Monday, October 13, 2008

One of the few sports anchors we actually respect in this town:
Bob Pompeani of KDKA does a solid interview with Michel Therrien.

[Thanks to the Eric P. AKA Steelcity assault]

Celine Dion sucks, but we're not arguing with Therrien.


:: Per [LGP], Godard and Letang got into a fight in practice.

:: This Pierre Lebrun says the Wild should trade Gaborik to the Pens. [ESPN]
If you haven't figured it out by now, Gaborik is the new Hossa.

:: If we wanted to start a rumor, we could link that the Pens aren't making signing Staal a must, [PG], thus making it seem like the Pens might trade Staal for Gaborik.
It's October 14th, by the way.


UH, someone break up the Rangers.

5-0 city. [Battle of NY]

Conkblock city.

Semin explodes on some guy's face.

We got to watch the Caps game, and man, they looked sick.
Mike Green is dangerous.

[Japers'] is most likely pleased.


[Maxim] had hockey's all-time toughest players.

Number 1:



Go Pens


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Mario Lemieux First? Was there ever any doubt?

brett said...

Caps are solid right now, indeed. Vancouver was tired from the back-to-back with Calgary though.

BRING ON THE FLYERS, who lost to MTL tonight in a tight one.

PittHockey said...

staal for gaborik?


In Shero We Trust?

Allison said...

i dont know if it's just my computer, but those videos arent coming's only audio for me

Dr. Turkleton said...

Andrew Alberts got traded earlier today from Boston to Philly...the same Alberts that received a concussion from the Flyers Scott Hartnell last year, which subsequently caused Alberts to miss the final 47 games of the season...I wish I could have have been a fly on the wall [one of the probably thousands that already reside in the Flyers locker room] when those two met face to face.

•Did they kiss and make up?
•Did Danielle & Mikey demonstrate how to do it properly?
•Is Biron really a hermaphrodite or just wishing he/she was?

Inquiring minds want to know!

[Vengeance Whatev]

Allison said...

ok, never mind it's working now

Annie said...

*LOLs at Dr. Turk* I had the supreme privilege of watching Debbie Briere play with the Springfield Falcons back in the late 90s. He was soff even then.

Of course the Falcons are still pretty terrible.

Allison said...

Pens to debut blue alternate jersey mid-November

debrisslide said...

Of course Lemieux is the toughest. If they said anything else they'd be bullshitting us all.

My prediction for tonight's Flyers/Canadiens game was 4-2 Montreal. When it was 4-2 for that brief period of time I was like WHOA.

Can't wait for tomorrow! How I'm going to finish my paper that's due Wednesday is beyond me.

fleuryous said...

I'm doing a lab report right now.

Em effer. haha

Allison said...

who is that is your little picture?
and apparently I was visitor 666 to your blogger profile, therefore I'm feeling a big game for SATAN tonight :)

jefe p said...

Maxim knows all.

fleuryous said...

MR. KENNEDYYYYYYYYY, of course. haha.

Love the fro. I kinda miss his Moses look.

Raybin said...

If Marian Gaborik comes to Pittsburgh, I will volunteer to be stripped naked, bound, gagged, and thrown into the Ottawa Senators lockerroom.

I don't know where people get these goddamn ideas. It's like the league is a giant game of NHL 08.


Not to answer for debris (although I will), but I think that's MISTAHHHH KENNEDYYYYYYYY!!!

Good to see Conkblock still on top of life. I just wish it were with a different team.

The Caps are no joke this year, man. (Their goaltending will remain another story. Theodore has a lot more to prove)

I will admit I'm shocked to see the Rags doing as well as they are. WTF?

Holy crap, I should be in bed.

Allison said...

k, that's what i thought, but the words kinda confuse me... what does he have to do with Europe?

Bacon077 said...

shouldn't it be: Therrien's Musical Taste is... Soff?

Allison said...

alright, nevermind, i figured it out... man i should not be allowed to comment at 2 in the morning

Allison said...

@bacon077- i completly agree

Raybin said...

Oh yeah and kudos to Maxim for getting it right with Le Magnifique.

Peter Forsberg a "tough guy" though? Really? I didn't know being made of glass and sitting out half the season makes a tough guy.

