Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reporting for The Pensblog... Round 2

Jesse Marshall from Faceoff Factor here again, reporting for Adam and Derek. Day two of camp is in the books. Let's get down to business.

Rob Scuderi was M.I.A. today. And I don't mean Paper Planes. He didn't participate in either drill session or the scrimmage. No word on what the deal is.

Lines were as follows:

Team White:


Miroslav Satan – Sidney Crosby – Pascal Dupuis
Matt Cooke – Max Talbot – Ruslan Fedotenko
Luca Caputi – Kris Beech – Eric Godard
Tim Wallace – Chris Minard – Mark Letestu


Sergei Gonchar – Brooks Orpik
Darryl Sydor – Alex Goligoski
Danny Richmond – Ben Lovejoy


John Curry
Dany Sabourin

Team Black:


Jordan Staal – Evgeni Malkin – Petr Sykora
Janne Pesonen – Jeff Taffe – Tyler Kennedy
Adam Henrich – Bill Thomas – Connor James
Paul Bissionette – Dave Gove – Derek Boogaard


Kristopher Letang – Mark Eaton
Joey Mormina – Derek Engellend
TJ Kemp – Hal Gill


David Brown
Marc-Andre Fleury


People like to dump on Dany Sabourin, but he's yet to allow a goal in scrimmaging, and he actually looked uber-sharp in the drills today. Same can be said for Fleury, he exhibited a lot of big time saves today.

Jordan Staal = Reinvigorated.

Legame = $$$.

Luca Caputi looked decent today despite an injured hip, and I think Tyler Kennedy may have gained a step in the offseason, his skating today was unreal.

Janne Pesonen. He's good, but who do you put him in the lineup with? More importantly, who do you sit in leiu of him? Can you? I'll leave that up to C-blog, but my .2 is that, at this point, it's an uphill battle for Goldmember.

Stop by the Factor to check out the rest of the thoughts. Including a rundown of an absolutely stellar performance by WB/S head coach Dan Bylsma in goal against Staal. You know that moment in wrestling where some dude runs down the ramp out of nowhere and dominates the show? That happened today, and Staal was on the receiving end of some surprise defense.

On a lighter note, the lady that sat behind me tricked her kids into thinking they were going to see actual Penguins. The kids were stunned when dudes came walking out of the runway. It was unreal.

See you guys tomorrow - 2 down - 1 to go.


dying alive said...

I will be the first to thank you, Jesse.

The day is mine, Trebek!

dying alive said...

In my haste to post, I forgot to mention that the absence of Scuderi is worrisome. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I refuse to accept that it might be a trade.

Saturday can't get here soon enough. It may have been the shortest off-season in team history, but it has felt like the longest.

Richard Simmons said...

2nd. Seeing Staal on the LW is making me harder than a diamond in an ice storm.

Michael said...

Any word on what happened to HCMT? I was watching the other side and heard the commotion and saw him skate off the ice, but I never heard what happened. I liked the look of Henrich and Danny Richmond, no way they make the team though. Also I hope we keep Lovejoy, it'd be nice to have the Rev. on the team.

ripney66 said...

Trade Scuderi? Me thinks not.

Jesse Marshall said...

Michael -

HCMT got dumped by Keven Veilleux, he headed right to the locker room, but came back about 20 minutes later with no problem.

Danny Richmond is definitely looking good. If Scuderi goes, he's gotta be placed right behind Alex Goligoski.

Raybin said...

Jordan Staal as the replacement on Malkin's left wing = Money.

They need a better right wing for Sid than Dupuis. I loves me some Pascal ('cept his wager) but he's a second or third liner at heart.

He did hang with Hossa and Sid in the playoffs, though and he can create some nice havoc using his speed to zip around, so whatev, I suppose.

As for Pesonen, I guess it depends. Staal, Cooke and Satan have three of the four left wing spots locked up. So that leaves one...I have to believe he has a good shot at beating out everyone but Caputi. So it may not be a question of who they sit in favor of him. It's just "Is he better than Luca Caputi?"

As for "Who do you play him with?" I thinka Peso - Talbot - Fedotenko line could be absolutely sick. Bump Cooke to the 4th line with Godard on the right and Taffe, Beech (vomit) or Minard as center.

