Sunday, October 12, 2008


Whatev City.
If any sports journalist is worth their balls, they won't phone in a game recap laced with comments about the Pens suffering from their cross-seas travel.

They were sitting on a plane.
They probably slept on the plane.
They've been back in Pittsburgh for five days.

There's no travel lag.
Drink a Red Bull and play hockey.

The players won't give the bullshit excuse.
They played solid enough to win, especially MAF.
But in a weird twist, the Devils actually benefited from the fact that this was the second game of a back-to-back situation for them.

The more games you play to start the season, you start getting in sync.
The Pens hadn't played in 5 days.
Devils suck.

But at least fans didn't boo the Pens. Good call.
The same can't be said for Sarah Palin:

Huge thanks to the [ KISS Freak Show ] for the heads-up.
That's probably the loudest that music has ever been played in a closed structure in U.S. history.
Almost couldn't hear the boos.

- Bly -

Nice touch.

[ Empty Netters ] has more pics of the banners.
Including the ones for individual-award winners.

At the player introductions, we were told to commend Ray Shero up in the press box.
The camera decides to focus on the banker from "Deal or No Deal."

Marc-Andre Fleury didn't fall coming out of the runway.
Signs of good things to come.



[Micheal B]




Guess what. It didn't feel like the same old Devils early on.
Either the Devils are learning to play hockey, the Pens have gotten better, or the Devils have gotten exponentially worse.

Godard dropped the gloves with Mike Rupp in between a few minutes of nothingness.

After a bit, Gogo got the puck behind his net and was gonna carry it out of there.
But some Devil jobs him, and the segment of a game where the Penguins have 5 players as compared to 4 players for the other team commences.

After a little bit of diarrhea, the Pens set up shop.
Malkin let loose with a beast from the point.
It hits some shit.
Satan was standing below the 7th faceoff circle of hell and was there to put home the trash.


[Thanks to Mike S.]

A couple of times during the first, MAF showed off his awesome puck-handling skills and rebound controls.
The Pens better trade him soon.

Late in the period, Dainus Zubrus channels Nicklas Kronwall and decides to lay out Matt Cooke.
In Kronwall fashion, the elbow came up.
Cookie probably lost some teeth and some pubes.

Typical Devils bullshit.

The Devils took some crap penalty at the end of the first because Patrick Elias tried to give someone hepatitis A.


The Mario Lemieux Foundation did some house-cleaning
and found some bad-ass stuff in their inventory.

T-shirts, hats, jackets, duffel bags, computer equipment, photo plaques.
You name it. They got it.

They are setting up shop in their parking lot:
Wednesday, October 15 9:00am -- 7:00pm

Where will this be taking place?
It's easier to get to than Lindsay Lohan's bedroom.

1) Take the Bridgeville Exit off of 79S or 79N.
2) Turn left onto Route 50. Turn left onto Hickory Grade Road.

3) Bury it.

4) Turn left onto Old Pond Road (Abele Business Park sign) and follow to the top of the hill.

5) Turn left onto Abele Road.

The MLF office is in the last building on the right.
Bargain Blowout is in the parking lot.


The Penguins had one more guy on the ice than the Devils at the beginning of the second.
But the Devils were all over the place, and the powerplay was mud.

A Crosby penalty crushed the opportunity, and then the Devils had a chance.

No dice on that Devil PP.
A surreal moment came while the Pens were shorthanded.
They broke into the Devils zone on a 2-on-1, and the expected crescendo of the fans murmuring in excitement never came.
There was more reaction in Sweden.

Mike Zigomanis is money.

Kelly Clarkson jobbed Crosby after the kill.
The U.S.S. took umbrage with the fact and changed his course heading.
You were kind of expecting Gill to break his hand in that fight and be out 3-5 weeks.

Fleury flashed his brilliance on a Devils one-time a little bit after that.
What a beast.

Dupuis tripped some dude, and the sneaky Devils had a chance to remind everyone they were actually playing in the game.
The Devils got some chances, but MAF made the saves a shorthanded goalie has to make.
They should still trade him for Mats Sundin.

