Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[Thanks to Den P] for this pic:

[Check out that dude with the sun glasses. All business.]

We don't get political here because we could care less about this shit, but judging by what politic freak Charlie tells us, everything Palin has done has become a lightning rod for criticism.

In the above pic she is holding a Pens Jersey, Obama accused her of diving and padding stats using secondary assists during a debate yesterday.


Surprise, Surprise us late on news.

Everyone had this little info, we'll credit [Empty Netters] because we want too.

Some of the Penguins have new numbers according to []

Jeff Taffe is now 22, Alex Goliigoski is now 13, and the most important of them all.

Mark Eaton's new number =7

So it looks like [Jschiff's] former masterpiece has become a reality.

At least this town will have one #7 that is decent.

Comeback City

If there is one thing us Pens fans know how to do, it is comeback from the depths of hell.
Update on [Icethetics] poll:

Down huge yesterday, we have almost completed the stunning comeback.


Gameday Characters

So many great ones rolling in.

Here are a few we had to sign:

Neil Patrick Harris will not be signed, because he sucks.


Go Pens.


Dan said...


brndlynn said...

Doc Holliday FTW.

and thank GODard NPH won't be signed. I was worried we'd have this picture on game day posts

Pensblog Staff said...

Just incase anyone cares, we are trying to get at least two posts out a day now.

Strange post coming at noon.



Nature Boy said...

That Miyagi is a pushy little bastard. But I like that. Just as long as he doesn't get his leg swept we'll be ok.

dave said...

uncle phil?

stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

Doc Holliday will probably be one of the best signings ever.

Val Kilmer's Doc is easily one of my favorite movie characters in cinema.

William Wallace is still out there, looking for a team. Staff, Do it.

brndlynn said...

Not to mention Darren McCord. he's probably still lurking in the the arena somewhere.

shawnawwwesome said...

Just because NPH plays for Team Charlie doesn't necessarily mean he sucks. My gf sure won't.

NPH on 'shrooms? Unstoppable. My guess is he will be signed before the trade deadline.

akus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
akus said...

..Just incase anyone cares, we are trying to get at least two posts out a day now.

"I pity the fool!"
..(who doesn't care.)

"First name: Mister; middle name: period; last name T."

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

What's your prediction for the Pens' opponents this season, Clubber?


akus said...

OILERS 49% (1447 votes)

PENGUINS 51% (1489 votes)

Total Votes: 2936



Hey, Let's Be Careful Out There!!

Clutch23 said...

What about Zangief, from Street Fighter II? Dude's bad ass, and Russian, so Malkin should respond.

Rage said...

obama in philthy hat=staff politics=FAIL

demondg1 said...

I'm so fucking hung over.

To make matter worse, I ate 5 cheesy double beef burritos to hopefully bust the hang over.

Now I'm sitting at working hoping I don't puke Taco Bell everywhere.

Fatty said...

Now the real questions is, is that Carl Winslow or Sgt. Al Powell of "Die Hard?" Either one is huge, but Carl had to battle Jaleel White weekly for the show's spotlight.

Rage said...

@demon- dude, that is the dumbest hangover buster ever...UNLESS you're tryin to get sent home sick...if anybody witnesses said puke, they'll think you have the plague

Fleury29 said...

That Palin pic makes me want to vomit in terror. Hockey and politics, they don't mix. (Hey, that rhymed.)

Solid gameday pics so far but is that Sgt. Al Powell from Die Hard or Carl Winslow from Family Matters? Hard to tell. Either way, good stuff.

dying alive said...

Seeing Palin with that Pens jersey and Obama in a Flyers hat nearly made me barf all over my keyboard.

P.O. said...

that is definately al powell .. carl winslow was much fatter/balder

obama in philly hat=hilarious... obama loves america like oj loved nichole (actual shirt i saw, also hilarious)

for a hangover buster if you were into burritos you should have hit up a chipotle.. did the trick every time

Dan said...

if we don't sign batman, we have failed.

someone might want to tell them that ben is one of the best qb's in the league.

Kierstan said...

back to blog FAs (since I was at work for the other postings, meh): From the last post - I agree with whoever picked Jim Brown's character from The Dirty Dozen (one of my favorite movies ever). Solid.

Dirty Harry-era Clint Eastwood would also be awesome.

Robert Ullman said...

They just don't make movies like DIE HARD anymore. I still love it, but it's such a product of the day. That the big redemptive moment at the end is that finally, the guy can kill again!

