Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Ryan Whitney recently read to a bunch of students
in collaboration with Trib Total Media to promote reading and stuff. PENS

If Whitney wasn't already injured, this kid would have decked him in the parking lot.
funnier caption?

The pool of hate for Malkin bubbling under Ovechkin's skin has left Pens fans puzzled.
LGP has had a good discussion about it.
And Mark Madden came out of nowhere with an article. BEAVER TIMES

Bing is #45 in's latest ranking of men. ASKMEN.COM

There's also a YouTube that's popped up recently of Bing's Top 10 goals:


:: Instead of painstakingly linking like 20 things, just head over to PUCK DADDY.
Mike Commodore comments about that Facebook picture.
Sean Avery made his return to MSG.
Frightening "Saw" movie goalie masks down in Tampa.

:: Are you an avid hockey fan? KUKLA'S KORNER


Speaking of Tampa, they finally won a game. TSN

Buffalo still has yet to lose in regulation. TSN

Maybe PUCK DADDY should stop calling their games a quest for an undefeated season
since they have indeed lost a game.

That's it.
When the Pens aren't doing anything, neither are we.

We were thinking about declaring the first Amber Alert of the season,
but that can wait until after the Carolina game.


J.S. said...

Good to see somebody else is awake at 5:30-ish.

Caught the tail end of that TB game last night. Unfortunately it was the radio side, so I had to listen to Mishkin scream like 15k girls at an N'Sync concert. Why can't they demote radio announcers the same way they demote players? A better question would be "The way Oren and Lennie are rotating the roster, can't they trade for a better play by play guy?"

onesizedrummer said...

jordan staal for amber alert


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
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Brandon said...

Charlie doing some moonlighting, perhaps?

dying alive said...

There's always somebody who shows up to a Penguins event in a Steelers jersey.

You know, I genuinely like Ryan Malone. I do. And I wish him well. But at the same time, it sure feels good to be able to give a big, hearty, fuck you sandwich to everyone who acted like the Pens lost a first ballot Hall of Famer and all chance at making the playoffs when he signed elsewhere.

Anne said...

Maybe PUCK DADDY should stop calling their games a quest for an undefeated season
since they have indeed lost a game.

True story. However, its still pretty sick that we haven't lost in regulation. Its not sick that Phil Kessel ruined our perfect PK, I hate him.

Hooks Orpik said...

Staal and Fedotenko have to be 1 and 1A for the Amber Alert, right?

J.S. said...

anne, the pens lost game 2 in regulation 3-1. go-go scoerd a pp goal with :01 remaining.

Nate said...

are the pics working for everyone else? i'm not getting all of them

ILoveHockey said...

For the caption...

"After storytime, the little kid is going to show Whitney, Hines Ward's version of 'backdoor play'"

btumpak said...

crosby's goals = goosebumps

(kind of reminds me of jagrs top 10)

wilsmith said...

If the NHL really stepped in on the Malkin/AO situation like Madden suggests they should, I would turn in my NHL Fan ID Badge.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I think this particular anne is a Buffaslug reference to her Kessel killing their perfect PK [last night] and not losing in regulation.

Help Me Rhonda said...

Why'd I just get excited about the Amber Alert part?

Fedotenko has to be on that list.

IceCold... said...

with this whole malkin-ovie thing - i'm saying that malkin banged ovie's gf. i mean, what are that kid's chances of keeping a girl around, money can only get you so far. not that malkin is exactly a knockout in the looks department. but i might actually get it if that was the case.

Docciavelli said...

@ wilsmith

Madden proves his douchiness with that article (I feel dumber for having read it).

Malkin-Ovie could be a great thing for hockey. I mean, they've tried to fashion this great rivalry between Crosby and Ovie for the past two years, and it hasn't taken hold simply because the two don't match up often on the ice or have anything personal.

With Geno, Ovie's status as the best Russian player in the world is challenged. I'd argue that's more important to Ovie than praise in North America (remember, Ovie only gives out his cell # to Russian girls anyways).

Madden's a pig without lipstick who's opinion needs to be seen for what it is: an opinion of a guy who likely has never even laced 'em up for beer league. Malkin can handle his own with Ovie--he's a big boy. Let Ovie head-hunt. It takes his focus off scoring, and its more time he'll spend frothing at the mouth about barfights with Malkin's agent.

fleuryous said...

Hooks Orpik said...

Staal and Fedotenko have to be 1 and 1A for the Amber Alert, right?


Joshua said...

Man. Please tell me we're not going to give a little kid shit for wearing a Steelers jersey to school on a day that a Pens player is coming.

Funnier caption:

"If Whitney wasn't injured, this kid would have decked him in the parking lot and taken his purse."

meecrofilm said...

Fedotenko has done more than Talbot. At least he's hit people from time to time.

ChadGKG said...

Montreal is undefeated (in regulation) too.

Not to mention Minnesota and Edmonton in the West, althought they haven't lost in OT or SO either.

fierst78 said...

talbot for amber alert

he hasn't been noticed in any games

fleuryous said...

Stop the amber alerts.

or I'll puke down your tracheas.

haha, that's actually repulsive.

The Goon Blogger said...

Happy Birthday to the Devil himself, Miro Satan!


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