Ziga-Awesome was getting in some time and getting the job done.
Penalty killed.

Crosby was a machine in the segment after that, setting up more people than Love Connection.

But no deal.

After the Arnold Palmer commercial, the Pens got another one of the man-advantage things.
Crosby draws his first penalty of the year.
No dice on that one.

We got introduced to the Syracuse Women's Hockey Team in the second period.
They have an Asian goalie, which means they're probably undefeated.

The Devils were all business at the end of the second, but the Pens survived.

You suddenly remember what it's like to wish bad things upon people.


Not much was going on in the third.
A couple of close calls, but nothing to waste bandwidth on.

The U.S.S. Hal Gill took on some dinghy for the Subway Sammich of the Game.

Brooks Orpik gets sent to the box for some weak-ass penalty.
But whatev. PK City.

The Devils, again, were all business.
Their great power play was upstaged by an even more solid job of a penalty kill.
Well, actually, it was the Pens making goal-saving plays at the last second.
Letang lifted a stick. Scuderi made a solid no-name play.
MAF does a superman in the crease and keeps it out of there.
If Patrick Elias wasn't busy celebrating a non-existent goal, he may have put it home.

It definitely wasn't the Devils' last chance.
Big Ben quantam leaps into Bing and he almost throws a pick 1.
MAF was there to make the big stop.

That definitely wasn't the Devils' last chance, either.
Some homo just throws it at the net.
It hits the U.S.S. and gets past MAF. 1-1.

There is that sickening feeling. Good times.

Pens aren't making the playoffs.

The Pens survive the rest of the third, and they get a point as it goes to OT.


You may have already known what was about to happen.
We've all seen some of these frustrating games at the Mellon.
The last two periods had turned into the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals.

The Pens get one chance. Legame tries to dish it.
If he gets the pass there, he is a hero.
He doesn't. Goat city.

What happens next separates 300 players in the NHL from just some fat chunk who plays pickup hockey on the weekends.

Zach Parise put a shot in the only place MAF couldn't get it.
Unreal shot.

Welcome back. RECAP

  • The Devils get 45 shots? Are they gonna actually play hockey this year? What an offensive explosion.
  • Bronx cheer for the Pens when they got that shot in third period. It's good 'cause at least people at the game knew what was (or wasn't) going on.
  • F off.
  • Can't throw anyone under the bus. Go Pens.
Here's Palin getting jobbed again:

Sarah Palin. Hockey Mom. Hockey Blog. And she got booed.
We aren't conservatives or liberals. We're Pens fans


GodILoveHockey said...

That headline was almost as amazing as Fleury in goal tonight.

He's really starting to establish himself as a top flight goalie.

Was nice to see Satan chip one in too.

Nulpher said...

Maybe a repeat of the start of 07-08?

Anyways, we'll get out act together at some point.

Oh, and the new recap graphics are solid.

Help Me Rhonda said...

I LOL'd at that title for a full minute. tPB makes everything all better.

Pensblog Staff said...

Thanks about the graphics. We're still experimenting with shit.

Allison said...
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Raybin said...

What a recap. The staff has me quivering like a horny prom date on Red Bull.

You were kind of expecting Gill to break his hand in that fight and be out 3-5 weeks.

The Devils got some chances, but MAF made the saves a shorthanded goalie has to make.
They should still trade him for Mats Sundin.

They have an Asian goalie, which means they're probably undefeated.

All that + the title = UN. REAL.

Some encouragement in the game, I suppose. Fleury, obviously. He's only 23? Eep. The penalty kill looks to have carried over its momentum from the playoffs. It appears the USS Hal Gill isn't going to revert to pylon mode and thus break my heart.

How about Sid diving to try to stop the second shot from his big turnover? What a player.

It's clear after three games that the rest of the league sat down over the summer and studied the Stanley Cup final footage good and hard.

Not much else in the way of positive hockey thoughts for me. If you missed it, go to the thread below this one and read what Flyer Hater had to say. He was all business after the game.

fleuryous' Crosby anthem shot = money

(but not a money shot. woooo)

Allison said...

