Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bob Smizik thinks fighting in the NHL is a joke. [PG]

We know what Bob Smizik is trying to do.
He is trying to goad hockey fans by writing a column that just doesn't make sense.

We'll take the bait, because that's what we do.

Tons of hidden gems in this latest Smizik joint.
Some highlights:

:: "Fighting in hockey is an absolute joke and the sooner the powers that be admit it -- they already know it -- the better off the sport will be."

Nice to see Smizik is using the word "joke."
To dispute this, we ask, how do the powers that be know fighting is a problem?
That is a guess, at best.

:: "For every new fan fighting turns on in Pittsburgh and other NHL hot spots, it turns off several others in vital areas where the league must gain a foothold if it ever wishes to be remotely competitive with sports higher up the dollar chain."

Once again, a statement based on no facts. Hockey is a violent sport by nature, so to say people are turned on by one aspect and turned off by another doesn't make sense.

:: "At present, the NHL is turning a nice profit and might be content to be the niche league its television ratings say it is. But if it ever wants to crash the big time -- where woebegone franchises like the Pirates turn a profit the Penguins can only dream of -- it needs to appeal to a broader spectrum of fans."

Aren't there bench-clearing brawls in baseball games?
Don't they throw at batter's heads and try to break the second-baseman's leg to disrupt a double play?
Hockey doesn't need casual fans anyway.

The Pirates made a profit?
They don't spend money on players. What an organization.

:: "Fighting does not do that for the NHL. As much as it energizes fans in the various buildings around the league, it turns off the prospective fans outside those building. The NHL needs to grow its base. Fighting is stopping it from doing that."

Stopping fighting brings more fans in? Honestly we wouldn't change anything about the NHL.
But if they do need to change things, fighting is the least of their problems.

:: He talks about how the fight between Riley Cote and God in the Flyers/Pens game this week didn't prove anything, then he says:

"It also had the crowd going crazy. If this is what the fans come for, what a sad commentary on the sport. What a sad commentary on the dazzling skills of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin that two players who don't even belong in the league can inspire the crowd to such a level."

Huh? We have been hockey fans all our lives. We know a lot of hockey fans.
Never have we gone to a game to see a fight.
Yes, it is fun to see it happen, but if you're a hockey fan, you know better.
To say it is a sad commentary about hockey fans and the sport is completely irresponsible.

:: To use a football analogy, there is no tougher player than the Steelers' Hines Ward. He backs down from no one and plays the game to its fullest. If the hockey mentality existed in football, Ward would be "afraid" to play his game for fear of retaliation. That is nonsense when it is applied to Ward and it is nonsense when applied to hockey players.

That is one of the stupidest groupings of sentences in the history of the English language.
We can't even describe how ridiculous it is.

Nothing like dumbing down a coloumn so some yinzers can understand.
This is what separates Hines Ward from hockey players:


:: Meanwhile, hockey, which can be a ballet on ice, struggles for far-flung acceptance because it insists, for no good reason, to be best known as a barroom brawl on ice.

It insists to be best-known for fighting?
Are you kidding?
It didn't incorporate fighting INTO the league recently to attract fans.
You're saying something that has been in the sport forever has to leave.
No, Smizik. You have to leave.
Fighting didn't stop hockey from being a major-4 sport in the U.S. in the '90s.
Stop talking.

Smizik, you are a joke.
Did you even watch the Stanley Cup playoffs last year, the NHL's biggest stage of the season????
How many fights do you recall seeing? Are you an idiot?
The playoffs were your elusive "ballet on ice."

Go Pens.


Eric P. said...


what a joke

Flyer Hater said...

So, the NHL should cater to the fringe fan that might watch a game every other month rather than appeasing the hard core base of fans who consistently shell out money for tickets, merchandise, etc. That's real smart.

You know when hockey was most popular? Right after the Rags won the Stanley Cup in 1994. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but there was a lot more physical play and fighting back then, than there is right now. Quit catering to the fringe fan, jokes.

Korn said...

Wow, he must have been really out of ideas for a column. Pathetic. FH is right, why would you try to appeal to a few potential fans that might be UTTERLY OFFENDED by a fight and take part of the game that true fans appreciate.

And the Pirates make a profit because of revenue sharing. And the fact that their ownership takes that revenue sharing, combines it with their paltry gate sales and then fields a joke of a team. That equals profit. Sorry, I'm guessing the Lemieux group (and their fans that they don't take for granted) are happier with their arrangement.

Flyer Hater said...

