Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Malkin City. pens win

Charlie made an appearance if you streamed the game on the Gore.
Thanks to everyone who sent it along.
It never gets old.


[ Yahoo Recap ]

Hell yeah.

Speaking of Yahoo, Ross the Boss McKeon dishes out his Penguin preview.
[ Here ]


mmmk1989 said...


jovi said...

always the brides maid

fleuryous said...

Pierre McGuire likes men, I hear.

fleuryous said...

And THAT'S why I called Sid, Geno, and Fleury THE TRIFECTA. haha

jovi said...

malkin did a play where he made 2 ppl look stupid by puting the punk between his legs to get around them.


fleuryous said...

The way Malkin skates and handles the puck, it looks so effortless.

Everyone looked like trolls around him.

So good.

The Goon Blogger said...

Malkin looked like he did against the Habs that first night Sid was out. He makes it look like the other team isn't even on the ice at times, poetry in motion.

And that, my friends, is the deepest I will EVER get.

jovi said...

question - is there anyway we can buy out kariya's contact and add him to sid's line?

just putting it out there

nikki said...

the best part:
when the dude beside the hero wearing the WWPCD shirt moves out of the way so that charlie can give more love to the camera

Dr. Turkleton said...



jovi said...

ok, well i say that becux i know they wanted him earlier.

but how about someone else ... who's out there?

fleuryous said...

Has anyone heard of Marian Hossa?
I think he would fair well on Sid's line.

...too soon?

The Goon Blogger said...

MOROZOV! He can play RW while Peso plays LW and it'll be called the Soff Line cause it's got two European Stars who can't cut it in the NHL on it plus Cindy.

Right? Right?

Bacon077 said...

the view from the pressbox confirms that jordan staal is the real thing. such a beast tonight defensively.... go go had a decent night too starting on the pp1

eileenover said...

Malkin was absolutely INSANE tonight. I don't even know how to put it into words, I was speechless watching him.

Kierstan said...

I enjoyed listening to this game while I was at work (hooray for internet radio). I had to listen to the Leafs broadcasters, but they were faaaaar better than the homers who worked the TB games. It did bother me when they were pronouncing Geno's name as Ev-JENNY Malkin.

Stagerat said...

'Ross the Boss' pegged it on his article. Seems to be the only one so far that actually thinks before he writes.
Malkin pulled a couple of moves that were so sick I couldn't believe it. Just left the D with their heads spinning like that chick on the Exorcist, the only thing that was missing was the spewing pea soup.

Applecore91 said...

I also sent in a pic of the pensblog charlie shirt on tsn, I was laughing so hard when I saw that!


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