2008-2009 Player Introductions

Allison said...

Player close ups in their cars, and game pictures

KaylaJ said...

nice pics allison, you know who else loves brodeur? that's right, sister in laws ;)

love the title, if i could say that's my fav thing to check on here daily i'd be lying cause truthfully, i can't choose.

as for the game other than saying nj can suck it, i have to say i think i like the old banners more.

finally, its times like these i hate being so far away. i'd love to stop by the MLF blowout and grab a hat...and of course stick around for a few days and catch a game.

P.O. said...

allison... nice pictures... was mark eaton driving a subaru??

old banners > new banners

if we let the NJ Trappers get 49 shots on goal, how many shots are the Craps going to get come thursday (not to mention the Cryers on Tues.)? they better lock it up quick

Lady Jaye said...

Allison, great pictures! I think my favorite was for the Civic Arena parking. ;) Where was that sign?

J-PRAK said...

That was the best footage from a flyers game. ever.

Docciavelli said...

BOOOOOOOOOOOO. Classic. You'd have thought Sarah Palin was Santa Claus.

Pens will finish last in their Conference, just like the Red Wings.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to sleep with half of the Syracuse Women's team. The other half I'd like to have beer, watch football, and go to a strip club with.

Stilly said...

Good recap staff. Things that we know:

MAF is a beast.
NJ is gay.

I bet Philly would've booed Palin's retarded son if she had him with her.

J.S. said...

Good to see the Penguins chose to stay politics-free for the puck drop, esp with Palin scheduled in the area earlier that afternoon. If I were in attendance and they chose to bring in Obama and/or McCain, I'd boo on principle. OK, maybe not, but I wouldn't exactly approve. A puck drop isn't gonna sway my vote one way or another. However, I'm sure Philly was booing for a whole other reason. Who was the mensa member who thought bringing the Republican VP candidate into an area that historically votes Democrat? In the words of the Guinness guys "BRILLIANT!". Yeah, not really. Better yet, agreeing to the idea wasn't exactly smart either, and with such great inventions as the Gore and the youtube, having 20k people booing your VP candidate never comes off looking good.

Hopefully I have kept this post politically down the middle. I don't want this to turn into politicsblog, and hopefully all posts who attempt to lean one way or another get whacked. I'm just saying that knowing the circumstances, the Palin in Philly puck drop = all around bad idea.

LargeTurkey said...

I think they had the crowd cheering from the speakers

Vanessa said...

@J.S... Awesome. I hate Sarah Palin and was actually happy to see Philly fans in top form to welcome her.

MAF was unbelievable and if it wasn't for USS's huge feet knocking in that goal for the devils, he would have had himself a shutout.

Whatever, only 79 games or something left to prove everyone right.



Silky Smooth said...

That Arnold Palmer clip is lifechanging. I will use that clip in every facet of my life

The Seeker said...

Philthy showing-off their complete lack of anything even approaching class again I see.

Of course, they booed their own goalie as well. Go figure.

I suppose that's almost as smart/bad as Pittsburghers booing Bush, Sr. when he came to deliver a check for like a billion dollars to the area?

Hockeywise...were Biz and Thomas healthy scratches which forced HCMT to use Sydor as a forward? Or was it that he figured we have too much offense already?

Flyer Hater said...

The new banners blow.

The Big K said...

A victory over the Cryers on Tuesday will make this all better.

Also, staff, did you guys find that title line on HFBoards? There was a thread about it there.

The Big K said...

Oh, and I never thought I'd say this, but props to the Philly fans for giving Palin the business.

The thought of her possibly becoming president someday if McCain died (which could happen, he's old) is just downright scary.

Flyer Hater said...

I don't think there's anything lamer than calling the Flyers, the Cryers. It makes Pens fans sound like 3rd graders. If we can't come up with a semi-insulting name, let's not come up with a name at all.

The Big K said...

Sorry, JS, for turning this into politicsblog. You're right. This has no place in hockey.

Vanessa said...