Anyone who refuses to tune into a hockey game on the off chance that there's a fight is a moron anyway. I don't want that assclown watching this great game, he doesn't deserve. Stick to the 15 hour marathon that is a baseball game or the riveting 10 minutes of total action that takes place in a heart-pounding 4 hour football game.

Hey Smiz, I say we move all those Canadian teams to the states to get a new fan base. I'd love nothing more than to see the Albuquerque Canadiens or the San Diego Oilers. Any more bright ideas?

Bozo is just pissed that he can't write any more columns bashing the Pens and saying that they're not better off than the Pirates.

I can't wait until all the old crusty yinzers like Smizik die off.

Flyer Hater said...

Anyone who uses the word hooliganism was born before the first Grover Cleveland administration.

tanya said...

just because hockey isn't the most popular sport in usa doesn't mean there is something wrong with it...

mooch2348 said...


stokes said...

Smizik= Knucklehead

Dylan said...

Smizik's a joke, and his opinion is greatly tilted. However, Hines Ward is nobody to be joked about, even if he does cry sometimes.

Kimberlass said...

...has he ever watched hockey?

I agree with flyerhater. Why on earth would we cater to the possible wants of casual fans, rather than keeping the real, root fan base happy? Something is really wrong with that picture.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Wow, I yawned at the column and yawned at this blog's response to it. Both were lame.

I'm sure Ward would lay out pretty much any NHL player the same way he lays out linebackers (Bart Scott, whoever that Bengal was today). Wonder if any of the Penguins cried after their losses to the Islanders and Panthers.

[Hurricane Ditka, Holy Hakaan Loob]

kstewy16 said...

If it wasn't for Seth at Empty Netters, I would never even glance at anything PG related. The Post Gazette and their writers are consistently wrong about everything sports related. This article proves that not only is Smizik an idiot, but he also has some kind of vendetta against hockey and really just wants to see the sport turn into basketball.

justindave said...

If that shit were posted on a message board it would be deleted as a flamebait.

kstewy16 said...

Forgot to mention, calling out Hines Ward, not cool, that man's a beast.

Eric K said...

How does Smizik even call himself a sport journalist??

Like the staff said, fighting has been a part of hockey for as long as there has been "hockey".

If it weren't for the value of guys willing to drop the gloves on each of the 30 NHL teams, there would be a hell of alot more money being dumped into average to below average "skill players" rather than grinders or enforcers, likely disabling any team from ever having a highly paid combo of Malkin & Crosby or Datsyuk & Zetterberg or Heatley-Alfie-Spezza because they are coughing up an extra $12 million a year to fill their 3rd and 4th lines with guys who might score 20 goals while recording 15 PIMs.

The salary cap nature of the NHL is made possible by guys like Godard and Biz who have a very specific role to play, a role that is played for much less than the salary of a consistent 100+ point scorer.

Any article that references the Pittsburgh Pirates to drive home a point should immediately be thrown out the window for pure jokery.

J.S. said...

Oh great, Bozo the Smizik trots out more baseless crap and we all are talking about it. Has his opinion ever been relevant? I'll even allow you to include family members in that answer. Between his "knowledge" of hockey and his lovefest for that AAA team in PNC Park, his articles should write like poorly written and very predictable Mad Libs page.

I could talk about his opinion about fighting and his comments about being ballet on ice (maybe it was when Morozov was taking a regular shift), but he simply is not worth the time.

debrisslide said...

Fighting is just. . .part of the game. It's a way to intimidate the other team and shift momentum, to break the action, to release frustrations. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but it's definitely a crucial branch of the EMOTION of NHL hockey. If you take some of the emotion out, you're just trying to draw in emotionless people. People who don't care about the sport.

Stilly said...

Hahaha love when cblog gets their collective panties in a bunch when the staff jobs the Steelers. Hines Ward isn't off limits to jobbing jokes.

We all know Bob Smizik is a cum dumpster, I'm not surprised by this in the least. His article lacks logic. I want to know who actually doesn't watch hockey because of the fights. I've NEVER heard anyone make that statement.

Luke said...

Seven headshots of Smizik is seven too many. Gross.

debrisslide said...

People should job the Steelers, because the NFL is a joke.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hmm, I just realized my two of my favorite athletes have cried on television ... Hines Ward and Ryan Malone.

Hasn't the Staff called out Ward before? Chill out, it's called jobbing and they do it to everyone.

