Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dany's Song. PENS WIN.


Solid early-season test for the Pens in a place that has been a little unkind to them in the past.
A home-opener for Boston...and the first real away game for the Pens.

This game was all about Sabu.
What else can you ask of a backup goaltender who will start once every 9-10 games this season?
His job is to keep the team in the game. Mission accomplished.

What a performance.

As far as the Bruins are concerned, they are solid.
They'll be in the playoffs.
If we go any more in-depth than that, we'll shoot ourselves.

-- Alison --

-- Laurie --

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This was the Bruins home-opener, so you know their fans were making out with each other, thus pumping up the players on the ice.

At least they have something to cheer about.

The beginning of this beast was all about Sabu.
He was on acid.
He was stopping Boston's top guns.

Heading down the boards, Crosby made a between-the legs-drop pass to Geno.
Even the lame rose from their couches. Nothing happening.

The Pens decided to test Sabu some more, taking a couple penalties in the middle of the period.
The Pens killed the first.
And then they killed the second.
The Bruins power play is scary shit, but Sabu and the PK unit were in the zone.

Before the Pens headed to the box for the third time, Hands of Godard and Scott Thornton square off.

-- Ryan M. --

The neanderthal fans in the arena hoot and holler. So immature.

Every time a fight breaks out, a veteran journalist drinks his own pee.

We can thank Eric Godard for what happened next.
If he wouldn't have been in a fight, the butterfly effect could dictate that Satan wouldn't have taken a penalty.

He wouldn't have been there, fresh out of the box, to pop home a loose rebound after Malkin tried to take on the Giant Gonzalez and Steve Thomas.
Sounds like Chara should have spent less time climbing mountains and more time working on skating.

That was it for the first.

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The second period was a bunch of crap for a while.
Milan Lucic was being a douche bag.
The Pens had a power play, but no dice.
Without a doubt, Geno is leading the league in powerplay fake shots.
Sabu was staying strong.

What came next was one of the stupidest plays in the history of hockey.
We never berate any of the Pens for making dumb plays. Who cares.
But Jordan Staal took a penalty that defied logic.

Wanted: For stealing ice time.

He lost his stick and was a stride away from getting on the bench.
A Bruin near him gets the puck so he goes and grabs the guy?
Staal sits in the box while Phil Kessel licks the stamp. 1-1.
Errey and Steigy complain about Malkin not winning the face-off that set up the goal.
But no take on the Staal penalty. Racists.

The Bruins gave the Pens a chance for something with a power play shortly thereafter.
No dice. Greg Thomas was stopping what he had to.
Crosby held the puck for about 3 minutes on that PP.


At the end of the period, Bing and Marc Savard got into a slapfight.
Nobody wins.

Pascal Dupuis put the exclamation point on the period with an unreal hit on some idiot.
With a few seconds left, Bergeron rings one off the iron. Last-second crisis averted.

Despite a 1-1 score, this was a pretty solid game.

[Picture+8.<span class=

For the past couple years, he's been one of the biggest names in hockey blogging.
To us, he is the Good Doctor, James Mirtle.

Today was his last day at [ the blogspot site ].
All good things come to an end.

From now on, we'll be picking up our prescription of Mirtle [From the Rink ]...his new office.

[Picture+6.<span class=

The cliched intensity was there to start the third period, and it didn't leave.
Halfway through the period, Sabu made a save through traffic that turned Charlie straight.

The third period was great back-and-forth hockey.
There's nothing else to say.
The Pens had the most scoring chances, but that means nothing.
The Bruins trap wasn't so effective.

Free Candy almost ended the world with a goal.



What an overtime period. Unreal action.
The Pens looked to be set up to score an OT winner when they were handed a power play.
Staal jobbed the PP by taking one of his own.
Dennis Wideman gets the Academy Award.

That brought on some of best 3-on-3 action since your freshman year.
One mistake would change the world.

One of the Bruins lost a stick, and it turned into a 3-on-2.5.
Probably the first time in history we were profusely yelling SHOOT at the TV.
No dice.

As weird as it sounds, we were headed to our first shootout of the season.

