Monday, October 27, 2008

Just To Make You Sick

Not that we have time to track down and defend Evgeni Malkin all the time.

theprinceofwales on LGP:

On the game tying goal Geno just stopped playing when the rags gained possesion in the nuetral zone. If he keeps skating and picks someone up Zherdev maybe doesn't score. Too many three points games in the early going this year. 8 of the pens 12 points this year were earned while giving up 7 to eastern conference teams.

Pretty good position for the guy who isn't even the supposed center on the line.
Sometimes you wonder how people watch games.
Thankfully he got flamed.

It was just a solid shot by Zherdev.

Vintage Big Joke.

And solid play by Hines Ward to drop the ball on 4th down.
We thought the toughest man in the NFL could've gotten that one.

Ernie Mills takes that to the house.

What a player

Go Pens

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Heck Kleck said...



brett said...

vintage suckage by all my teams I picked on Saturday. At least PSU won for me.

Also, the first time I've watched a baseball game in 2 years, and I had to watch the Rays get blown out. Shame.

Flaming Malkin is like punching George Washington in the face. You'll get splinters where you don't want to, and strangely-dressed men will rape you.

I'm not sure where that came from.

christina said...

sigh. I miss Ernie Mills.

Pensgirl said...

Many of the Pens' scoring opportunities are direct results of great defensive plays Malkin makes. Anyone who criticizes his defense needs to cut back on the drugs.

The Steelers. How sad that that defensive effort was completely wasted by the offense.

GwinTheEskimo said...

ha, Ernie Mills, solid.

Whistler said...

Ernie Mills! FTW!

dying alive said...

Those who flame Malkin have no soul.

akus said...

side post @ js,

not sure if this is what You were talking about with Talbot.

FSN Commercials

What a longggggggg Sunday with no hockey,but
Mondays still suck hard!--
Malkin is the prince of wales.

demondg1 said...

[Coke - It tastes great. Drink Coke]

That dude's a dolt for thinking Geno was to blame. Those high shots from bad angles have been killing MAF so far this season. Props to Zherdev for finding the hole. (Insert mom joke here.)

If Hines Ward played anywhere else but Pittsburgh, would he be as popular. Probably not. But because he plays "hard noses Stiller" football, he's propped up to be one of the best in the league. Any other fan base would be pissed because he's incapable of catching the long bomb.

What ever. He's still a good receiver. Just not as good as the locals would want you to believe.

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demondg1 said...

Me fail english.

debrisslide said...

If any Penguin could have even anticipated that shot, they would have taken it to the face rather than let it go in. Zherdev found the hole and made it happen. End of story. Malkin didn't even have anything to do with it. Joke.

ChadGKG said...

Pens are the first (and only team so far) to get a win and a loss every way (regulation, overtime and shootout)

wins first (reg, OT, SO), then losses (SO, OT, reg):

Oddly enough other teams close are the Red Wings, Devils, (they each need a SO loss) and Flyers (need SO win).

Rage said... you'll be rollin out Louis Lipps. Ha1

You said Ernie Mills....huhuhuh

@debris- I love ya, n'at, but I don't think ANY of the fellas would have taken the shot to the face, but that's only my opinion.

coffeytalk said...

nice little piece on GOGO over at

GoGo Gadget Article

also, check out the poll in the article: I wasn't aware Ray Whitney played for the Pens.


The Goon Blogger said...


Yancey Thigpen > Ernie Mills

Rage said...

nicely played goon!

Mark "Magnum PI" Malone>Johnny Wadd

Rage said...

@coffey-link problem i think

coffeytalk said...

man. go go gadget failblog.

maybe just do the 'ol copynpaste:

debrisslide said...

Haha rage, I was exaggerating for effect. ;)

Rage said...

hey debris- so was I...

Johnny Wadd>>>Mark Malone

Joshua said...

Substitute "Ward" for "Weight." Substitute "field" for "ice." Beating a dead horse, I know, but I like consistency and objectivity.

"People are whining that it's a hit to the head.
Tell the rookie to keep his head up. What an idiot.
Weight wasn't going for the head. Case closed.
If that's what Weight is about, he wouldn't have been in the league this long.
These guys are flying around the ice. It's a physical sport."

J.S. said...

@akus, thanks but that's not the one I'm looking for. There's a new A&L commercial with Talbot.

Eh, maybe if I can stay up until 1 on Tuesday, I might be able to see it.

[Charles Johnson]

Stilly said...

I'm not commenting on Hines Ward anymore because this is a hockey blog.

Faceoff Factor is reporting that Sydor has requested a trade. I don't think I'll miss him that much. Once Whit comes back and later when Sarge returns, we'll forget Sydor was even on the team. They also have a pretty solid breakdown of the team stats so far.

debrisslide said...

So, a girl I know from YEARS ago got to go to a Pens game recently (forget which one. . .possibly vs. Flyers?) and took a picture of Free Candy outside Mellon when she got his autograph.

I had to do it.

fleuryous said...

I really like Goligoski.

He's too good to send back down to WBS.

YOU KNOW IT. haha.

And if you're going to rip on Malkin, you may as well cut off your own balls. Malkin makes great shot. You heard him.


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