Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kennedy Sees The Sign. PENS WIN.


We love hockey, but this business about starting the season overseas is crap.
This felt like a exhibition game.
Someone forgot to tell the Senators that it was actually a regular-season game, though.

Everything will be right as rain a week from now
when the Pens host the bums that play with Martin Brodeur.

Even the upcoming game on Sunday will feel like some weird summer hockey fantasy camp.
Whatev. We'll play in a toilet bowl in Vietnam if it results in the Pens starting the season 2-0.


The girl who sang the Canadian anthem was smokin.
After 10 minutes of national anthems, it was time to drop the puck.

Mats Sundin made the ceremonial drop in front of the crowd of his homeland.
Immediately the Canucks were on the line with his agent,
emptying their bank account to procure future puck dropping rights.

The Senators were starting some dude named Winchester.
Fox shows us the Pens lineup:

[Thanks to Mr.Pockets]

The broadcast feed started buckling under the immense pressure.
It came back in time for us to see Mr. Kennedy swing out in front of the net and put it home.

After the Senators skated around sucking for a while, the Pens jumped onto the power play because Dean McAmmond didn't train in the offseason.

That first power play seemed to take about an hour.
It was stopped halfway through so Daniel Alfredsson could make out with the Swedish fans.

That gave the referees time to realize a Senator shot it out of his zone over the glass.
5-on-3 City for a while.

Kennedy looked solid on the half boards during that business.
That 8-minute penalty was killed.
The Senators could have used that momentum to score a goal quickly.

But they decided to wait about 5 minutes.
Shean Donovan was like a bee in your car during the playoffs last season.
He gave us all a reminder of that when he poops one past MAF.

The Senators hate being competitive, so they put the Pens back on the power play soon after.
Alfredsson and Joko Ruutu had a shorthanded 2-on-1.
Ruutu could have put it home, but Alfie wanted the fans to touch themselves.
MAF with the stop.

The Sens killed that off, but they didn't feel at home being 5-on-5, so they took another penalty.
Jason Spezza thought there was a 13-year-old boy in the box, so he took a holding penalty.

By this time, the game was sucking the life out of you.
And Fedotenko better change his number, because you see that 6, and you think Christensen is back on the team and you vomit.

Penalty killed. Guess what.
Chris Neil thinks Kris Letang is Gary Roberts and jobs him from behind.
The Pens power play was beyond poop by then. It was liquid that you couldn't even control with your sphincter.

The Pens finally took a penalty when Jeff Taffe did something.
4-on-4 for a while.

Balls. Balls. Period.


The Mario Lemieux Foundation did some house-cleaning
and found some bad-ass stuff in their inventory.

T-shirts, hats, jackets, duffel bags, computer equipment, photo plaques.
You name it. They got it.

They are setting up shop in their parking lot:
Wednesday, October 15 9:00am -- 7:00pm

Where will this be taking place?
It's easier to get to than Lindsay Lohan's bedroom.

1) Take the Bridgeville Exit off of 79S or 79N.
2) Turn left onto Route 50. Turn left onto Hickory Grade Road.

3) Bury it.

4) Turn left onto Old Pond Road (Abele Business Park sign) and follow to the top of the hill.

5) Turn left onto Abele Road.

The MLF office is in the last building on the right.
Bargain Blowout is in the parking lot.


You almost forgot that anguish of waiting throughout an intermission for the game to get back going again.

The second period commenced. A bunch of nothingness took place.
Then Candy stopped Heatley for a driving violation, but Brooks went to the box.

The Sens tried to gain the zone on their powerplay, but a dump-in snapshot hit some Senator in the junk, and the puck landed on Malkin's stick, and he sped in on a breakaway.

. 2-1.

Eventually, the Pens were on another power play.
No dice on that one.
Nothing like your PP starting 0 for 92 to start the season.

Eric Godard comes out trying to start some shit.
He takes a penalty. It costs the Pens.

Heatley desinates a drive past MAF in the high slot. 2-2.
Godard = Stunned.

The Sens started realizing that they could take penalties all game and not be worried.
Hell, they could start scoring if they did.

Spezza took advantage of a turnover and destroyed MAF. 3-2.


The Pens started the third period with two guys in the box.
And they were both defensemen who kill penalties big-time.