Letang tried his patented move to start things off.
At the last possible second, he loses control of the puck.
No dice.

Kessel goes down and shows him how it's done. 1-0.

Sykie was up next, smooth as a baby's balls. 1-1.
Patrice Bergeron goes down and doesn't even hit the net.

Bing jumps onto the ice. This ain't the Winter Classic.
Michael Ryder was up to win it. Sabu frogs up and makes the right-pad save.

Satan was up for the Pens. vomit.
Krejci City. Sabu with the pokecheck.

Geno draws the number-80 spot in the shootout for some reason.
He zeroes in on the net. He shoots. Thomas tries to make the save.

I don't think so Tim.

buries it

Marc Savard had his chance.
Too bad it's not a passing contest.

-- kyle k. --

  • Bruins fans are morons. They boo when their team takes an obvious penalty? Are you kidding
  • Alex Goligoski is still a big deal.
  • Steigy called Phil Kessel "Rick."
  • Aaron Ward is a maniac.
  • The Pens have won 3 of their last 4.
  • What a satisfying victory.
  • Smizik sucks

Go Pens


megz590 said...


megz590 said...

boston is having a baddd week

BlacknGold66 said...

Yes, you got the first comment. Pat yourself on the back a few times.

Solid recap Staff.

Ripping on Bostonians and there fucking annoying sports teams will never get old.

Go Pens

PittHockey said...

Sabu was awesome.

PittHockey said...

my anthem photo must've really sucked...

fleuryous said...

I say the title should have been

"Do you Sabu?"


Solid game.

Let's get the 'canes on Thursday.

The Goon Blogger said...

Arnie gif is all business. Buries it.

fleuryous said...

And I'm all for Goligoski.

Solid player.

When Gonch and Whit come back, there's GOT to be a place for him. He's too good to send back down.

jefe p said...

i need to start saving these awesome recaps for the morning. with a cup of joe (not the plumber) while not working at work. just how it should be read.

baaastahn sackkkks ya faaackin faacks.

H.C. Prick said...

Eric Godard plans to steal your nose.

Annie said...

UGH. Didn't notice the new post.

Just got caught up after getting back from the game.


This was my first time seeing this Pens team in person, so even if they had lost, it would have been a great experience. But goddamn, what an amazing night it was.

We missed the first eight minutes because we were so pressed for time, so I didn't get any anthem pics. That was the only sucky part.

Sabu was glorious. By the end of the night I was feeling fairly confident in him.

Geno's assist blew me away. I think I lost my voice screaming so loud after that one goal.

Brooksie talking to whoever it was really kind of freaked me out when they showed the replay.

It was extremely surreal seeing Sid and everyone in person. I think I had chills the entire game. There were some amazing little moves he and Geno did that I don't think TV does justice (during regular play, at least). It was extremely, extremely cool to see.

I fucking love this team.

What did suck though were a lot of the fans. The people in behind us didn't stop talking about how Pittsburgh is the dirtiest team in the league, which made me quite perplexed. I've never been more ashamed to be a Masshole before - some dude came up to me after the game as we were leaving, stuck his middle finger two inches from my face, and yelled, "screw you" and ran away before I could tell him to fuck off. We did get to chat with a couple Pens fans from Pittsburgh on the T on the way back though, who were super nice. There were actually a lot of Pens fans there, but I think because the colors are so similar, we kind of blended in, so you didn't notice them right away.

I can't wait for New Years Day.

PittHockey said...

annies, sorry you got treated so poorly.

it's probably sox failure hangovers.

I just played nice and said I like the B's whenever anyone tried to give me shit. Which I do. their fans, however, suck.

Annie said...

PittHockey - It's the same with me, I don't really have anything against the Bruins, and people are usually cool. This one guy just gave me shit because I had a Lemieux jersey on. Eh, whatever.

jovi said...

that godard pic looks more like he was trying to baptize the other guy.

jovi said...

Can we return Ruslan Fedotenko for a draft pic or something.

... how about a happy meal

Nulpher said...

Flyerhater called it:


Yes... that is a Goalie thread...

