Thursday, October 9, 2008


Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be dropping the ceremonial "first puck"
at the Flyers home-opener on Saturday. [ Yahoo ]

Regardless of whether you'd walk through a wall of fire for Sarah Palin
or light her on fire and pee on her, it's good for hockey that she's a big deal.

She's a hockey mom, so maybe some of her followers and crap
will start watching hockey or something.

In case you haven't noticed, a lot of men consider her attractive.
She has the whole secretary thing going for her.

We found one of the hottest pictures of her on the internet.


Ah, yes, by the way, there's a grassroots campaign
to get Rick Astley's NGGYU video the award for BEST ACT EVER at some MTV awards show.

BEST ACT EVER started the campaign
and made some jimbob script that sends continuous votes for Rick Astley to MTV's online poll.

The operator of the BEST ACT EVER website had this to say:

It's just that [ The Best Act Ever Award ] is a bit of a joke. Another reason I am doing this is that I'm personally sick of being dictated to by the media in general on what we should and shouldn't like. This is our little revolt to show them that we decide what we like.


Now, you can go there and have an automated script vote for you.
Or you can go straight to the MTV EMA website.

-- And here's Rick Astley discussing the phenomenon. [ March LAT article ]


DOUG LEAKE came across this:

:: CARL sent in this link where it asks Hossa and Conklin about Pittsburgh failing. [ DETROIT NEWS ]

:: Oh, and Alanis Morriskank and Def Leppard are "rocking out" for the opening-night festivities in Detroit. [ ]

That means our favorite penalty killer will be in attendance:

do it


:: Banner-raising ceremony for the Pens. Will They? Won't They? [ Tony at MVN ]

:: If you thought the Ruutu board-hump was bad:

Thanks to BRENT for sending that in.

:: JASON BUHI found out why the Dow Jones is dropping faster
than Hossa's shorts in the Wings' dressing room:

Is #25 Brett Favre?
Nobody even knows who those players are.
What is that suit on the far right doing?

You probably looked at that picture and thought the smaller Islander was Miro Satan. Jesus.
Satan. Jesus.

[ PENS ]
:: There will be fan festivals before the first four home games of the season.
The outdoor screen will be back, and you can probably get your face painted by a hot girl.
Weekend Games: Party starts at 4:00.
Weekday: 5:00.

:: Sid vs. AO. Part IV.
Fourth year already? Damn. [ ESPN ]

At this juncture, we always like to remind fans from everywhere else
that Penguins fans have nothing against Ovechkin.

We hate him like we would hate any top player from another team.
But he's as exciting as it gets in the NHL.
We don't have an inferiority complex like Caps fans do.

Right now, we guarantee there's a Caps fan complaing that Crosby is on the left side of that picture because Gary Bettman is left-handed.

Go Pens.
Ovechkin sucks.


Rage said...

rickrolling? weeeeeak

debrisslide said...

FIRST, maybe?

I wish we could stop talking about Sarah Palin, btw.

debrisslide said...

No first. . .almost as weak as five paragraphs about banner-raising? Who cares?

Matt said...

AO is pretty sick. Too bad most of his supporting cast is a line of Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls.

I'd love to see the road to the Cup go through the Caps. And I'm sure their fans feel the same way about us. Go nostalgia!

Rage said...

I'm tired of haters bashing Hossa. Look, just because he and Spezza and Heatley and Alfredsson used to get in big, sweaty,naked, man-piles, then have themselves driven around Ottawa touching little boys and old men inappropriately is no reason to bash on him! Wishing a concussion or blown out knee on him in the first half of the season is RIGHT out! We aren't Philthy fans after all, here people!

Pensblog Staff said...

If Sarah Palin could read, she would leave a comment on this post.


tanya said...

don't care what kind of piles hossa used to get in with spezza, but he should never wear red. blue ok, black/white ok, red nooooo

Pensblog Staff said...

And that's maybe the second time we've rickrolled in the blog's history.

We Hungry-like-the-wolf and get-outta-my-dreams-rolled Blueshirt Bulletin during the Rangers series last year.

The rickroll was done for segue purposes.
Please forgive.

