Monday, September 8, 2008

Leahy in '08

The Hockey News is losing one of its major writers, and they are taking open applicants.[THN]

And [Going Five Hole's] Sean Leahy thinks he should become the next writer.

While we would love to get into the mix, we don't think the hockey news would approve of photoshops of Wayne Gretzky with a penis in his mouth.

We know this, so thats why we are publicity backing Leahy in his quest.

Leahy in '08, check out his [facebook page] as well.

[ Empty Netters ]

As if digging up something like that is not enough to earn your adulation, head on over to [ Abel to Yzerman ] to see just how fortunate we are to have a solid guy like Seth blogging over at the Post Gazette.

When you look around at hockey beat writers and their internet endeavors, standard procedure seems to be completely disregarding the existence of any other blogger on the internet.

By the by, the HCMT bobblehead is a promotional giveaway for the baby Pens this season. [ WBS ]

If that thing only said "You're Soff" every time you shook it's head it would take over the dollar as the accepted currency in western PA.


::: The Steelers destroyed the Texans lives on Sunday .[Mondesishouse]

Yea you saw that link.

The coldwar is over, and we are cool with the gang at Mondesi's House again.




Don't watch the "the Blitz" on ESPN.
Chris Berman whips his balls out and whipes them on a picture of Tom Brady.

Get over it.


Back to hockey, what is going on with the Penguins store on

Why is there a lightning flag in there?

[Thanks to Dustin H.]


This post is mail in city, but today we are beginning the season previews, so deal with it.

Go Pens.


jefe mays said...

therrien bobblehead is sweet.

brndlynn said...

watching Tom Brady crumble to the ground in agonizing pain made my day. does that possibly make me a sick person? yes it does. do i care? not a bit.

And whats with the Therrien bobblehead? it looks more like one of the Staal brothers than it does HCMT. Mike may not be the most attractive guy but that doesnt mean he needs to look like a long-lost member of a 90's boy band.

jefe mays said...

agreed on both counts, brndlynn.

thats from when HCMT was in the best shape of his life.

shawnawwwesome said...

Two words:




I'm pretty sure I saw a dude outside Heinz Field sporting those Crocs and skate helmet and waving that TB flag. The Pens Shop is laughing all the way to the bank. Marketing genius.

Kierstan said...

HA HA, PATRIOTS! I have never been a fan. Their schedule this season was practically tailor-made for perfection, with plenty of losers and middle-of-the-road teams that Pats were expected to bulldoze en route to a 19-0 season (whereas the Stillers, in contrast, have what's widely regarded as the most difficult schedule of the season). Now with Prettyboy Brady down, they'll have a hard time making the playoffs. It may be wrong of me to be enjoying it, but it feels sooooo right.

In hockey news, I'm getting my tickets to the Pens 11/1 game in St. Louis after I get paid on Friday...I'm so excited!!!!!

Going Five Hole said...


thanks boys

dying alive said...

So I realize this is info from a few posts back, but what is the deal with 376? Is it going to be like that every weekend? I need to go to Oakland a couple of Saturdays over the next month or two and I am terrified.

curtO. said...

Wooooooooooooo 12 days until the (pre)season...

curtO. said...

PennDOT BS...

The source I go to when checking on construction BS.

Dan said...

2 or 3 slots left

cblog fantasy hockey

email if interested

GO CHIEFS! my new 2nd favorite team

akus said...

From catching up, reading the comments/tPB, i would have never known the Stillers won and Brady got hurt.

Orangebarrelblog, no surpise that they are still taking up residence on Route 22.

Chain gangs > PENNDOT

HCMT Booblehead must have have a membership for Hair Club for Men.

Asking Mr Kay if He wants to, me and dine me?
Sorta like Mario and KC.-

Random thoughts.

Sheetz no longer selling Krispy Kremes?!?!
How much longer until "The Dark Kight" appears on DVD?
Is baseball season over?
ooooooooh & penismouth,
was there a winner announced for the Gretzky PS?

[NHLN, Dicks]

fleuryous said...

That bobblehead is ridiculous. Does not look like him...except the posture--all business.

And it's annoying to see TB shit on our page. We're not TB (thank God), so why is their shit on OUR page? They're riding our coat tails. hahaha. JUUUUUUST KIDDING.

No comment on the Brady thing, and I need my custom Reebok shoes to come in alreadyyyyyyy.

That is all.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Kierstan, the even without Brady, the Pats won't have much trouble making the playoffs. Who else is going to win the AFC East, the Jets? New England will probably end up winning 10 or 11 games and then get killed in the first or second round, because beating up on the Dolphins, Bills, and J-E-T-S won't exactly prepare them for the postseason.

And when the Pats fall, there will be much rejoicing.


Korn said...

Your neighborhood postal carrier has been getting worked to death lately. I hope you tip him well at Christmas.

akus said...

Have a question for Molinari?
Penguins Q&A with Dave Molinari


Going Five Hole said...