PittHockey said...

I say give fedo a couple more games.

therrien just needs to find the right place to put him.

David said...

There should be a pensblog poll, "Which Fans are Worse"

Fhilthladephia or Boston

any time i see a philly or boston fan my arrogance meter explodes(good thing theres a "Philadelpha clause" in the warranty) and my annoying-ness meter redlines..

johnny said...

Whatever, jerkoff Boston fans are too busy fellating themselves over Brady's knee and the Big Diabetic's 0 for 3 choke job in Game 7 to act like they care about the B's.

To hell with them and their city.

PittHockey said...

real B's fans > real flyer fans

casual philly fans > casual Boston fans

or so goes my analysis.

dhudzin said...

That Godard photoshop by Ryan M. is a beast.

eileenover said...

It could be because I'm so tired everything is funny right now, but that was one of the best recaps I've ever read.

Some gems:

Every time a fight breaks out, a veteran journalist drinks his own pee.

At the end of the period, Bing and Marc Savard got into a slapfight.

I laughed for about 5 minutes straight over those.

Brooksie's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. I guess that's what happens when you experience the douchebaggery that is Milan Lucic. Prick.

Godard actually looked really good tonight. When he made those moves to the net I thought he had a good chance of scoring. It's nice to see how much depth this team has.

As for Geno, I knew he would bury it in the shootout. Like I said before, after that missed penalty shot against the Rags, he's never going to let that happen again.

I apologize for this probably annoying comment.

sh0ez said...

"I don't think so Tim" is one of the best things I've ever read on this website.

My Satan shirt takes the lead with 3 points. The practice jersey is flawless. Yeah, I keep stats of my apparel, dick.

Satan's Trash Service.

Joose said...

That FREE CANDY picture is side-splitting.

Maybe I just need sleep, but I haven't laughed so much at an entire post in a long time.

The Goon Blogger said...

Was I the only one shouting what I hoped Sidney Crosby was shouting as he was "punching" Savard while they were on the ice?

"You're just a poor man's version of me Savard! You'll never be as good! They'll always say 'Hey! It's that guy that's almost as good as Sidney Crosby!' because you're not as good as me! Suck it!"

millvalemauler said...

i agree with shOez. I don't think so Tim, is some of the best work this side of Briere-Magazine photoshops.

and for those people who think stats are really that important right now. The Blues, Wild and Sabres look to be among the top 5 contenders at this point. had to get that off my chest for the CROSBY ONLY HAS ONE GOAL goons.

sabu did an amazing job tonight. we have a tough schedule coming up in the next couple weeks so its a big relief knowing your back-up can come in, pull out his dick and stop the opponents best chances.

stokes said...

It seemed like the ice was bad last night. Either that, or lots of guys just randomly falling down. I don't think it had anything to do with Letang biffing on that SO attempt though.

Didn't see the second period, but was relieved to see that i didn't really miss anything.

I thought that Staal's OT penalty was a make up call. Now, i'm not a referee by any means, but that was a little bullshit.

Solid win by Sabu, SOLID road win by the Pens.

J.S. said...

stokes, I said the same thing too about the ice. Yeah, it led to the only Pens goal in regulation, but when you see two players go down w/o contact in the same section of the ice, you gotta wonder about the conditions of the ice.

@sh0ez, nice work.


debrisslide said...

I'm so proud to be a Pens fan in Boston right now. DICKS.

Rage said...

@jefe p. that Bastahn quote was fucking MONEY. I spit coffee all over my shitty laptop. Awesomeness.

Staff-solid recap once again. Charlie straight? I don't think so.

KaylaJ said...

annie that sounds like my trip up to reunion years ago to see the pens. i was standing after the game waiting for a friend and next to me was a man and his two small boys in pens jerseys when a guy in his stars jersey came up to all of us flicked us off with both fingers and said "FUCK YOU!!!!" and then ran off into the crowd like a maniac who was on fire. if he was trying to confuse me, he def hit the nail on the head.

lucic is a prick and i thank eileen for bringing that to my attention.

brooks looks like i expected tom mees to look like when he interviewed a naked hextall

and finally when i pick up the phone today i just want to yell sabu. it sounds too cool to yell only when he plays.