Rage said...

No forgive needed staff, we can dig it...

Dr. Turkleton said...

Pens Text

Pens acquire Mike Zigomanis from PHX for future considerations...

penzrule said...

I'm sad they are changing the SC banners. I always loved how they incorporated the div. and conf. banners. Now they'll probably be some generic boring banner like what is going up in the Joe tonight.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Who is Mike Zigomanis, you ask?


27 years old

6-1, 200


ASSETS: Has good vision, soft hands and a deft passing touch. Is a very creative playmaker with the ability to be used in a variety of ways.
FLAWS: Lacks speed, which could become a major factor in the pro game. Will need to prove he can handle the rough going in the NHL.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Reserve forward.

Rage said...

Future Considerations=Bag o' Pucks and a Christmas Card

The Goon Blogger said...

Mike Zigomanis < Janne Pesonen

sHero is really reaching on this one. Though, we did get him from PHX for "future consideration" which will probably amount to some of Evgeni Malkin's sweat and a Snickers bar.

sh0ez said...

Ugh @ rage.

debrisslide said...

Evgeni Malkin's sweat has more potential to score goals on a team than a lot of centers in the league. Discuss.

Rage said...

I dunno Goon, I think Shero will hold out for maybe Bill Thomas sweat

sh0ez said...

Bissonnette-Zigomanis-Godard line? Hah.

Russ Tundra said...

How comes I fucking got Rick Rolled in a tPB Blog? That is fucking weak. and old.

Agreeing with rage.

sh0ez said...

rickrolling is still hilarious. You're just mad that you got nailed. I thought it to be quite clever. Especially when followed a story about it.

Being rickrolled at EnP = solid.

TJenk6687 said...

Hossa SI cover almost made me vomit... almost.

TheNWChica said...

This might have been mentioned earlier in the other post, but Laffy Taffe cleared waivers.

Rage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Russ Tundra said...

I'm always easy at getting nailed.


Rage said...

I did indeed get rickrolled

Rage said...

Thanks for the info chica, WB/S seriously needs the help

KaylaJ said...

only saw him in a handful of games down here, but the kid showed some nice promise. of course his numbers in the ahl were better than the nhl, so obviously just a wait and see

The Goon Blogger said...

Is WBS full of injures that they need Taffe? I mean, they made the Calder Cup Finals last season.

KaylaJ said...

oh yeah, SI hardly ever shows hockey on the front cover, but yet they do with hossa? and the ATH people who know nothing about hockey are picking the red wings cause "they have hossa" which apparently they don't realize, but they didn't have him last year and won.

and maybe i'm crazy for asking, but when did hossa become a big deal? i mean he's always been a good player, but now teams are fighting over him? really?

Rage said...

They got totally crushed last night by Hershey.

TheNWChica said...

I think with Hossa, he could be a really big deal with the right parts as was seen in last year's playoffs.

jammer jagger said...

uh, rick astley = fergison from clarissa explains it all.

KaylaJ said...

chica i get that, but it seems weird how everyone is acting like he's the missing piece all of a sudden just cause after last year. and even weirder that detroit is now a fav cause they have him, when, considering they won the cup last year shouldn't they be favs anyway? i guess its just strange to me.

Docciavelli said...

"Most Intimidating Fans In The League?" How about "Most Joker Puck-Droppers In The League." I hear next year, in an attempt to one-up themselves, the Flyers' puck-dropper will be the exhumed corpse of Richard Nixon.

Sarah Palin reminds me of why I hate the Flyers. She'll get big cheers from those white trash guys up in the 400 level of the Wachovia ("CitiBank" now?) who were calling BGL "N*gger" last season. Of course, this year they'd call him "terrorist" or some shit like that.

akus said...

Zigomanis (right handed center)

His strength is in the faceoff circle, where he recorded a 56.2 winning percentage two seasons ago.

The move likely means Tyler Kennedy will shift back to the wing on the fourth line once Petr Sykora returns from injury.

(from Face Off Factor)

TheNWChica said...

Yeah....I don't know Kayla.