Palin with Pens sweater=puke

Obama in Flyers hat=double puke

Billkamm said...

Just thought I'd point out that Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska and not a senator.

Oh and she's hockey mom (I believe she plays hockey too)

norojo said...

great great call on Carl Winslow, we should definitely have a heavy TGIF presence this season.
never put a flyers hat on obama please, let's not ruin america's only hope at redemption by even associating him with that Philth.

Korn said...

Obama in a Flyers hat is money. You know he likes to drown puppies.

Talking smack on NPH is grounds for an ass-whoopin. I think you really need to reconsider. It would be legend..... wait for it.... dary....

sh0ez said...

tPB has finally said something that made me upset.

NPH DOES NOT SUCK! Well, he does, but not in the sense you were stating.

Everything Palin has done just pisses me off. Bleh.

The Oil's defense blows.

Picnicblog on Saturday!

Aubrey said...

Carl Winslow?? That's a huge one!

sh0ez said...

Oh and best part about looking at the Pens roster on their site: No Beech.

I wonder why Taffe and Eaton changed numbers. Only GODard needed to.

Also, Goligoski is not there anymore. But he didn't need a change either. However, 13 was his WB/S number.

curtO. said...

Not sure if it's ever been used, but what about MacGyver...then you can get all creative about how he used some thread from Bury It's underwear, the Swiss knife, and chips of Igloo ice to explode the D for 3 unanswered goals in the 3rd to win.

Yeah, I'm not creative, buy ya'll can do magic.

Aron said...

arsene wenger or sir alex ferguson?

sh0ez said...

OILERS 47% (1,464 votes)
PENGUINS 53% (1,656 votes)

Oilers = Stunned. Over the past day, there's been over a 700 vote turnaround. Amazing.

fleuryous said...

Holy shit.

OILERS 47% (1473 votes)
PENGUINS 53% (1674 votes)


Anything else new? hahaha.

Maybe don't use Neil, but how about Doogie?

And speaking of Ric Flair, The Macho Man HAS to be mentioned.


fleuryous said...

Also, for FA Blog...

how about Fat Albert?

OR BILL COSBY? Only with a cute sweater, though.

dying alive said...

What's the over/under on how long will it be before the Icethetics comments are full of crying about how Pens fans flooded the voting and totally cheated?

dying alive said...

FA blog:

Ferris. Bueller.

Maria said...

What? No NPH? Me=stunned. He's so cute.

fleuryous said...

The Oilers fans have to save all their crying for the actual season. Let's be serious.

We have computer "clusters" at CMU, and I've logged on to multiple computers and voted.


71crush said...

How about The Road Warrior?
Harrison Ford as Bladerunner
Roland from Gunslinger? (ok he is not from a movie but still he rocked the books)

TheFandangler said...

"At least this town will have one #7 that is decent."

Thank you.

TheFandangler said...

Free Agent:

For our newest musical free agent saaayyyyy....

sh0ez said...

NHL 09 rankings have Gary Roberts at an 82 and Ryan Malone at an 80. Amazing.

sh0ez said...

Those ratings are shown here as Roberts must've scored the goal and not Malone.

sh0ez said...

Is that Staal and Sid together on a line?

sh0ez said...

And also:

This shows Malkin with Staal and Sid? Looks like Free Candy is out there too.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Hockey abd politics do so mix, but only in Canada -- there are several players who have moved on to political careers; one of the 1967 Maple Leafs was an MP while he was an active player.

Max Power said...

A. Obama in a Philthy hat = prediction.?.

B. What about Rock from the tv show about the garbage man? Seems fitting for a loss.

3. @ Trader Jacks there's a man that sells old sports/pittsburgh paraphernalia. He has some sweet bobble heads and packets of hockey cards still in the wrappers from the 1992 season and they're only a $1.00 per pack.

D. I'm too cool/mentally deficient for facebook/myspace. Could someone please email me the specs about the picnick?

5. There is now a dunkindonuts in Market Square. That plus Jenny Lee while its still open = crazy donut = still crazy delicious!

BlacknGold66 said...

NPH = Overrated because of one movie.

Obama = Overrated because of one speech.

Welcome to the party Pal!

J.S. said...

sh0ez, would you want to tell St. Gary that you're questioning his NHL09 rating? I'd let it slide.

FAblog: Scorpion has been on the wire for years and is already wearing the Penguins black and gold. Rumor is if he gets picked up, there will be a RBK Edge version of his gear. Did I mention that he can finish with the best of 'em?

