Friday, September 5, 2008

If we have one regret this summer, it is we didn't involve ourselves in the [Mckeon/Leonis] thing that went down over the past few weeks.

However sometimes life gives you a second chance to job.

We just so happened to be browsing [Ted's Take] when we saw that he is apparently a filmmaker now, and he wants everyone to know it.

Seems he is in charge of this movie called "Kicking It."

So, what is this movie about you ask?
Sit down for this one.

"The lives of homeless people are changed forever through an international soccer competition. This film follows six players as they set off for Cape Town, South Africa to play in the Homeless World Cup."

Yeah that's right, he actually made a movie about homeless people playing soccer.
It gets worse.

ESPN is airing it.

It gets extra worse, the whole thing is narrated by Colin Farrell.

Honestly, if someone would have asked, "what type of movie would you think Ted Leonsis could make?"

The natural response would be,"Free Willy 4."

All we can say is that this is one of the dumbest things we have ever heard of.
It still keeps getting better, though.

Take this most recent [chat transcript] that Jokeonsis had with ESPN.


Did he really say "this film focuses on how a ball could change someones life"?

"It Can."

And oh 77% of the players go on to school or acquiring a home?
The rest go back to being homeless?

Are you kidding?


At this point we are unable to go on.
It is homeless people playing soccer and a cracked-out Colin Farrell narrating.

Somehow the chat ends on this note:


Go Pens.


TheFandangler said...


TheFandangler said...

That guy blows harder than an AO in a guys jeans... with Semin.

Get it?...


sh0ez said...

Wow. Vomit.

I knew a post would come up after I posted in the last one.

Repeating myself:

If anyone got a random group invite from me on FB (most of you did), it is for my radio show! It's on Sunday nights from 10PM-2AM. I play heavy stuff. All the info is on the group page!

Click here if I didn't invite you. If you are my friend on FB, you were invited!

And I don't think I have the new Into Eternity. I should get it, though.

TheFandangler said...

It came out two days ago... I think.

Not their best stuff but pretty fast heavy stuff. Also, I don't know if you're into heavy instrumental music like I am but check out Blotted Science.

brndlynn said...

maybe Leonis should wait until his team actually wins something before he talks about how powerful it can be.

shawnawwwesome said...

"...this film focuses on how a ball could change someones life."

Lance Armstrong says otherwise.

stokes said...

The Over/Under on this post being commented on by Leonis: 2 days.

Ted made a big deal about some mildly inflammatory comments Seth made over on EN last week. Don't know how many of you saw that.

Ted, your movie isn't a big deal. Its going to have the effect of a fart in a windstorm. Stop trying so hard.

Ryan said...

Irony defined:

Posting that a man is an idiot, yet spelling his name wrong in the process


Rage said...

Nice motivator! Spelling a moron's name correctly isn't a necessity as long as the people who read it know what/who you mean...and we do. "Leonis, Leonsis"....blahblahblahblahSHITBAG

P.O. said...

i love it when rich people pretend to care about things like the homeless and aids in africa and other issues that normal citizens could give two shits and a fuck about (ALSO SEE Jolie, Angela/Pitt, Brad)

hey teddy, take 1/50th of your net worth (that would be $20 mil by the way) and put your money where your mouth is

Dan said...

a movie about soccer, what is wrong with that? two things:
1. it's about soccer
2. no one gives a shit about soccer, it is the lamest sport ever.

cblog fantasy hockey

email if you want to join

Pensblog Staff said...

Spelling is fixed,

Homo defined:


dying alive said...

I care about the homeless and AIDS in Africa.

I also love documentaries, but I'll be skipping this one on principle if Sweaty Teddy is involved.

shawnawwwesome said...

At the risk of getting in the middle of a battle between the "retards" and the "homos", there's still-

Aw, hell with it.

Bryan said...

haha, the first comment is actually mine... My first draft honestly said, "Hey Ted, who's better: Crosby or Malkin?" and then it just said Let's Go Pens a couple of times... but I kind of wanted to take the opportunity (come on, who else was going to ask this guy a question?) to see what this guy would do to fight homelessness. As I figured, he twisted it to just promote the movie.

Also, please let the politeness of the question slide. I just wanted my question to get answered.

Pensblog Staff said...

hahhaa I didn't think the person asking the question was real.

You got him to embarass himself, bryan.

Well done

JYo said...