But the Pens decided to go on the offensive, getting some solid SH chances.
They killed the 5-on-3 with charisma and balls.

After a while, Crosby carried the mail through the neutral zone, gained the blue line, and surveyed shit. He found Gonchar Rob Scuderi trailing. In the bank.


3rd career NHL goal for Scuds, sky-rocketing that goals per game stat to .0136

The teams started buckling down.
Letang took some jobber penalty, and it was killed.

Dupuis caught Ruu on a thumb on a stick-check. Ruu went down like he'd been shot.
No call.

Last minute of play a puck knuckleballs out of Fleury's glove and glances off the post.
No way the game ends like that.

Regulation spent, all tied up at 3.


With a point in the bank both sides open the game up.
Letang nearly finds Bing in between the circles with a slapshot pass from the point,
but a Sens defender gets a blade on it.
Using a Senator as a screen Staal catches Gerber off guard with a wrister.
The rebound bounces in front, but no ones crashing the net.

With less than a minute on the scoreboard Spezza takes it upon himself to beat the entire Penguins roster singlehandedly.

He tries to chip the puck around Kennedy, but TK's not buying.
Blocking it with his skates he tears down the ice.
Ottawa was in a defensive line change, and their forwards were too busy give Spezza the "dude, WTF?" look.

From the left circle TK ends it, putting the winner past Gerber farside.


[ NHL Recap ]
  • Kennedy: 2 goals, GWG
  • Pens PP: 0 for 7
  • Geno: SHG
  • Dupuis dropped to 3rd line, Tanko moved to Crosby's wing.
  • Sykora sat out with a tweaked groin. Not expect tomorrow
  • TK took his spot on line 2 and was lights out.
  • Gerber won't finish the season as the Senators starting goaltender.
  • FSN was not in gameshape for opening day, mistakes abound.
  • With Malkin's stickhandling, the Senators defense looked like the Steelers O Line


joosh1500 said...

first of the first

Rage said...

nicely done guys

BlacknGold66 said...

Solid post.

Solid win.

Scuderi got a goal so I'm happy.

And those big fake Swedish boobs look ready to pop!

PittHockey said...

i'm loving the steelers o-line jab

Rage said...

spezza does look like a dirty little boy toucher

Eric P. said...

Super Scuds.

Please tell me you saw Biz Nasty during the National Anthem.

debrisslide said...

I love recaps! I especially love the Scuds picture. His 3rd career goal, seriously? He totally deserved it.

Powerplay was so fucking mud tonight. We had more chances on the Senators' 2-man-advantage than we did on our own fucking powerplay.

Lady Jaye said...

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who felt like this wasn't a 'real' game... It was just weird. But alas, it felt so good to be watching hockey on a Saturday afternoon.

Kennedy FTW. Woooo.

akus said...

Pens Win.

Two points.

Take it anyway we can get it.

Baby Pens playin Hershey.
8-2 da Bears.
8 goals on 29 SOG, so far.

BlacknGold66 said...

Yeo isn't making the playoffs.

anthony doom said...

fun game to watch! it was nice to hear all of the pens fans in the arena! the powerplay scares the life out of me, somethings got to be done about all that. all things considered it was a good game. its also nice to see pensblog stepping up again.

Nick Saia (usa) said...


johnny said...

Now THAT is what I call jobbing. Pensblog staff already in mid-season form.

The Goon Blogger said...

@eric p

Biz Nasty during the anthem was probably the greatest thing in reverse history. Much cooler than Hammurbai's Code and the Magna Carta.

Rob Scuderi's goal was so legendary I started Be A Pro Mode as him in 09.

The Goon Blogger said...

How the fuck did I type reverse instead of the course? Seriously, what the fuck?

fleuryous said...

TK=money city.

I cannot wait to see more from the dude. This will be his breakout year, for sure.

He's a big boy nooow.

Biz Nasty during the anthem made me crack up.

Aaaaaaaand Scud's goal made me pee my paaaaaants. Good for him, Dude.

Russell Lucas said...

I know we'll see more of a second line PP with Sid and Geno killin' penalties, but there was entirely too much Jeff Taffe power play presence today.

But what kind of a jerk complains after a Game One win?

Anybody else go for the free skate at the Mellon? Fantastic time.

fleuryous said...

