Sunday, October 5, 2008

Swede Nothings. Pens Lose




Five years ago today Dany Heatley was in an accident that resulted in the death of Dan Synder.
Today he scored two goals.

Any potentional recap would be lost in the harsh killing jokes, and photoshops in poor taste, so we'll walk away from this one.

The Senators are a really annoying hockey team. Ruutu is dead to us.
At least they didn't get shut out.


[ recap]

  • The Powerplay will be fine, but it will need some work.
  • Alex Goligoski > Sydor
  • The "Jersey Boys" commercial can't end soon enough. Hopefully no one goes.
  • Could someone please tape the Arnold Palmer commercial and send it to us?
  • Don't job Godard for doing his job. Today's four-minute roughing call made no sense. You can't let Jason Smith do what he was doing to Bing.
  • Big ups to Matt Cooke for laying out Alfie. Did Alfie even play this weekend?
  • We hate Heatley, but his shot is unstoppable.
  • The Steelers plus the points and the under?
Goodbye to the Deathstar:

[Will Smith]

Go Pens


Blitzburgh said...


meecrofilm said...

firsts are gay.

like alfredsson.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

If you are bitching about play after 2 games, you have serious issues and have lost the meaning of being a fan. Just 2 games. We lost our first game last season, and I'm pretty sure it's damn hard to win them all especially when you have guys out and new guys trying to mesh with the old ones.

Can I reinerate Game 2 ... so that means one win and one loss and there happens to be 80 other games! Shocker I know! Maybe I should send this to the jokes on LGP. Seriously Sabu over Flower? Because up-and-coming goalies are always less talented than their back-ups. *rolls eyes*

wilsmith said...

this is gonna be a long first 20 games.

fleuryous said...

Fleury is obviously money.

So sick of him being downplayed.

He stopped FIFTY+ shots in Game 5 ALONE. That's not "luck," my friends--not luck.

GOALigoski indeed. Hope to see much more from him.

Orpik's hit on Ruutu--made me pee my pants.

Cooke's hit on Alfie...made me pee AND poop my pants.

So, all in all...

Fleury, amazing.
Malkin and Kennedy were beasts.
Goligoski looks pretty solid.
Orpik's hits...yeeeeeeeeeah.

PP needs work, but I'm sure that's one of the top things they're going to work on before the home opener.

And, we didn't get shut out. WOO. haha

Flyer Hater said...

My thoughts:

Any country that produces Mats Sundin sucks. The fans in Sweden were too busy telling themselves how awesome they are to cheer.

fleuryous said...

And I'm not going to hate on Godard, because I'd honestly do the same thing.

Godard is Crosby's Kevin Costner. Respect.

fleuryous said...

To add, FH:

Any country that produces Tomas Winestrom blooooows.

fleuryous said...

excuse me, whinestrom.

Anthony said...

I know Godard was trying to do his job and protect the skill players, but don't make a fool out of yourself and chase players who don't fight all around the ice. Watching Neil and Smith laugh in Godard's face was pathetic. If you're going to "enforce" and take a penalty, be a real damn enforcer and beat the Hell out of the guy whether he wants to fight or not. Also, having Biz and Godard in the same lineup is...questionable?

meecrofilm said...

If you didn't think the PP wasn't gonna go through some growing pains after losing its top QB and having to replace him on such short, short notice, you don't know what's going on.

Oh, and fuck stupid trips to Europe. Honestly, even we had won both games 6-0, I'd still say fuck sweden. Like FH said, they produced Mats Sundin, and Daniel (The Gay Butler) Alfredsson. 'nuff said.

Eric P. said...

Next game:

Home opener vs. Devils on October 11th

Clarkson vs. Bissonnette


debrisslide said...

I agree with everyone intelligent who says that the Pens are still going to be pretty sick this year.

P.S. How Heatley can score two goals on the anniversary of the day that he ended someone's life as a result of his own stupidity is beyond me.

PittHockey said...

It needs repeating:

Howard the Duck = Pure, unfiltered fail.

Anthony said...

I'm not worried about the season by any means, but some things need to be addressed. That cannot be argued. Godard needs to know his role and how to play it, Fedotenko needs to be informed that the season has started and that he's being given the opportunity to play with the best center in the entire world after being rescued from the NY Shitholes.

wilsmith said...

Pens need to sign Mike Sgroi.

debrisslide said...

Satan and Fedotenko haven't proven themselves yet. Luckily they'll have other chances, and I think they're capable.