May I request us to stop predicting things? It's a bit of a jinx in my mind (maybe because I'm overly superstitious and do everything the exact same way on Gamedays) and it has worn off ... Eileen got a post, but it doesn't mean anyone else will ...

Pensblog Staff said...


Zach said...

technically, fighting is illegal, because you get a penalty for it.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Haha I love it when c-bloggers and the staff get their collective panties in a bunch whenever some local sports writer has the temerity to write an article criticizing some aspect of their favorite sport. I wonder how many of you tools will flood his inbox with emails, validating his relevance.

I just thought it was funny that they used a picture of one of the toughest players in the NFL, all the while themselves coming off as whiny pansies.

I love you, staff, but i'm definitely not afraid to job u when u need it.

Pensblog Staff said...

hahahha Johnny... we wouldn't expect anything less.

Pensblog Staff said...

oh and just wait till Ward drops a huge pass, we'll see how much everyone loves him then.

The Bengals are a high school team

Katie said...

Why anyone gives any credibility to anything Smizik writes is beyond me. Nice disection, staff.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Hated the article, hated that yinz posted it, but I realize that you had to. And I'm glad you did...i'm still confused...

fleuryous said...

I'm not going to lie--watching Godard beat down some joke or Biz Nasty giving stitches is rather exciting...but that's not the reason I watch the game.

Smizik is geriatric. He's just jealous because he wants young, fit men all over him instead.

Dream on, Bobbo.

And I still love the THERE. haha

Raybin said...

The Staff is all business in this post and thread.

Hines Ward is a waste of both the sperm and the egg. God, I hate him.

Smizik is a joke. I don't know how many people I talk to (it's a fair bit actually) who either A) got into hockey because they watched it in hope of seeing a fight or B) are casual fans who watch hockey for the fights.


Jesus Christ, Smizik. Why don't you go back to the Steeler Circle Jerk and leave the hockey talk to the people who understand the fucking sport?

Pensblog Staff said...

you know this will only invoke more steeler jobbing.

Raybin said...

The only bad thing about Tom Brady getting hurt this year is that he won't be around to administer another unholy asskicking to the Steelers.


stokes said...

That's why Johnny V is a big deal.

Although i have been guilty of it, i agree that predictionblog is getting old.

Here's my last prediction:

This is the year MAF scores one.

Raybin said...

I just thought it was funny that they used a picture of one of the toughest players in the NFL, all the while themselves coming off as whiny pansies.

Yes, expressing disagreement with someone is now acting like a whiny pansy.

Raybin said...

you know this will only invoke more steeler jobbing.


I know a good Steeler joke.

Okay, actually I don't. So instead I'll just list the starting roster of the Steelers' offensive line. That's funnier than any joke I could ever come up with:

Marvel Smith, Chris Kemoeatu, Justin Hartwig, Darnell Stapleton, Willie Colon

eileenover said...

This is the year MAF scores one.

I completely agree stokes. If Brooksie's ass hadn't been in the way last season, he would've gotten that empty netter.

debrisslide said...

raybin, possibly the funniest Steelers joke in history right there.

debrisslide said...

Well, I take that back. Shit has been bad before. But football is taken so seriously these days that it just looks funnier on paper.

Raybin said...

raybin, possibly the funniest Steelers joke in history right there.

Second funniest.



Raybin said...

I want Fleury to score, get in a fight and change his name to Ron Hextall, Jr.

Ronnie invented the term all business.

fleuryous said...

Dude, MAF cleared the puck last night...all the way to the other goal, practically. I thought that was rather funny.

Too good.

TheNWChica said...

I would love to see this douche try to make his case to one Mr. Donald S. Cherry.

LeGame58 said...

Bob Smizik should have died 10 years ago...the world would smell a lot better

Raybin said...

Smizik would burst into flames if he ever got within 100 yards of Cherry.

TheNWChica said...

Nah... I want Don to beat the shit out of Bob; THEN set him on fire.

Raybin said...

I respect Mike Milbury's opinions more than I do Smizik's

Take THAT, Bob!

mattb171 said...

Smizik does suck badly. But making fun of Hines Ward, the epitome of a tough football player, not cool.

Raybin said...

Why do people think Ward should have some kind of immunity from jobbing and mocking? Jesus H. Christ, the man is an above average possession receiver.

Wes Welker > Hines Ward.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Baby Pens and Bears tied 3-3, Peso just got an assist on a PP oal to tie the game; listen live here:

Whoa! Stone just scored; Pens up 4-3!!!

M. Vanderlasser said...

(goal), assisted by Minard.

fleuryous said...

