Friday, September 19, 2008

Reporting for The Pensblog - Day 3

Jesse Marshall from Faceoff Factor here, let's close out the training camp reports for the year.

Lines for today:

Team White:

Miroslav Satan – Sidney Crosby – Pascal Dupuis
Ruslan Fedotenko – Max Talbot – Matt Cooke
Eric Godard – Kris Beech – Luca Caputi
Ryan Stone – Mark Letestu – Tim Wallace

Sergei Gonchar – Brooks Orpik
Darryl Sydor – Alex Goligoski
Ben Lovejoy – Danny Richmond

David Brown
Marc-Andre Fleury

Team Black:

Jordan Staal – Evgeni Malkin – Petr Sykora
Janne Pesonen – Jeff Taffe – Tyler Kennedy
Adam Henrich – Bill Thomas – Connor James
Paul Bissonnette – Dustin Jeffrey – Johnathan Filewich

Hal Gill – Jonathan D’Aversa
Mark Eaton – Kristopher Letang
TJ Kemp – Deryk Engellend

John Curry
Dany Sabourin

Team Black finally won a scrimmage, 5-4 in a shootout. For the full scrimmage rundown, head over to the Factor.

I said this at the start of camp, and it bears repeating today. Miroslav Satan is the real deal. Here's a perfect example of why I think he's the winger best suited for Sidney Crosby: the play shifts to the far corner. Crosby grabs the puck and everyone turns toward him. While Crosby is making his move, right behind the defense comes Miroslav Satan. He stops at the far post, and leans forward, Crosby glances, then fires the puck at him, and he taps the biscuit home and skates away. The defense sits there looking completely stunned.

But let's forget about his offensive capability for a second. If you were at camp today, you saw that he's completely apt in the defensive zone and backchecks pretty well too. In a few months, methinks we won't be caring what Mr. Hossa is doing up at the crime capital of the U.S.

Think about this, c-blog: our star centers now each have a proven sniper to finish those ridiculous passes they can make. Sykora/Satan in 08'.

Don't judge Pascal Dupuis yet, either. He does quite a bit on that first line that a lot of other guys wouldn't. It's his speed and his boardwork that could be the catalyst that allows Sid to get the puck where he needs to.

Today in practice, Mark Eaton's stick broke. It was refreshing seeing his equipment break and not one of his bones.

Do yourselves a favor and peep a WB/S game on internet TV this year. The group of defensemen they have heading back there are pretty talented. It'll be a fun year to follow the Baby Penguins.

For more, head over to my recap on the Factor.

Thanks again to Adam and Derek for letting me have the keys to this baby. We'll see you guys in c-blog next year. Enjoy, and go Pens!


Dr. Turkleton said...

Today in practice, Mark Eaton's stick broke. It was refreshing seeing his equipment break and not one of his bones.


I posted the Lightning Players coming North for tomorrows exhibition game on the previous post....

I won't repost it here in case peeps want to be 'surprised'.


christina said...

I was absolutely stunned by Satan today at you said Jesse, he's the real deal. He and Bing were lights out today, in the drills and scrimmage alike.

Benny Bob said...

Can't wait to see Satan in action!

Dan said...

Today in practice, Mark Eaton's stick broke. It was refreshing seeing his equipment break and not one of his bones.

well done, sir.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Satan has everything to gain [signing with DET next year] and nothing to lose...


Aron said...

you're the man Jesse, thanks for making the day pass by just a little faster. I can't believe how close we are to the season...can't wait

btumpak said...

F-F rules, great coverage buddy

Jesse Marshall said...

Thanks guys.

I've just been informed that the Penguins will be making 10 cuts tonight. Should give us a clearer picture of the team heading into tomorrow.

PittHockey said...

Thanks for the reporting.

Can we get any comparisons between Sabby vs Brown or Curry?

No Conkblocking this year is going to be tough.

Stilly said...

I really like the lines they put together initially. That Staal - Malkin - Sykora line will be sick. This season is gonna be bitchin.

Jesse Marshall... you're the man. Faceoff Factor is one of my daily hockey stops. Keep up the good work

TheNWChica said...

Thank you Jesse! Did you happen to notice how my pal Cookie did?

Jesse Marshall said...

Pitt -

Right now, it's Sabs. He struggled today, but was on point for the first two. Curry and Brown are interesting. Brown is a tiny thing - about 160 lbs. Loves to make dramatic saves. Curry is bigger and makes everything look easy. Gotta be confident with those two in the minors.

Stilly -

No, you're the man. Thanks for reading, everyone.

Raybin said...

Good to see my preaching about how awesome Satan is going to be (potentially) vindicated.

Also good to hear is postitive news of his backchecking...there were far too many things written akin to "Satan is no replacement for Hossa, he can't backcheck!"

In Satan We Trust.

Today in practice, Mark Eaton's stick broke. It was refreshing seeing his equipment break and not one of his bones.

*slow clap* Brilliantly hilarious.