I wasn't at the free skate...I took a tour and then watched at the arena.

Tooooo sweet.

Flyer Hater said...

BNG's stolen jokes aren't making the playoffs.


Jason said...

Did anyone else notice they played "The Imperial March" before the first power play there at the Sweedish Death Star?

Jason said...

Swedish. I think I also heard the Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah song as well.

akus said...

The PP will be gellin like Dr Scholls.

Ok since the National Anthems took 20 minutes and i wasnt paying attention.
What was up with the Biz-ness?

wilsmith said...

That joke is so widely used that no one can claim it.

debrisslide said...

Yeah, I didn't see Biz Nasty during the anthem. . .I was too busy texting my friend about how Malkin's mouth was actually closed, hahaha.

PensfanSeoul said...

So when you have a guy like Mr. Kennedy, you dont need a Sidney Crosley, or whatever his name is....You guys think we could trade him for a defenseman that runs the point on the powerplay?

I have to say it....Fire Mike Yeo.

KOVY27 said...



kovy27 said...

btw f you pensfanseoul....mike yeo is the shiiiiittttt

dhudzin said...

"The Pens power play was beyond poop by then. It was liquid that you couldn't even control with your sphincter."


meecrofilm said...

Pens powerplay today was the first unofficial production of Amy Winehouse on Ice.

Awesome to start of the season with a W. Already can't wait for tomorrow.

Mike Georger said...

i really hope that the HUD wasnt a new fsn thing, it looks terrible. in a game like hockey you need to take up as little space on the screen as possible. the old one only took up one line, this one was two and sucked ass.

this whole trip is bullshit. the ice is shit, the rink is smaller than nhl standards. and considering how flat anaheim looked after coming back from abroad im terrified of next week.

still, great win.

Eric P. said...

For those who didn't see Bis during the Nat'l Anthem >>

BlacknGold66 said...

No, FH can claim "Pens aren't making the playoffs."

He can ALWAYS claim that and "Turn the page."

I am just trying to get his attention since he ditched me at Red Lobster

GOD, I miss what we had Flyer Hater.

I miss what we had.

Then again...

It's only day one.

(Constitution Party anyone? (other than me and FH???)that part insn't a joke)

akus said...

watchin the replay now on FSN....

get to see all the stuff i missed and ignore all the shit i didn't.

fleuryous said...

I'm rewatching it. haha

Love it.

stokes said...

What's wrong with big fake Swedish boobs? in the IKEA catalog, they're called "svedutres."

I think part of what i'm so excited for the season about is reading game recap by tPB. This one is solid.

Its obvious that the PP is starting up right where it left off in the SCF: sucking. Although, the PP might be missing Gonch more than anyone could imagine. Or maybe they'll score 5 PP goals tomorrow. Gerber is a sieve.

Rage said...

Pierre LeBrun showing some TK love:

fleuryous said...

Dude, rewatching this...

Kennedy is playing like his life depends on it.

Fuck a two-way contract, beeches. haha

Rage said...

@fleuryous- TK ALWAYS plays like that. It's what I noticed the first time I saw him play live against the Hurricanes. He's totally insane on the ice.

F1reb1rd said...

With game recaps like these, I expect you will be hearing from the Post Gazette shortly boys, well done.

You too Pens!

fleuryous said...

Yeah, I know he does, but...the fact that he had two goals today, including the GWG really makes him stand out today.

I love the kid, but the fact that he's so little, he HAS to play like a beast. haha

coffeytalk said...

eff the post-gazette.

i won't be surprised if tomorrow's top sports story is about ben tumblesberger and the pens get a tiny piece on the last page.

fleuryous said...

That Malkin goal is STILL beautiful.

Rage said...

@coffeytalk-amen! mainstream media isn't ready for tPB kind of creativity, reality, and humor. It would have to be all bleached out and processed, rendering it...newspaper-like and bland

@fleuryous- exactly, and I'll be tickled to death if he ends up being moved off 3/4 line into a scoring position. I even remarked to a guy at that game that from the perspective of a GM, I'd worry about signing him long-term just because you gotta wonder when the guy is gonna...well...never mind. Don't wanna jinx anything. He is hockey awesomeness personified.

coffeytalk said...

it just aggravates me to no end that in seasons past, the PG finds it more meaningful to cover a WVU loss, more than a Penguins win.

