Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great Wide Open.East Preview

We're only doing this so at the end of the year we can make fun of ourselves about how wrong we were.

We didn't finish all the season previews, but who really gives a shit about that now.

The East should be a wild ride this season.

Here is how we believe it will play out

1. Washington.

--A Pittsburgh Blog picks a Washington team to win the conference. Stunning we know. But A.O., like Bing, has reached his unstoppable phrase. Say what you want, but erase the piss poor start last season, and the Caps were insane down the stretch. They play in the worst division in hockey, so they will rack up a sick number of wins. Semin, is the on verge of scoring 35-40 goals, the defense is somewhat better than what people think, and like we said, A.O is an ass, but there is little doubt he is going 60-45 this year. The only think that can derail everything is the joke that is Jose Theodore.

2. Pens.

It is going to be a great race with the top three teams all season. Pens are winning 50 this year. Mark it down.

3. Habs.

Montreal will be in the hunt as well all season. Their offense is nasty, but their D is weaker than Guy Carboneau's ball sack.

4. Boston

Surprise team of the conference no doubt. First they get back Patrice Bergeron,who got crushed last year, add Marc Savard, and Phil Kessel and the Bruins will make a run.

5. Flyers

It will be close with the Pens all season, goal tending is a huge issue, but their offense will take over games.

6. Devils
As long as Brodeur is alive, he is making the playoffs. Their offense gets help with Rolston.

7. Sabres

It feels strange to leave the Senators out, but it will be hard to believe the Sabres are going to miss the playoffs under Lindy Ruff two years in a row. Ryan Miller got himself a contract, Derek Roy is solid. And Vanek should be better. They still finished with 90 points last year. That has to count for something

8. Rangers

Terrible loss of ol'double J, but the Rags should be fine offensively. Their defense is so overpaid it is disgusting, but frankly there is no other team in the east that we think can make the playoffs.


9. Toronto
Yea they are bad, but all Ron Wilson does is make the playoffs. It would not be shocking to see him sneak in.

10. Senators
They can still make the playoffs, it just seems they are on the decline. Their D is solid, but after their top line, can they score?

11. Hurricanes

There time has passed, they'll be better when they have Jordan Staal in a few years.

12. Tampa
Yes they won't be last, but to make a 20-point turn around in the standings

13. Panthers

14. Islanders
Bad times

15. Your high school team

16. Thrashers



Chubs said...

Well, if Iroquois High School finishes 15 in the conference, it would be the FIRST time we've ever fielded a team.

Yeah, that was lame.

jefe p said...


i think this team called the penguins have a real shot this year.

Beav said...

Toronto at 9th in the East?

Wow, that's a stretch. Do you realize that they have no offense? Gollum (Blake), the Montreal fifth line center (Toronto's first line center) and some jokes who end in sky and pov? Unless Mats Sundin and the Ghosts of Maple Leaf past join the team I say they finish lower than the Islanders. Besides it's tank tank tank for Tavares.

Anthony said...

I just don't see the Caps getting as many easy wins against a better 'Canes team and a better Tampa team. Atlanta is still garbage though, so maybe it balances out?

stokes said...

Totally agree with the Pens getting 50 wins this year.

Hammered drunk a few weekends ago, when asked about the Pens, my response was, " They'll win 50 games this year."

J.S. said...

chubs, not bad, not bad. Not lame at all.

More effort was put into working FIRST into the post than ATL put into their roster this summer.

Gotta agree with staff on this one. Wilson seems to get his teams to play, so having them sneak into the post season is very possible. Plus, knowing that it'd piss away their chances at the Tavares sweepstakes would be kinda funny too. LETS GO LEAVES!! Just makes sure you leave the postseason early.

Stoosh said...


If that would be a reference to Iroquois High School near Erie, PA, then I, sir, pay homage to you here. Bravo...or more appropriately...Nice one, bruva!

[Coach Mischler]

J.S. said...

LOL, just fired up "nice one, bruva!" (bookmarked, of course) and got some really odd looks.

Gotta give thanks to the staff for posting that clip.

debrisslide said...

Laurel Highlands Senior High School's girls' swim team team went 4-0 against the Thrashers last year, so I'm not surprised.

Help Me Rhonda said...

See what yinz hatred has done?

Beech missing

Forward Kris Beech, reassigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton last week as part of a roster cut, has not reported to the American Hockey League team since clearing waivers. The Penguins hope to determine his status in the next few days.

bohica said...

Good to see the South Park Eagles picked to finish ahead of the Thrashers.