All I can think of is that he was misused in both Ottawa and Atlanta. I think that in ATL too, he wasn't always happy being there; but who is?

dying alive said...

I really couldn't care less about Hossa being on the cover of SI. Don't get me wrong, I hope his plan to ride coattails to greatness fails in spectacular fashion, but he's gone and I don't really give a damn. I'm more offended that Detroit has the absolute nerve to continue to refer to themselves as "Hockeytown." This is a city where they can't even sell out a playoff game and the crowd noise level falls somewhere between the Ypsilanti Public Library and the Nassau Coliseum.

And spare me the "the economy is so baaaaad here" diatribe. Pittsburgh isn't exactly the Beverly Hills of the Midwest, but we manage to put asses in the seats.

The Goon Blogger said...

Here we go again...

J.S. said...

technically Heatley and Hossa couldn't have been driving around together since they were traded for each other.

Although I'm sure if they were in the same, make you own Dany Heatley/Ferrari joke, I got nothing right now.

Rage said...

@j.s-did I leave off the part aboot the annual off-season NAMBLA convention in Ottawa that all of them JUST happen to attend?

fleuryous said...

Tyler Kennedy will not shift back.

The kid's a BEAST. haha

TheNWChica said...

I wonder if LeGame asked for a pass on practice today to go to Vancouver for the ceremony for Luc. I'm gonna be a mess, I know. :(

jefe p said...

go pens. via work.

brett said...

who is this Zigo guy we just picked up?

and why should I care?

Sooooo into the Leafs/Wings game tonight.

TheNWChica said...

Brett....Zigo has been up and down between the A and the Show, spending time with the Desert Dogs the last few years.


dying alive said...

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Comcast has a free Center Ice promo until 10/15.

TheNWChica said...

I think they're doing the same thing too with the CI Online! :)

Susan Burghart said...

I've been laughing about the Hossa cover all day. It means he and the Red Wings are jinxed for sure. Have people not heard about the SI cover curse? ;-)

KaylaJ said...

VS interviewed hossa a few moments ago and i couldn't understand anything he said

Erica said...

my DVR just fell victim to the hossa curse, as it froze on him mid-shot during the leafs/wings pregame and i couldn't get an image from any other station, only sound and a black screen. "receiving satellite info" as i type. i *will* hold him personally responsible if i can't watch opening night hockey.

oh wait, it's working now...just in time to see lidstrom carry out the cup. thanks??

The Goon Blogger said...

Gross. I repeatedly threw up in my mouth during that whole segment.

I don't want that taste again.

Do it Pens.

We Want the Lion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
akus said...

Versus may suck, but, that commercial with the "hockey fan" hitting the glass in the nursery, screaming at his newborn, made me totally forget all the summer NHLN commercials.

Loser,loser,loser, YOU Own this nursery.

Leaves are hangin far,

but they gotta bury those chances.

Erica said...

woo! toronto up 1-0 -- first time EVER cheering on the leafs.

J.S. said...

WTF?!? I just bought Gamecenter and even though I'm not within 400 miles of either city, I'm blacked out.

debrisslide said...

So the Red Wings still have that way of making it look like they have at least one extra guy on their defense. . .unfortunately, they seem pretty soff all of a sudden.

Yeah, this year I'm pretty much rooting for any team that plays the Wings. . .which means all other 28 teams in the league at least once.

debrisslide said...

LOL I just saw a replay of Toronto's goal. Osgood's play of the puck was HILARIOUS.

J.S. said...

you did skip it.

Obviously Don Cherry was at forementioned NAMBLA rally.

snickerdoodles said...

I don't get the Hossa love fest, either. I'm glad I have not renewed my SI subscription so I did not have that show up in my mailbox, but seriously, I don't get it. Hossa is now the savior of the Red Wings? The next hockey god? When will the bronze statue go up? If the Red Wings can get him to stop touching himself long enough to play hockey maybe the guy will amount to something. If he is all that and a bag of chips, should'nt every team he's been on won a Stanley Cup?

KaylaJ said...

mmm, bag of chips

pittsburghforlife420 said...

Seriously rick rolled again?


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