This of course is all dependent on the VERY big "if" of Peso adapting to the North American game. And frankly, Caputi just might be better than him.

I guess this is all a long winded way of saying "Who knows, I guess we'll see."

Michael said...

I saw HCMT come back just missed what happened to him in the first place. I saw Richmond cleanly put in two in a row on Sabu. I also noticed that Scuds was out, trade may be a possibility if they plan on Goligoski making the Big Pens.

jefe p said...

either way, pesonen needs to step it up.

Dr. Turkleton said...

from the last post, since I'm not paying attention [is it Friday, yet?]

*** LAST CHANCEblog ***

2 FREE tickets to the Pens Town Hall Meeting Tonight.

please email me if any of yinz want to go.

Gates open at 7p.

Program starts at 8p.

Souray up in EDM:

•gets hurt
•demands trade
•files for divorce...again

in 3....2.....1......

mucho kudos to Jesse for the camp update!

wonder if Stone & Filewich having to make the big squad or King Shero will have to risk losing them, having to pass thru waivers to go to WB/S, will have any effect on Peso being the 11th/12th forward.....


Michael said...

I was watching the Crosby-Satan-Dupuis line and it was looking really good, they looked like they had some good chemistry.

Caputi was lookin good too, he set up a goal in the scrimmage and was close with a few others.

ripney66 said...

@ Dr. Turk-

Souray...waiting on his E True Hollywood Story?

Soooo excited for tonight! I can barely get any work done today.

btumpak said...

yes comments back... love Staal with Malkin

Max Power said...

Peso Max TK would be a sweet work horse line. Especially a PK line. Too much speculation. I'm starting to feel like Tweak from Sout Park.
Starting last year it was great feeling to know that we have a good D package. Tis a wonderful problem to have too many good Dmen that you don't know who to play.

Dr. Turkleton said...

ripney 66...

Souray...waiting on his E True Hollywood Story?

I'd watch!...esp. if Angelica Bridges was a big part of the show!


Aron said...

maybe dupuis is better suited to be sid's wing than fedotenko on even strength, i don't think fed has the wheels to keep up with sid, physically or mentally.

has richmond moved ahead of scuds on the depth chart?

meecrofilm said...

I think the 3rd line right now is really solid, but I could also see Tank and Dupuis swtiching spots every now and then, whether its for a couple games or just a couple shifts.

A reinvigorated Staal just has me giddy all over. Contract year playing on Geno's wing. YES.

I also love our (offensive) defensive depth. Richmond stepping up is huge. How did nobody see this coming? =p With him and Goligoski waiting in the wings, you have to feel optimistic out the overall mobility of our defensive corps.

The next 2 days will be verrrry interesting. Can't wait.

Keep up the solid work as always, Jesse

Marsees said...

Derek Boogaard, team black forth line...who is he? not the guy who used to play for the wild?

Jesse Marshall said...

marsees -

It's not Derek. It's his little brother, Aaron.

eileenover said...

I really liked what I saw from Richmond and Lovejoy today. And I agree about Sabu, he looked great in goal and I'm happy with him as our backup. I love the top two lines. I can see them doing some major damage this season. Staal has such a presence now, and I can't wait to see what he does on Malkin's wing. I liked what I saw from Cooke-Talbot-Fedotenko also. Max was an absolute beast today in my opinion. Sid of course looks better every time I see him play, and he seems more determined than ever. He's not going to let anyone slack off this season. I'm extremely happy there were working on faceoffs, since that's the team's weakness. I really can't say enough great things about what I saw, and I'm excited to see this team in action once the season starts.

By the way, Malkin passed me on ny way home. I don't think he understands what a speed limit is, and he almost hit someone.

Aron said...

in mother russia, car hits you.
that doesn't make sense

J.S. said...

@dying alive, any quotes from SNL Sean Connery = full of win!

@eileen, it wouldn't be the first time that Maklin got a ticket here. From what I see, he's has at least three.

Colin said...

Sabourin's new pads are awesome.

