Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nah Nah Nah Nah-Nah Nah

By all accounts Janne Pesonen has had a solid camp.

Here is his goal from the other night.

It looks like he has a real shot to make the team:

[Thanks to Eric P] already in mid-season form.

Go Pens


bayonetwork said...


kovy27 said...

im really pullin for janne to make the team....hes such a stud

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Debris, thanks, it was my summer project haha

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Studs was the greatest dating game show ever.

fleuryous said...

Too good.

I hope he has 498503985 more of those.


Anna. said...

Pes = Keeper.

Docciavelli said...

Nananana, Nananananaaa. Nanananaaa, Nananananaaaa.

I'm a new cult member. Any chance staff can convince Mellon staff to replace the Rex Gildo with Martti Vainaa when Peso scores?

And what's the chance we can change the Pens helmets to the shiny Karpat gold?

J.S. said...

pelimies, fuckers

J.S. said...

and it's not karpat gold, it's leading scorer gold.

I got to catch about half of the Pens/Leaves game, and from what I saw from that game, Janne Pe(n)sonen should be no less than a third liner.

debrisslide said...

"commit to the peso" sounds awesome, but only when you ignore the actual value of a Mexican peso.

Eric P. said...

Gold Helmet.

Because he's better than you.

jefe p said...

this is sorta how i picture free candy. nope, nothing better to do.

[           ]

J.S. said...

and in the name of Head Coach Reggie Dunlop, I am personally placing a hundred-dollar bounty on the head of Tim McCracken. He's the head coach and chief punk on that Syracuse team. Yes, a hundred bucks of my own money for the first of my guys who really nails that creep.

You say I can't put a bounty on a man's head.

I just did.


Brett said...

Janne Pesonen, Bill Thomas and Paul Bissonnette.

It's fairly certain that only one of these three will be on the roster after the Sweden trip.

Do you want the grit of Bissonnette, or the potential awesomeness of Peso? I'm honestly not sure what Thomas brings to the table, I haven't seen him play.

I've been pulling for Peso since the day we signed him, because I'm a fan of awesomeness.

fleuryous said...

Beautiful, Jefe...simply beautiful genius.

millvalemauler said...

peso makes the roster, cos those assholes in Detroit will almost certainly steal Rex Gildo along with Hossa. and the NAH NAH NAH, is a hell of a lot more of a f*ck you.

eileenover said...

js - classic scene from Slapshot. i watched that earlier today in honor of reg. RIP Coach Dunlop.

@ brett: i would take Peso over Beastonette any day. I think that we have enough guys on the roster who are willing to drop the gloves if necessary. i think NA Na is more needed right now than Beast is. in all likelyhood i think they will share time between AHL and NHL.

stokes said...

Jonny: I beg to differ. Singled Out is easily the best dating game show ever. And Rainn Wilson is a man among men.

In other news, this is another show from back in the days when MTV was good: Buzz Kill

Biz Nasty vs. Peso is a tough call. Like Stoosh said, Biz could be a Gary Roberts type player, but Peso could be a guy that makes you throw up in your mouth because he's just that gross. Either way, its a great problem to have.

eileenover said...

No one is up? No fun. Drunkblog is more fun with other people

eileenover said...


circlesky66 said...

I love Bissonnette as much as the next guy, but we have plenty of grit already - Peso looks like a solid offensive talent and I don't see how we can pass him up in favor of a guy who is destined to be nothing more than 4th line muscle.

Incidentally, has anyone by me noticed that Pesonen looks like the guy who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies? Just putting it out there...

The Big K said...

Jefe P.-

I nominate you for c-blogger of the year, just for that photoshop alone.


The Big K said...

@ Fleuryous-

I prefer

"Commit to the Golden Helmet"

Rick M. said...

How do we get them to start playing that song at the Mellon when Pesonen scores?

Randall said...

Has anybody turned this song in to a ring tone that they can post for us to download? My friend made one and it's great, just repeats the Nah Nah Nah part, but my bluetooth had trouble connecting to his phone for some reason.

Do it. Do it.

jefe p said...

haha thx big k +

myxer ja-nana na na ring
and ja-na nana na text
doesnt work on verizon. jerks.
mp3s here

akus said...

From the Pens board:

8:37am EST (2:57pm CEST - Central European Summer Time)
The Penguins hit the ice for practice at 2 p.m. Sunday (8 a.m. Pittsburgh time) at the old Hovet Arena in Stockholm. Hovet is next to the modern Globe Arena, where the Penguins will practice for the rest of the week, and where the games against Ottawa will be played Saturday and Sunday..

