Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rangers Still Suck. PENS LOSE.


Nothing to say.
Anytime you go into MSG, you expect something like this to happen.
An extended road trip at the beginning of the season does wonders to strengthen team unity and crap.
We're still relatively early in the season, and the Pens are on the road for three more.
If they finish the road trip 0-4, feel free to kill yourself.

And this whole deal about blowing leads in the third period has to stop.

-- Sam's Dog --

[Picture+4.<span class=

It was all Rangers early. A bunch of meaningless shots from the perimeter. Snore.
MAF was being tested.
He was helped by some solid shot-blocks from Mark Eaton and Geno.

Jordan Staal was making his presence known early and often.
This was easily his best game of the season.

The Rangers owned the first half of the opening period.
The Pens took over for the rest.

The Pens had the only power play of the period, and they were sucking the life out of you.
It took a solid cross-ice pass by Tyler Kennedy to Darryl Sydor at the left point for the Pens to finally get a solid look at the net.
Sydor fires. It hits two Rangers and flutters in. 1-0.

Jordan Staal probably made a few more good plays before the period ended.

[Picture+5.<span class=

In the second, the Rangers were getting closer to MAF.
But either MAF was there or a Pens defenseman was blocking a shot or peeing on someone.

Nothing was happening until the second period hit the homestretch.
Another innocent-looking shot from the point results in Crosby finding the puck in a mess and burying it. 2-0.

The Rags and Pens exchanged power plays of ineptitude before the Pens were stunned at the end of the period, having to kill off a 5-on-3.

Jordan Staal was a monster. Scuderi was a monster.
Talbot = beast. Dupuis = Beast.
The 5-on-3 was killed beautifully.

The kill was brought to you by Poker
Their Poker Glossary is deeper than balls.

The boo birds come out, and the Pens were in good shape.

[Picture+6.<span class=

Early in the third period, the Pens were gonna be short-handed because Jordan Staal was in the vicinity of a Ranger who tripped over himself.
7 seconds later, Markus Naslund made it 2-1.

Fleury doesn't help the Pens' survival efforts when he commits trapezoidal desertion.
That's two minutes.
And that's killed.

Father Time's train pulled into Penn Station as the third period evaporated.
Before you know it, King Henrik was rocketing to the bench for the extra attacker.

The Pens get possession of the puck and fart it up to center ice.
Crosby takes a backhand shot from Wall Street that misses the net.
The Rangers come roaring back for their final rush.
Nikolai Zherdev comes into the zone lazily and shoots. 2-2.



The overtime was as good as it gets.
The Pens had a bulk of the chances on one shift, but Lundqvist was insane.

And then they had some glorious chances at the end of OT.
Crosby was possessed.
But so was Lundqvist.


Zherdev and Letang were skating streaks of poop on their respective chances.
So was Dubinsky and Sykora.
Some Swedish guy can't lift his backhand and beats MAF.

Sidney Crosby had the chance to shut everyone up.
He pulls the leg kick, the studder deke, the feigned shot. Lundqvist doesn't bite.
No dice.


  • Ouch. 2-goal lead in the third period disappears.
  • Don't even want to look at shot totals for the third period.
  • Uneventful games produce uneventful blog posts.
  • Point city.
  • Vomit

Tuesday night:

Hacksaw city.


demondg1 said...


steveluther8091 said...

Rangers Still Suck..


megz590 said...

The picture of Lundqvist at the end, priceless. Did anyone else see him do that weird kicking thing when he stopped Sid? I was so mad we lost, but still had to laugh.

debrisslide said...

Rangers will pretty much always suck.

At least a game against the Sharks should be entertaining instead of life-ruining. Right?

BlacknGold66 said...

I guess we can't "take it to the bank" that you wouldn't be for profit like you said for the first two years huh Pensblog Staff? I don't mind a little ad placement here and there but in the middle of a recap?? That's disgusting. I thought the Pens came first.

You're in mid-flight over the shark.

The posts/recaps were/are still there, but the ad placement wreaks of deparety.

Go back to the old ways and save yourselves.

Remember this...

"Save the Penguins. Save the World."

I couldn't even finish the recap. I love you guys, but that just isn't the collective "You."

debrisslide said...

