Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes I'm Gay Photoshop Challenge

Once again everyone has raised the bar on this one.
We've got some solid 'shops.

This isn't an expo so we're not posting all of the photoshops.

We tried to pick ten of our favorites.

1 - [JS]

This photoshop is money for several reasons.
Note the layering and near perfect matching of font.
The "Glory Hole" is a bonus that is much appreciated.

2 - [WXDX]

Huge job by our boys from the Penguins flagship.
Hossa was a popular target all day.
And it works on every level.

3 - [Allison Y.]

This isn't the best photoshop of the bunch, but the mere idea is enough to make you laugh.

4 - [Jason C.]

This is one of our favorites, mostly because Scott Hartnell deserves this cover as much as anyone.
The Melrose caption is gold.

5 - [Sam A.]

Solid job by Sam A.
He went the extra mile and did all the sub captions.
And who wouldn't read the Briere Sex Tape scandal?

6 - [Shawn D.]

This 'shop might be the odds-on favorite to win it all.
Work of art.

7 - [Jenni P]

Jenni went a completely different route, and we dig that.

8 - [John from Dormont]

The layering on this photoshop is what photoshoping is about.

9 - [Andy B]

This one could be a dark horse.
If People Magazine could somehow actually get the words "Old Douche" on the cover, the world would end.

10 - [Lee L]

Just because it says "Penis."


TheFandangler said...

On a more serious note:

From the Oilers roster....


The Big K said...

Number 10 is pure gold.

They all are, actually, but #10 is just fantastic. Good job Lee L!

fleuryous said...

hahahah. Ridiculous.

Dude, so how about I was studying last night, planning on pulling all nighter--which I did the other night, and I woke up 20 minutes ago...and I don't remember going to bed. At all.

Did I sleepwalk? hahaha.

Whale4ever said...

Awesome stuff. Number six in a landslide.

Novos51 said...

How fantastic is the Palin comment

dying alive said...

All solid, but I had to go with #9 for no other reason than the changing of "new dad" to "old douche." I lol'ed.

Walking through the parking garage after Wednesday's game I saw the license plate "66 4EVER". Normally I'm not into personalized plates, but that one was a work of art.

team atwood said...

Wow.. what a way to start a Friday off at work.. I just laughed my ass off for a solid ten minutes.

adam said...

Mellon Arena made the list!!

Matt said...

The Smizik one and "Look who's going five hole" made me crap my pants. Awesome job by all!

Jersey Bill said...

Farewell to thee.
The pic of Mario's shirt scared him.

fleuryous said...

Does anyone know if the game is going to be on TV tonight?

Or just radio broadcast?

Thank yinz.

dying alive said...

From the article Jersey Bill posted:

when they drew the young Penguins in a second-round series I thought would go the other way last spring

Rags fans and writers really do drink the Kool-Aid, don't they?

diabeticsRcooler said...

Unbelievable work everyone

J.S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.S. said...

fleuryous, nothing listed on myp2p, so I'm thinking no broadcast

debrisslide said...

I think the Pens site says that it will be on "Leafs TV". . .do they really have their own channel? Or is that online, just like "Pens TV"?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Goal Judgeblog

I received a speedy reply from Mr. Molinari in regards to the Goal Judge relocation:
Just got this response from a guy in the Penguins' front office:

They sit on the landings of the stairways at each end of our press box... since the advent of instant replay, the goal judge is a ceremonial position anyway ... they don't determine goals any more; it's all video replay ... but the league didn't want to lose the tradition of the "red light," so the goal judges turn on the light when the referee signals a goal.

All the 'Shops were solid...but,

#6 = FTW!

I was cleaning out my 'Documents' folder and came across this gem:

3rd best player in hockey history? OR aging lesbian?

remarkably, not photoshopped! lists 2 NHL games at 700p --- with teams TBA...only 1 NHL game is scheduled to start at 700p...3 are pegged for 730p [including the Pens]


christina said...

wow, dr

can I vote for that instead of one of the 'shops shown in the post?

Carroll said...

@ debrisslide said...
I think the Pens site says that it will be on "Leafs TV". . . Or is that online, just like "Pens TV"? can sign up for free preview of pre-season games.

When the Maple Leafs play their preseason game against the Penguins on Friday, September 26 you can catch all the action for FREE and LIVE online with LeafsTV Interactive. Get extra angels and LIVE stats updates all throughout the game.

