Monday, September 8, 2008

Just like we did last season, we wanted to branch out to the many fantastic bloggers in the NHL. Today is part 1 of what should be an interesting look into the worlds of other bloggers. We figured there is no better way to get to know a team than through the people that follow them the most.

Our first guest is Onyx from [Coyotes Hip Check.]
If you want anything on the Coyotes, that should be your number one stop.
Solid people and a solid site, so please give them your attention. They have a story to tell.



Hey All, Onyx here from Coyotes Hip Check. Just stopped by to do a little preview on the state of the Yotes for 08.

To outsiders it may seem like the Coyotes don't have a post-season prayer. But to the long suffering faithful, there is finally a fire in the belly of this desert beast.

From the net out, this team has a new attitude. Bryzgalov will be looking to establish his bonafides from season start this time, rather than playing catchup. Even Bryz's 28-25-6 record and 3 shutouts in 07 wasn't enough to get the Dogs over the post season hump.

The big Russian got thrown in the deep end and was run too long and too hard. ( More than was good for a first time #1 starter in my personal opinion) The Coyotes staff now have a better idea of just how hard to work the guy and with Mikael Tellqvist holding steady at backup (9-8-2), the Yotes have much more confidence going into 08 and we all know that confidence can make or break a team.

But quite honestly the Coyotes most dramatic change will be up front. Last year late in the season, scoring became a dire issue. When Vrbata's hot hand went cold, he basically took the entire team w/ him into the freezer and our playoff hopes w/ them. The addition of Ollie Jokinen at #1 center brings hardcore help to the Dogs weakest point.

The big Finn put up 30+ goals with very little help so giving him one of the best power forwards in the west, Shane Doan, makes for a possible 60+ goal first line. (Donor potted 28 of his own goals last season with very little help) Now top that picture off w/ young gun Peter Meuller (whose rookie season of 22 goals and 54 points is nothing to sneeze at) and you are looking at possibly the best 1st line the Coyotes have ever run.

The second and third lines will be rookie dependent (but hell, being rookie heavy sure didn't hurt the Pens or the Hawks in the last 2 years). 3rd overall, 2007 draftee Kyle Turris, 8th over all, 2008 draftee Mikkel Boedker, Hobey Baker winner Kevin Porter, Viktor Tikhnov w/ his superb skillset and bloodlines, Enver Lisin w/ his phenomenal speed and seriously improved all around game will join forces with wiley veterans like Steven Rheinprecht and Todd Fedoruck (neither of whom are household names but both have postseason experience that will provide balance for the kids as they make their first foray into playing hockey at the highest level).

I certainly can't leave out the affect that big Martin Hanzal will have up the middle and ballzy Dan Winnick on his wing, in their sophmore effort. But the question that will probably figure most prominently in every Phoenix fan's mind will be whether or not Dan Carcillo can make good on the promise that we saw at the end of the season? (He was scorin hatties by season's end) Can he cut back on his antics and let the LW in himself outshine the agitator?

If so, there is a whole lot of firepower waiting to be tapped and the Coyotes won't have to worry about any tail-end offensive fading this time around. With the addition of Brian McGrattan, there really is no reason for Carcillo to figure in so prominently in the fight zone.

I personally, am a blueline kinda girl. These guys make or break a game for me and we lost 2 really great players (Ballard and Boynton) in the trade for Ollie. Ballard teamed up last year w/ Morris to form a super hot shut down pairing and Boynton babysat Yandle through his freshman session very well and took out the garbage when opposing players got too frisky. We will definitely miss those two. BUT...

Big Ed Jovanovski played an entire season healthy for the first time in years and had 51 freakin points. Jovocop is back, in fine form and will be shepherding a young but dangerous blueline core. Derek Morris and Zbynek Michalek are always steady, always able and can always be counted on to hold up their end of the backfield (look for Morris' big shot to be a factor this season... can you say contract year?).

The biggest change for the blueline is the replacements. Kurt Sauer is bringing his +17 from Colorado (along with his love of shutting down the west coast's finest)

and dark horse David Hale (who has yet to score his first NHL goal after 215 games) but maintained a neutral +/- 0 with Calgary. He'll be battling our Matt Jones for the number 6 spot. Jones shared the spot with up and comer Keith Yandle last season. Yandle will have a lot riding on his shoulders for 2008 as the Coyotes coaching staff are depending on him for offensive production in all situations.

The Great One has gotten his coaching legs under him and works magic with the young guns. Ulf Samuelson is managing to instill some mean in our backend and much like last season's surprising performances they will refuse to be pushed around and refuse to give anyone 2 easy points. Don Maloney is working on a tight budget but that doesn't mean we don't have quality and depth.