Yeah, the advertisement in the middle of the recap was kind of lame, but I almost got the feeling that it was "lame on purpose" and would not be repeated. Hm, Staff?

TheFandangler said...

Fleury still gets beat high glove...

Fleury is still overrated...

He played well the whole game then he reverts back to his old shit and gets beat high glove.

Hard pill to swallow.

The Goon Blogger said...

Ad in the middle of the recap=Hysterical.

Poker Glossary is deep as balls. What the fuck does that even MEAN?

wilsmith said...

referring to comments in the recent weeks:

what if these guys stopped posting on this site because of all the douchebaggery going on in the comments about "jumping the shark", "ads suck" and quality of posts talk?

You're all probably into your nightly wanking while these guys are writing a recap, for you people, that will be up in time for you to read when you wake up at 1pm the next day.

If I had a blog this popular, I'd have those ads too. It would be stupid not to. Seriously, how many hits do you guys get in a day?

Enjoy that you have these guys and not the bullshit bulletin or acid queen to amuse you.

And if you think the posts suck or scrolling past those ads has become too difficult, then gtfo.

*steps off soapbox.*

BlacknGold66 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Goon Blogger said...

bng. Truth.

The Goon Blogger said...

Not fast enough on that delete button my man, eh bng?

No biggie, people should take everything in cblog and on tPB as a joke. If you don't, you're a joke.

BlacknGold66 said...

Goon = Trying to hard to be accepted. (But surely loved by me... watch your back man... FH is the cheating type)

There's nothing wrong with making profit out of the BEST Pens blog on Gore.

There IS something ill about it affecting the quality of what made it the best site on Gore.

The whole "NASCAR" theme that they/you self-proclaimed isn't any sweat off my back. Shit, if you can make a buck or two off of all the time you put into this thing then I'm all for it. Especially knowing first-hand the friendships, cult, relationships, etc. etc. you boys have created. You were a fans perspective on the sport.

But once it starts infecting the sole reason that we all LOVED this blog... it cheapens the whole deal.

That's all.

Nothing big.

Make your buck on it for Goddard's sake. For the love of fucking GOD make the dollar you can.

But don't cheapen the deal by busting in with an ad placement and trying to be clever to cover it up. Most of us are here because of the content, not the ads.

Ask us to click "Poker Balls" or whatever so you can make a nickel a click and we're down... just as long as you keep it to what drew us here. But plop it in the middle of what drew us here and again... it cheapens the deal.

We're suckers... but we're not that gullible.

Well, not all of us. Wilsmith can continue to crap on any opinion anyone has because he's bald and a "badass."


Keep it to the Pens. Leave the ads to the side (I'll click on them 50 times a day just for shits and giggles if it keeps this site's content at the same level it brought me here.)

Go Pens.

Suck my balls.

meecrofilm said...

Pens need to stop getting outshot. Fleury is earning half their points right now.

in other news, whatevs.

Ever since staff went on about how "you'll never see us do ads on this site" I knew the day would come eventually that they would =p

I wouldn't mind the in-recap ad, if the rest of the recap wasn't balls. Can't blame it on the game, the game was decent

No biggie though. Staff got off to a slow start last year then seemed to pick it up. Strange how their recap quality mimics the quality of Pens' play. =p

Jawsh said...


BlacknGold66 said...

Meecroflim for Prez.

(Meecrofilm = FH)

Hip said...

Hellacious call shift. Missed the game. Pissed to hear the final score. Just one more piece of shit that literally fell on me last night.

Screw Sunday. I'm going to bed.

donniek87 said...

wow guys don't overreact to two small lines of writing in the middle of a recap

dappie99 said...

stopped reading after the ad

Dan 2 said...

Hope Sid takes a Sudafed before the next game.

akus said...

Hmmm, i don't think i had the staff whispering in my ear... CLICK THAT LINK, DO IT NOW.

Amen to willsmith.
On the game;
vomit= wont be the last time i use that word.

Other news;
Hossa SO goal was sweet
Canes had 60 SOG last night
Lundqvist came up big in OT.

Matthew J, said...

This was my favorite blog last year. It was the only blog I ever read.

It's gone so downhill this year, that it's like Gretzky on the Rangers.

Rage said...

