Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fail City

If you watched the Leafs-Wings game Thursday night, good work.
It was a solid hockey game.
The Leafs came out on top.


But the lowlight of the evening came when Def Jokard performed at the Face-off Rocks thing.
[ Puck Daddy ]

The idiots put the Cup upside down after making out with it.

We would have given an arm and an leg to be able to reach through the screen and shoot someone.



Hey, the Pens traded for Mike Zigomanis, a center from Phoenix. [ YAHOO ]
Apparently, he's not too bad on faceoffs.
The Pens gave up future considerations. Whatev.
This is just another name to throw into a surprisingly deep forward corps.

David Staples is already in mid-season form. [ Edmonton Journal ]
Some inside scoop on Evgeni Malkin from, of all places, Edmonton.
There's news there regarding his living situation and comments about his contract offer back home.


Ben Eager got suspended already. He swung his stick at Sean Avery. [ YAHOO ]
We're anxiously awaiting the YouTube.

Clint Malarchuk shot himself. [ PD ]

The Canucks have the late Luc Bourdon on a Wall of Dreams. [ KK ]
No word yet on whether or not KK will retire after the Red Wing loss.


If you're wily enough, you're able to read this post today.
Or maybe it's because is the address you enter to come here.
If you visit, you're not here right now.

In honor of us being named an influential hockey blog by [ Sports Business Journal ],
we decided to do what anyone else would do when given recognition.:
Rickroll people who may be visiting the site as a result of the mention.

To experience the roll that some people are getting, click THE PENSBLOG up top.

We aren't "late" on the meme.
We used Billy Ocean and Duran Duran during the Ranger series last year.
What is Rickrolling? [ Wiki ]

We apologize for having a laugh at these people's expense, but it's awesome:


And since Sarah Failin Palin got facetime,
it's only fair to give Barack Obama some love.

Here is the BarackRoll.
What dedication.


Dave said...

pens rolled

dying alive said...

I fell for the RickRoll about 527 times before I realized that I could type in the address instead of following my bookmark.

Dr. Turk said...
I say cblog intermissionblog outside C23 after the 1st and/or 2nd periods on Saturday....

....DA's buyin'.

I'm in D23, so that makes the location very fortunate. The fact that I can't afford one beer right now - let alone several - is less fortunate.

brett said...

Great stuff!! I caught onto the rickroll and had a good laugh. Good thing i remembered the blogspot addy.

Versus has already given up on playcalling a game. This Boston/Colorado game is atrocious. They're interviewing people, they're talking about what's for supper, they're talkin about people i've never heard of. Meanwhile, goals are being scored.

Gary Thorne won't even waste the effort to spit on these guys.

ylinkyphrost1025 said...

sweet, i love barack roll

The Goon Blogger said...


jefe p said...

ive managed to avoid both tPB rickrolls lately. and that kinda sucks.

fleuryous said...

What a coincidence...I call her Sarah Failin' as well.

Too good. haha

Rickroll...STILL makes me laugh.

fleuryous said...

And that's too bad for the Red Wings...



brndlynn said...

"ive managed to avoid both tPB rickrolls lately. and that kinda sucks."

I couldnt agree more jefe. I got text messages and facebook messages from several other cbloggers wanting to know why the were being rick rolled and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Dr. Turkleton said...


meh...B,C,D...there all just letters, eh? [until you get the bill]

now, if only I can get a random person outside C23 to buy me a beer


Red Dawn? I'm a Palmolive guy!

wait? what!'re talkin' about one of the best made for TBS movie's EVAH!

where's all the gettin' Ziggy wit it, talk?

like pops was sayin' earlier about Biz Nasty livin' up to the previous #16 owner...if Ziggy chooses #15...I hope he can surpass the great Niklas Nordgrens production whilst donning that sweater.

Where was everybody?

Dr. Turkleton said...


nm. Pregame.

guess no players on the ice and 2 peeps walking across while the zamboni door was open should have tipped me off.


jefe p said...

@brndlynn -lol. actually, i pride myself on predicting the rickroll and avoiding at all costs, but its more funny when i get caught.

im ready for the bizo and zigo show.

jefe p said...

@nwchica -your nucks are puttin up some numbers, eh? nice shorty there.

Rick M. said...

BarackRoll is hilarious.

sh0ez said...

Leafs are winning the Cup.


Pops Freshenmeyer said...

