Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Mark Madden Has A SuperFan

Big thanks to Kevin at [Barry Melrose Rocks] for finding this one.

Mark Madden is either running a blog about himself, or well, we don't even know.

[MrFridayAfterNoon] apparently follows everything Mark Madden does.

For example here are a list of Blog Titles from Superfan the past few days--

Oct. 22

That’s Mark or Mr. Madden to you Jerky!

Oct. 21

Mark Madden Haters United on Gay Message Boards

Oct. 20

Mark’s name evoked at Artie Lange show this weekend

Oct. 20

Mark Madden compared to Bubba the Love Sponge?

Madden is whatev at this point, but are we really at the stage where someone is tracking every mention he gets?

Charlie was going to comment on how gay this is, but he is on a direct flight to Sweden to "look into," this whole Dildo thing.


brett said...

I don't know about any of this Madden stuff.. I don't listen when little girls talk.

I do enjoy seeing the Flyers with no wins in the season. After like 50 games. I can't believe I'd ever cheer for Roenick, but it happened tonight.

The Goon Blogger said...

Mark Madden is a joke. Stick that on your "Where Mark Madden was mentioned" bullshit blog, ass.

fleuryous said...

Charlie, hope you find what you're looking for out there...

and in there.


Beav said...

Great to see Charlie exploring some prospects?

Do what you have to do sir but remember Spezza will be lonely without you

The Goon Blogger said...

Janne Pesonen turns in a two point night as the baby Pens roll 5-0.


Allison said...

So I just saw that Sarah Palin will be dropping the puck in St. Louis next week...
maybe she's a glutton for punishment.

Allison said...

Well clearly I have no sense of what day today is... Sarah's gonna work her charm in St. Louis tomorow, not next week.

fleuryous said...

Well, Palin is no Sundin.

GodILoveHockey said...

Another solid night of play by Pesonen. I think he's got 8 points in 6 gp now, and he's a +8. Adjusting nicely. :]

Adrienne said...

Knowing that Mark Madden is back on the air makes me want to punch babies. He doesn't have a clue about 80% of what he's talking about, the other 20% a twist on shit he's read online.

Fucking sleazebag


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