Last time I checked, West VIRGINIA university is not located in Pittsburgh.

I could be wrong, though. Our suburbs get confusing...


fleuryous said...

hahaha, coffey.


fleuryous said...

And can we talk about how they were misnaming Tank? Ummmmmmmm, fail.

Mr. Plank said...

The NHL is back baby, woooooo.

Nice win tonight boys.

dhudzin said...

Seeing the "A" on Geno's jersey was weird. I like it.

fleuryous said...

Seeing the "A" on Orpik's jersey pleases me. He's earned it, that's for sure.

Duuuuuude, that Scuderi goal makes me happy too--he's so proud of it. haha

debrisslide said...

Tomorrow is going to be ridiculously solid, too, I think.

I just hope Sykie gets better. Poor groin. Too much lovin'.

Carroll said...

Contest for Canadian residents:
NHL Big Ticket Experience.

Approx. retail value of the Prize is $29,088 CDN. Prize consists of a trip for four (4) to each of the following: 2009 NHL Winter Classic™ (Chicago, Illinois), 2009 NHL® All-Star Game (Montreal, Quebec), and one (1) 2009 NHL® Stanley Cup™ Final Game (city to be determined). Prize also includes hotel accommodations and four (4) tickets to each Hockey Experience.

MizzPenz said...

First game First win. It seriously concerns me that people are calling out Yeo on the first game. I truly hope you are all joking or jobbing. Who the hell have these guys had a chance to PK or PP against? It's the first freaking game of the season. Let's let it sit for awhile and see how it all plays out for a few weeks. The D has had some serious blows in the past few weeks.

Wait.. I'm taking it all too seriously. I forgot that this was played like a pre-season game.

ellen said...

I thin the PP was missing Syko even more than Sarge.

Nick said...

Swept by the Dodgers
101 years and counting!

ellen said...

*think* duh

Dr. Turkleton said...

Game 1.0 MVP:

the left elbow of the net that MAF was defending in OT, for keeping the puck MAF was trying out his best high-five imitation with Peter Puck and almost slapped it into his own net, instead.

[that would have eclipsed MAF's Butt-Goal in last years SCF]


Las Vegas' World Record? pfffffft.

Happy 250th B-Day, Pittsburgh: You don't look a day over 200! [Let's keep this our little secret and maintain the outsider's idea of you being a smoggy, dirty, nothing-to-do, jobless for the youth of a burgh, so that you don't get too popular, mmmmmk?]

ellen said...

Some thoughts before beddie-bye...

1. WTF is Taffe doing on the power play??

2. Gogo better play tomorrow.

3. Malkin is going to be as sick as Mario was as a short handed scoring threat on the PK (was that redundant?)

4. So why does he suck so much on shootouts? I say we have someone chase him down the ice during shootouts to lend a sense of urgency.

That is all.

fleuryous said...

I'm going to be bold and say that tomorrow...

Orpik gets a penalty.

Just kidding. I'm going to say Orpik gets a goal.

Dude, if I were Gerber and saw Orpik's RIDICULOUS shot, I'd get the eff out of there. haha.

Dude, hockey season makes me happier than Whitney on crack.

Anthony said...

The feed on I was watching went out as soon as OT started and crashed my computer. By the time I got everything back in working order, it was showing Gerber crying like he was on the label of some shitty tasting baby food jar and I knew good things were abound.

J.S. said...

russell, I was at the free skate. probably the only person on the ice with WBS stuff on.

my prediction for tomorrow 3-1 Pens. Goals by Talbot, Sid, and another game winner by TK. Charlie's current love Jason Spezza scores the only Ottawa goal.

TheFandangler said...

As soon as Kennedy stole the puck from spezza I called it... "Game Over"...


We'll see you tomorrow...


J.S. said... has been failing so far this season. piss poor streams (quality and pic) and game cutting on and off and sometimes going away without rhyme or reason. Now I probably shouldn't be complaining about something free (or illegal), but if you're gonna commit to streaming, at least try to do it right.

I'm just hoping it's because it's early in the season and the bugs are being worked out.

debrisslide said...