@FH... I don't like "cryers" either.

I do like some names like "Wangs" (Annie brought this one up last night).

Most are stupid though.

coffeytalk said...

It's Zigo-awesome, staff. My drunk texts to you last night involved me not knowing how to spell his name in the first place.


J.S. said...

big k, not to worry. it wasn't directed at you or anybody else here

which rolls into my next point...

seeker, exactly. Regardless of party, if somebody is showing up as part of a ceremony, show some common courtesy and at least clap. They didn't have to show up. In fact, they made it a point to adjust their schedule to be at a certain place at a certain point to support your cause. If fans want to mumble under their breath while clapping, fine. Better yet, if you don't want to be part of that ceremony, then walk the concourse, go for a beer and nachos run, or head outside and take a smoke break until said event passes. But the lack of class coming from BOTH parties because of personal agendas absolutely disgusts me at times.

in other news:
I'm still on the fence about the new banners. I liked how the old banners listed the two cup years in a big cluster and had CHAMPIONS written across the top. I'm sure I'll adjust to it. One of the banners (Ross winners?) didn't leave much room for an addition. We are gonna have a future Ross trophy winner(s), aren't we?

Did I just hear Eazy-E in a commercial? It was for some video game.

Still stumped on why they used Sydor as a forward. If you're gonna keep Thomas with the big club, why not use him? I doubt this is the case, but if they're showcasing Sydor to trade, then why put him in a position that he doesn't play?

Flyer Hater said...

I love LGP

Stoosh said...

if we let the NJ Trappers get 49 shots on goal, how many shots are the Craps going to get come thursday (not to mention the Cryers on Tues.)? they better lock it up quick

Just because teams don't get shots on the Devils doesn't mean the Devils don't generate offense. In fact, the biggest misconception about the Devils' trap system is that they don't generate offense.

To the contrary, their system is designed to force your team into a turnover either as you're bringing the puck out of your zone or bringing the puck through the neutral zone. They generate offense for themselves by employing an extremely quick transition game that gets the puck from that turnover right back into your zone. They keep the puck in either your zone or the neutral zone and thereby limit your shots.

When the system works, you see exactly what you saw last night. This is why the a two-goal lead is imperative against a team like New Jersey.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, most people who watch hockey, really don't understand it.

The Seeker said...

Only one last word in reply to j.s. on the Palin thing:

Had Palin refused the invite by the home team (yeah, they booed a woman that was INVITED by their OWN team for their OWN promotional gimmick), they'd have hated on her for that as well.

Of course had it been me (I don't profess to be classy), when I heard the boos, I'd have thrown the puck over the glass and announced I was a PENS fan and REALLY give them something to boo me for!

fleuryous said...

Dude, I do enjoy that Crosby shot. haha

Last night, the Pens played well--they really did. Eff you if you think otherwise. Especially MAF--holy shero.

We just couldn't bank it.

The power play is definitely better...and the penalty killing was booooooooooooss.

Crosby was a crazy man last night--he really wants that 100th point. He obviously deserves it too.

And I love Godard. haha. I expect no less than one fight per game from him...even if he's not playing.

AAAAAAAnd I still stand by my conviction:

SATAN>>>>>>>>>>The Devils.

fleuryous said...

and that LGP link....hahaha, priceless.

Jordan Staal is pretty much worthless. I mean, did you say how SHITTY he played during the playoffs?

He's pretty much the worst defensive forward ever.

Jesus H. Christ. Just stop.

fleuryous said...


Typing is overrated.

debrisslide said...

Solid recap. I felt bad that I missed a very large part of the game. But I'll be around on Tuesday to watch them beat the Flyers, so it's cool.

From what I did see, though, we played very well but just couldn't put it home quite enough. I still believe.

fleuryous said...


Flyer Hater said...


geezer said...

Anyone who thinks the Pens played well last night either was incoherent drunk or smoking some fucking killer weed. We sucked! Played right into Devs hands. If I saw one more drop pass at the blueline I swear I was going to projectle vomit over the glass.