RedFox said...

"Heading down the boards, Crosby made a between-the legs-drop pass to Geno.
Even the lame rose from their couches."

Some say that Sid has a deke so fast that it achieves quantum superposition and his blade is on both sides of the puck at the same time.

chris e said...

Saying "first?" is equal to the people that call a radio show, get on the air and then say, "Is this me?" Horrible.

Go Pens!

Nailer News said...

Did anybody else notice the Wheeling Island Casino advertisement on the boards? Is that always on the boards in Boston?

dying alive said...

The B's fans weren't even booing, they were chanting buuuull-shit. Like, every time they got a penalty and several times when they thought the Pens should get one. Lawl.

I'm pretty sure that goaltender controversy thread was sarcasm, although some of the responses probably weren't.

Fleury29 said...

That's why The Pensblog is a big deal. Outstanding post, great way to start a day out.

ricks1683 said...

What, no mention of the Tiny Tiger or LiquiGels?

These nicknames need to stop...

Dr. McSham said...

Sid's Top 10 goals from Sports Center on Puck Daddy


Pretty badass.

Lady Jaye said...

Awesome work gentlemen.

Man, if Crosby had a goal for every sick move he made on the ice... I don't know why but last names game just wowed me.

The score was low but the game was just awesome to watch. Low scoring games are sometimes so very painful, but last night's didn't seem that way.

Steve Braband said...

Kyle and I represented the Burgh very well at the Garden last night.

A little fun fact - IF you start a BJ UPTON chant in the Men's Room at the Garden, people will want to fist fight you!

It was awesome.


RaCHeLeYoS said...

"Sykie was up next, smooth as a baby's balls. 1-1."
....and how would u know how smooth baby's balls are staff? :-P

lol. jk..

Malkin gave Timmy Thomas the "f*ck you" sandwich in the shootout. and we loved it.

Victor Raison said...

Bostonians just have a Napoleon complex because their city hasn't been relevant since 1776. The only reason the rest of the country even knows they still exist is because their sports teams manage to win the Super Bowl by a field goal every couple of years.

Awesome game last night though. Like the Staff said, a satisfying win. I liked the point Steigerwald and Errey made last night about being on the road simplifying your game. Don't make it complicated, just play hockey.

I'm putting out a hit on people who get seats near the glass and then stand up and wave at the camera with a phone in their hand when the puck is in front of them. A meet and greet with Don Cherry and a bag of candy corn to anybody who can bring me their scalp.

crmzak said...

Staff, thanks for including my cowardly lion chop of Julien. Did you see he was quoted as saying "we were the better team" last night? (meaning, the Bruins)

My anthem shot didn't make the cut either. Ah well.

What a wickedkillahaweseome night. Not too shabby for my kids' first NHL experience.

debrisslide said...

I feel like I missed out on Penguins postgame interviews. They don't exist online yet and, well, I was watching NESN. . .all the guys could talk about was how amazing Phil Kessel is and how the Penguins should have taken too many men penalties. Yeahhhhh. I fucking love postgame interviews. :(

debrisslide said...

oh yeah, Julien saying that the Bruins were the better team was such a dick move. If you had been better this game, you would have WON it. Get over it. . .

crmzak said...

I hate most Boston fans. Sellout crowd? MY ASS.

People that were there, did you notice how during their grandioso opening ceremony the announcer kept forgetting one of their players? aaahahahahahahahaha

Dude had to keep going to the back of the line, then announcer yells "Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR BOSTON BRUINS!!!" ... and the poor guy had to just skate out holding his stick up like a chump, never hearing his name. All the other Bruins in line were laughing their asses off at him. It was priceless.

Way to go, Bahstan! Nice to see you still got your head up your baseball/football arse.

crmzak said...

* not that my ass has a sellout crowd, but you get me.


Hand of Godard said...