DA, wtf is a documentary? We are talking about "filmanthropy" here! I know other people have done this before, but I made up a word dammit!

btumpak said...

hahahhahaa im starting a homeless soccer league in nyc this wknd... should be hilarious

Ja' Red said...

If you google up Ted Leonis, pensblog entry is about number 4.

Call me an idiot, but who the fuck is this guy?

shawnawwwesome said...

@Ja'Red - I'm pretty sure he was the Spartan king in 300.


You get the homeless to play soccer and you get a imdb entry, you get the homeless to box each other and you get arrested. Where is the justice?

Ja' Red said...

I thought that was Ted Dibiase?

fleuryous said...

Okay, I need to change my pants, because I definitely piddled in them.


And Wayne Arnold, are you busy tonight or do you have homework? I'd like to get together.


PS. Orpik jersey is in the mail, and I feel like a Japanese school girl about it.

Ryan said...

So i'm a "homo defined" because I happened to point out the absurdity of questioning a man's intelligence while not being intelligent enough to spell his name correctly? Is anyone allowed to disagree with you and/or point out hypocrisy? Thought you guys weren't homers?


dying alive said...

When have these guys ever said that they weren't homers? Did I miss something?

P.O. said...

i have zero patience for the homeless

homeless = get a job... mcdonalds is always hiring

that dude will smith played was homeless for a minute then he became a fucking stock broker.. youre telling me some homeless schmuck on liberty avenue cant flip some burgers??

Steve In Denver said...

There used to be quite a bit of homeless folks here in Denver. Seems they're still on vacation from the DNC.

Anyhow, there's somewhat of a health and mental health issue with most homeless, not to mention substance abuse, prostitution, etc....the idea of them actually caring about or playing soccer is ludicrous.

Is Ted setting up a training facility for them? Get them on a regimen of healthy food and HIV medication? Is he going to create a US powerhouse team, and take the tournament by storm and bring home the golden shopping cart trophy?

Ted = outoftouchwithrealityblog

dying alive said...

A high percentage (up to 1/3 in studies) of the homeless are the untreated mentally ill. A lot of them are also addicts without a good support system of family and friends. These people are frequently beaten, robbed, and raped. It's not like they like living on the streets.

Sorry if I come off as aggressive, I'm not lecturing at you. I actually used to feel the same way you do until I did some research on the subject for a paper I wrote a couple of years ago. The stuff those people deal with on a daily basis is truly scary. A really, really large portion of them are extremely ill.

Ja' Red said...

@ dying alive.

high percentage = mentally ill

remaining percentage = trying to get their Old English / Crack on.

I live in DC, homeless people here are creative as SHIT when it comes to getting money, its unbelievable. They run this scam (which has recently come to surface) where they come up to you with a map and printed out papers from the web with metro routes. They explain to you that they were just released from prison/half way house and need to get to a certain point in virginia, which happens to be just outside the metro line.

They then tell you that they were given specific directions as to where they need to be if they want to qualify for free homeless shelter / housing (and provide information on that place with one of their papers) they don't make it by X pm, they will not be able to stay there so they need money to get in a cab to this place asap.

The sad thing is, they look half decent when they pitch this, the disheveled papers in their hands make the story even more believable. Then people figured out multiple people throughout DC were doing this, and night after night, and obviously not going to where they need to.

This is one of many.

Max Power said...

max = #1 fan of hobo abuse. Nothing like getting in a fine round of hobo golf on a warm summer's eve down on smithfield street.

On a lighter note. Everyone(the opposing fans and ball tasters in the media) talk about how the PENS are only left with Sid, Geno and MAF. They forget about Max, Jordan and our entire defense. Oh, wait, I think everyone is forgetting someone. PESO! Lets how everyone feels when he bangs home 40-50 and shags yer mum. This season is going to be swwwwwwweeeeeeeeeettttt.

Rage said...

@Ryan-No, you are not allowed, neither is Ted...



P.O. said...


I thought you guys took care of the homelessness problem in Colorado

shawnawwwesome said...

Not to get too serious on everyone, but if the homeless want to be taked seriously at soccer, they should marry the remaining Spice Girls.

P.O. said...


to be left with ONLY sid, geno, and maf is better than most id say... like... for example... being left with only Ovechkin, Semin, and Jose Theodore

Victor Raison said...