Personally, I think Fedotenko will be the suprise of the year. I can see him filling up the net this year.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Geno doesn't have to obey the laws of America ... he has grasped the understanding of the English language only so far and now American laws? Pssh, who needs them?

Oh, Dr. Turk, I would have done anything for those tickets last week and those are preseason ... I need to see Bugsy, I miss seeing him, and I cannot go on the TB website yet because I'm not emotionally prepared yet. *frowns*

I dislike the fact that I'll be working on Saturday now and probably come home right before the game starts, so I can't get the tickets *frowns*

@Aron: "has richmond moved ahead of scuds on the depth chart?" Scuds is Scuds ... no way in the world is he getting passed by Richmond no matter how well he has been doing in training camp. Scuderi's defensive prowess during the entire season was unworldly, and no one noticed because he's invisible on the ice unless he's paired with Josef Melichar so people can complain.

diabeticsRcooler said...

Things are looking great at camp so far...

I'm loving the 3rd line/Energy line so far

24-25-26 (Cooke-Talbot-Tenk) have looked great together, theyre obviously already showing chemisty... and by the way they were joking around on ice I think Cooke and Talbot might rival the way that Talbot and colby used to cut up

either way... i could see this line sticking together to either tire out other teams' top lines or to wear down the defense

they all have great speed and they seem to be finding each other well

-Other than that i've notice malkin and staal both look like theyve put on some muscle which is always good to see

-after 2 days Staal has been on the wing the whole time

-Sid and Satan are clicking (I think they might already have the Satan Play (tm) where Miro slips out to the slot and sid feeds him with a one-timer)

-I'm really excited how everything has been clicking

-Tyler Kennedy is out of his mind

any thoughts?

diabeticsRcooler said...

Also... does anyone know how the town hall meeting works seating wise (I didn't go last year)

what time should I get there?

J.S. said...

ihk, I got jobbed too. I had plans on going to that game and ended up having to go to reserves this weekend. Either I dropped the ball on scheduling since I had it penned in for last weekend or it was moved and I never noticed until a few weeks ago. Sucks since I wanted to hang out with everybody from c-blog again. And I get to miss out on camp next week too, but as a consolation prize, I may get to watch the Isles camp (yawn) or the Rags camp if I can find it(whatev).

Bring on the regular season, bring on the preseason, bring on any damn season!

coffeytalk said...

I took a 4 year old to the practice today. She did pretty well. (sitting through drills didn't catch her attention span) Her favorite moment was teasing Orpik with a Free Candy Sign.

Besides all of the fun of watching the Staasykoralkin awesomeness and Dan Bylsma's goaltending, my favorite moment was the random guy shouting "I love you Potash!" and Dan reacting rather embarrassed while the crowd cheered him on.

Also, the budding bff relationship between Cooke and Talbot is priceless.

TheFandangler said...

Has anyone noticed that dumpy ass ATL jersey in the seats to the right of the pic?

wilsmith said...

See what happens to cblog when there's actually some hockey going on?

Everyone gets to play analyst now.

coffeytalk said...

c-blog's not making the playoffs.

narcolept said...

Scuds has a hip injury, according to JB - Link

Minor corretions. AARON Boogard, Also, Pesonen has told JB that he will start the year in WB/S if he needs to.

narcolept said...

How awesome is it that I spelled "corrections" wrong?


Raybin said...

Everyone gets to play analyst now.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

I thought everyone getting to play analyst was why Gore invented these Interwebs!

your 4th grade math teacher said...

.2 = $0.20

.02 = $0.02

but it's ok 'cause your point of view is worth 10x more than anyone else's anyway

Jesse Marshall said...


If you'd like, I can just not post a recap?

BlacknGold66 said...

Hockey is BIZZACK!

(and so is the Delta Dental Pens Patrol...

...mmmm Delta Dental Pens Patrol.)

jefe p said...

anyone else watching townhallmeetingblog via the pens site?

edit: BnG66 is! wooooooooo

jefe p said...

ive been saying Experience the (R)evolution way before steggy did.

anyone know how long will this meeting will last?

Rage said...

"Harmonious family atmosphere"?!?!?!?!?

mallori said...

"Hey guys! Hey Peetsborg!" - Malkin

meecrofilm said...