I loved the inclusion of Scott Stevens because of Lindrosian destruction. Good stuff.

Messier shouldn't even make the top 3 because Mario takes up the top two slots all by himself and in the third he's banging your mom.

fleuryous said...

If that's the case, I could possibly be Mario's lovechild...

but the fact that I look a lot like my father is irrelevant.

The Goon Blogger said...

Much like me cheering for Jason Bay but not the Boston Red Sox, I cheer for Conkblock City still. Dude was a solid human being.

These 3 rival games should get the Pens in the right set of mind going forward if nothing else. Atleast we're not playing a buncha teams in the west to start with which would make not caring even more likely.

The Goon Blogger said...

Also, if Marian Gaborik is wearing a Pens jersey at the end of this season my Trust in sHero will go down. The trade for Hossa milked us pretty good for prospects, but we were still solid because we had Bing, Gino, and Gronk. But if we traded Gronk (and most likely a pick in next year's draft), I don't know if we can wash our hands so easily of it like we did with the Hossa trade.

Just sayin'. Let's see if Satan and Tank can gell with Crosby like Sykora gelled with Malkin before we start making crazy trade talk.

Truthfully, there should be no trade talk at all. We've played all of 3 games.

KaylaJ said...

i was gonna give maxim credit for mario being #1, but then i saw forsberg was on their list. sure, the guy could scrum it up in the corners, but to act like he's such a tough guy cause he lost his spleen and came back is a bit deceiving. he lost his spleen during the 01 playoffs and missed the stanley cup finals where the avs beat nj in 7. his drs always said he could come back next season and everything would be fine, i mean he lost a spleen, not a spine. however, come 01-02, he had to sit out until the playoffs cause of more foot surgeries. needless to say, if foppa can make this list, how far off is lindros cause he came back from all those concussions and almost dying in the bathtub?

now how about throwing forsberg off the list and throwing someone like terry sawchuk on the list. what that guy played thru, mentally and physically, makes you realize how tough that crazy SOB was.

fleuryous said...

Trade Crosby,
he's useless.

I love some Pittsburgh fans sometimes.

fleuryous said...

And no, that was not directed toward anyone here.


tanya said...

why there is scientology ad on the pensblog???

tanya said...

and since when nabokov has been from kazakhstan?|STS|Main

stokes said...

If the rumor is true, i wonder who won the fight? I'll bet it was pretty even. Just because Godard is willing to fight doesn't mean he's tough. He hasn't impressed me much yet with his fighting capabilities.

J.S. said...

tanya, he's always been, or at least since 1991 when Kazakhstan declared it's independence.

tanya said...

as a smart person i checked that after i posted my comment... though he represented russia at the world championships

Antonette said...

If you need a laugh this morning, read the comments concerning the Letang/Godard "fight".

Good shit. I think my favorite is that Letang is rumored to have attitude issues. Seriously? Seriously?

That said, I think I'm skipping a lecture tonight to watch the game. Is it pathetic that I thank god for VS in college? Bah.

dying alive said...

@ antonette - that "I heard Letang has attitude issues" rumor has been going around over there forever. It's usually pulled out and dusted off when either Letang has a bad night or someone gets wind that they aren't all BFF.

I'm not worried about the Rags going 5-0 to start the season. Ottawa did pretty well at the beginning of last season and it didn't work out too well for them.

Rage said...

@tanya-because fucking L. Ron Hubbard rules your ass....well...everybody's ass, so ...mine too. Really? Wait!

Rage said...

Gaborik is too soff for the Pens and his salary demands would be ridiculous at the end of the season therefore a high-risk move. The Squareheads won't part with him straight up, so I don't see Mr. Shero doing it unless Buries It forces him to. Just my opinion.

@D.A.- Thanks, I needed that smack in the face. I was getting a little nervous about the Rags.

Dan said...

madden also said we should trade staal for a winger. thus proving he is a moron.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Seeing the Caps in person last night, they were extremely impressive. Completely ran the Canucks out of the building to the point that Vancouver was basically playing like they wanted to get the hell out of the building as quickly as possible in the 3rd period.

The Pens are still better.

Joose said...

I'm pumped for tonight!