**This may not be available to people in USA as it states you must be within Leafs viewing area**

Carroll said...

also on radio at AM640(here in Ontario)

dying alive said...

Does anyone know any of the following?

* The line-up for tonight?

* When they will be making more cuts?

* The status of the injuries to Sid, Gonchar, & Scuderi?

strakasguitar said...

it's all about number one, and only for the supercreepy babyface.

Hocfan66 said...

This is hysterical, especially the first one because Briere is such a douche...Go Pens!

Carroll said...

@dying alive: there are alot of articles/videos on pens site regarding injuries.

Gonchar article

Gonchar interview:

HCMT interview:
Scuds not playing until regular season.
Sid decision after practice but he wants to play as many games as possible.

Max Power said...

justin_tv might have the game on again. It was fun on Wed. until the feed crashed.

dying alive said...

@ carroll - Thanks for indulging my laziness!

Carroll said...

@ max - I'm not sure where justin_tv would get his feed from as tsn, cbc, sportsnet, etc are not playing this game tonight. Hopefully he can but it's not even playing locally here.

The only place I know for sure as of now that's playing it is on Leafstv (online).

Dr. Turkleton said...


I haven't seen anything about the 5 cuts...but, you'd have to guess it's before they get on a plane around this time tomorrow, eh?


I wonder if they can TAKE more than the allotted 24 roster peeps across the pond to play in the Euro Exhibition games, and make the Regis' Final Answer by Oct. 4th? [ie. let Peso play in front of his Finnish Family, then he gets word he won't be playing v. the Sens]


I guess in a round-about way: I got nuttin'.

BTW, buzz on the turd 'says' Kennedy gets a 2-year extension.

Vern said...

Holy hell this is a tough choice. These are true Photoshop all stars as well. All quality images. Great layering. Oh fuck, I'm hard again. I need to jack it to Sarah Palin butchering an interview while naked and sticking pieces of Dany Heatley's Ferrari up her vag.

sh0ez said...

Solid Photoshops. After seeing these, I should've stepped up my game. Ha ha.

Max Power said...

carroll where there's a fan there's a way

Max Power said...

confirmatin: TK 2 year extension

Carroll said...

FAN 590/sportsnet - just confirmed Sid will be in tonights lineup!!!

Toronto: Luke Schenn in, Van Ryan out, Finger - maybe (most likely out).

Dr. Turkleton said...

Crosby 2 play 2 nite

Carroll said...

Tonights roster:

Joining Crosby in the lineup tonight will be forwards Miroslav Satan, Pascal Dupuis, Jordan Staal, Ruslan Fedotenko, Bill Thomas, Janne Pesonen, Matt Cooke, Max Talbot, Tyler Kennedy, Paul Bissonnette and Eric Godard; defensemen Brooks Orpik, Mark Eaton, Hall Gill, Kris Letang, Alex Goligoski and Danny Richmond and goaltenders Marc-Andre Fleury and Dany Sabourin.

OldTimeHockey67 said...

Hey "the big k" Thanks!
I am glad you liked my photoshop. It was a blast. Great work everybody! We need to do this more often!

- Lee L (OldTimeHockey67)

fleuryous said...

If that is true about Tyler Kennedy,

BOOYAH. haha

Also, I'm hoping I can tune into the game tonight somehow.

These Photoshops make me piddle in my pantaloons.

nikki said...

these photoshops were just what i needed
love it.

Chubs said...

Cherry's face makes it. But I'm still going for #6.

Can we get Cherry a Clay Aiken wig for this year? Please?

fleuryous said...

And I hope Bill Thomas gets a goal tonight.

You know what...I'm going to be optimistic and say that Dolla Bill is going to cash one in.

Why not? He's sweeter than honey on a hooker (does that even make sense?)

debrisslide said...

Awesome lineup for tonight.

And, as the Post-Gazette says: Also, the Penguins signed forward Tyler Kennedy to a two-year contract extension.


DrunkArmyFan said...

Sorry to go off topic, but if you're having a bad day just be thankful THIS didn't happen to you.

#3 made me choke on coffee this morning.

Mrs. Hockey said...

Number 2 with Hossa made me laugh. I found it to be the funniest.

shadowwolf7185 said...

If you look, the head covering up the Magazine title on the originals (only the face coverups) says "Pee"


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