Stuck in NY again, and as I grabbed some food at the local stop n shop, I noticed a rack of free mags. One was called (and I'm not kidding) fugitive finder, a weekly publication. 32 pages of fugitives from front to back. I'm guessing the reason this isn't done in Philly is because it would cost too much to publish a free phone book-sized publication every week. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Ben is one of the best? Top 10, maybe. Ben might be able to run an offense when his O-line isn't getting him killed, but you can't argue that Ben seems to have the ability to throw a pick at the worst possible time possible.

shawnawwwesome said...

Correction, BNG, two movies and a series of Old Spice commercials.

Get back to me when you perform an appendectomy at your senior prom.

Dan said...

ben is a top 5 qb, i'd probably put him at 4. it's not even debatable anymore. the critics agree too.

sh0ez said...

j.s.: I was admiring the rating. I think it rules. Will you be at Picnicblog?

maxpowerrrrr: Info on Picnicblog:

Time and Place
Saturday, September 6, 2008
3:00pm - 9:00pm
Flanders / North Park / Pittsburgh
Walter Road (branches off of Lake Shore Dr before JC Stone Field)

NPH ruled before H&C.

J.S. said...

Isn't Tie Domi active in politics, or am I confusing that with his involvment with somebody that used to be in Parliament?

J.S. said...

sh0ez, no can do. I'm stuck in NY yet again. If my facebook status msgs are any indication, you can really tell how much I love this place, and by love I mean the furthest thing from it.

Instead of shipping this item that I'm working on and having me drive up later, they chose to have me drive up here yesterday to hand over the unit and a few manuals, which took all of 20 min. I'm now off until Monday with zero plans. I think this has to be a first for me: being out of town, off for 5 days, and still complaining about it. While I could drive home, hit picnicblog, and drive back, I'm not sure if work would approve of me giving them that bill, lol.

sh0ez said...

J.s.: That sucks. Work has been manhandling you as of late. I say you drive back for picnicblog. Ha ha. Just say that in your days off you did some traveling because you were bored out of your freakin' mind.

Max Power said...

Thanks sh0ez can we booze?

Max Power said...

js you should go down to Babbos in the village. Its one of the greatest restaraunts on the planet. You might need to change your pants after

Dan said...

hahaha that's our max

Max Power said...

I just want to know if we have a permit to drink at the park.
picnic - booze = max without power

gregor said...

Senator? Don't you mean Governer!

How about Albert Einstein. He can draw up a play like no one else in the world.

"This is our house!"

Lady Jaye said...

max power > I bought the permit for the shelter for alcohol.

My only request for folks is that if I have to leave early cause if my kidlets that whoever is last make sure the place is clean so they don't call me and charge me since my name is on the contract. Hehe. :-) Lady Jaye will be tickedblog. Haha.

If you can bring some food stuffs or something, let me know. We're keeping a list on facebook of who is bringing what.

Gut_27 said...

Have you though about signing Tuong Lu Kim (the city wok guy from Southpark)?

He can handle anything short of Mongroians - the flyers would be even more f*cked.

StillsandNash said...

I agree Palin in Pens jersey + Obama in Philly hat = Vomit.

TJenk6687 said...

Oilers vs Penguins: Which center ice design is better?
OILERS 44% (1530 votes)PENGUINS 56% (1921 votes)
Total Votes: 3451

jaos said...

When I voted:

OILERS 44% (1532 votes)
PENGUINS 56% (1926 votes)

boysofwinter22 said...

John McClane - "Come to the party, have a few laughs"
William Wallace
Mickey from Snatch

H.C. Prick said...

Gameday =

ChewVacca said...

Remington Steele

NPH would make a great companion for Charlie...has bottom written all over him...

shades of mario said...

senator palin......really?

I R A Darth Aggie said...

As of 5:48 EDT:

OILERS 43% (1,575 votes)
PENGUINS 57% (2,067 votes)

Yeah, baby!

cg said...

I vote for the Great Gazoo!

coffeytalk said...


Aw come on!

And I'm not talking Harold and Kumar NPH bullshit. I'm talking How I Met Your Mother NPH.

legen...wait for it...DARY

coffeytalk said...

On the drafting side of things, as an agent of tPB, I am still pulling for my man, Ash. He knows how to take a hit and always pulls through in any circumstance. I have a few interested parties but tPB is my main goal. I also represent a few more possibilities. I'll send STAFF the full write-ups on these prospects.

But for now,

Hail to the King, baby.

fleuryous said...

One for you: Ned Flanders.


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