Finally getting the respect we deserve.

dying alive said...

Somebody put Beech on the back of a milk carton.

And if the Caps finish first, I'll be shocked. I have no doubt that they'll finish in the top three thanks to that joke of a division they're in, but first is really stretching it. I say third behind the Pens and Habs.

queenofthesky82 said...

Does anyone know if Center Ice is covering the European games?

Kierstan said...

In case anyone's interested, James Mirtle's got his 2008-2009 season predictions up over on his blog ( or linked on the Pensblog sidebar for those who don't know). I thought his picks were interesting (even if I didn't agree with them all), and I seriously LOL'ed at his prediction for Toronto.

Also, this is my first year having Center Ice...does anyone know if they'll be showing the season-opening overseas games? Not having NHL network stinks.

Matt M. said...


He did indeed mean IHS in Erie. What's your relation to Coach Mischler?

P.O. said...

whats up with Mirtle picking the Pens to finish 6th (behind the Devils AND Flyers). Looks like someone has been drinking the Puck Daddy Kool Aid

dying alive said...

I don't agree with Mirtle picking the Pens to finish 6th, but at least he's basing it on some logic (Gonchar and Whitney missing a big part of the season). Some of the other journalists were saying that the Pens wouldn't make the playoffs at all, and that was with a healthy Gonchar, which is flat-out retarded.

Johnny B said...

on a side note...

this site looks promising to find a stream to watch the game. you have to install something though. not 100% on it, but worth a try.

debrisslide said...

I think the Pens have a good shot at 2nd or 3rd in the conference. . .perhaps lower, but sixth sounds a little silly. Flyers finishing ahead of the Pens is something that I can't even consider, let alone stomach.

Tony Little said...

My highschool didn't even have a hockey team...

jefe p said...

Center Ice will be blacked out for any games on Nhl network or Versucks. i dont think there are any exceptions. i bitch every year about it. only had VS last season, and this season i only have NHLN. versucks is carrying 8 pens games this year. NHLN only a couple i think..

Chubs said...


I graduated in '04, so I just missed the Misch administration, but yes, I grew up in Lawrence Park and was a Brave in my youth. Ditto goes for matt m above, except he's got Wesleyville roots.

TJinVA said...

"A Pittsburgh Blog picks a Washington team to win the conference."

Isn't that one of the 7 signs of the apocalypse?

Go Ramblers!

Fred Jones said...

FSP is showing Oct 4th game at 2:30
VS is showing Oct 5th game at 2:30

so opening game may be on Center Ice, Sunday's game definitely will not

Choose life, Orpik Death said...

I wish misch was still at Prep. Our football team is going down the shitter with Coach Holl.

sarah said...

@ tjinva... cathedral prep ramblers???

in july i thought october would never come.. finally 2 days until hockey season!

kelly mac said...

Being an Islander fan myself, I don't blame Satan and Fedotenko for jumping ship to Pittsburgh. Even with a hot/cold last season, the two of them with the talent of the Pengs will greatly boost their overall game.

Smell that? It's not low tide... it's the smell of another Islanders season. Sigh..

Kierstan said...

@ fred jones - Thanks for the info. I really hope Center Ice shows the opening game, since I don't live in the Pittsburgh area. I am sooooooo ready for the puck to drop...

J.S. said...

beech = stuck in Canada

akus said...

Ok according to the Pens boards, the JOkerit game can be seen on this;

and You have to this media player to watch

I guess it is worth a try.

akus said...

Sopcast is a p2p program (similar to limewire, except it's tv stations being streamed from all over the world.)

VLC is a media player (like quicktime, or WMP.)

akus said...



my own little rooting section

akus said...

Yeah i am slow.

new post, who would have thunk it?

TJinVA said...

@sarah: Yep.

Flyer Hater said...

Craps at #1, LOL.

Stoosh said...

Chubs, Matt M., tjinva, Choose Life Orpik Death --

I'm not related to Misch, but I played football at Cath. Prep in the early 1990s. When I played, we were still firmly entrenched in the Mina George era and can remember playing Tech and Academy before they merged and became Central.

Come to think of it, we played Central when Central was still good. They beat us in what was my last game of organized football.

jovi said...

staff --- what was with the jordan staal -- hurricane comment?

i felt like someone sucker-punched me

Rage said...

@jovi- i was kinda holdin out hope that all the staals would congregate in pittsburgh, myself

The Knee Deep Girls said...

Loving that Boston is getting some recognition.


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