Student Rush is going to kick my ass, but it's worth it.

wilsmith said...

eh, if they want to trade staal, why not?

Just get someone we can keep around.

debrisslide said...

Yeah, my icon is TK. He's a pimp. I need to make a new Pens LOLcat soon though. Probably after the pictures from tonight's game end up on the Internet.

Pumped for tonight indeed. Pens vs. Flyers is always exciting.

slush said...

I so wish I were going to tonights game. Damn kiddie soccer practice!

Max Power said...

Legame would beat Godard. Legame knows Kung Fu. Its science.

Scientology = just drink the koolaid already.

mmmmmmm koolaid!

Rage said...

@max-that would be like Jim Jones' killer kool-aid,(but worse) and no thanks BUT...

Grape kool-aid + pnut butter sammiches=full of win!

Pensgirl said...

Nice to see the folks at Maxim have some concept of what real toughness is, and to prove the point they built a totally solid case for 66 without mentioning a single one of his back surgeries (or the shoelaces bit).

I R A Darth Aggie said...

Vancouver was tired from the back-to-back with Calgary though.

Ok, I was wondering if the Canucks where that awful (10 shots on net the entire NIGHT? WTF?) or if the Caps where that good.

Seems like somewhere in the middle. Tho I'll lean towards the Caps are dangerous camp until it's show to be not true.

luvnmypens said...

@ Dr. Turk

During the Flyers game last night they mentioned that the 2 joked about it and Alberts said he would get him back in practice.

Max Power said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Max Power said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fleuryous said...

It's weird thinking that Letang has "attitude problems."

He seems like one of the chillest guys, I'd have to say.

But, if some guy were coming after me...fisticuffs. That's it.

AH, I'm so bummed that I can't go tonight.

Jeeeeeeeeeess, get a pictures of TK burying one and Hooks impaling some dude (hopefully Briere) for me. haha

fleuryous said...

And I want a rematch of Kennedy v Upshall so TK can kick his ass...AGAIN.

brett said...

@i r a darth aggie,

Ok, I was wondering if the Canucks where that awful (10 shots on net the entire NIGHT? WTF?) or if the Caps where that good.

You're right on both counts. The Caps are very dangerous. But also, Vancouver put its heart and soul into those two Calgary games, which were division games for them. IMO it's only natural for them to be a bit shakey playing a non-conference team early in the season right after divisional games.

dying alive said...

Also, Vancouver isn't exactly known for their explosive offense. Still, 10 shots is pretty bad.

Max Power said...

Sykora is in

Max Power said...

More on world's smartest people

TheNWChica said...

Brett is right about the Canucks-Caps. The Nucks were tired and they seem to always suck in the first game after a cross continent flight.

I hope they spend today sleeping before they go to the Joe Thursday night. I want them to win, dammit!

Oh, and I also want to see Sami Salo introduce himself to Hossa often. Not exactly Free Candy, but he can be bad ass at times.

debrisslide said...

I need to basically write an essay before the game comes on. Dammit, I am such a procrastinator.

Max Power said...

Does anybody know of a feed for the game tonight? I might get slobbed into having to work late.

akus said...

Only info i seen max is this;


access code: flyers

P.O. said...

dont know if this has been mentioned or not... but Sykora is back on the 2nd line tonight and Kennedy was bumped to the 3rd line with Talbot and Cooke at the morning skate.

Eric P. said...

Biz Nasty and Godard should be dressed against teams like Philly, Vancouver, Phoenix, Anaheim, etc.

akus said...

I had forgotten the game is not on FSN tonight, only Versus.

Justintv is streamlining NHLN now,( replay of the Caps.`Nucks game)

strange to see the sonicscrubbingbubbles on my tv and computer screen.

44FreeCandy said...

Conkblock is the only reason they won the game (imo). If Elroy were in net it would have been a different story.

Go Pens!

professor confusion said...

trade Staal? that would be a horrible horrible thing to do.

Tom said...

I watched the entire VAN/WAS game. It was the Canucks who crapped the bed. Their D just wouldn't clear the puck from the net. Twice it allowed Sedin to flip loose pucks in. They clearly did not come to play.

That wasn't a real test for Washington IMO. This is the team that gave up 7 to Atlanta just last weekend.


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