@akus: all I'm asking for is some filet mignon...

then I'll start a campaign to be hired by USA Hockey magazine

Scotty G said...

I dont know why the tampa flag is there, but the penguins one they have I ordered over a month ago and haven't seen it yet. I hate NHL shop some (read: almost all) of the time

shawnawwwesome said...

Careful. Filet mignon equals second base, minimum.

fleuryous said...


I think wine should be included, though--honestly.

dying alive said...

Was this past weekend tPB picnic?

Dan said...

TDK on DVD - unannounced

jefe mays said...

bradys out for the season and his backup hasnt started a game since high school. hah hah. please please FAIL.

Going Five Hole said...

@shawnawwwesome: so you're saying I might need to put out?

F that, he's the one that should be putting out!

Dan said...

fyi, one more slot left for cblog fantasy hockey

sh0ez said...

@ dying alive: Yes. Only 13 people showed. But it was a grand time. You all missed out!

@ akus: Where did you here that about Sheetz and KK?

@ akus/dan: Rumors say December 2nd/9th. Rumor also says there will be multiple editions. The 2-disc regular edition, the 2-disc steelbook edition, the blu-ray edition, a Batman's mask collector's edition and a Batpod collector's edition. How true these are, I don't know. However, I will have the Batpod version if it's real, for sure.

shawnawwwesome said...

...he's the one that should be putting out!

You're gonna have to get Pensblog Charlie to help with how to settle that dilemma.

Going Five Hole said...

pb charlie is in my speed dial...

sh0ez said...

PB Charlie should be in everyone's speed dial. You know, for those lonely nights . . .

RaCHeLeYoS said...

that's a shame about brady. i never wish injury upon anyone...cause you know, karma's a bitch.

but seriously, wooooooooooooooo. eff the pats.

oh yeah, did anyone see T.O.'s touchdown celebration yesterday that resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct or whatever? hilarious. what a douchebag.

Going Five Hole said...

pb charlie helped kick my addiction to apple jacks cereal

sh0ez said...

@ rachel: I had the game on and I was talking to the girl about Chad Jocho Asshole and told her how he followed suit from TO essentially and how TO has seemingly gotten slightly better. Then within 5 seconds he did that celebration. She said "HE GOT PENALIZED FOR THAT!?" Ha ha.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

hahaha that's way too funny. i think ocho and t.o. should have a dance-off.....

just sayin'.

Brett said...

I never want to see a professional player get hurt.

Tom Brady is one of the exceptions.

It's going to be sooo sweet NOT watching every sportscaster suck his dick all season long.

Dustin H. said...

Sweet! I finally made the pensblog with a picture/screenshot submission. I honestly think some computer geek running the servers who could give a crap about the sport kept hearing about all the Penguins on Tampa Bay and got confused.

akus said...

I, for one don't eat KK( i can't eat just, one)
but my daughter, who goes to Sheetz daily, told me that Sheetz is making their own donuts.

TDK, i am sure will be gift wrapped for under the tree.

Since i work alot of nights/Sunday's and don't always get to watch the NFL.
What are the GU patches?

fleuryous said...

I think Michael Jackson would own them both, though...furrull.

Him and Blanket.

Ja' Red said...

you know who we should have put in the line up?

The Dell Kid:

Lord knows hes looking for work after he shit the bed on the sweetest deal ever for smokin some goodness.

jared e

fleuryous said...

@ akus...

it's for Gene Upshaw, who recently passed away lat month. He was a Guard for the Raiders. He was an executive director for the NFLPA too. He was a fighter, yo. haha

They're wearing those patches all season.

Going Five Hole said...

akus: those are former NFLPA president Gene Upshaw who died a few weeks back

fleuryous said...

Honestly, I respect his loyalty. Playing for the Raiders for fifteen-ish years, I think it was. Regoddamndiculous.

He went to three Superbowls with them too. Kudos to him.

fleuryous said...

For shits and giggles, I googled "touchdown celebrations," and this one made me pee my pants:

dying alive said...

This blog should have nothing to do with Dell. They sell defective laptops and then make you jump through hoops to get them repaired, all the while routing your calls through India and people who pretend that they can't understand what you're saying.

I wish every office associated with Dell would burn to the ground (while everyone was out of the office, of course). I wish their stock would plummet into the toilet.

akus said...


Apple Jacks > Fruit Loops.
(Bi- Cheerios)

Thanks all, i figured it was for someone who died, just could not think of who was the "G", my first thought was Georgia (Frontiere.) I forgot about Upshall suddenly passing away.

I remember Upshall when He played for the Silver & Black. Damn i hated that team.

Dustin H. said...

@dying alive
I could not agree more. Dell's are the worst computer since Packard Bell. I am a Systems Integrator and one of my customers won't listen and runs all Dell laptops, several varieties and they all suck the same. I can't tell you how many times I attempted to go Office Space out back with them, but I always get caught walking off..damnit! The only difference is the newer ones get you to the blue screen faster, until the processors burn up at least.


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