Talbot is going to bury one. His minutes have been insane and his energy is just as fucking great.

By the way, my college (Emerson College) has its own set of TV channels compared to the rest of Boston for some reason, and I don't get fucking Versucks. I never thought I'd say this, but I really wish I could watch Versus. Seriously. Tomorrow's game is going to be on Versus! I either need to become bffs with someone who has digital cable or deal with another live feed that goes out every 2 minutes. . .hating my life right now. . .

assklown 666 said...


The Goon Blogger said...

Bold Prediction: After Scud Missile last night, The USS Hal Gill fires a Cruise Missile into the net in today's game.

Also, am I the only one excited about the first 3 games of the "Regular" Regular Season? Nice 3 Game Home stand against New Jersey, Filthadelphia, and Washington. Early start in division and conference boys!

Jawsh said...

With Malkin's stickhandling, the Senators defense looked like the Steelers O Line.


Stoosh said...

What the hell am I still doing awake?

1. Chris Neil needs to get his ass beat tomorrow, and methinks it's gonna happen. How many potential fights did his sorry ass skate away from on Saturday?

2. ESPNNews did about a ten-minute interview tonight with Barry Melrose and seem to be treating his return to coaching like the second coming of Toe Fucking Blake. Can someone please remind the powers-that-be at ESPN that Melrose coached in the NHL for three years and missed the playoffs twice, despite having a still-in-his-prime Wayne Gretzky at his disposal? Thanks.

3. @ DEBRIS - Is Sunday's game really on Versus? Shit. Hopefully, they send Darren Eliot to call the game and then hopefully, they conveniently forget to give him his plant ticket home.

4. It was a little strange watching a game on TV and not hearing the crowd overwhelmingly cheer for one team either way.

5. For having just a couple weeks worth of practices and preseason games at their disposal, Crosby and Satan seem to have a nice little bit of chemistry going already. Satan does a nice job finding open spaces on the ice and he backchecks a hell of a lot better than I thought he did. And I really like Staal playing on that wing with Geno.

PensfanSeoul said...

So I'm guessing that sarcasm is lost in translation...In the veins of FH, Kovy's sens of humor isnt making the playoffs this year.

I was making the atypical Pittsburgh sports fan response to a problem...utter and complete nuclear overreaction.

Next time I'll try it slower, and with smaller words...I would hate to confuse anyone else....(the whole "Sidney Crosley" thing probably should have given it away)

PensfanSeoul said...

Oh, and COMMIT! Stoosh, its lovely to read your comments after a game that actually means something...

Rage said... Darth Gerber today...

xuscbausp said...

ive been waiting for this recap since, know.

by the by, if anybody sees our PP, send it overseas and fast

jefe p said...

great start to the first of many (winning) recaps.

those canadians were annoying after the game with all their "what ifs". just deal with it. you lost.

im going to drink myself into oblivion today so i wont remember not seeing todays game. cool.

SATAN WILL SCORE (eventually).

go pens!

stokes said...

Happy Birthday to the big guy, Mario Lemieux.

He's 43 and I heard he's in the best shape of his life. I'm going to drink beer in honor of his birthday today.

tanya said...

great, finally real hockey and i was dragged out of civilization... and what's even greater, i can watch something like 3 swedish channels on my tv but none of them broadcasts nhl

Flyer Hater said...

The BNG-Flyer Hater relationship saga can be related to Elaine and Putty on Seinfeld.

akus said...

Channel surfin on my Directv,
today's game is on Versus and FSN,not on NHLN.I think the same for the TB/Rangers game.
I don't have CI, but from looking at their schedule all i see is blahblahchannelsnumbersblahblahblah.

No replay of the game on FSN like they did last night,which means i have to record it, since i will be at work during the game.


But i consider myself lucky, some fans can not watch at all or at the mercy of online feeds.

Go Pens!

Flyer Hater said...

The Pens website still says that the game will be on FSN. As much as Steigy can get on your nerves, I'll take him over Joe "Mario Lemieux gave me night terrors because he ass raped my beloved Caps" Beninatti and Darren "I made Darren Pang look like Patrick Roy" Eliot.

oddjobber said...

@ debrisslide

If you are under 21 sneak into a sports bar to watch the game and just keep ordering sodas.

If you are over 21, well, go to a bar and ask if they could put the game on.