Oh fer fucks sake, people!!! It's ads...what's the big deal?

Ads in the recap=YOU getting jobbed

I'm far more concerned with the product recognition of shiteous restaurants that if not for ME would go unnoticed...PF Chang has a great marathon, but crappy food. Do they serve pierogies? Nuff said.

Staff should take their ill-gotten ad gains and invest in mod chips for their Xbox 360s so that they TOO may enjoy games like Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and Gears of War 2 before their actual release dates....not that I would have knowledge of any illegal doings such as that...of course.

Prattle you say?!?!?!? Way too much coffee AND Dr. Clayton Forrester too early in the morning is MY excuse!! Off to nap!

Matthew J, said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matthew J, said...

And please don't take that as an attack. I want to see it to back to what it was. It's constructive criticism. But it's getting painful to read.

And this isn't just about the ads.

Pensblog Staff said...

hahah well it looks like we need to rethink the whole ads in the middle of the recap joke.

[/looks at nails]

Pensblog Staff said...

Matt J..

No offense taken.

fleuryous said...

That one photograph with Crosby on the ice looks like some sort of gymnastic tumbling exercise. Who is that, attempting a handstand?

I'll admit, I laughed.

Rangers DO still suck.

MAF was DEFINITELY a beast. And has been.

And I have to say it...Staal has to be center. That's it. Or at least pick it up on wing, but he just plays so well at center.

And our PK's: no lube will stop this resistance.

About the ads...ummmmmm, it doesn't matter? haha.

Let's go Pens. Spear the Sharks.WOOOOOOOOOO.

fleuryous said...

Oh, and this probably doesn't need to be said, but I love you, staff.


akus said...

i heard Avery was [/looking at nails] in hawt pink!

Pens should take some poker lessons, they gotta learn how to Hold'em.

fleuryous said...

Oh, and in response to some comments from last post, because they were too funny...

Flyer Hater said...

"Just because I don't want to trade everyone, fire the coach, jump off a building, or want the team to move after a loss makes me crazy apparently."

WAIT, YOU DON'T WANT TO? You just don't care enough then. hahaha.
debrisslide said...

"As an aside, I think cblog is getting way too dramatic and some of us should be traded to LGP for "future considerations.""

I peed my pants a little at that comment. Just a little. But, I should change, just to be safe.

I love you people.

Let's just play the full 60 minutes on Tuesday...That's 59 minutes and 52 seconds PLUS 8 seconds.

fleuryous said...

And PSU won. BLEGH.

The Stillers game today should be...something else...

stokes said...

I think the ad debate is a little out of proportion. I thought it was a joke, so i clicked it. It wasn't a joke. I didn't care. Its like this: How many of you begrudge Malone for leaving and getting paid way too much money? Its the same thing with Staff. They are getting money where they can. They might have sold out, but maybe put yourself in their position and see what you'd do.

As for things that matter, the Pens best player is MAF right now, but for all the wrong reasons. They were outshot 18-2 in the third. So, You can rip MAF all you wants, but you're wrong because MAF is the only reason the Pens were 8 seconds away from walking out of there with 2 points.

They need to get back to playing well with a lead. They seem to go into the hockey version of the Prevent Defense. The only thing the Prevent Defense prevents is a win. The Pens picked it up in OT, but Lundqvist was a beast. The game tying shot was a hell of a shot. Let's give credit where credit is due, as much as it sucks to give up a two goal lead.

The Staal penalty that led to the Rags first goal was pretty sketchy to me, as well. I'm not blaming the refs for a poor third period, i'm just saying i thought it was a crappy call.

The Pens are still treading water. The aren't looking that bad with their top two defenders out. Although, you may have to start fixing that sentence with top two point producing defenders out, because, really, who on defense is playing poorly right now?

Sorry for the long post.

Dr. Turkleton said...


No kumbaya, politically correct, Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' being sung around the campfire here.

Eaton cost the Pens a 3-point swing in the standings.

point blank.

Slowpoke Rodriguez' gap control on that Zherdev goal was either a tribute to Paul Coffey's style of playing a 2 on 2 or he was retreating so 'fast' to assure he wasn't going to get beat to the outside, that he forgot his guy might...I don't know...SHOOT THE PUCK!


Where's Hans Jonsson when you need him?

