it. I don't see myself losing sleep over it. It's a photoshop. It'll be rolled off the page by the end of the weekend if we're lucky.

I've had stuff published on other message boards that I never saw credit for. Want more? How about the Detroit Free Press and on the X's website, both instances where I did not have credit given to me, not to mention the fact that I didn't even send it in. Personally, I didn't care one bit. I was just glad to see stuff I did posted elsewhere which didn't involve me making a single click of the mouse. Yet you want to whine like six Bryan Murrays when a photoshop was accidentally used.

That's the difference. Just like the 35 going on 3 and accusing me of being "cheap", I never resorted to personal shots. You did, and you still failed.

Have a good night, now go work on another photoshop for someone else to steal.

(apologies to the rest of the board for my lengthy rant)


J.S. said...

P.S. Anybody is more than welcome to steal my avatar.

I won't mind.

eileenover said...


You don't have to feel the need to defend yourself when it comes to the big k. He hasn't even reached puberty yet.

fleuryous said...

Blogger J.S. said...

(because you won't stop beating the barbaro...)

That was quite terrible, Jason. haha.

I seriously want to see some Biz Nasty shirts--that'd be boss.

fleuryous said...

If anyone cares, Ruutu scored a goal in the Sens v Coyotes game.

And the Sens are kinda killing them.

meecrofilm said...

I attribute this loss to management. when will staff learn that we can't use a gameday picture in back-to-back games?? We always lose the second when this happens.

Reading rainbow guy to get us back on track saturday.

Rage said...

@ Fleuryous- Ruutu is dead to me

@eileen- ur always a welcome addition

"Go suck Ovechkin's dick, joke."

Epic, elegant simplicity.

debrisslide said...

I'm already pumped for tomorrow. Hockey = drugs.

Rage said...

I'm way pumped too, but the Laffs aren't looking so funny to me.

fleuryous said...

This Toronto-Ranger game is ridiculous. haha

0-0 in OT?


Rage said...

Dominic Moore ftw! lol

Luke Schenn is looking like the real deal

Rage said...


debrisslide said...

I wish I were seeing this game, haha. Damn. Let me know what happens in the shootout, guys, haha.

fleuryous said...

I'm not watching it either--just getting updates on ESPN.

Rage said...

Rags won in the shoot out because of Jason (Scrub) Blake. Kulemin is the shite.

Rage said...

Center Ice=drugs AND orgasm

debrisslide said...

Rangers win it. Boy, I can't wait to play them. . .

fleuryous said...


Rage said...

Canadian commercials= ?????

KaylaJ said...

valiquette looked like he had just won a playoff game the way he was celebrating.

jefe p said...

everyone is so uptight.. its the weekend. go drink or do drugs and then show up at game time tomorrow.

j.s. your avatar is now my desktop background. or is that tony littles? im confused.

go espn! i mean pens!

Raybin said...

Go suck Ovechkin's dick, joke.

Commit to the eileen.

Further random thoughts:

Schenn will be a monster in the very not-too-distant future. Calder trophy? I'm calling it now.

Valiquette's just happy to get playing time. What a racket backing up Henrik Lundqvist is. The only people with easier jobs are Weekes and Sanford.

People are being kinda bitchy to each other in CBlog lately. So I have a suggestion: Go fuck somebody.


Take all the passion you're feeling right now and go fuck the living hell out of someone. You'll feel better and they'll feel better.

Random, indiscriminate sex: The solution to all the world's problems.

That, and hockey.

Raybin said...

And yes, I'm running for president when I turn 35 on that platform.

I'm already pondering where in the Oval Office to put the framed and signed 66 jersey.

Rage said...

Commit to Eileen/Raybin or Raybin/Eileen in 08 bitches


kamechiha said...

First off, I have 1001 semin jokes

2, I just watched the youtube and those fn announcers are loooosers

"This would never happen if Donald Brashear was in the lineup."
F that/
If he was the hand of GODddard would rock him.

I hate these chicken shiiite anouncers

My exgirlfriend must be a caps fan..... because she has semin on her back

eileenover said...

Random, indiscriminate sex: The solution to all the world's problems.

That, and hockey.

Damn straight.

Kierstan said...

Off-topic a bit here, but did anyone see this?

(I swear, I'll learn to linky someday...)

That really sucks...I don't really follow the Oilers, but I've read that blog for a few stories that I've linked to from other sites and they've been good. It's a sad situation.

debrisslide said...

kierstan - that's really balls. As a writer I'm kind of offended by the whole situation that has been cropping up in recent years about blogs in journalism and the legitimacy of writing. So yeah. . .I wish people who get screwed with those types of things the best of luck.

millvalemauler said...

@ eileenover - Thank you.

Ron Francis is so classy.