Yes. Malkin definitely = hilarious.

And Sid is still "pretty close." Damn, why can't he ever be completely 100 percent!

BlacknGold66 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jefe p said...

hahhaha free candy!

meecrofilm said...

Steigy with the Free Candy reference. Hell. Yes.

sh0ez said...

Steiggy + Free Candy = Solid.

ben said...


coffeytalk said...

i need a photo of orpik's reaction to steigy dropping the free candy bomb on him.


OddJob said...

I just got Direct TV, and NHL Network, could someone give me a rundown on how many Pens games I should expect to have access this season?


1) Do they cover the playoffs with the NHL Center Ice Package?

2) What is the NHL Network?

Just wondering what peoples experience with Direct TV/ NHL Center Ice have been.

Go Pens

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Orpik looked pissed at the comment. Steiggy thought it was hilarious. *laughs*

Max Talbot is so amazing, I love him dearly *smiles*

OddJob said...

Are there any pre-season games on direct tv/ NHL Network? Versus?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@OddJob: The NHL Network is a hockey lover's dream. I love that station, they show games, they cover the games from basically every angle possible ... it's my favorite station. Plus, they show Classic games and do other little programs.

They might have the information available on the Pens schedule if it is on the NHLN, but I have no idea. I watch FSN because the Bibster is hilarious and they have the best commercials *laughs*

slush said...

Okay, that got me totally stoked for the season. So freakin excited now.

Rieker said...

If anyone else has been playing NHL 09, Miro Satan is going to score about 130 goals and be better than anyone else on the pens. Or is that just me? Also, homossa sucks

jefe p said...

yeah that was fun to see to get the season started. now time to get my drink-on started.

Max Power said...

Just incase that someone hasn't heard about it... The PENS 10 best games DVD has been out for a while. You can actually pick it up @ Gian Iggle. Its cheaper than my last girlfriend. Pick it up and follow jefe's cue and get blasted while watching it. Its a good way to get geeked to the max for the season.

Caution: DVD may require baby wipes and a change of pants

IceCold... said...

is it saturday yet?? as much as fun as watching the scrimage was today and yesterday, im ready to watch something real. i really, really, REALLY hope staal stays with malkin and sykora. i think staal can really produce on that line, more so than centering his own line. i def feel that line needs to stay together.

as far as crosby's line, satan and him really seemed able to connect. and i like dupuis with crosby, but would be interested to see other combos.

while everyone seems to kinda hating on him, i liked what i saw from pesonen the past two days. no he wasn't stellar, but i still think with time to adjust to our team he could have a good impact. i thought he had a couple moments where there was a glimpse of something more. i'd like to see him on the roster.

right now though, im a bit more concerned about defensive pairings. i'm interested to see what happens on saturday.

and jesse, that woman who was sitting behind you is my HERO. seriously, i can't wait to be just like her when i have kids!! haha

my biggest concern for saturday though is to watch roberts skate with a lightning jersey. sure malone is hometown guys and we love him, but roberts is forever gonna have a place in penguins history as a legend. i still say gary roberts for president.

BlacknGold66 said...


Center Ice covers the first two rounds of the playoffs. After that everything is on Versucks or NBC usually.

If you have Center Ice AND Versus you will see EVERY Pens game (unless it gets blacked out... depending on where you live).

The other good thing with DirecTV is that you have the option of watching the game on the Home OR Away teams feed.

Kierstan said...

Thanks for another great recap, Jesse. It's much appreciated by those of us who live in a completely different state.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that there wasn't any change to the lines today? I know there's really not much time for experimenting, but I wasn't all that impressed with Dupuis on Crosby's line last year and that hasn't changed yet...I was hoping to at least see some other winger with Sid and Satan (the Sid and Satan show?). I think that Malkin's line is going to be just sick, though. It's nice to hear that Staal's re-energized and ready to go. It sounds like the defense is firing on all cylinders, and that the team chemistry worries that were voiced everywhere don't look to be a problem at all (many giggles at the Talbot/Cooke bff reference).

Anonymous said...

Aaron Boogard plays for the Pens, not Derek.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

I fully expect to see plenty of MAFblock and SABblock this season...


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