As far as booing Palin. She and her Republican promoters who developed the Obamma is a terrorist lynch mob mentality should be booed, IMO. Stand on what you can do for this country and not sling fascist lies that are dangerous. If she came here I'd boo her as back to Alaska where it belongs.

Rage said...

I'm an independent as far as politics is concerned, but Sarah Palin is cordially invited to my house any time....for my own nefarious pornographic librarian purposes...and in keeping with the bridge jumpers, I say let's trade MAF, Staal, Malkin, Thomas AND Shero for the Vancouver Canucks franchise straight up. FTW!!


Rage said...

politics on a hockey blog=FAIL

akus said...

Snider + $ to McCain's campaign=Palin


Pens 3rd period, looked like one big NJ pp,at times with and without the man advantage.


Steigy and others saying travel was a factor, yeah, ok tell that to the Rangers.

Rangers schedule on returning from overseas is ball busting.

fleuryous said...

I don't know about this whole Republican or Democrat party business.

...honestly, I just enjoy a good party.

Flyer Hater said...

I really hate the new banners. For Gods sake, the only complaint I have against Mario is that he didn't go back to the classic cup era jerseys. Those jerseys were in the top 5 in all of hockey. I hate the baige.

TheNWChica said...

Of course the Philly fans are gonna boo her...they booed Santa!

< insert girly comment> But Palin needs a stylist like now! The hair needs help, fucking ugly shoes; and WTF is up with that just terribly craptastic coat that she had tied up under her boobs? For fuck's sake, I'm a big girl and I look better than that! < /done with girly comment>

And Rage? Leave my Nucks just where they are thank you! lol

Oh, and hopefully the boys in the Burgh can work on stuff this week, because damn that game was all sorts of boring.

Steve In Denver said...

Palin should have pulled a wardrobe malfunction at the puck drop. I bet she has a #8 eagle claw through the boob.

Thanks for that link to LGP. And that is precisely why I never ever go there.

Allison said...

Thanks KaylaJ, P.O., and LadyJaye.

@KaylaJ- Yea I can't help myself, he's just such a beast. I love good players reardless of their team.

@P.O.- I have no idea, sorry. That's the only pic I got of him so I can't even check my others. I'm not much of a car person so I don't notice these things. That being said, Malkin's new car is pretty sick. After practice he tore out of there in a pretty sick white porshe. After the game it was some black suv thing.

@LadyJaye - haha I was walking along Pride Ave between Forbes and Center. I saw that and just stopped dead in my tracks sooo confused.

Joose said...

Those Palin videos made my day, and that's all I'm going to say about them.

The game last night, on the other hand, did not provide the same feeling in the end. But that will change. It must.

dying alive said...

I've come to expect the "Staal suxx!" and "Satan hasn't done anything yet, revoke his contract!" type of posts from LGP, so those don't really even bother me anymore.

But for all that is good and holy, I wish people would let go of the Gaborik thing. Not that he's not a great player, he is. And not that he wouldn't look awesome on Sid's wing, because he would. But because we can't afford him. This is the man who just turned down $80MM over 8 seasons with the Wild. Where are we going to get the money to pay him? Should he REALLY make more than Sid or Geno? And who do we end up getting rid of to offset the cost?

Of course, a lot of these same people think that it's a good idea to trade Geno (a superstar locked up for six years at under market value) for Gaborik (a soon-to-be free agent who will OF COURSE take a $8.7 million hometown discount to play for the Pens).

BlacknGold66 said...

@Staff: The Devils had 49 shots, not 45 as you said in the MISC. section. But I didn't expect anything less from you guys in regards to numbers.


Pens just looked a little sloppy last night (see: repeatedly bumping into each other one the ice) Nothing that won't get ironed out over the next few weeks. I ain't scurred.

What DID impress me last night (other than MAF) was the fans all singing the National Anthem. Hopefully that carries through the remainder of the season.


As Turk said last night, we bumped in to each other outside prior to the game. Kinda cool since it wasn't expected. Good seeing you Turk (and your STH friend). Also nice to hear from Jonny V and Co., Stokes and a few others.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Flyer Hater said...