Flyer Hater said...

Phil Collins comes through with a win today, Howard the Duck is soff and doesn't battle in the corners.


For my money, these past two games are exhibitions in my mind. The real season starts next Saturday at The Civic Arena against the New Jersey Brodeurs.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Anthony: Yep because just punching them would lead to a longer penalty time ... that would be really smart!! So instead of 2 min. penalty to penalty kill, you take either a 5 min, maybe 10 misconduct depending on what you do. That would help the team a lot! *rolls eyes* Those players aren't stupid, contrary to belief and they know when to not throw punches. Sometimes you'll make them angry enough that they'll get off their edge, but Godard knows his job, and someone like Iginla who said he does his job well has no idea what he's talking about right? Give Godard a break.

PittHockey said...

also, the swedes /traveling pens fans should get some credit for their Crosby chant, because it motivated him.

Flyer Hater said...

I thank God that the playoff run last year was easy because when we play some tough series this year, people won't make it.

People who are bitching about Godard need to stop watching hockey. Some are acting like if he didn't play, we win this game 6-0 nothing with Crosby scoring 6 different ways.

brett said...

God, we need Gonchar.

Flyer Hater said...

These games were so weird, they really felt like exhibitions.

Anthony said...

Lol @ being ganed up on by people who are apparently related to Godard.

He played like crap, and took stupid penalties while not doing his job. Defend him all you want, but it's the truth.

Flyer Hater said...

In Anthomo's book, any tough guy who isn't Bob Probert, doesn't deserve a spot on the roster.

Anthony said...

Lol, Anthomo, clever.

All I did was state what was clearly seen by many. He looked like an idiot chasing people up and down the ice while they laughed at him, then he charged into a group of Sens in Auld's crease and took a bad penalty. If you're going to fight, drop the gloves. If you're not, pick your battles better.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Anthony: An enforcer takes a penalty?! We are witnessing the apocalypse!! He was doing his job. Just because his partner didn't want to dance, didn't mean he wasn't trying to get him to tango.

Godard cannot force people to fight when they don't want to. It's a bit more complicated process than "hey I'm going to punch you in da face, you better punch back!" Ruutu is the master at letting people hit him or force them to drop the gloves and he stands there and takes it, laughs about it. Let the man do what he gets paid to do. He didn't cost us the game.

Flyer Hater said...

I think Godard should carry grenades on the ice and throw them at anyone who breathes toward the general direction of Crosby.

PittHockey said...

spanish honda ads? seriously?


Flyer Hater said...

IHK, Godard took the spot of Jeff "Brett Hull" Taffe on the 4th line, it's silly to say that move didn't cost us the game.

Help Me Rhonda said...

Game two ended just hours ago and already with the whining?

Mike Yeo needs to be fired. Fedotenko sucks. Godard is an idiot.

Hahaha...just wow.

Anna. said...

RIP Dan Snyder.

J.S. said...

I'm not above jobbing Dany Ferrari with photoshops or anything else, regardless of what he did for my fantasy team today. Copying URL from photobucket to c-blog via ipod is a chore though.

Maybe later.

J.S. said...

@bng66, NICE ONE BRUV....(spills beer)....BRUVA!!

meh, on second though, out of respect for Dan Snyder, I won't post the pic of the wrecked Modena in form.

[Snyder 37]

Stilly said...

Pens aren't making the playoffs.

I'm pretty sure there are 80 more of these regular season games. Godard didn't lose the game. They played like a team that played yesterday.

Game in Europe = gay
Two games in Europe back to back = super gay.

dying alive said...

IHK, I learned a long time ago to never go to LGP after a loss. Some of those people whine and call for people's heads even after a win, after a loss they're virtually suicidal and they'd put everyone on the team on waivers. To be fair, though, I wouldn't take the Fleury talk seriously. There are one or two people over there with SERIOUS anti-Fleury agendas who only show up after a loss and bemoan his play, regardless of how many stops he makes or how the rest of the team plays. It's pretty hilarious.

dying alive said...

I do have to say, though, the power play is slightly troubling. Only slightly, though. You had to figure that they were going to struggle to adjust without the best PP QB in the league (and the superior QB in the city of Pittsburgh, ha).

It's too early to start crying about it after two games. There has to be a bigger sample size. If it's still this bad after ten games or so and against a variety of teams, it'll be time to start worrying.

debrisslide said...

Hey, bring on Saturday, everyone!

fleuryous said...


flaproosta08 said...

at least we have big ben on his ass 58948594 times tonight

fleuryous said...

