Monday, October 27, 2008

Gamenight: How To Gamble On Hockey

For those who don't have Home Ice, Versus is actually showing a decent game:

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Thank God.
It's usually Boston/Philadelphia or Detroit/crap.

Because we like to gamble and because we get bored,
we figured we'd try and handicap this game.


For those familiar with throwing cash money around on football point spreads,
hockey is a little bit different.

All spreads are 1.5, plus or minus.
So, for example, here is the line on tonight's Wild/Blackhawks game:
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Too much info is sometimes the best, even at the risk of insulting some people's intelligence that we know you have.

Whichever team is minus ( - ) is favored.
Therefore, the Wild are favored to win the game tonight by 1.5 goals.
The Blackhawks are the underdog.

If you bet on the Hawks, and they lose 2-1, you win, since they lost by less than 1.5.
If they lose 3-1, you're taking out a mortgage.
If they win, you win. Obviously.

Conversely, if you take the Wild, you need them to win by two or more.

The money line, which is the second column, is just like football betting.
You're just picking a team to win the game, straight up.
If you put $5 on Chicago at +145, you would get you $7.25 for the win.
If you put $5 on the Wild to win, you get $3.03.

The last column is the over/under: another familiar line to football gamblers.
This one is easy.

You bet on whether the teams will score more or less than 5 goals combined.

Now, you can do several things.
You can make a straight bet on any of these wagers, or you can parlay them.

For example, you can take the Wild to win or cover, and the under.
The more you parlay, the more you can win. You can even do multiple games in a night.


True hockey gambling story

Bill Simmons once quoted someone who said:
"A good bet is like a good women, you only meet a few, and you remember them all."

Back in our college days, we threw some money around from time to time, never really touching hockey because it is tough to pick a winner every night.

Well, we had a solid weekend, making 150 bucks, and we were feeling lucky.
But after Monday went by, we had nothing to put any action on.

The year was 2005, and the Pens were awful in October.
It was on Tuesday, October 25, that we bet our first hockey game.

The Penguins had to win sometime, and they were playing the Panthers at home.
We put $30 on the Penguins to win.

The recap is still archived of the [4-3 ot] loss.


So yeah, that sucked.

Fast-forward to the end of October.
The 27th, (three-year anniversay today), and the Penguins were hosting the Atlanta Thrashers.
The Penguins hadn't even won a game yet.
All the hype surrounding Crosby entering the NHL and big free-agency signings was just about gone.

But they had to win, right? And the Thrashers were never good.
We put $120 on the Penguins to cover the spread. They had to win by two goals.

The game started at 7:30 PM.
And like so many games that year, it was essentially over by about 8:00 PM.

The Thrashers went off.
They were up 4-0 early, and it was vomit city.

$120 ain't no joke when you're in college and you've overdrafted your bank account more times than you care to remember.

But as usual, #66 bailed us out. He went off.
Scored two straight goals in the first period. Assisted on three more.

And as Ric Jackman made it 6-4, we were stunned. Big John Leclair added a huge insurance goal to make it 7-4, and life had meaning again. But, of course Caron had to give up a goal to make it 7-5 late in third. Thrashers could not score again. And thankfully they didn't.

We won something like $280.

Somehow this game is still on the internet:

And here is the [recap]

This scoresheet might need to be framed:

How Lasse Pirjeta was seeing more ice time than Talbot is a sad commentary on Eddie O's coaching career.


So anyway, we are going to try and get back into gambling on hockey on these game nights.
We welcome all of you to join in. We'll try to keep our record.

Our pick of the night:

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Minnesota to win and the over of 5.

We'd take the under, but we don't trust the Blackhawks goalie situation.

Good luck.

Go Pens


Flyer Hater said...

Sabres and Sens are on at 7 on the NHLN.

debrisslide said...

I'm glad I'm not betting, because I wanna root for the Blackhawks. Minnesota is just annoying.

Dan Yost said...

Are we parlaying these bets are playing them as singles? Because, I'm in.

Silky Smooth said...

Penguins 06-

#11- Lasse Pirjeta
#71- Konstantin Koltsov

Penguins 08-

#11- Jordan Staal
#71- Evgeni Malkin

Wow only two years it seems like so long

brett said...

It stands to reason that there's a hell of a lot of money to be made on betting against the Islanders every single night.

Pensblog Staff said...


We are parlaying this one. But we'll be placing singles as well.



rackets said...

i remember that game..sat at home and watched it with a few of my long ago that sems

wilsmith said...

Brett, you mean like I did with the 03-04 Pens?