Every time I hear Steigerwald call Tyler Kenned "Little Tyler" or "Little Tiger" I was to punch my TV. It's so condescending and patronizing (to use big words I don't completely understand). He's 22 years old, stop treating him like a 5th grader.

I know exactly what you're talking about with the asshole standing up with his cell phone in his hand. I was yelling at the TV hoping somebody would dump their beer on him.

Hand of Godard said...

*want not was in my first sentence

crmzak said...

I agree, the loudest screams were when they flashed the Pats score.

And - holy shit - do the Bruins fans HATE Gill. Jeesh! the "Hal Gill sucks" chants were louder than the 'Lets Go Bruins' ones.

Then again, I think they had to switch it up cuz there was a hefty amount of Penguin fans mucking up their chants by adding 'Pens' and 'Penguins' where appropriate.

TheNWChica said...

I'm not exactly shocked that they booed the USSGill...it wasn't like he was traded like Barfight Joe; he left for TO on his own.

Fabu post about Sabu! :)

meecrofilm said...

"Without a doubt, Geno is leading the league in powerplay fake shots."

Yes. Excellent.

dying alive said...

I like Boston. If I were inclined to move out of Pittsburgh, the cost of living there wasn't so high, and their sports fans weren't such douches it would definitely be on my short list.

Listening to that Bruins PA announcer (and others in the league) gives me a serious appreciation for John Barbero. These other assclowns sound like they're hosting a game show.

crmzak said...

the link to the video showing Bruins' opening sequence where they totally left out Stuart #45.


'Bout halfway thru the clip is when he's standing in the tunnel, letting everyone pass him by, finally coming out on his own at the very end, his teammates buckled over in laughter. No aknowledement of his existence whatsoever. ha

Carroll said...

In other hockey related news:

Will The Maple Leafs Soon Have Some Company In Toronto?

....According to a published report National Hockey League governors are considering locating a second hockey team in Toronto alongside the beloved Buds. The man at the centre of this rumour is Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie, who may be rewarded by the league with an expansion team for providing financial assistance to the Nashville Predators.


I really hope this is just a rumour. Who needs two teams in the same city, let alone in the same damn rink. Besides how many shitty teams can one city handle? What if the "new" team is better then the Leafs?

Carroll said...

Red Wings put Darren McCarty on waivers.

dying alive said...

Red Wings put Darren McCarty on waivers.

And reduced the average age of their team to 62 years.

Wasn't it McCarty's dad that a cblogger had a run in with at a hotel during the Finals? Something like McCarty's dad kept asking them who won and winking at them? Who's winking now, old man? Ha!

Raybin said...

CBlog is all business today.

What other hyperbole can be offered in praise of Sabu today? If he can come up like that consistently and Fleury keeps playing at a high level, we are WAY ahead of the game.

Before Sid started whipping Savard's sorry ass, did anyone else notice that the USS Hal Gill made three SICK defensive plays on that shift?

In fact, the Gill/Scuderi d-line was the workhorse last night. It's a shame that neither one of them will likely be around after July 1, 2009 at the latest.

Satan is starting to catch fire. (GET IT?!?!? HAH!) Lovin' it.

Malkin and Sid back together: "Don't do it!" I said. It shows that y'all should probably ignore everything I say. Especially since I was also like "Dupuis can't hang with Sid on the first line!" and "Tyler Kennedy ain't gonna do shit this year."

I should probably just stop posting for good and take up cricket, actually.

Fedtenko and Staal continue to underperform. They'll come around though, I'm confident.

How in love am I with Godard? I'd let him kick my ass and love ever second of me. Me = perv.

Zigomanis continues to confirm my blind faith in Ray Shero. What a steal.

wilsmith said...

dying alive, I think it was Cleary

Carroll said...

DA: the incident you are referring to happened to BNG when he was at his hotel, not sure if it was McCarty's dad or someone elses.

dying alive said...

In fact, the Gill/Scuderi d-line was the workhorse last night. It's a shame that neither one of them will likely be around after July 1, 2009 at the latest.

You won't like me when I'm angry, Raybin. Scuds will be around forever and ever and ever and EVAH.