At least one member of the Penguins' traveling party is very familiar with Hovet - senior advisor Eddie Johnston skated here as part of Team Canada in 1972, before their historic series with the Soviet national team.

After the long flight and a team meal, Coach Michel Therrien just wanted the players to get a light on-ice workout. Assistants Mike Yeo and Andre Savard ran the them through about 15 minutes of drills before having them play four-on-four.

3:57am EST (12:57pm CEST - Central European Summer Time)
The team landed in Sweden at 9:30 am Stockholm time (3:30 am Pittsburgh time) after a 10-and-a-half hour excursion that included a stop to refuel in Shannon, Ireland. Despite flying all night, the players will gather for a team meal after checking in at their hotel, then head to the rink for practice. The challenge of the first day in Europe will be overcoming jet lag and adjusting to the time change. More to come in a few hours ... .


curtO. said...

@jefe do you just realize you made my day with that free candy photoshop. That is me in the center with only my playoff beard showing, and that's my Sistah beside me.

PLUS, it's an awesome shop-job.

Flyer Hater said...

What does Eric P tape games with, Betamax?

akus said...

Does anyone know the capacity of the rink where the Pens play Jokerit on Thursday?
I looked at the Jokerit site and did not see any info on it.

I had to laugh at how they post wins and losses.
win = :)
Loss = :(

Docciavelli said...

@ brett

The Pens only need to trim one more player from the roster.

I think Peso has to stay, given the fact that, paired with Kennedy and Staal, he's a decent scoring option. Also, given a Dupuis or Sykora injury, he could step in on one of the top two lines.

I also like Biz, given the lack of a protective winger up front other than Godard (see: loss of Roberts/Malone). And no, Matt Cooke does not count as a protective option.

I think Bill Thomas would do well to start the year in the AHL (he's only two years out of NCAA), and when that inevitable injury bug rears its head, Thomas becomes call-up #1.

Eric P. said...


click on watch in higher quality

old man

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I say we sign Matt Millen for backup on the blueline. That'll teach Detroit for stealing Hossa!

Stokes, yeah right stop dreaming buddy. If there was no Studs, there would have never been a Singled Out (Chris Hardwick was "discovered" on Studs). A future high profile murder victim was also a contestant on it (Ron Goldman). So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Sweet cheeba...

[Holy Haakan Loob]

fleuryous said...

I read earlier this somewhere on Wikipedia, that Detroit was going to use the Rex Gildo song when Hossa scores. Then again, it's Wikipedia, so who really knows.

Dude, I looked up the recap for the past Red Wings' preseason games, and can I mention that Boston, who beat them, was beaten by the Islanders?


sh0ez said...

@ akus: 13,464. Wiki.

And there are player interviews on Travelblog now.

debrisslide said...

Dude, I looked up the recap for the past Red Wings' preseason games, and can I mention that Boston, who beat them, was beaten by the Islanders?

I can't wait to play the Red Wings, hahahahahaha.

sh0ez said...

I can't wait to be at the Red Wings game.

Sunday afternoon on NBC = SOLID.

Jersey Bill said...

@big K
You said Golden Helmet.

fleuryous said...


TOO pumped. WOO.

coffeytalk said...

preseason games like these are reason enough to be on television.

someday. some day...

note: Martii Vainaa will be making the top 100 most downloaded songs on itunes soon, i bet. haha.

Stoosh said...

Given his first name (Janne), the intro to the Martti Vainaa song now synonymous with him and the fact that it kind of sounds like an homage to the cheesy old 70s group "Sha Na Na", I keep thinking of "Ja-Na-Na" as a nickname for Peso.

I'm just not sure what Jon Bauman thinks of that.

Stoosh said...

Fleuryous -

Saw your comment last night about the Pitt games...sorry I didn't respond.

I haven't been to one yet this year, but I usually try to get to one or two a year. They're not back at home until the end of October, so I'm going to try to get to the Rutgers or Louisville games this year.

brndlynn said...

i think Peso is def the better choice if it comes down between him and Bissonnette. I think that we need his scoring touch more than we need Beasts physical presence.
Just my .02

Josh said...

Has anyone notice the "Golgo 13" thing?

Or did you play that game on NES in the 80's?

Stilly said...

I don't think it will come down to Peso vs. Bissonnette. Curry is definitely going to be dropped once the Pens come home from Europe. He'll be heading to WB/S. IMHO that leaves The Biz and Dolla Bill Thomas to compete. I really hope they keep Bissonnette over Thomas. Bissonnette's willingness to fight is going to be the difference maker.


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