These Coyotes are a blue collar, hard working team, based on speed and tenacity. I think they'll finally get a taste of the post season, they probably won't go deep, but just making it past mid April is another step in the right direction and will solidify Don Maloney's status as resident genius w/ a sustainable plan.

Underestimate and ridicule them at your own risk.


We blasted the Coyotes last year, but we totally agree with the Onyx on this one.
You cannot take the Coyotes lightly this season.
You have to love what they did in the offseason with getting Jokinen. The Yotes finished above .500 last year and only missed the playoffs by 8 points.
Jokinen should be worth 8 points in the standings this year.
Throw in the leader Shane Doan, and a bunch of sick prospects, and the Great Homo might have something brewing in the Phoenix.

Projected: 8-10th place


nickz3535 said...

first yo. BOO the western conference.

sh0ez said...

Sweet preview. Love the new Dick, too.

Also, for anyone interested, here is what looks to be the new 3rd for the Sabres. Looks awesome.

TheNWChica said...

Go PMueller!!! He got screwed for the Calder nominations!

TheNWChica said...

And I do love the new Dickie too! Fine work as always Mr. Stephen!

Nick Saia (usa) said...

good to hear from some zonies on tPB.

jefe mays said...

im glad the city i live in now has teams from opposite conferences than da burgh, so its not a bother when they do well. go yotes.

go pens.

RaCHeLeYoS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RaCHeLeYoS said...

I Know i mentioned in the previous post.... but it made the yahoo frontpage now:

t.o.'s latest penalized td celebration


akus said...

Nice read.

So with the the Big Russian, the Big Finn, the Big Czech,the Big Macedonian (along with the other Big changes on the blueline,)

I think it is it safe to say that this `Yote's season, should be bigger than last year's.


Dickie= all business & ready to roll.

dying alive said...

Despite the irksome presence of the Unabomber behind the bench, the Coyotes are one of those teams I almost-kinda root for. They're sort of loveable losers and they're in the West, so they're not a threat to the Pens. Not to mention that Ulfie is still one of my all-time favorite Pens, so I'd like to see him have success.

Make no mistake about it, though. Once they start winning, they'll be put on notice.

Angelo said...

I have always rooted for the Yotes in the West for some reason. I almost felt bad when the Pens thrashed them recently.

Doan has always been a favorite player of mine.

Hopefully the Coyotes can surprise some teams in the West this season.

BlacknGold66 said...

Well done Onyx.

But someone has to say it...



Let the boys be boys!

DrunkArmyFan said...

Not sure if c-blog was still planning on doing a home game in Columbus, but tickets go on sale Sept 19th.
I definitely plan on being there.

nu said...

Evil Empire material of the day:

Conks was actually born in Phoenix.

oh, and Bulletin Board, anyone?

TheFandangler said...


shawnawwwesome said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot take this post seriously. Someone get Onyx a copy of Photoshop, pronto.

fleuryous said...

The Great Homo?

So simple, yet it made me laugh.

It's nice to get other perspectives.


Brett said...

I want to see Phoenix in the playoffs, but the West is hardcore. If you put them and Chicago into the playoffs, what two playoff teams from last year DONT make it?


Brett said...

oh, and in the off-season two years ago, I said that Phoenix would be a cup contender within the next 5 years, and have a Finals appearance. Everybody laughed.

Everybody still chuckles, but I am still standing by it. 3 years remaining.

fierst78 said...

solid, very solid

anyone else enjoy the jovocop name?
i laughed

Z4Dfense said...

"akus said...
Nice read.So with the the Big Russian, the Big Finn, the Big Czech,the Big Macedonian (along with the other Big changes on the blueline,) I think it is it safe to say that this `Yote's season, should be bigger than last year's."

Yeah I tend to get carried away if any player is over 6 foot... Cut me a lil slack tho... think Niko Kapanen, Mike Comrie and Lil Danny Briere as the average height for the Phoenix roster... sighhhh I am becoming a size queen.

"shawnawwwesome said...
I'm sorry, but I cannot take this post seriously. Someone get Onyx a copy of Photoshop, pronto."

LOL they took my copy away... all I did was make everything bigger (rarely funny or cool... just bigger)

TheNWChica said...

Jovocop started when he was up in Vancouver; and's a great name that he very often lives up to.

dying alive said...



Let the boys be boys!

Aw man, now that stupid song is stuck in my head.

vezonex said...

heh. the look on Dick's face is THE definition of smug.

BlacknGold66 said...