Also, Sabu = good backup.


Curry > Sabu.

I have no evidence at all for that assertation. Just a gut feeling. And I felt like making some bold statement.

jefe p said...

nice work, jesse.

its just so great to hear that things are clicking.

i hope to listen to the game tomorrow.


Brett said...

Faceoff Factor also reports that Erik Christensen is going to be Top line center this year.

I love Crusher and hope he thrives, but man, that really shows you where the organization in Atlanta is at. A guy with only 30-some career goals is going to be top line center. christ.

dying alive said...

10 cuts already tonight? Wow. Any predictions based on what you've seen at camp?

I can't wait to see Satan and Crosby together in a game situation. From everything I've heard, the chemistry is already there.

Satan is good, satan is our pal.

Jesse Marshall said...

DA -

Juniors start back this week. I'd expect to see Veilleux, Haddad and CPZ returned to their respective squads.

Filewich, Henrich, Johnson, and Gove will probably go back to WB/S.

johnny said...

I, for one, am hoping that soon we will usher in the Danny Lovejoy era on the Blue Line, if only for the fantastic Reverend Lovejoy photoshop possibilities.

The Goon Blogger said...

Faceoff Factor dominated camp coverage like I dominate an all you can eat buffet.

Solid work sir, solid.

Pens top two scoring lines are going to end more lives this year than last year, and we will be saying Whossa before the All-Star break.

Jesse Marshall said...

The cuts just hit. Per Mol's at the PG.

Forwards Luca Caputi, Joe Haddad, Dustin Jeffrey, Nick Johnson and Mark Letestu and defenseman Jonathan D’Aversa were sent to their American Hockey League affiliate in Wilkes-Barre, while defenseman Alex Grant (St. John’s) and forwards Keven Veilleux (Rimouski) and Casey Pierro-Zabotel (Vancouver) were returned to their junior teams.

Dan said...

caputi it all to hell, he should've stayed. pesonen ain't easy but it's necessary

Max Power said...

Posted this on the other, but here it is again: PENS cut down roster


TheNWChica said...

Damn it! We don't want Casey back in Vancouver!

Jesse Marshall said...

thenwchica -

Why not?

debrisslide said...


Coverage, anyone? Radio, local TV, etc.? I need something to plug into for this shit.

TheNWChica said...

I'm a Silvertips STH...the less vets they get back the better. lol

stokes said...

Eaton ain't cheatin'.

Max Power said...

Our D is so sick it kills people in 3rd world countries.

Dr. Turkleton said...

stokes said:

Eaton ain't cheatin'.

*** Breaking News ***

Mark Eaton out 6-8 months...tearing the MCL & ACL in his tongue...further details at 11.

I believe Filewich would have to clear waivers if King Shero tries to send him to WB/S [same deal with Stone]


Shoogah said...

Miro went from the 25th place Islanders to playing on a line with Sid...he's gonna do whatever it takes to stay there. Backchecking included.

Shoogah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meecrofilm said...

Excellence, as always, Jesse.

And it's exciting to hear Pesonen made an impact with a slick move! I'd like him to make the team.

With a potential 4th line of.. Pesonen-Taffe-Kennedy..
The thing I love about that line is either one of those players could take a shift or two on the top 3 lines (whether because of a bad change, PK fatigue, or just random in-game juggling from Therrien) and not look too out of place. That's a very, very good thing for a team.

Rick M. said...

Anyone know if I'll be able to watch tomorrow's game online? Is anyone televising it?

Michael said...

Just got some photos from practice up for people to check out. Several are ready for use in photoshops later down the road.

Stilly said...

For anyone that's curious.. Game 5 from the cup finals is on NHL network right now. Third period.

nikki said...

yeah i've been wondering that too.
anyone know if the game will be online or on center ice or something?

Kierstan said...

I don't think backchecking, etc. was ever going to be a problem with Satan...IIRC he played in a fairly defensive system in Buffalo, where he had his best years. I don't think his time with the Islanders is an accurate gauge of his skills because they're such a crappy team.

Stoosh said...

I don't believe the game is on TV tomorrow night. I checked the listings for tomorrow night on FSN-Pittsburgh on DirecTV and it says they're carrying the Rice vs. Texas "footbaw!" game. No dice on the NHL Network either.

cheese said...


I have been searching high and low all day for television info on the game tomorrow, no dice.

Just praying that they decide to feed live from the Igloo like they did this morning.....

nikki said...

seriously though, there's only 2 games on tomorrow.
center ice should be showing them
OR they should stream it live on the pens' website
i just want this offseason to end already!

akus said...

Havent seen any word for TV or a live feed, but will have it on NHL Game Radio, online.

fleuryous said...

Pens training camp today=SO good.
Satan and Crosby are going to money.
So money.
And the Staal-Malkin-Sykora line will be quite a beast.