Stilly said...

It's nice to talk about something that actually matters. TK was a beast. The third line is going to be a threat with him there when Syko comes back.

Malkin is a man among boys when he's on the ice. Absoulte insanity.

Good win. Escape the deathstar 2-0 and take a 5 day break.

dying alive said...

According to Comcast, the game is on FSN as well. They're airing the new Sid: In My Own Words and the usual 30 minute pregame show immediately prior.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it seemed like an exhibition game. Overseas play is for the birds.

Go Scuds!

dying alive said...

Penguins coach Michel Therrien said he was looking for other defencemen to step up and provide offence with Ray Whitney and Sergei Gonchar out, but he wasn't thinking of Scuderi. = Fail

TheNWChica said...

So...could someone tell me what happened with Biz? It looked like someone was going to explain and then never did.

Thank you!

Rage said...

What are you referring to Chica? Today I hope he gets rolled out to deal some pain to Mr. Spezza

TheNWChica said...

Oh, sorry....what did he do during the anthem that several folks were talking about?

Rage said...

From all indications, he just looked mighty pissed off.

akus said...

Staff @ Ms Cleo;
# Gerber won't finish the season as the Senators starting goaltender.

...and as rage said, he wont start today.

2008 version of Melrose Place

"New coach Barry Melrose blamed unnecessary penalties and the refusal of his team's stars to occasionally play a dump-and-chase game for the narrow loss in Prague.


Ahh, nwchicha if You look at ericp's avie, that is what people were talking about. Maybe we had to be there.
Unless i missed something.

Rage said...

Looks like I gotta pull fer the rags again today too.....uuuugh

The Seeker said...

Ben Eager - Sean Avery Watch

Chicago Blackhawk forward Ben Eager is facing a likely suspension for attempting to swing his stick at Dallas's Sean Avery in a pre-season game last night.

Eager was assessed a match penalty half-way through the third period for attempting to swing his stick at the Stars pest while he was on the Blackhawk bench. Avery had skated by and apparently said something to the Hawk bench. Eager reacted by swinging his stick.

Eager apparently did not make full contact with Avery but the match penalty was called and that means an automatic review by the NHL.

Eager and Avery had a confrontation earlier in the period where both players were assessed roughing minors with Avery earning an extra two minute penalty.

Although the game was not televised, the league has in-house video of the incident and will be reviewing the episode.

A hearing for Eager is expected sometime next week before the season opens on Thursday.


Watching old videos of Gary Roberts destroying Eager NEVER gets old.


Speaking of Gary Roberts- His high-sticking penalty lead directly to Tampa's loss to the Rangers yesterday. No word yet if the Ref made it home alive to his Wife and kids.

TheNWChica said...

Ahhhh...thank you! Sounds like he was taking this as srs bzns. He should mostly because he should and he is really really really nervous and excited about being with the big boys this year.

fleuryous said...

Ugh, Avery...jooooooooooke.

Goddamn, I love hockey season.

And Malkin yesterday WAS stunning. He is stunning, let's be honest.

"Hi, peopleeee."

flaproosta08 said...

Awesome recap guys, glad to see TPB in midseason form even with this overseas horseshit.

The Seeker said...

Versus is broadcasting the Rangers - Lightning game from Prague right now.

johnnylaw said...

And the saddest thing about Ottawa is, they actually think switching to Alex Auld will solve their problems. In reality, it's because their depth extends to a Swedish captain who can't quite get his team to the top, a guy who really does look like he'll show up on "How to Catch a Predator" and a guy who's shitty decision making cost a teammate his life. Other than that, the roster is pretty much a joke aside from maybe Volchenkov, whose head might still be swollen from taking that Malkin shot to the face in the playoffs.

tanya said...

ottawa's problem: swedish captain who wish that mr sundin would sign with ottawa

johnnylaw said...

Also, I think Chris Neil is going to get violated by God or Biz Nasty today, whether he wants to fight or not. I'm hoping for a 2008 version of what Roberts did to Eager.

Speaking of Eager, how is the asshat still in the league? He probably has more match penalties than goals and only gets his ass beat in fights by guys 15 years older than him.

Steve In Denver said...

TK > Hossa

And we're on our way to 82-0.


johnnylaw said...