Dude, Ben is playing like a champ.

And Miller is a BUS. WOO.

TheFandangler said...

3 guys played well. Crosby, Malkin, Go-go...

It figured those three figured in on the goal.

Letang = butt mud.

Fleury = bloody butt mud.

Fedotankedtheteam = lazy junk.

Our PP = Stupid without Gonch.

Frustrated to say the least. It's nice to watch hockey again although these over seas games looked worse than pre-season.


fleuryous said...

Fleury didn't suck.

Some of his saves were PHENOM, especially that EXTREME last-second one.

Something was up with Tank, though.

TheFandangler said...

Fleury let in two bad... I repeat, bad, goals.

He did make "phenom" saves but that was when he was way out of position and forced to play that way. He was flopping around a lot of the time. He wasn't atrocious but he wasn't good... it's not his fault we lost but he didn't do much to help.

The whole team looked bad except for the 3 players I mentioned.

Malkin beat 3 guys at the end with his skate to get the puck to Bing...

Wilson said...

It ain't all bad folks. The Eagles screwed the pooch again today and Phillyfreak93 is bummin on youtube...

jcol87 said...

Relax. Fleury is no Sabrina Ladha, but I think he'll be fine.

Stoosh said...

Fedotenko hasn't exactly been decent so far, but he might be hurt. Steigy kept referencing the crosscheck that he took in the ribs yesterday and said today that he seemed to be in some pain after the game last night. Nothing serious, but it may have been enough to throw off his game.

Fedotenko's already got five shots on net. Give him time. Remember how long it took Hossa to get going? Same deal. These guys are still learning a new system and they've only been playing alongside some of these new linemates for a few practices and maybe a preseason game or two.

And let's keep in mind that Ottawa isn't exactly mud either. This Sens team may not carry the name talent that some of their past teams had, but they're definitely more physical than the team we swept last year and they no longer have the distractions that Emery and Redden provided.

TheFandangler said...

I'm sure the whole team will be fine... It is an over seas game. It may be good for the league but other than that it's lame.

I don't place a lot of stock in the past 2 games.

fleuryous said...

Me neither.

I hope Tank's okay, though.

Rage said...

I don't mean to sound like a pimp n'at, but if you click on the sports memorabilia link deal on the left on tPB's front page above the storeblog link, you'll see a SWEET Buries It jersey. I'm no expert, but I'm thinkin that's a great price. What do you guys think?

Rage said...

I loled @ Sabrina Ladha...that took me a second...a solid backup..

fleuryous said...

Seriously Ben? Seriously?

kstewy16 said...

Is it just me or did Sid and Malkin barely get any PK time today?
Anyway, GoGo kicks major ass. He really can carry the puck nicely. Give him a week or so practicing with the top PP and he will be a good replacement for Gonch until he gets back, and once Gonch and Whit do get back...well, that can only end one way...Stanley Cup.

Oh and Heatley is a faggot, he kills the guy then gets traded cus he can't stand to be there in the single most even trade in NHL history, Heatley for Hossa. The only difference between the two is that Heatley likes to stroke the shaft and Hossa likes to drink the gravy, put the two together, and Alfie would be in heaven.

akus said...

I was lookin at the schedule of the teams that played overseas.

3 games in 10 days- 3 home games

Tampa Bay
4 games in 10 days- 4 home games

5 games in 10 days- 4 home - 1 away

8 games in 11 days- 4 home-4 away
Wings, Columbus & the Wild)

Rangers gonna be hurtin.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Did my eyes deceive me or did Neil AND Ruutu jump into the Godard v. Smith tete-a-tete?

Ain't life grand when Ruuu is on your side, but a total wanker when he's not sporting any Penguins attire? I was waiting for him to take ______'s knee out.

Who knew Alfie liked Cookies for dinner?

fleuryous said...

OOOOOOOOH, Big Ben avoided 9/10 of a sack for a 15-yard conversion.


fleuryous said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

the Steelers are the luckiest team in professional sports.

fleuryous said...


I found a ticket to the home opener next weekend on ebay, and I wooooooooon it.

WOOOOOOOOOO, I'm going to see Satan and The Devils.

brndlynn said...

i thought it would take at least 4 or 5 games before the march to the nearest bridge began. damn - people need to calm down and give the guys a chance to gel together and learn the tendencies of their new linemates. give it time people.

Go Pens.

fleuryous said...

Heinz Ward is ALWAYS smiling.