D.A. has a very good point. The other 2/3 (probably not an accurate figure) is on a circular basis. You might have 100,000 homeless in any given year but they aren't the same 100,000 who were homeless the year before that (not counting the mentally ill). Much of it is a rotating, down-on-your-luck, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps sort of thing.

It does go deeper than "Get a job, ya bum," and each case is going to be individually specific, but it needs be approached as a "Teach a man to fish..." sort of thing.

P.O. said...

lets give them all free healthcare too while we're at it

the day i start to care about people who dont care about themselves ill richard zednik myself

blueline said...

Honestly, I'd love to thank Ted Leonsis for bringing such a fresh and imaginitive concept to the world.

No, really, I'm so glad SOMEONE had the courage to make this into a feature-length film.

I'm glad he ignored the 12-15 minute long features, which were done by BOTH Real Sports with Bryant (Gumbel 2 Gumbel) Gumbel and ESPN, and he said, "hey, I've got money and can make this LONGER!"

What a brilliant concept.

Really, Ted, this was tremendous.

Better yet: why don't you bring a film version of Laverne and Shirley while we're at it, since re-doing other people's work seems to be the thing to do.


Dan said...

max - there is a difference between homeless people and hobos. please do not ever insult hobos and the hobo lifestyle ever again. the hobo king will send his hobo army after you.

Max Power said...

60% of the homeless population in the U.S. are people with some type of mental disease. Most have been committed atleast once and treated with medication. The state provides them with the medication for free after they are released with the idea that they are not crazy enough to be institutionalized. Once released they don't bother to take their meds and return to their usual rantings of satanic pickles. In closing, fuck the homeless.

J.S. said...

so instead of flying them to South Africa where they may or may not win some tournament, why not donate the 3-4k per person (including incurred expenses such as food, lodging, etc) to several homeless people to help them get on their feet? I don't know, call me crazy, but if I have the option of playing in a homeless hockey tournament (I have to use hockey, since soccer doesn't do anything for me) or taking a few thousand dollar donation from a millionaire, then you know damn well I'm asking for that cash. Sorry Ted, call me shortsighted, but I'm just not buying the concept of a soccer tournament changing lives.

Oh, and if you're reading, your "buy two tickets to see one relevant game" concept reeks of epicfail. Say it with me, Eh-pick-FAIL! Don't you know those "required" 2nd tickets will end up on ebay. And when there's 10k fans in your house wearing black and gold....well, I'm sure you'll come up with a better idea.

Or not

Victor Raison said...

ja'red: If they're running a scam, it's your own fault if you fall for it. Like Nick Cage said in Matchstick Men "I'm not taking their money, they are giving it to me."

Max Power said...

On an interesting note in re to mental institutions: up until 1947 65% of all people in the looney bin were there because of advanced syphilis.

Dan they're the same thing. If the Hobo King has beef tell him to bring it.

AceWilde said...

Has anyone read the article about the KHL in Russia accusing the NHL of poaching players again? It's on Yahoo! sports right now. Bill Daly totally jobs at the end of the article.

jcol87 said...

@ p.o. & max power

I'm not sure about the severity of message board karma, but god willing you'll both be homeless someday.

In less than a month I won't care. Go September!

StillsandNash said...


Max Power said...

@ jcol87

I own a car and a tent. I will always have a home down by the river!

dying alive said...

Anyone who has ever dealt with someone with mental illness knows how difficult day-to-day life can be for them, and that getting them to take their meds regularly is a challenge BECAUSE THEY ARE MENTALLY ILL. It's not like they just think it's fun to not take them and just "don't bother" to do so!? They don't suddenly take a pill and become not schizophrenic or bipolar.

But whatever. It's a situation that probably affects me more personally than it does others and this isn't really the appropriate place to discuss it.

Jesus, I wish the season would start already.

TheFandangler said...

I've come up with a solution for our homeless and Ryan problems.

1. Drain the ocean.

2. Build a Shit ton of LIH (low income housing) and free living space.

3. Refill the ocean.

...How is it possible you may ask? I know a guy.

P.O. said...


god willing someday you'll beat adult on-set acne and lose your virginity

until then ill continue living in the home i own which i purchased with income recieved through hard work

dying alive said...

What exactly is shinola?

Max Power said...

Shinola is a brand of wax shoe polish that was available in the early- to mid-20th century.

Max Power said...

new post

Ja' Red said...

How much would you hate your life if your name was Joey Gas?

UD94fan said...

And I thought "Kicking It" was about Kevin Stevens kicking his crack addiction.


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