We're aging ourselves DA.

dying alive said...

I know. The saddest thing is that mentioning that song made me think of about ten other crappy 90s hip hop songs that I'd just as soon forget.

jefe mays said...

that first Onyx disc is tight fo sheeezy. bucdafucup! is most def on my ipod yo.

Eric said...

Any Pensbloggers want to create an xbox version of the EASHL team so that we can challenge the 'lets go pens' team? If there is interest lets just start up a blog and get some mebers QUICK!

stokes said...

I recently spent $0.99 on iTunes to buy SLAM by Onyx.

$0.99 well spent.

stokes said...

DA is obviously talking about WHOOMP There It Is.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Who's down wit' O.P.P.?

This whole party

Rachele Rachele's back where u bean?

shawnawwwesome said...

LOL they took my copy away... all I did was make everything bigger

The lady "size queens" and I usually don't get along... for, um, various reasons which we don't need to go into. But you should work on those p-shop skills. It's an excellent crutch when you don't want to use a lot of words. Apparently.

This just in:

NLCV is on HBO. Staff should take a serious look at Cousin Eddie. The addition of a huge, beastly, bulging man in a blue leisure suit can only yield positive results.

wilsmith said...

When I saw Onyx, the first thing I thought of was Blac Vagina Finda.

I am a terrible person.

fleuryous said...

I was wearing my Malkin t-shirt jersey today, and I was walking past this kid with a Bruins jersey.

And for some reason, I wanted to either laugh at him or tackle him.


J.S. said...


You're welcome

[j.s.: a b-boy standin' with his b-boy stance...]

brndlynn said...

todays cblog has taken me back to my childhood. lol. i love it!

J.S. said...

c'mon DA, there's worse rap songs from the 90s than Onyx. Like anything from the post-1990 Mixalot catalog or God(ard) forbid anything from Puffy Diddy or whatever he calls himself these days.

But for as bad as those two sucked, they are slightly better than this kid on the mic

KaylaJ said...

i'm glad the local AHL team is with a team on the opposite side.

and go lisin!! kid started out a bit slow last season, but he def started to get it going once he was able to adapt more on and off the ice.

fleuryous said...

Does anyone enjoy Simon and Garfunkel? Mrs. Robinson is such a great song--reminds me of The Graduate. Great film as well.


justincredibleh said...

Not sure if any of you saw this. I found it from Deadspin, which I think got it from Mirtle.

In international women's hockey action, Slovakia stunned Bulgaria, 82-0. Shots was 139-0. Pretty close.

Here's the boxscore:

brndlynn said...

justin: wow. just wow. i thought the ECF were bad but could you imagine winning/losing that badly? just ridiculous.

dave said...

late entry for inspiration

Angelo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angelo said...

Brett mentioned, if the Blackhawks and Coyotes are both in, which of last season's playoff teams are out?

I agree the West is hardcore, but I think the tide is about to turn as far as playoff teams go in that conference.

I think Colorado, Nashville, and Calgary are all out and Phoenix, Chicago, and Columbus are all in.

Beav said...

Happy Birthday tPb?

fleuryous said...

Aw, you're growing up so fast!

PS. Chemistry lab reports are killeeeeeeeeeer.

eileenover said...

Happy Birthday tPB!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You jooobbb with such precision
And you make me laugh...too

Fleuryous, I wore my Orpik jersey shirt today. Didn't want to tackle anyone, but I gave my friend one of my Twix bars...Free Candy?

sh0ez said...

I definitely thought I made the comment saying Happy Birthday about an hour ago. Guess I didn't. Oh well. Happy Birthday!!!

shawnawwwesome said...

Burfday, eh?

I thought that was lightning off in the distance. I guess now I know it's actually fireworks.

azrael882 said...

happy birthday, TPB!!! :)

fleuryous said...

PS. I hope Gill oooooowns him like he did Holstrom last year.

Oooooh, karma.

johnaz6312 said...

Don't listen to a word that this guy says on his Coyotes blog. The Coyotes are a horrible team & always will be a horrible team well Wayne Gretzky is their coach. I lived in the burgh for 35 years and have been living out here in Tempe Az for the last 10 years. Wayne is such the media darling out here. In fact the sports writers just love him, He can do no wrong. But truth be told he never would have played for them when they were the Winnipeg Jets because they were just too horrible and he always wanted another shot at the Stanley Cup. On any other team, he would have been gone as coach of the team 2 years ago. But since he is owner, he can leave on his own terms, when he is ready. I look forward to another year of taking money off of a buddy of mine when the Coyotes don't make the playoffs.


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