Gaborik is the most overrated player in hockey. He's had like 2 good years, is injury prone, and does nothing in the playoffs. When's the last time the Wild won a round? I don't think they've won anything since their run to the WCF in 2003.

Allison said...

Umnmm so I picked up the latest issue of The Hockey News (dated 10/14) for my 9 hour train ride. I open it up to find some dick named Ken Campbell telling me "don't expect your team to be anywhere near as good as it was last season" and "THEY WILL FALTER BECA0USE THEY DIDN'T TRADE EVGENI MALKIN."

Rage said...

@Allison-I'm a subscriber and I am qualified to say pay Ken Campbell no mind, now. He's angry at god for giving him a baby-dick and making him 4'10" and his wife whips his ass daily. To say the least, he's just bitter....and Canadian

xocharmedchildox said...

Allison- I read that too and i was pissed. It was so ridiculously bias and against the penguins. Im sorry, i thought having 2 of the best centers in the game under contract for less than market value would of been a good thing. My bad.

fleuryous said...

That's because Malkin's a joke.

And sarcasm is a dead language.

fleuryous said...

And I'm watching Colts v Ravens...

um, is Baltimore playing?

Peyton=beast. Seriously.

Korn said...

Love the new banners. They're styled nicely to hang from the new arena's roof, i.e. no curvature.

The post title is money, but it went downhill from there. Just sayin...

rwarner174 said...

If you don't want to be political do put that shit up. I hope everyone that showed no class in Philly get a baby with down syndrome and I hope they get AIDS for good measure. Apparently its cool to make fun of someone that was unfortunate enough to have a baby with down syndrome. Guess they would of cheered her if she had an abortion instead.

Well it is Philly so they probably all have AIDS already. Classless fucks in Philly.

Oh to the person that suggest I was new in two post ago. I have been posting since the pens blog has existed.

Sorry Sarah Palin suggested people be responsible for themselves. Know that doesn't jive with the union mentality in this state. You know the mentality where you should have to work, the government should give you everything. Any you know those darn rich people, umm like the ones you cheer in the mellon arena every night.

I hope she drops a puck here. Because I am going to punch the fucking yinzer next to me. It be worth going to jail over. For that matter, I'll punch them if they were to boo Obama, Mccain or Biden. Because the fact is all these people have done more in there lives then the rest of you little nazis will every do in yours.

dying alive said...

Hm. I didn't realize that not agreeing with Sarah Palin's views on abstinence, witchcraft, religion, and a multitude of other things made me a Nazi or implied that I sit around on my ass collecting welfare instead of working, or condone anyone else doing the same. I learned something new today!

Politicsblog = lame.

Johnny Wrath said...

Scathing indictment of Therrien at Epic Backhander.blogspot.I'm bored of the disappointment.

I'm totally over covetous journalists who dream up Staal or Malkin trades. They're apparently upset that their future isn't ours, and that the sense of entitlement apparently is causing journalistic dementia. I venture you wouldn't find anyone who grew up a Leafs fan who wouldn't trade their entire roster for any other teams'. I'm sure there are some AHL rosters Maple Leaf fan would do a complete swap on...

Whats funny is, the joke is on them, because such a roster is coming to their back yard in the Hamilton area to torment and outperform Toronto until 2034, at which time Toronto will have their first 2nd round pick in 41 years.

Jay Pandolfo sucks. -JW

xocharmedchildox said...

My mom always taught me to never bring two things up unless you wanna cause problems:

Lets keep this a HOCKEYblog, please.

Rage said...

No, I think the people who feel the need to bludgeon pensblog with their political opinions are probably long-time posters who sign in under a different name so they can drop epic fail and not be embarrassed later when they use their regular identities.

@d.a- we all learn something new every day

personal politics+religious fervor= lunatic fringe

That's all I have to say about that.

BlacknGold66 said...

I don't know Johnny Wrath personally... but his blog is usually a good read.

(although I haven't read today's post)

Freaking Turk is going to destroy me in Fantasy Football today. Shit.