I got hit with the RickRoll, but if you're too dumb to know the blogspot address, you shouldn't be on this site. Cheers, staff.

Rage said...


Rage said...

clint malarchuk is apparently getting all "Final Destination"ed or Darwin's laws are getting all hinky.

PittHockey said...

someone more dedicated than I needs to grab a bunch of penguins interviews and get busy editing.

Big Red Dog said...

I hope Malkin doesn't move far if he leaves Gonchar's place. I like seeing him drive by in his 911 turbo cabriolet.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Have to give credit to Kyle Quincey for noticing that the retard from Def Leppard put the Cup on that pedestal upside down, because he went over and turned it right side up again. So of course, the Wings are going to trade him into oblivion because they'd rather have AARP member Chris Chelios on the roster.

akus said...

Charlie >>>>> Rickroll

dying alive said...

So of course, the Wings are going to trade him into oblivion because they'd rather have AARP member Chris Chelios on the roster.

Chelios gets them the senior discount at Cracker Barrel. What has Kyle Quincey done for them lately?

MizzPenz said...

Has anyone seen the new video on the Pens site "A Great Day for Hockey" ??


xuscbausp said...

the barack roll=life changing.

great way to start the day.

PPP said...

That rickroll was awesome. Great work guys.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Chelios gets them the senior discount at Cracker Barrel. What has Kyle Quincey done for them lately?

Besides saving the Cup from Joe Elliott's idiocy?

Did Quincey even get into a playoff game last season? says no. Of course, Quincey only played 6 games with the Wings last season in the regular season. But his 20 points and 149 PIM in Grand Rapids say he could be a 5th or 6th defenseman on a crappy team.

P.O. said...

barack obama is a big enough joke on his own without the clever editing and sound... you could have just had a clip of him detailing his healthcare plan and i would have laughed harder

Rick M. said...

The new "Great Day For Hockey" ad is awesome, especially the "Brotherly Love" part.

Stoosh said...


I regretfully will only be watching Pens North American Game 1.0 from the comfort of my couch and Buddy (the official guard pooch of Chateau de Stoosh) watching alongside me, waiting to go running into the hallway after I yell following every Pens goal. I was unable to get tickets for this one.

Sucks, too...I would've liked to have met up with everyone for Intermissionblog.

Rage said...

Holy jeezuz...the great day for brotherly love was sweeeeeet-the malkin fuggyou slapshot with a healthy dose of free candy!


Rage said...

TOTALLY off the subject, but if you haven't been here yet, you owe it to yourself to go. This guy posts here infrequently, but DAMN he's demented as hell! I hurt myself laughing just now:

Hope that doesn't break any rules n'at

akus said...

Fail City

from the LetsGoWings boards,

Just got back from the game and that was by the craziest and loudest game I have ever been to at the Joe. There were more Leafs fans in my section (226B) than Wings fans. The Canadian anthem was about 10 times louder than the US anthem and when the Leafs scored the the last five rows of the upper bowl were completely blue jerseys.

Not shocked, not surprised.

Rage said...

THAT'S IT...sell the Wings to Balsille , contract em and move the franchise to Canadia!

71crush said...

"I hope Malkin doesn't move far if he leaves Gonchar's place. I like seeing him drive by in his 911 turbo cabriolet."

Hey big red dog, is this true? :)

hockey said...

Like burning the mortgage to MSG in the Cup. Mark this day, the day that will be chanted for years to come. 2008...the desceration of the Cup at a "rock and or roll" concert.

A CURSE upon the Red Wing organization for peeing on the hockey gods. CUUUURRSSEEE!!!!

Dan said...

(kicking self in ass for not buying tickets to the opener like he could have)

Lady Jaye said...

Heh I never use the URL so I had no idea what you were talking about ;) Very funny guys. Hehe.

Lady Jaye said...

er... i mean the main URL... whatever.... somebody knows what I mean... it makes sense to me

fleuryous said...


Turk, I'm not sure who else is going to the game tomorrow night, so could you call or text me at some point during the game so I could meet up with you all?

Number's on the facebook! (Kelly O-ski)

Thaaaaaaaaaaank you!

Pensgirl said...

If there's anyone who didn't know what this place was until reading about it in the Sports Business Journal, getting Rickrolled would be less of a surprise than actually getting here and reading the blog. The bland, straight-up description doesn't get at the nature of this place at all.