That's right, I think I remember now that it was Cleary's dad. Crap.

fleuryous said...

I'm not against Fedo yet--give him some more time.

And the whole Staal thing...I already said my piece, but basically...I have confidence in him, and give him a little more time.

And Tyler Kennedy may be small, but he's a rocket. He'll be explosive this year...TNTK, if you will. haha.

Aaaand I didn't say it yet, but that's because it was a given...solid post, staff. LOVE YOU.

I want to watch that shootout 43509843905 more times.

fleuryous said...

Oh, and if Scuderi leaves, I might have a hernia.

Let's not talk about next summer just yet. haha

Raybin said...

No one loves Gill and Scuds more than I do, but there's just not enough spots.

Gonchar, Whitney, Letang and Orpik aren't going anywhere. Goligoski might get sent down to finish the year in WBS, but I think it's pretty clear he'll make the team out of training camp next year at the least.

I suppose they could move Eaton instead of Gill or Scuds, but the fact that they just re-signed him to a nice contract and that he seems to be playing well makes me think he's staying too. That's all six starting spots for next year accounted for.

It sucks, but I don't see any way around it.

Raybin said...



Susan Burghart said...

That picture of Brooks is simply amazing.

Dan said...

i was just gonna put a a.p.b. out for tank.

RedWings said...

Just to clarify, McCarty's dad passed away a couple of years ago from cancer. Mac has raised a lot of money and cancer awareness around the Detroit area. Plus, Mac's dad didn't have that kind of personality.

I now return you to your previous Wing bashing, already in progress...

debrisslide said...

Scuderi is one of those guys that I'd like to see play his entire career with us. He's the guy who has been with the organization the longest out of any of the current players and he is obviously a beast. I'd rather get rid of Eaton than Scuds. 100%.

brett said...


I was deeply suspicious when we brought Gill in last season, but I've been nothing but impressed.

Scuds has been a solid defenseman for the Pens for a long time. I consider his durability places him one notch higher than Eaton.

It hurts to say this, but I think Eaton is our odd man out. Things might have been different if he didn't miss a full season's worth of games in the last two years. Plus, he's more expensive than Scuds, no?

debrisslide said...

brett - Scuds is making $750k this year. . .Eaton $2 million.

debrisslide said...

correction, Scuds actually makes $725k this year. Thanks nhlnumbers.com!

Dan said...

i must say i cringed when we traded for Gill. now that he had sex with my mom he's a beast. scuds will get a pay raise, so eaton could be cheaper.........

Allison said...

"Scuderi is one of those guys that I'd like to see play his entire career with us. He's the guy who has been with the organization the longest out of any of the current players and he is obviously a beast"

Couldn't agree more... Well said.

dying alive said...

...So then I guess he's definitely not winking?

*disclaimer: My mother is a cancer survivor and I donate generously and to the Race for the Cure every year. But I'm still not taking it back nor feeling bad about it, because if you can't joke about cancer and death, you can't joke about anything.

I guess I should apologize for the mistaken identity, though. It's not McCarty's dad who's a douchenozzle, it's Cleary's.

RedWings said...

dying alive said...
...I guess I should apologize for the mistaken identity, though. It's not McCarty's dad who's a douchenozzle, it's Cleary's.

No apology necessary. But thanks for the grins anyway. :)

Paychex94 said...

Bruins fans are mud. I was at the game with my brother and a friend and we basically got jumped on the way out of the Garden. We all had Pens jerseys on and things started escalating rather quickly. A drunk fan knocked my hat off and after that it was on. Luckily there was no security or police in the area and the fights dissolved. I no longer respect Boston fans!

Casandra said...

Bruins fans are horrid. I was at he game too and some people were saying "pens still sucks" afterwards and i just said really then why'd we just beat you" and they looked at me dumbfounded and tried to fight me. also, they wouldn't know what a penalty looked like if they got cross-checked in the face.

The Knee Deep Girls said...

Lets not stereotype now. Not all Bruins fans are obnoxious,intoxicated morons. At any rate,both teams played a great game. Congrats on the win,and thanks for the laughs.


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