Dude, I think a group of us should go to a Wilkes-Barre game, even though it's fairly faaaaar away.

It'd be sweet.

Raybin said...

I might be down for a WBS trip.

I keep meaning to see how many people would be interested in a trip to Wheeling to run NailersBlog, but there's that whole "too lazy to bother" thing I deal with.

Kimberlass said...

Can...can we all just e-mail this douche?

fleuryous said...

Dude, I'd be willing to split gas money with people.

I just don't have a car :(.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Dec 13 is Michel Therrien bobblehead night at WBS...

J.S. said...

Look, Ward might or not be tough (I'm giving him the vote as unquestionably tough), but even as a fan I'll admit that he is not off-limits to jobbing. Besides Staff, if you're gonna use the pic of Ward crying, be sure to use the right one

You didn't see Steve crying on TV saying "All I wanted to do is win one for Gary"

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Welker's won lots of Super Bowl MVP's (insert NFL handing SBXL to the Steelers here). I'm almost positive he'll be in the Hall of Fame some day too. Robert Johnson told me that in a dream. There was a naked indian there.

Bigger joke. Robert Dome.

Absolutely email him. That was the whole point of him writing that column in the first place.

J.S. said...

kimber, a nice thought, but as jonny mentioned, emailing this turd would only enforce that he holds some relevance within the company and that people allegedly read his columns.

I vote no but I won't stop anybody who chooses to disagree.

fleuryous said...

Robert Johnson is basically Jesus Christ.

Raybin...I know I've told you before, but your icon is money. haha

Raybin said...

Larry Brown and Desmond Howard have won Super Bowl MVP awards too. That makes them Hall of Fame worthy?

debrisslide said...

I think I've e-mailed Smizik before, calling him out on something or other. . .he never wrote back, but it was strangely satisfying.

Raybin said...

I can't hear anyone else, I've got fleuryous' praise clogging my ears.

eileenover said...

The only journalist I've ever e-mailed is Larry Brooks. I'm glad I did because I got the most hilarious response.

brndlynn said...

"May I request us to stop predicting things? It's a bit of a jinx in my mind (maybe because I'm overly superstitious and do everything the exact same way on Gamedays) and it has worn off ... Eileen got a post, but it doesn't mean anyone else will ..."

Im all for it IHK! It was ok to do for a little while but now its all about trying to get the staff to put you in a post. I think its becoming the new "first".

MadScientist said...

I'm waiting for Smizik's article "You Damn Kids, Get the Hell Out of My Yard; Where's My Metamucil?"

@fleuryous, raybin:
I'm trying to get a road-trip group for the 12/13 WBS game (currently a bunch of nerdy scientists, but the more people the better).

Group packages are pretty decent, plenty of free stuff.

Hand of Godard said...

Fuck Smizik and all the other pussies trying to get fighting out of hockey.
It's not that I don't want hockey to become a more popular sport. I don't want it to change or dumb down just to cater to non-fans. I have no problem with hockey being a niche sport as long as it maintains its traditions. If other people can't see why we love hockey, fuck 'em.

fleuryous said...

That'd be sweet!

hockeys boring said...

I guess feeling like shit and showing it after you think you blew the last chance a player may have at winning a trophy is soft. I guess skating for a couple minutes then siting on the bench for 15 minutes makes you a man. Or maybe choking in an important game to eventually win the cup makes you better than someone that not only won a championship but was the MVP. Something that Crosby wont get because he'll get another phantom injury that will make him miss 2 months of the season. As I see it the penguins are the softest team in the nhl so cutting back fights won't hurt them.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Larry Brown and Desmond Howard have won Super Bowl MVP awards too. That makes them Hall of Fame worthy?
If that's the only reason you think I said that you're dumber than I thought.

Some want the game to stay the same. Some want it to get more respect on ESPN. Some want it to move out of certain areas to other areas. Some want it to appeal to more people. Some don't give a flying nun whether other people like it or not.
The point is this, as so eloquently stated in this morning's PG, our success is ties up in other teams' success. The Penguins are the hottest ticket in the NHL right now, but if interest wanes enough in other markets, money (revenue) is lost. When that happens, the league makes less money, the salary cap goes down. The present economy isn't helping matters much, either. I'm sure the Messiah will help make that all better though.

And I didn't notice it until now, but wasn't the mid 90's the "garage league" era, FH? Yeah, let's go back to those times again.

MizzPenz said...