Oh, and in regards to politicsblog or religionblog... yinz should all subscribe to The Church of the Hip as many other cbloggers (including myself) do.

Rage said...


meecrofilm said...

I thought Red and Andy were our road warriors, right?

I think to combat the homoness of Philthy for tuesday's game, plus the fact that it's a home game, we should go with Reading Rainbow Guy. I just have a good feeling.

debrisslide said...

Politics combined with hockey is generally epic fail. I think Philly was just classless all around--having a politician drop the puck and then booing her for good measure. It was a shitty thing no matter what way you look at it.

Am I the only one who isn't whining and is already excited for Tuesday? Come on, everyone!

fleuryous said...



fleuryous said...

And may I just say...

The Ravens were SLAMMED today. Dear Lord.

Stilly said...

Flyer Hater is right. The Cryers is a pretty lame insult. How about.. The Fags or The Homos... maybe even The Peckerwoods.

Johnny Wrath said...

Don't let the Twenty-First Century get in the way of your insults.(?)

Stilly said...

Oh that will never happen.

Rage said...

stilly said peckerwood...lolz


Center Ice still free till the 15th right?


nu said...

I like "Failyears". But as in the spring, it's still probably too subtle.

Rage said...

@johnny wrath- nice blog, great insight...bookmarked

Flyer Hater said...

I hate the Flyers, I don't need some retarded nickname to reinforce or convey my hatred. I hate the fucking Flyers.

brett said...

Western NHL is so much better than most of the East NHL.

I watched Vancouver/Calgary rematch last night, it was UNBELIEVABLE. I've said it once and I'll say it again, the west plays different than the east. It seems faster, more wild. There seem to be more shots, more hits, more fights.

Anyone who spends all season just watching the Pens, do yourself a favor and catch an Edmonton/Calgary or similar battle while your Center Ice is still free. You'll enjoy it so much.

TheNWChica said...

Go Canucks! Whooooooooooo!

Oh, and can someone recommend a back up football team to root for? I think the Sonics accidentally packed up mine when they move do Okeehomee and left me with some beer league scrubs.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

FH, Amen on the gay Cryers nickname. I've always used teams' and players' actual names because of how gay I think it is when people heap "Cindy" or "Shitsburgh" on us. Sixth grade sense of humor sucks.

The Big K said...
Oh, and I never thought I'd say this, but props to the Philly fans for giving Palin the business.

The thought of her possibly becoming president someday if McCain died (which could happen, he's old) is just downright scary.

Good to see our public schools indoctrinations are coming along nicely. Did I miss the news stating that Obama was some new species of human immune from death?

BnG, nice hearing from you yesterday, sorry that the game you came all this way to see was against the Devils (what did I tell you, Stokes? haha). For those that don't know, the upcoming game tuesday is a student rush game. I was talking to one of the Pens reps outside the game and she said there will be around 300 tickets available.

The screen outside Mellon was nice, but holy shit was it bright. I was still seeing a white rectangle in my field of vision a half hour after the game was over.

Country Rob, thanks for the beer and the use of the chair, I owe you one...

KaylaJ said...

so on wiki's current events page they have some news and one of them in "bobby orr in new commercial". needless to say i was worried another celeb i liked was doing some stupid political BS ad that they don't know anything about, but whew, just a mastercard commercial. unfortunatly since i do not live in canada i'll have to youtube it when it starts showing later this month

Flyer Hater said...

JonnyV, I've ignored the Big K for a while now. I've seen some of his posts on LGP under the name purelebo84 and the kid is a complete idiot. He doesn't know anything about hockey, let alone politics.

geezer said...

Yes moving on to the Philly Divers is a good plan at this point. I for one would be completely willing to forget everything about last night's game IF we beat the Divers. And if anybody ever punched me for booing Palin and being a unionist nazi they would be right on one account only.

I work 12 hrs a day and blog in any free moment on hockey and topics of interest to keep me from becoming work depleated and going into a stupor. However I go to 0 political blogs because there is way too much of that shit on TV already.