Jimmerson's Army said...

haha funny funny... glad you got a laugh... however your little idea of getting ppl that normal the site through and not...

look back through your email... I have sent numerous photo-shops!

Great example of having your up-to-date followers rick-rolled!

I know its in all good fun! And I laugh at myself however using my name as somebody that doesnt frequent the site is not the truth!

But whatev... research is for computer nerds!

JYo said...

I know what you mean Lady Jaye. I don't think I have ever typed "" before this very post. I bookmarked the blogspot address back in the day and its the only way I get to the site. Nice work though staff. WOOOOOOOOO!

The Obama video is hilarious. I'm with Pitthockey, this idea needs to be exploited with more people and songs.

spanky kane said...

i had to use my google reader bookmark to get here.

and i lol'd everytime elroy got scored on. wide open net.

whats the over/under on:

games elroy jetson plays before a former penguin is in the crease?

seconds hockey mom USA is on the ice before philly fans booo her.

Max Power said...

I can't stop laughing while thinking about all the poor bastards who read that article and out of curiosity go to the site only to be RR'ed. Not to mention the saps that wrote the article and now look like asses. Staff you've reached a new level. Well done sirs.

JYo said...

Which value is higher?

seconds hockey mom USA is on the ice before philly fans booo her


number of times she says things like "Golly gee" or "You betcha" with a wink

brett said...

my 401(K) just got rick rolled...

These are bad times, folks.. and Jim Cramer of MAD MONEY says it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets any better.

He says we need 3 things before we pull out of this slump:

1) repeated fed rate cuts
2) companies to work off their swollen inventories
3) a better economy

we don't have any of those yet, except for the pathetic .5% rate cut from two days ago.

Good luck out there.

Wilson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wilson said...


Rick was there for us when Hossa left us and cut the legs out from under Rex Gildo...

He's never gonna let us Down!

The Pens could easily Roll with Rick all the way to Lord Stanley's Cup...

debrisslide said...

I still think about how satisfying it was to watch the Red Wings lose. The fact that Osgood actually passed the puck to the other team for the first goal makes me happy inside.

BlacknGold66 said...

Am I the only one that was hoping the Wings would've won last night?

Toronto = Eastern Conference

Detroit = Western Conference

I know it's the Leafs we're talking about... but points are points.

Laura said...

now that i can finally breathe again from laughing so hard... check this out. I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but Alfredsson needs surgery on his knee so he'll be out a few weeks... Heatley's getting the C... and guess who's replacing Alfredsson on the TOP LINE?

yes, our very own Jarkko Ruutu.

so basically, this means that the sens top line = pens 3/4 line.

=) go pens!,114136&post_comment=1&success=1

pterals said...

As much as seeing Ruutu in a Senators jersey crushed me, I'm happy he's getting this opportunity. Though it seems like kind of a crazy move.

Max Power said...

Supposed lines for tomorrow

fleuryous said...

Did you read that shit?
If it's actually true, Jesus Christ. haha

Docciavelli said...


My bookmark is blogspot, so I didn't get the rickroll. Logged back in and proceeded to laugh my ass off.

Detroit Joke City

Vesa Toskala = PWNS

Elroy = .896 sv% already

@spanky kane & p.o.

Pittsburgh should have President Obama drop the puck when the Flyers come to town in March. Then he should give the finger to Brian Roberts and scream "Versus blows."

Too bad tonight won't be "battery night" in Philly (ask JD Drew how much fun that is).

fleuryous said...

And that Obama video actually made me pee my actual pants.

TheNWChica said...

@jefe from hella early this morning...

The boys looked good and I always get a special delight when Keenan loses, but that is my own personal issue with that fuckface.

I hope Vancouver keep on doing so as long as possible. I want to send a letter to Ross McKeon telling him to go suck AV's left nad after his preview of my boys claimed how lame they will be this season with bad coaching and no scoring. Whatev....

Big Red Dog said...

Hey big red dog, is this true? :)

Yeah, 71crush he lives in my neck of the woods... Sewickley Heights. I actually saw Gonchar at the liquor store in Sewickley about 10 minutes ago driving the same silver 997 turbo cabrio so it might be Gonchar's car but they both drive it.

Adrienne said...

Barakrolling = ownage.

I still stand by whoever did that video has WAY too much free time :(

ogminlo said...

What has 9 arms and sucks?

Def Leopard!


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