I don't know, you guys might think I'm kinda crazy, but when a player is so emotionally involved in a game that his sensitive side shows then that just makes me believe that he's all heart. Hines leaves nothing on the field and consistenly voted the "most dirtiest player" in the league by all the other players in the NFL. He freaking broke a guys jaw today. Put that guy on skates (as if!) and I'd take him on my pick up team any day of the week. I know alot of people hate him, but I'm glad he plays for my hometown team instead of fucking Dallas. TO crying? Joke. Hines crying? I'm alright with that.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Amen to that

meecrofilm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billkamm said...

Amen! Go to hell Smizik!

Rachael said...

Haha, he's in desperate need for some FREE CANDY

lis said...

To those of you thinking about a Wilkes-Barre trip....if you're seriously planning it let me know and I can get you in touch with someone to hook you up with a cheap hotel rate.

eileenover said...

I'd definitely be up for a Baby Pens trip, seeing as I suggested it last season.

Joshua said...

I definitely read that there were many tears being shed in the Pens locker room after game 6. I'm just saying...

Crying is cool, especially when you hurt people for a living.

Help Me Rhonda said...

Fighting didn't stop hockey from being a major-4 sport in the U.S. in the '90s.
BINGO! And wasn't the old NHL rougher?

Smizik basically said the fans who watch the sport are blood thirsty and not good enough and those who don't watch need to--Oh, but wait! Before they can start watching here are some long standing elements of the game that need to die.

Dude didn't even try to make sense.

Joshua said...

"Why do people think Ward should have some kind of immunity from jobbing and mocking? Jesus H. Christ, the man is an above average possession receiver.

Wes Welker > Hines Ward."

Uh...this is fucking nonsense. Wes Welker is a decent athlete that benefited from playing with one of the best QBs of the past decade as the #2/3 receiver in a pass-happy offense with Randy Moss as the #1. He's had one good season. He's not fit to smell Hines Ward's shit.

The thing is this: no one is saying that Hines Ward is immune to "jobbing." Your fellow Pens fans that are also idiot yinzer Steelers fans would rather hear the jobbing from Browns fans and the like on football boards. We don't need to hear it here, especially when it is unnecessary.

Why the hell does football ever creep in here anyway? God knows the NFL is bloated enough.

josh said...

Haven't read all the way down. But the cracking on Hines Ward for crying is bullshit.
Maybe you guys saw a little video posted on Empty Netters with Patrick Kane bawling his eyes out about his coach getting fired.
He's only 19 he's a kid...Blah, Blah, Blah.
So much for your point.
I love you guys and all, but that was a pretty pathetic shot at Ward.

kamechiha said...

quit being a bunch of bitches... oooo it's hines. Screw Hines, he's just a guy. He cheats on his wife. Does that change your opinion of him. I hate it when you cBloggers whine and cry. I hope the guys who write this don't read your incessant crybaby whining.

They have a point. If Hines was a hockey player he would still play the same way. Look at Iginla. Top 5 in the NHL talent and 2 fights this year. It takes a special breed of warrior to play the physical game in Hockey. It's not the same as Football.
If you act like a dick in a football game, you either get a penalty or the other players whine about you to the media. You know who does that? Little girls. Act like a dick in hockey and you get hammered. Football players are very prissy. Like Joey porter, if I cleaned his car wrong he pouted like a 5 year old girl who didn't get a pony for her birthday. Laraque used to let me joke that I could out fight him. Different class of human beings. F football players

and Screw Smizek. I hate how any jackass can be a print journalist or on air sports jackass. Fedko... F that guy too. Hockey struggles for acceptance in America because it's not American. PERIOD

Football, baseball and basketball were all born in America and are just part of the landscape here. There are more teams in the NHL from Canada than there are in the other three combined. That says something about the literal nature of the game. And on the reverse side of that, look at these sports in canada. The CFL is not as popular as the NHL.

If you need proof that Hockey is not as American as the other 3, look at the logos. The NHL logo is black and silver. The NBA, NHL and MLB are all red, white and blue.
Damn, this comment is good.
Hockey has no inherent appeal to inner city kids, to a kid on a farm, or to any one south of the mason-dixon. Love for hockey has been cultivated in thses places or needs to be cultivated in these places. It is part of St. Louis but not part of Atlanta. It is part of Pittsburgh but not Puerto Rico.
This has nothing to do with fighting or goal scoring. This has everything to do with the nature of hockey. There are hockey players from southern California in the NHL. This wasn't so 25 years ago.
SO, everytime some jackass with typewriter gets on his soapbox about some minute aspect of this sport, it's for one reason only: to stroke himself. He wants to make us mad; it makes him feel relevant. It gives him the illusion of feeling powerful. He can stir up those pesky pensblog boys and the legion of pens faithful. He gets off on it.