I'm not walking down the street to jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge or saying trade everyone for a Wendy's™ Double Stack...

I'm just sayin'.

This team has already given away more Free Points to conference and division foes than Free Candy will be this coming Friday [not a Hooks Orpik reference]

[Scarlet Knights]

Nate8724 said...

Had a hockey game last night then work start at 8 we were up 2-0 get a pens mobile alert message we lose


meecrofilm said...

@ fleuryous: What you'd rather have had freaking OHIO state win instead?

@turkleton: You can blame Eaton for the first goal. But I'd sooner blame our forwards for cherry picking an empty netter and not bother to control the neutral zone gap for the second goal. Even though he had a great game, Fleury. Look at his reaction after the goal. He knew he went down way too early.

Anyways, I have faith in staff they'll get back to last season form soon enough. I remember last year there was a time when the recaps where balls just like they are now, but then I think the Pens the Devils or some other gay team (Charlie is still dildo-ing it up in sweden right?) and that lit a fire under everyone's collective asses.

WWSD (get his own ass moved to the first line hopefully.)

Hip said...

fleuryous - the butchered handstander is Malkin. That was the one part of the game I saw live at the nurses station and nearly shat myself silly. Please be ok, please be ok, please be ok!

Chubs said...


What's wrong with PSU winning? Aside from us not losing to Rutgers by 20. Wooooooooo.

Ignoring adcomplaintblog- anyone else think we should put someone else in the shootout closer role other than Sid?...that was a great sentence.

megz590 said...

I think Sid should close, i mean Lundqvist was just a beast last night. who else would u prefer

fleuryous said...

Sorry...Pitt and PSU just don't like each other. haha. Yeah, your football team is better, blah blah blah. If all goes well, our basketball team is going to OWN. Provided Levance doesn't get injured again. Yikes.

Nothing against you people, really.

On another note, there was a girl from Rutgers behind me last night. Most obnoxious girl ever.

My dad said he wouldn't hold me back if I wanted to piledrive her. haha

From the looks of that Malkin hand stand...I'd give him an 8.

Pensblog Staff said...

It just shows how shit of a game it was when discussions about ads takes over cblog.

People are always upset about shit at the beginning of the season.
We've gone through this three times already.

We're still in our preseason as far as posts go.
Bear with us :)
or don't.


megz590 said...

Staff -- you can do whatever you want with the blog. Ads everywhere for all I care, i Just like waking up and reading a sarcastic, hilarious recap of my pens team. It keeps me sane when my father tells me every loss we're not makin the playoffs and to trade Fleury.

rrrrrrrrr said...

Anyone whining about ads should put their own time into a blog this extensive, then talk.

Please. Go whine to someone else.

tanya said...

ads in the middle of recap = money (literally)

though the casino ad/poker/whatev would have been more relative if jagr were still in ny...

J.S. said...

For as much time as Staff puts into this place, they can place ads wherever they want. I'm not saying whether I agree with it or not, but it's their house and therefore their rules.

I'm just glad that there were no ads for adult toy shops that showed up earlier in the week. ;)

Scotty Hockey said...

I love how people are dogging you guys for trying to make money for your hard work. If the readers paid for the service, then they have a right to bitch but they don't pay so they should shut their mouths.

And you crybaby Pen fans should also shut up about the Rangers sucking. Rangers have 17 out of 22 points, the Pens 12 out of 18. First place for now bitches. Suck it Cole Harbour Queen worshippers.

Predsboy18 said...

Sounds like a tough one for the Pens last night.

Didn't get to see it, as I was in Nashville watching the Preds damn near choke TWO 3 goal leads (3-0, 5-2) to win the game 5-4 against L.A.

Is it just me, or is this BS happening all over the league this year? Teams coming back from multiple goals to win a game. I know the NHL likes it (creates excitement, encourages people to watch the whole game, all that BS) Twice in 72 hours the Preds choked a 3 goal lead to Calgary, then almost pulled the trick twice in the same game last night!

Oh well, we get the Caps on Tuesday, perhaps we'll just beat the shit outta them, and not have to worry about the comeback!

As for the ads in the posts, if you don't like em, don't read em. It's not as though they're MAKING you read them, and whatever keeps this place going is fine by me.


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