I took way too many pictures of Orpik and Kennedy, but I got over it. haha

And I'm glad Bill Thomas didn't get cut. It's nice to see a Pittsburgh boy stay. I was talking to him afterward (he signed EVERYBODY'S stuff and he took pictures freely and was genuinely nice), and he went to school with my brother in preschool and high school.

Small world indeed. haha.

And KEVIN STEVENS walks out and everyone is like "who's Kevin Stevens"?

Ummmmm, RIGHT.

And Jesse, I totally yelled your name to see if I could see you...but I do not know what you look like or anything. haha. Thanks for analyses!

TOOOOOOOOOO excited for tomorrow.


Help Me Rhonda said...

I just wanted to echo what everyone else has said: great job, Jesse.

I think I'll be swinging by Faceoff Factor a bit more.

Help Me Rhonda said...

fleuryous: will you post those pictures to your blog?

Dan said...

It's pretty sweet how the Fedotenko Talbot Cooke line is 26 25 24.

J.S. said...

[j.s.: grateful that legame and MAF signed today :) ]

Annie said...

OMFG, has anyone seen this from Greatest Hockey Legends?

Wayne Gretzky Feelin' 7-Up

What a douche. And it looks like his acting skills had improved only marginally by the time they did Pond of Dreams.


And btw, where the eff is everyone?

Sheesh. This post's full of abbreviations.

omg, wtf, btw, rofl, brb, lol, etc.

Rage said...

roflmao? mornin annie!

sh0ez said...

For anyone going to the game tomorrow, they announced who will be playing:

The Penguins lineup for Saturday will include forwards Crosby, Malkin, Pascal Dupuis, Jordan Staal, Janne Pesonen, Ryan Stone, Kris Beech, Jeff Taffe, Miroslav Satan, Petr Sykora, Bill Thomas and Eric Godard; defensemen Sergei Gonchar, Ben Lovejoy, Alex Goligoski, Brooks Orpik, Mark Eaton and Darryl Sydor; goaltenders Marc-Andre Fleury and Dany Sabourin.

Key players not in the lineup: Fedetenko, Talbot, Cooke, Kennedy, Gill, Letang.

Lame! I guess they will play against the Leafs? I may have to try and rush for that game, now!

sh0ez said...

Also, Malone and Roberts didn't come. What the hell?

TheTick said...

I wouldn't be too excited, that hard-working Miro Satan usually has an expiration date of about February, or the first time the home crowd boos him when he sucks, whichever comes first.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I would have an expiration date if I played with the Islanders too. Who boos their player at home anyways? I don't remember ever booing my home-team players, and I had to deal with players like Rico Fata and Endicott. Yeah, Satan is definitely an upgrade.

@Annie: Something about that 7-Up commerical is the most hilarious thing ... maybe because he's lifting not as much weight but is still having difficulty or the fact that he does the Nascar sip-turn where they turn the bottle so you can see the label at the end of the interview to push their sponsor. I'm going with his horrible acting skills.

Also, Yeah! Mario, Gordie, and Jagr. I wonder if Lindros slipped at any point in their pick-up game and got a concussion ... *ponders*

Dan said...


debrisslide said...

So, does tPB do solid GameDay posts for the preseason?

Allison said...

making the pilgramage for the home opener!!!!!


jefe p said...

those gretzkys in that 7up commercial remind me of marty mcfly jr. f'n geeks.

Anonymous said...

The NHL Network is running a ticker at the bottom of the screen with the schedule for the preseason, however, not all of the preseason games are listed, just one every other day or so. Maybe these are just the ones they are televising?

Anyone know if tonights game is on TV?

Maybe a Tampon Bay channel?

Дей, Ванесса said...

Anyone going to the game vs. the Devils on November 29?


eileenover said...

I'm happy to see Lovejoy in the lineup tonight. He has some real talent.

dying alive said...

Who boos their player at home anyways?

Douchebags. I have never heard a Pens player get booed on home ice and I hope I never do.

fleuryous said...

Booing a player on home ice is...we don't talk about it. That's gotta be the worst feeling in the world, you know?

Regardless, Satan+Crosby=MONEY. And I'm so glad about it.

I am all too excited about the game tonight. AAAAAAAAAAAAH.

And may I say that I met Orpik today, and it was one of the best moments in my life?

Thank you, Kids.

So excited to see Satan and Crosby destroy.

fleuryous said...

PS. GO PANTHERS. Won by ONE. Whew. Wannstedt is doing something right, and McCoy is a BEAST.

TheFandangler said...

TheNWChica said...

Can yinz tell me which section the Pens bench is in front of? I am still hoping to get to Tailgateblog this fall/winter and I want to make sure I'm close enough for decent pictures since I have a ghetto point and shoot.

Pensgirl said...

Game 5 is being aired on the NHLN again...ends at 6.

Chica, I'm pretty sure the bench is on the East side (on the arena map, it's the side where the igloo club seats are shown EI 1, EI 2, etc.).

TheNWChica said...

Thank you Pensgirl!! I hope I'll be able to find something, esp. since it probably will be a single.


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