Boo Ovechkin
Make fun of Mike Richards
Photoshop gretsky with men
Ignore Bob Smizik

jammer jagger said...

hines ward is a fag. He is good at football and I like him as such, but really.

ANY hockey player besides debbie briere could kick the shit out of him.

Johnny B said...

i wonder if he ever seen Slap Shot. seriously...the most violent hockey movie and it's one of, if not thee, most popular sports movie ever.

some people watch NASCAR for crashes. I think a car flipping around a hundred times going damn near if not over 200 mph is a little worse than somebody getting socked in the jaw.

has this guy watched a full game of hockey ever?

DRStedman said...

Hines Ward is a beast. Make fun of Roethlisberger.

Johnny B said...

actually, this dude should watch Les Chiefs...a documentary about the Laval Chiefs. the teams fight before the opening face off.

Chase said...

It's ironic that the Pensblog staff is very Smizik-like in it's jobbing of Hines Ward.

Ward's crying was after an emotional loss in which he thought his friend Jerome Bettis wasn't going to get his chance to win a Super Bowl.

It's not like Ward's the only athlete to ever cry after a loss. I did see pictures/footage of the Pens locker room after Game Six last year right?

Are you guys trying to be ironic and bash Hines in your own "obligatory attempt to piss of Steelers fans?"

It's a joke I get it, but acting like hockey players are OMGSOTUFF! that they never show emotion and then ragging on a guy who is passionate enough to get upset about losing and his friend not getting the chance to win a ring, is pathetic.


Can't we be fans of both teams equally? Or is there some sort of Pens fan inferiority complex I'm not privy to?

Stu said...

There was a time when the Pittsburgh paper had sports columnists that were second to none. Collier, Keiden, Smizik and Cook as a group were without peer in their industry. But you know what, times change, and apparently columnists do not change with them. Chuck Noll once had a great line that was used to describe a player that was going to get cut from the team before the start of the season, and it was "Time to get on with your life's work". That is what Smizik, Cook and Collier all need to do. If I have to hear them refer to the good ole days of the Steel Curtain or what Roberto Clemente would have done, I think I'll puke.

Keiden at least was the smart one and realized that his time had passed, but these other three dinosaurs are trying to hang on as long as they possibly can. I mean does anyone actualyl think Collier is funny any more?

Smizik and Cook both believe that because of their longevity that they are smarter than anyone running any of our local teams or anyone running any professional sports franchise. It's time for these guys to be put out to pasture and replaced by writers who are more in touch with today's fans.(And no I'm not referring to that Neandrathal Mark Madden)

I know he likes baseball better than hockey, but I sure wish Dejan Kovacevic(sp) would go back to covering the Pens.

One criticism of this column though was using the picture of Hines Ward crying to showcase the difference between football players and hockey players. Has the author completey forgotten the Ryan Smyth press conference upon being traded from Edmonton to Long Island?

cac said...

Fighting has it's place in hockey. If the league had half a brain it would scrap the instigator rule and encourage more fighting. The league is now physically ruled by the 'cheap shot' artists. Do you think some of these pansies would throw their hits from behind etc if they knew that a true heavy weight would be waiting for them on the next shift ?, very unlikely. Careers have been ended by cheap shots, not by fighting. What will happen if crosby or ovechkin are run from behind and lost for a season or more, the guy who throws the 'hit' is suspended for a couple of games and will be back at it again. If he knows that he is a permanent target by all teams due to cheap reputation he will think twice before performing a gutless action. Has bob smizik ever played this sport?

Sykora_17 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sykora_17 said...

I don't understand where you can compare a "hockey fight" to a "Hines Ward hit". On the ice fists are thrown, on the field hits are made and someone ends up on their ass and usually that's the end of it. So really there is no comparision to a Cote/Godard fight with a Hines Ward laying Ed Reed and Keith Rivers out. Leave Hines and the NFL out of subject the Pens and the NHL.

Corey Clayton said...

You know, the Steelers DO play the Bengals again this season. And retribution against Ward for that hit could be coming. It does happen.

Look for the 15-yd. unsportsmanlike conduct or late hit penalty to go on the Bengals for a cheap shot on Ward. But he won't be afraid or timid... he's a Steeler. He can take it, unlike Smizik, who can't take much of anything...


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