If you'd rather do some more innocent betting, ESPN has that neat streak for the cash thing going. If you don't want to commit cash to anything, you could try that. They seem to have hockey games on there pretty regularly.

stokes said...

i must be mildly handicapped, because i still don't understand a word of that post besides "over/under." And i cant bet football either. Let go play the ponies. thats something i can do...

I remember that game against Atlanta. I had just bought season tickets that, uh, season, and the Pens were awful. but that was a hell of a game. it was a lot of fun and really enjoyable to finally watch the pens win.

Lemieux. unreal.

donniek87 said...

wow lemieux never lost his touch, even to his last games, its too bad i wasn't old enough to watch him in his prime

Koz said...

I once won about $120 bucks on a $5 four way parlay while in Vegas. I picked four road teams to win. Good times. I don't remember the teams, but I remember I put down little and won enough to pay for a great dinner at the MGM Grand.

pEktaS said...

where do you bet on the games at?

Korn said...

I was at that Pens-Thrashers game. Just an unreal low then high roller coaster. And people were leaving after the Thrashers went up 4-0.

Angelo said...

I like the direction. This is an awesome way to keep interest and have something fun to do on non-Penguins nights.

I like Minnesota as well, especially with Pierre-Marc Bouchard back in the line up.

Here's the real question though, Staff. How will you be watching Heroes tonight with this game on and what's the over/under on how many people Mohinder wraps in a coccoon? I'll say 4, haha.

Go Pens.

Sean said...

If you like to bet, but are short on cash try centsports.

lis said...

Fucking Tampa Bay Rays are fucking up my life. You have no idea how hard it is to be living in Philly right now. Can everyone reading this please pray to who ever it is you pray to that they miraculously pull one out tonight.

Please don't let them win it at home at least!!!!


stupid fucking phillies!

Flyer Hater said...


luvnmypens said...


Hawks will win.

Pensblog Staff said...

There's a storm brewing

dying alive said...

i must be mildly handicapped, because i still don't understand a word of that post besides "over/under."

You're not alone. I'll get you a helmet to match mine.

christina said...

solid use of the delorean. it's stunning to watch the highlights (lowlights?) from those games. my how times have changed.

meecrofilm said...

solid, informative post staff. I almost feel like gettin in on the action, but I've never been a gamblin' man, especially with sports.

free44candy said...

hal gill is my savior

Steve In Denver said...

So, this is cheesy, but whatev. I had center ice last year and really couldn't afford it this year. I realized this weekend that they automatically re-upped me. I called to cancel today, and Eugene, the nice Pakistani gentleman with a white dude's false name, tried to keep me on board with $60 in Directv credits. I still cancelled, but if you were re-upped and want to get a little jack back, call your satellite provider and see if they'll entice you to stay on board.

This has been a public service announcement from Steve In Denver.

free44candy said...

r the pens ever gonna think about bringing up pesonen any time soon??

free44candy said...

r the pens ever gonna think about bringing up pesonen any time soon??

neipo13 said...

if u wanna bet on this game for free
here is my refferal code

but if you dont trust it just check it out at anyway
basically it gives u ten cents to bet with and when u lose it u get another ten cents and to cashout u need like 50 bucks but its still fun to bet

stokes said...

You're right, Staff. There is a storm brewing....

in my pants!!!!

Hellooooo Charlie!!!

HAHAHAHA! what a great comment....

BTW i'm completely sober.

free44candy said...

haha good one charlies lovin it

BlacknGold66 said...

Fucking Stokes beat me to the punch.


Go Pens (and Rays)

Brandon said...

Hold on a second...

That score sheet lists Caron with 59:57 of ice time.

Where the hell did the last 3 seconds go?

dhudzin said...

My all-time best betting story was this past summer when we went to the local horse track for the Belmont. I put $10 on the biggest longshots as per the guide you can buy for like $4. As I went up to the booth, the odds had changed since the guides had been printed, and Da'Tara was then the biggest longshot. $10 on Da'Tara got me $400.

dhudzin said...

brandon, he was probably pulled for a delayed penalty.

Chubs said...

Gambling on hockey seems like waaaay too simple of a method to losing large quantities of money I don't have.


Nice name

stokes said...

dhudzin: that's solid. Da'Tara lost me quite a bit of money, that damn horse. The best i got is winning money at The Preakness a few years ago. I cant remember the horse, but i know i won $150 and got shitty drunk that night.


J.S. said...

I expected a Janet Gretz/Rick Tocchet/Random NJ Trooper pic somewhere in that post, or was it too easy?

Hip said...

I love the Wild. I love their arena (PLEASE tell me the Pens took notes of the X for our new one...), I love their Herb statue, I love their unis, I love Nick Schultz, I love their coach. That all said, I want nothing to do with Gaborik. He doesn't fit in on this team at all.