And you can't help but smile.

Too good.

The Goon Blogger said...

We're not related to Godard anthony, we're just related to intelligent hockey arguments. Clearly you're not my brother.

The Goon Blogger said...

Also, Ben Roethlisburger is the luckiest and toughest son of a bitch in football, even if he plays it up a little bit.

The Big K said...

5 years ago today, Dany Heatley killed his teammate and friend, Dan Snyder, in an auto accident.

He's an amazing talent, but he should be in jail. Sorry if I come off as a sore loser, but that's how I've felt for a long time, and it's always outraged me.

If Dany was a normal pedestrian, not a millionaire superstar hockey player, he'd be in prison right now.

Man, it's nice not to see him again for a while though, because he dominates the Pens.

Max Power said...

Too much Fung and not enough Shuei.

The Big K said...

Oh, and Go Steelers.

stokes said...

Staff, The Misc. Section of the recap was spot on.

Raybin said...

Random Thoughts:

-Chris Neil is scum. I was going to call him a pussy, a dick or a piece of shit, but decided applying any of those labels to him would be unfair. The first may be the best thing in the universe, the second thing is at least instrumental in human procreation and the third is useful as fertilizer to grow tasty vegetable treats. So scum he is. But not gravy scum! More like pond scum.

I will pay a hefty bounty to the first player of any team to whip hell out of him. (Okay, I won't. But I'd like to)

-Fleury is going to rule the earth this year. Seriously. Someone better be preparing him a cottage on K2 because that's where he will dwell.

-Can the people who proclaiming that missing Gonchar wasn't that big a deal because he supposedly doesn't give 100 percent every game please re-insert your heads into your asses so I don't have to hear you talk ever again?

-Well put, tPB staff: Ruutu is dead to me too. I love trash talkers, no matter where they are. Drawing penalties is a great skill to have. Being willing to drop the gloves is unimpeachable. Ruutu is good at all three of those and I will never deny that.

But I draw the line of still appreciating him somewhere short of mugging Talbot from behind, holding Sid down on the ice, and throwing cheap elbows. If my Penguins fandom blinded me to the fact that he was doing shit like that last year to other players, then I apologize.

-Ruining Auld's shutout was a lot like eating a Pixie stick. No real sustenance, but man does it taste good.

-People who are going to job Godard should be locked in a cage and starved for six weeks, then let out and forced to fight him.

The hooking penalty he took was a bullshit call anyway.

If you add up the Koci fight in the first pre-season game + his willingness to fight Neil (not his fault Neil sucks at life) + his abuse of Smith and you get a message sent to the rest of the league absent any ambiguity: Fuck with Eric Godard's teammates at your own peril.

Steiggy had it right today: This is Godard's job. Much love to BGL, but I actually think this team may be better of with Godard in the long run.

-Auld played great, but that team is seriously in trouble if they think that he and Marty Gerber can carry them to the post-season.

-The Dupuis, Talbot, Cooke line is going to have its own t-shirt by the end of the season. Max Talbot alone is his own energy drink.

-Finally, a special shout out to Oren and Len in Tampa:


How's that for some cold hard reality, dicks? Did you see those shot totals? Defense IS an important part of the game, see?

No, Matt Carle doesn't count as a real defenseman.

And just because you gave up a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounder for Meszaros doesn't mean he was actually worth that.

Hey, how's Ryan Malone doing without Evgeni Malkin to hold his hand?

fleuryous said...

Oh, are too cute. And so is your commentary...especially the pixie stick point. haha

I'm all for Godard. He does what he's supposed to do--and I love him for it.

And I still can't get over that Cooke hit.


OOCally said...

I had to come into the room twice. Thought it was some sort of cruel jobbin and I was reading a Philly message board.

Stop whining like an old lady at a fixed bingo game.

The Goon Blogger said...

stoosh and raybin, putting Pens nation in its correct mindset tonight.

Well said, both of ya.

The Big K said...

I nominate Raybin's post for post of the year. Any team that expects to win with Andrej Meszaros as a number one defenseman is probably run by someone with no experience watching hockey, playing hockey, or building a hockey team.

Raybin said...


Thanks! inane ramblings are "cute"? Heh. I suppose I'll take that as a compliment.... :-)

@goon blogger

Thanks to you too!

@Cbloggers who might care, which probably isn't too many:

I really meant to come to Primanti's on Saturday. I promise that I and my lady will be at the next one. PROMISE. I will volunteer to be Mike Richards' personal shower buddy if I don't.

fleuryous said...