If Ed Snyder really believed he was bringing the #1 Hockey mom out to acknowledge her he should have waited a day after the election. Then we would know for sure it's not more political bullshit.

Sorry for the rant. Last freakin' one I promise. Beat Philly!

Flyer Hater said...

I take back what I said about the banners. I thought they changed the colors on the 91-92 banners to the current baige-white scheme. On closer inspection, they are still the old-school yellow.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Jonny: My record for Pens games that I actually attend is still ridiculous over the past two seasons (something like 9-1-2) so I'll take the point on the trip.

I just wish the Pens had the same record as the Pirates do when I've attended games. (Undefeated at PNC when I'm there.)


Max Power said...


It must get expensive to to 12 games a seaons

Dr. Turkleton said...

New Bannersblog

Queen Shero or someone should have put iron [on linen/steam setting] to banners 1st before then got hoisted up...

Even though the Huey Lewis Arena in DET is a cesspool with a sheet of ice in the middle...I do like/appreciate their banner-hanging in a nice, orderly fashion.


beaten?'re not officially. but I like the odds of more points being racked up for my Eli passing to your Plexiglass tomorrow night.

Thank You, Chris Columbus: Discovering the New World and never participating in the NHL playoffs since 1492.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

FH, I haven't been around for awhile, but I grew tired of his "FIRST!! OMGZ! let me bore you with an acceptance speech!

BnG, things were looking good for me for awhile vs. your gf, but hell she unleashed a fury that Hurricane Ditka could not match...

Max, I hope you were drunk when you attempted simple math right there buddy.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Max: That's about 12 games split between two seasons.

Also, 75% of the time I get to use my Dad's ticket so I'm not paying for anything but a little bit of gas (which actually isn't that bad considering it's only 2 hrs. away.)

When when you break it all down... I'm spending about $20 per game. ($10 for gas. $10 for food.)

It's a fucking steal.

Flyer Hater said...

BNG's in town and only takes me out to the freaking Olive Garden for dinner. Real high class honey, let's step it up next time and at least go to the Golden Corral.

fleuryous said...

Olive Garden is high class...they give you bread with your meal.


Flyer Hater said...

I have a few Italian friends who have challenged me to fights for even mentioning Olive Garden.

KaylaJ said...

i have non italian friends who'll fight me if i mention olive garden

Flyer Hater said...

Well played Kay, well played.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

All this talk about Olive Garden and I can't help but remember this skit: Shut up and eat, you old greasebag...we got a koo pon!

stokes said...

Johnny V: I thought the Pens would bring a little bit more to the table. Touche, salesman.

Cblog: Politicblog is getting old. I don't like the McCain/Palin ticket(for reasons i'm not going into), but i certainly would not boo her. I would just give her a good ol' "meh." Seriously, if you need to write about Politics, start your own blog and keep it out of the Pensblog.

warner: I've been around for a while, and i rarely see you write an intelligent post about anything. I'm not saying i'm the end all be all, or even Flyer Hater or Stoosh, but I'm certain your posts are usually crap.

I agree: the new banners blow. A 8 year old could have designed something better. But ugliness is not the problem. The problem is that they are PLAIN. Boring, plain and uninspired.

About the game last night: The 49 shots really wasn't a huge deal, because i'd wager that 75% of them were crappy shots that MAF saw all the way into his chest. The Devil basically shot the puck from anywhere and everywhere. I'm not breaking new ground with this commentary. The problem lies in the transition game, the turnovers at the blue lines and the absolute abysmal offensive presence the Pens had last night, which was mostly zilch after the first period.

After three games, all this talk is ridiculous. Did i mention its only three games into the season? By Nov., Satan and Sid are going to be clicking like the first hill of The Phantom's Revenge.

fleuryous said...


I ain't worried.

I'm more worried about midterms.

Goddamn, college blows more than Lilo. HAHA, actually not anymore...

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Samantha Ronson's underwear got dick holes in them...

Player Hater

fleuryous said...


You are ridic....or should I say riDICK?


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