The dude pointing at his non-package kinda reminds me of my brother. I think I need counseling.

I spend my days now betting internally on how many pushes it'll take for mamas to have their babies. I have no life.

johnnylaw said...

I'm torn about wanting the Phillies to win or lose. I currently live in Philly (going to Temple for dental school) and I love being able to taunt the locals about not winning a championship in my lifetime(76ers won 2 months before I was born). But if the Phillies win, my histology class is canceled tomorrow and we get automatic As on our quiz Wed. (worth 4% of our total grade). I'm inclined to still cheer for the Rays for three reasons, however.

1. Fans here are some of the biggest d-bags around and I enjoy them being always down in the dumps.

2. Our quizzes are relatively easy and pushing this quiz back will only make our next harder.

3. I want to see our own little Eddie Munster look alike, phillyphreak, to kill himself by drowning in his own tears.

lis said...

if there was any way that the phillies could win the world series but yet their fans still lose...that would be ideal! I really don't mind the phillies...i just don't want their fans to celebrate!

however, they will probably end up destroying this city and school may be cancelled for all of us tomorrow...although the area near Temple could only improve if that happened. (I'm also a Temple student)

dhudzin said...

@ stokes

Yeah, you and many many others. We were at the bar at Tampa Bay Downs and everybody was letting out cries of agony while I was going nuts the whole race. After several of the meanest glares I've ever gotten, I settled down haha.

fleuryous said... this lady still talking?

fleuryous said...

I'm all for Chicago too--get it together, Hawks. haha

wilsmith said...

Backstrom is one of my fantasy goalies, so Chicago should stop scoring now.

Pensblog Staff said...

still covered.. 1-0-1

PittHockey said...

glad I didn't take the bet.

I was tempted though.

PittHockey said...

3-2 = 5, over has to be 6, right?

PittHockey said...

at least vs picked a good game

Pensblog Staff said...

it is a push. We won Minnesota to win. But pushed the over of 5.

Money in the bank

luvnmypens said...

Glad I was wrong for your sakes. Or did that end up being a push for you?

fleuryous said...

I like the Blackhawks...I really do.

And Jesus H, the Sabres must be stunned. haha

And the Rangers won? VOMIT. But they played the Islanders, so...yeeeeah.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Staff, without the least bit of sarcasm, thanks for this post. I am one of the few that has no clue what's going on when it comes to betting, and have been wanting to place a bet here and there without the embarrassment of actually looking up how to bet on wikipedia or something.

Steve in Denver, I had a similar experience on the phone when I called a second party cellular provider. I talked to a gentleman named "Christopher" with an accent similar to Apu's. I laughed a little when he told me his name.

This is the first time i've seen a baseball game played in a monsoon. This game isn't resuming tonight. And I never, under any circumstances, want the fans in Philly to experience anything resembling a championship. Let 'em have that arena football championship, that's all those fuckers deserve.

Orpik was the only Penguin with a + on the +/- that night.

Hip, I remember the days of betting on birth times (closest without going over). Closest I ever got was 8 minutes from the actual time. I didn't have to put in on the pizza order that night...

Staff, Ernie Mills was great, but Andre Hastings was all man. No one fumbled punts like him.

Pensblog Staff said...

you bite your tongue Jon.

Hastings was sick

stokes said...

Johnny V dominates Cblog.

Hopefully, the rain delay interrupts the Phillies momentum and the Rays take the series.

I called Nationwide a few weeks ago and actually talked to a guy named Jeremy, whose name was really Jeremy. He lived in Iowa and was a huge Steeler fan. He gave me my money back, like J.G. Wentworth.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Stokes, u bring much more to this place than I ever will...

To this day, I can't think of Hastings' name without hearing Bill Hillgrove say it in my mind.

fleuryous said...

That Thrashers/Pens video revitalizes my youth.

Granted I'm only 21, but whatever. I felt...13 after watching that video. haha.

Please post as many videos as possible every time.

Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Assoh just scored a sick PP goal.

Somewhere Turk is smiling with his fantasy draft "consolidation" prize in D-town.

samsaidhey said...

I havent yet played this year... but North of the Border in where I am in Canada... there is Pro-Line... I used to play that all the time - you pick 3 to 6 teams etc... The most I won was 668.93 on a $2 ticket.... My man Mario came through with 2 goals on NJ... i believe this was 2001... check out the total... it was spooky... I was actaully on a plane to vegas at that time too, and didnt know the outcome until we got to the hotel.

I can normally win 20 bucks here 40 bucks there but that was the highest i have ever won... 2nd higehst would be 450ish, and third would be 220... my father in law has won a few times... his highest was 2500ish on a 3 dollar ticket.

peace out


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