Oooooh, don't tell Mike Richards...he might lock you in your closet.

I meant "cute" as in...clutch. haha

TheNWChica said...

If the Pens are still playing like this at American Thanksgiving, then y'all can bitch; but until then, have a beer and STFU! I'm a sports fan in SEATTLE...everyone sucks, including the team that left!

Raybin said...

@big k

I nominate Raybin's post for post of the year

Post of the year up to this point, anyway. :)

I mean, stoosh hasn't even gotten warmed up yet and I can think of a half-dozen people who I don't see here yet who provide analysis that makes me look like Keith Jones on Versucks.

Raybin said...

Oooooh, don't tell Mike Richards...he might lock you in your closet.

He'd have to come out of his first to do it!


fleuryous said...


Laughed for a solid minute.

Clutch, I tell you.

homesprout said...

It's official...Ruutu is a douche!

fleuryous said...

I love Talk Sex.
Oh, Sue.

SteelPensBucs said...

A split in Sweden: not great, but at least they got 2 points out of it.

The Steelers finally beat the Jaguars, 9 months later, and they won't have to receive an apology from the NFL. In 2000 they got 3 of them.

Roethlisberger is tough. He might annoy a portion of Commenter Nation, but you have to give him that.

The Phillies advance to the NLCS to play the Dodgers. Manny, keep on being Manny.

J.S. said...

since it's technically after midnight, I feel a little less guilty about this jobbing.

nu said...

K - you do know that Dan Snyder's parents asked the judge for leniency with Heatley, right? They didn't want him in jail.

I think you can let go of a little bit of your outrage.

It was criminally stupid to drive like that, sure, but unlike a LOT of people in the NHL who do it with regularity, at least his blood alcohol level was legal.

I doubt somehow, that Heatley's forgotten, or will ever forget Dan Snyder.

J.S. said...

Tough? Maybe. I can't argue that the guy wins. But either he is fragile as a carton of eggs, or he has played up every injury this year. It's a hell of a thing to accuse somebody of, but every time you look, he's clutching onto something after the play. Shoulder, forearm, wrist, you name it, Ben has injured it, and all before week 6.

Injuries aside, is it too much to ask to THROW THE BALL and not triple pump it as you're being brought down?

J.S. said...

Please tell me you're not gonna defend his actions by saying because the Snyder family chose to forgive him that he should be absolved of any and all punishment and/or abuse.

nu said...

Who's forgiving him? He has to live for the rest of his life with what he did. That's pretty bad right there - and he WOULD have been in jail had the Snyders said nothing, the judge said so. And I don't know if it's that they forgave him so much as having their son's good friend in jail with his life ruined because of an accident would do nothing to make them feel better and nothing to bring their son back.

He WAS sentenced, nobody condoned what he did.

Rob Ramage is going to jail for doing the same thing, except DUI. Bertuzzi should probably be in jail - I feel more offended by him continuing to play in the NHL than I do by Dany Heatley.,

TheNWChica said...

I would have to greatly disagree with you nu...Yes, Bertuzzi hurt someone, but he never KILLED someone.

nu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nu said...

Yes, except Heatley's intent wasn't to premeditatively assault Dan Snyder. What Bertuzzi did to Steve Moore wasn't an accident. Steve Moore could easily be quadripilegic right now - would that make it any better? Where do you draw the line?

nu said...

Look, Craig McTavish - winning Stanley Cups and coaching the Oilers despite DUI homicide AND having gone to jail. Why not photoshop him - does it make a difference because it was 25 years ago?

If you're gonna be morally outraged, at least spread it around.

J.S. said...

MacTavish has been jobbed here before. Maybe not to the extent of Heatley, but don't act like it hasn't happened.

nu said...

I'm shocked that I don't have an instant photographic catalog of every jobbing that's gone on around here, really. (I know there is one, but even that would take too long to sort through.)

I have no doubt MacT has been jobbed. Look, job whomever you want - it just doesn't make much sense to be so angry about/exclusively focus on Dany Heatley when
a) there *are* reasons why Heatley's not in jail, and it's not because of who he is or what he does for a living
b) the only people with a right to be angry at him didn't want his life to be ruined, along with their son being dead, and
c) there are plenty of other people in similar situations (or who've done worse) that you can get just as angry about

pops said...


too soon?

Whistler said...

@Will Smith

Mike Sgroi??!?

Are we gonna turn the Pens into a ECHL reunion?



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