Tanya, you're definitely right about Alfredsson wanting Sundin to sign with Ottawa. I'm surprised he didn't start swallowing his man meat during the ceremonial puck drop. I hope Sundin does sign with the Sens just to see the the homoerotic photoshops that I'm sure will include Don Cherry, who will all know hates on Swedes just to mask his man crush on them.

The Seeker said...

Malone just lost a fight...LOL

tanya said...

johnnylaw, of course i'm right, it's in swedish newspaper:)

wilsmith said...

Speaking of classy guys swinging sticks from the bench:

that just happened

Chubs said...

Ah, it's nice seeing everyone back. The staff, stoosh and flyer hater all in the best shape of their lives.

tanya said...

great, the swedish hoover continue vacuuming pucks into the net...
this isn't the year when team from ny wins the cup

johnnylaw said...

Wow, didn't know TK had that mean of a streak in him. Other player was really stupid to punch a guy sitting on the bench though, he's lucky he didn't get chopped by two guys.

debrisslide said...

Adam Hall scored the only goal for Tampa so far. Hall is also wearing #18. . .joke.

TheNWChica said...

Gomer scores...Olie the Goalie had a wide open holey. When Beavis and Butthead were raping other teams rosters, they should have gotten some defense too.

Is it 11:30 yet?

Flyer Hater said...

The Lightning is terrible.

wilsmith said...

yeah people are so quick to drop the "shouldn't be allowed to play" bomb any time someone does something, might as well drop it on TK.

You think Malone and the boys regret signing with TB yet?

Poor Rex is out there hooking everything in sight and skating in sand.

oddjobber said...

I have NHL Center Ice, so far, not A SINGLE GAME has been broadcast. I know its only day 2, but there are games happening.

The NHL Network is showing game 7 from the SCF from like 5 years ago.

The schedule on Direct TV says that if I have NHL Center Ice then the game is on the NHL Network at 2:30. When I check the listings, nope.

Do they really have to make it THIS F-ING confusing? If I have Center Ice will the game magically appear on the NHL Network?

Rage said...

@odd- no it won't. I think if the game is shown on NHLN or Versus then it's blacked out of Center Ice. These are the only regular season games going on

Laura said...

TODAY (Oct. 5th) is Mario's Birthday!


oddjobber said...

Malkin gets a hat trick today

johnnylaw said...

If Kennedy repeatedly pulled stuff like that, I would say that he shouldn't play. Ben Eager does that stuff and has pretty much no redeeming talent. I'm not saying ban him from the league, I'm surprised that any team would really want him.

wilsmith said...

Oh no, Johnny, I wasnt referring to anything you said at all, just people in general.

Players have bad moments, ours are no exception.

johnnylaw said...

Agreed. Case in point in Lemieux jumping on Todd Krieger during the marathon game against the Caps that Nedved mercifully ended.

KaylaJ said...

i still think its neat mario & patrick roy share the same birthday.

as for the lightning, lol, you can just hear the VS guys kinda thinking "SHOOT DAMNIT!"

Flyer Hater said...

Patrick Roy and Lemieux are my two favorite athletes ever.

KaylaJ said...

gotta love anyone who says something smartass to roenick. plus roy was a hell of a lot of fun to watch moving around like a chicken. but i will admit whenever he hopped over the blue line, i always hoped he'd trip and fall just to see what would happen.

debrisslide said...

Malone just tripped someone. Bitch.

wilsmith said...

did they really just have rex and roberts working the PK together?

debrisslide said...

Where is the gameday post, by the way?

KaylaJ said...

so far, so good. TB loses and has to have a long trip home

oddjobber said...

I think I remember a game between the Pens and Habs on this day back in the 90's.. Mario scored a bunch of goals against Roy too.

TheNWChica said...

Vinny just whiffed a gimme.... loser.

Jawsh said...

66 would have burried that, vinny.

TheNWChica said...

Anyone know where the game is online today? It's pretty slim pickings on today.

Jawsh said... is gonna be turning it on.

TheNWChica said...

Never mind. ;)

TheNWChica said...

Thanks soon as I hit post, he changed it. lol

Kat said...

Hell jawish, even 25 would have buried that.

TheNWChica said...

Gameday post up, chilluns!


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