And somehow, somewhere, someway, Paul Coffey needs to be an announcer. Whenever Steigy and Errey had him in the booth, it was like the voice of an angel. It also stopped Steigy from talking. I'm not a fan, maybe I'm just bitter about Mike Lange not being on TV. I've met Mike Lange a whole bunch of times, he's usually eating/walking into the arena when I do so its just a simple hello, but It's awesome, he likes the fans. The Ole Two-Niner is really nice and his hair is always so nice. Errey, while he was on a search for his children, stopped so he could show me his ring (best birthday gift ever!). Where's Steigy? Maybe in the corner reading Hockey Announcing for Dummies.

debrisslide said...

I've been up since 9AM yesterday. WOOP.

millvalemauler said...

YES for not sleeping! it will be 24 hours for me at 11am. and then i won't sleep until after the game tonight.

so come about 12 tonight, i will feel like death.

Kierstan said...

YAY! I'm not the only person on the no-sleep watch! I'm normally awake now, but I'm going car shopping today (blah) and probably won't be going to sleep until at least 6AM tomorrow morning, by which time I'll have been awake for about 36 hours. Hockey on sleep dep should be fun. I'll probably throw some alcohol in the mix too, just to make it more entertaining. Bring on the Leafs! Woooooooooooooo!

Rage said...

Why I hate some people?:

"Kyle Wellwood, who was just waived,would be a risk, but like Jordan Staaled he has a lot of potential"


ceby22 said...

Anybody viewed this one? Apparently spezza and heatly pay for the phillies now.

That links to some jobber blog about the phils WITH video.

stokes said...

J.S.: Excellent rant. I don't take sides in pissing matches, but that rant was classic.

Here's the thing about Ovie: He's a physical player. That's not a big deal. He was taking runs at Geno, and only Geno. That's pretty weak. But the real problem is the way he was getting away with it. Where are the tough guys that are paid to stick up for our star players? That part has nothing to do with Geno/Crosby being crybabys. As long as hockey has been played, the star players get protected by the tough guys. That's "The Code" as they call it and not one guy was seemingly out there to take care of business with Ovie. That's extremely weak on the Pens side.

Wilsmith, i disagree. both Sid and Geno play tough and are not afraid to hit or be hit. Ovie has nothing on them, because both of their individual playmaking ability far exceed Ovie's.

Lastly, I'd venture to say that Ovie missed Geno more often than not.

kstewy16 said...

@Ihavekasparitis- You are an idiot. I love it when people make comments like "if you would ever watch a game you would know this"
Dumb fuck. I was watching hockey while you were sucking your moms saggy fucking tits.
I watch every pens game every year, and I also like the Caps cus I used to live in DC. I watch about 40-50 caps games every season, so maybe YOU should watch a fucking game now and then, maybe you would learn something.

Yes Ovechkin plays wing, he is supposed to check as well as score. Blah fuckity blah. IT IS NOT THE MAN'S JOB TO COMPLETELY GET OUT OF HIS GAME AND DO NOTHING BUT FOLLOW ONE PLAYER AROUND FOR AN ENTIRE GAME TRYING TO KILL HIM!!!!! He didn't play defense, he didn't play offense, he just followed around malkin. Do you really think anyone in the Caps organization was happy with what he was doing? NO YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!
I'm not saying he should be a fucking pussy out there like Gaborik and just skate around in open space waiting for a puck to come to him but he is supposed to play hockey!!! And that means play offense, defense, and hit!!! Not just hit, hit, and suck semen's dick!!!

BlacknGold66 said...


Rage said...

hey Bng66. You know...I've been referred to on here as a homer AND a band-wagoner, amongst other things, but nobody has ever bagged on my mom's saggy tits. Why is that? I mean they ARE pretty saggy n'at. Just wondering.


Stilly said...

Wow. I'm not sure how necessary that rant was. You need to take Raybin's advice and get some ass...

Rage said...

@kierstan-thanks for that link. That is some messed up ol bullshit. I emailed J. Mirtle and he said he knew about it and will probably write up a story/blog on it. That's just bad business all around.

MizzPenz said...

I'm not going to apologize for what I am about to say, but I will say this in advance: This is a completely different site than it was last year.

IMHO, there is absolutely NO reason to be an absolute douche on this site and to personally attack a long time poster who does happen to know a thing or two about hockey. Sounds to me like someone has either 1) had too much to drink 2) drives a really small sports car to compensate for another shortcoming or 3) has nothing better to do than to post nasty things about another poster who also happens to be a female.

This site is about the Pens and hockey in general and if you have an opinion it's your right to state it. I just think that it doesn't have to be so freaking nasty. Speaking of "The Code" maybe some people on here could learn a lesson or two about what that really means.

Carroll said...

mizzpenz - you speak the truth.

cblog is getting a little to irritating lately.

People can have differing opinions but what is up with all the personal attacks on other Pens fans.

PDX Pens Fan said...

B/c everyone's a genius when you're winning. and everyone loves each other. Now we know why Leaf fans are so freaking bitter.


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